New Poll: Stothert – 50%, Suttle 42%

A new poll by Omaha Mayroal candidate Jean Stothert shows beating Mayor Jim Suttle 50% – 42%.

From the Stothert camp:

The Tarrance Group, a nationally renowned polling firm, surveyed 300 likely Mayoral Runoff election voters throughout Omaha from April 7 to April 9. The poll was conducted before the Stothert campaign began airing its first television advertisement of the general election.

The poll shows Stothert making strong inroads with independents and women voters, leading by 19 and 13 points respectively.

“Jim Suttle’s base of support is eroding after four years of mismanagement, tax hikes, and an inexcusable spike in violent crime,” said Stothert campaign manager Ryan Horn. “Omahans are rallying behind Jean because she’ll provide the strong leadership our city needs and work tirelessly to protect taxpayers and make our streets safer.”

Other notes from the poll:

  • Stothert leads Suttle by 19% among Independent voters
  • 62% of voters have a favorable impression of Stothert
  • 8% are undecided

As noted above, sample was from 300 likely voters, April 7-9, 5.8% MOE.


  1. Democrat for Jean says:

    Ricky, the first stage of grief is denial. But really, what would you grieve over when Stothert wins? Lower taxes? Insisting well funded hospitals not pull money out of the pockets of low income folks (smokers) who won’t be allowed to set foot in the place? An end to craziness? A professional administration run by grown-ups? An end to scandals and association with pedos? Oh the horror.

  2. ricky says:

    I am afraid the quality of life in Omaha will suffer if JS gains mayorship. She claims to not like taxes but of course she will not specify which services to cut to appease her restaurant buddies. Less maintenance on our lovely parks? Less road work? Shutting of libraries?
    Omaha is going fine why change horses in the middle of the stream?
    Anyway I want to see a poll on the Jill Brown – Justin Wayne OPS board race district 4. I am thinking Scott Lautenbacks co-conspirator and buddy Wayne won’t be on the board anymore thanks to Mr Lautenback.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Horn. Where have I heard that name before Stothert? Naturally a poll taken by one camp immediately following a primary where the candidate ran strong is going to get the results such that it did. One doesn’t have to be an Einstein to figure out polls paid for by campaigns often get results campaigns want and pay to get. I’m sure the Stothert campaign invested her camapign dollars in buying Omaha talent. Ryan Horn?

  4. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Seriously, you’re going to try to discredit Jean’s campaign by scrutinizing inside baseball BS like who her campaign manager is and where he comes from? Ryan Horn may not be a campaign guy by trade, but he knows what he is doing; Rod Edwards definitely knows what he is doing. That’s why Nabity tried getting him early after the recall. She also has Andrew Northwall’s company on her side and they definitely know what they hell they’re doing.

    You want inside baseball? All Suttle has is a child molester and some kid wearing skinny jeans who doesn’t know how to be sneaky with a camera at tea party rallies.

  5. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I beg your pardon, Suttle also has a four year record of being the Monday of Mayors. If he were a day of the week, he’d be Monday and tax day at the same time…. oh wait, that’s today!

    Happy Jim Suttle Day!!

  6. To Tonic says:

    Northstar Systems is a great hammer for Jean to use in her campaign. They helped Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer get elected.

  7. Spike says:

    Well here’s an idea for ya’ll. Let have a LS poll for mayor of O! I’ll start it & one of you bean counters can do the tally! It might be interesting to see how it compares to the final vote??

    My vote is for, Abstain! As in Voter apathy!

  8. Sonny says:

    If that horse was jumping off a cliff you would ride it? The resturant tax is pulling in more than projected, does he cut it back, no he goes to the legislature and asks to increase the city sales tax, nothing can sate the thirst for spending

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sonny, tax reduction and spending cuts go together. What needs to be cut from the city budget in addition to reducing taxes?

  10. Anonymous says:

    To 11:36AM’s swift two minute reaction: Like I said, from where did Ryan Horn claim his fame? No need to sling the mud when it is an honest question. Now that you bring it up, what magic does Rod Edwards bring? A past blog of sorts from 2009? Hyper sensitive to fair questions? I mean if we are to trust our leaders then it’s always good to know the company they keep and employ.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Suttle screwed himself. Nebraska may voters think all politicians pay bums to vote, but the same voters don’t see anything funny in Suttle attracting supporters who characterize a wife and mother as a slut. That’s not political, its viseral.

