What happens to this OWH staffer & his Tweets?

Omaha World-Herald columnist Erin Grace made a point to the Nebraska political class:
You take down one of ours, we will take down one of yours.

Stothert strip shirt 02 - JerramWhen Democrat Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram displayed the “Jean Stothert is a Stripper” shirt, it clearly meant much less that Stothert is a woman, than that Jerram is a Democrat.

See, we never did see any suggestion by Grace, or anyone else at the OWH, in their “news” stories or their “columnist” stories or their Editorials (in which they assailed “anonymous” comments — in their unsigned editorial) that Jerram should resign or lose his living or anything else.

Pretty much after Jerram apologized all was cool.

But political operative Jeremy Jensen uses a bad word?
You’re out buddy! Oh, and we’ll also put your mug shot on the front page so as to publicly shame you!

Now, you can argue about what Jensen did. But is it really the end-all-be-all of the worst you can do? (By the way, there was an entire South Park movie on this issue, in case you’ve forgotten.)

If you say “f**k” you are darned to heck. If you say “frack”, you can have yourself a fine TV show on the SciFi channel (10 points for those who got that reference).

Here’s a Q: What if Jensen had called Conrad a “bitch”. Is that cool? And if so, what exactly is the difference in meaning between “bitch” and “c**t”? And don’t start the whole, “would you use that word to your mother or daughter or teacher” whatever. We’re just asking a real question.

Because if Jensen had said “bitch” instead of the other, our guess is no one really bats an eye. Heck, Newt Gingrich’s mom called Hillary Clinton a bitch on national TV and she never got fired from anything.

Hey, we’re not saying what Jensen said wasn’t stupid. He is in the political world, has been for a while, is an adult and should have known better. But we’re just asking what the reprisals are for all of this stuff.


So that brings us to Jeff Sheldon, writer for the Omaha World Herald and Communications Director for the liberal non-profit Nebraska Appleseed organization.

Sheldon has himself a Twitter account where he likes to make political attacks. He describes himself on that account as a “correspondent for the Omaha World-Herald” as well as the “Communications Director for Nebraska Appleseed”.

Jeff Sheldon - Twitter description - cached 032313JPG


And the other day, Sheldon wrote the following Tweet:

Jeff Sheldon - Tweet - 032113JPG


You would say that what Sheldon wrote is demeaning to state Senator Charlie Janssen and his family.
You would say that it is disrespectful to a state Senator.
You could say that what Sheldon wrote is racist.
You could even say that it is libelous.

(By the way, 16 Republican senators opposed the state-funded prenatal care for illegal immigrants bill, among them (former state Senator) Deb Fischer, Tony Fulton, & Lavon Heideman, not to mention Governor Dave Heineman.)

So, what does Erin Grace of the Omaha World-Herald have to say about Sheldon’s Tweet?
What does state Senator Danielle Conrad, of Nebraska Appleseed, have to say about the Tweet?

Well, we know that SOMEONE said SOMETHING to Sheldon about it, because after it was pointed out to the OWH, Sheldon’s Tweet in question MAGICALLY disappeared.

And his Twitter account description MAGICALLY looks like this:

Jeff Sheldon - Twitter description - current 032313JPG

Oh it’s a PERSONAL account now, is it?
Because we’re pretty sure that’s what Jensen’s Facebook account was.

And interesting that Sheldon used that “brown people” tag, just like this parody account against Senator Janssen.

FakeSenJanssen Twitter acct

The parody account regularly calls Janssen a racist and Janssen’s wife a hooker.
Repeat: calls Janssen’s wife a hooker.
Has been doing so since April of last 2012.

Has anyone at the OWH or Appleseed asked Sheldon about this?
Has anyone at the OWH asked about that account?
Have there been any stories about that for Janssen — after he was essentially accused of being a sexist for hiring Jensen?

Hey, we have no idea who is behind this account, but it certainly is an interesting piece of filth, isn’t it? (Oh, but is it cool since it’s against Janssen?)

Don’t be confused folks.
It goes like this:

If you do something bad and you’re a Democrat, you have to say you’re sorry.
Or not say you’re sorry. Whatever.

If you’re a Republican, you’re fired.


Oh, and since the OWH put Jensen in the stocks for flogging in the public square, we asked him if he would like to comment about it all here on Leavenworth Street. If so, it will go here, so check back if you wish.


  1. Mark Andrews says:

    I watched the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica with real joy, that was a great show.

    But somebody’s tin foil hat is on too tight re/Twitter. The problem is not double standards, the problem is no standards. Why is that acceptable?

    As for those 16 senators and the governor, I don’t know if they are racist or not. I hope, and I assume, that none of them are racist. I do think they’re cheap. Not spending a pittance on prenatal care for little human beings is a fine way to support the immigrants – legal & illegal – whose labor is saving rural Nebraska’s remaining industry. Aren’t those the same people the Republican party desperately wants to reach else it goes the way of the Whigs?

    So Say We All.

    • Cylon Six says:

      And not only are those 16 senators and the Governor against taxpayer-funded prenatal care for illegals, no state that borders Nebraska allows it either. So say we all!

    • Cylon Six says:

      Many liberals say “These people do jobs that many Americans are unwilling to do” and that’s about as racist of a statement as can be made…it also happens to be untrue.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I’m unmoved. I’ve lived long enough to know that we’re all a people of law, except when the law needs to be bent in our favor. That is a human problem, not a Democrat or Republican problem.

      To reiterate, not paying for prenatal care is miserly at least and another symptom of the culture of death at worst. A majority of voters are against it? Fine. A majority of voters can be wrong. This is not the first time that has happened or the last time that will happen. Polls only tell us where our collective, weakened human nature is leaning at a point-in-time.

      If illegal labor left the United States, agriculture would grind to a halt. That’s not going to happen. Consumers want cheap groceries. Agribusiness has money to make, no penalty for using illegal labor, and no incentive to stop using such labor and sending people packing.

    • Cylon Six says:

      Then I suggest you go berate all the other states that don’t allow it. It’s easy to say “we must spend the money on this” when you’re spending someone else’s tax dollars. The taxpayers are tired of being nickled and dimed to death while illegals are being given handouts left and right.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      At the moment I don’t care what other states are or are not doing. I live in this one, so I am going to berate elected officials in Nebraska, and the political class that handles them, and the people that support both, for holding a morally indefensible position. For those that are Catholic, as a fellow Catholic I fear I see some “cafeteria Catholicism” at work.

