Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate?

Ben Sasse 02Hey there snowbound citizens!

Things are still fluid at this point in the realm of “What in the heck is Dave Heineman going to do about the U.S. Senate?”

We have heard the CW that, “of course he’ll run, that’s been his plan“.

But we have also very honestly heard that he has absolutely not made up his mind and may even be leaning against.
Though keep in mind that he will be getting the HEAVY full court press from the National Republicans to run, so that the seat would be (in theory) safe.

And Heineman was all over the board in an interview with Don Walton of the LJS saying:

In comparative terms (to the Governor’s office), the Senate essentially has “no discipline, no organization,” he said. “And I wish there was a better spirit and attitude there of working together as we do in government in Nebraska.”


“Maybe I could have an impact on fiscal issues, perhaps on national security and national defense issues with my background.

“The idea of working on issues is appealing if I thought everyone was kind of willing to work together,” Heineman said.

And, but…

“…you’ve got to have the desire and you’ve got to want the job.”

So there is a big fat “maybe” for ya.


So in the mean time the “Senate Conservative Fund” is wasting no time proclaiming their happiness that that liberal pseudo-conservative quiche-eating squish Mike Johanns is the heck outta there!


You may remember the SCF from the last race, when South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint made a hefty effort to be king-maker for Don Stenberg.

For what it’s worth, some credit the SCF campaign with knocking Jon Bruning down enough to prop up Deb Fischer. Though we doubt that was the plan.

The SCF has now declared that if Dave Heineman does NOT run, that No Way, No How do they want 1st District Rep. Jeff Fortenberry to be the GOP Senate  nominee!
Again, liberal-RINO-squish, etc. etc. (says the SCF, in so many words).

(The OWH followed up with this story on Thursday morn.)

So who do they like?

Well, a name we hadn’t really heard come up before, but probably shouldn’t be that surprising:

Ben Sasse.


Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services during the last 2 years of the George W. Bush Administration, and current President of Fremont’s Midland University,  Dr. (Ph.D.) Ben Sasse. THAT’s who.

Sasse is a 40 year old graduate of Harvard University, studied at Oxford, has a master’s degree from St. John’s University, and doctorate from Yale University. (Though we are fairly sure the Scott Kleeb comparisons end there.)

Sasse became the 15th President of Midland in 2009. Before that, as noted, he was unanimously confirmed by the Democratic Senate to the fourth-ranking position in the government’s largest-budget agency, where Sasse led policy, planning, and research functions across the department’s 11 operating divisions, with a special focus on Medicare, Medicaid, and the Food and Drug Administration.

Last year, he wrote a piece for the New York Post about ObamaCare.

Prior to that, Sasse served as counselor for policy and strategic initiatives to former HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt.

Oh, and he was also a Chief of Staff, in the U.S. House of Represenatives to…Rep Jeff Fortenberry.
(THERE’s some political intrigue for ya.)

Now that’s one kick-ass resume for Sasse.

But could he fund raise?
And can he garner the statewide support needed, as well as bring in the movers and shakers?

He looks pretty formidable on paper.
And the Senate Conservative Fund likes him…

…if Governor Dave takes a pass.
Which, at this point, is anyone’s guess.

**UPDATE at 3:00 pm**

We have been informed by the SCF that they have NOT picked a favorite in this race.
NON-favorites, sure. But no favorite. Not to say they don’t like Sasse. Just haven’t picked him over anyone else.
(Except Jeff Fortenberry.)


Gov candidate Charlie Janssen has a new introductory video up.

See it here:

This is not on TV yet (though today may have been a good day to go up with it), but will go out broadly on social media.

Nice addition of his opening speech. They had a good crowd there, so that helped as well. (Though we’ll just note that, maybe heavy on the echo? We were waiting to hear that he was the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.)

Right now Janssen is the only name in the Governor’s race and his camp is smart to take advantage.


You know, if you had bought that snowblower on (via Leavenworth Street’s banners above) you wouldn’t be cranking out your back AND you would be (anonymously) helping us keep the office light on.
Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!


  1. Interested Observer says:

    What exactly is this “new conservatism” that this Josh Moenning discusses in the World Herald article about Fortenberry getting bashed by the Senate Conservatives Fund that SS mentions? Moenning says it’s “traditional in its foundations but looks for constructive solutions to the complex problems affecting our families and communities”. What exactly does that mean?

