Ads, tweets and denials

A new Brad Ashford for Mayor ad is up.
See it here:

Holy Super-Edit Batman! That’s 13 images in a :15 second commercial!
It’s like an MTV video on Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of Super Choco-Sugar Os!

We know it can be boring, but we STILL like the candidate just talking to the screen.
Then again, as others have said, ALL of these are pretty run-of-the-mill campaign ads, yeah?
Anything outside of the box?
If one candidate were definitely behind, maybe we’d see that.
We dunno.


Just in case you weren’t getting enough of tasteless anti-Jean Stothert Twitter accounts, here is a new one (@JeansNotMean).

We understand the more crude Tweets have already been deleted.
Rock on!


Annnd here is the Dan Welch ad that we had up the other day, that was aired briefly, then taken down (care of the Stothert camp!). This is the actual ad with video.


And as has been noted everywhere else, it looks like Dave Nabity was behind the anti-Stothert abortion mailer. Though they’ve denied it.

Which we don’t get.

Why deny it? Why go anonymous in the first place?
Make the criticism and own it, yeah?
Instead you deny it, get caught, and then everyone says, “what the hell?”

Oh well.

Here’s D-Nabs’s latest ad hitting Stothert:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again I’ll say you gotta be nuts to actually go out of your way to click on a video to view political ads. If I want bad television I’ll turn on fox news.
    Who gets their dander up by looking at twitter posts skewering mean jean? Could spend a lifetime looking over tasteless tweets. So what, it s not like JS is Mayor and nut jobs like slum lord aspen and becka spend a fortune trying to recall her.
    Get over it.


  2. True Anonymous says:

    Who runs Leavenworth Street – why is Street Sweeper anonymous? Could it be because he is a Stothert campaign consultant? Why is he remaining anonymous? Mr. Sweeper – perhaps you should check your facts before you make accusations. This article is very telling about you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeremy Jensen, remember a week ago when you told is how organizing Paulbots for the county conventions wasn’t a career limiting move? Tell is all again how that position on Janssen’s campaign proves that everyone in the party thinks your wonderful.

  4. Mayor Bracketologist says:

    Ashford has no chance. He’s a bipartisan, independent problem solver. Omaha voters do not seem to value any of those qualities.

  5. Mayor Bracketologist says:

    Ashford has no chance. He’s a bipartisan, independent problem solver. Omaha voters do not seem to value any of those qualities.

    • BaconLove says:

      First he was Republican. Then Democrat. Then Republican and back soon enough to Democrat before he just gave up.

      That’s not bipartisan. That’s bipolar.

  6. BaconLove says:

    Here are the reasons I don’t like each of the candidates.

    Suttle: Thinks our tax dollars are play money. Asked city departments to cut spending. Gave raises to staff. (lulz) Oh, pays homeless people to vote for him. Yeah, that’s not sleazy.
    Stothert: Played cutesy game with fire fighter’s contract. Cost us more in the end.
    Nabity: More tax money wasted on the recall? We have this thing called an election
    Welch: I voted for him on my primary ballot (maybe I can get a new one? Then I’ll vote Mort Sullivan) Says he’s going to solve the pension issue by squashing labor rights. Um… no thanks.
    Ahsford: Too wimpy to ask for campaign contributions, which makes me think he hasn’t the chops. Doesn’t hire professionals judging by his ads. And has the terrible idea of merging the city and county.

  7. True Anonymous says:

    Sweeper – I’m disappointed in you. Always thought you fairly provided both sides of the arguments. I’m glad you rewrote your article from what you had up in your original version of this post. Trying to tack the fliers on Dave when you clearly have no proof. Knowing who you are, wouldn’t readers like to know that you also have a relationship with Patrick Davis? Wouldn’t readers like to know that Stothert campaign consultants and Welch campaign consultants also have relationships with Patrick Davis? Won’t be reading your blog any more because you clearly aren’t the credible “insider” you once were. Nice try though. Disappointed.

  8. TA,
    Anyone can deduce Nabity’s involvement.
    But again, who cares, except that he denied it. That’s what we don’t get.
    We will try to carry on this blog w/o you.
    And thanks for reading (and we KNOW you’ll be back, bwhahahahahaha!).

  9. Jim Esch says:

    That was a Jeopardy styled answer…I don’t think anyone else had said it yet. Sorry, I will be more clear next time. By the way, that was an awesome series.

  10. Mark Andrews says:

    Do political adverts work? I don’t watch any TV with such; no need for ads with Netflix. So, no cable or conventional TV. I listen to music on the radio and on the ‘Net – no talking heads or commentators of any stripe. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid. So all that ad money does what exactly?

  11. Chris Jerram's War on C$&#s says:

    Do any adverts work, Mark? Not with you, apparently. Nothing unique about political ads under your scenario where you hide yourself under a rock and avoid media.

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