Stothert defeats Suttle (and the media battle begins)!

Omaha City Council member Jean Stothert spanked Jim Suttle in the Omaha Mayoral election primaries on Tuesday.

And keep in mind that those who voted for Dave Nabity and Dan Welch and probably even Brad Ashford are likely Stothert voters in the General.

In any case, the media battle has begun, as the Nebraska Leadership Forum (uh, who?) will begin running this spot tomorrow. See it here:

Where have we seen that type of countdown before….

Suttle told the OWH: “…his re-election prospects hinge on his ground game and ability to mobilize voters.”

Fire up the buses and hit the homeless shelters boys!


Final Numbers:

Jean Stothert- 18,870 – 32%
Jim Suttle – 14,309 – 24%
Dave Nabity.- 10,204 – 17%
Brad Ashford – 7,745 – 13%
Dan Welch – 7,083 – 12%


Councilman Chris Jerram cruised. (Hmm.)
And City Council President Tom Mulligan went down.


Hey, was that U.S. Senator Deb Fischer meeting with Jean Stothert at her party?
Decent company, yeah?


  1. Positive! says:

    Of course the highlight of the night was to see Suttle getting a clear 2nd, congratulations to a winning Strategy by Jean Stothert. Looking forward to May, we’re going to get some much needed leadership. We’ve been under the wrong leaders for too long.

    Also, love that the voters gave Tom Mulligan the boot. Amy Melton looks like she’s got a plan to make a difference and the voters noticed.

    Notice the trend, Republican women are doing very well in Omaha.

  2. Old GOP People says:

    Don’t you people know that here in Omaha we support only old white men for office? We are a party that oppresses women! MSNBC told me so in November.

  3. CJ in Omaha says:

    ROFLMAO @ Crow! Yeah, I’m sure Ricky Fulton is in the fetal position in the corner sucking his thumb about right now, crying no less!


  4. BaconLove says:

    Suttle had his ass handed to him. Media loves a horse race though, so watch for them to prop him back up for a second knock down.

  5. $Norfolk$ says:

    After a horrid loss tonight for people who make political money in Norfolk, looks like JM is trying to get her hands on some Stothert money. Hopefully Stothert’s people are onto that and know that you don’t have to hire someone from Norfolk to get the job done right here in Omaha.

  6. Spike says:

    So West Ho, stay at home, bourgeois women got out & voted for one of there own sex, la de da!! Not to mention with a good bit of help from Suzy Buffett & the OWH??? True, Suttle is a dullard & should never have been elected but then, hey, this is after all Omaho, FOC!

    The way I see it; JS is just another DF both of whom are totally unqualified to be where they are! But then again, where are we??? Nowheresville!!!

  7. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Take a hike, spike! You dim witted bilious bard of bombastic swine. JS is more qualified than anyone. Years on the Council count as serious experience, not to mention this mayor is literally a brain damaged Democrat.

  8. to $Norfolk$ says:

    If you are talking about Jessica Moening – she was a class act. She was quick to congratulate Jean and her campaign on a well deserved win and encouraged Republicans to unite. And we are all happy to see the unity effort. That is the way things should go – you support your candidate in the primary and support the Republican winner going forward. Grow up. Nobody likes a sore winner.

  9. ricky says:

    This morning Mayor Suttle has got to be worried for his job. At first glance it appears that West Omaha turned out strong and Mean Jean did have a good ground game and team of volunteers and supporters. (Nobody in Omaha likes tea party Deb Fischer though).
    And the Republicans in West O do not like people like Mulligan who are not sufficiently Republican and they kicked Mulligan down the road. (Maybe now after 4 terms Franklin Thompson will finally be elected City Council President. But I doubt it that man is not trusted by his colleagues on the Council).
    Obviously Mr Suttle has to turn out the Dems in the inner city and south O. But can he do it?
    Also Mr Suttle will have a lot more money right out of the bat. If I were him I’d advertise right away before JS starts getting cash flowing from the G O P big shots.

  10. Debbie Lover says:

    If nobody in Omaha liked Deb Fischer, she wouldn’t have been elected–plain and simple.

    Brad Ashford spent a lot of money on advertisements right away and that didn’t exactly pay off.

    And they have some great hot wings sauce at No Frills Supermarket that you might want to check out in order to help that crow taste better. I see you’ve got your excuse (before JS starts getting cash flowing from the GOP big shots) for why Suttle loses in the general election all ready to go.