    Is this “new conservatism” conservative enough for a “true conservative”? Is the new definition of a “conservative” like a pole vault bar that one strives to get OVER or is it more like a limbo bar that one must strive to get UNDER? Is it like a road, where we strive to get further and further and FURTHER to the RIGHT? How will one ever know if one is ever “conservative” enough to satisfy the conservative commenters in here and to get elected to a Nebraska state wide office?

    Since Johanns clearly isn’t “conservative” enough for the SCF and since Fortenberry isn’t “conservative” enough for them either, just who, besides Stenberg (LOL), IS? Also, if Stenberg was the only candidate who, in fact, was “conservative” enough for the SCF last spring, how did that work out? Why DIDN’T he get elected, if he was the ONLY candidate approved by the all knowing and all seeing, Senate Conservative Fund?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice try, Sweeper. But to play the big game on the R side one must get a lower elected position or play in a substantial way in the Republican Party. Hagel getting elected to the Senate in the 90s might be an exception, but he not only had Hill experience but also was a decorated vet which propelled his run. Sasse sounds like a Scott Kleeb on the R side to me.

  3. 9:19,
    This is no “try” on our part.
    We don’t support, or not-support Sasse.
    We are just passing along his name and giving some extra bio info as we don’t think many know or have probably even heard of him.
    Feel free to do what you want with the info we’ve provided.

  4. Omaha ITK says:

    9:19 “Play in a substantial way in the Republican Party”? Like what–like being Mitt Romney’s transition pick? Like getting your calls promptly returned by sitting US Senators and House members, former cabinet officials and mega donors, all of whom seek out his advice?

  5. ricky says:

    Interesting never heard of Stasse before but he seems like to bright a fellow to be in the U S Senate. Those jobs are for the slow witted people like Deb Fischer.
    And calling Douglas County Election Commissoner Dave Phipps!
    Can you put the maps of the new OPS board districts up on the web site please?!
    Deadline to file is 9 days away, and no information out on how to run or what district people are in.
    How can somebody get recruited to run against Justin Wayne if they don’t know what district they reside in? I thought this was an emergency? Senator Lautenbak should have been dialoging with his buddy Phipps instead of Wayne!


  6. Anonymous says:

    This is 9:19. I’m a big fan of the blog. But I have to call a spade a spade on this one. If Sasse is qualified, so is Kleeb. Indeed, unlike what I have heard of Sasse, Kleeb actually put boots on the ground and had campaign experience before he ran and came closer to Johanns than people expected. I think Kleeb was a terrible candidate on the same level as Jim Esch. We lose our advantage as a party if we push someone like Sasse. We need candidates like Dave Heineman was early in his career who not only had a great resume but also raised the money, knocked on doors, organized volunteers, motivated activists, and personally had contact with the donors most likely to give to political causes. Heineman did this through being ED of the party and running Daub’s races. Like T.O. found out in 2006, successful candidates must know what they are doing campaign wise. If we put up someone like Sasse, we could seriously be in jeopardy of losing to a cowboy boot wearing Kleeb who has no business being a U.S. Senator from Nebraska given his extreme views.

  7. Anonymous says:

    At 10:28, “ricky” forgot to capitalize his own name. In ricky’s first sentence he misspelled Sasse as “Stasse”, too as “to”, and then called other people “slow witted”.

  8. BaconLove says:

    Sasse sounds like someone Republicans would reject. Competent, well-educated, and likely reasonable.

    Side note: Switching to the house. How many Republicans voted for “Obamaquester?” 218. And how many Dems? Not one! lol. If you broke it, you bought it.

  9. Speculator says:

    Things Fort can’t WAIT to do in the Senate:
    – Have a bigger staff to call him “Sir”
    – Have a longer period of time between elections to ignore Nebraska
    – Have his vote to raise your taxes be 1/100 instead of 1/435

  10. JO says:

    Cottonwood Eagle @ 11:33, If Sasse has a fence issue, it would be a guaranteed win, if IO were to come out against him.That worked really well in electing Fischer to the US Senate

  11. Anonymous says:

    If someway, somehow (highly unlikely) Fortenberry musters the courage to step up, his bizarre history will catch up to him – there are numbers of people who know what he actually is – former staffers who have been treated like know human being should be treated, people in the party who know that he is all an act and an impostter – all it takes is 1 person saying something, and they all will come out – even Ben Sasse – ask him how long he Served as Fortenberry’s Chief of Staff even though he has this amazing resume. Fortenberry is unfit for a higher public office.

