Nabity for Mayor on the air

Omaha Mayoral candidate Dave Nabity has his first TV ad up.
See it here:

What do we say?
We say we like the “talking to the screen” ads.

That being said…we sort of feel like a full-on intro ad for Nabity wouldn’t be bad. Sure he explains that he has met a payroll, etc. But we wouldn’t mind a short laundry list of HOW he’s been a successful businessman, etc.

Eh, but maybe that’s us.

(And hey! Would someone please put that coffee cup in the sink! We’re filming a commercial here!)

So while we’re at it, here are the other ads by the contenders to Mayor Jim Suttle:

Brad Ashford

(And all we really have to say about the Ashford spot is that it sort of cracks us up when he accidentally looks at the camera…)

Brad Ashford ad 01

Jean Stothert

Dan Welch

Rate them commenters!


  1. Gang Banger says:

    That must be the same table Nabity plans to give all of the gang leaders a good talikin to about their lives.

    Guy is clueless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As ads go, Stothert wins this round. She is almost as cute as Dan, without the flair of that bon vivant Brad. Unfortunately, her makeup was troweled on by a mortician. She nevertheless comes across as a stronger presence than the boys who are all trying to look wisely sensitive to voter’s needs and come off seeming a little gay. If that’s the choice, the woman with the bigger balls wins. It worked for Deb.

    Nabity seems a bit less insane than usual. That’s good. Keep working on that.

  3. BaconLove says:

    Stothert has a winning message that strikes at Suttle’s weakness. Nabity’s ad is well done and makes him appear warm and likeable. Ashford: I guess if you’re too scared to ask for money, you can’t hire professionals. Welch – it’s okay

  4. And The Winner Is... says:

    1. Jean Stothert – good presentation
    2. Brad Ashford – okay presentation
    3. Dan Welch – too much bronzer
    4. Dave Nabity – is this guy crazy?

    • ricky says:

      Ha ha hit the nail on the head on that last one. What was the Burger King guy thinking giving thousands to that guy?

  5. ricky says:

    You have to be a lover of political ads to actually click to watch those things. I don’t have time for that and I am retired.
    But I never understood why pols claim they are such a good businessman and that is why they should be Mayor. Running a city is NOT like running a business; in a business you want to make a profit; running a city you want to balance taxes with services. Business do not have to serve people they don’t want to serve; not true with city government.
    Also, why do Repubs think Omaha wants to be run by a “conservative”. Omaha is a progressive liberal leaning city. We are not going backwards and let a conservative roll back our progress.
    Mr Suttle is going to win re-election, no doubt about that.


    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know if suttle is going to win re-election but I totally agree with everything else here. I think Ashford would be good and Welch wouldnt be horrible but I cant handle Nabity and Stothert. I am just hoping that the majority of voters feel the same way. I like Suttle. I know first hand that he is a hard working Mayor. I guess we will see.

  6. Jean Stothert's Cue Card says:

    Someone should tell Jean not to read me so intently. You can see her eyes moving from side to side through the commercial. Welch definitely has the best production value, followed closely by Nabuty. Someone cut corners on Ms. Stothert’s commercial, probably to jack up their profit margin. I see, though that they spared no expense caking makeup on her which is a shame because she is not unfortunate looking by any stretch.

  7. Anon says:

    I don’t see Omaha as a “progressive” liberal city. Do I see Omaha lean more towards civil rights? Yes. but, not in a New York or Hollywood way. But, when it comes to finances, I would say Omaha is more conservative than not. I see the general between Suttle and Stothert.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Before the Liberals here pee themselves giggling, let’s remember that many here who see Nabity as insane also see Obama as insane. If you are going to giggle at Nabity being nuts, you’d better read Obama’s personal poetry about semen stains on creepy old men’s underwear. That kid was raised in a freak show of massive neglect and abandonment. He is a case study in abnormal psychology. But we don’t expect Democrats to see that. Hitler is today widely seen as dangerous maniac. But when he ran for office over 13 million fawning voters gave him the fastest growing political party of his time, and they were good people who saw him as a wise and strong leader for their country. But he was good at fooling people. So too is Obama. You want to see nuts, look at your own party.

