Charlie Janssen is in for Gov

State Senator Charlie Janssen

As has been repeated in the last 24 hours, State Senator Charlie Janssen will announce his candidacy for Nebraska Governor on Monday.

For quite some time now this had been a matter of “when”, not “if” for Janssen. So the question still remains, who ELSE will get in?

But for Janssen, Monday will be his introduction to Nebraskans who likely know next to nothing about him. As Watchdog noted,

Janssen, a Republican, is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration and has pushed for legislation requiring people to present identification before voting. Janssen served in the Navy and was a member of the Fremont City Council before being elected to the Legislature in 2008.

So, there ya go.

Here is what WE know…about the Janssen campaign, anyway:

Team Janssen will include

  • NorthStar Campaign Systems — i.e., Andrew Northwall and Matt Butler;
  • former legislative candidate and campaign finance attorney Mike Hilgers; and
  • former AFP State field director Jeremy Jensen.

Not a bad crew to start out with.

Which again, sort of begs the question (and if it DOESN’T actually beg the question, English majors, we really don’t want to know) what are the REST of the Nebraska politicos up to?

A number of names have been rolling around lately, and there are suitors for candidates lining up like the gang outside Penelope’s door back in Ithaca. (Look it up.)

We are STILL expecting a rough and tumble primary.


Ah, Sandy's...

Congrats to new Lt. Governor Lavon Heidemann! Who knew?

And with that being said, there will be a one question quiz next week: “Who is Nebraska’s Lt. Governor?” No looking on anyone else’s paper!

And we tried our darnedest to come up with a Separated at Birth for the new LG — but our grey cells failed us. If YOU have any suggestions, send ’em in or comment ’em.

In the mean time, in honor of the Lt. Gov’s hometown, we attach our OTHER favorite Elk Creek.

**UPDATE at 11:00 am!**

Thanks to a thinking commenter, we have a SAB update for the Lt. Gov!

Brand spankin’ new Lieutenant Governor Lavon Heidemann and anti-tax Libertarian Grover Norquist!

Heidemann - Norquist SAB 01


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So he looked into it with the campus techies, to see if this was just his computer, or what.
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Liberal conspiracy? Blog haters? Kill-joys?

Well, apparently it seems that L.St is on a list..a BLACKlist, from…the FBI! That list includes 3,700 other sites that are somehow implicated in the Joomla DDoS attack against the financial sector worldwide.

Yeah, we don’t know what that means either.
Something to do with maybe one of our plugins has a Trojan or a backdoor or somesuch. Problem is, most of our computer know-how starts and ends with the movie “The Lawnmower Man“, so they lost us at “backdoor”.

As soon as we learn how to get rid of that “Automatically update Adobe” thing out of the corner of the screen, we’ll get back to them. In the mean time, try accessing from somewhere other than the UNL servers (whatever those are…).

**UPDATE at 9:55am**
Hey, we’re un-blocked!
We guess that Lawnmower Man dude was right after all!

**UPDATE at 7:55pm**
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Maybe we’re watching the wrong movies…


If you haven’t watched the video of Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast, you really should watch, just to find out what all the buzz is about. Carson is one of those semi-unknown superstars anyway, but this is the first time many have heard him speak.

And he is outstanding.

And, of course, watching the President listen, with a face like someone just put a shoe in front of his nose that was worn at a dog run, is priceless.

Take a watch here:


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  1. To No Way says:

    Complete whack job is right. Janssen supports voter ID and gun rights and drug testing for welfare recipients and eliminating government benefits for illegals.

    Who else supports those whacko right-wing proposals? Dave Heineman. You know him? Longest serving Governor in Nebraska history?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    It is a sad day when someone who believes in showing your id to vote and verifying that you’re in the United States legally is considered a “whack job.”

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Nebraskan Buffett just bought a US Secretary of State, making Kerry an instant Billionaire.

    Republicans who hammer the hell out of Hagel and demand to see his finances, let Buffett buy this Administration without those same Republicans making one little squeak when Kerry slid in as Secretary State.

    I hope the GOP learns how to pick its battles better, because it is losing out of stupidity.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    A word to the wise. Don’t ever use your work computer for anything non-work related. If you do, make sure it isn’t something likely to offend a liberal. Such as a joke like this: How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: THAT’S NOT FUNNY!

