Stothert for Mayor on TV

City Councilwoman Jean Stothert is on TV with her first spot for the Omaha Mayor’s race.
See it here:

We’ve always said that we like the “talking to the camera” spots, as we feel like it makes a better connection with the voter. This is a nice intro for her in this race.

More as they come!

**UPDATE at 12:30pm**

Hear Stothert’s radio ads as well.

And here:


Speaking of the Mayor’s race, we give a hat tip to Watchdog, noting that Brad Ashford has been endorsed by businessman and local heavy-hitter David Sokol as well as….state Senator Ernie Chambers.
(The two of them probably discussed the race at their weekly canasta game.)

Sokol adds a twist to Ashford’s supporters who include former Mayor Mike Fahey among others. We still are interested to see how Democrat voters break between Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle and Ashford — and then what happens with Republicans and Stothert, Dan Welch and Dave Nabity.

Different dynamic this year.
Five candidates enter, two candidates leave (for the general).


And after our mini-feature of possible U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse, we give another tip of the lid to the Objective Conservative blog for their link to the Roll Call story on potential U.S. Senate candidate, former Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn.

Osborn said he is “undoubtedly interested” in running for the GOP nomination.

Now the question is, would he primary a Dave Heineman?
Fatal move?

But then again, one never knows what could happen in a volcanic Nebraska primary. We aren’t saying Osborn could or should win. But we are saying that Heineman, Deb Fischer and Mike Johanns all know what it is like to come from behind and win in a primary. The question is, would Osborn potentially risk his career on it?

Of course, another question is, is Osborn interested in the Governor’s office?

Anyway, many, many, many are waiting for Heineman’s next move.


  1. SoWhat??? says:

    Brad Ashford must be thrilled with his latest endorsements…a racist Marxist and an unindicted insider trader. Almost makes Mayor Moron look solid.

  2. Jean the Machine says:

    Over 9000 voter contacts this past weekend and now she is on TV and radio for the rest of the primary. The machine is ready to steamroll the opposition.

  3. Interested says:

    Rod Edwards seems to have put together a killer ground game for Team Jean. Using Northstar on the phones was a brilliant move. Who are the other campaigns using?

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Why does Omaha hold the City Elections at this time instead of at the time of the normal State Wide Elections in May and November?

  5. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    More blue blooded country club Republicans join the liberals in endorsing Ashford.
    And the Republican party still cannot figure out why the tea party is gaining strength…

  6. Ex-Ashford Fan says:

    Ashford can have them – there’s not many of them. The mayor and him will be playing tug-of-war while Jean Stothert continues to spread her message and garner the support of the majority of the party.

  7. Anon says:

    “Why does Omaha hold the City Elections at this time instead of at the time of the normal State Wide Elections in May and November?”

    Omaha’s mayoral election seems designed to avoid the general election, virtually ensuring a low turnout and maximizing the influence of well-organized blocs (the police and fire unions come to mind).

  8. A Winning GOP says:

    Anon at 11:04 AM.

    You are raising LeavenworthSt’s standards. SS should give you an award!
    Your comment is correct and LeavenworthSt’s resident political insider had no clue.

  9. ricky says:

    Whew saved a couple minutes by not clicking on ads for JS.
    Senator Ashford lives in the past by asking for endorsements of a 75 year old man and a guy who Warren Buffett fired and does not even live in Omaha anymore (and he didn’t when Mr Fahey tried to kick him off the MECA board either).
    Mr Fahey has no more pull in this town. Omaha is just getting over the deals he gave the fire fighters union. Mr Suttle has the young people in town behind him. I predict he will win re-election.


    PS I hope Mr Sokol’s donation to Mr Ashford did not come about from any insider trading money. I always wondered where the former King of Omaha got all that money to buy out Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan and to give all that money to Creighton.

  10. Ex-Ashford Fan says:

    Is Jim Suttle’s “Mayor Hotline” a real thing? I’ve never met anyone who has gotten through on it. One of the reason’s I’m voting for Councilmember Stothert. She always returns my calls.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer is a bitter, angry, vindictive fool. Chuck Hagel is our new Secretary of Defense despite her childish temper tantrum. I’m looking forward to Chuck diverting Defense Dept. contracts away from states that sent fools like Deb to the Senate.
    Does that sound bitter, angry, vindictive and foolish? I don’t care.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    Hagel is Sec Def. No surprise there. Fischer is new so she went with most Republicans. Johanns is on his way out so he went with most Senators. But the outcome was never in doubt. Hagel got 58% of the Senate vote. Most Presidents don’t get elected by that wide of a popular margin.

    The larger question is, what did the GOP gain by opposing Hagel? And what did it lose?