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Omaha is a progressive, liberal-leaning city: minorities shooting each other with impunity, check. Sky high minority unemployment rate, check. Union pensions well on their way to bankrupting the city, check. A multitude of new taxes, check. A penchant for taxpayer funded boondoggles like a trolley system or turning all of LS into a bike path, check. A mayor who couldn’t care less about what the taxpayers want, check. City regulations that cover even the tiniest of things like how long your garbage cans may stay out, check. Outrageous fines to go along with picayune offenses, check. Cronyism out the wazoo, check. Schools headed towards the gutter with no idea how to turn them around, check. Yep, Omaha checks out. It would be a shame to roll any of that back.

  10. @ IO says:

    Don’t worry, IO, Macdaddy is prone to exaggerating things so that they fit his narrow vision of the world we live in.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Feel free to refute anything I listed there, Anon 12:05. Omaha had 40 murders last year. You proud of that? What’s the old muppet from the balcony doing about it? Nothing. Not. A. Thing. Except making sure senior police officers get to retire on a chief’s salary. Murders have gone up every year since Suttle has been in office. That’s typical for liberal, progressive cities. And if your garbage can is still on the curb past 10 am the next day, the fine starts at $100 and a second offense is $500. I’m glad I don’t live in Omaha either.

  12. BaconLove says:

    Anyone actually see any of these ads on TV? I’ve checked the public files a couple of times and either the stations are slow to comply or no candidates are actually on air yet.

  13. @ IO says:

    Macdaddy, we’re glad you don’t live in Omaha too. The old cars on cinder blocks, used appliances in the front yard, and moldy old couch on the front porch may be classy landscaping where you come from, but in the city we like to keep our trash off the streets.

    • ricky says:

      Ha ha. Macdaddy not living here in Omaha gives him zero credibility. In fact Omaha has prospered in the last 4 years. Unemployment is down, lots of things to do here. Buildings going up all over the place. (One down note ; the business Hal Daub thought was so great, the rest. on the river, is a bust.)

  14. ricky says:

    Oh and why does Ms Stothert keep going on about the restaurant tax? That has proven to be a big revenue producer and the restaurant industry is booming here as well.
    That tax only applies to those that eat out, so it’s fair. The reason Ms Stothert harps on that is because the guy that serves terrible food in Regency and has coffee served in Stothert mugs forces her to continue on that bent because he donates so much money to her campaign.
    Nobody eat at Wheatfields it’s terrible you are not missing anything.


    • Anon says:

      My problem with the restaurant tax is that it is going to fund other things. It should ALL go to the pension fund.

    • @Ricky says:

      I’ve also found roaches in the Wheatfields men’s restroom at One Pacific Place. Spotting the roaches, and not the Stothert mugs, is what drove me away.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, you obviously don’t live in Omaha either if you think nobody goes to Wheatfields anymore. You are correct that Omaha weathered the recession really well. Are Omaha’s problems any better, though? What’s the murder rate? Been to 30th and Ames lately? How about at night? What’s the pension liability? How’s that sewer work coming along? As for new buildings, huh? I see the new Ameritrade building going up in Old Mill. Midtown Crossing is nice but nearly got derailed by the economy and it was already planned before Suttle got elected. Aksarben Village is a nice little project, too. TD Ameritrade park is an even Steven trade for Rosenblatt, oh, except that it’s only used 2 weeks of the year. The minor league team moved out. I live right next to Omaha so it’s in my best interests if Omaha stays good. Right now, though, some major problems are staring Omaha in the face and all you and Suttle want to do is tax, tax, tax, and throw the money away.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, and ricky, you’re welcome for the restaurant tax I, a non-Omaha resident, pay when I eat at Wheatfield’s and the numerous other restaurants I don’t frequent as often as I used to.