  12. Omaha politico says:

    What are Ryan Horn’s and Rod Edwards claim to fame. Kicking Suttle’s ass in the primary when no one thought she would win. Their fame grows in a few weeks

  13. Anonymous says:

    When you have a hotly contest GOP race it flushes out the most likely GOP voters which most likely wouldn’t vote Suttle. Wonder if those voters on Hickory and 72nd remember Ryan Horn’s “claim to fame.” Wasn’t Rod Edwards the one behind Dodge are was that the OFD or both?

  14. David Bywater says:

    to anonymous 3:38,
    I notice that you are unwilling to reveal your political background…I will let that speak for itself. I would put Rod E. and, although I don’t know Ryan H up against Gary and Ace any day. As far as I can tell, Ryan is an honest hard working, and by the way, very successful political operative and most likely has a great future in NE politics. Rod Edwards is one of the hardest working politicos i know and has done more and knows more than most. nuff said…not sure any of this was needed, after all doesn’t their record speak for them? In any event, anonymous 3:38, you will soon find out!

  15. RWP says:

    Reading the accounts of the unicam debate on Medicaid expansion, it’s clear to me the Nebraska GOP is seriously broken. Campbell and Krist are obviously wolves in sheep’s clothing, but it’s depressing to see so much of the rest of the party seems to think there is such a thing as a free lunch. At this point, I’m just hoping Heineman has enough votes to sustain a veto.

  16. Too Bad says:

    The Nebraska GOP (as represented in the Unicam, a nonpartisan entity don’tcha know) is not broken; it is comprised of NEBRASKANS who think for themselves and listen to their constituents.

  17. Innocent byestander says:

    we’ll see how far that medicaid expansion bill goes. this is the type of thing constituents will let their legislature hear about.

  18. RWP says:

    Krist was whining today he is too a Republican, and people who call him any different are mean. And Kathy Campbell says she became Republican because of Norbert Tiemann, that great ‘conservative’ who is responsible for the state income tax. Why don’y you remind both of them they’re actually nonpartisan?

  19. Lil Mac says:

    RWP, don’t be such a worry wart. Of course there will be a free lunch. It will be waiting for us after they give us our free shower. They say the steam is good for our health, so breathe deeply.

  20. Sara Howard's new low says:

    So Sara Howard went on the floor of the legislature to spin politically her sister’s death from a drug overdose. She stated she would have been alive today if she had Obamacare. Tsk Tsk

  21. To Sara Howard's new low says:

    I don’t know if that’s a new low. Paying your mom $8000 out of your NADC account on 12-31-12 ranks right up there.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    So Senator Howard thinks that her sister, who obviously was somehow receiving healthcare since she got a prescription, would have been saved if the rest of us would have just ponied up more money so she could go to a doctor and get a prescription. Or treatment. Which is presumably what got her into trouble in the first place. Sounds to me that her sister should have just stayed away from doctors altogether, or quack doctors at the very least. Does Obamacare address quack doctors? Yes it does. It ensures that taxpayers will keep them in the money.

  23. Spike says:

    Boston. Was it done by another nutcase GOPER?

    RWP, you are a Major Antisocial POS as are most of your fellow Repubes!!

  24. A Winning GOP says:

    It is sad that Sen. Howard’s sister died. I am sure that she was a sweet person.

    RWP…Sen. Krist will be calling you out on the Leg. Floor tomorrow. It seemed that Sen. Krist took his constituents to the woodshed because they expressed their opinion. Usually, Sen Krist beats on the Governor and Republican Senators for holding their position…it was good to see that Sen Krist despises the voters too. Sen. Krist espouses one Ronald Reagan principle, strong defense (although his actions have failed match his rhetoric…so maybe he is soft on national defense…but today I give him the benefit of the doubt), but he falls short on Self-Reliance, Taxes, and Economic Growth…So I am watching to see if he ever takes the banner of a leader he praises (we are listening and waiting Senator).