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Geez, have either Heideman or Nordquist ever heard of a razor? If you’re going to grow facial hair, then grow some frickin’ facial hair. What they’re doing makes them look lazy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wingers should be happy that some of us want them to prove they are Americans and are sane before they can purchase an assault weapon. They want that before we can exercise something as dangerous as a vote. So what is the difference?

  7. Super Duper Ultimate Insider says:

    Word has it. Charlie Janssen is thinking about running for a statewide office. We will update you when we have the “Inside” information.

  8. Old News says:

    Super Duper-Chris actually talked about Janssen running on the Becka show on Monday. I heard it in my car. Step away from the Ham radio and go listen to AM.

  9. Old News says:

    Super Duper-Chris also talked about the Lautenbaugh endorsment Monday too. So put away your mad face because Becka was the first to break that he was running Monday. That’s why Becka rocks.

  10. ricky says:

    If Senator Janssen proposes all kinds of far-right bills in the legislature and none of them pass or even get out of committee does that mean he can’t win the Governorship?
    Shouldn’t Janssen worry about paying Fremont back the millions of dollars they lost in legal fees to the ACLU when they lost in the Supreme Court regarding the extreme anti-immigrant measures?
    Does Nebraska want Kansas Sec of State Kris Kobach running the state? I sure don’t.
    Let’s see if the ultra conservative district 3 will send our state back to the stone age with a Gov to the right of Ted Nugent.


  11. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Wasn’t it Tom Becka who said that Sheehy has probably laid more pipe across Nebraska than Keystone XL?

    Becka is the best and I wish he was still on KFAB so we could listen to him here in Kearney.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If “Wingers” means only Elephant Right Wingers, then what are all those Leftist Liberals of the Jackass Party? Left Overs?

  13. anonymous says:

    Let’s see:
    PIckup truck photo of candidate looking casual with small barn(Tuff shed) in background? Check!
    All male campaign team? Check!

    Looks to be a real unique Nebraska campaign experience with a thrill a minute.

  14. Interested Observer says:

    I recently re-watched the classic film “Advise and Consent” and was amused by the amazing similarities between today’s reality and the movie from 50 years ago. Life imitates art. Some of the dialog was almost identical to parts of Hagel’s hearing last week. In particular, the use of the word “appeasement”. Some of the characters played the same parts. Even the Senator from South Carolina in the movie was the main opposition to the nominee.

    I wish today’s Senate could get some new material instead of just rehashing the same old tired cliches.

  15. RWP says:

    IO, I don’t think you really got ‘Advise and Consent’. Leffingwell, the protagonist, was based on Alger Hiss.

    I don’t like Hagel, but I think comparing him with a communist mole is a bit extreme.

  16. Interested Observer says:

    I didn’t compare Hagel to Leffingwell. I was talking about the behavior of the Senate in general and certain Committee Members in particular and specific comments made in both. I specifically referenced the cliches.

    I think I really did get “Advise and Consent”.

  17. Anonymous says:

    An interesting test for Charlie will be how he votes in the Revenue Committee. On 439, will he support the cigarette tax hike (73% of Nebraskans support) or will he side with out of state tobacco companies (100 % of tobacco companies oppose)

  18. Gale says:

    Would hardly call Mike Gloor and Mike Johanns liberals. Even the Gov. from what I heard is OK with upping the cig tax to save lives and health care cost.

  19. ricky says:

    By the way on Senator Krists 439, which I support, what happens if UNMC can not find the private money to build the cancer center? I talked to an accountant with UNMC this week who said they are way far away from getting the private money promised for the cancer center they don’t need and can afford to pay for themselves.
    So will UNMC go back to the city and the state and Douglas County for more money, or will it not be built and what then to do with the money that Omaha collected from the cig tax?
    That was a terrible idea for the Dems like Nordquist and Mello and the Dems from Douglas county to go behind the peoples back and work out a deal for the wealthy UNMC.


