The Anti-Stothert Tweets & 2 New Ads

The media has covered the attacks on Jean Stothert over the past 24 hours, but while you have been shown the “stripper” t-shirt displayed by Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram (some with links to Leavenworth Street and, ahem, some not) we don’t believe anyone has given a full account of the Tweets that were put up against Stothert.

We are (mostly) all adults here, and you should know what is actually going on in these attacks against Jean Stothert.

These are from the Twitter account “@OmahaCtyCouncil” – a parody account on Twitter. The Tweets have since been taken down by the Tweeter.

Click for unedited version

CtyCouncilOmaha Tweet 02

CtyCouncilOmaha Tweet 03

Have you seen something this disgusting in a political race before? We haven’t.
You want to talk about the “war on women”? You can pretend this is a “parody” or whatever else, but who thinks this is funny?

We will tell you straight up: This is all part of the “if it is against a Republican, it is O.K.” mentality.
And frankly, to dismiss this as “sophomoric” is a little light.


Two new ads up on the Omaha Mayor’s race front (sorry to all those outside the River City limits).

First a new spot from Mayor Jim Suttle.
See it here:

A few things:
1) Obviously the production values are through the roof. This isn’t exactly LucasArts CGI, but some animation like this ain’t cheap.
2) This is a pretty solid ad — segueing the recover from the flood with the status of the city. It is a good idea and theme and it was well developed and delivered.
3) If…

The “If” is whether or not you believe the person delivering the message.

Is Jim Suttle a credible messenger these days? There are a pretty solid percentage of people that will tell you he is full of it, and who will be skeptical if Jim Suttle tells them the sun is coming up the next day. There is a decent argument that this spot would have been better delivered as a voice-over, simply featuring Suttle. And then it gets to the real state of the city as well.


The next spot is Omaha Mayor candidate Dan Welch’s newest ad — though not currently running.

We only have the audio, recorded through a megaphone onto that spool thing that Thomas Alva Edison used when he first told Watson to “get over here, post haste!”.
So we put up on our own YouTube page with an image from another Welch ad.
See it here:

You can hear that Welch has gone after Suttle, Dave “Nabs” Nabity and Stothert (what, no anti-love for Ashford?).
However, we have been informed that this spot only ran three or four times, and has now been taken out of the ad rotation.

In any case, while we doubt you will hear or see anything like the attacks against Jean Stothert above, you will STILL see some serious hardball over the next few weeks.
The abortion issue won’t die and much more “comparison” will be used.

Everything we have heard to date indicates the race between the non-Democrats will be tight.


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  1. Ask Jim Green says:

    Heard from someone in Dundee that Jim is the mastermind behind the account and that Suttle gets a kick out the tweets. Disgusting.

  2. BaconLove says:

    The Tweets are pretty horrible, and I’d love to see the culprit exposed. I’d look to Mayoral staff. Who else would go to city council meetings and debates while having enough hate to say such crap?

    The T-Shirts I like. If I had one, I’d put it on Ebay right now.

  3. Anonymous II says:

    And in fairness to Street Sweeper, lest anyone accuse him/her of hypocritically complaining only when Democrats do it, I’ve posted a couple of perhaps slightly off-color comments about Jane F’ing KIeeb, Sen. Danielle Conrad, and a couple of other female Democrats, which posts were promptly removed with a warning. And my posts weren’t nearly as offensive as what’s been posted about Jean Stothert.

    Jane Kleeb, do you have any reaction to what your fellow Democrats have done to Jean Stothert? (crickets.)

    How about you, Ivy Harper?
    (more crickets.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    An anti-Fischer twitter account regularly posted during the Fischer-Kerrey race entitled “DebbieDoesNE,” which was a not-so-subtle reference to the a 1970’s porn “Debbie Does Dallas.”

    • RWP says:

      What was really funny was that I was cited as a ‘hater’ on the far left UNLhaters blog for calling the.nasty little misogynist who created DebbieDoesNE a transvestite.

      Not only doesn’t the left mind misogyny when it’s from one of heir own, they’ll go into hissyfits if called on it.

  5. anonymous says:

    How odd that Welch would come out to apologize to Stothert early Monday over a tee-shirt he didn’t hold, yet slams her in a commercial. Maybe Welch is suffering from “nice guy” fatigue. Odd, too, that Jessica Moenning weighed in early stating how disgusted she was while another said the action had her name written all over it though it really wasn’t. Has anyone checked out why Welch created a LLC for his campaign? Could that explain the mystery mailers? Nice guys don’t do that kind of stuff do they?

  6. I'm pro-life, I swear, really!!!!!! says:

    Just heard Ms. Stothert did not get endorsed by NE United for Life. But she’s really pro-Life, just ask Julie Schmit Albin, oh and LStreet!

  7. Sonny says:

    The usual suspects are making this a non-issue on the usual comments sections of the Stohert story in various media, the same names, and the union(Suttle)machine will get the voters to buy it like Obama. Jerram shouldn’t resign but he sure shouldn’t run again, his judgement was bad on so many levels to represent the city council

  8. I'm pro-life, I swear, really!!!!!! says:

    Maybe JSA’s 31 years of experience and her years of endorsing slick Ben can help Stother!

  9. Oh Mander says:

    Not defending the blatant sexism towards Ms. Stothert, but the hypocrisy here on L St is amusing. Complaints about anonymous mailers and mystery tweeters don’t carry much water on a site such as this.

  10. I'm pro-life, I swear, really!!!!!! says:

    No wait just one second, this NE Uniited must be a shady bogus group! After all, they don’t believe Ms. Stothert either!

  11. Just The Facts says:

    Hey – “I’m pro-life, I swear, really!!!!” (Daryl Bauer) – You Nabity people are so disgusting and desparate. Dave Nabity is a failed politician that cant win on his own merits – has to attack Jean Stothert. What a sorry excuse for a man. He is such a phony. DAVE NABITY IS THE FIRST REPUBLICAN TO GO NEGATIVE AND ATTACK! Maybe he will end up being sued for defamation. AGAIN!