  12. ricky says:

    Eric L Ewing for OPS board district 4! Just got an email from the Douglas County Election Commissioner’s office and soon soon they tell me the maps for the new Omaha Public Schools districts will be posted. But then they said that on Monday.
    But I did find out that Justin Wayne has an opponent for his seat. And Eric L Ewing is well qualified.
    So as soon as Eric L Ewing gets his campaign up and running I’ll give him some money and help him out. Justin Wayne just seems too unpopular with the current OPS board. I heard he was not a nice person and behind the bad legislation, so we will work to defeat Mr Wayne.


  13. Interested Observer says:

    So, why didn’t DEB FI$CHER sign the letter from the 15 Republican Senators to Obama today opposing Hagel’s nomination? She would fit right in with that bunch.

  14. RWP says:

    I don’t know Sasse; he was at Harvard well after my time there. I’ve dug up a couple of things he’s written, and I have to say he looks like an attractive candidate. He has tons of expertise in the health area, and given that Obamacare problems are likely to come to a head in 2014, he might be very well placed. He’s only slightly younger than Marco Rubio, and has plenty of governmental experience.

    Might well be a strong candidate.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    BaconLove, you mean that Obama couldn’t get a single House Dem to vote for his idea? Harry Reid went for it. Obama proposed it and then signed it. Guess that whole Boehner-Won’t -Ever-Pass-Anything-I-Want whine that Obama makes every time he breathes out specious.

  16. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Okay, so “conventional wisdom” (cw) says that if Governor Heineman enters an open 2014 Nebraska Senate race, he will be victorious.

    The funny thing about the mercurial critter known as “conventional wisdom” (cw) is how many times that little bugger is just plain wrong.

    A few examples from the Nebraska cw political landscape:

    Cw predicted that then-Governor Charley Thone was going to prevail over Bob Kerrey.

    Cw maintained that Omahan Ed Zorinsky – a candy vending machine guy – could not win state-wide office.

    Cw argued that either A.G. Bruning or State Treasurer Don Stenberg would beat Deb Fischer.

    Cw said that it would be far easier for Kerrey to out-wait Heineman, enter the race late + then go on to beat any one of the above-mentioned troika instead of a sitting Governor. (How well did that work out for Kerrey?)

    Cw said that NU’s Tom Osborne was unbeatable for any office upon which he set his sights.

    Cw said that Wahoo’s Curt Bromm, a Nebraska native and fourth-generation Cornhusker, was a shoo-in to take Rep. Doug Bereuter’s Congressional seat; yet, Bromm was defeated in the Republican primary by the then-new-to-Lincoln, Jeff Fortenberry, a native Baton Rougian, long-time Louisianan + Washington, D.C.-denizen.

    Cw said that well-known Lincoln journalist, Independent Deena Winter, was going to be one of the top two vote getters for a Lincoln City Council seat only to find that she was – ostensibly – defeated by a little known Republican, thereby assuring that the Dem. candidate, Mr. Cook – who had Mayor Beutler’s imprimatur – would go on to retain his seat.

    I rest my cw case.

  17. …and IMH, that’s why we wrote yesterday,

    “But hey, Governor Heineman, and then Senator Deb Fischer, are the two who both proved that the front runners don’t always take it.
    Anything could happen, right?”

    And thanks for reading…

  18. I’m gone for one morning and all hell breaks loose in the comments.
    Let’s be clear:
    Stop with the personal attacks on each other.
    Don’t do it any more.
    All have been/will be deleted.

  19. LWP says:

    President Obama stopped our slide into another Great Depression and is now leading a steady recovery back to economic greatness with 21st century leadership.

  20. To Ricky says:

    So Ricky, Justin Wayne tries to change a failed school district and you join the goons that are upset about that. Justin has more support in North Omaha than you realize.

  21. BaconLove says:

    Anyone else get the Nabity mailer today? It’s nicely done. Huge thing, 10″ x 14″ I’m guessing. Features Nabity playing football with his grand kids. Of course they’re wearing husker gear. Says “Omaha’s future is up in the air…” above a photo a football in flight, passed by Nabity’s grand son. Flip side says, “Steady leadership will move us forward” above a photo of nabity carrying his grand son on his back while moving the ball forward. Great stuff. I’m not voting for him — wrong party, but nice work to whoever made this.