  11. Dan Brown says:

    Sure doesn’t say much for the women in Chris Jerram’s District. I cannot believe they found his behavior acceptable.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Jean and her workers and it’s nice to see a flattering photo of Jean with this post, rather than the ones her opponents used. This could also send a message to the phalanx of GOP men who line up for every seat: stop dismissing women as second tier candidates. Jean and Deb Fischer have shown that conservative women are popular with the voters.

  13. Thank you says:

    Chris Jerram deserves our thanks. He single-handedly helped propel Jean Stothert to first place and made her gender an issue. Also I think whoever printed that t-shirt should have some credit.

  14. Anonymous says:

    These new ads criticizing Mayor Shuttle (and no I won’t click on them), will do for Mr suttle what crazy crabbity and jerram the jerk did for mean jean: give free publicity and the sympathy vote.
    For I believe this mysterious outside group, and thanks to citizens united we cxant know who is behind them, will just tick people off since they probably are out of state tea party or koch brother money.


  15. To Ricky says:

    You are delusional. Going after Suttle for the pay raises are legitimate issues. I’ll see you at Jean’s swearing in.

  16. Spike says:

    JS won because the West O Bourgeois women don’t work & have the time to vote or if those people do work, they can come & go as they please! Now this brings to mind just why after the 2000 election, the election laws weren’t changed so that the 9-5 blue collar crowd could vote the same as the ruling class by switching voting to the weekend, like intelligent nations have done!!

    She also won because Suttle sucks! And on top of that, he’s a Dem in name only & really hasn’t done squat for the Big o!

    The bottom line is, this result is the result of sexism plain & simple on the part of O women! Bravo!!! Sad however that qualifications for public office are not a concern of omahos as much as emotions, for if they were, I think that Brad Ashford might have been the thinking persons choice for M of O!

    And the bottom, bottom line is, None of the candidates offered anything other than Janitorial services for “o” which is why “o” is “o” & not KC or Denver or even Sacramento!!! Get it?

    BTW; Tonic, it should be “bombastic bard of [A] bilious swine”, but better, “b b of bilious SWILL!”

  17. BaconLove says:

    Spike. Since “o” is “o” and not KC or Denver or even Sacramento, can we expect you and the socialist workers party to depart for thereabouts soon? Sooner the better!

  18. To Spike says:

    You do realize the polls are open from 8am-8pm. So for the 9-5 blue collar crowd that you refer to, they would have one hour before work and 3 hours after work to vote.

  19. ricky says:

    On the plus side looks like Justin Wayne won’t be on the OPS board. He barely beat Jill Brown and Mr Ewing got 800 votes that more than likely will go to the challenger.
    So Senator Lastatbar wanted a new school board, and along with Wayne conspired to get one, and now a board that will be without Mr Wayne.

  20. RWP says:

    You ruling class creeps don’t understand. Spike’s pals don’t get up before noon, so 8 a.m. voting is no good to them. Then they have to struggle down the payday lender to get an advance on their disability checks, and it’s off to the bar to feed their disability some alcohol. There’s just no time to vote.

    Life in the working class is hard, you bourgeois swines!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ha Ha, RWP, the privileged professor that teaches few classes and researches what he wants lecturing others on their laziness! What a hypocrite!

  22. Cute little kitty says:

    Now now clean Jean won because Mr. Suttle done went and increased the restaurant tax so the 87% of all Omahans who subsist completely on fast food fare discovered their basic food bill had quintupled or something and in their panic they lost control of their SUV and nearly clobbered some poor bicyclist so when clean Jean goes and sez no bike lanes they think yeah yeah that’s what we need no more idiots riding around on those bicycles (chomp chomp on the Big Mac) heavens its amazing the entire town isn’t dying of fat induced cardiacs

    Good luck clean Jean! You’ll need it after you are in office!

  23. Anonymous says:

    J.M. Is a dip… caught trying to play hard ball and is on the dole now. Maybe she can talk ricketts into giving her more $$$$$$.

    J.S won just about every, if not every, precinct west of 72nd st. Suttle is toast……those who know and or work with him know he is toast because he is just not a person you want to be around. Typical socially challenged engineer.

  24. Kenny Powers says:

    Is it true the Norfolk Mafia is giving the Ricketts family advice on running the Cubs? It must be true. It’s the only thing that could explain this mediocre style offense, waste of $, and waste of talent.

  25. At Ricky says:

    Justin Wayne is the only member that blew the whistle on your pals enjoying the good ol boys network. That ship has sailed. Look for JW to win despite the dems eating their own.

    Can you spell backfire?

  26. $Norfolk$ says:

    “Argh, I need to get my fat little fingers on some of that Stothert cash! Where’s Mike Flood when you need him!”

