Suttle: Keep your facts to yourself!

Crime in Omaha - Suttle spike 01First things first, then we PROMISE that we will hit some non-Omaha Mayor’s race news.

The campaign news of the last couple days:

Mayor candidate Jean Stothert: Crime has gone up on Jim Suttle’s watch.

Mayor Jim Suttle: Oh yeah? Show us the stats.

Stothert: Here are the stats. Crime is up.

Suttle: Um….No YOU’RE dumb!

Seriously, it doesn’t get any more basic than that. Suttle’s response to Stothert that crime has gone up in Omaha over the last four years was that, well, she’s just looking at the CRIME statistics.



And all we would say about that is that Jean Stothert and her campaign have captured the issue of the day and Suttle and his camp have been steam-rolled on this issue. It is bad enough that Suttle cannot even at least point to some sort of anti-crime “plan” and say, “well, here is my plan for the next four years”. But he also comes across as, “Oh, THOSE are the crime stats? Did not know that…”

The Stothert camp began their new ad on the crime issue yesterday (good piece, though we’d like her off of the teleprompter).
See it here:

And then here is a little ditty put together regarding Suttle’s demand for some statistics to back up Jean Stothert’s facts. Or something like that.

(We would also add that in the middle of it we had the uncontrollable urge to Salsa dance.)


We have also gotten a kick out of Joe Jordan’s increasing demands of the Suttle camp that Suttle start running some campaign ads.

It was a bit humorous to see Jordan browbeating Suttle on the subject until Suttle finally snapped back that the Stothert camp was “wasting” their campaign cash on “early” commercials.

Suttle, political-consultant-in-chief!

Suttle’s position seems to be that “no one is listening” to the campaign this early and that by bombing the airwaves 1-2 weeks before the election he will then get his point across.

But is he losing too early? Is he getting trounced and silenced into submission right now?
If he gets battered early and often, can a late airwar turn the tide (we’re probably mixing a few metaphors into the soup there, but you get the sandwich.)

And then Jordan had a great point when Suttle noted that “all of the Brad Ashford money” was coming his way. Jordan chuckled, WHAT Ashford money?

So does Suttle HAVE the money to push an ad war at this point?

Well, we know that he has Bob Kerrey calling. (You remember Bob Kerrey! He’s the guy who flew in from his home in Manhattan to his sister’s couch in Omaha to run for office in Nebraska, then bought a house in Fairacres to prove he was moving to Nebraska, then lost and took another job in Manhattan where he will also commute to lobby in Washington, DC. But hey, Omaha! Here’s how Kerrey wants you to vote!)

And they are sending out pre-paid postage letters for early voting — with the Nebraska Democrat’s plan to call Jean Stothert a (shudder!) Tea Partier! (Yeah, make that stick NDP…)

NDP Mayor mailer - full

And there seems to be an increase in attention on South Omaha and their voting block.

But don’t think that Stothert is letting up on South O. This piece is going to South O, noting the support by South O business. (Oh, and there is a Spanish version as well.)

Stothert - South Omaha 01

Basically, Suttle turned his back on the South O business community on the sewer-separation issue — and Jean Stothert took it, ran with it, and worked to solve the issue.

But here is what we DO know. When Jim Suttle and his campaign get backed into a corner, they start thrashing around and doing all sorts of crazy things. (See: Homeless, Paying to vote.)

There is no way this will end normally.


So hey, non-Omahans!

Here’s what we got:

Everyone is waiting on Dave Heineman’s Senate decision.

Yeah, big news, right?

But seriously, if Heineman does NOT run for Senate, then the floodgates will open as to who is getting in the races.

For Senate, count in Shane Osborn. Maybe Pete Ricketts? Probably Jeff Fortenberry.
(Which would be a rich-dichotomy for the Josh and Jessica Moenning household to figure out.)

And there are mysterious others who could be in as well.

SOMEONE was recently in the field polling on the Senate candidate question. We still are unsure who it could have been. Could have been the Gov. Could have been Pete. Heck, could have been the NRSC.

But the interest is great. And we will tell you that there are well-connected peeps who are all over the map as far as what they think Governor Dave will do.

And his decision will likely have repercussions on the Governor’s race as well, since whoever clears the path for the Governor would likely take a look at the Gov’s McMansion as an alternative to the Senate. (Interesting question as to which is the better gig, overall. Any thoughts?)


And we still are of the belief that Mike Flood will get back in the Governor’s race. But since that decision will be based 100% on Flood’s wife’s health, they likely will not rush it, and will be thorough. And we obviously wish them the best and that they make the best decision for them.

(And we would also note that should Flood decide to run, all those who think that he is making a bad political decision that could hurt his wife should just STFU. Flood already showed that he was willing to drop his political aspirations for his wife’s health, and it is clear he wouldn’t get back in unless they and their doctors were certain.)

