BREAKING: Could Mike Flood be back in the Governor’s race?

Mike Flood 002Leavenworth Street has learned that there is action by certain members of the Nebraska business community to get former Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature, Mike Flood, back into the 2014 Nebraska Governor’s race.

Flood had dropped out on December 6, 2012 because of his wife Mandi’s cancer diagnosis.

However, certain business peeps would, if possible, like to reignite his campaign. Of course that would likely be greatly based on Mandi Flood’s prognosis — but if improved, there is a definite desire to get him back in the race. We do not know the status of Mrs. Flood’s medical condition, but we wonder — and hope — that this renewed interest in Flood’s candidacy means that something has changed for the better.

We would also note that Flood ended up with approximately $300,000 in the bank at the end of 2012. To our knowledge no money has been given back to donors.

We wait to see if this all culminates in something.

We do not think a Flood announcement would affect Charlie Janssen’s campaign plans (we wouldn’t see him getting out), though it may slow down others who were thinking about jumping into this race.

And if this happens, there would likely be a new front-runner.

More when we have it.


  1. Road Warrier says:

    I continue to pray for his wife and family. Nebraska needs Governor Mike Flood. We would all benefit from his continued service. I stand ready to support his candidacy.

  2. Good news says:

    I was a Flood fan when he announced and became a even bigger fan after he dropped out. It was a real show of charector, and there are few politicians who would without a second thought walk the walk of being a family first kind of guy like Flood did. He’s a very impressive man and I hope this talk means he may get back in but even more importantly that Mandi is doing well and on her way to a speedy recovery.

  3. Mark Lincoln says:

    We do need Mike Flood.

    I honestly believe he put his family first, not just for the sake of political theater. He’s a better father than he is politician. That says something.

  4. Praying for Mike's Wife says:

    First, I will be praying for a complete recovery for Mrs. Flood. That is most important.

    My next prayer is that Mike Flood has the desire to get back into the race.

  5. ricky says:

    I hope she is better and I hope Flood does. Anybody that would keep Charlie Janssen from be Governor of Nebraska should be encouraged. Or does Nebraska want to take a step back from progressivism and tell the nation the state is as backward as Mississippi or Texas?


  6. RWP says:

    I see that vile harridan Jane Kleeb and her crew of partisan hacks at Bold Nebraska just put up a hatchet job on Lautenbaugh, using as a pretext a very sensible bill that allows restaurants to treat wine and beer the same when it comes to taking away unconsumed beverages.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    There’s a law that governs unconsumed beverages in restaurants? Seriously? If so, I hope that they are supposed to be mixed with cat litter and put in the dumpster rather than poured down the sink to make the fish drunk. Drunk fish are no laughing matter. It can easily lead to fetal fish alcohol syndrome and that can’t be fixed in school.

  8. GoMo says:

    Apparently political expediency is more important to Mike and these ‘Business’ types than his wife’s long-term health. Why even bother getting out in the first place. I feel for Mandy and the rest of floods family on this.

    I would not be surprised in the slightest if he can get talked back into running. Seems to be the way he operated as speaker anyways…

  9. Flood is a RINO says:

    In a statewide Republican primary he would lose. His votes on illegal benefits will haunt him statewide and in Omaha’s suburbs the his support of the Learning Community will seal his fate.

  10. Conservative Enough? says:

    I am really sick of the whole GOP debate about whether conservative lawmakers are “conservative enough.” Is Mike Flood a RINO? His record tells a different story: preserved the death penalty in NE with lethal injection, passed concealed carry legislation, and led the compromise to reroute the Keystone XL pipeline around the Sandhills. He drove the bus on the largest tax cut in Nebraska history, cutting more than $500 million in state spending. And he fought to ban late term abortions – legislation that became a national model for the prolife movement.

    You might not like his vote on prenatal care – but I don’t think anyone is going to nail him to the cross for being consistently prolife. That issue certainly didn’t play out that way in legislative races in November.

