New Stothert spot

Omaha Mayoral candidate Jean Stothert has a new ad up.
See it here:

Nice spot. Like how they incorporated the election night video — and like the different music.

(This ad sent from the new Stothert press flak, Daniel Keylin, formerly of the Deb Fischer campaign.)


And for you non-Omahans itching for political news:
3rd District Rep. Adrian Smith has announced…THAT…HE…WILL…

not run for Senate.
Or Governor.

In 2014!


No time to post much else.
Open forum!
(Food fight!)


  1. ricky says:

    Without South Omaha Mr Suttle is in for a rough go. Too bad Senator Mello is not working for Suttle’s campaign. Neither is Jeremy Nordquist. Those two Catholic right-to-lifers don’t seem too keen to see the Mayor retain his seat. Too busy? If Senator Ashford had time to actually run for the office, you would think those two have time to endorse or attend a Suttle rally.
    On the other hand look at what Senator Laugtenback did for Justin Wayne; most likely cost him his spot on the OPS board. So maybe the Senators are a kiss of death to a campaign? Janssen is going nowhere in his.


  2. TexasAnnie says:

    Do you support your congressional representative, Interested Observer?
    I remember him well from his, uh, “service” in the Unicameral.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This ad is the same ole same ole that tells a voter nothing about what this candidate is going to do to make my life better. What exactly is my “brighter” tomorrow going to look like? A bigger sun to see the street paved with gold? What’s the plan? Where’s the beef? If I’m going to buy a certain toothpaste, my smille will be whiter with less cavities. If I’m going to buy a burger it’s only going to cost me one buck to get all that cheese with a side of fries. By contrast, political hacks and their clients make it about…..nothing of substance then wonder of wonder why of why nobody is motivated to vote. We not only don’t get the beef, but are left the cheese and plenty of cavities.

  4. Give Suttle The Boot says:

    Great ad Jean! Momentum is building & change is coming! You come off warm and personable. With your great personality & character you are sure to be the next Mayor of Omaha! Godspeed Jean Stothert!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lots of positive energy….for what? Great job? Show me the record especially the part where Stothert supported four men on a truck and I’m not talking ice cram. Warm and personable? Who cares I’m not sitting across from her at dinner every night, but a plan would be good. Great character? How in the world does this ad show that? The fact she lifts her arm high? She’s tall. But, but, but? I feel so much better and like it.

  6. This Ad Sucks says:

    This might be good – if i was at all describing mean jean….this lady is everything wrong with American politics: Can’t stop talking about being a woman, yet is against every women’s rights issues, plays the victim while attacking at the same time, and never once has her own idea. No wonder only 20%+ people voted in that election. Look at these ridiculous candidates.

  7. Tue Nebraskan Repub My Ass says:

    Jean Stothert has spent less time in Nebraska than Bob Kerrey. If I was Deb Fisher I would be offended that they try to compare these two woman. Deb Fisher is true Nebraskan – true republican. This woman is hoax. I am a little annoyed that the repub party is helping this RINO who has spent only a handful of years in Nebraska.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So what is Jessica “the Snitch” M. up to these days? Haven’t seen too many snake tracks running out of Norfolk of late.

  9. To TUE who can't spell says:

    Who are you really? Gary or Ace? Jean has lived here about 20 years continuously. I doubt she and Jo decided in the 1990’s to move to Omaha so she could be mayor. Try the smears, we know how that fared last week.

  10. Suttle Game Plan says:

    1) Have militant gays riled up, check
    2) Have radical cyclist riled up, check
    3) Promise Police and Fire Union more money, check
    4) Have ads and Mail pieces ready to demonize Jean, check
    5) Promise Illegal Aliens we are a sanctuary city, check
    6) Pay Matt Samp off, check
    7) Have Ben Gray tell North O Jean is racist, check
    8) Convince 76% of Omaha why they made a bad choice last week………Check back with us later

  11. ww says:

    @Suttle Game Plan… you forgot a couple.

    Have the chief fire four cops faster than it has ever been done before so the North O vote doesn’t sit out the election. Get a rent-a-mob to stir up the idea of dropping all charges against the “victims” to keep Ernie Chambers at bay.

    Let the union know they don’t need to worry… once the election is over, all four will go through the appeals process and get their jobs back… with back pay.

  12. Yada says:

    One poster says Stothert is a right wing nut…another says she is not right wing enough. Interesting. Seems this woman has someone scared.