BUT that all being said…it is not as if Flood’s name ID is some sort of gold-standard across the state. Same obviously for state Senator Charlie Janssen. Which leads us to believe that there is certainly room for more contenders to get in the race — especially if they can afford to sell themselves on the airwaves to let people learn who they are. Because Janssen and Flood will have to do the same.

We think you could make an argument that Ricketts and Osborn would have less of a task in the name ID department, but we aren’t clear that they are currently interested in the Gov’s office.

So that still leaves it wide open.

And it leaves us waiting on the Governor.

We hear that he could wait as late as the Fall to announce his decision. Though we wonder if others will pressure him to make it earlier.
And whether that pressure makes any difference…


We know many of you are keen to discuss the legislature stuff, and please have at it. Also the Lincoln races!

Oh, and of course, thank you for helping us to keep the light on at Leavenworth Street by making your purchases via our website banners. We greatly appreciate those who have done so!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice crime stats time-series. It would be instructive to start that chart at 1960 and correlate with population change in the MSA over the same period.

    Re/elections for various local, regional and state offices, we hire those people to create a favorable investment environment, among many other things. Facebook is building a $1.5 billion data center in Iowa. Why isn’t that investment coming to Nebraska?

  2. He's In says:

    Heineman is in for Senate, make no mistake. If the answer was no, he would have done it already like he did last time. He enjoys (who wouldn’t?) the Run Dave Run recruitment that’s going on and beefing up on federal issues, developing logo, etc. Smart move not to politicize the legislative process any more than it already is with a formal Senate announcement during session. With more and more incumbent Democrat U.S. Senators choosing not to run for reelection, the decision is more and more obvious.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:


    Maybe you could show the graph Suttle tweeted where he shows gun crime going down. It appears as though gun crime was cut in half when it has only gone down like 15%. My 9th grade math teacher would call that a misleading graph. Maybe the Suttle campaign thinks we’re too stupid to actually read.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW a political ad with kids in a classroom! THAT’s original. Can a farmer on a tractor or a worker with a hard hat be far behind? Just when the creativity went thin? We got a piece where it takes the opponent’s words and repeats them over and over to make a point! WOW. Strange though….while repeating what Suttle was saying I didn’t catch Jean’s plan to make crime go down. Could someone get her to memorize Hal Daub’s lines instead of just reading them all the time?

  5. Voter says:

    South Omaha Democratic State Senator Heath Mello has a recorded phone message in support of Jim Suttle. As a registered Democrat, I received the message on my answering machine just the other night or two.

    Will this help Suttle in South Omaha or hurt Mello by now being linked to Jim Suttle?

  6. RWP says:

    Lincoln mayor’s race, a summary:

    Leirion Gaylor Baird just sent out flyers saying people should vote for her because she’s a woman. My theory is her polling indicated a lot of people didn’t know that, and nobody’s going to vote for a man with a name like Leirion. It sounds like a science fiction villain name. What were her parents thinking, by the way?

    Lots of ads against Gene Carroll, saying he’s a slumlord, which is really unfair, considering all he did was buy several derelict properties and let people live in them as they slowly rotted further and blighted the neighborhood. He’s big on city planning, by the way.

    Mark Whitehead sells gas, so the Dems say he must be evil. None of them drive, of course.

    Roy Christensen was the only Republican endorsed by the Lincoln Journal Star. To try to pretend they’re not the partisan shills almost everyone knows they are, they always choose an occasional Republican to endorse, usually the one lowest in the polls so he won’t be elected with their help.

    Meg Mikolajczyk graduated from UNL Law School and immediately took on hate-crime faker Charlie Rogers as her first client. The Dems regard this as a promising start, but are unable to spell her name.

    And finally Trent Fellers is a Republican ex-marine, former Bruning campaign manager, who runs the state energy office. Eminently qualified, unless you shill for the Journal Star, who endorsed “vote for me, I’m a mom!”, the slumlord, and the least electable Republican.

    RWP endorses Christensen, Whitehead and Fellers.

  7. Jim Celer says:

    That is really cool. Can I make a graph too, with no citations, showing what I want statistics to be? BTW, you should probably avoid checking stats from the police, and the FBI — you know, people who really do keep track of these things. Since they don’t agree with what you want reality to be, looking at their numbers might hurt your eyes.

  8. Jim Celer,
    Sure you could do that.
    But the Stothert camp did not.
    Here is what is beneath their graph in their press release:

    SOURCE: Omaha Police Department: 2007 Crime Report, 2008 Crime Report, 2009 Crime Report, 2010 Crime Report, 2011 Crime Report, 2012 Crime Report.

    Total Part I Crimes includes: homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

    Rock on.

