New Stothert for Mayor spot

Omaha Mayoral candidate Jean Stothert has a new ad up.
See it here:

Good piece, taking a (subtle) crack at Mayor Jim Suttle.

More later on this spot, Suttle’s new gun ad and more.


Got caught up in new Pope Francis I news at the L.St. offices. Will have more later, later.


  1. Anom says:

    What?!!!!!!!!!!!! Jean never voted for tax increases. What about the tax increases she voted for when she was on the Millard School board? I guess that she thought that the wallets of the citizens of the Millard School District were a piggy bank she could go back to again and again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s the kind of mayor ill be – great tag line
    Looks like she’s running for congress not mayor, Omaha has way more problems then just taxes.

  3. Watching from Lincoln says:

    Terrible ad. What is with the weird zoom motion?

    Copy isn’t smooth, so you can tell that she’s reading it when she’s straight to camera.

    Hope her ground game works, because this ad doesn’t.

  4. Anom...recheck says:

    When Jean Stothert left the Millard School Board the tax lavy was almost 20% lower than when she started on the board. They had the highest achievement and lowest per pupil cost in the metro while adding over 3000 students.

    Those are the facts. This is impressive by any standard.

    • In the Know says:

      Millard under Jean’s watch had one of the lowest per pupil costs in the state along with high test scores. The district built over 6 new schools and served over 3000 students. Millard residents trust Jean Stothert that is why she is trouncing Dan and Dave in the polls.

  5. Poor Spot says:

    Not a good commercial. 2 reasons: 1) With the first guy, she is trying so hard to reach hispanics, it seems as though he has a speech impediment. Looks very desperate and almost insulting to hispanics. 2) The second lady is decked out in pearls and doesn’t look like an average person, but rather a rich (doctor’s) wife. Spot starts off making you think about the extras, not the candidate.

  6. ricky says:

    How much money will the little four waste trying to be elected Mayor of Omaha?
    Mr Suttle will have $200 grand in the bank after the April primary and his opponent will have zero dollars. Almost a sure thing Mayor Suttle will be re-elected.
    I think Stothert Crabbity Welch and Ashford should save their cash for a sunnier day.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Why is it so difficult for candidates to remember just a few words? It is maddening to watch them clearly read from a cue card. If you can’t remember one sentence then I’m not sure you’re fit to be mayor.

  8. Eclipse says:


    Your point is well taken about saving money for a ‘sunnier day’. The problem is that Omaha has been in a permanent ‘eclipse’ ever since Suttle came into office and started taxing literally everything that moved. The only way to reverse that is a change in leadership (or in Omaha’s case electing a mayor who actually possesses those skills).

    Personally, I’m thankful I don’t live inside of the city limits though the thought of moving just to cancel your vote has crossed my mind.

  9. ricky says:

    The city of Omaha is coming along just fine. I don’t feel over taxed. I love going to Omaha’s fine restaurants and don’t care if I pay a little extra for the luxury.
    Mr Suttle is doing a fine job of providing services for the city and Omaha is booming.
    The little four are not going to get anywhere by saying they want to move Omaha backwards and making the city not as great of a place to live.

    I predict Mr Suttle will win re-election. Not very much time between the April and May vote, which makes it even harder for whomever finishes second to Mr Suttle in the primary to make up. And I predict it will be Dan Welch that finishes second.


    • Spend-O-Rama says:

      I don’t think the objection to the restaurant tax is paying a little extra. The objection is with a little more accountability and responsibility, we wouldn’t need to be paying a tax.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Omaha is booming in the good sense for those who are white. For those who are minorities, their “boom” is slightly more sinister and should be accompanied by hitting the deck. It’s good to be white and progressive and living in Omaha.

  10. Crime Fighter says:

    Jean got Tim Dunning’s endorsement today. So Jean has a tough as nails Sheriff supporting her and Dave Nabity has Tristan Bonn supporting him. Dan Welch has……….(Crickets Chirping)………I’m surprised the police union has not endorsed him after voting to spike their pensions.