    From a GOP viewpoint, it was a principled fight. Yet most voters are not Republicans. The GOP needs these unaffiliated non-GOP voters in order to gain elective power; but good luck selling them a GOP message of principled goodness and decency while the GOP is burning its disloyal in the courtyard. I expect the GOP will lose some ground on this for a while but it will wash out eventually.

    As for Hagel, he was asked hard questions for a few days. That may be the pinnacle of horrendous torture to the average been-nowhere-done-nothing lawyers who infest DC, but for a guy who has more than once had dozens of holes shot through his body, this was a piece of frigging cake.

    Lest we forget, Obama runs the show. Keep the focus where it belongs.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Hagel is SecDef. A decrease of $44 billion of government spending will throw this country into chaos. Free condoms for everyone! And the band played on.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Exactly. Free condoms for a DoD that is already is down the tubes. And sex is a good example.

    Nothing is more anathema to military discipline than sex. Any kind of sex. Sex is not just a stuffed shirt ethical no-no, it is prohibited to avoid getting killed and losing wars. Sex is the big distraction. You don’t let troops smoke dope, gamble into debt, etc., for the same reason. It all distracts from unit cohesion and warfighting ability. However, Obama’s DoD is less interested in winning wars and more interested in using obedient troops like lab rats in social justice experiments. That seems less about promoting sex than him just being ignorant of what defense and combat really is.

    What is there for Hagel to screw up? The entire month of June is already DoD’s “Honor LBGT Month”, not just approving homosexuality but promoting it as a positive moral good in a uniformed military environment where all sex is bad news and moral fortitude is what keep you going under fire. The DoD has already crammed women in with men in every possible way. Yet beyond the injustice of unequal forced equalizing, and beyond the stupidity of injecting every sort of sex into a uniformity environment that suffers from such, we have a CinC who doesn’t know what combat is. We saw that with Benghazi. We see it by the DoD’s new Drone Pilot video-assassin medal which Obama had Panetta place above the Bronze Star for Valor. These guys literally cannot tell blood from semen, risk from safety, or national defense from social experimentation. They don’t know what combat is.

    Republicans have said Hagel’s repeated woundings in combat means nothing while Democrats say it means something. Both sides are cutting poltical hay because most on all sides don’t know what the hell they are talking about because most have as much combat experience as Obama, zero. Yet Obama has total absolute control over our military. What he and Panetta have already done to our DoD, how the hell can Hagel f*ck that up worse than it already is?

    I mean, Hagel cannot order troops to attack or not attack. As Sec Def all he can do is prepare forces for combat. Obama alone aims the DoD and pulls the trigger. But if anything is clear, it is that those who have run our DoD up to now, i.e. Obama and Panetta, they don’t know combat from carrots.

  15. @ Lil Mac says:

    I’m going to use your stuff to fertilize my lower 40 this spring. You seem intent on blaming the President with a lot of things he really had nothing to do with.
    As for knowing combat from carrots, which branch of the service were you in again, and where did face bullets being shot at you?
    As for a sexy service, you seem to think that the military was far better off when it followed the Spartan model and just allowed the boys to play with other boys. Well, the Spartans were also rampant homosexuals, as were many in our own military, if the truth be known.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, it is true that Obama is supposed to take full responsibility for the military, not that anybody will ever ask him to or expect him to, but it matters when you have people in over their heads. I thought, at the time, that Panetta would be fine. I did not foresee him rolling over for Obama. I figured he would give some pushback against his liberal attitude towards the military. I know that Hagel will roll over for Obama without even a fight. Every “truth-to-power” moment he ever had was when he felt he could get away with it without any damage to himself. In addition, Iran can now count on the fact that both Obama and now the SecDef are at best lukewarm supporters of Israel. Will that make Iran more or less aggressive? Will that make the Middle East hotter or colder? Hagel was picked to gut the military to take pressure off Obama having to deal with entitlements. Unfortunately, the effects of this pick will last far past Obama’s term.

  17. to IO and Anonymous says:

    Go do to yourself what Clint Eastwood talked about to the empty chair. There were work colleagues of mine who were livid that she was “wavering” on her vote according to the Weird Herald yesterday. Most all Nebraskans despise Schmuck. Deb did not throw a temper tantrum. The Hagel loyalists did.

  18. BaconLove says:

    TV stations are now required to post their public file on the net and there’s nothing for Stothert when I checked three stations last night. So “on TV” must mean a cable buy.

    Nice ad though. I especially like the part where the voter says, “She knows it’s our money the city is spending…” Amen.

    To Suttle and co. Your salaries were too high start with (over the top really). You did nothing to deserve an increase. Whoever negotiated the SUV lease was either incompetent or unethical (kickback?) Most of your tax increases are regressive, so those with less money feel the pain more. Oh and leasing an large SUV to polish your environmentalist credentials is retarded.

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