    Good to see @This Ad Sucks was able to cut and paste the same old DNC talking points into their post. Against every women’s rights issue…yada yada yada Why is it I think This Ad Sucks and Tue Nebraska repub are probably the same Suttle hack?

  13. Mystery Meat says:

    @Suttle Game Plan – you make JS sound like Dr. Evil. Is he really that smart and that dumb simultaneously?

  14. 3rd District Political Insider says:

    In today’s news Fred “Goober” Johnson told the local paper that he will not seek reelection to the County’s Noxious Weed Board after 28 years of service. This could set up a contentious election for the prized board.

  15. 2nd District Insider says:

    Rumor has it a certain ginger Millard school board member will not be seeking reelection to spend more time practicing kung fu entering high stakes UNO tournaments.

  16. Lil Mac says:

    Democrat bloggers may call her “mean Jean” but voters see a smiling positive Stothert standing next to a toad-like constipated Suttle. Don’t even try to say appearances don’t count, as no one hopes their kids come out ugly. Everything that appears before voter’s eyes, like Suttle paying bums to vote and his supporters characterizing a mom as a whore over political partisanship, that all counts, as does Stothert’s refusal to be suckered into the mud. Her ad’s sparkling positiveness, while meaningless to partisan pundits, is well targeted toward those who wouldn’t be caught dead voting in a primary or a recall. Her ad seeks nonpartisan general voters who crave civility and despise mean-spiritedness.

    She is doing what Fischer did. Bob picked up handfuls of mud and screamed at Deb, “fight me like a man!” All she has to do is something testosterone won’t let most men do, i.e. turn away. That leaves the guy standing there angry, ugly, holding mud or slinging it at her back; a strategy that boils down to one not correcting a prick when he’s acting like a prick in front of voters. Of course women have their weak points too, roles can reverse. But hormones or emotions must never trump mature restraint and sense, or you make a lousy Mayor. If your biggest selling point is you can throw mud, you should lose.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, I’ve been astounded that these politicians learned nothing from the last year. Of course, when you’re Suttle and 2012 was a banner year for murders in Omaha and your best talking point is that you haven’t raised taxes in a whole year, then the mud is quite tempting.

  18. Interested Observer says:

    So, let me ask this question. Is it apparently OK for someone in here to use the word “prick” but is it apparently NOT OK for someone else to use the word “c*#%”?

    I’m confused by this apparent contradiction.

  19. Mystery Meat says:

    IO, what’s confusing? Using the words “prick” and “c*#%” here is one thing. Using “c*#%” on Facebook and being outed by one of your friends, that’s another thing. Two different sites, two different groups of people.

  20. Jim Esch says:

    Love or hate Stothert’s new ad, it is pretty much a shorter version with a male voice of Ashford’s video. Very original.

  21. Jim Esch says:

    You are probably right, though I haven’t seen one quite like it. But I wonder how many candidates blatantly rip off an opponents ad during the same campaign. All I am saying is they could at least come up with something original. Granted no one is going to know since only 330 people have seen ours, so why not steal it?

  22. Moderate. says:

    Jim, good point. These two ads are very similar. I’m not very impressed with either Jean or Jim. I will be voting for the best of two evils which does not make me happy. Haven’t decided yet.

    I am glad they will be changing when these city elections take place. I think the current system does not speak for majority of the population. These two candidates are very polarizing and do nothing to move omaha forward.

  23. Lil Mac says:

    IO, I never confuse organs of pleasure with politicians who produce pain. But sure, I can clarify this.

    We may assume your “c*#%” is referring to Stothert or Fischer having previously been called a “c**t”. That word is a germanically derived Saxon term specific to the female genitalia. To use it to describe an entire person is a vulgar slander and not a little sexist.

    You compare this to the word “prick”, as in the Bard’s “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” Shakespeare used the word correctly, to refer to a stabbing, irritating, annoying, painful jab. Political mudslinging is stabbing, irritating, painful jabs, meant to elicit a response. Kerrey and Suttle were pricks to those they pricked.

    But, methinks, and you may correct me if am wrong, that you presumed the word “prick” might refer to the male sex organ. However, as noted above, that is a source of pleasure and politicians are a pain. Thorns have points to induce pain not pleasure.

    We are getting off into the academic here, but it is somewhat interesting that female sex organs in American vernacular English are often given slang nicknames that are meaningless, while male sex organs are given names of US Presidents. “Johnson” is LBJ’s last name, “Dick” is Nixon’s first name, and we all remember slick “Willie” Clinton. I don’t know what that’s about but there is for sure a dissertation somewhere in it. In any case, Politicians don’t elicit pleasure. They are more often pricks of the thorny sort, certainly when they sling mud.

