Omaha Councilman displays “Stripper Stothert” shirt

Stothert strip shirt 02 - JerramWell, here is one we could barely believe.

Allegations have been going back and forth between the candidates for Omaha Mayor today.
Abortion and guns are the themes.

But then, we received the attached photos.
This features Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram, mugging for the camera at McFly’s Tavern (a firefighter hang-out),  displaying a t-shirt depicting fellow City Council member, and Omaha Mayoral candidate, Jean Stothert as a stripper.

Stothert strip shirt 01


Oh, and you will note that the shirt Jerram displays is by “Suck My Private Sector”.

We aren’t sure what the repercussions will be for Jerram on this.
We’ll let others judge.
But this seems a little beyond a simple chuckle.
Is this appropriate for an elected official?
Should Jerram have said, “there’s no way in hell I’d hold that up”?

This is something.


And here are a few amazing things:

1) SOMEONE thought this was a good idea.
2) Nay…a GREAT idea.
3) So they found someone with enough design experience to make a pretty decent likeness of Jean Stothert’s hair and face (say what you will about the obvious tastelessness of the entire thing, the face image is done well)
4) They then put some cash into sending the image to a printing shop and getting them back.
5) And they did ALL of this in advance of St. Patrick’s Day so as to have it on Green shirts.

So it’s not like someone did this on a cocktail napkin and passed it over to Jerram. There were some calories burnt to put these together all for the Sunday holiday.

And then there is the District 3 Councilman proudly displaying it.

**UPDATE at 9:50 am 3/18/13**

Leavenworth Street received this message from Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram:

On Sunday, March 17, 2013, I was photographed holding a t-shirt that contained a crude political satire message regarding Mayoral Candidate and fellow City Councilmember, Jean Stothert. I did not make the shirt, did not wear the shirt, do not agree in any way with its content and have apologized to Jean. I’d also like to apologize to the women of our community and others for this. I was wrong. I am sorry and I accept responsibility and will learn from this mistake.

As we stated above, we will leave it up to the readers (and voters) as to how Jerram should and will be judged regarding these events.


    • Regardless of politics, is this guy (Jerram) somebody that ANY Nebraskan could in good conciense, vote into office? What if this woman was YOUR wife, or YOUR daughter?

      I despise both the Democrat and Republican Parties equally; I despise men who go out of their way to be disrespectful of women even more.

      Numerous studies have shown that men who are overtly disrespectful of women tend to be more likely to beat their wives and/or visit prostitutes…

    • HoneyBucket says:

      So you’d have no problem with a t-shirt depicting Suttle shaking that ass while fire and police unions stuff $$ in his g-string? I think I know what you’ll say, but I think it’s far from the truth. LibProgs would find 100 different ways that offends their higher-ordered social sensibilities.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris Jerram is a sexist pig and Omaha Democrats are now officially supporting him for it.
    He should immediately and publicly apologize.

  2. Jessica Moenning says:

    This is completely and utterly out of bounds, especially coming from an elected official. The blatant objectification is shocking and disrespectful. Chris Jerram owes Councilwoman Stohtert – and women everywhere, an apology.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey you all remember when Jeremy Jensen was organizing Paul-bots and tried taking over the Lancaster County Convention and went around trash talking Matt Innis, Mark Fahleson, and JL Spray? That is what they call a ‘career limiting move’ in political circles.

    • Jeremy Jensen says:

      Your theory about my organizing “Paul-bots” and taking over the Lancaster County Convention is laughable. I have the upmost respect for Mark Fahleson and JL Spray. It would have been difficult for me to talk trash about JL Spray at the convention, being that I didn’t know who he was then. If I was trashing them, I wouldn’t have volunteered my photography services at 2 NEGOP events and an LCGOP event in the last two weeks. My current job tells me I haven’t been limited at all in my career. How brave of you to post anonymously.

    • NEGOP Volunteer says:

      Nope, I don’t remember that at all. In fact, I don’t remember you even being there. What blowpipe were you sucking on?

    • NEGOP Volunteer says:

      (Note: My comment, above, is addressed to Ms. Anonymous.)