  9. ricky says:

    It’s kind of sad when Ms Stothert and her backers have to go in the gutter to tell us how bad Omaha is doing. When in fact we are doing quite well. Business is booming and there is a ton to do in town and the young people really enjoy living here.
    But to listen to the Republicans Omaha sucks. They know and we know that is wrong, and they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Mr Suttle is winning the argument that JS blathers on about taxes and how she will reduce them and oh yea add police. But she refuses to address what services she will cut or budgets she will reduce to pay for her plans. Omahan’s are not stupid enough to fall for that. I predict Mr Suttle will win re-election.
    Ricky From Omaha

  10. BobLoblaw says:


    Where do you get the nerve? Gene Carrollmade the tough decisions for this city. I mean sure he campaigned on not raising taxes then voted for a huge tax increase. So what. I mean according to him if he wouldn’t have voted for a tax increase we would have no money to pay for firefighters, cops, swimming pools or parks. is that what you wanted? because we all know that there was absolutely no other places to save money in the city budget. It’s just a coincidence that the programs that Beutler & the dems said they would of had to cut happen to be the most popular for taxpayers. Come on man open your eyes!!

  11. ricky says:

    Another race to keep an eye on is District 4’s Omaha Public School campaign for the board.
    I bet when Senator Lautenbak and Justin Wayne were kicking back a few cold ones deciding how they could take apart the OPS board they never thought Wayne would be on the outside looking in after the vote! I bet Mr Wayne would not have helped that along had he thought he would lose out, but that is what it looks like now in DIstrict 4.
    After the .234 both the charter schools bill died and so did Mr Wayne’s campaign.


  12. RWP says:


    The Brits have a wonderful term for it: bleeding stump syndrome.

    “You want to cut the National Health Service? I guess we’ll have to close the children’s cancer centers then. “

  13. Macdaddy says:

    In America it’s called the Washington Monument Maneuver. And we’re speaking American ’cause this is America.

    I have read reports that the airline pilots have been apologizing for the delays due to the sequester…even when the plane lands on time. Of course, the DC airports get to remain at full strength.

  14. A Winning GOP says:

    Interesting show at the Capital. LB553. Teacher retirement plan. Payoff to Teacher’s Union for dropping $300K plus into 2012 Legislative races (plus all the ground support). Teachers deserve a predictable retirement, but taxpayers will be dropping $20 Million into their retirement.

    Teachers Union demanding payment…

    Biggest supports for taxpayers to pay for the define benefit program:
    Rick Kolowski $38k
    Ken Haar $29k
    Kate Bolz $27k
    Sara Howard $17k
    Tanya Cook $16k
    Al Davis $15k
    Galen Hadley $11k
    Steve Lathrop $5k
    Jeremiah Nordquist $5k
    Plus others with contributions greater that $2k

    17 solid votes.

  15. Bad Week says:

    Jim Suttle’s bad week continues. It was reported today that the City of Omaha has lost 17,000 jobs since Suttle took office. Stats come from the Omaha Chamber of Commerece. I think they know something about jobs…and Suttle.

    Funny Suttle bragged about how he and the Chamber had worked together to create 12,000 jobs in the five county area. Just too bad not many were in Omaha.

  16. , Sonny says:

    Stothert just had to sit there and stick to her message. Jim, the engineer, told us his feats of saving the city directing USG and it’s resources,the process man who can do many things reaching into the purses and billfolds working citizens

  17. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Hey Ricky-

    Funny you should mention how awesome Omaha is…
    Let me start by saying that I am a young person here in Omaha. I have serious beef with claims you made. The way I look at it, I have NO reason to stay in Omaha unless Jean Stothert wins. Costs are about to skyrocket. The property taxes and such mean that buying a home here just isn’t a good idea. I have every reason to move to Papio or Gretna. I can continue to work in Omaha but not worry about all the crap our city faces. I’ll vote for a well qualified and intelligent candidate Jean Stothert. She’ll win and it will be worth waiting it out. If Suttle wins (miracles happen) then I can save myself some time and go buy a house in Papio or Ralston and be much happier with life and still live accessibly close to Omaha and the few localities that have earned my business.

    In the end, the only young people voting for Suttle are terribly misguided and probably spend much of their time protesting things they don’t understand. Odds are they live in mom and dad’s basement and call it an apartment. The young people with serious intentions of living life outside the basement studio are all about Jean and she will power through to the end.

  18. RWP says:

    Thanks for the numbers, A Winning GOP. The Nebraska GOP has not grasped this problem; that state employee unions can pay to elect a legislature that will vote them more money. Wisconsin figured it out. When will we?

    Lincoln unions will turn out next week to elect a city council to up their pay and benefits. Taxpayers will stay home, mostly.

  19. Job Creator says:

    Mayor Suttle did create a job for Matt Samp. Wasn’t created to funnel Suttle cash to Matt Samp?