  20. Let's Be Honest says:

    This just in: Team Charlie Janssen AKA “10 balls” will be taking on Jessica Moenning, Sara Weir, Lois Akers and Nancy McCabe, AKA “10 boobs” who will be handling Don Stenberg’s run for Governor. “10 boobs” hopes to have one final hurrah to trash one last good Republican and is actively seeking donations for the purchase of a fibrillator to revive Don’s political career. Stenberg has almost surpassed current record holder and perennial candidate Christopher Geary for number of most Nebraska races lost in the history of the state. Go Don! We know you can take the gold on this one!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jake–yesterday at 9:04PM: Don’t you know that it is a big deal! I mean come on, anyone that could push legislation through as fast as he did LB 125 is a god among men…not women, because they don’t count especially when duly elected. Give someone a little power then watch to see how they use it. Lautenbaugh is a perfect example of a politico who has a wee bit of trouble getting his sweater over his head in time to save the masses.

  22. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    To Gale at 11:30.

    You can call Johanns anything you want, but you cannot call him a conservative. His getting into bed with the liberal elite ruling class, including Harry Reid, on the Hagel vote is disgusting. By doing that, Johanns has lost my respect, my vote, and my support.

  23. Gale says:

    I think I hit a nerve. Stand by the statement that i would hardly call Gloor, Johanns or the Governor liberals. Appreciate your dedication to purity, but it will leave you pretty lonely.

    Here at the capital the vast majority have tremendous respect for senator Gloor.

  24. Up In Smoke says:

    Heineman was adamantly opposed to the cigarette tax increase in Omaha to pay for the cancer center, so not sure why Gale is lumping the Governor in with “conservatives” like Mike Gloor and Johanns on this issue.

  25. Kate says:

    “The vast majority have tremendous respect for Senator Gloor.”

    Hilarious. Yes I’m sure all of the other squishes in the Legislature have tremendous respect for yet another squish.

  26. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    To Gale at 1:20:

    Spoken like a true inside-the-legislature beltway lobbyist! You need to get outside of Lincoln once in a while–you will learn a lot.

  27. Dubious says:

    I’ve seen the survey, from December 2010. Not exactly recent data. Also love the language of the question:

    Would you favor or oppose a one dollar and thirty-five cents per pack increase in the state
    tobacco tax, with the revenue dedicated to addressing the budget deficit and funding health care
    programs, including a program to prevent kids from becoming smokers and help smokers who
    want to quit?

    And that the survey was paid for by the American Cancer Society, no doubt the recipient of some of that proposed cigarette tax revenue windfall.

    So no, I don’t have any other questions.

  28. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Senator Gloor legislates exclusively for Catholic Health Initiative hospitals and for the Nebraska Hospital Association—he and Kathy Campbell and Galen Hadley.

  29. Anonymous says:

    So Dubious and Cottonwood Eagle (guessing not your real names) are saying that the state would be better if we had more smoking and that the majority of state agrees with you? Inside or outside the beltway that is a little wacky.

  30. Dubious says:

    Yes, Anonymous (likely not your real name but probably your station) that is exactly what I’m saying.

    Or, what I’m saying is that basing policy decisions on leading survey questions asked two years ago and paid for by a collection of organizations with a financial interest in the outcome is a poor way to legislate.

    And assigning a phony position to the Governor to make the other proponents seem more conservative is a poor way to reinforce your argument.

  31. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Yes, it is my real name, just like anonymous is your real name. Smoking is one thing, but taking taxpayer money from legal citizens–many of whom cannot afford health care for themselves–to give to illegals so they can have FREE health care is an abomination that Gloor, Hadley, and Campbell all voted for at the behest of the Nebraska Hospital Association, and the hospitals they each are connected to and beholden to.

  32. Interested Observer says:

    WOW, the Lincoln Journal Star official editorial just called DEB FI$CHER’S claim that this is not a filibuster “ridiculous” and I did just type that. I did NOT copy and paste it. The quotation marks were to define the word as a direct quote from that editorial. That’s kind of like the Los Angles Times calling DEB FI$CHER’S comments about Hagel in the hearing “bizarre”.

    Over on the New York Times just now, Senators Barbara Boxer and Claire McCaskill are both comparing Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy for something Cruz said about claiming to have a copy of a Hagel speech in his pocket.

    It looks like these 2 new Senators aren’t off to a very dignified start so far.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    I have no love for smokers whatsoever. I think smoking is repellant in every way and I support legislation to outlaw it completely. Having said that, using tobacco as a funding source for important programs is immoral and stupid. The message to smokers is, “Don’t smoke, but look at this beautiful cancer center you paid for.” The message to taxpayers is, “We can pick on addicted chumps, but pay no attention to future deficits as the number of smokers inevitably drops or they start buying their cigs at the reservation.” If you want to drop the number of smokers by raising taxes on tobacco, fine. But don’t ear mark the funds for anything other than a rainy day fund. That revenue stream is not reliable and the mixed messages it sends cancels out the current government message that smoking is bad for you.