  12. Anonymous says:

    If the Republicans can’t get passed measuring any candidate on how they stand on getting between a woman and her doctor then they will become even less relevant than they are now.
    And if those tweets are the worse things anybody has seen on line then they don’t get out much.
    Crazy crabbity runs a business with 5 people and prays a lot I hear and was probably behind the mailings and the push poll.
    Mean jean spouts platitudes and says taxes are too high but will never state what services she would cut if she lowered taxes. Its a joke. I think I’ll go to wheatfields and have coffee in a stothert mug and consider it all. Not.

  13. It's all sad says:

    jenn rae, congrats on posting the actual tweets at least someone is willing to reveal all and let adults make their own decisions

  14. Anonymous says:

    What is the chance of all this tweeting vulgarity and T-shirt production being a GOP teenager stumping for a Stothert opponent or a 16 year old Marxist on the rampage? “BaconLove” thinks it may be Democrat mayoral staff. “Who else would go to city council meetings and debates while having enough hate to say such…?” Good point. Hate is common. Attending council meetings isn’t. Mixing them together suggest a Democratic functionary masquerading as something else to attack a GOP woman candidate.

    Then “Anonymous II” says “I’ve posted a couple of perhaps slightly off-color comments about … female Democrats, which posts were promptly removed with a warning.” Say what? Comments were “promptly removed” and yet you have copies of them? Tweeting teens and wild eyed supporters don’t do that kind of meticulous staff work. And it wasn’t done by a Republican.

    Lest we forget, Suttle had his people pay bums to vote. Drove them to the polls and gave them a free lunch. This isn’t a shy decent man.

    For most Nebraskans, the idea of Suttle having a hand in this is beyond belief. But so too is the idea that any mayor in Nebraska would pay bums to vote. Who’d have thought a MOH/Gov/Sen. Kerrey would have stooped to where he stooped? You have to follow the threads to where they lead.

    Follow these threads to Suttle’s staff. They have access to detailed compiled records and they don’t mind doing whatever it takes to gain power over voters whom Suttle has already used like electoral toilet paper. We are not saying he might be unethical, he has already paid bums. And yet Suttle was rechosen. Fine. But know that the love voters have for their tyrants does not extend to his lackeys. And this also means Suttle sees Stothert as his main opposition, flattery of a sort. She attacked him by name, he retorts this way. It is oblique and can backfire.

  15. CRAZY RADICAL says:

    I’m Pro life, I swear really!!! have you ever read one of Nebraska United for Life’s surveys? It is like a fifth grader pretending to be a lawyer wrote it. Most major pro life elected officials over the past several years have not answered it.

    For one, if you answer it 100% with the NUFL, you must oppose hospitals.

  16. Caught in the Act says:

    Sounds like the ‘Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust’ is being called out and the Treasurer they listed is Laura Paulson. They’ve broken disclosure laws, and it’ll be a $2k fine against Mrs. Paulson for each mail piece.

    I love the idea of finally getting some justice, I’m so tired of this. Don’t throw the mail pieces away, they’ll help build the case against these jerks, they could get fined for each mailer.

  17. Anonymous says:

    With all of this campaign activity going on, especially the unsavory stuff, if is amazing to hear how Right Wing operative Jessica is throwing fits now. Most likely it’s because others have work and she doesn’t, but that being said it is especially galling knowing her record. If there is any operative out there who takes the gloves off more it would be hard to imagine. While the behavior of some in the cast of Sothert is appalling, Jessica is no push over either. It wasn’t all that long ago when she worked the senatorial campaign of a wealthy individual right into the ground. So for someone who is as fond of casting stones as that to call out others really illuminates how vindictive and petty they really are. For the sake of all those who plan to run for office in the future, be aware of those who so casually cast stones and cant take them in return, for they will surely take your $$$ and watch your ship sink on the way to the bank. Or in financial terms, if past performance is any indicator of the future then stay away………………….

  18. Concerned Voter says:

    Who is Laura Paulson? Her linkedin profile was just deleted but the google results show she works at American Tower as a Project Engineer. What is the relationship between her and David Nabity and/or Darold Bauer? Let’s do some digging, shall we?

  19. Mark Andrews says:

    Tempest in a teapot. Does it matter which one of these people become mayor, given that they are all, essentially, the same?

    • Mark Andrews says:

      The problem with the stuff on the mailer, to this Pro-Life Catholic, is that the Mayor of the City of Omaha has nothing to do, materially, with abortion. The city doesn’t perform abortions. The city doesn’t fund abortions. The city doesn’t permit or deny abortions; any applicable law is made at the state level. No elected or appointed officer of city government has anything to do with this issue.

      Man up, “Caught in the Act.” Is there a problem here? Yes, you’re not man or woman enough to use your real name. Are you another PLINO – Pro-Life In Name Only? To chicken to use your real name in defense of the unborn? Are you using abortion as a wedge issue to prevent Omaha from having a woman mayor? Mysogynist much?

      Some people are Pro-Choice. I disagree with that. But, even if true, that does not make them a bad candidate for mayor. Some people are Pro-Life. I agree with that. But that opinion alone does not make anyone a good candidate for mayor or any other political office.

      Like I tweeted @ctycouncilomaha earlier today, what a bunch of gutless weanies, who can’t even use their own, real name in what passes for political discourse around here. Gutless. Weak. Irrational. Haters.

  20. Mark Andrews says, ‘Like I tweeted @ctycouncilomaha earlier today, what a bunch of gutless weanies, who can’t even use their own, real name in what passes for political discourse around here. Gutless. Weak. Irrational. Haters.”
    Mark,so who is Street Sweeper? This blog also allows people to post Anonymously, that’s a really hypocritical comment right there.

  21. Chris Jerram's War on Women says:

    Y’know, I really didn’t think the stripper t-shirt went quite far enough. Call it parody. Call it satyre. Spell it wrong. Whatever. There’s no line too low we Democrats won’t cross it when attacking Republican women like that c— Sarah Palin. So, it was only natural that we make nasty comments about Jean Stothert’s girl bits.

    And just in case anyone wondered: no liberals in this town EVER complained about what Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke. Not one. Didn’t happen. You can look it up.

  22. Just the facts says:

    Hey Pat McPherson-I’d be using your juvenile language too if my candidate were a flip flipper on Life and taxes. By the by, I’m not Daryl Bauer.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Are there any facts mentioned by “Just the facts?” No.