      As for the tax payers – I am a tax payer. I pay for stupid things I don’t want every day. I am tired of being nickeled and dimed to death too. For example, we have a new radio system for the State Patrol that doesn’t work right. How do you screw that up? The governor is coming back to local government and “asking” (which means he’s actually just short of “telling”) local government to “join” the new system. What he’s really saying is “Gee, this thing won’t work as designed. We need more money to fix it. Besides, all public safety providers in Nebraska should be using one system anyway.”

      A statewide radio system and illegal immigration have nothing to with each other, except that each is a problem to be solved at some cost. Resources being finite, some choice has to be made about what gets fixed first. I fault the taxpayers – beginning with myself – for being hands-off state and local budgets. There is real money to be saved, provided we give government guidance about what to keep and what to pitch. I don’t see that, I see a fact-free scrum going on.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Here’s Mt 10:42 from the KVJ (1611): “And whosoeuer shall giue to drinke vnto one of these litle ones, a cup of cold water onely, in the name of a disciple, verily I say vnto you, hee shall in no wise lose his reward.”

      The following verse does not have Jesus saying “Now get thee gone to thy country of origin, illegal immigrant.”

      Now, a big problem with the Bible is that we all love to quote a book we don’t read. And when we do quote it, we don’t understand what we’re reading. So Jesus is not talking about illegal immigration per se, He’s talking about how to treat someone in need. No other conditions are mentioned, as if He was only talking about giving a drink to a thirsty person.

      Political parties, like all social and legal constructs, have no innate moral sense. Only human beings have such a sense. Political parties are an incomplete, collective reflection of moral sensibility. What’s the old saw about economists? If you line them end-to-end they’ll point in all directions. The same is true for Democrats and Republicans. But these 17 people seem to be pretty well lined up in the same direction re/illegal immigration, and to the extent they share an indefensible position, they also stand condemned, together and separately.

      It’s a tough day to be a Toaster, Cylon Six.

    • Cylon Six says:

      The problem with your use of this passage is it is an individual freely giving somebody a drink of water as opposed to government imposing this upon its people. This is not a verse for the government, this is talking about individual kindnesses. Truly this is the job of the church if they choose to help out, but it’s not a mandate or a command imposed by law or by government. Although this is a good principle to live by, you’re taking it out of context.

      It’s a tough day to be a human, Mark.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Your understanding of the context is too narrow, unbiblical, shows no understanding of the social & cultural climate that gave rise to the Sacred Scriptures, and is inconsistent with Church Fathers, the Ecumenical Councils, and a majority of the magisterial Reformers. Your level of play has to come up – way, way up – to engage in theological debate with me.

      To reduce Scripture to the level of individual niceness is another example of the Modernist, me-first rot that bends Scripture to a vapid, individual convenience. Jesus was not crucified, died and raised for the sake of “niceness.” Be grateful God forgives stupidity as well as sin.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Hmmm…some of us don’t believe/abide scripture. And I’m disappointed, Mark Andrews, to have read here that you fault the taxpayers, yourself included, for being hands-off regarding state and local budgets. I guess that means you don’t realize that in Nebraska no high school graduate ever waits to get into a state supported college/university. Ever. Why? Because the state budget generously provides resources enabling immediate entrance, excessive administrative compensation, capital construction, and, whatever the red coats in the appropriations committee hearing room at the unicameral demands each and every biennial budget!

      Yet once the DD population graduates or earns a certificate of completion, that individual waits for services, and waits, and waits. Even when meager monies are scheduled to their benefit, those dollars have probably been extracted from monies intended for the administration and/or pay for the providers of those services. (And when they were in K-12 school, they were undoubtedly slighted in Nebraska, budgetarily-speaking.)

      Is this an example of “the culture of life” you substantiate in view of your hands-off stance? If so, I do believe those unfortunate beings would be better off dead and I would grant them a right to die. Too bad completely dependent beings are required to live without community supports; it is a sadistic practice…

    • Mark Andrews says:

      @Cylon Six – Getting stuff from ministers doesn’t mean you’re getting anything useful.

      @Annie – Are you talking about beings as in “all sentient beings” or “human beings?” I have affection and responsibility for the former and the latter.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well let’s just leave it at all beings. But most particularly, the DD population, which, is grossly neglected in your state. I have been hoping (since you appeared here at Leavenworth St.) that you would take up their advocacy. They are in dire need once taken into state custody. They have no liberty, you know. And after watching repeated broken state promises and comparative appropriations for their care next to that of the university system since 1995, I can tell you that your “hands-off” habit does not amount to “responsibility,” but rather the continued neglect typical of Nebraskans. Your state’s “pro-life advocates” simply don’t give a damn, from your current governor on down. He didn’t even appropriate monies to shrink the waiting list for their services within his current biennial budget which will be debated in the upcoming weeks. And your unicameral representatives either will not appropriate enough, or, they will not override a gubernatorial veto. I’ve seen this scenario too many times. Even your “defender of the downtrodden” only exploits their cause as needed for his own gain!

      Just what does your responsibility for them amount to?

    • Mark Andrews says:

      @Annie – “your state?” Why, what state are you in (and I am referring to what state in the Union)? For that matter, among the 50 states, who is doing a good job in your book? And how is that work organized & funded? Maybe there is an applicable example or examples for Nebraska somewhere.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      C’mon Mark! Describe your notion that you are “responsible” for the developmentally disabled of Nebraska. Are you responsible in the sense of a Kantian “duty?” Do you have a moral imperative for taking a hands-on inspection of your state budget? Do you have a moral imperative for writing eloquently to “pro-life” leaders concerning the killings-by-neglect at the Beatrice State Developmental Center? Do you have a moral imperative for community activism on their behalf?

      Or is your “responsibility” limited only to prayer?

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I Kan’t say I’m motivated by duty or prayer, just example (Jesus, as I understand Him) and need. No amount of hard work by the DD is going to lighten their burden, so I’ve got to help. First personally, and working outwards from there.

      Where I might agree with so-called conservatives is, yes, money can be saved by spending less, by doing less and by taxing less. Where would I spend money? On the DD and those with mental illness for sure. I’ve got to get a look at the budget(s) to see what can be thrown out.

      Where so called conservatives and so called liberals stand together, and condemned, is on their shared, pivotal value: personal liberty. Where they differ is their particular expressions of personal liberty. Since personal liberty and personal responsibility are two sides of the same coin, personal responsibility has to be accounted for too.