  11. Just The Facts says:

    Hey Anon – Jean’s voting record is public information. You Nabity folks need to get your facts straight. When Jean started on the school board the levy was at $1.50 – when she left – it was $1.21 – thats a 20% reduction. Yes, the school board approved a property tax increase twice (when the state aid formula was adjusted, they lost a lot of revenue, and were obligated to fund a teacher contract) – however – within 2 years – she voted to reduce the levy – LOWER than it was before it was raised. It is a rare occasion when a elected official promised that the tax increase will be temporary (remember the wheel tax?) – and then actually keeps their promise and lowers it even lower than it was to begin with. That is a trusted leader. Let’s see – how many times has DAVE NABITY lowered a tax levy? OH YES! DAVE NABITY has never been elected to anything. He is a businessman who runs a company of 5 employees! (Nice negative push poll you paid for last night DAVE!)

  12. Millard Parent says:

    I’m glad Jean will be our next mayor. If Omaha could run like Millard Public Schools our government would be efficient

  13. Running Scared? says:

    Seems to me the NabitME kids are running scared. Why would you attack her ad if you think it was terrible? Wouldn’t you be cheering for it?

    Get your facts straight kiddos. Your boss can’t even be disagreed with (in his mind) yet alone run a competent campaign. Hell they couldn’t even frame his head correctly in his shot? Maybe his head was to big? Who knows I don’t understand those national lobby firms anyways…

    And forget about team We. Well.. Um….. who? Sorry the commercial was too fast I missed it.

    • BaconLove says:

      It’s funny to watch Stothert & Nabity people fight. I’m not voting for either one, but the Nabity ad is clearly superior. And speaking of framing heads correctly, you might want to review the Stothert ad.

  14. Former Nabity Fan says:

    I used to like Nabity but the more I got to know him the more I thought he was a man without a plan. Jean you have my wife’s vote along with mine! Keep up the good work kiddo!

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Suttle just ran an ad using the Newtown and Von Maur shootings to try to get re-elected. Wow. just wow. Maybe he could concentrate on the majority of the shootings in Omaha which are not carried out with “assault” weapons. Nothing like a symbolic but useless gesture to make the progressives in this city feel all warm and fuzzy. Omaha had the equivalent of 5 Von Maur shootings last year. And the mayor’s plan is?

    • But Macdaddy, you have to remember that it’s okay for liberals to use a casket lid as their campaign platform…because they’re “compassionate”…that is, as long as it gets them some votes.

  16. South West corner of the North East quadrant of the eastern half of the Western Douglas County border says:

    Stothert is in 4th place. I know because i know!

  17. South West corner of the North East quadrant of the eastern half of the Western Douglas County border says:

    Oh, and I thought you should know!!

  18. South West corner of the North East quadrant of the eastern half of the Western Douglas County border says:

    and i meant to put voter after South West corner of the North East quadrant of the eastern half of the Western Douglas County border. Son of a #$%^

  19. Galikanokis says:

    So JTF 9:39-did Stothert vote for tax increases or didn’t she. I know that you have the corner on the facts but cvould you please clear it uo for me once and for all?

  20. Anonymous says:

    WOW! That was the most creative ad I’ve ever, ever, ever, ever seen. It is soooooo different than all the rest that I’ll remember it until maybe tonight’s dinner which I’m having in about ten minutes.

  21. Interested Observer says:

    So, it’s been almost a full week now since Founder’s Day in Kearney last Saturday. New State Party Chairman and other elections there and NO mention of anything in here yet?

    Why is that?

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer:
    It doesn’t matter who heads the Republican Party in Nebraska. Nor the Democrat Party for that matter. The outcome is always the same: corporate welfare! If y’all had to pay your taxes there, none of you would be paying too much. But as things stand, only the fools in Nebraska still pay their taxes…

  23. Interested Observer says:

    It was certainly an “uneventful day in Kearney” for the Governor, since he wasn’t there!

    I wonder what all that means?