      1. I’d be glad to have a discussion about the range of pro-life/pro-choice positions of the mayoral candidates, provided anyone can explain what the office of mayor has to with that issue. Since city government cannot be shown to have anything to do with abortion, this is a red herring. It is merely a tactic to differentiate candidates about an issue that has no demonstrable, material relationship to the ongoing societal “wars” about abortion.

      I don’t elect a mayor to use whatever passes for a bully pulpit on life issues. I elect a mayor to solve a wide range of boring-but-important issues related to the provision of city services to Omaha’s citizens.

      2. Taxes. Has any candidate for mayor offered a draft budget for their first year in office, or, better yet, an complete service & spending plan for an entire 4-year term? I would like to see justification for all desired city services, along with plans to reduce, consolidate & eliminate less desirable services. Once the range of services is defined, along with the initial, continuing, fixed & variable costs for those services over a 4 year period THEN we can talk about what taxes are needed to finance those services.

      I sure haven’t heard anyone here talk about this. Maybe because people are too busy one-upping each other about stupid shit that doesn’t matter.

      If I were running for mayor, I’d have already started discussion about completing the unification of city & county government by 2018, and make damn sure I had negotiations underway with adjacent counties, and the remaining cities within Douglas County, to know how the unification of local government would affect them. That plus spending at least a day week in Lincoln to make sure I had the Unicameral on my side. But that’s just me.

      So, can any of the other anonymous, nameless posters here stop talking smack long enough to substantively address one of the issues I’ve raised. Not abortion, unless one of you can find even one line in city, county or state law stating what the mayor’s actual responsibilities are re/abortion. Don’t be afraid to break a sweat, as an E-6 friend of mine says.

  23. Mark Andrews says:

    To all anonymous posters:

    Here is a favorite story about the late Ann Richards, when she ran against Clayton Williams for the Governorship of Texas:

    Clayton Williams: “Ann, if you were a man I’d hit you in the mouth.”

    Ann Richards: “Clayton, if you were a man I’d kick you in the balls.”

    I, of course, an Ann Richards. The rest of you are the unfortunate Clayton Williams. MAN UP. Sign your real names. The quality of discourse will improve when people have to be who they really are.

    My God, I grew up in Omaha and always wondered how this town worked as a child and teenager. Now, after 8 years back here, in my early 50s, I find that the best I can say about political discourse, as evidenced by your comments this one thread, is this is a town of feeble, in-bred infants. I wish I was an elephant-sized centipede. That way I’d have 100 legs to kick you all with.

    A lollipop to the first of you yahoos who can make a real statement about a real issue using your real goddamn name.

  24. ares says:

    How manly and courageous it is to disparage another by name while refusing to disclose your own. No matter. You know who you are, lurking in the shadows of your own insecurity, hate, and misogyny. You’re a waste of time. No more words of mine, or anyone else, on this fever swamp of a blog could bring any more weight to bear than the reality of your own irrelevance.

  25. Asswhacker says:

    Kerrey’s minions called Fischer a “whore” and we all know how that turned out for Bob.

    You can call any white male GOP candidate a “racial bigot”, “misogynistic pig”, or “whoremonger”, and voters will demand the accused prove he’s not that. Call a woman a bigot and voters may hesitate. But call a woman a “whore” and voters come at you with pitchforks demanding proof.

    Suttle’s minions make him appear to slander a wife and mother in a way no voter would tolerate toward their own. Democrat ranks include blue collar workers who hold motherhood sacrosanct and feminists who have suffered such indignities from sexist bastards. They have been given reason to say home on Election Day. Anyone can win. It’s a race. But Suttle has given Stothert a gift.

  26. Pete Botkin says:

    Hey Mark Andrews,

    Don’t talk about quality of political discourse if you’re going to use such fowl language. As Beth Ragland once said to me: watch your darn mouth.

  27. Mark,
    This is MY blog. Not yours.
    The rules here say that you do NOT have to give your real name.
    And frankly no one CARES who you are.

    I do not like ad hominem attacks, and if they get too careless, we will delete.
    Like people yelping “Bullshit” over and over.

    This comment section is for people to make comments, arguments and points.
    At this point, you are making none.
    If you don’t like it and you don’t like the rules on Leavenworth Street, there are probably other blogs that you can go to to express your attitude.

    And thanks for reading.

  28. Mark Andrews says:

    Pete, kudos for using your real name. If you say “darn” again I’m gonna have to take you to the woodshed. No, seriously, it is a shame that, sometimes, strong language is necessary to get some sort of response out of the silent masses. There seems to be a kind of “coded language” in use around here, by would be agents of the various candidates for mayor, that permits vague comments instead of plain speaking.

    “Street Sweeper,” what you call ad hominems I call wearing my heart on my sleeve. At least in my case I am not hiding. I am out in the open, using my real name. I am willing to say sorry, admit my mistakes, accept correction, and take my punishment like a grown man. That is more than I can say for everyone else commenting here, with the exception of Pete. I will take him at his word that he is, in fact, who he says he is.

    SS, I appreciate your few reasonable rules. But don’t use the letter of your rules to defeat the spirit of your rules. I sense you are someone wants good government for Omaha. How does that happen with factless, aonymous commentary? If the purpose of your blog is merely politics as a spectator sport, great. Say so and I will set my expectations accordingly; you’ll have saved me a trip to a bar.

    I had the impression that this was a blog where it was possible to ask a substantive question and get a similar answer. I believe I have asked three or four such questions. I am still waiting for a response to them. I hear abortion being used as a wedge issue in an election unrelated to abortion. Do you agree or disagree? I see no independent discussion of and verification of the mayoral candidates short & long term service, budget & tax priorities – is anyone her able to take that on? I’m an idiot. but I could do some sort if analysis in a couple weeks that might stand up to 3rd party scrutiny. What do I hear instead? Outrage – mine more than anyone’s I hope – at a sexist attack on a woman candidate for no reason other than the fact she is a woman. SS’s disgust at such talk should be shared by everyone. I certainly do. The other candidates could not back-peddle fare enough fast enough from the t-shirt debacle. Whoever is responsible for that debacle is responsible for Omaha’s new, worldwide reputation as a misogynist hick town.