    • Cylon Six says:

      Mark, just because you think you’re educated “a lot” doesn’t mean you’re an expert on all areas. If I had a college degree in history, that wouldn’t automatically make me smarter than someone who is a mechanic…especially when it comes to fixing cars. We already have some supposedly super-smart educators in the Legislature–Bill Avery comes to mind–who are convinced they are experts on everything, but don’t have a nickel’s worth of common sense.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Okay Mark. You seem Libertarian and I like that. But remember: I’m pleading on behalf of the DD who have been taken into state custody! Ten of them were killed-by-neglect in Nebraska not too many years back, while your current governor and most legislators were, uh, “serving” the people (primarily university system and corporate types). They’re still in office and not much has changed for the DD population. NOW is the proper time for you to contact the Unicameral Appropriations Committee and make your voice heard.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      C6, I won’t be coy, and I also won’t take credit for other people’s ideas. Understanding Scripture is easier when I imagine I am a 1st Century, Mediterranean, Jewish, peasant. That comes from The Context Group.

      You and I, by contrast, are 21st Century, American, nominally Christian and something called “middle class.” No such group existed in antiquity or was remotely imaginable by the peasant class (the ancient 99%) and the rulers of the Roman Empire (the ancient 1%). So, by saying Scripture, Mt 10:42 in our discussion, is simply a matter of being nice, that tells me about the contemporary reader of the ancient text, not the ancient writer and reader inspired by Jesus.

      Here’s another example. “You are the salt of the earth.” What is the “salt” and what is the “earth?” Here’s what that means. In antiquity every housing compound had a place to cook. The heat for cooking, and to warm oneself, came from the “(h)earth.” Sound familiar? The fuel for the hearth was dried animal dung – and salt was used to catalyze dried dung so it would burn.

      “You are the salt of the earth” is not about the preservative, medicinal or flavoring uses of salt. It is about the people at the bottom of the social ladder being the source of help for all those like them. That in contrast to their local government, the Sanhedrin, and the occupying power, Imperial Rome. That was a seditious statement because what it meant was that the people most dependent on the State, as defined at their time, didn’t need it. That was the seed of reflection about that led to later, creedal statements about His divinity, and about the final dissolution of the Roman Empire.

      If you believe in even one miracle, all miracles are possible, even if you find one miracle more convincing than others. The miracle I find convincing is not the Creation, the Incarnation, or even the Resurrection – though I believe in all of these. The thing that convinces me of Jesus divinity is getting human beings to change their minds about how to treat each other.

      I hope that’s useful to you. Happy Easter.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, but my current focus is on LB 505, currently before the Unicameral’s Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee.

      I’ve been registered as everything – Democrat, Independent, Republican, Libertarian. Even Modern Whig. Lately I’ve been leaning toward the United States Pirate Party, but we’ll see.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well good luck with that. Time and time again I watched the Unicameral debate insurance coverage for behavioral health, only to see the ideas go down in flames. The insurance lobby there is too powerful, and the fiscal note ($500 thousand – 2014 and one million – 2015) is likely to doom the bill. Sorry. But you can bet the university system will get their new monies for the purpose of freezing tuition over the next biennium! In case you didn’t realize, Nebraska taxpayers support approximately 2/3 the total cost of operating the university system already…

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is it about white Democrat men who are married to white Democrat woman that makes those racist whitebreads think they can reasonably accuse all Republicans, including minority Republicans, of being racists? The “N” word is used nowhere more frequently and vehemently than by registered-Democrat union workers. Yet it is the Progressive Liberals among Democrats who marry within their own race who seem most stridently to attack women and minorities on political pretext. And when I say strident, I mean bitchy. Bitchy Democrat men. What’s that all about?

  3. To really? says:

    Amy Poehler left SNL four years ago. Your pop culture references have jumped the shark.

    Oh, and the World-Herald and Appleseed should apologize to Janssen.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      And the problem with that would be what, exactly? What is somebody going to do, hold my words against me? I’ve been posting on the Internet since before the Internet existed, on dial-up bulletin boards, for pete’s sake. It’s pretty hard to go back and pretty-up or remove every word I’ve written since 1996. That hasn’t stopped me from, very fortunately, having gainful employment.

      I learned a long time ago that the best way never to be caught in a like is not to tell one. The best way not to act like I have something to hide is not to hide anything. Those few parts of my life that are truly private are TRULY private. I don’t write about those things, even on paper. Or discuss them with anyone. Oooo, now what might those things be? I’ve already admitted I’ve broken all 10 of the Commandments in thought and/or word and/or deed. In fact I do that when I pray the Confiteor every Sunday. That doesn’t narrow things down very much, does it?

      Anonymous, I’m going to taunt you a little bit. Do you want to hold my words over my head? Do it. Do your worst. But when you accuse me you must use your real name.

      See ya’ in court.

  4. Shell Gordon says:

    This Jeff Sheldon is a real peach. His tweets regularly resort to name calling. He recently referred to proponents of Voter ID, another Janssen bill, as “wingnuts.” Appleseed us really lucky to have this guy raising the level of discourse and championing their issues.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The GOP will have a real dilemma if Charlie is nominated. As they are moderating their stance on immigration he is camping out on the radical fringe of the party. I don’t think he hates anyone, it is just his policies create perception, right or wrong. He better toughen up if this tweet makes him feel like a victim.

    • Fact says:

      The vast majority of the Nebraska Republican electorate holds the same view on immigration as Charlie Janssen does. They do not share this national party, RNC handwringing about moderation on the issue.

      Do you really think Dave Heineman would publicly call out Mike Flood on parental care if he thought Nebraska voters were on Flood’s side? Get real.

  6. About time says:

    Finally. Yes– what Jensen said was wrong, and his comments to the Herald were stupid. However, he was a staffer– not a city councilman. There is an obvious double-standard here– apparent at both the national level of the media, and the local as well. The snarky reporting in the Jensen story spilled through (“430 of his closest friends”, etc.). But he’s just plain evil, so it’s OK.

    Remaining questions– when did Ms. Grace become aware of the race-baiting anti-Janssen tweets of her fellow W-H correspondent? Did she tell him? Were they scrubbed after her warning? Why? Is the story forthcoming? (Doubtful.)

    Will the rest of the press or talk radio hold the Herald accountable– or is it one big happy family? And to those who dismiss this above– you’re either blind, or lefty hacks who benefit from the double standard (if that’s not redundant). No shark-jumping was done here- this is the kind of stuff that needs to get out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks “facts”. It is nice to know that anti immigration stance by Janssen and NGOP is not good policy but rather a political calculation.

    • Fact says:

      And what, exactly, do you consider the national push toward amnesty to be if not a political calculation? “GOP: We need Latino votes or we’ll lose elections.” Sounds political to me.

      Nebraska Republicans believe in the rule of law. Those here illegally have broken the law and that should not be rewarded with free health care, taxpayer-funded tuition, etc. Political? Not so much.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Another 2 anti-Jensen reader letters in the BWH today. None about Jerram. Could that be because the BWH would not put a picture of the t-shirt in the paper? Might make a difference, wouldn’t it? Instead, today they try to link all of this to Nabity and Welch. With the proper denials, of course.