    This ‘non-partisian’ game of Nebraska gives us too many spineless Senators and dominated by ultra-liberal Senators. This current crop of Senators will continue to give away our money and take away our rights until we realize that the Dems have control of the Legislature and that it is important to recruit and finance conservative candidates that reflect Nebraskan values. Until that day, we put our faith in Governor Dave.

  25. Anonymous says:

    To Mr. Bywater: Don’t let confessional absence in name bother you when asking questions. If Suttle’s staff and business relationships are fair game for fired shots then so are his opponent’s operatives. Why would my political background have anything to do with questions asked or even “speak for itself” when the question was about another? You need to know who I am to answer who Horn and Edwards are? How odd. Never impugned Ryan’s integrity so I’m not sure why you feel a need to defend it as honorably as you have. Mr. Edwards I’m told does have a tendency to be a bit emotional with his campaign style, but who can you believe these days? Therefore, how do you qualify “way, very successful” with a “record” that speaks when all we have is one primary.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Spike, you are one sick, screwed-up pile of human debris. What happened in Boston was an unspeakable tragedy and to use that awful bombing to try to score a cheap political point on this blog is something only the vilest of creatures would do.

    You rank right down there with the load of scum who perpetrated that heinous act. I’m not talking Democrat or Republican. I’m talking you. You continue to prove yourself a waste of oxygen, but today you hit a new low.

  27. Suttle Observor says:

    So Jim Suttle was at UNO to speak at the “Gender Violence” rally. Our mayor has a problem with masculinity I guess.

    Here is a definition offered by the Duke University Student Affairs

    What Is Gender Violence?

    Gender violence includes rape, sexual assault, relationship violence in heterosexual and same sex partnerships, sexual harassment, stalking, prostitution and sex trafficking. The term “gender violence” reflects the idea that violence often serves to maintain structural gender inequalities, and includes all types of violence against women, children and adolescents, and lesbian and gay people. This type of violence in some way influences or is influenced by gender relations. To adequately address this violence, we have to address cultural issues that encourage violence as part of masculinity.

    Gender is also the most powerful predictor of rape, sexual assault and relationship violence. These crimes are predominantly against women and perpetrated by men. According to the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998), 15% of women will be the victim of a completed rape in their lifetimes and 2.1% of men. According to the Department of Justice, 99% of all people arrested for rape are men. While some men are rape victims, men are almost always the perpetrator. That is not to say that all or even most men are violent, or that women cannot perpetrate such violence. Gender violence highlights a male-patterned violence: a prevalent violence committed most often but not always by men, often motivated by aggression, revenge, competition, and entitlement, and includes sexual and other violence against women, partners and children.

  28. Rex Moats ghost of xmas past says:

    Not to take anything away from the hard work and shoe leather of Senator McCoy or his worker bees- but I think more than Rod Edwards it was the tens of thousands of dollars and the dozens of mail pieces Mark Quandahl’s GOP did against Rex Moats (the ones that sent him into despair and that he used the GOP for).

  29. Anonymous says:

    SO @ 10:13 PM, I’m no fan of so-called “Critical Theory.” That’s where “Gender Violence” as an academic discipline come from. But the Gender Violence see Ayn Rand as crazy, as do many Democrats and Republicans. Suttle’s just stumping for votes. That is what incumbent mayors do before elections.

    AWG @ 7:14 PM, As for so-called “Nebraska values,” that’s just short-hand for words attached to behavior. You have values, you live in Nebraska, therefore you have “Nebraska values.” Same for me. Those two lists of values may be the same in some areas, different in others. Our lists may or may not overlap with “Nebraska values” as a particular expression of Republicanism today.

  30. bruised bottom says:

    Matt Samp knows about gender violence. I wonder how he keeps Suttle tied up in their relationship?

    I can picture it:
    Samp: SHUTUP! *Hits Suttle*
    Suttle: I’m sorry! You know I had to say those things about you. I swear I won’t let you go
    Samp: I’ll never let you go

  31. Anonymous says:

    bb @ 9:02 am – “Fifty Shades of Gray State.” And for every Weiner there’s a Sanford.