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Yeah, Kenny. The Cubs are doing poorly because of the Norfolk Mafia. LOL. They don’t need help screwing things up and they haven’t needed help in over a century.

  28. Suttlebutt says:

    There is no way 40 days before the election Suttle would be that stupid and hire Matt Samp again. You guys are chasing ghosts. Let’s focus on the issues and the fact that unemployment in this city is 3.7%.

  29. Jeremy Jensen in the HOUSE! says:

    JJ Jensen gets shut down from attacking women on his Facebook account with the C-word so he and his D minus operative band of brothers take to anonymously attacking women and “Norfolk” on blogs. Maybe you should just accept women’s suffrage and stop blaming others for your poor choices.

  30. Proud to be a Man says:

    To “JJ in the House” — When are you liberal women going to stop playing the victim card all the time? That is such an old liberal trick. First, you are in error about Jeremy Jensen attacking ALL women. He directed his untimely comment at ONE woman – his state senator who had been ignoring his requests for information for some time and bashed the Governor by calling Heineman a liar. Secondly, you DON’T KNOW who addressed those comments at Jessical Moening. Anybody could have written that, including yourself just so you could bash Jensen. For all we know, you are just another man-basher.

  31. Tonic & Tonic says:

    D Minus wins at blog comments.

    Looks like “Jeremy Jensen in the house” is an angry elf…. why do I get the feeling that a bunch of consultants gather here to squabble?

  32. Suttle's Closet says:

    Looks like we are seeing what Jim has been hiding. Still associating himself with Matt Samp after he disavowed him. 40 days of fun ahead.

  33. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Spike is an angry elf as well. He (or she) is probably pissed that the democrats are only allowed to vote by mail, early in person, and on election day just like Republicans.
    Wanna talk turnout and yelp some bullshit about West Omaha housewives getting to the polls for Jean? Everyone had the opportunity to request an AB and in reality the polls were open for 100 hours because of in person early voting.

    Anyone who can’t find the time to vote in the time allowed or vote by mail is probably to stupid to form a coherent thought and shouldn’t vote anyhow.

  34. Anonymous says:

    In the ops dist 4 race I hope ms brown has the guts to ask why Justin Wayne did not get along with any other board members except his lady friend whom he gave a job to at trial blasters.
    And ‘she should ask if Wayne gave any information from a exec session to senator lastatbar.

  35. To Anon @ 2:53 says:

    Seriously, you want to discuss OPS4 on Lst?

    Get a life man nobody gives a damn about your racist contempt for a conservative democrat or his portly friend in the state legislature.

  36. Gary and Ace Push Pull Poll says:

    Just got a call from a pollster asking if I would vote for Suttle now that it is confirmed that his campaign is paying thousands of dollars to Matt Samp after he wanted nothing to do with him. I said yes because democrats have no moral compass and play by a different set of rules.

  37. ricky says:

    How is asking about Mr Wayne’s conduct on the OPS board racist? The problems with the OPS board could be in big part about Mr Wayne and that gal who now works for him. Sounds like that was a distraction on the board.
    And how is it racist to ask if the information about a phony late swearing in scandal, a scandal that disappeared when the law was passed to force OPS to have another election (at their cost), came from executive session and then given life by the Senator going on talk radio and blabbing about it?
    I think Ms Jill Brown has a couple of issues at least to run on.


  38. To Ricky says:

    What about the Matt Samp and Suttle scandal brewing? Or are you just interested in Republican scandals? You are such a partisan hack little credibility and even littler postal shorts!

  39. ricky says:

    That makes no sense 5:14 PM. Just what is the scandal again? Can’t be much of one if I have not heard about Matt Samp. I think that might be the guy I met a few years ago at a Suttle event. He is a nice guy but I don’t remember much about him.
    I am partisan but I do have credibility and I retired from the post office at the end of last year after 32 years.


  40. To Jeremy Jensen (aka Proud to be a Man) says:

    It is time to start acting like a man and stop blaming women for your mistakes. Besides, you got a better gig at Northstar. You still get to work on Janssen’s campaign and do not have to worry about embarassing him…just yourself.

  41. Lil Mac says:

    OWH’s photo shows a taller confident Stothert standing next to a shorter constipated Mayor Suttle, who looks a lot like Dunhan’s cranky “Walter” puppet. Voters grasp that intuitively.

    Kerrey and Suttle both sat back and giggled while their supporters called their opponent, a wife and a mother, a whore. Apparently, voters don’t care if you pay bums to vote but those same voters actually have moms and sisters.

  42. RWP says:

    Jeez, Ricky, have someone show you how to use the Google.