  34. To IO says:

    Wow IO. A bunch of liberals new$paper$ agreeing with you about your hated neighbor?
    It’s almost like they are reading your mind!!!!
    Let us know if Harry Reid agree$ with you too!

  35. RWP says:

    Hmmm, I say IO’s once again besmirching the Nebraska GOP by claiming to be Republican on the LJS. IO, when you’re in lockstep with the scurvy mob of leftist rats that infest the LJS commments section — I left after they started posting information about my family, with the full support of management — how can you seriously describe yourself as a Republican, or more laughably, a conservative?

  36. RWP says:

    The Journal Star in 2005 posted a little love note to the filibuster, because it was being used by Dems in a GOP-controlled Senate. Taking a LJS editorial seriously is a sign of diminished brain function.

    Deb Fischer and Ted Cruz are shaping up wonderfully; a sure sign is that lefties like IO are whining about them.

  37. Anonymous says:

    RWP, if an apology is owed for uninteresting and unoriginal observations, then you owe it to the entire world. Your egotistical garbage, posted here every day, is boring and unenlightened. You are just another kneejerk right wing idiot that loves the sound of his own inner voices.

  38. Anonymous says:

    1:19, Liberals are known for being pompous pseudo intellectuals but you aren’t rising to even that level of lack.

    “You owe an apology!” is a punch line in comedies because it is so utterly useless in most contexts. When this was pointed out to you by RWP, you increased your display of illogic by saying he who noticed your lack owes an apology to “the entire world” for being “boring”, which of course would lead to no one on earth reading his “boring” words, except you who find his words so intensely interesting that you are respond to them in writing. Basically, RWP gave your chain a tug and you screamed “That doesn’t hurt!” while soiling yourself. He didn’t make stupid. You came here and advertised it.

    Frankly, RWP took it easy on you. He could have told you that your mother owes you an apology for smoking bad weed during pregnancy; the wit of such resting on your obviously poor grasp of logic in defending yourself, thus bringing to mind a retarded child masturbating in public with a funny expression. The debility of mind, that blinds you to your own lack, evokes true pity in onlookers who nevertheless must make a tremendous effort to look away and not laugh.

  39. Interested Observer says:

    Well WKRP, it’s pretty darned easy for me to describe myself as a conservative Republican because I AM a conservative Republican and I HAVE BEEN for decades and decades! I remember supporting Dave Martin for several years before Virginia Smith even came along. I remember voting for Ronald Reagan in the Primary against fellow Nebraskan Gerald Ford. I remember seeing Ford when he was President at an event in Omaha at the, at that time, Red Lion Inn. I remember seeing Barry Goldwater at an event in North Platte years ago. I remember seeing John Connally at an event in Lincoln one time. I remember being an active volunteer in the Republican Party for decades and decades and decades. I remember attending the State Convention my first time and visiting with Kay Orr way back when she was also, just another volunteer like me. I don’t remember just how many times I’ve met Curtis and Hruska and Tiemann and Thone and Bereuter and Shasteen, let’s see if you even remember who he was and Phares and Juelfs. I remember when Michael Reagan came to Valentine to campaign for his dad.

    I’ve been a strong conservative all that time. I don’t like taxes and I really don’t like when tax dollars are wasted for no legitimate reason. Money is far too precious and valuable to simply waste. I don’t like it when little pipsqueak punks in other countries try to push us around and I REALLY don’t like it when American soldiers are called on to have to go straighten things out. There’s such a high price to pay for what all they do and they are the ones who end up doing the paying. There may be a tiny minority of extremely radical , upstart, extremists who claim to be further right than me, but they honestly don’t matter to me. I was here decades before they ever “discovered” politics and I expect that I’ll be here for a long, long time after they’ve lost interest, messed things up royally and moved on to other places to trash. And FURTHERMORE, I really don’t like being insulted.