    For Jensen, of whom I have never heard before last week, they could print what he wrote in the paper because he wrote c$&@. Everybody’s dirty minds filled in the rest and filled it in they did. Thaere’s a textbook example of a hit job. And the elected official goes merrily along his way because he’s in the protected class. Jean Stothert is not. Jeremy Jensen is not. But a fat, dim-bulb white guy who has a D after his name is home free.

  9. Inquiring Minds says:

    Will the OWH fire the staffer who made the racially insensitive tweet? A tweet so vile he deleted it and changed the description on his account? Waiting…

  10. FFW says:

    Jensen represented Janssen and, in my opinion, can be fired for any reason Janssen chooses. (I might have fired Jensen not for using that word but for being stupid with social media.) That’s the nature of the political world. However, I think you’re right SS, he would not have been fired had he used the b-word instead of the c-word.

    What’s the difference between b and c? Well I think for starters (some) women have decided it is acceptable to call another woman a b. They’ve been called one and probably called another woman one too. However, c still has a shock value. We’re not used to hearing that word flung around the way we are with b.

    Second, c is also used to refer to a certain part of the female anatomy, a part of the anatomy which (most) women keep private.

    Should there be a difference? I don’t know. But I do know that both words are unnecessary.

    Re: Jeff Sheldon Yes, of course, Republicans are only motivated by their hatred of brown people, black people, puppies, children, women, teachers, horses, Native Americans, Muslims, Debbie Wasserman Schultz staffers, poor people, and union workers.

  11. Outrage says:

    1 day of stories on an ELECTED official proudly holding a gross depiction of a woman elected official with crude, offensive remarks while he was out in public…
    1 WEEK of stories on a STAFFER who wrote a crude, offensive remark on facebook of a woman elected official.

    Where on Earth does that make sense? Why would anyone hold a staffer more accountable than an ELECTED OFFICIAL?

    *** The OWH will call out someone else’s staffer for being inappropriate, will they be the fair news source they claim to be and call out THEIR staffer?

    Lastly: Janssen’s wife certainly doesn’t deserve those comments. Since when is it OK to attack someone’s spouse? She is a young mother, where is the outrage on this injustice? I dare also say that this not becoming a story of its own is sexist and agist. Just because someone is a young, attractive woman it is OK to refer to her as a PROSTITUTE? That, right there, is bigotry. What does Danielle Conrad have to say about this?

    Everyone must be mighty afraid of Janssen for him to get this kind of attack 14 months before a primary….

  12. Shocked says:

    Is it ANY surprise that Erin Grace is a registered Democrat? Don’t most journos usually register as independent or non-partisan to avoid even the appearance of impropriety?

  13. Anonymous says:

    So in summary , what have we learned through words or actions recently.

    Appleseed Center does not like Senator Janssen
    Dave Nabbity does not like Stothert
    Senator Jannsen does not like senator Nantkes
    Jerram is an idiot and
    Senator Lautenbaugh is a drunk.

    Do any of those discoveries surprise anyone?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I still can not believe jerram did that. He should resign. Politicians spouses should be off limits but obviously charlie Janssen is appealing to the bigots. I have never heard of this Sheldon guy but he is kinda cool.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Republicans are so inept to understand why women are turned off by them. It’s sad when on election night someone asks ‘what happened with the rape guy?’ then someone has to ask’ which one?

    • It’s also sad when someone asks “What happened to that guy who called that that one gal a stripper?” and the answer is, “The Democrats still voted for him.”

      Yeah, I know…the Dems weren’t the ones behind the shirt…but they’ll still vote for Jerram. Maybe twice.

    • Anonymostly says:

      It’s because they see the Democrats’ Big Government providing handouts to single moms as a substitute for a father providing for his family. Duh.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I really can’t believe the Omaha world Herald is holding higher standards for a campaign staffer than for an Omaha City Councilman. Double standard!!!

    • Anonymostly says:

      I have no trouble believing it. Still leaves me shaking my head. But that’s what you get with Democrats. Duplicity.

  17. Bad boys, bad boys says:

    The difference between B and C is that B refers to the manner in which a woman is behaving. C, on the other hand, reduces a woman to just gender- not even gender… just anatomy. And the use of C suggests that she is only female anatomy. The word itself has a threatening undercurrent, like the woman is nothing more than her C, which is for use -perhaps a demeaning use.

    Jeremy Jensen was wrong to use the C word. He has not apologized. Those are facts.

    Nobody called for Jeremy Jensen’s resignation. Charlie Janssen wants to win the Republican nomination for Governor and Jensen became a liability, after he refused to apologize or even acknowledge what he did was wrong. Not politically incorrect, but wrong. Instead Jensen and friends are doubling down and crying “double standard,” attacking a growing circle of women, saying any criticism of Jensen’s bad behavior and Janssen’s poor handling of the situation is motivated soley by politics. This continuing downward spiral of actions, including this blog post, just hamper Charlie Janssen’s chances of being elected. The fact that the Janssen campaign and this blogger cannot understand that is why they just won’t win.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Janssen does realize that if by some unfortunate chain of events that he’s elected governor that he’ll have to, you know..actually work?

    • to Money Man says:

      He is? Which one? Because the one he publicly says definitely is not.

      And just because he’s CEO doesn’t mean anything. If he’s consistant with how he does things in the Legislature, he wouldn’t attend meetings half the time and would make others do the work he’s supposed to do.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “I am so offended that Charlie Janssen is being called a racist” said no minority voter, ever. If you don’t eant to be called a racist don’t write racist bills.

  20. They Need a Time Out says:

    Did Dave Nabity and Dan Welch really run off an cry to the paper about Stothert’s ad? I am no Stothert fan but I have heard both of them hammer Stothert time and time again. Saw both of them put up TV ads of their own targeting that woman. Now she punches them back and they run off and cry like a couple of little girls?

    Maybe they need to grow a pair. Ashford is looking better and better.

  21. Jerram Should Resign says:

    I think Jerram should resign. Why hasn’t anyone called on him to resign? Why isn’t the NEGOP revving up their engines? Danielle Conrad was brilliant in keeping the pressure on Janssen and Jensen. Why hasn’t Stothert called for Jerram’s resignation?

    • Um... says:

      Conrad, brilliant? Not hard to keep pressure on when every member of the media sticks a microphone in your face.