  20. Macdaddy says:

    The OWH had a whole, or actually a small piece of an article about the governor’s plane today. It was almost like a filler but still very exciting. I just hope I won’t come across as too political when I share my vast new-found knowledge with my friends. In other news, there was nothing posted from the Momaha ladies. It’s probably laundry day. Locally owned since 1885 and no way in hell we’re crossing the Platte.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Omaha is land-locked, which is a death sentence for cities that are run by tax-and-spend liberals. Who else can they annex? They are limited to Douglas County and they’ve already annexed everything except for some neighborhoods that I suspect are overly Republican. Mr. Engineer has no clue how to make it work, unless thinning out the population is part of his plan. BTW, what’s the African-American unemployment rate in Omaha? I heard it was 3 times higher than the overall Omaha rate.

  22. That city to the south of the Big O says:

    RWP has got it right with the situation in Lincoln. What I find funny is that Baird is attempting to run as a “centerist” and as a good looking, bring home the bacon fry it up in the pan mom in an expensive business suit. That being said, her supporters are the usual democrat suspects. I also wonder if those same supporters know about her nanny, maid and yard service and all of the others who make it possible for her to support causes and run for office? I guess those things aren’t just reserved to those evil, rich republicans anymore.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    Don’t forget that she also used to work in city hall in that hot bed of ultra-conservative activism that is San Francisco. I’d wager that you can’t get a job there if you had even one conservative bone in your body.

    Yes, I read the ljs. I have to for any hope of finding out what’s going on in our legislature.

  24. ProgressiveOasis says:

    Suttle clearly has the active support of the LGBT/TFU mentally defective crowd with “Omaha United” making GOTV/early voting calls on behalf of Mayor Moron. Sounded like a pretty good sized phonebank operation in the calls background…going out to all registered Democrats. Wow! Awesome support from the corrupt fire union, mentally ill sexual deviants and idiot progressives like Ricky.

  25. RWP says:

    Leirion signed a petition calling for the city to increase property taxes, and then tried to pretend she didn’t understand what she signed. That’s the kind of informed accountability Lincoln needs!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy #27 – Make that just one conservative bone. I’ll let you guess which bone that is.

    ProgressiveOasis #29 – Would-be Republicans from 15 – 40 years don’t appear to think the way you think or talk the way you talk. Not and win elections. Enlightened self-interest alone says calling people “mentally defective,” “Moron,” “corrupt,” “mentally ill sexual deviants,” and “idiot progressives” is a sure way to lose friends and negatively influence people. Would you like to be outed? Match your name to your comments? I thought not.

  27. That City to the South of the Big O says:

    Has anybody asked if Leirion has had a job since moving back to Lincoln from San Francisco? And by job I mean a place where you go and earn a paycheck and not a volunteer board/commission?

  28. Anonymous says:

    More on crime statistics. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data collection model was implemented in Nebraska in 1971.

    The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice has detailed reports, on the Commission’s web site, from 1995 to 2002. No detailed reports are listed on that site after 2002. At some point after 2002, the report format changed to a summary format, with no detail by county. No explanation is given for this change.

    I went to the Omaha Police Department web site and looked at YTD totals given in the last quarter of each year.

    I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that the OPD and NELECJ statistics are collected and summarized the same way, over the same time period. The OPD time period appears to be a calendar year.

    Year Crimes
    NELECJ – 1995 27565
    NCLECJ – 1996 27192
    NCLECJ – 1997 25668
    NCLECJ – 1998 26640
    NCLECJ – 1999 26477
    NCLECJ – 2000 27092
    NELECJ – 2001 29762
    NCLECJ – 2002 29049
    OPD – 2003 27139
    OPD – 2004 25144
    OPD – 2005 24383
    OPD – 2006 24292
    OPD – 2007 23235
    OPD – 2008 21440
    OPD – 2009 20654
    OPD – 2010 19599
    OPD – 2011 21073
    OPD – 2012 21663

    The FBI UCR system defines “Crimes” as the total of “Criminal Homicide,” “Forcible Rape,” “Robbery,” “Aggravated Assault,” “Burglary,” “Larceny-Theft” and “Motor Vehicle Theft.”

    Note too that I did not attempt to relate each calendar year with the incumbent mayor of Omaha, or that person’s stated political affiliation.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I lied. I looked up who was mayor when, and what party the mayor was in. Wikipedia didn’t name Anzaldo’s party, so he’s labeled “U” for “Unknown.”