    I also remember visiting with Senator Chuck Hagel at the Cattleman’s Ball in 2001 just south of Valentine for over an hour that Saturday afternoon. At one point an elderly rancher came up to meet the Senator and mentioned having personally known Hagel’s father when he managed the big lumber yard in Ainsworth right after the way (WWII). I hope I can always remember the sincere, appreciative smile on Hagel’s face when a respected, elderly rancher mentioned being a good friend of the elder Hagel. If anything, I am loyal to people I trust.

    So WKRP, when I say “I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area and I’ve known DEB FI$CHER for 40 years, it’s BECAUSE I actually AM a conservative Republican! I don’t particularly care what any of those other people write on the Journal Star. I’m pretty sure about the only thing we agree on is DEB FI$CHER.

  40. RWP says:

    All I see is that you don’t like paying taxes. Guess what? Nobody does, even Democrats. And you know a bunch of long gone people. It’s telling you want to be judged by who you once knew, rather than what you currently believe or do. And “I am too a conservative Republican’ means nothing when you never, ever to my knowledge actually support the GOP candidate or GOP policies.

    I look in the comment section of the editorial you recommend (an editorial which, naturally, attacks the GOP) and see you whooping it up with the Lincolnite far left.

  41. Anonymous says:

    What people don’t understand about Deb Fischer is that Deb Fischer only cares about Deb Fischer. The reason she is a republican is because she lives in Nebraska. If she lived in Vermont she would be a Democrat. What ever it takes to get elected and even better to use that position to make money. That is the real Deb Fischer. IO and others are very correct about the so called Honorable Senator Deb Fischer.

  42. RWP says:

    IO’s problem is being stuck in a time warp, back when the GOP was a social club. What you believed didn’t much matter; you just wanted to distinguish yourself from the lower classes: ethnics, Southerners, and the like. That GOP is gone from most of the country, though it still lingers on in Nebraska, with people like Ashford and Campbell. The modern GOP is a conservative party with libertarian leanings.

    You can register however you want. You can call yourself whatever you want. But if you support the nominees of the Democrats, and thence increased taxation and welfare spending, racial preferences, identity politics, class warfare and high taxation, you are simply lying to yourself and everybody else.

  43. RWP says:

    So far Fischer has voted the way I like, with the exception of her flip-flop on VAWA, which was a lost cause anyway. I could give a damn about her personality or motivations as long as she continues to vote as a conservative Republican. And conversely, I have no particular attachment to Johanns, who lost me when he supported Hagel.

    These people work for us. We don’t work for them. When they continue to do the job, we keep them on. When they no longer do the job, they get fired.

  44. Galikanokus says:

    The question Sen. Johanns needs to ask himself is is Sen. Hagel were running for re-election in a NE primary, would he vote for Hagel. If the answer is yes, we have a problem.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 10:15, They’re damned fools that, by the way, are the ever fewer angry old white men. Natural selection is weeding them out, slowly but surely.

  46. Not a Hagel fan says:

    Bottom line, the Pres should get the cabinet he wants. Hagel is a self-centered, faux republican that kisses Obama’s rear. With that said, there is nothing that disqualifies him from being appointed. Johanns is right about doing the vote and I can see why Fischer wants to delay it.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    Obama should mostly get the cabinet he wants. I have no real objection to John Kerry even though he is a pompous ass who no foreign leader respects. He won’t inflict damage at State, though. I had no objection to Leon Panetta even though he was a complete a-hole when he worked for Clinton. I figured he had the chops to do a passable job at SecDef just like he did as CIA chief. Hagel is a poseur who the current Presidential poseur wants to place in the most important spot in his cabinet. That’s idiotic and unacceptable. At some point people need to take their responsibilities seriously. Johanns didn’t do that and I won’t venture a guess as to why. Johanns does have time to re-earn my vote. Fischer had me at hello.

    I don’t expect Obama to nominate anybody but progressives who share his philosophy, but in the name of Bill Ayers, at least pick someone who can do the job. Hagel can’t.

  48. Anonymous says:

    So RWP you don’t care about Deb Fischers personality or motivations? Just so she votes the proper TEA PARTY way. That says more about you and others like you more than anything else. Pretty sad. So I guess you don’t care that she is ok with law breaking and spousal abuse?

  49. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 4:22, you forgot that she also hates puppies, once took money out of the tip jar at the Peppermill, and was seen in the area when Old Man Jensen’s mare got colic.

    You really need to get over yourself. Say it with me: United States Senator Deb Fischer.