    My personal wish for the people behind that shirt is this: a whipping. Maybe not now. And probably not literally. But I will never forget was a viscious, low, filthy attack that was. I will bend my mind to finding & outing those responsible, even if it takes years, but I digress.

    Let me finish by saying as a son of Nebraska, we are an odd, insular, smug lot. We’ll down our noses at the rest of the country. The rest of the country can be forgiven for picking their noses and flicking us out. Do you doubt me? What would you think if I showed you a t-shirt with a woman candidate as a pole dancer, brought to you by a group calling itself “Suck my Private Area.” Sorry, foul language, darn it anyway.

    The political class in this town needs a boot in its collective ass. I am sorry if my aim was off. And this final comment: no one of our country’s founders signed any of our foundational documents with the word “Anonymous.” If you’re going to call me out, have the decency to sign your real name.

  29. The Super Duper Ultimate Insider says:

    Mr. Davis only works for Republicans. Hmmmmmm….If you want to know who is behind the mailer, see which politicos lights are on late at night as they worry about if the OWH, KETV, or even Chris Scott unveils the truth in this matter.

  30. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Mark, I don’t know how long you have followed LS. I post under my name and I have seen others use gheir name so I’m not sure why you feel you are all by your lonesome. As to the abortion question: it omes up under ordinances and zoning issues across the country. Lincoln’s City Council and Mayor dealt with city funding of Planned Parenthood for a number of years in the 90′ s. Pro-lifers in Lincoln packed city budget hearings and testimony ran for hours several times. Local officials often end up running for higher office where they deal with the abortion issue in legislation or resolutions.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Thanks, Julie. What you’re describing is a kind of penumbral acrual of abortion politics to elected office – abortion is just one example of this. I stand by my assertion that abortion is being used as a wedge issue to differentiate candidates from each other. I also stand by my assertion that the five cans of corn under consideration are pretty much the same under the label. Life issues are very important but remain peripheral to the actual governance of Omaha. I can be 100% pro-choice or pro-life and still be a perfect idiot as mayor. “Perfect idiot” is what we’re trying to avoid in this election.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Julie: After many years of observing your anti-abortion antics I have come to greatly respect your ability to corral the masses of Nebraska. Really! However it is too pitiful that after all these years you have never learned the difference between being “Pro-Life” and pro-living-humans. As I consider “Pro-Life” candidates you have gotten elected, juxtaposed against those completely helpless and dependent beings who have been neglected, —even unto death, by means of “Pro-Life” leadership, I can only pity ALL Nebraskans. I shall never forget that you catapulted Ben Nelson into the governor’s mansion and the U.S. Senate, BEFORE you brought him down!

      P.S. to Mark Andrews: Don’t worry. Julie knows my real name. That being said, I do like your style.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Thanks for the kudos, Texas Annie. Just so were clear, because I call myself Catholic, I believe all that the Catholic Church teaches about abortion. My nuance goes like this. The decision so abort is not so much a personal, moral failing as a social moral failing. Social indifference to the concrete situation people find themselves in, such that abortion is seen as an acceptable choice is nothing to be proud of. It is a sign of moral decay.

      Holding that position does not make me an acceptable or unacceptable candidate for mayor. It may make me an acceptable candidate for other political office, depending on the wide, wide range of problems to be addressed, and my demonstrated ability to address those problems.

      Fortunately I have the stable teaching of the Church to compare myself too. I hope I do better than Biden or Pelosi as a public Catholic. I also take a clue from Pope Francis, who says that respect for people you disagree with is the non-negotiable foundation of all discourse. I am sorry for not starting from there when I first opened my big yap.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I did not misunderstand you. Indeed, you have eloquently stated your position(s). We disagree on the abortion issue and that’s okay with me. But I hope you will stand strongly FOR the developmentally disabled of Nebraska. Google ‘Beatrice State Developmental Center’ and consider whether the Pro-Life Dave Heineman and all those Pro-Life Senators “serving” the people of Nebraska in the Unicameral caused the deaths-by-neglect there. Heineman did VETO monies need for their medical care and the Senators DID NOT OVERRIDE that veto which directly preceded the deaths…

    • TexasAnnie says:

      …And, when Ben Nelson was governor, at a time when I lived in Nebraska, he was the worst enemy of the DD population. He hid his bias against those unfortunate beings well enough that Julie was his best advocate!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Patrick Davis consulted for Don Stenberg for Senate back in ’06….wait a minute. Does anyone know if Don lives in the city limits?

  32. Macdaddy says:

    Mark, Sweeper’s previous posts had plenty of people expressing their outrage at those who are dragging Omaha down into the sewer. Of course, there were some like Progressive Oasis trying to run interference for Council”man” Jerram and the rest of his liberal, progressive, “tolerant” thugs, but most people were ticked. You have to keep in mind that some of the commenters are trolls who are trying to get you to say dumb things that they can then take to your place of business and cause trouble. (BTW, we are taking your word for it that you are one of the 7 Mark Andrews in Omaha. You may want to consider how you are affecting the lives of the other 6 since not everyone is going to take kindly to your posts). Being anonymous allows us to say our piece and not worry about it following us home. Yes, people can also make baseless accusations and take no responsibility for it. In Colonial Times, they made them with anonymous tracts and the Founding Fathers codified the practice in the Bill of Rights. Baseless anonymous accusations have a long and glorious history in America. It’s just more efficient nowadays.

  33. Mark Andrews says:

    You’ve hit on the difference between living in a democracy and working in one. My deal with my employer is simple. When I am working, that is all I am doing. I work, they pay me. I don’t speak for them and they don’t speak for me. Either one or both of us are free to walk away at any time, for any reason or none.

    People who “make trouble” because of what someone else is aledged to have said are not parties to that relationship. Human nature being what it is, some have an almost visceral attraction to ruining someone else’s day to gain political advantage. Haters gonna hate, but their time is perhaps better spent paying more attention to their family, friends and employer.

    Political anonymity has a place – it is free & expedient speach – but tends to the creation of a wasps nest and not human habitation, if you take my meaning. Nobody here is bringing Nixon down, are they? Using one’s name remedies that somewhat. As to those other Andrews, it’s a free country – to date. Their life is their business. What, their boss is gonna call them out because of what they think they wrote? In my experience intelligence drops the higher you get on the org chat. Thankfully there are exceptions.

