Ashford para El Alcalde en la radio

Brad Ashford now has radio ads up (to complement his billboards) for his Omaha Mayoral campaign.

Hear them here:

Alivio al Contribuyente

Taxpayer Relief

Crime and Education

We don’t remember ever receiving a local Spanish language campaign ad before, so this is new for us.
We will guess then that Ashford is gunning hard for the South O Latino vote, and will push on that for turnout as well.

(And check us if we’re wrong, but is the announcer on the “Taxes” spot the same guy who does the mini-video ads at the Husker games?)

We look forward to putting up more ads as we get ’em!


Nothing much else breaking on the Nebraska Senate 2014 news.

Like most, we figure this is Governor Dave Heineman’s to decide on, and the other major candidates will (likely) get out of his way.

We don’t think there are many who feel they need to get to the Senate RIGHT NOW — but then again, a side GOP challenger could always pop up. But unless he or she is very well funded, we still think a charge against Heineman would be unfruitful.

But hey, Governor Heineman, and then Senator Deb Fischer, are the two who both proved that the front runners don’t always take it.
Anything could happen, right?

And on the Dem side? A primary would actually be good for them — but that remains unlikely.
IF they get major candidates for both Governor and Senator they may be happy enough.

Nonetheless the true winners for 2014?
The TV stations.


Where to stock up for the big storm on Thursday?, of course!
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Mucho apprecaited (as Brad may say…).


  1. Some dude in Omaha says:

    I don’t think that Brad Ashford is really fighting hard to cut taxes. If he did, he would have worked harder to the Gov’s tax bill passed.

  2. Big government liberal says:

    Brad Assford has never been the taxpayers friend. He was Suttles lacky to raise local sales taxes and he added to our property taxes with the failed Learning Community.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    The UNO library, which houses Hagel’s papers, is denying access of those papers by the public. Dean of the Library (seriously) Stephen Shorb got snippy with one of them East Coast reporters and said he worked for Nebraskans and not East Coast reporters. Well, Dean Shorb, would you like some Nebraskans to come down on you like a ton of bricks to get this resolved? Did you just throw down a gauntlet? Seriously?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boy, is RWP going to be pissed when he finds out ‘right wing professor’ means “el llenador del canal de mierda,” in Spanish.

  5. Spike says:

    Well if that’s the best that Ashford can put together, 2 thumbs down for him as a Mayor! It might be that he has a dyslexic person doing his marketing, as in, “Ashford Mayor for Omaha” on his billboards, & not ” Ashford for Mayor of Omaha”. Like is Ashford Mayor running for Mayor of Omaha or what? And just who is this Ashford Mayor person anyway??

    The crime/safety Radio spot sounds like a used car ad, as the pseudo announcer is about as sincere in her delivery as a used car saleperson! Just who is the clown doing his media anyway? Once again as I always say, if a candidate can’t put any intelligence in his or her media, they shouldn’t be running! A word to the wise, Brad!

  6. BaconLove says:

    Suttle must be laughing his ass off at this ad. Immigrants who don’t speak English and probably can’t vote are most concerned about taxes, really? The South O vote is in danger!

    Also, just want to say that none of the candidates have a clue regarding the press. Get on message people.

    Here’s a gem from a Weird Herald article:
    “Sam Clark, who is helping run Ashford’s campaign, said the lack of repeat donors is reflective of Ashford.

    “He’s almost shy about asking for money,” he said.

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