  50. Anonymous says:

    United States Senator Deb Fischer is going to make us all long for the days when we could say, “United States Senator Ben Nelson,” even though we had to spit after saying it.

  51. Macdaddy says:

    You do know that 78% of her neighbors voted for her, right? The people who know her best picked her by a phenomonally wide margin over a former Nebraska Senator, Governor, MOH winner, and Debra Winger’s ex and who was also endorsed by the saintly Chuck Hagel and Alan Simpson. Can’t be that many personal friends of Debra Winger in Cherry County.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Do you know anything about the people that populate Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District, especially the ones that live around Valentine? Let’s just say that Mensa isn’t overly represented out there.

  53. Interested Observer says:

    Now just a minute there. Just because some of us from Valentine aren’t card carrying members of Mensa doesn’t mean that we haven’t already passed the test for membership and are well into the 2 percentile. Some of us are fully content knowing, personally, that we are Mensa material. Some of us simply don’t feel any compelling need to actually carry the card to prove to anybody that we are what we say we are and some of us are CONSERVATIVE enough to know better than to spend the money for membership.

  54. Interested Observer says:

    WKRP, I sincerely feel sorry for you and I sincerely pity you’re reading handicap and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in all your efforts and I sincerely hope you continue to find happiness.

  55. Anonymous says:

    MD, your partisan hatred of Hagel, while at the same time you don’t mind Sec State Kerry being bought and owned by Buffett’s billions, and you don’t mind Panetta, is exactly the sort of GOP principled blindness that for its lack caused Obama’s reelection, has put more Democrats into the House and the Senate, and is right now pushing away voters from the GOP, as they see Republicans putting GOP before National Defense.

    You say you “had no objection to Leon Panetta”. Let’s just deal with that statement.

    Panetta let women volunteer for any combat role, thus meaning men are ordered into combat but women get to choose or not choose combat; and once in combat, the rule that pregnant troops must be within 8 hrs of ER hospital care means women do get pregnant, are sent home to birth or have an abortion, and then cannot be redeployed for 6 months in recovery. –Panetta approved a Gay military, with special permission to march in Gay parades only and created a special month to “honor” homosexuality in the miltiary. –Panetta approved a Drone Pilot medal for arm-chair x-box assassins, who risk less than you do blogging here, and that new medal is higher in precedence than a Bronze Star for Valor earned by SEALs and bomber crews who actually show up to deliver death at the risk of their own lives. –And Panetta just ordered $52 billion in DoD budget cuts.

    All this by Panetta rips the guts out our defense from every possible aspect. And yet Republcans don’t mind that? They dont’ mind Panetta?

    But this isn’t Panetta’s DoD, is it? Obama’s most unshared power is as Commander in Chief. Obama is doing all this. Really. He is hollowing out our military, shrinking conventional army and navy, seeking an “all or nothing” force of a few nuclear warheads and assassination by Spec Ops and Drones. Assassinations aren’t visible, which pleases Social Liberals. And a hollow military is cheaper, which pleases Fiscal Conservatives. So this is our miltiary future. And he who is President runs it utterly.

    If Republicans sincerely believe Hagel will screw up Obama’s DoD worse than it is now, Republicans haven’t’ been paying attention. Obama isn’t going to appoint that military genius Romney or war hero Ryan to be Sec Def. So the GOP heartburn boils down to punishing Hagel for not being Republican enough. Yet the US voters who decide elections hate nothing more than partisanship. This myopia is killing the GOP. Screw Hagel. America needs a GOP and yet the GOP is blindly committing political suicide and feeling smug about it. At least, that’s my view of it.

  56. Interested Observer says:

    What was the specific reason that Hagel decided that he simply could NOT endorse DEB FI$CHER last summer? What did he learn from her when he met with her not too long after the spring primary election? What did she say that made him realize that she was not competent to serve effectively as a United States Senator? What was the specific “straw that broke the camel’s back”?

    I’m sure that some of you political “insiders” have known this all along but were to embarrassed to say.

  57. RWP says:

    So RWP you don’t care about Deb Fischers personality or motivations?

    Baby steps, but moving forward…

    So I guess you don’t care that she is ok with law breaking and spousal abuse?

    …but still, what progress can we expect from the piece of filthy human ordure that could post such a despicable lie?

  58. RWP says:

    What was the specific reason that Hagel decided that he simply could NOT endorse DEB FI$CHER last summer?