  34. Mark Andrews says:

    This mornings OWH successfully pinned the flyer “tail” on a donkey named Dave Nabity.
    Mr. “Ideas for Omaha” “Omaha Alliance for Small Business” Nabity still clings to his plausible deniability, but careful use of Google may make short work of that. Remember the Law of Secrets. People love secrets. They love to know them and they love to tell them. Or as my late Dad used to say, people have big mouths.” It’ll be fun to see fun to see how this plays out.

    Five cans of corn, superficially similar.
    The People of Omaha, searching for the least stupid can.
    At this instant, it appears that Nabity is not “least stupid.”

    I never liked Dave’s idea of merging the public and school libraries together. That and the fact he and or Bo Bonn wouldn’t take public responsibly for their scheme at the outset. Maybe I’ll borrow Dave’s mower when the weather gets nice. No sense in having two mowers when one will do. Rather like libraries, wouldn’t you say?

  35. Mark Andrews says:

    Just so you know what I’m about here: the best politician, on her or his best day, is a barely tolerable expedience. Let’s keep these people on a tight leash at all times.

  36. BaconLove says:

    I say feed the stupid corn to the pigs then eat bacon.

    But for least stupid candidate, that would have to be Team Suttle with the exception of the brilliant staffer who tweets too much and is way over paid.

    I would like to vote for someone other than Suttle, but our alternatives are three Republicans trying to out conservative each other and a squishy independent who doesn’t have the chops for the job.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Well, no. There is no rule that says any of these people must be mayor, is there? Or, if elected, than an immediate recall can’t be mounted, to give the mayor, say two years of actual time on the job, under close supervision of course, before the electorate makes any necessary adjustments.

      Maybe it is time for council – city manager government. The title “mayor” becomes a honorific, more of a “head of state” kind of thing – you know, cutting ribbons, signing proclamations, that sort of thing.

      In the meantime there is a lot to be said for micromanaging politicians and political candidates. Just so everyone is clear about who is actually in charge, and who is doing who the favor.

  37. Interested Observer says:

    I’ve always perceived elected politicians to simply be the “hired help”, to do those jobs that all the rest of us, basically, don’t want to actually do ourselves. Sort of like, I don’t ever want to be the one to pump out my septic tank here at the ranch or I don’t want to be the one to go out in a raging blizzard to put the power lines back up on the poles when the electricity is out. I have my vet come out to preg check the cows as that’s also kind of a disgusting job. Like that TV show, “Dirty Jobs”. I don’t want to be the one who has to go arrest the belligerent drunk causing trouble at a bar.

    I have always also perceived the elected politicians to more correctly be the main “followers” of the majority of the voters, rather than as our “leaders”. Elected officials are essentially the “executive assistants” to the voters, charged with doing all those mundane things that need to get done every day to allow society to run smoothly.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Indeed. In the case of the mayoral election, perhaps it is time we tell the candidates what their job is, rather than waiting for the candidates to tell us what their plans are. Rather like my relationship with my boss. “You have plans, great. Here’s what you’re doing….” How best to do this?

    • Mark Andrews says:

      It must be difficult to be Jeremy Jensen today, given his limited vocabulary, and people trying to forcibly remove Mr. Jensen’s teeth from his head with blunt objects.

  38. Common sense says:

    How in the world do you let the World Harold write a story about what a d&@b a$$ you are? And maybe more importantly when they call how do you tell them to screw off and lecture them instead of just apologizing?

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I am living proof of what it’s like to be a defensive, self-important, a$$hole. You might as well ask how to be holy. It’s not habitual, that’s for sure.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      No, it’s plenty newsworthy Anon. I expect this isn’t the last we’ve heard about the unfortunate Mr. Jensen.

  39. Re: Anonymous says:

    What a completely stupid comment. What Jensen said is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter if it was “News Worthy” or not. It is wrong.

    It doesn’t matter if it was said today, yesterday or 2 months ago. It is wrong.

    What ever reason you give on why it ‘doesn’t matter’, you are wrong. The comment is still wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shall we go through your Facebook wall and see how long it takes to find a comment you’d prefer not be on the news?

  40. Re: Re: Anonymous says:

    What a completely stupid rebuttal. The post had nothing to do with whether or not Jensen was wrong. It was about whether or not a facebook post is news worthy. As in fit to be published in a newspaper. Like for example the Omaha World Herald.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you say all Facebook posts are not news worthy or just the ones in which you can’t defend your poorly written commentary?

      Jensen did nothing wrong, in my opinion. As a lady who is involved in politics, I could care less what an opponet says about me because I know I’m good at my job. Anyone in the field who is decent at their job doesn’t need a public pitty party for “hurt feelings,” and if they do, well, perhaps it’s time to find a new profession.

  41. Mark Andrews says:

    As time permitted I re-read the candidate statements in the OWH. I am sorry to say that, to a person, I cannot damn any candidate with faint praise – I can’t even offer faint praise to a one of them.

    The time has come to focus on the best way to manage whoever is elected, rather than engaging in the futile task of trying to elect the best candidate, or even the least bad candidate.

    Here’s a promise to whoever is elected. I am going to make you my hobby.

  42. BaconLove says:

    Just got my ballot and decided to vote for Welch.
    If you’re a Dem and don’t want Suttle, he’s worth a look. At least call his office and ask your questions.

    • BaconLove says:

      Spike. I’m actually just a voter. I did vote for Welch on my mail ballot. But then I read that Welch wants to strip unions of the right to negotiate, which is horrible. So, I’m backing to voting for Suttle in the General.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Anon #2 speak for yourself. I wouldn’t know how hard you blow. but thanks for stopping by. it was entertaining. I’d give you a t-shirt for a prize, but I am sure you already have one.

  43. Political Novice says:

    First let me state I am not going to use my real name as I work for the city of Omaha. Sorry Mark – I just don’t see putting a bulls’-eye on my back for one comment to a political blog. I am a registered independent so I do not have a political party bias towards any candidate but thought this was worth mentioning as the subject of prolife was brought up here.