  24. Original says:

    Really Jimmy? Rip off? How sad are you to try to make that stretch. There are a half dozen commercials on tv now with a similar theme. WOW are you reaching. then again…what else do you have?

  25. Interested Observer says:

    I kinda think that Shylock, in your example, used the word “prick” as a verb, “If you prick us, do we not bleed?”.

    You used the word “prick” as a noun, “not correcting a prick” and again “he’s acting like a prick”.

    One definition of “prick” as a noun is “usually vulgar : a spiteful or contemptible man”. It seems to be the only definition that accurately fits in the context of your remark. Obviously, the word has other meanings even as a noun, including the male organ, hence my confusion of the conflicting appropriateness of the two words.

    If the “C” word is inappropriate, even in the context of a perceived, semi-private Facebook posting, then is your usage of the word “prick” appropriate in the context of a very public blog? Might you have chosen any other word, at all, to accurately convey your meaning?

  26. Jim Esch says:

    What I love about this blog is it so partisan, it’s a joke. We can’t even agree that her ad is not original, because I am a democrat and you are a republican (assuming you are). If tables were turned you would be crying that Brad ripped off her ad.

    I wasn’t making a political statement, you a$$, I was simply making an observation. I don’t know why I bother getting on here.

    This is exactly what is wrong with our politics today. The constant narrative that the opposite party is destroying America. That one party is a bunch a socialist, gun hating, baby killing, tax loving, atheist liberals (feel free to ad to the list) and the other is a bunch of racist, homophobic, gun loving, bible beating, free market at all cost, war mongering conservatives. Which is bull$hit.

    But you guys vote and majority does not, especially in primaries. Therefore you dictate what type of candidates we have. We really only have ourselves to blame for allowing you to control the agendas and our politics. Maybe someday the rest of will wake up and take our country back from you extremists.

    Also, I love all you cowards who don’t sign your real names. That includes you Sweeper. I know, I know you would get in trouble with your boss. I will say you are at least your writing is entertaining. But, it sure is easy to throw bombs hiding under the blanket of anonymity. So you political geniouses keep sniping at each other, it’s really making a difference.

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    Jim Esch, do tell: WHICH political party espouses the “free market at all cost” you cite? What with all the corporate welfare (particularly in Nebraska and especially under the, ahem, “leadership” of your 3rd and 2nd and 1st Congressional District representatives), I’m having difficulty distinguishing your Republicans in this regard. Are they all RINO’s?

  28. Political Novice says:

    As you probably all know the civilian union has endorsed Jean Stothert as it’s choice as mayor. From what I have heard the fire and police unions were none too happy with this action. Looking back I can’t ever remember them worrying or caring what we thought about anything. We civilian workers methodically go about our jobs, invisible to most residents, just doing the dirty jobs to keep the city functioning. What was appealing to us about Jean was her statement that she would treat us fairly – which is all we ever asked. She also said she would review and evaluate the top management which was music to our ears and earned her a lot of votes just from that statement alone. What taxpayers probably don’t realize is the top management does not solicit or care about the opinion or advice of the person at the bottom actually doing the work and in doing so money is needlessly wasted and moral plummets. Most of us were happy and content doing our jobs however unless changes are made at the top that will no longer be the case and an unhappy worker is not a productive worker. Electing Jean Stothert will at least give us hope that this status quo will not continue.

  29. ricky says:

    But there is a party that is at fault for screwing up the country and it’s not the Democratic Party. It’s the Republican Party. Namely the G O P house. The Repubs own one half branch of one of the three branches of government but they are crazy far right and fight President Obama at every turn the country be damned.
    Gerrymandering means the righty’s in the G O P house don’t fear a general election, only that they can out-kook a member of their own party.
    That is where the problem lies in the USA, so it is a partisan deal.


  30. Jim Esch says:

    Jim Esch @ 5:41… good answer, though it wasn’t me, and maybe you’re right. Maybe I am a better behind the scenes man. But, I at least had the guts to put my name out there and take the fire from all you cowards. Fantastic comebacks, well done, seriously. WTF is Mystery Meat Man, Mystery Meat Man? Never mind, I don’t care.