      My experience with Jeremy Jensen is that he has had nothing but the best interest of the NE GOP at heart. He understands our current situation better than anyone. Your so-called Paul-bots deserve to be listened to just as much as anyone else in the party does. It’s the left-winger, moderate establishment-type control freaks, like you, who are bringing the party down. You are the ones who are not supporting our Constitution and keep trying to copy-cat what the Dem’s are doing. Get your head out of the political confetti and open your eyes, for once!

  4. Brandon Petersen says:

    I live in District 3. I’m disappointed, and hope that Councilman Chris Jerram will apologize to his colleague, Councilwoman Jean Stothert.

    This isn’t appropriate or funny.

  5. tryanmax says:

    I think this needs to be hung around his and his party’s necks. Dems are always jumping at the chance to nail a Repub as a sexist. Maybe they should practice what they preach.

    • CJ in Omaha says:

      Clearly Chris Jerram is a moron! Instead of gleafully holding this up for a photo-op he should have done the adult thing and walked out of the bar. This is not only a disgrace to Jean Stothert, it’s a TOTAL disgrace to women everywhere. Chris Jerram owes ALL WOMEN EVERY WHERE AN APOLOGY and I might suggest that he donate some of his $$ out of his own back pocket to a battered woman’s shelter and then go into city hall and resign!

  6. The Super Duper Ultimate Insider says:

    Stay tuned folks. We know who is behind the mailer and the t-shirts. A joint effort of certain R’s and D’s to defeat Jean Stothert. Watch the polling folks. We will reveal all shortly.

  7. Bam says:

    That’s a low, especially for an elected official in the same governing board.

    But it proves that Democrats and public service unions are the biggest hypocrites around – they gladly objectify women and gladly call any tax dollars THEIR tax dollars (when many of them don’t even live in the city).

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, no kidding. Like that one democrat who said that if a woman was really raped, her body would prevent her from getting pregnant. Or that democrat who said that a rape baby was a “gift from god.” Or all of those democrats who belittle people on government assistance for being lazy and wasting their tax dollars….

      Wait a minute….huh, I don’t think those were democrats.

    • Going Postal says:

      Slick Rick, you are such a hypocrite. You know darn well that if a republican made this about a Democrat, you’d be shouting from the rooftops how that person needs to resign immediately. You had nearly zero credibility before–you have even less now.

  8. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Jean is the clear #2 in the polls and see what happens.

    1. Push polling last week against Jean Stothert on Abortion…check
    2. Calls to local media from a republican politico trashing Jean Stothert..check
    3. Vile facebook and Twitter Tweets about “Erections” and a Mayoral candidate’s female private parts after last weeks debate….check
    4. Stealth mailer accuses Stothert of being a “San Francisco Liberal” and smears her on abortion even though she is pro-life….check
    5. T-shirts are printed depicting Jean as a stripper….check

    This is not a coincidence. This is a coordinated attack and is all based upon sex.

  9. Wow, the real scandal was Jean Stothert accepting $10,000 for her political campaign to entice her to delay approval of a project to give the donator time to negotiate to charge tax payers 3-4 times more for his piece of land near 16th and Locust streets. Did any of you cry and whine about that? NOPE.

    • Just The Facts says:

      Progressive Oasis (Ken Riter) – you moron – why dont you pick up an agenda and read it (if you know how to read). The land at 14th and Locust Streets IS NOT costing the taxpayers 3-4 times more. In fact – the Mayor Suttle is going to take the private property owners land by eminent domain – for 1/4 of its value. Jeez Ken – nice try – but you messed up again.

  10. Virgil Anderson was asking for 3-4 times what the city was willing to pay. So yes, it would have cost the tax payers more than the Suttle raises Stripper Stothert politically complained about. I think that shirt is completely fitting, Accepting that $10,000 made Jean Stothert a political prostitute.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Wow, you Democrats have really gone off the rails. I realize that as members of the protected class you may use, abuse, and otherwise denigrate women with impunity (see Kennedy, Edward; Clinton, William Jefferson; Weiner, Anthony; Edwards, Jonathon; etc, etc.), but it doesn’t make it right.

    Yep, ricky, Omaha has all the hallmarks of a liberal, progressive city.