    He wanted the Sec. Def. job. There is no other reason. He’s been courting Obama for four years. It’s no secret, and it’s not complicated. Hagel is too stupid to be subtle.

  59. Macdaddy says:

    I have a partisan hatred of Hagel? Partisan has nothing to do with it. I couldn’t care less that Republican Robert Gates stayed on to be Obama’s first SecDef. I couldn’t give a rat’s behind that Republican Ray LaHood was his Transportation Secretary. Little Timmy Geithner? Horrible pick because he conveniently didn’t pay his taxes and got away with it, unlike the rest of us. His being a Republican had nothing to do with it. Hagel is a slimeball. He’s a social-climbing little opportunist, much in the vein of Bob Kerrey, who does not have either the smarts or the skills to do this job. Period. Don’t get me started on his coziness with Islamist organizations.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, you do a nice job of repeating your Fox News talking points. It is a shame they bear no resemblance to the truth.

  61. RWP says:

    We can’t expect much, least of all actual evidence. Post a pointer to the record in question, so we can all see how Senator Fischer was involved.

  62. Interested Observer says:

    WOW WKRP, why didn’t you support the Republican candidate? Especially after you so ridiculously and insultingly charged yesterday that I “never, ever” support the GOP candidate when I had just thoroughly related my own life long support of the Republican Party.

  63. Anonymous says:

    IO, please don’t confuse WKRP by having him explain his hypocrisies. He has enough trouble just coming up with all of his lies.

  64. Macdaddy says:

    Another thing. Why does Hagel refuse to tell the Senate where he’s been getting his money from for the last few years? These are his buds. What’s the problem? Why won’t he release his speeches? That’s pretty much standard operating procedure for Cabinet nominees. Mr. Independent Truth-to-Power won’t stand behind his words? Just remember that he tried to shank General Petraeus and our military in Iraq while the outcome was very much in doubt. Nobody should turn their backs on him.

  65. TexasAnnie says:

    I’m calling out both of you, Interested Observer and RWP! Neither of you offered ANY SUPPORT here at Leavenworth St. when your REPUBLICAN Governor TRIED TO INITIATE TAX JUSTICE recently.
    You must not be real Republicans…

  66. TexasAnnie says:

    Oh, and Lil Mac, I remember squabbles with you in the past about all those TAX EXPENDITURES being wasted in Nebraska under guise of “economic development.” Why haven’t YOU, a claimed conservative Republican, taken a stand?

  67. TexasAnnie says:

    And how ’bout you Macdaddy? You have expressed a sense of injustice about all those tax expenditures in the past, but not quite “REPUBLICAN” enough!

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Number of liberals protesting the Keystone pipeline this weekend: 35,000.
    Number of liberals protesting Obama ordering the assassination of American citizens: 0.

  69. Macdaddy says:

    TA, I had not had time to go through a bill that would be a complete overhaul of our tax system. In general, I support a system of no personal income tax but as far as how to make up the shortfall, the devil is in the details. If Heineman wants to keep it on the table longer next time, I’ll be happy to go through it, but since I knew it wasn’t going anywhere at this time, I didn’t waste my time. Sorry.

  70. Interested Observer says:

    Well Texas Annie, I thought maybe you had noticed a month ago when I stated that it didn’t matter so much from which pocket the state takes your taxes nearly as much as it matters just HOW MUCH money the state takes in the first place.

    The surprising thing for me was when WKRP said, for the first time ever, that he actually agreed with me, even though it clearly made him uncomfortable to actually say that in here.

    But since you asked, I will expand on my position and say that the current system of funding most public functions in Nebraska is essentially a tripod with 3 strong, stable legs, local property tax, state sales tax and state income tax. The property tax probably is the most stable of all taxes because the county can actually sell off the property in order to collect any past due tax. You can’t get much more harsh than that.

    I very strongly think that the sales tax does hit those of lower incomes harder than those of higher incomes and thus, I think the current system of spreading the overall tax burden over these 3 separate tax bases is not great but is far better than what the Governor suggested. When Nebraska is doing fairly well, economically, I really think that his huge tax shift was ridiculously ill conceived. What was he thinking? Did he actually ask anybody outside of his office for their opinion before he embarrassed himself and upset so many loyal Nebraska Republicans? There’s really no good reason to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and that’s what he would have done to our largest industry, agriculture and also to our second largest industry, manufacturing. If the Governor and the Legislature are actually serious about addressing the current tax issue in Nebraska, then they might look at the total number of tax dollars taken in the first place and try to cut them, overall.