    • ricky says:

      How dumb you must be Macdaddy eating at a terrible place like Wheatfields and drinking coffee out of a stothert cup and living in Council Bluffs.
      You are my hero for envying Omaha so much.
      Are you a “businessman”? I hear that is the best thing to be as a “businessman” is the next best thing to God.


  17. Bryan, Bryan, Bryan... says:

    Sorry Baumgart, but the DCRP did not have a quorum at it’s last there is no way that the central committee could vote on the resolution opposing medicaid expansion. Though Im sure it would pass overwhelmingly, don’t go down the path of Scott Petersen and the rest of the Paulistas: Follow Robert’s Rules.

  18. Stir up the Storm says:

    Quick poll. Which Mayoral candidate would win a dizzy bat race?

    A. Stothert
    B. Nabity
    C. Welch
    D. Suttle
    E. Ashford

    And go!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mike Godwin’s Hitler maxim, Godwin’s law, is a common sop thrown by those who forget Godwin worked for Wikipedia as an attorney defending its right to publish pseudo facts written by unaccountable authors of questionable grasp and obvious bias.

    All you have to do to know Godwin’s real story is to make the effort to read it.

    Godwin also said, “If democracy were comfortable, everybody would have it.” He might have added, when voters get too comfortable with voting they lose it.

  20. Mike Godwin says:

    So, Anonymous #36, what does having worked for Wikipedia, or anyone else for that matter, have to do with anything? What’s your point?
    It appears that you are grasping at straws in your failed attempt to defend your voter ID straw man.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You want it spelled out? I suppose that may be a useful exercise if it helps elucidate the greater problem.

    Godwin’s ”law” promotes accuracy in political conversation based on the premise that every mention of Hitler is inaccurate bias, which is untrue, and despite the fact that Godwin worked for a pseudo encyclopedia that notoriously allows biased, inaccurate political entries pass for fact. This hypocrite’s “law” is a flaccid chide thrown by those who don’t do their homework. Tyranny’s best friend is such lazy voting egos who hope instead of critically think, who don’t study. Freedom dies of voter laziness and hope.

    Obama’s own words are as revealing as Hitler’s own words, but you apparently haven’t critically read them like you didn’t critically review Godwin. Millions eagerly voted for candidate Adolph, having had every chance to read his book critically. He is today deemed a murderous maniac by fact and his own words. In the 1930’s, one had but to critically read the guy’s book to see this. Obama has written even more introspective prose and verse about himself being raised in a pathological warp with resulting bizarre ideas he sugar coats. Yet those who vote for him do so out of “hope” with the same lazy eye they use to, for example, pick hypocrite Godwin as a hero of political accuracy, or that Weimar voters used to pick a benevolently wise candidate Adolph. In a Republic, tyrants get to be tyrants via voters who hope instead of critically study.

    “For our safety”, Bush’s subversions of individual freedoms should be as disturbing as Obama’s penchant for rule by decree. Laziness and hope on all sides drives people to embrace small dollops of tyranny like the obese downing bits of candy. Bush, Obama, even Hitler and Mao, did what they did for the greater good, in their own minds. Every wielder of power is a potential tyrant and they all think what they do is best for all. However, the only potential tyrants we have to worry about is whomever holds current power over us, plus the next few queuing up to seek our votes, assuming the one currently temporary power doesn’t pull a Hitler.

    Its is dangerous, unreasonable, and wrong to think that as Americans we are somehow immune to what killed other republics. We are only as free as our voters do their homework with a critical eye to candidates. Those who embrace government as benevolent, study even less and hope even more.

  22. Mike Godwin says:

    Gosh, Anonymous #40, that was some brilliant analysis. Could you provide us with some similar insight into Ayn Rand?

  23. To: Interested Observer @ 1:24 says:

    That’s exactly what we used to say about your minute-by-minute and unending rants about Fischer’s fence and grazing fees.