    Here’s the deal, none of you, unless you are willing to put yourself on the line, will ever make a difference. Ever. If you are so smart and have all the answers, then run for office. Put your money where your mouth is and step up to the plate. Until then, who the F cares what you think. You contribute nothing to the discussion except noise and rhetoric.

    I will readily admit I was the wrong candidate at the right time. I probably should have never run. And, I probably haven’t made a difference, but I did try. Which is a lot more than I can say for you who sit at your computers waiting to type the next great rebuttal to your imaginary enemies across the isle.

    As Robert Kennedy said, “What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists, is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents.”

    (This is where I drop the mic and walk away.)

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    No, come back Jim Esch! Tell Nebraskans the truth about their taxes: That They Are Fools For Tolerating All That Corporate Welfare!!!

    Democrats such as yourself and Republicans alike are indistinguishable when it comes to paying one’s “fair share.” If everyone had to pay, the tax rate could become soooo low, that even the poverty stricken could afford to pay. And that’s a solution that is both egalitarian and libertarian in one stroke… Nebraska desperately needs truth-telling about your tax structure ’cause regular folks don’t get it. Your corporate welfare is not buying sustainable jobs. You’re only renting them, until the tax subsidies expire, and with no short-term nor long-term “economic development” as desired.

  32. Team Jack says:

    Ricky, weren’t you making fun of Jack Hoffman’s TD run during the Spring Game on social media last weekend? What little (if any) credibility you ever had is completely gone.

  33. Just The Facts says:

    Here is the issue- Jim Esch: your pal Brad Ashford lost. He came in fourth place. Nabity beat him. His message was weak. Stothert 32%, Ashford 13%. I do believe the voters have spoken. Time to quit your “boo-hooing” and act like a big boy.

  34. Mystery Meat says:

    Mr. Esch, you’re an idealistic fish swimming in a sea of sarchasm. Think about that word, sar – flesh and chasm – flesh. it’s Greek for tearing flesh. Nice, eh?

    I am glad at least one person who posts here is willing to put his real name to his ideals. Good for you.

    I’m afraid I’m like the rest of the master debaters at Leavenworth St. I have no ideals and I’m to afraid to use my real name.

  35. ricky says:

    If there were a God he would not block me from facebook. Nobodies blocked me from anything. If the talk show blabbers had me on the radio their ratings would go up, but I refuse to go on right wing radio.
    There are a few state senators that told me not to email them anymore but we have to hold politicians and (public universities) accountable.
    Where are the fire fighters ads in the Mayor’s race anyway? Where is Mayor Suttle spending his money? Don’t see it yet.


  36. Jim, and the rest…

    I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks and haven’t had much of a chance to chime in.
    But I will note this, Jim — and others of your brethren who altruistically SIGN YOUR NAME to your comments:

    That is great you put your name on it. Good for you. But for the most part, no one cares. People exchange lots of IDEAS here in the comments and no one cares if you signed it PETE SMITHSON! No one knows you and they don’t care if they did. They are however interested in reading the idea you put forth.

    Now Jim, you are somewhat the exception, because you are a semi-public figure, having run for office, Then again, the things you are currently spouting off on — how Brad would have been the so much more awesome candidate — are neither here nor there, as far as who they come from.

    For instance, you had an interesting point about the new Stothert ad and the Ashford ad. Both very similar. (I would question whether the Storhert ad team “copied” Ashford’s ad — more likely an ad trend that candidates nationwide are using. And I would also toss it up as to whose was a better ad or more effective. I would note that 95% of Ashford’s ad played more like something from the Omaha Visitor’s Bureau, with about 10 seconds being devoted to the candidate. While Stothert’s at least had the candidate peppered throughout, and you had no doubt that it was really pushing HER and not the city itself.)

    Point being, the things that you mentioned could have come from Jim Esch, Pete Smithson, or Anymosity and the point would have been the same, read the same and replied to the same. The signator made no difference.

    In all of this, this is a blog where we talk about POLITICS. That’s why we at Leavenworth Street created it. To the extent we influence others through the things we talk about, fantastic. But I will tell you this, Jim Esch: The movers and shakers and elected officials in Nebraska READ this blog. I know this for a fact. And they READ the comments. These are people who implement policy and vote on major issues. So while maybe they don’t jump every time a commenter tells them to, you can bet they follow certain trends.

    (Oh, and as far as commenters “not making a difference”. While their comments may or may not “make a difference”, you can bet that a large number of those that read L.St. are the same ones who knock on doors, make phone calls, stuff envelopes, go to meetings, work for elected officials or even (gasp!) ARE elected officials. We would argue that a great many MAKE a difference.)