    In addition to his record, he is beloved by his colleagues, his employees, and his community, as well as leaders throughout the state- because he is a just a decent man, who has his priorities right- a fact we all now know because of the terrible misfortune he and his family are having to overcome.

    Nebraska would be very fortunate to have a Govenor Mike Flood.

  11. Star City Observer says:

    There is plenty of time before the field for Governor is set. And plenty of time for Mike Flood to make sure his wife has successfully battled her cancer diagnosis before they decide what’s best for their family’s future.

    I saw Mike Flood speak last year as he was testing the waters for a bid for Governor. I came away impressed not only with his oratory skills, but with his vision for Nebraska’s future. He clearly has much to offer this state and we’d be fortunate to call him Governor someday.

    Perhaps someday is sooner than we thought, and I’m grateful for that hoped-for scenario both because of what it would mean for Mike’s family and Mandi’s health, but also because of what it could mean to have his leadership skills and proven conservative record in the Governor’s office.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sheehy is out…. Didn’t care about his wife.,,
    Mike is out… Cared about his wife…,
    Mike is back in… Apparently didnt actually care about his wife in the first place,

    Someone explain to me how that strategy plays well w/ the general public and the media?

    I Swear it seems some consultants will stop at nothing short of convincing a candidate that his wife’s cancer is not of importance just to make a buck.

    Someone had to say it, but seriously this is sick.

  13. Mandi's Angels says:

    The State of Nebraska should be on its knees right now PRAYING that Mike Flood gets back into the race. No one, not even the GOP base, is taking Janssen’s campaign seriously. I hear that the Omaha money is holding out until Flood makes a final decision. Hopefully they hold on until the Flood family can make a well-informed decision.

  14. RWP says:

    There’s a law against everything in Nebraska. Think of any everyday innocuous activity, and some genius in the legislature has at some stage figured out a way to ban or at least regulate it. We are one of the least libertarian places in the country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, GOP Base, but .036% of Nebraska’s registered Republicans is hardly a mandate. To answer your question: yes, you do count, just not for much.
    Grundle, go back and read Sweeper’s article, and @Anon 11:28’s comment. It is not Mike Flood that is floating the idea of him re-entering the campaign. It is ” certain members of the Nebraska business community” and “some consultants” that are pushing for it. These bottom feeders could care less what Mr. Flood’s personal problems are. They are only in it for the money, and that is indeed “seriously sick.”

  16. To Anonymous @ 8:46 AM says:

    Nowhere in Sweeper’s article does it say “some consultants” are floating the idea of Mike Flood re-entering the campaign. If you are going to cite a source as your basis for attacking someone’s post at least make your citation accurate.

    The whole post is about members of the business community hoping Mr Flood’s wife becomes healthy enough that Mr. Flood would feel comfortable re-entering the race. I question how anyone can take issue with other Nebraskans hoping that someone’s wife overcomes cancer to the point that the family can get their lives back to where they were before the diagnosis.

  17. To - To Anonymous @ 8:46 AM says:

    If you’re going to rant about what I wrote, then take your own advice and read the whole thing. I referenced Sweeper’s article — and — Anon 11:28’s comment. If you believe those business people give a shit about Mike Flood’s wife, then you’re a fool.

  18. Buck Turgidson says:

    This is post isn’t news, much less “breaking” news. Yes there are Omaha business folk who hope Flood gets back in, and they’ve been hoping that since he got out in December. That makes this headline about 2 months old, at best.

    Oh, and there are just as many Omaha boys who say Flood is out for good and its time to pick a new horse. And lest we forget, the Omaha business leaders rarely get it right, see examples Bruning, Jon and Osborne, Tom.

  19. Going Postal says:

    Anytime that little ricky supports anyone, that should speak volumes about that person’s qualifications and/or character.

  20. To Mandi's Angels says:

    Nobody is taking Janssen seriously except for every veteran, gun owner, tea party activist and illegal immigration opponent in the state. You should get out of Lincoln more often.

  21. ricky says:

    On the other hand Senator Flood did pass his own bill, the “fetal pain” bill, which was based on junk science and harms the reproductive choices for women.
    I am guessing that Mr Flood now wants every medical procedure necessary to be available.