  24. Nabity the outsider? says:

    What a joke for Nabity to call himself an outsider. He ran the failed recall election. And he’s held more press conferences at city hall over the last four years than anyone but the mayor. But. Liars lie.

  25. Recall Insider says:

    I hope the DCRP remembers who cost us the recall. Dave Nabity tried to use that effort to forward his own intentions for Mayor. He had a public pissing match with John Chatelein over the effort and he was trying to hire his own campaign staff before the recall was over. There is a reason why many that know Dave Nabity don’t trust him. Ask the former Trinity church members about his divisiveness.

    • ricky says:

      Good point insider. And how much did the recall cost Omaha? Over $300k? And the bad part is the people of Omaha did not want to recall Mayor Suttle and that was obvious when not enough signatures on the petitions were forthcoming. So then Crabbity and the fat burger king guy and the egotistical sarpy banker and the disgraced former BRK exec paid some jerk from outside Omaha to come in and buy signatures. Look how that turned out.
      With egg on their faces is Crabbity and the foolish restaurant owner that serves coffee in Stothert mugs and Tom Becka who led the charge to recall suttle then laughed about the failed effort.
      And get this; Mr Suttle will win another term as well.


  26. Recall Insider says:

    To Ricky,

    I have seen the polls. Suttle should have lost the recall. His numbers are in the toilet. Only an idiot like Dave Nabity could have screwed up that recall. Ricky, Suttle is the Mike Boyle of 1989 and Nabity is the Jim Cleary of that year as well.

    • ricky says:

      Okay, right; show me the person that can beat Mr Suttle on the ballot for Mayor of Omaha.
      Open your eyes Recall Insider none of the other four losers can top the current Mayor.
      Ask MITT and Aspen and Lee Terry what it is like to think an incumbent with a ton of money can be beat.
      Omaha is a progressive Democratic town. We are not going back to a Republican as Mayor.
      Face the music Street Sweeper and Chris Scott and Crabbity and Mean Jean.


  27. Just The Facts says:

    I think Dan Welch has on more makeup than Jean Stothert. I am really partial to his bronzer and his “guy-liner”. Such a pretty guy.

  28. Recall says:

    I was told Nabity was all about Nabity for Mayor two weeks before the recall election. He had already turned the page. Look at the people who helped him with the recall or worked on other projects with Nabity. Jessica Moening, Matt Miltenberger, Rod Edwards, Paul Berger…all working to elect someone other than Dave Nabity.
    Anyone who has ever worked with the guy refuses to work with him again. Sound like someone you want to be mayor?

  29. Mark Lincoln says:

    Don’t know anything about any of these people, but I do like how that Welch guy brought us along on his senior photo shoot. The lean against the building? Classic.

  30. Interested Observer says:

    I understand that DEB FI$CHER flew from Omaha to Washington D.C. this morning, FIRST CLASS. With the sequester and budget cuts and all, why couldn’t she have just gone in Coach with everybody else?

  31. To IO says:

    Why does it matter that she flew first class? There are quite a few people (who aren’t even elected officials…gasp!) who are willing to hand over a few more dollars for that little bit of extra leg-room.

    …But your sass in your last comment has a familiarity to it. I can almost hear the shrill voice of the world’s greatest and bestest political insider (he is on the radio!! (only because he bugged the crap out of the hosts)).

  32. Support the winner says:

    So from all the comments, probably from one person who either really loves stothert or works for her, this nabity guy s really hated, a fool and his campaign isn’t doing anything So here’s my question…what will you do if he comes in second? Now I know your going to say that you won’t let that happen but just ask Sen. Bruning about his confidence.

  33. Interested Observer says:

    Well, first of all, why did you make up the phony, concocted, fabricated issue of “stalking”? A friend of mine happened to be on that same flight this morning and called upon arrival at Reagan National to say that DEB FI$CHER was on the flight and was sitting up in Fir$t Cla$$. I sure don’t see any stalking in any of that, especially since I’m clear out here at the ranch, slogging through all the snow, calving.