  22. Go West Young Man says:

    Not being adept at the Lincoln political scene…some mind filling me in on the fortenberry scoop? Or is this just going to remain a secret?

  23. Senate Watcher says:

    Hard to figure out the next Senate race. It’s not a slam dunk for the Gov. His sales tax plan is hated by the areas he needs to win a republican primary. More troubling was his covering up for Sheehy since last summer. Add the Beatrice mess, HHS problems and other issues and his star doesn’t look so bright.

    The Fort is not a stellar choice either. His ego alone, will cause him to crumble.

    Maybe Sasse has a chance

  24. Unknown says:

    I wouldn’t sleep on someone like the Grand Island mayor or some. Smaller class a city mayor run. The Fischer experiment shows that the unknown and western can win if they follow the path and never deviate.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Frightening words. “We need a hero.” That is exactly what 13 million hoped when they voted for Hitler. Stalin’s and Mao’s victims worshipped them as heroes. Power is seductive. Yet you won’t wield it. You will be the safe follower of a hero rather than endure the risk of being free of such.

    If your neighbor or best friend asked you to trust him to put his hand in your wallet and have the power to jail you if you disobey his orders, you would be shocked, dismayed, and deem him a psychotic megalomaniac. Yet every politician asks you to trust him or her to do exactly that. But instead of deeming them scary SOBs, you actually want to trust them. You want heroes, political saviors. You give your faith to them, that should rather be in yourself.

    A governmentalist is a political sheep who thinks itself a wise owl or brave lion. Such are lucky to only get sheared. In time, though, its mutton stew. Sadly, they are the majority. There are plenty of voters who think politicians give a hoot when voters roar. All politicians hear is “Baa”.

  26. Anonymous says:

    BTO who cares. I bet that is another promise he breaks. He seems to leave every 3 months. Is he still mad that everyone in Grand Island last month thought he was a kook and a jerk?

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, Anon 6:46, your anachronistic, imperialistic, reactionary, running dog viewpoint has been swept away by The One and that One is us. We are the ones we have been waiting for! I trust The Lightworker to wield that power wisely. Only the evil Republicans can’t be trusted with such power! Save us, Father Barack! Keep us from harm so the evil Republicans do not ever regain power! In your name we pray, Amen and Amen.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The only thing Justin Wayne changed was the level of whining it took to become the media’s darlin. Word is he was the most likely one who leaked from executive session to strengthen his love affair with hungry media. Whoopee. While all eyes are on when the swearing in took place (God forbid if it would have snowed making for a snow day, what then?) Wayne was drafting his press release to run again! Leadership would know how to obtain a flow chart if one’s mind was focused on getting others to follow instead of agenda of self. “In my opinion” the man has issues and a law license that should given him second thought on his generous lip service.

  29. Is that you Freddie? says:

    When only 9% of the 8th Graders at the Nathan Hale Jr. Magnet School for Social Justice (yes, that is the full name of the school) can pass the state Math exam, it’s time to clean house. Justin Wayne was the catalyst and sole voice for change on the OPS Board.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’d say that Nathan Hale Jr. Magnet School for Social Justice has a parent problem. Nice spin to cover Wayne’s lack of leadership

  31. P.O.O. says:

    Freddie? . . . . Freddie? . . . . where is Freddie??? She’s the one who scheduled the swearing in three days late and started the progressive avalanche of political gamesmanship on the OPS Board. She was also the one who wanted to hire “Mrs. Dirty Fingers” from Des Moines to be our new superintendent. She was also in charge when the payout to get rid of the old superintendent cost the school district over a million dollars. That abrupt exit from the school board to a “new job with no name” (sounds like a song from the 70s!) leaving the rest of the “child like” members of the school board to fend for themselves without even an official good bye or congratulatory event to provide the phony thank you’s seems somewhat odd. That is unless Freddie was in on this Greek Tragedy from the very beginning. Three days late for a swearing in and all of a sudden we are redistricting, and re-electing a smaller school board with only the input from one school board member??? From the smell you’d think there was a tuna canning factory close by.
    Is it easy to want to flush the OPS school board down the toilet? Sure it is. It has been a failure for years. However, the way this all went down makes you wonder how many dominos were already standing on end days before the “legal” swearing date was missed.
    Isn’t it funny, if your drivers license expires they don’t take away your privilege to drive for ever. If you are late on paying your taxes you simply apply for an extension. If you are late paying your credit card the simply hit you with more interest. Who’d a thought missing a swearing in date by the OPS board would constitute one of the FASTEST bills to ever fly through the legislature. Especially one that simply deals with the size of a single school board. Whew! I think that fishy smell has now turned to the smell of a feed lot. Keep your boots pulled up!