    I would prefer Senator Lathrop to Flood for Gov, but anything that keeps Janssen out of the governors mansion so Nebraska won’t look like a laughing stock to the nation I support.


  22. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    To: Conservative Enough?

    Remember, it was Flood who forced LB 599 through the legislature and worked hard to over-ride the Governor’s veto. LB 599 is now law and taking money from hard-working legal residents and gives it to illegals so they can have free health care. Many of the hard-working legal residents cannot afford to buy health insurance or go to the doctor when they need it, but Flood’s LB 599 makes sure they have to supply free health care to illegals.

    If Flood becomes Governor, there is no doubt that Nebraska will expand Medicaid, and take even more money from Nebraska taxpayers.

  23. Anonymous II says:

    In other news, Donna Brazile tweeted yesterday that she can’t understand why her health insurance rates are going up. Seriously. Just baffling. Why indeed? Don’t s’pose it would have anything at all to do with the fact that her Pres’s healthcare plan requires insurance carriers to expand coverage for people and conditions that weren’t previously covered, huh?

    Hey, Donna, costs go up, premiums go up. Math sure are hard.

  24. Lathrop's Five O'Clock Shadow says:

    Liberals attack Janssen vigorously, and applaud the thought of Flood getting back in the race. That speaks volumes.

  25. Anonymous says:

    #30, health care / insurance costs have been going up forever. You conveniently forgot the other half of the equation. Expanding the pool of insured should reduce costs. And don’t you realize that people with conditions that previously weren’t covered often didn’t pay their bills? Guess who picked it up?

  26. RWP says:

    So 1:45, if we picked up the uninsured previously, that means our taxes will go down, right?

    (Hollow laugh. When a liberal claims he will save you money, run even faster away)

  27. @ To Mandi's Angels says:

    I am a veteran and a gun owner. I don’t take Janssen seriously. And I don’t live in Lincoln. Nobody is taking him seriously out here either.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Story in OWH that Senator Lautenbaugh kept liquor around his Capitol office. Hope World Herald asks if he ever has illegally smoked in his office.

    Goodbye Scott

  29. Anonymous says:

    Cmon, RWP, thought you were smarter than that. You are ignoring the health care costs that I and you pick up for those who can’t pay their bill. I really don’t have a problem if my health insurance costs go down more than my taxes go up.

  30. Interested Observer says:

    Why is the Omaha World Herald going after Sen. Lautenbaugh so vigorously? The Lincoln Journal Star hasn’t had half as many articles about this as the OWH. I almost have to wonder if someone is trying to settle some old score with the Senator or to silence him about something.

    I don’t have any idea if anything is actually going on here, but the overzealous “reporting” on the part of the OWH looks a little fishy to me. It looks suspiciously like overkill.

    Obviously, the Senator has been very active in the Omaha school situation, but has he been involved in the Mayor’s race very vocally? I admit that I haven’t followed that at all.

    Something just doesn’t look right to me, even from 300 miles away and I’m not a big fan or enemy of the Senator. He’s not my priority.

  31. @ Interested Observer says:

    Laughtenbaugh represents an LD that is within Omaha. Why would the LJS be so interested in what is, essentially, a local story?

  32. RWP says:

    Health insurance premiums will go up, not down, under ObamaCare. Large group plans may increase less than small group and individual plans, but they will still go up. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  33. Anonymostly says:

    It was known and certainly knowable that both Danielle Nantkes Conrad and Bill Avery had DWI arrests before they ran for legislature but the Lincoln Journal Star was curiously silent about them. Avery’s arrest wasn’t long before he ran for legislature. Conrad’s were about 10 years earlier but there were two of them. And then she got one shortly after she entered office. Man, like we didn’t see that coming. And there were plenty of warning signs with her as well.

    When Joe Kelly was running for County Attorney, his prior DWI conviction was newsworthy. But not for Avery nor for Nantkes Conrad. Now why is that?