    In the early days of the Suttle mayorship, it was allegedly by the parents of a young man who committed suicide at the age of 19 that Samp had a sexual relationship with the boy when the boy was 14 and Samp 23. The boy had gone to the police and then killed himself a week later. No charges were ever brought, but Suttle fired Samp as his chief of staff. There had been a separate complaint that Samp, who by now was 36, had been corresponding with a 16 year old boy. Again, no criminal charges were filed.

  43. The Mayor says:

    “I have said over and over again, I would lead by example, and I expect my staff to lead by example as well. I’ve asked Matthew Samp to separate from my administration.” “He will not be my co-chief of staff. He will not be part of the administration period.”

  44. RWP says:

    Yes, I expect here is. But this all came out (so to speak) in 2009. Surely it’s no surprise to anyone.

    All I can say is is that if someone had messed around with one of my kids, the mayor would be looking for a new political consultant.

  45. To To Suttle says:

    Samp isn’t the only one with a past. Gary Disilvestro his main consultant has an issue when he worked for Douglas County.

  46. hey north star says:

    how about you stop attacking women on anonymous blogs, you freaking cowards. what’s jensen’s title now?

  47. undead says:

    Jordan Mcgrain, I mean Street Sweeper, when’s the next post on the Governor’s race, pretending your client Charlie Janssen is a serious candidate for governor? Can’t wait. You should be real proud of this world you’ve created – a breeding ground for troglodytes, trolls, and two-bit hacks. This blog has become a wasteland. And worse yet, one that is manipulated by a special interest. The most unfortunate part is that no one dwelling about this hellhole is smart enough to know what’s going on. Only a matter of time.

  48. Give me a break says:

    Now that someone in Norfolk doesn’t have any clients all she does all day is hit “refresh” on the Leavenworth St comments every 5 minutes and post something from another username. What’s she so scared of? Jeremy Jensen? Seriously? Wow, I should get into political consulting if that’s the case. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Undead. You obviously are dead, at least that meaty bit between your ears.

    But “troglodytes, trolls and two-bit hacks”… that’s cute. Add to that someone so amazingly stupid as to come to a “wasteland” of a blog, a veritable “hellhole” in which all who blog here don’t know what is going on… which includes YOU blogging here, you brainless jackass.

    Most Democrats just ride the Jackass. Some try to be the Jackass. A few however actually put their head up inside the Jackass.

  50. Mark Andrews says:

    The Nebraska political class is as much fun as a North Korean prison camp. What will it take to get you folks to come into the light, and not do business in the gutter all the time? Scrapping for any conceivable advantage by any means possible, it’s positively Nixonian. Maybe you youngins’, of both parties, should compare your methods to Tricky Dick. Not a very flattering comparison.

  51. anonymous says:

    Speaking of questionable involvement, why did Stothert pay Hal Daub’s law firm Blackwell Sanders over $20k listed in her 2006 and 2007 NADC report and another $5k to a private investigator? Seems like a tidy bit of other people’s money to spend on legal work and paranoia

  52. To anonymous above says:

    Remember the recount between Stothert and Lathrop. There were issues with ballots that required counsel and an investigator to track the provisional ballots to valid addresses. It wasn’t like she was paying Matt Samp or anyone like that.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Drawing the Nixon card. How typical. Nixon who got us out of the Vietnam mess JFK put us into and LBJ escalated. Nixon who opened up China. Nixon who didn’t order his supporters to break into Dem HQ but then quit over trying to cover it up. Whereas Clinton lied and covered up real stuff he did and was impeached yet he simply stood there in his own fecal debris until it hardened enough for Americans to swallow. Obama’s AG gave sniper rifles to drug lords to murder our own federal agents and Obama doesn’t even try to hide his abetting of murder. But go ahead and draw your Nixon card because that’s what politically retarded children do.

    As to your pompous and effeminate sentiments about bloggers not being civil, you need to know this about individual freedom and national survival. Some of us have slogged through blood in war and been victimized, even shot at, over local politics. So take your kindness to the baby pool. Real people are drowning while you play at political science 101. If you haven’t had to use body armor yet, you cannot conceive of what politics is really about.

  54. To comment #83 says:

    Matt Samp has not been in politics for years since the Mayor made it clear he should have no part of his administration.

  55. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah, and Nixon told us he’s “not a crook!”

    But in real response to Anonymous at 2:15, some of us who didn’t and wouldn’t put on body armor, have had to pay for needless wars nonetheless. And I’m thinking of the wars George W. got us into and that we can’t get out of!!!