  32. To Anonymous says:

    That could be an explanation for Nathan Hale’s problems but you don’t know the facts. Over half of OPS Schools test kids below state average and none of their high schools have an ACT median at or above the state average. There are over a dozen schools that have 1 out of 3 reading at grade level proficiency. Justin Wayne wanted to clean house and he has done that. Too bad the poverty pimps in OPS are upset he overturned their apple cart.

  33. ricky says:

    The OPS board was so poor it needed to be wiped out and started over says Senator Lautenback and the state? And Mr Wayne was part of that group right? Are we supposed to believe that Mr Wayne was the lone bright spot on the board?
    Anybody that would act to bring down his colleagues on the board is not exactly a trustworthy fellow.
    And we are also supposed to believe that if Mr Wayne is re-elected (I predict he will lose the race), all will be well and he will play nice with the next OPS board? I doubt that.
    And Senator Latnebak and Wayne were so intent on passing LB125 that they pretended there was a late swearing in scandal? Then all of a sudden after it passes oh no big deal? What a crock of s..t.
    I hope the people in District 4 will ask the question was there a leaking of information from an executive session at the OPS board meeting before they vote.
    And I am betting that there are currently 10 OPS board members rooting for Eric L Ewing for OPS board.


  34. P.O.O. says:

    If the state REALLY wanted to do something for education they would limit the amount of kids a school board could be in charge of. If you want better schools cut down the size of the districts. Break up OPS into three or four districts. Does it take a rocket scientist to look to the south and the west? Why does Bellevue, Papillion, Millard, Westside, and Elkhorn have better success rates with grades and graduates. Lets start with their size and work from there.

  35. Political22255 says:

    The only REAL GOP contender is Shane Osborne! Heineman is squishy at best!

    S.O. Has the military experience that our Senate is lacking AND is a real man of the people. Watch him run and watch him raise more $$$ than Heineman could in a hundred years. He has more wealthy, not rich but WEALTHY friends than most of us can dream of.

    I want a Senator who will actually take on the Dems! Heineman will fold under pressure in the Senate just like he has folded to insane Jane Kleeb!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Shane Osborne delivered a U.S.Navy plane full of spy equipment and secret information to the Chinese. He should have ditched the plane in the ocean.

  37. Anonymous says:

    “Squishy?” “Fold under pressure?”

    You must be talking about the Pillsbury Doughboy who folded under pressure and gave US spy secrets to the Communist Chinese. That coward should be in prison.

    But thanks for reminding us of all this.

  38. So.... says:

    So your saying that the fact an American soldier was capturd and tortured by the Chinese that he is unfit to be in the U.S. senate?

    Get over yourself. I don’t care what he is running for but attacking him when you really have no idea what shape that plane was in when it landed (ever heard of self destruct sequence) shows how big of a coward you really are. He still saved his crew and had the guts to be up there in the first place.

    IF Shane were to ever run for office again it would be idiots like you attacking a veteran that propels him to victory.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Whom ever it is that fills the Senate seat will be a person who the people choose. These attacks on the two fine gents who may run are a sign of just how petty some party operatives and politicos have become. Senators Johanns and Fischer are in office because The People are tired of those who would advance their candidate by attacks instead of substance. If you could even buy a clue, let alone spell, you would realize this fundamental shift in voter behavior and adapt to it. Or you can keep it up and continue to alienate the voters. Either way lose.

    Oh and by the way Ricky, you have no clue about Mr. Wayne. While I don’t agree with everything he stands for, at least he stands which is so much more than anything you have done to date.

  40. @ So.... says:

    Everyone in the military is expected to protect our classified information, especially the top and crypto secret ones with their lives. Shane Osborn saved his own ass rather than ditch the plane in the South China Sea. Some lives may have been lost, but everyone in the military knows that risk when they sign up. By landing his plane at a Chinese military base, he handed over information that he was duty bound to protect.
    Just because a person was captured and tortured doesn’t necessarily make them a hero. John McCain sang like a canary when tortured, and it obviously fubared his mind. So, yes, I can say that he shouldn’t be serving in the U. S. Senate.
    And as for serving, I flew ELINT in the same type and I know my skipper would have ditched. Where did you serve, as a clerk typist in Texas?