      Story on Jensen breaks Thursday, he’s gone by Friday. Seems Janssen acted fairly swiftly once he had all the details.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Since the OWH isn’t going to call for Jerram’s resignation, I call on the OWH to print the picture in question in their newspaper and/or put it on their website. As it is now, searching their website does not bring up the original article about the picture or the one follow up article. It only brings up today’s article about Stothert’s ad. You have to use regular search engines to find it. Jerram should thank his lucky stars the OWH has no stomach for “afflicting the comfortable.” Maybe someday they’ll hire a real editor.

  23. Scared says:

    Shameful of OWH!!!! But I will say that both Dems and moderate RINOS are the ones behind this because Janssen is gaining traction. Hey Jessica M. , you have any other lies/ “info” you want to share with news outlets?????????
    I’d prefer the mud slinging stops and people have a chance to meet candidates for our states top office wihout lies/double standards like this. Not sure who I will vote for but I won’t listen to lies like this. And OBTW I never heard of Janssen before until this and I agree with his agenda on those issues. I will look into it further but all this has done by opponents is let a lot of people know Janssen is running. I think there is some justice in that. And calling his wife a hooker is disgusting and sad OWH doesnt fire both Grace and whoever the other guy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. To Scared says:

    Liars and RINOs and “Jessica M”. Oh my!

    Yes yes. Liars and RINOs and “Jessica M” made Jeremy Jensen call Danielle Conrad the C word and made Charlie Janssen fumble the ball on not making him apologize. I’m sure that makes sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jensen did not make the inexcusable comment while employed by Janssen. Kind of a big deal.

      Jensen still payed for it by losing his job with the campaign. I’d say Janssen acted swifty and appropriately. He hardly fumbled the ball.

    • to anon 5:40 says:

      You are right, it is definitely a big deal that Jensen made the inexcusable comment before he was hired by the Janssesn campaign. That means that Jensen made the comment, and Janssen STILL saw fit to hire him as a campaign director. Which means that Janssen and McGrain have the wost political judgment ever.

    • To "to Anon 5:40" says:

      Only problem with your theory is that Jensen had deleted the comment almost immediately after posting it. There is no way Janssen could have seen it or known about it. But I don’t expect that FACT to get in your way.

  25. Millard Association of Jolly Ginger Gentleman says:

    Why is no one up in arms about Millard School Board Member Kennedy getting his pro-Stothert comments censored. This is America gosh darn it. We need to stop ginger discrimination!!! You are all a bunch of ginger-phobes!!!

  26. Dougie time! says:

    Janssen reaction to Sheldon accusation that R primary will be won by the candidate that hates illegal immigrants the most: duh!

  27. Anonymous says:

    If the will of the people is what drives Senator CJ then a little hard to explain his opposition to tobacco tax increase that vast majority of NE Republicans support. Donor list probably has a few clues as to why he makes an exception in that case.

    Jays by one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Vast majority of NE Republicans do not support tax increases. And don’t start with that ancient American Cancer Society study and its overstuffed questions either.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Pretty delicious seeing the repubs tear each other down. ,Mr shuttle has gotta be happy. I will eat a crow if anybody but Jim shuttle wins .

  29. Adams County Insider says:

    Will you Omaha folk PLEASE get your $#¡% together in your mayor’s race. Why can’t you operat with a sense of dignity and civilization like the rest of us?

    Let’s elect CJ and get the ball rolling on Senate candidates.

  30. Anonymous says:

    You are going to have to come to terms with the fact that Nebraska media isn’t impressed with Janssen and you can count on this kind of coverage from now until his primary defeat

    • Anonymous says:

      “Not impressed”? He must have made some sort of “impression” if they are already attacking him, my guess is that the highly DEM “news” source is not only impressed but see how serious of a contender he is.

      They would not waste their time one someone that isn’t going to be a MAJOR PLAYER.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Janssen is the only Republican in the race and/or the only Republican with a staffer the OWH could use to change the subject from Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram’s misogynistic slur against his fellow city council member.

  31. Dan Moser says:

    Suggesting “bitch” and “c–t” are equal offenses? What silly sophistry. If you really believe that, why didn’t you spell out the latter?

    • Ah, a man of Letters!
      Dan, I am obviously aware of the societal tolerance for the terms. I’m simply asking, in an “enlightened” discussion, what is the real difference between the two. If Jensen had used “bitch” instead, would the meaning of what he posted on FB been any different?

      But even further, I still ask, Jensen posting in a fit of pique (or is it pique of fit?), equivalent to the t-shirt manufactured against Jean Stothert?


    • Anonymous says:

      Would have hoped that “former newspaperman” Dan Moser would have had a more insightful comment on the actions of the OWH staffer here, but after the last 5 years I’ve learned that hope gets me nowhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s a tweet from Dan Moser on March 22nd, pretty much sums it up. It was wrong for Jensen, but OK for Moser: “Breaking: @Charlie_Janssen fires f$#!ing p$@!#. #NEGov #NEleg #LNK”

  32. No He Isn't says:

    The OWH claims that Jeff Sheldon is not an employee. Talk about distancing themselves from him. To bad they don’t have a discussion with him about his employment or non-employment. He might like to know.

  33. Anonymous says:

    How can the Communications Director for Appleseed also be an OWH staff writer? What? What if this was the Comm.Dir. for Americans for Prosperity? Think they would be able to moonlight at the OWH? Makes no sense. Anyone working for a public policy organization like Appleseed that takes definitive stands on issues should not be an OWH reporter or someone who is interviewing or writing for them. How does this happen? New “journalistic” standards for the Warren-Herald?

  34. To Wierd Jerald says:

    Wierd, please send a note to Larry King at the Omaha Wierd Herald and ask him. I am sure he would be happy to explain all of this. But make sure that the next time you see an article in the OWH authored by Jeff Sheldon to check for references to brown people.

  35. Stop Bashing OWH says:

    I am concerned about the questioning of reporters Sexuality. Who cares if they are gay,lesbian, or transgendered, it doesn’t cause bias in their reporting.

  36. RWP says:

    Best comment was from Anne Boyle, who said there was no male equivalent of c#%7.

    I was going to email her with several counterexamples, but decided she’d just consider me a d16k.

  37. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    Speaking of pejoratives that reduce someone to nothing more than a body part, I present you with a-hole, d!@#, p&!@# and, of course, p#$$).

    Now, I’ve been told that Bill Avery’s explanation for why Scott Laughtenbaugh didn’t get early hearings for his bills is because, and I quote, “Laughtenbaugh is an asshole.” Granted, Avery said this in a private conversation, but that apparently doesn’t matter. And Avery used one of those body-part words. Perhaps the most disgusting part of anyone’s body. Not at all like calling someone a bitch, but more like calling them a c$&#. I suppose Avery should resign, huh?