    On March 4th, I received a robocall inquiring which mayoral candidate I was going to vote for listing them all. After I had made my choice a message came on from Dave Nabity came on explaining how he would like my vote. After the message finished the robocall continued and asked a few more questions. Male or female? Are you a city employee? The final question which I thought was very strange at the time was “are you prolife”? As Mark has already mentioned, I just couldn’t understand how this was pertinent to this election. Read into it what you will but it did happen. Maybe it’s not important but I thought some may find it of interest.

    My wish is for whoever is the mayor for this next term is for them to take a serious look at those in charge of the different city departments. The police and fire get all the attention and publicity but the day to day workings of the city falls to the civilian ranks. The leadership there is despised by the rank and file for the stupid decisions that come down which we must implement. They are not cost effective or even based on common sense. We at the bottom are only as good as our leadership allows us to be and try as we might – we seem to be going backwards. My vote will go to whoever seems willing to make changes at the very top.

  44. Mark Andrews says:

    What a pity that speaking your mind would put a target on your back. A clear sign that someone – not you, novice – has too much time on their hands. Which tends towards management & leadership – where is it? I can’t remember the author of “The Generals,” but I do remember its description of how George Marshall managed. He thought nothing of firing under- performing general officers, early and often. Marshall managed from the top. Now how do we apply Marshall’s principals to political candidates?

  45. Anon says:

    I thought he was fired by Janssen, and that he didn;t resign. Either way….As a woman, I was disguted by his comments, but I didn’t find it a fireable offense as he didn’t say it while employed for Janssen. I hope he comes out of this okay, especially since he just moved to either Fremont or Omaha a few weeks ago AND no campaign is going to touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Cause and effect are clear. Better to learn this early in one’s career. It’s more important that Janssen’s attitude & beliefs change, then behavior will follow.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Politics attracts the naive seeking to improve things (supporters) and also the ignoble who seek power (politicians). The latter prey on the former. So don’t risk using your real name blogging. You won’t change any minds here. The better you write, the more they target you. Free speech isn’t body armor.

  47. Mark Andrews says:

    What, then of the ignoble who seek to improve things who, at the same time, are the naïve who seek power? Sorry, Anon, there are not just two species of political animal.

    As to those who remain anonymous – which is their right – or use another name, regardless of your label, people write the same. They use similar rhetoric on the same blog over time. They use similar rhetoric on different blogs over time. They blog about the same topic, sometimes over time, sometimes at the same time different places.

    My point is patterns make you findable. I find anonymous bloggers regularly. Don’t think that not using your real name makes you untouchable. Everyone can be “found.” It just takes time and patience.

  48. Bam says:

    Funny how Nabity says on Becka that he said he has nothing to do with the mailing trying to disassociate Stothert with pro-life just days after he runs a poll asking people if they’re pro-life.

  49. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Why in the name of all that is holy did Mark Andrews post something at 4:38 a.m. and again at 8:04 a.m.? Holy cow man, we get it: you don’t sleep and you’re the most self righteous person on the internet. Get some sleep and when you wake up we’ll have a microphone and a little amp waiting so that you can have the mark andrews show and everyone will come listen.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I’m tired, bro, why don’t you talk for a while? Since when did having opinions become self-righteous? Speak up. I’m glad to listen.

  50. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    OK, so explain to me how this all went down with Jeremy Jensen. A bunch of whiny republicans complain about Chris Jerram posing with a t-shirt depicting Jean Stothert as a stripper. So, what did Erin Grace at the Wierd Herald do? Dig through all the Facebook pages of all the local pols until she found one with an offensive reference to a liberal woman?

    Sort of a “hey, well, THEY do it too” kind of thing? I get it. Good strategy, OWH. Except, next time, can you dig until you find someone a little less obscure than Jeremy Jensen? I mean, who the heck is Jeremy Jensen, really? Other than a Republican who said a bad word in reference to a …

    And I read the piece in the OWH breaking the “news” about Danielle Conrad being called the “c” word. (That’s news? Not to anyone who knows her.) And they quote Anne Boyle complaining that there’s no analogous “male” word for the “c” word. Anne, sweetie, that is so not true. You of all people should know it since the guy you’re married to is a real pr!$%.

  51. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    And just so we’re clear here, there’s nothing hypocritical about Democrats complaining when Danielle Conrad is called, y’know, in a private facebook post and NOT complaining about various public attacks against Republican women like the ones against Jean Stothert.

    And that’s because Sarah Palin really is “a dumb t#@^” to quote Bill Maher. And Laura Ingraham really is a “right wing slut” according to Ed Schultz. And I could go on and on with what liberals have said about Michelle Bachman and Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin and SE Cupp and others because when they say those things about conservative women, it’s OK because it’s true. Vulgar, but true.

    So, expect no similarly high dudgeon when Dems do it. Because IOKIYAAD.

  52. Anonymostly says:

    Just read some of the stories posted on-line about Jeremy Jensen’s facebook post (which doesn’t directly call anyone anything, by the way.) Sen Conrad says something to the effect that “Only Charlie Jannsen can bring accountability to this situation.” Supposedly by firing Jensen, I guess. Other prominent Dems like Mike Meister and others have joined the fray in comments on the OWH and Neb Watchdog.

    Boy, if they like guilt by association this much, I can’t wait until they find out what Steve Lathrop’s brothers have had to say about Jean Stothert. :O

  53. Anonymostly says:

    Ironically, if Tyson Larson’s bill prohibiting employers from investigating an employee’s social media postings was law, then Jeremy Jensen could have said whatever he wanted about Danielle Conrad and Jannsen couldn’t have fired him for it.

  54. Watching in Lincoln says:

    It seems that the media holds a field staffer for a gubernatorial campaign to a higher standard than an elected Omaha city council member.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Bye, bye Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram. You’ve disgraced yourself, your family, the City Council, and the entire city of Omaha. You really should do the right thing and resign. I’m really surprised you haven’t yet. Oh, that’s right. You’re a Democrat. Shame isn’t in your vocabulary.

  55. Some are missing the Point says:

    Quit trying to justify your BS by saying, “The other guys do it, {too, worse, more}.

    It’s wrong. Get used to being more professional and clean up your damn act. Everyone who does this is destructive to good campaigns. They and need to get off the bus.