  56. Mark Andrews says:

    @84, 2:15 PM – From the BBC, March 22, 2013, 14:56 ET, “The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon’s ‘treason'” by David Taylor: “In one call to Senator Richard Russell he [Johnson] says: “We have found that our friend, the Republican nominee, our California friend, has been playing on the outskirts with our enemies and our friends both, he has been doing it through rather subterranean sources. Mrs. Chennault is warning the South Vietnamese not to get pulled into this Johnson move.”

    He orders the Nixon campaign to be placed under FBI surveillance and demands to know if Nixon is personally involved. When he became convinced it was being orchestrated by the Republican candidate, the president called Senator Everett Dirksen, the Republican leader in the Senate to get a message to Nixon. The president knew what was going on, Nixon should back off and the subterfuge amounted to treason.”

    Maybe you weren’t alive then that happened. I was. It’s informed my view of politics ever since.

    As for the rest, “Come at me bro.” Oh, wait, you can’t, because you’re “Anonymous.” It is easy to be a tough guy when no one knows your name. Me? I’m a happy idiot. I’m a nobody. I have nothing to lose politically by speaking my mind and signing my name to my opinions. I’m beginning to see that is a good position to be in. I’ve got maybe 20 years left to me. Seems to me using a little of that time to castigate the political class is both fun and useful, especially if I can alter behavior and outcomes.

    Political violence? Don’t flatter yourself. I hope that no one shoots at you, or anyone else, for any reason, under any circumstances. Fortunately you and I are not that important.

  57. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    Any care to guess how much money Bloomberg and his fellow gun-banners are willing to spend to help his clone in the Omaha Mayoral race? This should be fun to watch Bloomberg piss more of his millions down the hole in his attempt to take away our freedoms with his puppet Suttle.

    On a slightly different note, Ashford finished in 4th place!? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer and more liberal guy. Stoethert and Fischer are a great new change from the old guard blue-blooded Republicans in Omaha. Maybe the blue bloods will finally follow their lead and bring Omaha back from the mossy old-guard that they have made it for so many years now…

  58. Anonymous says:

    MA, I was working for Nixon at 42,000 feet. Where were you, bruiser? As for using your name in a blog where you sway zero opinions, that is neither heroism nor useful. Save it for where it gets traction. You say you aren’t important. That is obvious. But you write well enough to perhaps become effective. You aren’t there yet. When, during a campaign, your home is dusted for prints and your children receive death threats you will know you have become effective. You think this is a game. For the many who aren’t effective, it may be. No one finds them a threat.

    TA, Bush’s policies didn’t differ that much from Clinton’s. In some ways, Clinton was more conservative. But regarding war, Obama has absolute military control and can pull us out at any time. I don’t mind killing enemy. I mind Americans dying because our politicians want to convince those who prefer the tyranny of Islam, that they should instead embrace our Walmart happiness. The sweetest of those followers, whom I have known up close and personal, see not much wrong with all Republicans and Democrats being dead. So let us all please file our war complaints with CinC Obama.

  59. Mark Andrews says:

    @Anon 89 at 8:02 PM, thanks for your service. Sorry it was while Nixon was CinC.

    Nope, I’m not swaying any opinions, but I seem to have got your goat. That’s a start. I’ve always liked playing with people who are easily provoked. There seems to be a lot of that around here.

    Deadly serious? I’m sorry to say it is in Texas right now. I surely hope the animals gunning down DA’s put up a fight. It makes things much simpler. Is it deadly serious who becomes mayor of Omaha? Not currently.

    And by the way, thanks for the faint praise. You’ve certainly damned me enough.

  60. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ number 89: Don’t mistake me for a apologist of either Obama or Clinton.
    And as to your “service” during the Nixon years, if you were drafted or at risk of being drafted upon “joining” the military, then I pity you. However if you enlisted voluntarily because you wanted to go to war, then I blame you. Viet Nam was a horrible needless war! I realize that most involved were not there of their own choosing. But the current military and current wars are conducted via volunteerism. Has it not occurred to you that if folks would not volunteer, we may have fewer wars?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Mark Andrews says: I’ve got maybe 20 years left to me. Seems to me using a little of that time to castigate the political class is both fun and useful, especially if I can alter behavior and outcomes.

    Political violence? Don’t flatter yourself.

    Uh, Mark, speaking of not flattering oneself …

    (I’m looking at the guy who thinks he can alter behaviour and outcomes by (using his real name while) writing “castigating” crap on Leavenworth Street blog.)

