Omaha Primary Election Day

Omaha Mayor 2013 01A super-quickie lightning fast post for you on this Election Day morning.
Feel free to post your thoughts, wishes, dreams, realities and various other comments on the candidate of your choice.

We would simply note that we have seen ZERO polling on the Omaha Mayor’s race.

Some have suggested that it’s good for…
Suttle, because all the Dems will vote for Suttle;
Ashford because all of South O voted against Suttle in the recall and will vote for Ashford;
Stothert because all the Republicans are attacking Stothert;
Ashford because some Republicans have begun attacking Ashford;
Welch because Stohert was attacking Welch attacking Stothert;
Nabity because Stothert was attacking Nabity attacking Stothert.

A few interesting tidbits:

We are big believers (and find most managers and consultants to be big believers) in the door to door campaigns.
They are very effective in the smaller city-council campaigns where a candidate can have a one-on-one with a voter.
Were candidates able to do that in this race?

Well, we and the OWH and the Election Commissioner note that voter turnout today is expected to be dismal.
So… that would indicate that those citizens who DO get out and vote have been touched (literally) by a candidate or two.

So which candidates have been most effective at this?
We will let you judge.


A couple vids for your viewing pleasure.
First this minute and a half one (so you’ll never see this version on TV) from Brad Ashford:

We note this just because looking at this, you would guess that Omaha ends around 52nd Street or so, yeah?
Think Brad’s making a push for South O?

And then there’s….this.
From Dave Nabity.
We…just…well, take a listen:

We don’t want to judge. And of course D-Nabs is a drummer in a band.
But…”High Hopes”?

Makes us long for the days of the Karnes Caravan.


See something wierd this Election Day?
Send your blurry and non-blurry camera phone shots to us at LeavenworthSt AT and we’ll look at publishing later.
We’ll also take all your campaign party shots – the earlier the better!

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  1. Huh? says:

    Is that Nabity song a parody from the Omaha Press Club show this year??? And as far as candidates touching me…there better be no touching!!!! I like my personal space.

  2. Modern Americans have been known to touch each other’s palm, squeeze and shake vigorously.
    In other settings this has been replaced by looking vaguely at the other person, lifting one’s chin upward and stating, “Yo.”
    Feel free to use your own greeting methods.

  3. FFW says:

    My hope for this election is that it comes to a swift conclusion. I don’t even live in Omaha and I am sick of it. Anyone who lives in the Omaha TV market must also be over this nonsense, too.

  4. Tonic & Tonic says:

    anyone else dial into the Nabity tele townhall last night? A few observations:

    1: They took a big risk putting the dial in number online instead of doing a robo-dial with opt in option.
    2. The “e-mail questions” that supposedly appeared organically were quite clearly scripted and written by staff. Aside from each of them being meatballs lobbed over home plate, they were way too well written.
    3. Nabity should have quit answering every question at about the 12-15 second mark. He went on for 2 or 3 (in one case 7) minutes to answer every question and in addition to sounding like a loon by the end, it was a real drag listening to him ramble.
    4. Crabs Nabs was swinging for the fences and Stothert was the ball. He was going out of his way to bash the woman to whom he is destined to lose.

  5. Pat McPherson is a Dinasaur says:

    McPherson attacking Republicans the night before an election??? Stay classy Pat…and irrelevant.

  6. SCDP says:

    The Ashford ad is well produced, but where is the call to action and what does any of it have to do with Brad Ashford?

    So hey, Omaha is a great city with good people and a younger vibe and all kinds of awesome s**t happening and….wait, who is this crazy old guy wandering in at the end and why is he ruining our Visitor’s Bureau ad? Please someone tackle him.

    What if Nabity’s rip-off of the Lormong Lo jingle propels him to 4th place over Team Norfolk? Yikes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did we see something weird? Yes, the candidates.

    A crook and a schnook, a booty, a cutie, and a nut. We’ll take what’s behind door B.

  8. Sonny says:

    It will be interesting to see if the north side supports Suttle and how this corresonds with his heavy support from the police dept

  9. husker says:

    omg, now i can’t get that Karnes song out of my head…”the Karnes family carivan is coming to you town…duh duh duh and gather all around…” now if those kids only wore their seatbelts…

  10. Spike says:


    Bottom line is they’re all brain dead!

    ?. Just what is WRONG with the Republican Party? SS you can post this ? in a new thread, SVP!!

  11. Six (now Eight) Dollar Parker says:

    Dave Nabity must be going for the young Republican vote as they wouldn’t know that “High Hopes” was the Kennedy theme in the 1960 election.

  12. Election Commissioner says:

    If there is no Republican in the general, then we cancel the general and do the primary over and over and over until there is a Republican in the general. Then we vote.

  13. ricky says:

    Lots of money down the tubes for 3 people. There sure must be a lot of disposable income around here as the candidates are so well funded.
    However it looks like Mr Suttle will have a LOT more in the bank than whomever finishes 2nd. And only six weeks to make up the difference I like the Mayor’s chances.
    Add that to the fire fighters bank and that is a big obstacle for a challenger to overcome.
    And I note the Burger King guy sure picks losing causes. I wouldn’t take that guys money it’s the kiss of death.


  14. Political Novice says:

    Concerning the Nabity tele townhall last night, my phone rang and robo asked me to stay on the line to listen to Nabity and to hit 0 if I wished to submit a question which I did.

    My question: Why do you think the Omaha World-Herald endorsed Stothert and Ashford with even Welch getting an honorable mention and NO mention of you at all? Just curious.

    I waited and waited and . . . . . . oops – out of time – sorry.

    I suppose it wasn’t a very good question . . . in their eyes at least.

  15. RWP says:

    However it looks like Mr Suttle will have a LOT more in the bank than whomever finishes 2nd.

    That would be Suttle.

    And it’s ‘whoever’. Jeez.

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