    And to the rest of ya’s, let’s give the pedophilia thing a rest. A a victim of childhood sex abuse, I can say with just a little authority that its an equal opportunity horror. If you have serious point to make, why not make it in a serious way?

  32. Spike says:

    RWP @ # 42

    Why not post as you usually do, as RWP? Do you really think that you’re fooling anyone posting as Anon? Your rabid, abused, Pit Bull style, is so obvious!

    ” You rank right down there with the load of scum who perpetrated that heinous act. I’m not talking Democrat or Republican. I’m talking you. You continue to prove yourself a waste of oxygen, but today you hit a new low. ”

    The bottom line is, that I find it rather odd that none of you isolationist Nebraskans have touched on the hottest issue of the day? Now just why might that be??

  33. Little Kings says:

    Issue of the day: That the investor of local Jimmy Johns and former owner of Burger King was behind the Stothert attacks?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Spike @ #52

    I have nothing to say about the Boston Bombings because I have nothing truthful, necessary, helpful or kind to say on the subject. Except for this post of mine, I have nothing to say. Maybe others who post here think the same way, but I can’t speak for them.

    The best quote I heard yesterday was from a Democrat U.S. senator who said something like “Find whoever did this and execute them.” I can’t think of any elected official of any party who thinks differently about finding those responsible and helping the victims.

    If you have something truly useful to contribute please have your say. Otherwise kindly be quiet.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Were all those mugs bearing Stothert’s logo at a local chain of restaurants get reported for their inkind contributed use each time a drink was served?

  36. RWP says:

    Looks like LB577, the Medicaid expansion bill, is dead, or at least in a zombie state. It only has 30 votes, not enough to overcome a filibuster. That includes about 12 RINOs, if you’re keeping score. So the unicam GOP has a small non-RINO majority, but the RINOs combined with the Dems have an overall majority.

  37. RWP says:

    So expanded background checks couldn’t even get all the Dems to vote for it in the Senate, while magazine limits and the so-called assault weapon ban were outright defeated… in a body controlled by his own party. Obama’s budget is hated by both sides. Immigration reform looks like it’s tottering. The sequester is alive and well.

    After his snitty little presser this evening, is it too soon to declare him a lame duck?

  38. Down Goes 577 says:

    Campbell saved her fellow RINOs by not calling for a cloture vote. That would’ve put them on record s supporting 577. I’m sure Al Davis, among others, sent her a bouquet for that.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Wow, RWP, snitty was too nice a word for Obama’s presser. It’s pretty bad when a grieving father sounds more mature and reasonable than the President.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Krist filed a motion to suspend the rules on LB577. This little bit of parliamentary chicanery really puts Speaker Adams in a bind. I suspect this maneuver by Krist provides an avenue where fewer votes are needed AND eliminates the need to go to cloture, as all the rules are suspended(well most).

    Speaker Adams said earlier in the session if a bill were removed it won’t come back………hmmmmm really.

    The discussion will be interesting on why its important to forego the legislative customs for 577 when bills by Lautenbaugh and Chambers couldn’t possibly brought out of committee. Senator Lathrop needs to call his dog back into the yard. Lathrop has a lot to lose in all of this…….it will be interesting to see what happens.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Today seems like it was a bad day for the Liberal agenda all the way around. Can’t believe that debate went on for over 10 hours on 577. Does this mean Campbell doesn’t have 33 votes……….. Tsk tsk…….

  42. A Winning GOP says:

    Suspending the rules is a nuclear tactic in Lincoln…It has been years since the legislature have used this legislative rule. Typically, partisans use this rule to support bills introduced by their political peers. Today’s vote shows that Dems and the liberal Republicans are approaching 30 votes.

    Senator Krist removed his Republican mask today and revealed that he is aligned with Senator Lathrop. Observers of the Legislature know that Sen. Krist ranks as one of the top liberal senators. I wish that Sen Krist would stop whining about not being accepted as a Republican and be honest with his constituents –> that his picture is next to Rino in the dictionary.