    Year Crimes Mayor Party
    NELECJ – 1995 27565 Anzaldo/Daub U/R
    NCLECJ – 1996 27192 Daub R
    NCLECJ – 1997 25668 Daub R
    NCLECJ – 1998 26640 Daub R
    NCLECJ – 1999 26477 Daub R
    NCLECJ – 2000 27092 Daub R
    NELECJ – 2001 29762 Daub/Fahey R/D
    NCLECJ – 2002 29049 Fahey D
    OPD – 2003 27139 Fahey D
    OPD – 2004 25144 Fahey D
    OPD – 2005 24383 Fahey D
    OPD – 2006 24292 Fahey D
    OPD – 2007 23235 Fahey D
    OPD – 2008 21440 Fahey D
    OPD – 2009 20654 Fahey/Suttle D/D
    OPD – 2010 19599 Suttle D
    OPD – 2011 21073 Suttle D
    OPD – 2012 21663 Suttle D

  30. Anonymous says:

    That’s exactly what you don’t see about Leriorn (or however you spell that name.) I noticed in her communications and on website all she talks about is being on the City Planning Commission (who appointed her to that?) and nothing about past experience, educationally or job-wise. I thought it odd. She is getting by with hiding the fact that she is a liberal transplant from CA and the League of Women Voters in Lincoln stopped their local election debates because it was revealing too much about lib candidates who want to pretend they’re moderate or even conservative.

  31. Bad Week says:

    Sounds like Suttle’s bad week is going to just get worse. Really bad being caught in multiple lies on different subjects. Rough few days ahead for the mayor.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The first hurdle in the Fortenberry world is actually making a decision, not unlike Senator Pirsch……two of the most desicive individuals EVER!

  33. Interested Observer says:

    Now THAT is FUNNY! That’s the kind of dry, subtle humor that I like, the kind that takes some thought to create.

  34. ProgressiveOasis says:

    Suttle campaign personnel and city hall office staffers…
    Start getting those resumes ready…you’re going to be looking for new jobs soon. When you look back at what cost Mayor Moron the election, the baldfaced lie about the Omaha steel plant move to Wahoo is the proverbial “last straw”. Plus he managed to throw the Chamber under the bus at the same time…BRILLIANT!!! Tone deaf, clueless moron to the end…and he’s an engineer!

  35. Beth Kramer's Telephone says:

    Thank you Jim Suttle, I’m ringing all the time now for donations to Jean. Why is my caller id full of Omaha Chamber numbers?

  36. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Joe Jordan’s latest piece is a joke.
    Our trusty Lst. crew may not post as frequently as I’d like, but at least what they write is worth the read.

    Thanks Sweeper!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Gee, I was ready to vote for Stothert ’till I saw how her supporters denigrated Suttle. “Mayor Moron.” “Tone deaf, clueless moron to the end…”

    Facts should be sufficient to decide between one candidate or another. Facts are sufficient here. So why put Suttle down? The dude had a minor stroke, right? Have you ever had a stroke? Or taken care of someone who has had one?

    Be kind. Someday you’ll need kindness, not deserve it, and receive kindness anyway.

  38. To Anonymous Above says:

    Things not busy on the 3rd Floor of City Hall today? Isn’t today resume revision day? You ladies have been trashing Jean relentlessly for 2 years now.

  39. Transparent says:

    Jordan McGrain, you shouldn’t be so transparent. First you crown yourself political operative of the year for “saving” convention from the PaulBots – when there wouldn’t have been a PaulBot problem if you had just shown up to the office and done your job as ED in the first place. Then, you defend a disgraced, foul-mouthed staffer for a wholly indefensible comment (freedom of speech is different than freedom from public backlash of offensive speech). Now – you try to use reverse psychology to plant the idea with readers that a future restart of the Flood campaign is at odds with his wife’s health, nice try . We, your readers, and Republican primary voters are more savvy than you suppose.

    It’s too bad Charlie Janssen’s campaign isn’t gaining traction other than the Facebook likes you are paying for – but Charlie would be better served if you did an honest day’s work for once instead of running your “anonymous” blog.

  40. Anonymous says:

    To “To Anonymous Above” above #49 – Somebody pays you. Be grateful. I don’t work for government in any capacity – maker, not taker, you dig? I’m also looking for reasons to vote for Jean. Every time I read your posts, I forget what those reasons are. Is that what you’re trying to do?

    To “Anonymous” above #50 – On break from filming your latest porno in Ventura County?

  41. Bad Week says:

    The Omaha Steel story wasn’t close to the end of Jim Suttle’s bad week. This looks to be moving through the weekend.