  34. The 3rd Distict says:

    We favor Charlie’s conservative policies over a guy backed by Omaha Money. Chuck Hagel and Ben Nelson are reasons enough for us to stay away from Flood

  35. Macdaddy says:

    Why is the Buffett World Herald gunning for Lautenbaugh? Let me count the reasons. First of all, it’s always, or should always be, a big story when a sitting elected official gets pulled over for drunk driving. That’s just a no-brainer. Second, Suzy Buffett is a good friend of the OPS Board and Lautenbaugh just pwned the OPS board. Third, Lautenbaugh is a Republican. He is not in the protected class. Game on. Fourth, the BWH is still smarting from getting scooped by the GOP on Jim Esch’s drunk driving arrest. Ouch.

    At least Lautenbaugh waited until after LB 125 was passed before screwing the pooch.

  36. Macdaddy says:

    Obamacare was designed to make health care costs go up. You didn’t actually believe Obama when he said they’d go down, did you? Or that you could keep your insurance? Really? You’re that naive? That’s so cute.

    If there had only been a requirement that you buy insurance, then theoretically, increasing the pool of people paying in might have lowered per person costs. Unfortunately, Obamacare mandated that you couldn’t deny anybody insurance, you couldn’t discriminate on rates based on age, you had to have a minimum number of covered services that were way above what current bare-bones coverage consisted of, a certain percentage of premiums had to be spent on health care or refunded back to the consumer, and, of course, all future increases in premiums would have to be approved by the feds and would be limited by law.

    So argue all you want that rates shouldn’t be going up. Reality says otherwise and that should not be a surprise. But then what difference, at this point, does it matter? We are now in the grips of the Sequestageddon. The end is near.

  37. @ The 3rd Dist(r)ict says:

    You are one of 1,164,166 registered voters in Nebraska, and one of about a third of that many in the state. You do not have the right to speak for anyone but yourself – and you are a fool.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy wrote, “We are now in the grips of the Sequestageddon. The end is near.”
    The America that was thanks the Republican Party for writing the final chapter of that future bestseller: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire.
    There will be a special place in hell reserved for them.

  39. @ The 3rd Dist(r)ict says:

    Sorry – should have read — “and one of about a third of that many in the 3rd District.” I mistyped, but you are still a fool.

  40. The 2nd District says:

    Flood supported the creation of the Learning Community. No votes here for Flood….Except from Brad Ashford.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 11:41, melodrama much? Obama proposed the sequester. Obama signed the sequester into law. Obama sent out a memo touting all the great things the sequester was going to do for our economy and finances. Obama threatened to veto any attempts to avoid the sequester. This was all in 2011. Since then, Obama has not lifted a finger to avoid the sequester. Obama got his tax increases at the beginning of the year and taxes were increased on every American, just like he wanted. Since then, Obama has done nothing but exaggerate the affects of the sequester and has threatened to veto any bill that attempts to avoid the sequester unless he gets even more tax increases. He has even threatened to veto a bill that would give him discretion as to what to cut. In other words, Obama is more than happy to release illegal immigrants, all of them criminals, allow terrorists to waltz into America, and weaken our military all to get idjits like you to hyperventilate about cutting 1 percent of the federal budget. Oh, the horror. So drink the Kool-aid all you want, but this was all Obama’s doing. He was too clever for our own good.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Another reason for the focus on Sen. Lastatbar’s dangerous irresponsible behavior is that he is one of the most prominent supporters of candidate Janssen. What does CJ have to say or know about all of this? As a letter of the law kinda of guy is he asking for a resignation from Team Janssen. Big test of his leadership skills early in the campaign. And why was he late to the session on Wednesday

  43. @ Anonymous 8:17 says:

    You are absolutely correct! There is a group of conspirators that kidnapped Sen. Lautenbaugh, forced him to do Tequila shots until nearly 2:00 am, then they put him behind the wheel of a car and set him loose on West Maple Road. It is evident that the Douglas County Sherrif’s Dept. was in on this from the beginning. Why else would there have been a deputy patrolling that area, at that time of night? This was a set up!