    And as far as “signing names” goes, please feel free to take your ire out on every Editorial written by nearly every newspaper in America. When was the last time you saw or knew who penned any of those? Or even if YOU do know, since you’ve been through the process, I can guarantee that 99% of the public has no idea who’s keyboard the thoughts came from.

    We here at Leavenworth Street have been pouring fourth our opinions for 7 years now. If that’s not enough, we don’t know what to tell you. There have been many who have sworn they would never read L.St. again (were YOU one of them?) and yet come back to see what’s going on. I think we provide a nice service in that way. And I would add that I don’t know the last time we have lobbed one of these “bombs” that you refer to. (Though I am guessing that you still remember that “karate suit” snark we threw your way. Ah well.) We do our best to be reasonable, while sticking to our core beliefs.

    In any case, thank you all for reading Leavenworth Street. We are doing our best these days to balance putting up posts with the demands of the jobs that actually pay the mortgage. It has become increasingly difficult, but we try to keep it going.

    We look forward to more conversation — oh and buy some stuff on Amazon via our links!

    -Street Sweeper

  37. Mystery Meat says:

    “Four score and seven years ago….” The idea is important. The author or speaker is not. Correct?

    In political economy ideas are not always separable from the human being asserting this, that or the other thing.

    Lyndon Johnson was a masterful manipulator, a fierce competitor, and force to be reckoned with. An intensely unlikable man. He was also the only man who could get the Voting Rights Act passed, and begin to finish what Lincoln started.

  38. More from Ricky says:

    Rod Edwards has a campaign picture of Jean Stothert up on his facebook page. Ricky commented:

    “Not that t shirt again. Is that the same one JS posed for in front of McFly’s?”

  39. Anonymous says:

    It’s still a lousy ad that doesn’t name one benefit of having this person as mayor. What is she going to do for me? If this is hardball, it lacks a pitch.

  40. ProgressiveOasis says:

    The USA has what will likely be a terminal case of malignant cancer and that cancer is progressive/liberal/collectivist/Marxist idiots like you and your fellow travelers. The only “cure” will likely come through an economic/fiscal collapse but only after you morons make everyone equally poor in the name of “social justice” or “righting income inequality” or some other such drivel only meant to inflame and incite the weak minded, the envious or the truly evil…I class you as one of the truly evil.

  41. Tonic & Tonic says:

    @Jim Esch
    Let me prefix this by telling you that I hate writing about big picture ideas. One of my first mentors told me to focus on details and single races because unless I’m running a statewide or national campaign, nobody cares.

    One party IS a bunch a socialist, gun hating, baby killing, tax loving, atheist, granola gutted, bed wetting, cradle to grave robbing, command economy at all costs, weenies.

    I’m not even THAT far right, and I see that the Democrat party has shifted, jimmied, wriggled, and slithered so far to the left that they label anyone who works, lives, or thinks for themselves a bigoted, right wing extremist. It’s a play straight out of the Rules for Radicals and I’m sick of it. The people that the Democrat party associates with are the dregs of the far left. I’ve gotta hand it to them, they’ve made it work and they run the country at this point.

    Seriously, we have a President who associates with known terrorists and people who blatantly break laws. The same BS happens all the way down to the Democrat Omaha Mayor who is still paying some pervert who drove a poor kid to kill himself after being sodomized. How do Dems get away with it? They don’t acknowledge it and they count on the sympathizers in the media to STFU about it.


  42. Mystery Meat says:

    @ProgressiveOasis – thank you, Margaret Thatcher. Let’s do a thought experiment:

    – House on fire? Too bad.
    – Someone breaks in? Too bad.
    – Want to drive on a paved street? Too bad.
    – Want to send your kid to school? Too bad.
    – Want someone to pay for your Medicare and Social Security? You should have set something aside for your old age and not depend on people working today to do something for you. Something that you should have done yourself. To suggest otherwise is “truly evil.”
    – Clean air? Clean it yourself.
    – Clean water? Clean it yourself.
    – Grievance of some kind? Need a lawyer? Tough, that’s on you.
    – Want to start a business? Need a tax break to get a leg up? Sorry. We don’t take your money, so don’t ask us for any.
    – Need an ambulance? How about this great line The Two Towers: “Go and die in whatever way seems best to you.”