  12. megan hunt says:

    It’s very embarrassing for our entire community how forward-thinking liberal men still love to demean women. This may be a “little thing,” or “just a joke,” but this is how the fundamental ideal that women are not equal to men is conveyed over and over and over again. Shameful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t it great that Omaha is making National news because of stuff like this? Shameful and a disgrace. Union money is behind this effort to be sure………

  13. I feel used says:

    I got the same abortion mailer on Stothert. I also feel Jerram owes Stothert a very sincere and very public apology. I’ll tell you who else is owed an apology. Following the abortion mailer, I got a robo call from some guy, I’m not certain but I think he identified himself as a Pastor, not 100% on that. When all is said and done we will all know that Stothert did in fact support taxpayer funded abortions, at least she did when she ran for the Legislature.

  14. SoWhat??? says:

    The real question is, why is anyone surprised that Jerram does whatever his masters at the fire union tell him to do…with a smile??? They gave him $10,000 and manpower in the last election and will do the same again this time. Just another corrupt Dem showing his true colors.

  15. To I feel Norfolk Resident says:

    Jean has never supported tax payer funded abortions. Jean has been endorsed by Nebraska Right Life. Get your facts straight.

  16. Rachel Pinkerton says:

    Community leaders need to show a level of common sense, common decency, and maturity that precludes this kind of stunt. I confess I am shocked. At sixty, I still seem to have an infinite capacity for naïveté.

    Lack of civility is costing Omaha dearly in budget dollars and lost human potential. We have young people so lost that they express themselves socially with gunfire. Is it too much to ask Jerram to be a good example of what it means to be a man? Everyone associated with this project should make course corrections for both ethics and judgement.

    Rachel Pinkerton

  17. Anonymous says:

    comment #39,
    Are you 100% sure thats what you want to go with? I have my mailer and i am pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to print it unless it came from the document itself. Maybe Ms. Stothert could clear this up by releasing the document herself…

  18. Outskirts of Norfolk says:

    er, i am just on the outside of Norfolk-about 2 hours. Just curious, was Ms. Stotheret endorsed by NE Right to Life in her race against Steve Lathrop?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Some here say Jerram should apologize. Did an apology work for the Steubenville boys who posed with the girl they raped? And did an apology work for Rep. Anthony Weiner? He had $4 million dollars in the bank ready to run for NYC Mayor when he was forced to quit Congress because he was stupid enough to pose himself in a career killing photo. Clinton apologized for Monica and stayed in office. Suttle didn’t apologize for paying bums to vote and yet Suttle stayed in office too. Apology is useless hot air. Politicians are only as good and wise as their worse, stupid momentary decision.

    Jerram plays to the worst stereotypes of Irish and of Chicago style Democratic politics. We might expect Stothert’s husband to pound Jerram’s face to a bloody pulp but Jerram perhaps did that to his own political career the instant he posed with that shirt. Or maybe not. In any case, these few elected Democrats are looking very Chicago-like. The Democratic voters of Omaha we know are good, decent people. They, indeed all Omahans, deserve better than this kind of behavior.

    • CJ in Omaha says:

      Exactly It’s not a matter of being a Democrat or a Republican, it’s about being a grown up and respecting people regardless of how you feel about their politics. This is just down right shameful for this to happen in such a wonderful city as Omaha and it should NOT be rewarded by allowing these thugs to be re-elected. Seriously, talk about “war on women” this about takes the cake.

  20. wavering supporter says:

    can you hear the crickets chirping? Or is that grasshoppers? Wait, thats cicadas, no they make a wee yoo wee yoo sound, anyway you get the point, right?

  21. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    I saw the abortion mailer. The Neb Catholic Conference ought to be livid for the implication that they are involving themselves in this race. The mailer makes it look like it is a current statement from Jean to the Catholic Conference survey when it was from 2006. On the Nebraska Right to Life PAC survey in 2006 Jean did not support taxpayer funding of abortion. We did not endorse Jean or Lathrop in 2006. Our only point of disagreement with Jean in 2006 was over unethical medical research. In 2009 NRL PAC endorsed Jean for City Council. She had had a change of heart on the unethical medical research issue and we called her about it to confirm it. The current abortion mailer by a bogus entity, “Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust” takes great liberties in contorting Jean’s position on abortion funding, but that’s why bogus groups get to crop up in the waning days of an election. They make their hits and then recede into the shadows without ever having to report to NADC because they’re running as a 501-C-4 (ostensibly), if they even bother file any incorporation papers at all. Note that there is only a P.O. Box listed on the return address for this entity. Who is behind it and why is there no legit address to tie this to real people? As a laborer in the pro-life movement for 31 years I find it interesting that suddenly something calling itself, “Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust” is opining on abortion policy in our State. Funny, I’ve never seen them at the Unicameral.