  44. Macdaddy says:

    Lower 40, feel free to refute anything I posted. Otherwise, Obama has given you plenty of material to fill your manure spreader with…if you can fill it with hot air and empty promises.

  45. Agenda 21 says:

    Don’t you know it was Agenda 21 who kidnapped Scott and forced him to do tequila shots? Ask Charlie. He knows what’s up!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Could it be that when the great Senator Lautenbaugh hurls himself into the media nonstop even to the point of answering bloggers in a condescending manner unbefitting of a leader–he enjoys seeing himself in the news so when he actually makes it himself? It’s only fair to cover him and shine the light just as bright on his failures. He’s the one who reduced the OPS board and categorized them as “failures” while describing the school district as “mired in failures.” So big deal that he experienced his own “failure” to resist indulging in a bit too much to drink. Doesn’t seem as though he learned much, because he’s right back on the dead horse riding again.

  47. Lower 40 says:

    Your guys voted for this mess, but now refuse to accept the responsibility for it. Buncha hypocrites, just like you.

  48. ricky says:

    Ha ha Senator Lastatbar has not been seen on L Street pages here recently.
    And another good point; Charlie Janssen may be researching Agenda 21 to see if calls for his supporters to have tequila shots till 2:00 AM then drive.
    I think we need another still picture of Senator Janssen and those octogenarians in front of flags like his last campaign photo. This time get Senator Lastatbar up there as sort of a give a guy a second chance type of thing.


  49. The First District says:

    We love Flood. He rules here. Would do great in Lincoln, Norfolk (obviously), Columbus, and would probably even give Charlie a run for his money in Fremont (but who knows, it’s Fremont). He’s got a lot of great ties to Omaha and would be only a matter of time before he brought central and western NE onto the bandwagon. Mike – your family’s the most important thing, and we know you know that. But if the door is open, we’re behind you 100 percent.

  50. The Entire World says:

    As a spokesman for every living being on the face of this earth, I declare that we all want Mr. Flood to stay by his sick wife’s side and not fall for the temptation to please those who would have him abandon her in her illness for the sake of improving their bank accounts and egos.
    I can also say that 99.99999% of us really don’t want Mr. Janssen in any office, let alone as Governor of Nebraska.

  51. Trinity says:

    From the looks of Dave Nabity’s mailers he is concerned with his high unfavorable numbers in the polling. I am sure the key endorsements of his character by his wife and mother will convince voters that the issues he has had with every organization he has ever been a part of were all about the other people.

    Nabity, if everything you are a part of falls apart around you, at some point of time you might think it is you…not them.

  52. Rats leaving the ship says:

    Why is Team Welch working on the OPS races instead of his campaign. Do they see unemployment in the next 30 days?

  53. To Dave's Donors says:

    You guys should demand a refund for what Nabity has done with your money. Never have I seen in 20 years a back to back mail pieces thae were totally worthless. Who is going to change their mind based upon what Dave’s mom and wife think about him. Ask around for polling numbers folks, at 30 days out he is in 4th and 5th place.

  54. To Trinity C says:

    I think the trinity they were referring to was the church were Dave Nabity was involved with a lawsuit.

  55. H. Iccup says:

    What is it with Republicans and the demon rum? Now, Grand Island’s mayor, Jay Vavricek has been arrested in Howard County for DWI.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Three months ago, Flood announced, “I can’t have one foot in and one foot out” of the race. He then pulled one foot out of the race while keeping the other foot firmly planted on one third of a million dollars that donors had given him to run that same race. We can assume he was worried about his wife. But neither his manager nor his friends who wanted him to change his mind and run, seem to have had the political foresight or basic acumen to suggest Flood at least make a show of giving some of the donations back. He has for three months been held as a man who unequivocally put family above personal political ambition. If Flood now changes his mind and runs, he will be seen as equivocating, and perhaps worse if voters wonder why he hung onto donations after he quit.