  41. Not sure why I’m bothering with this, but here goes: Yes– over the last two years Justin Wayne has been the only member of that current board to show any real leadership or inclination to leave the pack and bring change. He stands out, and should be retained.

    Regarding the board’s swearing in problem. Everyone — to be clear EVERYONE- who has bothered to read the law knows that the OPS board was not validly seated– none of them were.

    That raging partisan Republican, Don Kleine, concluded the same thing. If he had brought his suit, there would have been a special election for a new board. Since LB125 passed– a bill which sets up a special election– there was no need for Kleine to proceed. I’m not sure why that is hard to understand for some. Any citizen could still bring a suit and challenge the board’s existence– Kleine just determined, I assume, that it would be wasteful for him to do so now, since a special election is set. No one– again NO ONE– has said, “OK, I guess the swearing in screw up was no big deal.” It’s just been handled by LB125. The OPS board voted to be neutral on the bill– even they knew this was a problem that needed to be fixed.

    My bill passed with huge support. My co-sponsors included Avery, Chambers, Ashford and Murante. I suppose it’s possible for some to continue to prattle on about this being a GOP conspiracy, or unnecessary, or whatever. However, you who choose to do so run a pretty big risk: people with common sense may conclude that you may be, ummm, I’ll say an “exceedingly low information voter”, to be polite about it. People take offense, I’ve found, when I use a less kind phrase, like “damn fool”.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Senator Lautenbaugh: Don’t you have something better to do than to keep the spin spinning? Haven’t you been here before? You plugged into a grudge match Chambers has had going with OPS for years particularly with some members whose wife happened to be on its board. No small deal your campgin consultant, Murante, voted with you for your bill–who could have seen that loyalty coming? Had your Bill been less rushed Ashford probably would have changed his mind and party affiliation twice before his support to unannex Elkhorn….I mean reduce the OPS board. He’s not running for Omaha mayor is he?. Avery is a puzzle though like most in a hurry probably missed the details of how this all came to be with the manufactured crisis that you kept pushing. I mean now you are pushing LB 539 to take public dollars from public school education and shift them to a group such as a business, corporation or and even two teachers so they can establish themselves as a charter school. Public dollars for private use when you strip away all the legal jargon. You’re a busy man so I’m not sure why you just keep plowing the same ground by rehashing that partisan thang. Had Don Kleine gone through with his investigation the discovery process may have uncovered who was leaking to the media and how it all landed in your lap so fast.

  43. To Anonymous Above says:

    There has been an effort to change the OPS Board for over a year. Furthermore, if you read Scott’s bill on charters it addresses areas that have severely failing schools. I love it how people support a failing institution that can only graduate 50% of its african-american students.

  44. Anonymous says:

    You need to do some deep research to separate the fact from the folly with charter schools and how they operate though they are promoted as being the next best thing since Jesus walked on water.

  45. To Anonymous Above says:

    Funny how the catholic schools perform better than OPS Schools in the same area of town. These kids need an education and not rhetoric.

  46. P.O.O. says:

    To Mr. Lautenbaugh, missing the date? NO BIG DEAL!!! What if there had been a blizzard on that Friday that kept everyone from attending? The fix would have been to move it to the following Monday. Granted, there was no blizzard but what is the real crime and who are the victims?
    I revert back to President Freddie and the rest of the board and the legal staff. Why did they all go through with the swearing in process if they new it was an illegal act and where is the prosecution? IF the law states a specific date and they didn’t follow the law where is Kline to bring up charges? Where is the judge and jury in all of this? Supposedly a crime was committed. You can’t just “fix” that. This thing STINKS of corruption.
    The abrupt exit of Freddie who caused this mess never to answer another question? What was the payoff for her to not only fall on her sword but to condemn her fellow board members and their now wasted time and money in running for election? Come on. At least treat us like we have more than an OPS education. I’ve seen Monty Python skits with a better plot than this.