    Thatcher said “There is no society. Only individuals.” As one individual to another I want to let you know that if you’re house burns, if someone steals from you, if someone hurts you & yours, if you want to drive on a paved road, if you want to take advantage of public education, assistance in your old age, a livable environment, legal assistance, help starting a business, legal assistance, or even fall and break your leg – HARD CHEESE.

    Ridiculous right? Even the early Bronze Age was more civilized than that. So, thank goodness that there is society. In our society the group and the individual are two ways of looking at the whole. You can’t have one without the other.

    The U.S. has spent 75 years creating & funding one of the greatest collectivist enterprises in human history. It’s what Dwight Eisenhower called (originally) “the congressional – military – industrial complex.” The American State took money to build a giant military collective. The military collective was armed by a corporate, state-funded collective, which provided high-wage jobs to the hard-working citizens in congressional districts all across the country. Our economy stayed on a war footing every day after World War II, even to this moment, because the legitimate defense needs of the United States were turned into a G.D. “jobs program.”

    Look at the new headquarters at Stratcom. There is a need for “global strike.” There is no need for “global strike” to be headquartered in Bellevue. Why even put it in one location? Geez, the Russians and the Chinese have had the Metro in their cross-hairs for 50 years, but I’m getting off the point. There is all kinds is pious, sanctimonious, teary flag-waving about the Services, but underneath it is the Federal gravy train.

    You rightly condemn “progressive/liberal/collectivist/Marxist idiots.” Well the pot met the kettle and called it black. When it comes to bringing Federal money to whatever you value, I call you a progressive, I call you a liberal, I call you a collectivist, I even call you a Marxist – because you’re about nothing but the allocation of scare resources – resources which, by your stated ideology you have no conceivable right under any circumstances – to people who don’t deserve those resources and haven’t earned them.

    How ’bout them apples Kim Jung-Un?

  43. RWP says:

    Of course, Thatcher didn’t say that, and what she did say meant something entirely different in context.

    Yours is a caricature of libertarianism. No libertarian denies that society exists, or that the state has some role. Libertarianism says its role should be minimal, and most human endeavor should be voluntary. Libertarianism tends to be non-interventionist, and most libertarians think the military could be reduced, though certainly not eliminated.

  44. Mystery Meat says:

    RWP, aren’t you supposed to be in class?

    I wrote a caricature of libertarianism that tells some people who complain about “progressive/liberal/collectivist/Marxist idiots” that they are what George Carlin calls “commie – fag – junkies.” Government generally engages in extractive behavior and the ROI is not great. It’s just a matter of how much money and for what. Here’s an example:

    The fly-away cost of the F-35 is currently $100 million each for some 2,300+ aircraft. That’s too much money. Better to cancel that program and buy 1,000 EA-F18Gs, that and put money into throw-away, armed drones. Yeah, it still feeds the congressional-military-industrial complex, and it still uses defense as a jobs program, but it could do the job cheaper and more quickly.

  45. Mystery Meat says:

    The best response to ” I’ve gotta hand it to them, they’ve made it work and they run the country at this point.” is “Time to quit your “boo-hooing” and act like a big boy.”

    Why is the Obama product attractive and the Romney product not attractive? If the Dems are going to offer the Hillary product in ’16, what do the Reps have to offer that is compelling enough to win? Rubio? Paul? What?

  46. RWP says:

    RWP, aren’t you supposed to be in class?

    Unless you’re the chairman of my department posting pseudonymously, I’d say that’s none of your business. In fact, if I weren’t so gosh-darn well-brought-up and cultured, I’d insert the present participle of an Anglo-Saxon verb between ‘your’ and ‘business’.

    I have absolutely no objection to the proposition that the Department of Defense wastes money in much the same way as any other branch of government. In fact, i think it’s a worrying phenomenon that the police and military are starting to think of themselves and behave just like other government bureaucrats.

  47. Spike says:

    Just more Bull Shite from the Wanabee JS! Like Anon 6 said, Where’s the BEEF, Madame S????

    Again the problem w both S & S is that neither have a DROP of imagination in their skulls nor do any of their Con-Sulants!! S’s ad sucks as did BA’s “feel good” piece of TV fodder for the mindless Omaho!!

    About the Dems & Repubes, both are moving further to the right! Just witness O attacking SS??