  22. wavering supporter says:

    no one ever said or implied it was her current position…but then again, who knows? She seems to have a history of “changing her mind.”

  23. wanting my NE Right to Life contribution back says:

    kind of funny to see the leader of the largest Right to Life organization in NE equivocating on the issue of Life

  24. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    9:14 If you had a beef you should have made it in 2009 when NRL PAC endorsed Jean for City Council. Kind of telling that an anonymous (just like Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust) person acts like they are a donor to NRL. I’ll put 31 years in the pro-life movement up against an anonymous poster any day.

    • Anti Murder at any age... says:

      Since when did infanticide become a Mayoral or City Council issue?!?

      I was a Jerram supporter…but not if he is at McFly’s…used to enjoy his St. Pat’s party at Clancy even before he ran for office, now he sells out to the fire union…

  25. Jerram Must Go! says:

    Call his City Council Office and demand his resignation! What a pig! Sexual harassment has no place in Omaha!

  26. To Chris Jerram says:

    Your apology would mean something if you told us who gave you the shirt and/or who was selling them. Chris come clean because the person who was there at the time of the photo will go public.

  27. Interested Observer says:

    I have to wonder when Omaha politicians are ever going to realize that going to bars and making bad decisions can come back to haunt them?

  28. JSA says:

    Me thinks thou doth protest too much,
    Thats the benefit of anonymity. A benefit that Ms. Stothert does not and should not enjoy as a candidate…as far as her positions go-begrudgingly to you, apparently. The public has a right to know that at one time, Ms. Stothert supported Taxpayer funded abortion and apparently Stem-Cell research.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Nice try Jerram. I sure hope someone with an extra $50K sitting around decides to become involved in the District 3 race. Along with Jerram’s numerous and frequent votes to increase taxes, this outrageous conduct shows Jerram needs to go. I think District 3 residents will now find out a whole lot about the candidate J.R. Jasso.

  30. Tia says:

    What is missing in this photo? I’ll tell you: the 16 beers it would take to get an elected official drunk enough to think this was “no biggie”. Say cheese, dummy.
    VOTE JR!!!

  31. Fat McNasty says:

    I guess she is starting to scare some of the libs, theyre starting to “sling mud”.
    Just like they did with Palin.
    Your tactics are getting old just like your politics.

  32. Fat McNasty says:

    JSA, are you talking about that little flyer someone sent out bad mouthing Jean?
    Maybe you should check your facts first.

  33. Moderate says:

    Jean slings mud for the past 3 months – and then cries when someone gives it right back to her. #2 I am almost positive Stothert isn’t running 2nd – she’s just such an easy target. Though this goes way too far, she is divisive and what goes around comes around. Go Nabs!

  34. Macdaddy says:

    I haven’t heard Stothert crying about this. Maybe you imagined it, Moderate. You should talk that over in “Group” this week.

  35. Omaha Citizen says:

    Come on – isnt it obvious – Jean Stothert made this T-Shirt!!!!! Almost a genius ploy for the women’s vote. Wow – still doesn’t have my vote – she’s one crazy woman that Jean Stothert

  36. Anonymous says:

    No, Chris. You’re just holding the T-shirt with a hufe grin! Don’t try to back out of this one, dude. SHAME ON YOU! You’re FIRED!!!

  37. Jean Stothert is CRAZY! says:

    I am a biased bc i think Jean Stothert is the worst thing to politics since Sarah Palin – but I have to say this last person caught my eye – Jean Stothert made that shirt. It makes complete sense. No one in their right mind cares enough about that crazy lady to go to such effort. Wow is right Omaha Citizen

  38. minnie says:

    what district is this sleazeball in, so i can encourage everyone i know to vote the bum out? if he was truly sorry, and if you didn’t agree with this shirt, why on God’s green earth did he allow himself to be associated with it in any way, shape or form? i am truly disgusted. Is he running for mayor too? wont’ get my vote.