    Secondly, who paid for the upgrade from Coach to Fir$t Cla$$? Did DEB bill it to the taxpayers as part of her travel expense in her office budget? Why couldn’t she have simply flown back in Coach, like everybody else and led by example? With trillion dollar deficits, is this what the American taxpayer thinks is justified? Lots of civilian employees are being furloughed because of the sequester and she still feels entitled to Fir$t Cla$$? What a disconnect that is from reality.

    Then as far as “sass” and being “on the radio”, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about with all that, but that’s OK, because I don’t really care enough to want to know anyway.

    Next, I don’t understand your use of the word “classy”. I was brought up to understand that particular word, specifically when used in the context in which you just used it, was quite undignified and that only one of poor taste and crude garishness would ever use that word in that context. As such, I strive to never use that particular word, but once again, thanks for reading.

    • Hey IO says:

      Was it a Frontier flight? if so, they don’t have first class, rather, because they are using old airplanes, they have seats that you can get upgraded to if you are a certain level of frequent flier or you pay 35 bucks. I’ve done it before and it isn’t that hard.

  34. To IO says:

    IO, it must really suck to be trapped in such a small mind. Your only interest seems to be how you can trash our United States Senator. Your post at 5:42 is proof that sitting at a computer with only one thing on your mind–that of trying to diminish a very successful woman. And yes, she won the election. Now go back and crawl into that dark and cold chalk mine and focus on your own inadequacies. See if somehow, some day, you can be a positive influence.

  35. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting to observe that only one person has ever mentioned any chalk mines in here and that same person has mentioned them repeatedly and now that same person’s main interest seems to be in how they can trash me.

    Also, it’s interesting to observe that anytime anyone asks DEB FI$CHER what the government needs to do to reduce the deficit, she always says we need a Balanced Budget Amendment and we need to cut spending. Apparently, that’s cutting OTHER PEOPLE’S spending, not hers.

    I’m not sure how we’re ever gonna balance the budget if the American taxpayers have to keep providing her a Fir$t Cla$$ living like we’ve been doing for over 40 years.

    By the way, are you on her stalf with the exclusive job of silencing me?

  36. To Nabity Supporters says:

    You are in last place now. Dave knows it, Welch knows it, Stothert knows it, Assford knows it, and Gary and Ace’s boss knows it. When do you face reality?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Losers don’t realize they’ve lost until the day after the election…….and even then they struggle to understand why…….almost always someone else’s fault.

  38. Oblivious says:

    Nabity can’t raise money. Nabity can’t place higher than fourth in the polls. Nabity can’t win. Nabity won’t win.

  39. Interested Observer says:

    And just what exactly does that have to do with DEB FI$CHER wasting precious taxpayer dollars, or Chinese bond dollars, by inexcusably flying Fir$t Cla$$?

  40. To IO says:


  41. Spike says:

    Right on IO! This 1st. Class biz of DF needs to be looked into further! She most certainly deems herself royalty but is supposed to fly cattle class, I believe, by law! Why not check it out and then call her office & find out who paid the extra $$$$! You might also give a heads up to the LS & OWH on this Hot story! DF is a lucky loser/pawn of the TPers! Why even Johanns voted for NE Native son Chuck Hagel! Fischer just showed her true colors by voting Nay on the SOD gig!!

  42. Anonymous II says:

    IO, the election was last November. Fischer won and, by her winning, you lost. It’s over. You. Lost. You’re beginning to sound like that seething harpy Ivy Harper railing about the place of Jeff Fortenberry’s birth, like any of us really cares.

    I’m going to start calling you Benjy ’cause every time you post, it’s like a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

  43. Interested Observer says:

    There’s an amazing editorial in this morning’s Lincoln Journal Star about the WELFARE GRAZING permits. The paper’s Editorial Board is calling for the change that I have championed for years, to simply put the grazing permits up for public auction in the manner of the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds, the School Land.

    WOW, what a day to be me! Yet another major newspaper now supporting yet another major concept that I have first proposed!

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