    I will wait here in breathless anticipation for the Ol’ Buffett Herald to call for Avery to resign or apologize. Which should be coming any minute now …

    • Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

      I’m guessing the OWH has already called on Avery to apologize to Laughtenbaugh and I just missed it. That’s probably what happened.

  38. RWP says:

    The hilarious bit was when Anne Boyle said there was no male equivalent of c^#7. I was going to list several for her, but I wouldn’t want to look like a d16k.

  39. Millard Association of Jolly Ginger Gentleman says:

    We need to work together to ensure equality for all gingers. Work based ginger discrimination needs to end!

  40. Interested Observer says:

    Why do so many people throw around the word “misogynist” so freely and somewhat carelessly and recklessly and often and then paint that word with such a huge, super sized, broad brush? Did this Jensen or Jerram call ALL women bad names? I’ve sure never, ever heard that either of them ever did.

    Jensen singled out one, specific, individual, solitary woman and called her a name. I’m not defending his action at all. I will voluntarily admit that I have, a couple times in my long life, called one, specific, individual, solitary woman that name in a couple rare moments of intense anger provoked by that one, specific, individual, solitary woman’s completely irrefutably, unreasonable, unjustifiable, thoughtless, careless, reckless, unnecessary, irrational, illogical, asinine, destructive, stupid, cavalierly wasteful, life altering, highly inflammatory behavior. But I’m not bitter . . . Like Jensen, I never ever applied that intense emotion to ALL women, only to this one, specific, individual, solitary woman!

    WHOA, I just realized, why is it seemingly OK for some people to so freely throw around that label, “misogynist”, the way they do, but simultaneously, they deem it to be the absolute worst offense in all humanity for anyone else to ever use the “c word”?

    Don’t they mean “misogynist” to be the worst offense capable of humans? Aren’t they using that word to be highly derogatory? Aren’t they using that word in a form of actual hate speech? Shouldn’t they practice what they preach and either never use that word or use it only to apply to one, specific, individual, solitary person and not nearly as often or as widely applied as it has been of late?

    • Anonymostly says:

      I know what you mean, IO. All last summer and fall, there was one single, solitary, specific individual for whom I reserved only the vilest of pejoratives, whom I viewed as a pestilence and the scourge of Leavenworth Street. I had hoped said person would disappear under a rock after the last election but, alas, it appears my hopes have come to no avail.

      So, how are things up in Cherry County? Get much snow? They building that Keystone Pipeline anywhere near you?

  41. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    While we’re complaining about name-calling, I found this post from a couple of threads ago priceless:

    bastards March 22, 2013 at 5:22 PM

    Given that we now know the Stothert abortion mailer is tied to Nabity’s allies, seems to me a few people here owe Jessica M an apology for insinuating she had something to do with it. But I’m not holding my breath. Issuing one would mean you knuckle-draggers actually had a modicum of class or decency, which I know you don’t.

    Yeah, those classless, knuckle-dragging bastards. If only they had a modicum of decency. If only.

    Hey, wait a sec. Doesn’t calling someone a “bastard” imply something untoward about his mother’s character?

  42. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, why won’t your program simply post new comments in proper order? Why are some new comments buried behind older comments?


    We changed the commenting format slightly, and some seem confused by it.

    If you type a comment in the regular comment box at the bottom, your comment will be seen in the regular order (oldest at top).

    If you click “REPLY” to a certain comment, your reply will go underneath that particular comment.
    We believe this allows responses to certain comments to be read where they should be, without having to reference back to a time or a commenter, etc. (Also, we decided not to use the constant indentation for every new comment underneath. You reply to one comment, and they continue beneath it.)

    There may have been some confusion because of the way responses to deleted entries get auto-nested at the end.
    We’ve fixed it, though a few responses got kicked as well. Them’s the breaks. Carry on.

    We think this is better and clearer.
    That being said, we’d be happy to receive your input.


    • Cottonwood Eagle says:

      Sweeper, do you know how long it takes to scroll through 105 comments looking for todays date so you can read the new comments. Have you every noticed how hard you have to squint to see the date on a comment?

      Pardon me, is squint a bad word? Should have I said s#*@$t?

      Thanks for reading.

  44. Millard Association of Jolly Ginger Gentleman says:

    We keep hearing about protecting the citizens and taxpayers but what about putting an end to ginger and slightly red haired people discrimination. This is a huge issue facing Omaha yet none of the Omaha mayoral candidates are addressing it. I would like to humbly submit the following facts to consider in regards to rampant ginger discrimination.

    Fact- 1 out 6.2 students shoved in a locker is a ginger

    Fact-37% of young adults residing in their mom’s basement is a ginger or a ginger sympathizer

    Fact- 44% of dateless nerds on eHarmony and match.com are of a red haired persuasion

    Fact-There has been a 72% increase in non-ginger on ginger crime last year

    Fact- 1 in every 3.7 ginger child stars that go through rehab blame their addiction on deep rooted memories of ginger bullying.

    Won’t any of the mayoral candidates address ginger discrimination

  45. RWP says:

    If you slur a woman politician in a way that’s specific to her gender, then that is misogynist, because it effectively puts women politicians in an inferior position where they can be attacked in a way that men cannot. So call Stothert (say) a vile slug, and that’s just a nasty insult. Call her a c^#7, and that’s a gender-specific insult. So is calling a male positions a d16k, but misandry doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

    I’ve never understood why calling someone the name of a sexual organ is an insult, anyway.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of the reply system. Would rather read all comments in chronological, dated order. Noticed some other blogs/news outlets go to this reply system and it’s confusing.

  47. Chris Jerram's War on c$&#s. says:

    Hey, sweeper, whatever works. I’m flexible.

    (All that matters to me is that I be allowed to offend as many liberal sensibilities as there are to be offended.)

  48. Asswhacker says:

    White Male Heterosexuals (WMHETs) are automatically presumed to be racist, sexist, homophobes, no matter how much they welcome unity among all citizens. With February as Black Month, March as Woman Month, and June as LGBT Month, the honoring of all but WMHETs is a social norm. Considering the vast river of WMHET blood sacrificed in war, upon which this freedom to poop on WMHETs is buoyed, one might think they deserve better. But of course this applies only to Conservative WMHETs. Liberals who purport to be White Male Heterosexuals must be passing, else they’d be Republicans.

    But hey we aren’t here to judge. As long as you love the person, who cares if it is your sibling, pet schnauzer or beloved inflatable? As long as Uncle Sugar is giving away a marriage prize worth $$$ in IRS deductions, people will tie that knot in whatever they can get away with.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich come immediately to mind as active destroyers of marriage. It’d be funny if Bill and Newt signed up for eHarmony and ended up on a date.