    The bottom line is, that the masses are controlled by the controllers of the MEDIA & unless one tunes out, one is affected by that SHIT!! Now the internet does hold the possibility of altering this sad state of affairs but…

    As Nietzsche said; “In WORK there is FREEDOM” & unless America goes back to WORK there will be no…

  48. RWP says:

    When I post here, people complain I’m not teaching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when I don’t, they wonder where I am. 🙂

    I’ve actually been quite busy. The proofs for the second printing of my textbook are due Monday. The online solutions manual for that text is taking an extreme amount of time (I’m wondering why, at the advanced age of humty hum, I’m still doing homework). My taxes are not done yet. I’m teaching a double courseload, chairing UNL’s busiest committee, trying to get research done and supervising a couple of students…

    Of course, I complain I’m busy, Sweeper complains he’s busy, draw your own inferences…

  49. TexasAnnie says:

    Well I’m inferring that even though Street Sweeper has given us a green light to talk about TAXES if we want to, the correspondents of Leavenworth St. only want to continue the same crap of Democrat v. Republican OR Republican v. Democrat. Election after election we see that nothing changes no matter whom we elect, D or R, yet some folks just can’t break out of the notion that there is any real difference between the two parties with regard to taxes. I had high hopes for the Libertarians, back when. But they showed their true colors (the Party, not the Platform) back in 2008 and I’ve got a good memory.

    I’m thinking that IF the Republicans put up Rand Paul, I’ve got to get with him in 2016. Otherwise, I’m voting for the woman the Democrats are likely to sponsor because, as I noted, there is little difference between the usual Republicans and Democrats when it comes to TAXES and tax equity and corporate welfare. Tax policy is all that really matters (now that I’m retired) and having a woman president during my lifetime would be so awesome!

  50. My Real Name says:

    TexasAnnie, after I read your post, I concluded that it would have just been easier to stick my finger down my throat instead of reading the drivel your wrote. The Lone Star State is calling…please go home.

  51. TexasAnnie says:

    I am home, where FREEDOM rings!
    When you get yourself composed and your chin cleaned up, check out David Stockman’s new book.

  52. Jim Esch says:

    I apologize for I hitting such a nerve. I just meant to have a little fun with you guys. I’m not sure I have ever seen a 10 paragraph response to a post by the Sweeper. I had no idea that those who write and contribute to this blog were so sensitive. I should know better. You are always so judicious and respectful in your comments and observations. And you are right, just like newspapers, where we have no idea who the publishers and editors are, I should not have questioned the righteousness of anonymity.

    To all the movers and shakers, I am sincerely sorry for my blatant disrespect to such a sacred and fair instrument of public discourse and enlightenment. I humbly beseech you to forgive such a rube as me. And, while I don’t remember the “karate suit” snark, I am sure it was well deserved.

    Finally, can we all make up and buy some $hit on amazon to keep this beacon of democracy going.

  53. Interested Observer says:

    To paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy, “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny . . . satire . . . , right there.”

  54. Interested Observer says:

    “Blazing Saddles” is on TV right now. It’s amazing just how much the Rockridge town meetings in the movie are like Omaha city politics.

  55. Mystery Meat says:

    So far the posts in this thread are collectively (there’s that naughty word again) like “The Gang Who Can’t Shoot Straight.” ‘Sweeper says the purpose of this blog is (paraphrasing) “the anonymous discussion of ideas.” What ideas and why? Is it just to push the Blue Entity across the Missouri into Iowa? To make people of every race, color and creed camera-ready Republican county party chairs, from Scottsbluff to 3rd & Pacific in Omaha?

  56. Jim Esch says:

    I do need to apologize to Mystery Meat. I misunderstood some of your earlier comments. I can be a little slow at times. My bad.

    Happy Saturday, all!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Are you positioning a run Mr.Esch with all your visibility of late? You should. Yours was the closest to unseating the rep sitting at the kiddie table.

  58. Histroy Pete says:

    I am History Pete and am Mystery Meat’s arch enemy. Ever time Meat posts one of his idiotic nonsensical diatribes I will post a historical fact that is of equal value and nonsensical.

    Here is my first fact: The Japanese word “Arigato” meaning thank you is derived from the Portugese word “Obrigado”. Portugal once had a thriving trade with Japan.

  59. History Pete says:

    The launching mechanism of a carrier ship that helps planes to take off, could throw a pickup truck over a mile.

  60. History Pete says:

    The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene.

  61. History Pete says:

    There, that’s sorted. Now, you kids have fun while I go back to the grown-up table. Don’t think I’m not watching all the time, with the eyes on the back of my head. And don’t make me come back here again.