    I honestly don’t understand the Governor’s recent series of mistakes, as he has been seen the last 10 years as being a fairly effective strategist. His recent flip flops and miscalculations and actual blunders are puzzling.

  71. Lil Mac says:

    Texas Annie, at 6:33. I don’t know what you are talking about. I believe you are confusing me with someone else for I am no tax wonk. If you had a discussion about “economic development”, I doubt it was with me. But if it was, I concede you are absolutely right in everything you said about economic development. But, madam, you really do need to relax. Have some hot herbal tea.

  72. Lil Mac says:

    Back to the Hagel Haggling. —- Hagel’s endorsement of Kerrey pricked the GOP ego. Pundits predicted it wouldn’t hurt Fischer and it didn’t. We could just as easily guess that it inadvertently increased Fisher’s vote total. The GOP is giving Hagel more cred and weight than he rates. And if he really is bound to embarrass Obama, why impede that?

    The GOP gives patriotic non-partisan voters pause over the GOP’s role in this. Most voters are not GOP. All they see is a wounded Hagel endorsing a wounded Kerrey and Obama appointing combat vet Hagel to defense. Yet they see Republicans appear to offer partisan retribution and then lack resolve to carry it off, because those same Republicans who lead Hagel opposition, McCain and Graham, now come out against GOP filibuster. They now say picking a Sec Def is “Obama’s choice”. Well duh.

    GOP leaders act like they did something useful in filibustering Hagel and Obama this way. But they also seem to think they were doing something useful when they put Romney up against a previously beatable Obama. If you want GOP principles to collect dust on a shelf, this seems the way to do it.

  73. Interested Observer says:

    You sure wouldn’t know that Senator Chuck Hagel was reelected with almost 83% of the vote based on the way a few loudmouths have been shouting the last few months.

  74. RWP says:

    IO: I didn’t vote for Hagel in 2002 because I wasn’t a naturalized citizen in 2002.

    So you know what you can do with your charge of hypocrisy.

  75. RWP says:

    Hagel in 2002 had a conservative voting record and hadn’t begun his interminable series of dumb public statements on Iraq, the Mideast, etc.. The Nebraskans who voted for him then had little inkling of what he would turn into.

  76. TexasAnnie says:

    Macdaddy: You make up the shortfall from no income tax collections by a windfall of all sales tax collections. Both tax codes are so riddled with holes that more tax is actually being forgiven than collected.

    And Lil Mac, you don’t have to be a tax wonk to realize that when most income taxes or most sales taxes are being written off under guise of “economic development,” than those left still paying the respective taxes must be fools…

    Interested Observer, you’ve got to be making jest when suggesting that the gov should have sought approval from the ag and mfg. industries when proposing a policy for tax justice! They’re the problem not the solution, and since both these economic sectors take both sales AND income tax write-offs, WHY WOULD THEY SUPPORT tax reform? I guess you have yet to realize just how much of the tax code has been written off! I understand your argument for the regressive nature of the sales tax. But the ONLY means to true tax justice will be wiping the slate clean: no tax incentives for any entity, no exceptions, no excuses. I guess the real remedy for the impoverished in terms of tax liability is to keep the sales tax low enough to begin with. And it could happen by replacing the income tax with a universally applied sales tax.

  77. RWP says:

    It’s a shame that I agree with TA about the tax code, though not for the same reason. When I hear the word ‘justice’ I reach for my Luger, because it’s usually a lame-ass pretext to justify the unjustifiable.

    Taxes are evil. They may be a necessary evil, but they are still nothing more than the confiscation of private property for governmental use. As such they should be treated like tooth extractions; they should be done in as quick, as uncomplicated, and as efficient a way as possible, and without moralizing.

    “We know this is yours, and we’re taking it, because we can.”

  78. TexasAnnie says:

    Readers shouldn’t be fooled by RWP’s anti-moralizing stance. Of course it matters whether or not taxation is being administered equitably. Tax policies which result in government support of some to an exclusion of others, and tax policies which extract more from some must be examined under a lens focused toward ideas of equity, or, justice!

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