  62. Anonymous says:

    9:00 took care of Mark Andrews’ illogic. Now to the idiot next in line…

    Annie at 6:31, get out of my country you unpatriotic piece of work. You aren’t willing to fight for freedom? For America? Move to North Korea where you can experience the gulags you deserve.

    Vietnam was but one of many battles in a 50 year long war against Communism which the USA half-won and then quit because of fools like you. Those same political tyrannies exist today. Communism has murdered many times more innocents than any other form of government on earth including the Nazis. The same Vietnam Communists are in power today. The same North Koreans have the same government. The same Chinese government exists that holds the world’s record for mass murder of innocents. Everywhere that the USA didn’t give up, tyranny died. It thrives only where Americans like you let it thrive.

    If people wouldn’t volunteer to fight, you say, there were be no more wars. You fool. The walls of tyrants’ palaces have ever been glued together by the blood and bones of idiots like you who were allowed for some time to breathe free by those “volunteers” you so despise. Do you think America was born of love? It was berthed in blood by the few who volunteered to kill their own law enforcement officials, the British, their own legal government, to free themselves of taxes, tyrants and idiots like you. And the likes of you aren’t new. In 1776, most Americans were content to let the few fight and die for them. Same today. You have the right to vote but you have not earned it. And you don’t deserve it, as you are too dangerously stupid to do so without harming others.

    If you haven’t already, get your tubes tied because Darwin and God both agree that the shallow end of the gene pool hasn’t room for more like you.

  63. Anonymous says:

    To #83: Odd, but Lathrop’s NADC report doesn’t show the same kind of distribution. The margin was 12 votes and I have to wonder how many of the total were “provisional” for a private investigator to track them all down to proper addresses. Over $21, 000 for legal fees even at an hourly rate of $500 an hour makes for a tidy some of money to be spending on attorneys. Nobody works for a better price? Course, it was just other people’s money in campaign contributions (aren’t taxes other people’s money?) that was being spent conservatively speaking. If Samp was selling signs such that has been discovered, Suttle used his campaign cash for what it was intended.

  64. The real problem says:

    It ain’t Samp. Suttle disavowed himself from him and broke his promise!!! I
    Suttle might have not know that Samp was being paid and in the case Gary DiSilvestro put the Mayor in a heck of a pickle. Heads will roll!

  65. Did you hear Chip Maxwell Today? says:

    The farther of Brad Fugeli called in and he was none to pleased that Suttle’s campaign is paying Samp. Let’s be clear Samp was NEVER charged but it is still clearly a sensitive issue. Why not use other vendors unless Gary D is getting a cut.

  66. District 12 Historian says:

    Stothert explored challenging the election. Prior to counting provisional ballots Stothert was leading. This was the first time anyone had seen an election turn based on provisional ballot count. Provisional ballots made for a 29 vote swing in the results from Stothert +14 votes to Lathrop +15.

    Dave Phipps counted ballots that did not have the voter’s signature on them as required by state law. They also looked into the validity of the provisional ballots that were accepted, and they found several that should not have counted for various reasons (address didn’t exist, business address, etc).

    In the end, because the ballots were separated from the envelopes that were supposed to be signed by the voter, there was no way to determine which ballots should not have been counted.

    Pretty sure Lathrop’s report didn’t report anything similar because he was not going to challenge the election. So, that is pretty dumb logic on your part.

  67. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous at #95: I can tell by your reaction to what I wrote that you like warfare and enjoy violence. Thus words are wasted on you. But someday I hope you shall evolve enough to realize that this is my country, too, and many of my countrymen share my ideals to such extent that ‘volunteering’ to kill is on the decline. I did not write above that we could avoid ALL warfare (you’ll have to read what I wrote without all the anger to get that). I only plead avoidance of offensive warfare. Rational discourse, peaceful trade, and just a dash of egalitarianism mixed in our stew of social and economic institutions will do that for us!

  68. Anonymous says:

    1.7 mil innocents murdered by Vietnam’s Communist government; not combatants, innocents. The same government of Vietnam that you see as a trading partner still shoots people for disagreeing with it. Over 200 million innocents were murdered in the past century alone by various tyrannical governments because of people like you who allow it. War? What do you know of war?

    When exactly do you pick up the sword? When your children are bayonetted? When you are in chains? Or is the murder of brown skins and tyranny of innocents elsewhere good if it gets you cheaper shoes? Is your gold jewelry wrought from the teeth of burnt Jews? Do you even care? You chafe at imagined chains and speak with the naivety of a child.

    No one hates war more than those who suffer battle. And yet you call us lovers of war, we who have kept you free and carry scars from it. Texas Annie, you are a rotten anti-American.