  43. Lil Mac says:

    Snitty indeed. But the tone comes from the top and there is quite a lot of pathological behavior in the boss. Many before him have been overwhelmed at that level, some venal or tyrannical, but this one comes to the decision making process with severely broken foundations.

  44. Radio says:

    Krist got blasted on Lincoln radio yesterday by a certain nameless blogger for LB77. Apparently according to Krist staffer he had no idea that his support on Medicaid was unpopular with Republican insiders. And in an unrelated matter Krist lives under a rock.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yeah that partisan stuff is really working out for we the people. Heaven forbid anyone try to work with someone from the opposite party to get anything done. What was needed was to have Lautenbaugh massage Ernie’s personal needs, manufacture a crisis then push it as if the world would end if the bill wasn’t passed. Never mind the details of the results or even what happened along the way to get there. By God damn the torpedos and pass the cigars thy will be done! That’s how law should be made. Right Scott?

  46. RWP says:

    Boston. Was it done by another nutcase GOPER?

    Nope. Two residents of extreme liberal Cambridge MA, who are Chechen Muslims, at least one of them highly observant.

    Thanks for playing, though!

  47. Lil Mac says:

    Partisanship is a crock. But a thing being a crock of crap doesn’t make its absence a crock of gold. Partisanship is a form of restraint, imperfect but less deadly than chaos or restrained personal power.

    We have a nonpartisan Unicameral with zero balance built-in by its absence of a second flawed house to keep the first house’s flaws in check. And since it is officially non-partisan, the Unicameral doesn’t allow parties to impose party principle but rather frees incumbents to slide into any unprincipled expediency. Power obviously corrupts individuals, which is why our US Constitution limits the power of voters and government branches and incumbents. But here in ever-hopeful Nebraska, we trust empowered individuals while we distrust the checks and balances that constrain government run by those same empowered individuals. That’s downright myopic. Without external principle and balance being imposed to restrain individual senators, Nebraskans foolishly expect each senator not to be corrupted by even their most well intended expediencies. Human beings aren’t that good. None of us are.

    The US Constitution is a belt that by constricting the power of voters, incumbents, and the process, allows freedom and prosperity to rise from the populace. Nebraska’s nonpartisan Unicameral does away with the belt holding up our state government’s pants and Nebraskans stupidly cheer that we feel so free. Well yea, it’s our legislative ass hanging in the breeze. If we sit here arguing about how chilly it is because senators act like flawed humans, we will freeze. Put the belt back on. Have two houses accountable to each other. And instead of unfettered senators ignoring partisan principle, make it partisan and them thus more accountable to you as a primary voter. Or keep looking for saints to elect.

  48. Anonymous says:

    From Wikipedia:

    The First Nebraska Territorial Legislature met in Omaha in 1855, staying there until statehood was granted in 1867.[1] Nebraska originally operated under a bicameral legislature, but over time dissatisfaction with the bicameral system grew. Bills were lost because the two houses could not agree on a single version. Conference committees that formed to merge the two bills coming out of each chamber often met in secret, and thus were unaccountable for their actions. Campaigns to consolidate the Nebraska Legislature into a single chamber date back as early as 1913, meeting with mixed success.[2]

    After a trip to Australia in 1931, George Norris, then US Representative for Nebraska, campaigned for reform, arguing that the bicameral system was based on the inherently undemocratic British House of Lords, and that it was pointless to have two bodies of people doing the same thing and hence wasting money. He specifically pointed to the example of the Australian state of Queensland, which had adopted a unicameral parliament nearly ten years earlier. In 1934, voters approved a constitutional amendment to take effect with the 1936 elections, which abolished the House of Representatives and granted its powers to the Senate.

    Many possible reasons for the 1934 amendment’s victory have been advanced: the popularity of George Norris, a fervent proponent of single-chamber government; the Depression-era desire to cut costs; public dissatisfaction with the previous year’s legislature; or even the fact that, by chance, it was on the ballot in the same year as an amendment to legalize parimutuel betting on horse races.[3] This latter coincidence may have aided the measure’s passage in Omaha, where the unicameral issue was not a pressing one but horse racing was. (Gambling interests campaigned for “yes” votes on all amendments in hopes of assuring the horse-racing amendment’s passage.)