  56. Anon says:

    The Ask Jessica poster infers that she leaked Jensen’s Facebook quote to the OWH. And the point of that would be what? Supposedly to diffuse the sympathy vote that is coming Stothert’s way for the nasty stuff done to her so another Republican candidate can get a leg up? I can’t keep up with the conspiracy theories on here.

    • uh huh says:

      you can’t try to understand these people. they are insecure, small men who can’t stand to think that smart, successful women are operating in “their” field. It’s really disgusting. But that’s who they are.

  57. weird says:

    So in the last two days the truth comes out about who’s behind the Stothert-Pelosi ad and a gubernatorial campaign aide calls a sitting state senator the c-word, the governor’s candidate ham-handedly responds, and after being called out for such ham-handedness, is forced to force the aide to resign. Both things would seem newsworthy. But on L Street? Crickets. I wonder why.

  58. bastards says:

    Given that we now know the Stothert abortion mailer is tied to Nabity’s allies, seems to me a few people here owe Jessica M an apology for insinuating she had something to do with it. But I’m not holding my breath. Issuing one would mean you knuckle-draggers actually had a modicum of class or decency, which I know you don’t.

  59. gut check says:

    are you kidding me, jeremy jensen? you get caught calling a state senator one of the worst names you could call anyone, demonstrating a disturbingly hateful view toward women. And your response is that you’re (you!) are a victim of a political hit and your privacy was invaded? And you’re still (still!) not showing a bit of remorse, blaming some conspiracy against you? What is wrong with you, man? I hope you get some clarity in your life. That’s not a good place to be, buddy.

    • help says:

      Given what i’ve seen and heard about this the last few days, it would seem the young man needs some help. Good that he’s getting away from the Janssen crowd – he would not find it there.

  60. smackdown says:

    Interesting how it took an absolute smackdown performed by Danielle Conrad on Charlie Janssen for him to do the right thing. Demonstrating some great leadership potential there.

  61. work opportunity says:

    I would agree Jeremy needs some help. His style of politics would seem to fit better in West Texas or generally anywhere in the backwater. Maybe his next campaign could be ending women’s suffrage.

  62. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    Well, let’s be honest here. I looked at Jeremy Jensen’s post. He didn’t mention Sen Conrad by name, but only by an oblique reference. And he didn’t use the c-word. He sort of did the c$&# thing. But no good crisis should ever go to waste, nor any verbal gaffe by someone registered as a Republican.

    Not saying what Jensen said was nice or good or anything. I must just be numbed to this kind of thing by the way I’ve seen liberals repeatedly do it to conservative women with nary a peep out of the Erin Graces of the world.

  63. Jeremys Facebook says:

    His latest post was “lesson of the week: unfriend Jessica Moenning”
    glad to see he gets it and is willing to take responsibility for something stupid HE did.
    that being said I feel bad for him, he has mishandled the press on this so badly that he’s screwed and wont be able to get a job in politics for a long time. He should have just apologized even if he didnt mean it and this wouldnt have been near as big a issue. instead he gave the world herald two middle fingers and walked out of the room and let this turn into a three day press saga by the time the stories about him being fired get printed tomorrow.

    the whole thing is a shame

  64. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    Besides, Danielle Conrad is sort of a loathsome creature and I can certainly understand the temptation to want to vent bile in her direction. Just don’t call her the c-word.

  65. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight: Jeremy Jensen posts a bad word on Facebook. It was wrong – I get that. Let’s move onto the bigger question here. I’ve read all the articles and can’t help but wonder: How did his private Facebook post get leaked to the OWH? It appears from the comment above that Jessica Moenning and Jeremy Jensen were Facebook friends. If Moenning leaked this, then she is responsible for potentially destroying a hardworking volunteer. Very few people are more committed to volunteer work, and for that the party will suffer thanks to Jessica. So next time you see Moenning, be sure to thank her for having one less donor, one less campaigner, and one less volunteer in the Republican party.

  66. Macdaddy says:

    Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram should resign and withdraw from the race. The fact that he hasn’t speaks volumes about his character. The fact that he’s under no pressure from Democrats to resign, including feminists who once again are more than happy to cover for their fellow power brokers, speaks volumes about their character.

  67. Keeping it Classy Janssen says:

    First, Jeremy Jensen is a fool. He demonstrated that by: 1.) calling a female state senator the c-word on facebook; 2.) claiming that it was a private message between his 400 friends to a newspaper reporter; and 3.) failing to apologize to the state senator immediately. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of working with him and have found him to be incompetent. Janssen is actually better off without him.

    Second, I am friends with both Jeremy and Jessica on facebook and saw the original post. If I recall, Jessica called him out on his poor choice of words and he deleted the post. Now, if you think she did that and then leaked a screenshot of it to the media you’re a bigger fool then Jeremy. Jessica is a lot smarter than that. If she wanted to leak it to the media, she would have waited a little longer. Oh I don’t know when, maybe waiting until a former speaker rejoins the governor’s race.

    Third, Janssen could not have handled this any worse. I am not only concerned about his judgment, I have serious reservations about the campaign advisers he has surrounded himself with. When his campaign appears to be insensitive to women, what do they do? They continue to trash women. Conrads right, Janssen’s campaign could use some sensitivity training. I would also suggest that you quit being stupid.

    Finally, in addition to learning how to treat women, Janssen and his team could also benefit from some education on the developmentally disabled. I read on facebook that they also like to use the r-word. If you have to use “word” in its description without offending someone, you should probably not be saying it or writing it on facebook.

  68. Anonymostly says:

    Spike, you’re a retard.

    And 9:42 above, calling someone a retard is an expression of contempt. The developmentally disabled, seems to me, have enough other things to be concerned about that they don’t need to bother getting offended — and you don’t need to get offended for them — if someone calls a non-developmentally disabled person a retard. Would you rather I called spike a c___? Surely not.

    Additionally, there’s a big difference between public discourse and private discourse. Things that would certainly be inappropriate in public discourse — like calling a female State Senator a c___ — would not necessarily be inappropriate in private discourse — like calling a female State Senator a c___. You would be naive indeed to believe that, in the privacy of their inner sancta, people on both sides of the aisel aren’t saying far worse about their foes.