  69. Anonymous says:

    To District 12 Historian: “Dumb logic” is one that dismisses spending $25K such that Stothert spent in 2006 is not above question or scrutiny…but you sure do know the intricate details of all this now don’t you.

  70. To Anonymous Above says:

    The Public should be able to question the expenditure Jean made in 2006. The public should also look at the expenditures of Suttle and the Howards.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately the public is treated to nonstop one sided scrutiny that works against Suttle while letting the rest stay under the rock.

  72. When did he know says:

    When did Suttle know about the accusations against Matt Samp? Word on the street is that he knew before he was elected.

  73. Omaha Voter says:

    “Move Omaha forward! LIKE Jim Suttle and join our campaign to FIGHT for progress!” What progress is Suttle talking about? More taxes? More traffic causing bike lanes?

  74. Lil Mac says:

    GOP chairmen crow about Stothert’s invincibility because her primary numbers are higher than Suttle’s. Romney got 4 million more votes in the primary than Obama got in his. Republicans relaxed and so snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Stothert whipped Republicans Welch and Nabity but her numbers have less meaning against Independent Ashford whose base votes mostly in generals, and no meaning against Democrat Suttle whose base had no reason at all to vote in this primary. Stothert needs to get GOP leaders to shut up and then she must run like she is behind.

  75. Interested Observer says:

    Since the first of the year, there have been approximately 25 articles posted in here, of which approximately 14 dealt with the Omaha City Elections and a few others mention various upcoming state wide races. Given the miniscule voter turnout percentage in Omaha’s recent election, it seems that even the people of Omaha don’t even care about that issue, let alone anyone from outside that city.

    The Legislature has been in session most of the time this year, the RNC published it’s report on last fall’s election, we have a new NEGOP Chairman, but no new permanent State Executive Director and a lot of other things have happened.

    Some define “politics” as “the art or science of governing”.

    There is a lot more to the subject of politics than just the rumors and the horse race of campaigns. I wonder if the remaining readers of this site might ever be interested in an article about actually governing in Nebraska, particularly since we have now gone 24 hours without even one single comment posted?

  76. Election Commissioner says:

    It’s not just this site. Neither the OWH nor the LJS carry much about the happenings in the state legislature. It seems that since neither newspaper distributes much beyond Kearney, that both newspapers have become exclusively city newspapers. Especially the OWH which now seems to have become a “people magazine” paper with countless feel-good articles by Erin Grace and other non-news writers. How many articles such as the “sisters baking cupcakes” can the readers stomach?

  77. TexasAnnie says:

    What? Nebraska was the FIRST state to constitutionally outlaw gay marriage (circa 2000).
    Statutory prohibitions are one thing; court rulings another. But constitutionally???
    How can it be that most Nebraskans favor gay marriage?
    Has Nebraska changed that much since I was there paying those exorbitant taxes?

  78. Anonymous says:

    Curious to know if we have seen the last of the Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust which attacked Stothert in the Primary. Did anyone ever level charges thru NADC that they acted illegally by not listing a physical address on their first couple of mailers? Seems this kind of thing comes and goes and no one is ever held accountable. Why hasn’t the local news media been able to interview one said Laura Paulson whose name is on the filing papers at NADC? The only people the OWH goes after are people they want to bring down and the rest get by un-scrutinized. Like National Enquirer. And don’t count on the LJS to do any investigative reporting.

  79. Anonymous says:

    If a reporter in this town were to actually dig into the misdeeds appearing in NADC reports, they’d have to actually learn how to dig. If the OWH only goes after people they want to bring down then they stand as a balance to local talk radio who raises people they are friends with to the status of a god who do no harm, leak or smoke cigars.

  80. Fun with NADC says:

    OWH clearly shows a bias when they spend three days destroying and unemployed soon to be employed potty mouth BUT do not cover a someone formerly disavowed with a alleged seedy past is no story. If Suttle was an R, every station would be on top of it

  81. Mystery Meat says:

    Oberst is a successful entrepreneur. So is the Oracle of Omaha, who had his own ideas about marriage. Gay marriage is a non-issue for under-40s. Next topic.

  82. Spike says:

    What will save Suttle’s sorry ass so that the fair Janitor he’s been for Omaha, get’s re-elected? From my experience, the only thing that will keep him in office is a bit of REAL dirt on S & that just doesn’t seem to be there! She maybe a bit of a biatch but she does seem to be squeaky clean????

    Concerning MS, is there a statutory rape law in NE for gays or is it open season no matter what the age is???