  42. Lincoln (Omahas back water country cousin) says:

    This is our first chance in a very very long time to get all three candidates elected and were excited. Gene is a horrible candidate who cant help but look like someone shoved a skunk up his nose and has a voting record worse, not to mention he over shadows Bruning on using power for personal gain.

    then you have Leirion who used to be the policy director for the mayor of San Francisco and if elected could very easily be a congresswomen

    and finally Meg who is a 27 year old lawyer wooing a base that hasnt been openly wooed before, the gay vote

    all three are bad and could easily be beating flipping the city council from 5 Dem 1 Rep and ! squishy R whos endorsing the Ds. to a 4 R 3 D city council

  43. Anonymous says:

    It turns out it’s more difficult than it seems to get a population time series for Omaha within the city’s limits. I made do with a series I found for Douglas County on the Nebraska (State) Department of Economic Development’s web site. I computed the crime rate per 100,000 population as follows:

    ( Crime rate / County population ) * 100,000

    Since I’m not using the Omaha population within city limits for each calendar year, this model is illustrative at best:

    Source Year Crimes NEDED Douglas Cty Pop Rate per 100K Mayor Party
    NCLECJ 1995 27565 440876 6252.3 Anzaldo/Daub U/R
    NCLECJ 1996 27192 447120 6081.6 Daub R
    NCLECJ 1997 25668 452120 5677.3 Daub R
    NCLECJ 1998 26640 455920 5843.1 Daub R
    NCLECJ 1999 26477 460798 5745.9 Daub R
    NCLECJ 2000 27092 464701 5830.0 Daub R
    NCLECJ 2001 29762 468125 6357.7 Daub/Fahey R/D
    NCLECJ 2002 29049 471866 6156.2 Fahey D
    OPD 2003 27139 476701 5693.1 Fahey D
    OPD 2004 25144 482075 5215.8 Fahey D
    OPD 2005 24383 488114 4995.3 Fahey D
    OPD 2006 24292 493757 4919.8 Fahey D
    OPD 2007 23235 498743 4658.7 Fahey D
    OPD 2008 21440 504547 4249.4 Fahey D
    OPD 2009 20654 511902 4034.8 Fahey/Suttle D/D
    OPD 2010 19599 517110 3790.1 Suttle D

    For conversation’s sake, if we say “correlation is causality” (which is not true), The “Rate per 100K” of population at the start and end of each mayor’s term is as follows:

    NCLECJ 1995 27565 440876 6252.3 Anzaldo/Daub U/R
    NCLECJ 2001 29762 468125 6357.7 Daub/Fahey R/D
    OPD 2009 20654 511902 4034.8 Fahey/Suttle D/D
    OPD 2010 19599 517110 3790.1 Suttle D

    The NEDED time series ends in 2010, so there is no enough data to compute a rate for 2011 or 2012.

    In the 15 years from 1995 to 2010, population has increased and both the number of crimes and reported crime per 100,000 population has gone down. This decrease occurred while Mike Fahey was mayor. The trend appears bottom out during Suttle’s administration.

    This is all for entertainment value. If you find mistakes, thanks for pointing them out.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    Suttle got smacked by the owner of Omaha Steel today who said they were in fact moving. But why does Suttle think the company should be in North O? Does he think the African-American section of the city would like a toxic-smelling plant in their midst (I have no idea if the fumes are actually toxic, but it sure smells like it)? Or does he think industrial plants are more properly located in blighted areas? Seems like environmental racism to me.

  45. Lincoln (sure we dont have an arena but we will soon) says:

    I am Lincoln the city named for the great emancipator hear me roar

  46. Lincoln (home of the phallus of the midwest) says:

    We have a interesting 6 way race with a diverse group of characters were way more interesting then a modern retelling of beauty and the beast

  47. Macdaddy says:

    On the legislative front, it’s good to know that taxpayers will be on the hook for $300 million for a wind farm. Nothing like a $300 million give away to rich people on top of higher energy prices to make it look like you’re doing something.

  48. Lincoln (home of a real college team who plays talented teams instead of beating up on glorified high school teams) says:

    its the slum lord v rainbow lawyer v marine reservist (thats a real thing?) v oil baron v old lady romeo v liberal trophy wife in need of a hobby

  49. Anonymous says:

    Otay, Macdaddy, if you don’t favor $300 million for a wind farm, what market-distorting “investment” do you prefer? Perhaps a giant cow manure furnace? Visible from orbit?

  50. Macdaddy says:

    Uh, that would be none. Unless, of course, the unicam would like to refund my portion of that $300 million back to me.

  51. RWP says:

    I’m amused ( between my clenched teeth) at a legislature which decided we don’t have the money to cut taxes, and then proceeded to spend money like a drunken sailor. Why must we repeat the mistakes others have made with ‘renewable’ energy?

    Nebraska is a red state with a profligate, ‘progressive’ legislature. It’s time that changed.

  52. TexasAnnie says:

    @ 73:
    Are you outing yourself as a JERK!!, Spike?

    Next to social responsibility for the DD population (IF taken into state custody), my pet peeve has been corporate welfare. $300 million is a pittance compared to what has already been granted for, ahem, “economic development” there. Piling on outright tax gifts such as creating wind farms, in addition to tax subsidies, should be everyone’s pet peeve! I suspect you realize that MORE tax abatement has been granted than taxes collected in Nebraska. That leaves those of you who still pay the taxes a very heavy burden.