  47. ricky says:

    Pretty sad that the conservatives want to promote charter schools in Nebraska. I learned from my friend the late Liz Karnes that it does not work, they are no better than public schools, and take funding away from the public schools.
    LB 125 did not “fix” the late swearing in “problem” at OPS. Logically all the boards actions after January should be declared null and void, but Kleine and the other clueless people were not willing to take it that far; only far enough to pass LB 125, and the foolish thing is the bill would have passed anyway without whomever came up with this stunt coming up with it.
    So I still have this suspicion that the late swearing in plot was hatched by somebody who knew what was going on in executive session of an OPS board meeting.
    This election hopefully will answer that question when Eric L Ewing gets his campaign going for OPS board district 4.


  48. Anonymous Non-idiot says:

    Uh oh. P.O.O. figured it out! Freddie Gray was in on it!

    Now I’ll blow your minds: Freddie’s secret new job? It’s with Halliburton!

    We’re through the looking glass, here, people.

  49. P.O.O. says:

    Well A.N.-Idiot,
    As soon as someone gives us all a clear chronological order as to why and how this took place I’ll be satisfied. The board missed a swearing date . . . Out of no where the unicameral steps in determines that missing that date constitutes re-districting, re-electing, and cutting down the number of board members and it’s all over but the back slapping within a week.
    Where are the studies from other school districts? What educational scholar gave their input regarding board sizes in relation to grades and graduation rates? Why was only one board members input sufficient to make these changes? And finally, once again, drum roll please . . . the person that caused this mountain from a mole hill, where is Freddie Gray?
    Regardless if the entire board was a gaggle of idiots they were still ELECTED idiots. The voters chose them.
    If you look at the big picture this is a dangerous precedent being set. Do our state senators have a specific date of swearing in and if they miss it do we automatically get to perform a “do over” election for their district and who gets to decide this? How does Freddie Gray’s “mistake” justify all of this?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Being a Non-idiot isn’t much because Morons and Imbeciles are both more intelligent than Idiots. Yet even an Idiot doesn’t call himself Poo. Better work on that self esteem.

  51. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    To. Anon Non-Idiot– I’d have said “The Koch Brothers” rather than Halliburton– you’re a leftist boogy-man behind.

    To P.O.O. (never thought I’d write that) — you seem to be a lot like Ricky (if not actually Ricky). Because you don’t know what happened, who testified at committee, what was said on the floor, the sequence of events, etc., you’re simply acting like everything you don’t know isn’t readily knowable to anyone who really cares about this this stuff. People who paid attention, followed the press accounts, etc., don’t seem to have the suspicious unanswered questions you rattle off. Throw in a few invented facts (one board member only was consulted, it all happened in a week, it came out of the blue suddenly, etc.) and you’ve got a good screed going, but that doesn’t mean anyone should pay attention.

  52. Macdaddy says:

    I see the OPS graduates are out in full force tonight. P.O.O., the swearing in and the consequences of what happens if you miss it are spelled out in the law. I have no idea when that law was passed, but it wasn’t recently. Maybe a time traveler (most likely Laughtenbaugh) saw that Freddie Gray was going to ignore that law and went back in time 30 years to pass the law that would then catch the OPS board being stupid and lead to the passage of LB 125. Laughtenbaugh had talked about the concept of LB 125 months ago. Perhaps you saw Freddie Gray calling that plan sexist and racist in the OWH months ago. Perhaps you were stoned and missed the several days of coverage of the brouhaha. I guess since Scott has time traveling capabilities, he carefully laid out his plan a few months in advance to give himself plausible deniability. Very crafty, that Scott is. The OPS board fell right into his trap. Either that or you’ve been taking too many trips to Colorado.

  53. The Postman says:

    I have delivered a lot of mail over the years. Who is this narcissist with the big mail piece? Is he selling Husker apparel or something?

  54. P.O.O. says:

    So if it didn’t all just pop up out of no where . . . and Senator Lots A Shots has been talking about this for a long time why did it take a triggering devise to initiate the whole thing? Why wasn’t all of this out on the table way before the election. . . and . . . once again, if this was such a horrific act in missing the swearing in date why didn’t anyone know they had done it until after the fact. Where was their legal representatives to keep this from happening and who’s license to practice law in Nebraska is now in jeopardy over this??? I’ll ask it again . . . were are the prosecutors in all of this and who is going to pay a fine or do time or lose their license??? According to you something big went down. So where are the perpetrators and what is the punishment?

  55. YAWN! says:

    Bickering over such small stuff makes you all look like fools. Sweeper, can we get something up here that interests most of us in this state?