      God hates divorce. What was once a rare, sad concession to human weakness is now a commonplace. The blame begins with every person who, by their own choice, failed to keep their vows.

  49. RWP says:

    Let’s just rename the calendar as Token Months 1 thru 12. Whatever your victim/oppression group, just choose your fave month and celebrate the unfairness of it all! Inflate your favorite group’s minuscule contributions to humanity! Einstein stole the Theory of Relativity from his wife, while she was doing he laundry! JD Watson pilfered the structure of DNA from a hieroglyphic! Aristotle was actually a disabled lesbian transsexual of color! And all of them were gay!

  50. Concerned citizen says:

    I read in this morning’s paper about ongoing debate on a bill that would allow doctors to treat STDs of the sexual partner of a patient without actually seeing that partner.

    I hope this bill fails and here’s why. (And I’m not leaving my name no matter how much Mark Andrews thinks he ought to know who I am.)

    When I was in college, I had a girlfriend with whom I was sexually active. The relationship was monogamous on my end, at least. When we started dating, she was a virgin. To my knowledge, I was the only sexual partner she’d ever had and she was my only partner as well.

    One day, she told me she thought she was getting some sort of urinary or bladder infection and was going to the University Health Center to get evaluated. She came back with some medications that she explained the doctor told her I needed to take as well or she wouldn’t be able to recover from her condition. That, in essence, if I wasn’t treated, she would continue to get the bladder infection.

    I was very naive at the time. You can make all the jokes you want to, I suppose, but the fact of the matter is that I took my then-girlfriend at her word. It’s just a simple infection. I need to take some pills. That’s it.

    That girlfriend and I have since broken up, and I’ve since become convinced that it was an STD that she had, which she must have picked up from someone else since I was totally faithful to her. And the story of a bladder infection was just a cover. But I can never know what condition I was being treated for with the pills she got from the University Health Center. Patient privacy laws protect her from me ever finding out what I, in effect, was being treated for. I’ll never know.

    She wouldn’t have told me she got an STD because she would have known that I would have known that the only way she could have gotten it was by cheating on me. And she would have presumed, accurately, that if I’d found out the truth, I would have broken up with her. But, again, I’ll never know. I’ll never be allowed to know. Because privacy laws protect her.

    So, I hope this bill fails. The patient’s partner should have a right to know what he’s being treated for and what the ramifications and consequences are. And that’s information I was never given.

  51. Mark Andrews says:

    “Concerned,” I am sorry for your suffering. That’s not just glib glad-handing. Sexual intimacy is a part of life where reason can go right out the window

    What you describe is a perfect justification, not for sex education in the narrow sense, but a year of human anatomy & physiology, and bi-weekly lecture from ER staff, in order to graduate from high school. People need the unvarnished truth about how the human body actually works in its entirety, and the unvarnished truth about what happens to people when they misuse their body, suffer trauma, etc. There is a lot of wishful thinking that we can put to a stop with education about actions and consequences. STDs are only one example of this.

  52. Anonymostly says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted poking fun of a tweet by Donna Brazille who couldn’t figure out why her health insurance premiums were going up. One of Jane F’ing Kleeb’s interns wrote back mocking me for thinking it had anything at all to do with Obamacare. (I mean, of course, how could an increase in health insurance premiums have anything at all to do with requiring insurers to cover a bunch of extra stuff, right?)

    Weeeeelllll, I’m no actuary, BUT … there are some. In fact, groups of them. And, according to the paper today, “The nation’s leading groupp of financial risk analysts says medical claims costs — the biggest driver of insurance premiums — will jump an average of 32% for individual policies under Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.” (A/K/A “the Unaffordable Care Act.”)

    This information compliments of The Society of Actuaries. And I’ll bet Donna Brazille STILL can’t figure out why her insurance rates have gone up.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Concerned Citizen: RE: the bill you mentioned. If it fails I think you still would never have known what your girlfriend was asking you to take. Wouldn’t HIPPA regs prevent the U Health Center from divulging any info about what the girl was treated for and thusly your treatment? Either way, you would be out of luck. Another sad story re: casual sex vs. chaste life before marriage. I’m no prude but you might consider that if your girlfriend was doing you she might have been doing others all along.

    • Concerned citizen says:

      Anonymous, your comment entirely misses the point. What happened to me shouldn’t have happened at all. What happened to me is exactly what this bill attempts to legalize and that is allowing medical practitioners to treat a person without actually seeing them. Mine was hopefully an isolated circumstance back then. Hopefully medical professionals aren’t already doing this and flauting the law. But if this law is passed, what happened to me will happen to countless others. I should have been told what was going on. I wasn’t. I was just given pills along with a cover story. I was never counseled about the implications of whatever condition I was being treated for, and will never be allowed to know what it was because the medical records are hers and are private, and many in the State Legislature seem to think this is a good idea.

  54. Interested Observer says:

    Is it now OK with the new commenting format for SOME people to “copy and paste” their favorite sentences in here without those sentences being deleted and the person posting them rudely reprimanded?

  55. To IO says:

    Please IO, just stay on your side of the fence……it is not your blog, and although you know a lot about fences, you don’t make the rules here.

    • Interested Observer says:

      You do realize that you personally are allowed to reply to any comments in here, other than just exclusively my own, don’t you?

  56. Tweet Police says:

    Now Jeff Sheldon’s “personal” account has been totally vacated. How many more admissions of guilt before the OWH or Sheldon apologize to Janssen?

  57. Macdaddy says:

    It’s been 4 days since Omaha World Herald correspondent posted a libelous comment about Charlie Janssen. What punishment did the BWH dish out? None. Mr. Sheldon wrote another column just yesterday for them. And the band played on.

    All this because Chris Jerram is one of those weak people who goes along to get along. He didn’t want to look uncool in front of some firemen. He apparently never left junior high school. We all know someone like that. They can’t be trusted.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Remember when Bill Maher said: “Sarah Palin is a c***”?
    Coincidentally, lots of tshirts were made (just do a google search on it).
    And somehow this Janssen story has made the news for how many days now? Get a grip, Nebraska.

  59. To Macdaddy says:

    One has to wonder if Jeff Sheldon,sports writer for the OWH, has ever asked John Cook why there are no “browns” on the UNL volleyball team. Hmmmmm?

  60. Asswhacker says:

    BaconLove, your slanderous “closet” comment helps makes my case. Any mainstream person who objects to government forcing them to endorse-by-funding a behavior, be it fringe or common or something they like or loathe, that mainstreamer is presumed a racist, sexist, homophobe who secretly wants to perform that behavior. That’s irrational. As the saying goes, Freud’s cigar is often just a cigar.