    The new unicameral Legislature met for the first time in 1937. Though the name of the body is formally the “Nebraska Legislature”, its members are commonly referred to, especially by themselves, as “Senators”. In Nebraska, the Legislature is also often known as “The Unicameral” or simply “The Unicam”.

    George Norris is still right.

  49. Interested Observer says:

    A few months ago, I got banned from here because I copied and pasted a few sentences. Apparently, SOME people get to do this and apparently ONE does not!

  50. Sorry George says:

    To Anon @ 8:32.
    Nebraska is a populist state and it seems logical that the ‘cut costs’ argument won the day. I could write an essay as long as the Wikipedia essay debunking the Unicameral, but the bottom line is that it is dysfunctional.

    The core is the dysfunction due East vs West alignment. It hides the non-partisanship that Democrats use to advance their liberal agenda. Democrats are organized and recruit left leaning Republicans to mask their partisanship (review the Medicaid Expansion vote).

    The legislature would be better off if it had the political structures that come with two houses. At least we would have rooster for who are Ds and Rs.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, “Sorry George,” but cursory reading of posts 64 – 67 and 69 give a pretty clear idea of the partisan alignment of the Unicameral, without the expense of an added legislative chamber. Are saying you don’t know who the Democrats, Republicans, DINOs and RINOs are?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Looks like King of the RINOs Bob Krist withdrew his name from LB577 (Medicaid expansion)…at least it has become more than clear that he is anything but conservative and is just mean spirited towards anyone who disagrees with him (including his constituants).

  53. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure the first thing ABC’s Brian Ross did when they announced the Boston bombing suspects’ names was to check the Massachusetts TEA Party website to see if they have a member named “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.”

  54. Sorry George says:

    Anon @ 9:23
    I am saying that the Legislature does not reflect the State of Nebraska. The Unicameral is designed to prevent equal representation (George was a democratic populist). It is very East vs Weat and the lib’s have learned how to use this geography conflict to promote the ‘non-partisan’ label to slam any republican who stands up for the tax payers (East or West). They get away with this deception because Libs like Campbell and Krist pull their Republican cards and the bill is classified as ‘non-partisan’ (the libs can switch hit with non-partisan card). The media promotes this and the voters scratch their heads as spending increases, regulations swallow up their liberty and tax reduction is mocked.

    I am surprised that Krist withdrew his name from LB577. The bill gets stuck so he runs from the liberal bandwagon. Looks like Krist is ‘wiping’ the murder weapon to remove his fingerprints….Very brave.

    But I am sure that he will slam anyone who questions him about this…afterall, we are just voters and not an important pilot.

  55. TexasAnnie says:

    George Norris may have been right in the mid-1930’s, but unicameralism is all wrong for today’s constituency. Y’all do realize, I hope, that 25 senators can impose their will on the entire state! And it’s not hard to get 25 people to vote as their lobbyists tell them to vote…

    Back in the 1930’s and beyond for many decades, Nebraska was populist. But it sure isn’t now!!! Corporate welfare reigns supreme in Nebraska and often it appears that no one is looking to the best interests of the individual Nebraska taxpayer, not Republicans nor Democrats and not even so-called “independents.” It’s why I no longer pay taxes there; and besides, I never have to shovel snow anymore!!!

  56. TexasAnnie says:

    Well, I guess your Governor did try to look to the best interests of individual taxpayers back in January when he wanted to abolish the unjust income tax and reinitiate a universal sales tax. My bad.

  57. Lil Mac says:

    Allowing one to present Wikipedia as an authoritative source is its own subtle sarcasm. SS, you wry wag, you. Funny.