  24. To IO says:

    No Governor has gone to every State Central Committee meeting. Dave however goes to many meetings and functions of the party. I don’t know what you are trying to insinuate

  25. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie, we agree on one thing, it doesn’t matter who is leading the party. Vince Powers ran for Chair of the NDP on the premise that he would build greater communications. Perhaps he meant greater communications amongst the fat cats of the party, because the rank and file sure haven’t heard shit from him. He’s turned over the NDP website to Kyle Michaelis’ old blog buddy, as if he had any authorization to speak for everyone in the party.

  26. reading between the lines says:

    If I were a Stothert supporter, after seeing last nights debate…I would be very worried! I kept watching my t.v. screen and seeing the top of her head. I turned to my wife and asked her “do you think she doesn’t know the issues or is she trying to be ultra safe?” Either way, very poor showing on her part. The others, except for Suttle, had a very good showing. Suttle seems to be over compensating for what appears to be a lisp.

  27. Just The Facts says:

    Jeez – you Nabity and Suttle supporters are an embarrasment to the human race. You “PAID” young high school and college kids – should be ashamed! What a horrible, disgusting introduction to politics you are receiving. I feel sorry for you. Grow up.

    • Anon says:

      Are you attacking Lee Terry too? Has “just the facts” ever heard of the Blue crew? They are paid college and high schools. Maybe the Stothert’s campaign has been cooking their contact numbers and are scared that they have not contacted enough people.

  28. @Mandi's Angels / Jessica M says:

    Keep working on that Jessica! I am sure you will convince Flood soon that he can re-enter the Gov race.

  29. Just The Facts says:

    Jessica – you should be ashamed. Why are you and Ricketts resorting to mailing such trash about Stothert? I know you always have your claws sharpened – but this is an “all time low” Cant Dan Welch win on his own merits?

  30. Just the facts (not Pat McPherson) says:

    I got the same mailer about Stothert and immediately went to her FB page. The first thing I noticed is that she didn’t call the mailer a LIE…interesting. Guess I will reconsider my support.

  31. Just the facts (not Pat McPherson) says:

    She says and I quote”I do not support taxpayer funded abortions.” Question is, did she and if so, why and why did she change her position? Looking forward to the documents…

  32. Smearing the Omaha Alliance says:

    The mail piece against Jean was from calling itself the “Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust” . Omaha Alliance??? Hmm is some Non-Omahan trying to like their handy work to Dave Nabity???? Or trying to smear the Omaha Alliance? All the fingers are pointing to one candidate and his political team on this smear.

  33. One Omaha says:

    It seems Dan Welch was the first to go negative. How divisive is that? Usually the on in the back of the polls has to go negative.

  34. To Dirty Dan says:

    I’m going to love watching your strategy backfire. There are a lot of pissed Stothert and Nabity supporters. Making Jean the victim of your smears and also trying to pin it on Nabity will get her more votes, especially from women. Thanks Dirty Dan.

  35. To To Dirty Dan says:

    I just said tutu, jk. Anyway, Stotherts problem is not Dans hit piece her problem explaining why she supported taxpayer funded abortions to her potential conservative voters. Her nuanced denial may work for today but when people see her answer in the document well as Ricky R would say-Jean, you have some splainin to do!!

  36. To Dirty Dan's Politico above says:

    Jean has has already come out and said it is false. The interesting question is whether Dirt Dan believes if the postcard is false and a smear. Does Dan believe all 3 republicans in this race are pro-life?

  37. Opportunist says:

    Not sure about Danny boy but as far as I’m concerned one of the Mayoral candidates had a different position on Life when they were running for the Legislature than they do now and the voters deserve to know why!

  38. BTOrge Zimmerman says:

    Comment number 44 is definately BTO. BTO is the George Zimmerman of the Democratic Party, he is a self appointed enforcer of his own twisted worldview. He spent 2 years cyberbullying an 85 year old woman, now he just creeps up from time to time when he’s overcome with loneliness and confronted with his own insignificance. He’s the laughing stock of the Democratic Party, he told people he was in the mafia yet is a gutless sociopath who prays on the elderly and women.

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