  56. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Nothing like a good food fight involving a state senator protecting his turf and surf to give one pause on the meaning of leadership….

    I followed the press accounts though not as closely as those that generated it. Or, at least got out ahead of he story to frame it so it was palatable for mass consumption. Still, I’ve not heard how the false, improper, illegal or whatever it is called swearing in got from an executive session of the OPS board to the press. My understanding is that what happens in Vegas and executive sessions stays in Vegas and executive sessions. Odd how that seeped out under the door or through the cracks to the media when the public has a right to know given they are stuck with the results and tab. In addition, that teeny weeny fact seems like an important detail inasmuch it threw away an election’s results of four candidates duly elected to serve. If that fact makes no difference or even if it did such that some wish it to be, I don’t understand why the informative party just doesn’t come forward to say they tattled out of school and claim their applause or scorn.

    Swearing in aside, legal or illegal, hell biding or not, why should all those voters who voted last fall be held accountable for someone’s loose lips, mistake(s) or failures when all they did was trust the election process to work.

  57. The People says:

    We have spoken and we want the politicians to just shut up and do their jobs once we have elected them. All this partisan bickering over who gets the crumbs of the dried bullshit isn’t what we elected them to do. This goes for OPS, City Council, the Mayor, the Legislature and the clowns we sent to Washington.
    Either these overgrown babies all start acting like adults or they’re soon going to join the ranks of the unemployed.

  58. ricky says:

    Man if I were the new Superintendent coming to OPS I would change my mind and stay miles away from this place. Not only would you be working for a board that did not hire you, in the back of your mind you realize the state could come in and throw another monkey wrench into the situation. What kind of good Sup would want Lautenback and the state looking over their shoulder?
    Why doesn’t the Unicam just pick the new superintendent for Omaha Public Schools? I “tweeted” Mark Evans at @AndoverSupt and told him you might want to think again about the new job.
    I bet the new Speaker of the Unicam can not be too happy that this bill was the first one passed under his speakership. Sen Chambers and others going on and on about how the board can not be legit because they missed a technical guideline, only to realize after the fact this issue was a red herring.
    If I were Senator Greg Adams I would have Sen Lautengack in my office to explain just where this information about a late swearing in story came from.


  59. Macdaddy says:

    ricky, LB 125 would have passed with or without the new board being properly sworn in. That little cluster was just the icing on the cake. The OPS board is breathtaking in its incompetence. “Due diligence” and “attention-to-detail” are apparently terms none of them are familiar with. The entire board should resign in embarrassment but I bet they’d mess that up, too. I’d like to thank Senator Laughtenbaugh for giving the children of OPS a chance, however small it may be, for success.

    As for the new Super, if he isn’t going to like his bosses, namely the taxpayers, the OPS board, and the Unicam looking over his shoulder, then I agree with you, he should look for another job.

  60. Interested Observer says:

    I’m totally surprised that anyone would want to create new, smaller schools in Nebraska, especially in Omaha since we Nebraskans have been told for years and years that school consolidation is such a good thing.

    Back in the late ’80’s and early 90’s, Senator Ron Withem of Papillion pushed a bill through the Legislature, LB 259, to force the “affiliation” of Class I Districts with a High School District, over the strong objection of many of us in western Nebraska. Then a few years later, Senator Ron Raikes came along and took the idea of school consolidation further by forcing small, rural districts to actually merge with town schools. Then he also helped push through the Omaha, “one city, one school district” bill.

    So, how can consolidation not be as good of a thing as all the experts told us it was back when they shoved it down our throats?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Gosh MacDaddy-what have you done latey to improve upon that which you condemn so stridently? Been in any classrooms lately to tutor how those dim bulb students with your willingness to contribute in a positive way? How odd, the same senator who manufactured the crisis to point out all the many, many failures of OPS is now strutting his stuff with a cure by way of charter schools. Maybe all the cardinals can pick him the next pope for all the good that he is doing by systematically ridding Omaha public education and saving students from damnation. What next? I’m betting Justin Wayne to the rescue with a charter school of his own. Now there’s a thought to leak.

  62. American Citizen says:

    I heard you on a tv interview where you mentioned “… (Obama) getting a 3 am call.” This 3am call is referenced as a Hillary Clinton campaign mention in 2012. You forgot the part that Obama got the call and decided to leave those men in Benghazi to die!

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