  57. Anonymous says:

    All politicians hang on to every dime they’re given. It is theirs to buy them power and influence, even if they are no longer running for the office they claim they needed the money for. Hell, if you look it up, you’ll find that even J.J. Exon’s money is still buying influence for those who control it, despite the fact he’s been dead for years.
    I suggest a new law that would require all campaign funds left over after an election, or in a candidate’s war chest after he/she pulls out of the race, or for whatever other reason funds raised for a campaign are not spent on that particular campaign, be used to defray the debt of the county, the state or the country, depending on the level of the race. No candidate should be allowed to keep one red cent of it.

  58. @ To H.Iccup says:

    Yes, the Dems drink too. But they are self admitted hedonists, unlike their Bible thumping, moralizing, hypocritical Republican counterparts. While Conrad, Begley and others did the same thing, all of you Republicans were telling them that the right thing would be to resign their commissions. Why aren’t you demanding the same thing from your own? It is because you are hypocrites. That is why.

  59. @ Anonymous 10:38 PM says:

    Sure, you’re right, in your own mind, you’re right. I’d say you’ve been doing too many lines of coke, that it has eaten up your mind, but you probably didn’t have enough brain cells in the first place. So, I guess we’ll just have to forgive you for being an idiot.
    As for corpses, your pal George W., and all of his cronies are responsible for thousands upon thousands of them. Sure would love to see W., Dick, and Donald take an extended vacation in the Hague.

  60. @ To @To H.Iccup says:

    I don’t care at all about Suttle, Gary or Ace – whoever they are. Omaha could be swallowed by one of those sinkholes and it wouldn’t change my life a bit. It seems your world revolves around them.

  61. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Perhaps the the slogan should be changed to “The Talk of Nebraska (mostly just Omaha) Politics”. Perhaps it is time for a political blog for the rest of us who live west of Highway 31. Who will start one?

  62. Interested Observer says:

    The other day my accountant told me that half of Nebraska’s population lives east of a line extending north and south from 27th Street in Lincoln.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I thought this article was about Flood getting back in the race, Why all the talk about Lautenbaugh??? Who gives a crap about him!!! He’s a dip shi#!! Why don’t you people stay focused!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    IO, in a nice way, is suggesting your Hooterville politics might not sustain interest in a wider blog. On the other hand, Cottonwood, I think you are simply irrational. For you come here and complain that no one is discussing what you want to discuss and yet you mention nothing that you want to discuss. That is like a fellow sitting in front of a ham radio and complaining that its television programs suck.

    This is a blog. It is interactive. You have to interact for it to work. Give it a try.

  65. Anonymous says:

    8:25, I agree. Lautenbaugh is dead meat. He may not resign but his future is mashed flat. Anyone here who has a fetish here for flogging such a dead horse is politically stupid.

  66. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:03, the only way you get a dead horse in politics is to flog it. There are way too many zombie horses out there walking around. I fully expect to see Bob Kerry’s grotesque cranium to come crawling back up through the sod in the next 2 election cycles because we didn’t use a big enough whip. Mark Sanford is back in the hunt in South Carolina! Maybe it takes a metaphorical double tap to the head.

  67. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    To Anonymous: If you can count and read, please go back to post #29. Perhaps that wasn’t
    “interactive” enough for you. I”ll keep trying, just for you.

  68. Ironic Mike says:

    I think part of the fascination with the Lautenbaugh strory is the irony. He had to blow into a breathalyzer to go to the Legislature this morning to argue to loosen the liquor laws. And then later in the session will put out his cigar long enough to preach that tobacco should be as cheap as possible. I understand as others have stated that he has lost all credibility, but will be fun to watch him try.

  69. Anonymous says:

    It is time for Sen. Lautenbaugh to resign and just go away. Lt. Gov. Sheehy, it turns out, is the only Republican with enough balls to do what was right.

  70. Anonymous says:

    If Nabity’s donors should demand a refund for sending out a flier to likely voters to get himself elected, by all means Welch’s donors need to ask how many votes he picked up while vacationing in Florida on their dime as shown in his report.

  71. Anonymous II says:

    Well, at least Lautenbaugh didn’t murder any innocent Vietnamese villagers, so he has that going for him.