    Come on down to Texas (but not Austin) for the R-E-A-L good life!

  53. Kentucky Jeb says:

    Texas Annie you are such a liberal! How can you be an advocate for corporate welfare when kids are starving in the streets!

  54. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 3:53: I’ll take it! Lint in the hand is worth more than promises of fiscal wisdom in the Unicameral. The alcohol makes it that much better.

  55. TexasAnnie says:

    Kentucky Jeb:
    WHAT??? Please re-read what I wrote!

    Interested Observer:
    Yeah, Texas is full of Texans. Ain’t it Great!

  56. Kentucky Jeb says:

    TexasAnnie=racist. Why are you denying women the right to choose what they do with their bodies? Texas has the highest death penalty rate. What about the children!

  57. Same old bashing says:

    Gee, i wonder who is on here throwing crap at jordan mcgrain / charlie janssen again. Gee, i wonder who that could be. Someone who wants flood to get back in the race? Of course it is. And theres only one person who needs that to happen so she can pay her mortgage payments. How low…but its not like this is anythig new from her… Funny thing is that she thinks she has to keep posting on here to keep the apperance that the janssen campaign somehow sucks. Nice job with the talking points. Get a life.

  58. A Winning GOP says:

    Macdaddy, the $300 Million for wind is just the tip of the Unicameral iceberg spending. The Unicameral has spending our money like drunken sailors: Pay raises for Judges and Teachers (see earlier note), expanded Medicaid, irrigator compensation, etc. And we still have 22 days left; Nebraskans are not safe until sine die. The only speed bump in the past has been governor vetoes.
    This spending blitz is frustrating because the media only looks at the labels and promotes non-partisan legislature with a Republican majority. Actions clearly record 28 Dems (Senator Krist and Campbell have never voted for conservative principles); so Dems control the Unicameral continue to spend our money (never their money). Let’s hope that the next director works to elect republicans to the legislature.
    It is disappointing that Senator Lathrop is using the Wind and Water payoffs to launch his campaign for governor. My money going for a campaign communication fund!

    Also, IO is correct…Texas is filled with Texans (I going to be sick).

  59. Macdaddy says:

    Winner, a large part of the problem is that the largest newspaper in the state, which “serves” the largest city in Nebraska has scant coverage of what goes on in the Unicameral and usually it’s after the fact. Citizens are a day late and a dollar short if they rely on the MSM in Nebraska.

  60. TexasAnnie says:

    A larger part of the problem is that the citizens are either too apathetic or too afraid to sustain social justice (whatever they deem it to be) because the “movers and shakers” control the unicam, the governor and to some degree even the courts. I witnessed this phenomenon first hand while living there and I can read well enough to realize/intuit that the lord & surf system remains in tact. Y’all have been and still are afraid of free thinkers. It’s only a Republican-Democrat dichotomy for you!

  61. Anonymous says:

    88 – Macdaddy, it’s called the Omaha World-Herald for a reason.

    I’d think that there would be better coverage of the Unicameral, given that it is the state legislature and is only 30 minutes away from Omaha.

    As for the rest of Nebraska, where is the business case to put OWH reporters in Columbus, Norfolk, Kearney or Scottsbluff? Somebody probably penciled that out and decided there was no profit in it.

  62. Macdaddy says:

    I think Lincoln could be included in the World part. The OWH’s scant coverage of the unicam is a function of our esteemed legislators needing privacy to do what the OWH thinks is right. Part of the media bias is in deciding what to write about, not just how you write.

  63. Sweetwater says:

    to anon #93: The OWH already owns “newspapers” in those towns. Plus, the OWH does not distribute anywhere west of Kearney unless it is delivered by the post office, and what’s the use in getting the news 2 or 3 days late?

    It really is troubling that the OWH doesn’t cover the legislature anymore, except for action on bills the OWH wants to win or defeat. Evidently, the OWH no longer believes the motto “The Salvation of the State is the watchfulness of it’s citizens.” I really believe that someone will come along soon to fill that void left by the OWH’s disinterest.

    What is even more troubling is the obsession the OWH has with constant and daily puff pieces about it’s owner Warren Buffett–some days I would rather put my finger down my throat than to be faced with another boatload of BS about Buffett from Steve Jordan!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Sweetwater, some might say the same about the WSJ now that Murdoch owns it. A time-honored, dishonorable aspect of journalism. What can you do but open a competing paper?

  65. Spike says:

    Sweet @97,

    What’s really troubling is that anyone actually reads Corp, newspapers in this the day & age of the WWW!! Ignorant Sheep have always been led by Corp “NEWS”.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Spike, baby, it’s no different on teh Interwebz. Gotta read & write with care at all times. Fact-based as much as possible, not just schilling. And not fringe, like InfoWars, where everything is a “false flag.”