  83. Mystery Meat says:

    It’s quiet here. I guess I’ll have to wait for the regulars to have their breakfast of razor blades before they begin commenting.

    SS, nothing new to discuss now that Stothert is mayor?

  84. Anonymous says:

    Happy Siblings Day, soon to be Sibling Marriage Day. Incest is legal or unpunished in most nations around the world, plus in NJ, Ohio and RI. Since marriage is a government licensed contract that allows the married to get thousands per year in freebies from government via benefits and deductions, don’t expect marriage to become less popular.

    It is government’s job to pay the unready, inept and stupid to do what they cannot do or wouldn’t attempt on their own; own a house, run a business, become a baby factory, get married. We will see some real sibling rivalry when incest marriages hit divorce court.

  85. Folks,
    Sorry for a lack of a new update.
    The L.St. office lights have been dim as it has been crazy crazy crazy crazy in the field of work that actually provides a salary. I hope we will have a new post here soon, but it may just be an Open Forum to discuss your gripe of the day (oh and I know you have your gripes).
    Likely something new Thursday.

  86. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Things tend to get quiet right after a primary. Some consultants are out of work and not pissing off others. Consultants who have work are busy… working.
    The Lancaster/Lincoln elections were no big surprise and nothing all that exciting.

    Statewide, nothing all that interesting is happening. Sorry to the 3rd district folks. Y’all are too well behaved to get much love on Lst. I happen to love Nebraska’s glorious third congressional district so I really feel badly for them when “the talk of Nebraska politics” is all about Omaha but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  87. Election Commissioner says:

    That’s okay. The World Herald used to be a statewide paper, but no longer–you can’t buy an OWH west of Kearney. Same with the Lincoln Journal Star, except that they end at about York. So geographically, at least, much of the 3rd District has no paper except for their local paper which is probably owned by either the OWH or the LJS. So those local papers print whatever their mother paper does, except that the news is usually a day late….but the locals are good for obituaries and promoting their local ad buyers.

    Now it appears that even Leavenworth Street has started ignoring anything west of Mahoney State Park, in defiance of it’s “talk of Nebraska politics” logo. We would turn westward toward Denver papers, except that those have such a stench of pot on them that it makes you want to roll and smoke them.

    So we in the 3rd just have to carry on, always voting for Adrian, and voting for term limits for the state legislature. But that’s alright, we will survive as we always have.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I’ll probably repost this on the next “open” topic if that gets put up there. I don’t tend to track national media outlets just for lack of time and usually the coverage is a bit tainted. Or more than a bit tainted. Anywho, was reading in a rather non-interactive blog that an abortion provider in Philadelphia is on trial for murder x 8. Killed a woman and 7 foetuses who had managed to survive his attempt to kill them in utero.

    So, one of the complaints in this blog was that the national media aren’t covering this case. And I don’t know about that because I don’t typically follow national media as I said. But has anyone seen this story reported in any national media? Anyone? Are the claims accurate that this story is being ignored (while the media remains in a tizzy over the Rutgers basketball coach treating his players badly)? Anyone seen it?

    The other aspect of the story is that, apparently, the Pennsylvania Dept of Health REALLY monitors hospitals and doctors’ offices and such. Even nail salons. But abortion clinics? Not so much, according to the Grand Jury report, apparently.

    So, the whole point of keeping abortion legal so that we don’t have women dying in back alley abortion clinics … appears to be just a bunch of BS, huh?

  89. Election Commissioner says:

    And if you read the Philadelphia story closely, you will see that the so-called “back alley abortions” are probably done in cleaner conditions than the criminal doctor’s clinic in the Philadelphia story. Chances are good that the doctor will go free to continue his killing. Just like LeRoy Carhart….ooops….I meant “DOCTOR” LeRoy Carhart.

  90. Anonymous says:

    To #125: Stothert had Hal Daub standing next her on the day she announced after she told some of the GOP hierarchy she had no intention of running to be mayor. Nope, nada, no Siree not me…and then she turned around to announce her run. I don’t know about clean, but she sounds like she has trouble telling truth from lies. Granted she’s great at holding her own BooHooFest for icky ads in all measure unbecoming to her, but it was a little over the top when she did it at the exact same time she ran icky ads pointing fingers at her opponents. Me thinks she ain’t as clean as those who wish to think she be.

  91. Mystery Meat says:

    Heh, a little Daub ‘ll do ya. Way little.

    He spoke at my high school in 1979, at the start of his political career. I didn’t know what to make of Daub, he seemed, how shall I say it “Me for Anything – Congressman, Dog Catcher, just elect me to something, dammit!”

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