New Welch ad up in Omaha Mayor’s race

Former City Councilman Dan Welch has a new ad up in the Omaha Mayor’s race.
See it here:

This is another 15 seconder by Welch. We kind of like these frankly, and would be curious to know how the public absorbs these spots vs a 30 second version. We wouldn’t be surpised if it is very similar. (Oh, and we are always fans of the candidate talking to the camera.)

And here’s a peek from the Welch camp of the process…

Welch ad 030613 01


Things are heating up in this race with less than 40 days to the primary (which will see the top 2 advance to general).

As you may have seen from the money raised so far, the incumbent, Mayor Jim Suttle, has out- raised each of his primary opponents.
Seeing as how Suttle is the only Democrat in this race, it is not all that surprising.

What IS a little surprising is state Senator Brad Ashford’s relatively dismal fundraising numbers continuing. It may be interesting to see how that plays out for Ashford if he is not able to get his message out on the crowded airwaves in weeks to come.

Welch came up large in the past two months, raising $114K. City Councilwoman Jean Stothert and businessdude Dave Nabity are neck and neck for 2nd place in funding each with approx $79K. Ashford pulls up the rear with around $60K in 2013.

One interesting aspect on the funding numbers of the last 2 months:
Jim Suttle: $250K
Suttle’s challengers: $332K

Now of course we don’t expect all of Suttle’s opponents’ funders to coalesce around the eventual nominee (this is all assuming Suttle is in the final 2).
But…it certainly suggests that there is plenty of money out there to take on Suttle in the general.


And Jean Stothert came out earlier today with a hit on Brad Ashford, calling on the Nebraska legislature to repeal the new increased local sales tax provision — sponsored by Ashford and adopted last year over Governor Heineman’s veto.

You will remember that Ashford recently had to take a step back in his advertising regarding pushing for tax cuts, when he was reminded that Stothert had advocated them as well.

Interesting with Stothert going head-to-head on Ashford.

We still feel like anything can happen in this race.


You may note from the Twitters by us in the past week that…

  • Attorney General Jon Bruning says he is running for re-election and will NOT run for Governor or Senate.
  • Dem Chuck Hassebrook says he may run for…something. Gov? Senate? Seat number 2 on Bob Kerrey’s sister’s couch?
  • Former Dem Goob-a-natorial candidate Mike Meister says he may run for…something. Gov? Senate? Legislature?
  • We are learning that the chances of Shane Osborn for Senate are getting more and more likely.
  • And then a little bird told us that the word about the Capitol Rotunda is that state Senator Tom Carlson is thinking about a Gov run.

And on that note, at the Douglas-Sarpy-Washington Lincoln-Reagan brunch were Charlie Janssen…and Scott Price, Beau McCoy, and Tom Carlson.

Do with that info what you may.


You may have seen the recent news that 70% of Americans support building the Keystone XL Pipeline. And that is following the State Department’s report that gave no environmental reason that the pipeline should not be built.

Well ain’t that a corker.

Because certain elements of the radical far-left (who like to pose in FFA jackets) say they oppose building the pipeline no matter what — because it’s GAME OVER for Mother Earth if it gets built.

Interesting note on that. The whole “game over” theory is really pushed by the A1 anti-pipe dude, Bill McKibben. When Bill says jump, a certain Hastings School Board member yelps “how high?!”.

But what is McKibben’s story? Well, it has been fleshed out by Stanley Kurtz in the National Review Online. In his 3-part expose on McKibben, Kurtz points out that McKibben’s whole thesis on the Keystone XL is to try to get the U.S. — nay THE WORLD — off of fossil fuels, out of cars and planes, and to move out to the country to live an agrarian life near the food sources. It’s all has a sort of Mad Max meets Little House on the Prairie multiplied by the Communist Manifesto feel to it.

So number one on McKibben’s list is to rid the world of, not so much damaging oil. But of too abundant oil. And the Keystone XL taps into that oil and keeps the world running on oil — thus spoiling McKibben’s agrarian utopia.

And you thought it was all about “saving the Sand Hills”, yeah?
Oh, they have a plan. They have a plan and you and your livelihood are NOT a part of it.