    George Norris, by pushing the 16th and 17th amendments, attacked this Republic as a Republic, first by putting federal fingers directly into individuals’ wallets and then by ripping all rational state influence out of federal lawmaking by killing what our founding fathers intended; i.e. to always balance the sincere but too-generalized power of the average voting public against the venal but policy-astute state elected officials. Before Norris, the House’s source was a decency check on the Senate’s source, and the Senate’s source was a reality check on the House’s source. The federal purse strings, always held by the People’s House, always gave them the edge. But Norris imbalanced that by sourcing both houses the same, thus duplicating the source of decency but eliminating the ability to grasp complexity. Thus any problems that cannot be reduced to a soundbyte are simply not part of the equation. Thanks to Norris, all of Congress is today populated by politicians who appeal only to a minimally informed mob of voters with slick pitches and have no obligation to give rational detail to states that understand such. Many of our national problems today stem directly from these imbalances championed by Norris who was, per his impact on our founding father’s mechanism of constitution, a destructionist who masked himself as a populist. Few people have more deeply hurt this nation.

  58. Anonymous says:

    How do you turn “Norris Be Damned” into a winning campaign to amend Nebraska’s Constitution and restore a State House of Representatives and State Senate?

    As I read the Founders they might have a like mind and man in Norris. Didn’t some of the Colonies have single house legislatures? If I had my way we’d have a Westminster Model Parliament and proportional representation – a system that’s worked for a thousand years in one form or another. Chambers would make an interesting Speaker of the House in the traditional sense, wouldn’t he? He’s the only honest man in the Unicameral.

  59. RWP says:

    Chambers would make an interesting Speaker of the House in the traditional sense, wouldn’t he? He’s the only honest man in the Unicameral.

    Seriously, have you ever listened to Ernie Chambers directly, unfiltered by the media?

  60. Macdaddy says:

    Hey Spike, the bombers weren’t members of the GOP but were Muslims who had marinated for years in the multicultural progressive swamp of Cambridge, MA. I guess they were immune to the Coexist crap. Now STFU.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Krist is the Guest Speaker @ the Douglas County GOP’s next meeting:) should be fun times. What a piece of work……..

  62. Lil Mac says:

    Dad, you know in your heart of hearts that the Islamic Boston bomber, who was put on Obama’s FBI’s watch list in 2010 and became an American citizen in 2012, that is somehow Bush’s fault.

    And Kevin Curtis, famed Elvis impersonator from Tupolo, who sent a poison laced letter to President Obama, the very same Curtis who has a “Democrat” bumper sticker on his car, that’s also Bush’s fault. Or, as Spike suggests, the fault of “another nutcase GOPER”.

    I can see how Spike might presume that. For some GOPers are indeed nutcases. Unfortunately for Liberal Progressives everywhere, the latest sea of bloodshed in Boston, and the ricin laced letter to Obama, and the rise of evil Elvis impersonation, is all due to registered Democrats.

    I cannot feel happy that Democrats are falling short of their goal of being better than the worst of Republicans. That is something I’d rather wish on a country like North Korea.

  63. Norris fan says:

    Yeah, George Norris was BAD for Nebraska. Without him we’d still be enjoying our kerosene lamps out here in rural Nebraska.

  64. Macdaddy says:

    I sure hope that the unicameral can move past all this unfortunate name-calling. However will these adults find the strength to go on? I may need a tissue.

  65. A Winning GOP says:

    To: To Norris Fan @ 4:51.

    You are not fair! You bring in logic and documented facts to debunk a populist’s argument.

    To: Norris Fan….I wonder how the Norris’ electrification policy impacts Nebraska’s ability to distribute wind energy….

  66. To Anonymous (1:57pm) says:

    And the largest wind energy source in the Legislature, Liberal Bob Krist, is busy speaking right now…hang no to your hats!

  67. Macdaddy says:

    What? There are things happening in the unicameral this week? Not according to the OWH which had a grand total of one story about our legislature today. The OWH. Because People Magazine Needs a Local Edition.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Krist, Judas same same. That guy is a piece of work………but no worries his past will be in full bloom soon…..for all to see how self serving he really is. Funny part is the D’s are providing most of the file:) Krist kisses their collective, and in particular Lathrop’s, proverbial arse and they toss him aside like an aborted baby, kicking and kissing…..tsk tsk.

  69. Interested Observer says:

    Does anybody know how the former Nebraska State Senate seats were allotted or determined? Was it based on one State Senator for each County or was the state divided into State Senate Districts? That was before my time and I haven’t been able to find out anywhere.

    I don’t know, but I assume that the Nebraska State House was divided by districts based on somewhat equal population.

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