  62. My Real Name says:

    SS, it is clear from the last 10 posts that a new subject would be good. Those of us west of Mahoney Park tire of the mayoral race in Omaha, but even that is better than Niagra Falls, donut holes, and the number 96. But this is still America, and posters can be as stupid as they want to be.

  63. History Pete says:

    Little known fact: People west of Mahoney state park are less likely to have an interest in the Omaha mayoral election because they do not live in Omaha.

  64. Anonymous says:

    97, Pete is right. It is silly you complain about how Omahans are not discussing an Omaha mayoral election enough to suit your non-Omaha tastes. But Pete let you off lightly. For you also said the dumbest thing a blogger can say. You came here and posted that people who post here can be stupid. How stupid? How about you coming here to demanded that Street Sweeper give you a “new subject” to talk about. You could have, in as many words, just as easily broached any new topic that you want to discuss. Instead, you come with your scarecrow-like demand that the wizard of Leavenworth St. give you a brain. Had you broached a topic, we’d now be discussing it instead of you. We all get our fist stuck once in a while but don’t go stake out your own jug and then fist it.

  65. My Real Name says:

    To 12:03: My point exactly. Look at the last 10 posts, then look at the banner at the top of the page. Talk of Nebraska Politics? Really?

  66. TexasAnnie says:

    And then look at the last paragraph that Street Sweeper wrote on this post!
    Maybe, like RWP, Street Sweeper had to work on income taxes this week-end.
    If we would all stand together, we could demand tax justice from our errant Congress.
    We could, conceivably, even abolish the IRS.

    Instead, y’all just like to bitch about spending (that benefits others) while continuing to skim off the top for yourselves. Your corporate welfare has overtaken your budget in Nebraska and all you Republicans and few Democrats are equally to blame. Your Governor did try to give you an opportunity for tax justice this year but you didn’t take it, instead wasting your time bitching about spending. Now you’ll only get a half-ass tax study, if that, and MORE CORPORATE WELFARE out of your goofy unicameral, again, this year and undoubtedly the next and the next and the next…

    We don’t have a state income tax and comparatively very little corporate welfare here in Texas. It’s why I’m here and not there! Texas is growing by leaps and bounds but we’ve still got room for y’all when you retire and finally tire of your state’s tax injustice!!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Marco Rubio somehow managed to appear on 7 talking-head shows at once over the weekend, schilling the non-amnesty amnesty bill. Ideas anyone?

  68. Anonymous says:

    MRN, you say I made your point? My point was you behaved stupidity. As TA points out, SS said this is “open forum”. That means topics have to come from your head. If it is empty, that’s not SS’s fault.

    When I pointed this out the first time, you came back and doubled down, demanding that no matter how foolish your words were, you must somehow turn out to be right. That suggests a crippling level insecurity. No one learns by being right but only by recognizing when they are wrong. And being wrong can be painfully embarrassing. The mature suck it up and appreciate knowing when they are told their zipper is open, because the alternative is they walk around looking like a dork thinking they look cool.

    Stupidity can be cured by knowledge but not if pride prevents one from admitting being wrong. Have an epiphany. Grasp that this is good advice.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Just caught up on the blog after a few days. I always saw Jim Esch was a guy who had no experience or business ever running for Congress in the first place. Then, when he lost for a second time, he slapped his supporters in the face and insulted them by becomming an independent. He had the entire Democratic establishment out to help him, and then after they gave him everything they had, he essentially says by his actions that the D party sucks and he doesn’t want any part of the people who spent hours and hours and tens of thousands to help him. Esch’s lack of respect for people who supported him is what causes me to write him off. If you are going to run, have respect for your supporters. I say that no matter what side of the aisle you are on.

  70. Some Thoughts says:

    History Pete, I didn’t think the comments section could get any better after the three faces of Jim Esch, but you proved me wrong.

    Fake/real Jim Esch, if I posted under my real name it would be the same as posting under a pseudonym because nobody here would know or care who I am. I don’t want to have to explain to my bleeding-heart liberal relatives why I’m not a liberal, or to my reactionary-right relatives why I am happy with moderation in all things.

  71. Anonymous says:

    TA: Don’t know why you didn’t stay in TX to begin with since it’s so great. Oh, that’s right, your husband was forced to take a job in NE and pay exorbitant taxes. Now you continue to rub it in by reminding us that you’re retired and living the good life in TX. More power to you. I hope you blog on TX political blogs about how great you have it there.

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