  39. Betty C. says:

    I hate to be the one to say this because it might sound crazy. I am a very pro-women type of gal. I’m in fact not one for politics, but I am in advertising. This story caught my eye today in the paper. My firm works on some political campaigns. To me it sounds like the Stothert camp was the one who created the scheme. I could be wrong – but it’s an interesting ploy for the women’s vote. I know a lot of people don’t have many good things to say about her, especially my women friends. Like the headline said – “most disgusting ever” – it’s just too over the top to be real. I myself have not decided who I am voting for but it has PR STUNT written all over this.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care who made the shirt, GET ME ONE no 100 of them. Crazy Jean Stothert making her own stripper shirts. Now that is one for the record books.

  41. Charlie says:

    Chris Jerram should be ashamed of himself and hisconstituents should hold him accountible. We deserve better from our elected officials. Let’s remember when we go to the polls. No class Chris!!

  42. Just The Facts says:

    Mean Jean – aka Ken Riter, why dont you just go away? You are a disgusting moron – and the gay community is embarrased by your existence. Your gay rights positiion – has deteriorated to an all time low. You make me want to vomit.

  43. Just The Facts says:

    To Jean Stothert is CRAZY – (AKA Ken Riter) – I bet you also think that every woman who is raped – deserves it. Right? You are a disgrace.

  44. Not Given My Name says:

    I heard even the democrats came out against Jerram. I was suprised by this and I will have to give them come credit for coming out publically against this slimeball. I am not a Stothert fan by any means, but he just solidified my vote against him.

  45. Anonymous says:

    what a pig. looks like he has it on in the one picture…not just holding it. Also looks like a female’s hand is on his hip. Jerram you look like a pig and you sound like one

  46. No name says:

    Really people. Have we forgotten what Political Satyre is? Get over it. Should he have allowed his picture to be taken….no. Poor judgement on his part his part in this “Everything goes viral” world we live in. Can’t anybody take a joke anymore though?

  47. millionare firefighter says:

    chris is a good guy. he was just hanging around the wrong crowd. he is not rich enough to hang with the firefighters. hang with dogs you will get flees.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:


  48. To posts #96 and #97, Get your facts straight. Ken Riter posts as Progressive Oasis, the Progressive Oasis account with a link and pic to the blog. He doesn’t post as “MeanJean”, nor does he post as “Jean Stothert is CRAZY!”. Nice try with the false accusations, but I didn’t do it.

  49. Timmy Pea says:

    I think a lot of gay men really have a hard time with strong women. Might be a lot of closeted homosexuals on the OFD and the OPD.

  50. Jodie says:

    If everybody would quit bashing on everyone else, we might be inclined to elect a decent candidate. Not only speaking for the mayoral race, but nationally. Pull you head out people and stop listening to the propaganda & bs by other candidates. Vote with your freaking brains!

  51. Laura Fitton says:

    What a staggeringly passive and ineffectual apology.

    “I posed, smiling and holding up the shirt, for a photograph.” gets twisted into the passive and helpless “I was photographed.”

    (you poor poor, helpless thing.)

    the war on women is real folks. I wish it weren’t.

  52. S H says:

    Never had much respect for Chris Jerrom. Even less for that corrupt idiot Jim Suttle. It’s amazing how many people have forgotten that in Sutltes first week as mayor he violated city ordinance and cut a deal for a SUV that would have cost tax payers 15 times as much as a normal lease. Year after year tax payers shell out more and more to pay for the corruption and backroom deals that only benefit the unions and his cronies. Jean Stothert stands up to and points out this good old boy corruption and the liars and despicable assholes go after her.

  53. BAC says:

    Wow, this report and following comments certainly says a lot about just how rampant sexism is in our culture. Chris Jerrom needs to apologize for wearing this t-shirt, and certainly does not deserve to hold public office if this is how he views women. And all the commenters who support him wearing the shirt (or want one) need to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they would like the women in their lives to be treated with such disrespect. And finally, to the person who suggested that gay men have a tough time with strong women, you need to re-evaluate that comment for its inherent sexism. It’s clearly time for a national dialogue on sexism and how to end it.

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Anonymous says:


  56. Arakiba says:

    Chris Jerram is a douchbag. Maybe someone will make a t shirt of him sucking some guy off next – I bet that would be funny!

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