  72. Anonymous II says:

    Any of you see the news that Barack Obama’s U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have decided that federal grazing feels shall remain at the lowest allowable levels for another year?

    Hmmmph. Weeeeeelllllll, any thought that Deb Fischer would be an ineffective Senator due to lack of clout should have been put to rest with this news. Clearly, the Obama Administration considers Sen Fischer to be quite a formidable legislative force, one they don’t wish to tangle with.

    That’s the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn, so far as I can tell. Can’t imagine there’s any other good reason to leave things how they are. Surely, no good policy reasons would justify not raising the fees. So, the only thing that leaves us with is Dems are afraid of Fischer.

    There you have it.

  73. P.O.O. says:

    we should all leave Senator “Lots A Shots” alone. We are simply setting the bar too high. How can we expect those who make the rules to actually follow them? How would we ever expect to get great leaders like Bill Clinton (multiple affairs, oral sex under the desk with an intern, etc.) or Ted Kennedy (drunk on his ass when he drove off a bridge and killed MaryJo K.) or John Edwards (tried to get one of his staffers to claim ownership of his love child to cover up his affair). How else are we going to find great leaders like these people if we keep expecting them to act like the rest of us???
    Don’t blame a politician for what he is, blame yourself for electing him to office. If the voting public doesn’t have the courage to demand their politicians to tow the line don’t expect them to do it on their own.

  74. Interested Observer says:

    Yes, I did see that the USFS and the BLM are leaving the grazing fees at the lowest legal rate. That means that DEB FI$CHER gets her WELFARE GRAZING for one more year. I think that makes 41 years in a row now.

  75. Going Postal says:

    Little ricky, you’ve finally gone off the deep end, making fun of “octogenarians” who served our country, while you were walking around in your little postal shorts and your tall black socks. Give it up.

  76. Kortezzi says:

    Don’t forget Tom Osborne lost the race for Gov because he backed instate tuition breaks for illegal immigrants. That was the issue upon which Dave Heineman defeated a living legend.

    Mike Flood is a good man, and his wife’s illness has generated great sympathy for him of late. But it won’t translate into votes from people who know Flood’s role in the silly KXL re-route deal, and from people who admire Janssen’s stand on immigration enforcement.

    And for those who are gleeful at Scott Lautenbaugh’s DUI, enjoy your chuckles. It won’t make him go away. He will continue to frustrate NE Democrats for many years to come.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Jon Bruning now says, “I love being attorney general, I’m having a great time doing a job that I love.”
    What was that he was saying just a few short months ago, when he wanted to be a U.S. Senator? You can’t trust the guy any farther than you can throw him.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Agree with Kortezzi. Senator Scotch Lastatbar is going nowhere and will continue to frustrate lots of folk. More than likely will frustrate his counselor when he refuses to quit smoking and drinking. No worries for Scotch he will land on his feet with cushy lobbying contract with Philip Morris in two years.

  79. Lil Mac says:

    Macdaddy is funny when he talks about trying to get bad politicians not to run, precisely because that premise contains large kernels of bitter truth. Funny is a twist on truth. There is little torque in a lie.

    Another blogger, on the other hand, says it is “ironic” that a Senator who drinks and smokes seeks to “loosen” laws on liquor and tobacco. That is in fact honesty not irony. It may be stupid to drink or smoke, but the only way a smoking and drinking Senator could be ironic (dishonest and hypocritical) is for him to try to pass laws that restrict smoking and drinking.

    A Democrat Presidential candidate Bob Kerrey telling Nebraska voters he is “kinda Republican.” That was ironic.

  80. ricky says:

    And by the way I am no longer a postal employee; I retired at the end of last year. I predict the USPS will last another 200 years and also predict Saturday delivery will remain.
    It seems like Senator Lotsoshots can’t do anything to help Senator Charlie “Area 51” Janssen’s campaign for Governor. In fact Janssen had bad luck when he stood in front of those old people in blue and those flags which were probably manufactured in China, because on that same day Mike Johann’s announced he was not running for Senate again.
    Now high profile Laugtnbak gives Janssen the wrong kind of publicity. And just wait till Area 51’s bill for Voter ID gets trounced again. I think Senator Lastatbar should resign before that hearing.