    If you say you love bacon, we presume you love bacon. It is unhealthy for you. Still, you are happy to have your neighbors pay for it. However, if you say you hate being forced to pay for others to eat rat, and you are mainstream, we may accuse you of secretly eating rats. Rat is probably better for your cholesterol but the point is you are fair game if you object for any reason.

    At this point, PC protocol demands I shut you up by telling you I have relatives who are openly gay and that my family isn’t white. But that too is part of the PC game that doesn’t change the fact it is stupid for government to pay people to have sex, be married, raise children, stay in business, or own a house. Forget the waste, the rat sandwich doesn’t work. People who prepare and risk and have ambition are successful no matter how much government slows them down. People who are hesitant, uninvested and weak are crippled by the subsidy crutch. Government subsidy pays people to fail, so they fail. It is the worst outcome from the best intentions and a core stupidity of modern policy.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Concerned Citizen: Sounds like you were young, in college and made a mistake. While it bites that you will never know what you had, take responsibility for the fact that you were having sex with someone who apparently was loose. This is why the ideal to strive for is sex within the confines of marriage where hopefully both partners are living up to their vows. Of course plenty of married people violate their vows every day but there is still the ideal to strive for. Back then maybe you could have been more proactive and asked to go in to the U Health Center with or without your girlfriend and been more demanding, i.e. “why do I have to take these pills and what are they for?” Again, sounds like you were young. We’ve all been there. Sorry that you will have to always wonder about it.

  62. Concerned citizen says:

    Yes, I was a young college student at the time. And naive as I said. And I’m not looking for sympathy at all. I readily admit that there are things I’ve done that I wish I wouldn’t have and I would preach to my kids the virtue of chastity. That would have prevented more issues for me at that time than just the STD issue I’ve described. Saved myself a lot of trouble. And I wish I would have been more questioning of the situation than I was. All kinds of ways I could have handled things better than I did but hindsight is 20/20 and you weren’t there to offer me advice at the time.

    Again, I say I’m not asking for sympathy. My purpose is to offer my experience as an illustration of why I think this bill is a bad idea. I feel like, other than being naive at the time, I’m a reasonably bright dude. The way I handled it as a 19 or 20-year-old is proably not very different from how many if not most other people in that circumstance would have handled it. And if this bill becomes law, the problem will be that people will be given medical treatment through a non-medically-qualified third party with potentially no information about what they’re being treated for or what the ramifications of that treatment are.

    And from what I can see of what’s going on over in the Legislature, there’s a whole lot of groupthink and not too many people are really critically evaluating the down side of this measure. What happens if this bill passes is that future people will have the experience I had of being given drugs for a condition that they don’t know what it is or where it came from. And because the medical records that document the treatment are HER private records (or HIS as the case may be) the partner will never be able to know what they were being given drugs to treat.

    I think that is a bad idea.

  63. Concerned citizen says:

    By the way, please don’t call my ex-girlfriend “loose.” We’re not together anymore but I harbor no ill will toward her. She obviously cheated on me but she was young and stupid back then too, just like I was, and I don’t think that makes her an evil person.

    Also, I don’t understand what makes anyone think I haven’t taken responsibility. Nowhere have I asked for sympathy. What I’ve done is offer a perspective that I don’t think has been provided anywhere in the debate about this measure. No one is considering the interests of the partner who might be kept in the dark about what might be a serious medical condition.

  64. To McDaddy says:

    My gosh, if you read the article in today’s sports section by Jeff Sheldon, reporter for the Omaha World Herald, it says that John Cook won’t even let sunburned girls play. Has Jeff written about that slur by Cook? Nope. Neither has Erin Grace. And neither one has commented about the fact that there are no “browns” on Cooks teams. But just let a conservative Republican volleyball coach try to get away with that color discrimination on the University’s volleyball team and all hell would break loose.

    • RWP says:

      So the guy covers sand volleyball and high school girls sports? I mean, if you want to be the local version of Keith Olbermann, wouldn’t the first step be to cover something that more than the parents of the athletes care about?

    • Macdaddy says:

      No, the first step would be to establish your bona fides as a knowledgeable professional before you piss it away as a hack pundit instead of trying to wreck both career tracks simultaneously.

    • Rotund rotunda says:

      Anyone (other than libs) tend to have an awful week when presenting bills to the HHS and Judiciary Committees.

    • Around the rotunda says:

      Couldn’t even get one vote from any senator of any party. I am sure it will be easier to build consensus around priority bills when he is Governor. Guy is a joke around the rotunda except among heavy drinking, cigar smoking if it feels good do it conservatives.

    • To Around the rotunda says:

      Well then I guess it’s a good thing a bunch of legislative aides and lobbyists aren’t the ones who will be deciding who our next Governor will be!

    • Rotunda Mafia says:

      The only Republican on the HHS Committee abstained from the vote on prenatal. Mike Gloor and Kathy Campbell? Please.

      Yes, we all know how important it is to be loved and respected around the rotunda when pursuing higher office. Just ask Congressman Curt Bromm or Treasurer Tony Fulton or Governor Tom Osborne.

    • Anonymous says:

      So there is a tidal wave of respect and momentum all around the state for charlie. If you can say that with a straight face then you been obviously had 16 or so cold ones with Senator Lautenbaugh.

  65. RWP says:

    Still, you have to credit Jeff Sheldon credit for absorbing his publik skul indoctrination so diligently. I remember, and I know this makes me a dinosaur to you kids, but I remember when leftists were rebels. The current crop brought a freshly polished apple every morning to their hippy teacher, who was so doped up he thought it was a banana.

    But I love it when whitebread libs get all indignant on behalf of people they would never actually fraternize with. Except to pay them under the table for housecleaning service and yard work.

  66. Insider says:

    Who knew a guy with so few Twitter followers could stir up this much damage. The dude gets paid part time by the OWH, probably lucky to make $10 an hour. His big mistake was saying he worked for the OWH on his Twitter handle when he’s not even full time for them.

  67. Some Thoughts says:

    “Concerned”, I haven’t been to L St. in a long time but I scrolled through and saw your message. You should be aware that one common situation that matches your description is that the girlfriend has either a bacterial infection (which could be a urinary tract infection or another kind) or a yeast infection. You can trade this back and forth if you are sexually active, so it may be necessary to treat both partners at once. If the drug was something like fluconazole (for a yeast infection) it may not have been necessary for you to be seen to obtain the prescription, or perhaps it was an antibiotic and you needed to be taking the same one.

    I mention this for two reasons. One is that you should not jump to the conclusion that your girlfriend cheated on you, because it is perfectly likely that she did not. The other is that what happened to you has no bearing on whether the bill in question was a good idea.

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