    So, the fact that he said it does not, ipso facto, make it a big deal, much less newsworthy. People need to quit acting like the word itself is the big deal rather than the context in which it is used. In a public forum? Sure, get outraged. In a private conversation? Give me a break.

    • interloper says:

      Wow. That was not only incredibly offensive but wholly embarrassing for you. I apologize, on your behalf, for anyone who had the misfortune and displeasure of having read it. My only hope is that you’re not really a Nebraskan – maybe an interloper from Kansas or Arkansas or something.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Interloper: He’s a Nebraskan for sure. But he is correct in his impression that the DD population (of Nebraska) has greater things to be concerned about than being called a retard. I can’t stop feeling remorse for those unfortunate beings once taken into custody there: for them, it’s a matter of life itself! I don’t think I will ever forgive him and ALL Nebraskans for their general indifference to the Beatrice deaths.

    • Keeping it Classy Jensen says:

      Based on that logic, Anonymostly, then I guess you would find it acceptable to use the n-word in private discourse or on facebook. If that’s the case, you’re beyond redemption and in the wrong state. You should quit your job (unless you resigned from it yesterday) and move to Alabama or Mississippi. Someplace where they would really appreciate your lowbrow, knuckle-dragging and ignorant vocabulary. Because with supporters like you, Janssen does not stand a chance.

  69. when it rains... says:

    The Janssen campaign is off to a shaky start. First his most well known supporter is hualed off to jail for excessive DWI, now this. I would hope that the GOP is trying to find a more acceptable candidate. This frat boy campaign is a joke.

  70. Macdaddy says:

    Why are you guys still talking about Jensen? He quit or was fired. He lost his job and it’s doubtful he’ll ever work in this state again.

    Chris Jerram, on the other hand is a current elected Omaha official. He will be at the city council meeting every Tuesday acting like he cares about the people of Omaha when in fact, he is more than happy to make fun of them in very crude, sexist terms. In fact, he thinks all you Omahans are a joke in that he only has to put out some lame apology and you’ll buy it. Joke’s on you, folks, because you are buying it. When it counted, Chris Jerram didn’t even have the b**** to say to whoever put that disgusting shirt in his hands, “No, I’m not going to hold this up.” That’s cowardice, people. That’s a lack of integrity. Just think of how often he’s going along with everybody else behind closed doors in order to take advantage of you.

  71. when it snows... says:

    The rest of the state is pretty bored with the dysfunction of Omaha and just trying to keep it from spreading to the rest of the state. Even though he’s not from Omaha janssen campaign feels like frat boy Omaha politics. Sexist T-shirts, DWIs, conspiracy theories, ugh. The rest of the state would like elect some adults to run our government.

  72. With love, from Norfolk says:

    Hey! Looks like Jessica has joined the conversation! While we are on the topic of campaign advisors, I wonder how Mr. Rickets is going to feel when your ‘file’ gets dumped to media.

    In other words, enough of this petty BS. Lets get back to issues and winning on your own merits.

    Or, we can stay in the gutter with you and continue ripping this party apart for your own $$$$ gain.

    • Keeping it Classy Janssen says:

      It is really sad to see the Janssen camp learned nothing this week. Their ‘war on women’ and disabled persons continues. Who’s next on the hit list, minorities and unborn babies? Too late, they are already on it.

      I guess that explains why Janssen is only campaigning on issues that appeal to white men. Through process of elimination, we are the only ones left. Now that is a bold strategy.

  73. Mark Andrews says:

    Word to the party reps and campaign advisors lurking here: re/candidates, these are my choices? Re/the way you folks operate, based on your posts in this conversation, it is no wonder that political parties are at best a necessary evil. Hence my roaring in here like Treebeard at Isengard; I am being generous to myself though – I can be an Orc too.

    I read through all the articles and related posts on LS since the New Year. I can see how the site is a service, as it gives an unvarnished look at how some of the NE political class appear to operate. My initial response is to recommend watching the movie “Big Night.” Notice who the most patient character is.

  74. Jensen not only worked for Janssen says:

    Rumor had it he also was working for Stothert? What an interesting coincidence. Wonder if he’s been fired from Northstar Campaign Systems and from the Stothert campaign.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hear it for politioinfanticidanablism. If your kids grow up to be politicians you are obliged to kill and eat them. Think of it as a green alternative to noise pollution.

  76. Millard Association of Jolly Ginger Gentleman says:

    Is there any truth that a certain carrot topped Millard School Board member is filing a lawsuit against Pizza Machine for refusing to serve him due to his wavy ginger locks.

    There should be a city ordinance to deter companies from using anti-ginger practices.

  77. Anonymous says:

    RE: Planned Parenthood’s voter guide sheet from 2006…Stothert’s people are up in arms that it’s going around social media, but don’t say it’s not true that planned parenthood suggested people vote for her (but did not endorse her). They’re so much up in arms I think they are protesting a bit too much…

  78. You've Been Warned says:

    The people using the fabricated-by-democrats “r” word smear against Janssen should tread very, very carefully.

  79. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Hell, people in my own party (people who I could give two squirts of squirrel piss about) have called me worse things than the c word or the r word.

    Point being- in politics you shouldn’t say anything that you don’t want everyone hearing unless you’re literally behind a closed door or two.

  80. Anonymostly says:

    Here’s some great stuff from “Keeping it Classy Jensen”:

    Anonymostly, then I guess you would find it acceptable to use the n-word in private discourse or on facebook. If that’s the case, you’re beyond redemption and in the wrong state. You should quit your job (unless you resigned from it yesterday) and move to Alabama or Mississippi. Someplace where they would really appreciate your lowbrow, knuckle-dragging and ignorant vocabulary.

    KICJ, in effect, says, “Bigotry is bad and bigots should all move down to Alabama or Mississippi because that’s where all the bigots are.” Ironic, much?

    And, actually, your conclusion (that I support use of the n-word) does not even remotely follow from your premise (If I think using the c-word in private is OK). I don’t think the c-word and the n-word are remotely equal. The c-word is a gender-specific put-down not unlike a-hole, except a bit harsher and not to be used even in semi-polite company. The n-word is something completely different. But, after reading your hysterical rant, I don’t expect you to understand or “get” that.

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