  81. Macdaddy says:

    Day 5, Sequestageddon. Large pothole seen on way to work. Was able to avoid it. Phew! Kids went to school. Not sure how long they’ll be able to. I heard OPS cancelled classes Thursday and Friday for the elementary students in order to save money to keep 12 HeadStart teachers on the job. Went to the grocery store. Milk on the shelves only 3 cartons deep and the expiration date was in 7 days. 7 days! I weep for my children because who knows how long the milk supply is going to last. Rickets will soon follow. Family down the block had a case of 24 hour flu. My despair deepens.

  82. Anonymous says:

    All of you that brought up Dem Sen Bob Menendez’s sins – his accuser now says she was paid to make the claims and that she has never met him. That’s pretty sad that some Republican is now paying people to make up shit about Democrats. Not surprising, but sad.

  83. Anonymous says:

    To 8:52
    Right. Right. It was the REPUBLICANS who paid her to make up a story out of thin air. Right.
    Because she certainly didn’t recant her original story because SOMEONE ELSE has now paid her off. Nope. Nosiree.
    (Be sure to switch your Sarcasm Detector to “on”.)

  84. Macdaddy says:

    Main concern is to keep the horses safe and well-fed for when we run out of fuel. Or food. I’m writing this post by candlelight. Stay safe, my friends.

  85. Going Postal says:

    Yes Ricky, the USPS will keep going as long as the Feds continue to bail it out and raise the price of stamps. If you’re the best the Postal Service can develop, then the sooner it shuts down the better. I’ll take a U.S. veteran any day over someone like you who sucks the government teet–or anything else the government offers–for his entire employment career.

    And by the way, want to lay bets on whether or not Voter ID makes it out of committee? Look at the makeup of the committee…pretty good chance it gets out.

  86. @Anonymous says:

    May want to try researching the topic a bit before you spout off on it. A CCW holder has to pass a background check, go through an 8 hour safety class and pass the marksmanship test.

    THEN, they have to always have their CCW permit AND ID on them at all times.

  87. Anonymous says:

    @@ Anonymous,
    You may want to read my post before you spout off on it. I distinctly said “you don’t want to” in there somewhere. Yes, you do have to have one, but you would rather not. That is the whole point I was making.
    I’ll bet your wife gets disappointed because you always go off half-cocked.

  88. Anonymous says:

    112, you don’t know what anyone else “wants”. No one can know that. But you say you know. Tyrants say that. Stick to talking about what is and quit trying to magically presume what others want. You mention someone’s spouse here in a vulgar way. You drag policy discussion into the gutter. We might guess that anyone who does that is a horrific burden on those who try to be close to them. But that is only what we can guess from how you behave. What you truly want, what you dream or think, we don’t know. We cannot tell what you want. We can only see that you lack manners and civility. You may wish to appear sophisticated, you may wish to appear witty, but you come across as a pseudo-sophisticated prick because that is how you act. What you think and want is irrelevant. You are how you behave. We all are. So get a grip and assume a level of maturity and manners. In case you haven’t figured it out, most of Mankind’s problems stem from the difficulty of being civil and uplifting and the relative ease of residing in the gutter and dragging others down to that level.

  89. Anonymous says:

    If we were all “civil and uplifting” we wouldn’t be writing anonymously on political blogs. We’d all be in therapy, along with Anonymous at 7:47.

  90. 7:47 Was Right says:

    Anonymous at 7:47 was absolutely right. He was responding to a post by anonymous @ 7:52 that swerved off into the gutter of below the belt ranting, and I felt the same way when I read it. A hint to 7:52,,,it is always best to post before pouring a tall glass of attitude adjustment.

  91. Macdaddy says:

    Why do we need voter ID when President Obama thinks it’s constitutional to use the military to kill American citizens on American soil? With an attitude like that by the people in power, voter ID won’t prevent what we think it will prevent, namely, voter fraud.

    Crickets on the Left.

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