  1. Macdaddy says:

    I thought the Sequestration was going to plunge us into Mad Max meets Little House on the Prairie meets Lord of the Flies meets Upton Sinclair. Oh, the horror!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Tom Carlson the guy that sponsored a bill (LR358CA) to increase term limits in the Legislature to three, rather than two, because it is hard work learning how to do that job and eight years just isn’t enough?
    How damned many years would it take him to learn how to be our Governor? I suppose he’d want an extension on that too. Maybe we’d be better off hiring someone for the job that already has the capability of doing it when they hit the ground running.
    Tom Carlson is one of the dimmest bulbs in the box at our Legislature. The only other Nebraska politicians that left me wondering if anyone was “in there” after speaking to them were Omaha Mayor, Jim Suttle, and 3rd District Congressman, Adrian Smith.

  3. Just North of Holdrege says:

    Yes, it was Tom Carlson who thought, that after 3 overwhelming votes by Nebraska citizens to approve term limits, it would be good to try once again. So, Nebraska citizens had to overwhelmingly vote a 4th time to say that term limits should stay as we had already voted 3 times. Hello? Anybody in there Tom?

    As an important aside, it was Tom Carlson who voted for LB599, a law now in effect that takes money from honest, hard-working, legal Nebraska taxpayers and gives it to illegals so they can have free health care. Yep, that’s Tom Carlson from Holdrege. Just think what might happen if he should become governor of Nebraska!!!

  4. Shelli Dawdy says:

    Yes, indeed, Tom Carlson is the fellow who introduced the LRCA to extend term limits and who argued as the primary reason that it takes a while to learn the job. But it just gets worse from there, really, both in regards to the arguments he made and how he tried to git ‘er done. Carlson took money straight from the NSEA and created a PAC called “Nebraskans to Preserve Term Limits” (or something very close to it).

    Saying Carlson is dim is letting him off the hook. He’s smart enough to know who to get the money from (most powerful political lobby in state to whom most GOP bow, too), how to legally “launder” it, and how to work the gerry-mandered NADC statutes, and to pull a move straight out of the progressive playbook: call whatever it is the opposite.

    Dim isn’t our problem and Carlson is typical.

  5. McClintock says:

    Bruning saying publicy (for the second time) that he intends to run for re-election as AG and not run for Governor or Senate gig is like John Wayne saying “I’m not gonna hit ya”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “… Putting Omaha first, not politics.” Oooh. Politics. Scary stuff.

    Pol-i-tics: “The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation (or city) and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.”

    We certainly don’t want the governing of Omaha to get in the way of putting Omaha first.

    But we get what you are driving at, Dan. “Politics” as intrigue. They have a word for that. It is “intrigue”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is not just his wide eye teddy bear appearance. It is also his breathy unauthoritative voice. You don’t notice it until at the end when a baritone pro comes on and says “Dan Welch for Mayor”, leaving you wishing you could instead vote for the guy with the testosterone laden vocal chords.

    Welch seems cuddly. He looks like a large shaved Ewok. He is advertising on TV because he knows appearances count. He ought to take a look in the mirror and listen to himself. He can toughen it up. If that’s his tough face and voice, he’s screwed.

  8. BTO says:

    I see that the GOP is standing against President Obama’s assertion that he has the right to kill Americans on American soil by targeting them for assassination. I support their efforts. It is high time they came to their senses.
    I was raised to support what is good about America, that we stand for what is right all the time, not just when it is expedient. We don’t torture, we don’t assassinate, we don’t invade sovereign nations unless they attack us first. But both Republican and Democratic administrations have forgotten the oaths they took when assuming office and have made a mockery of our Constitution. It is high time that some of those we entrust our government to are standing up for what is right.
    While I share next to no political principles with Sen. Rand Paul, I applaud him for fighting for one of the most basic of our American principles – our government does NOT have the right to execute American citizens without a fair trial in a court of law. Period.

  9. Anom says:

    Just got done seeing the new Dave Nabity ad. Looks a whole lot better than the new Dan Welch and Jean Stothert ads.

  10. Failed Politician says:

    Dave Nabity is almost comical. He tries to make himself sound like he is from outside politics when he has been in politics for years. The difference is he is the only FAILED politician in the race.

    His contributors realize it. That is why his money has dried up. There is no excuse for someone who has been talking about running for over three years not to bring in the big bucks. They have seen no return on their investment and the polls only show Nabity slipping back in the race.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Would someone please try getting a message across using creativity to make a concise point. This stuff blends. Check out retail ads. You think they strive to be a copy of each other. The guy looks uncomfortable and stuffy. Not good voice quality. Empty of message

  12. Cake-up says:

    Stothert is a cross between crusty the clown and the Manchurian candidate. Welch needs to lay off the little meatballs Ashford Is old and Nabity, what is there to say?

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