  67. Macdaddy says:

    Let the good times roll in Nebraska! 5.2% increase in spending! Woohoo! Maybe the OWH could write an informative article next time. What is revenue projected to be? What is the case for freezing college tuition by making taxpayers pay more? What are the specifics about increased state aid to schools? It’s a $7.8 billion dollar budget and the only specifics we get are about a $2.2 million airplane. People magazine has more details…and better pictures.

  68. That City to the South of the Big O says:

    Looks like Leiron is winning the money battle in Lincoln and the GOP has failed to get money behind the city council races once again. It has also failed in the social media battlefield because they still think you run campaigns from whistlestop tours and not on the interweb.

  69. Anonymous says:

    106 – I don’t know, but my Daddy told me I was the best kisser in the whole county!

    On another topic, I’m trying to choose a nom de guerre. Ideas include:

    – SpiroT (of real estate fame)
    – BFranklin (one of our holiest non-belivers)

    Your thoughts please.

  70. Lil Mac says:

    Nebraska’s nonpartisan unicameral seems to epitomize political incest, as it lacks any opposite outside second body, ignores “la difference” ala partisanship, and does the deed only among its own intimates. That might be expected to produce some horrendously deformed legislative offspring. I rest my case.

  71. Interested Observer says:

    I asked the question in here last week, does anyone know how the former Nebraska State Senate seats were determined? Was it by county alone or was it based on some form of somewhat equal population?

    My point being, if Nebraska were ever to revert back to a bicameral legislature again, would the State Senate districts be based on population like the current Unicameral is? If so, then really, just how much difference would it make? The only thing I see is 2 houses bickering, instead of just one.

    On the other hand, if the new State Senate were to have one Senator per existing county, then that would sure change the balance of power from Omaha/Lincoln/Bellevue to outstate/rural counties. That’s sure fine with me, but if there is to be any perceived equality in representation, then the way it is right now kinda covers that issue.

  72. Anonymous says:

    IO, I suppose one way to approach the problem is to see if any part of the status que ante is applicable and useable to the present situation.

    I think the amount of bickering involved in the recreation of a Nebraska State House of Representatives, the re-delegation of the powers of the (former) House from the Unicameral to a new House, and the re-establishment of the Unicameral as a Senate, makes it difficult to see how the Unicameral would ever abolish itself.

    Better in fact to say that a new House & Senate structure be established by the Unicameral, with plenty of obvious lessons learned to apply in establishing those bodies. No part of the former Unicameral structure would be left standing, save acceptance of all previous acts of the Unicameral in itself, and in concert with the Executive and/or Judicial branches of State Government.

  73. A Winning GOP says:

    Interesting Day at the Capital. Senator Krist hijacking floor debate to shame conservatives into changing their opposition vote against Medicaid Expansion. President Ombama is proud of Senator Krist.

  74. RWP says:

    We have plenty of ‘Republicans’, but you have more chance of finding a conservative in the Massachusetts legislature than in the unicam.

  75. Tonic & Tonic says:

    There are a few true conservatives. I like Janssen no. He has my vote for Gov.
    I’m very proud of Kintner. A certain state senator told me that his running was pointless because he is too conservative to get elected and that even if he did, he would be on an island in the unicam. Not quite the case is it Sen. RINO?

  76. TexasAnnie says:

    Both the Republican and Democrat brands are nothing more than false advertising, nationwide.
    And just what is it that so-called “conservatives” should be conserving, in your view, RWP?
    The bogus tax code whereby tax abatement often overtakes tax collection?
    Should unicameral “conservatives” continue to conserve unjust tax policies previously established, Tonic & Tonic? Why must the people of Nebraska surrender tax subsidies and outright tax gifts to obtain and/or sustain “economic development” there?

    Corporate welfare IS NOT CAPITALISM and it sure doesn’t represent a free market!
    Are Nebraskans mistaking fascism for democracy and representative government?
    (I read about “the good life” and creation of “kool-aid” while living there. Have y’all partaken?)

  77. unknonymous says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that districts for both houses of state legislatures must be of roughly equal population. If Nebraska went back to a two house legislature both the House and Senate would have to be based on population. Individual counties wouldn’t make the cut. In the end the legislature would still have roughly the same proportion of urban and rural representatives.

  78. Interested Observer says:

    Thank you unknonymous. That’s what legal council told me several years ago and that’s why I say that the voters in Lincoln/Omaha/Bellevue already have a great influence in the Legislature. It would seem that reverting to a 2 house legislature would only serve to double the bickering.

    Last week during the discussion about State Aid to Schools, our Senator, Al Davis, mentioned that ONE HALF of Nebraska’s K-12 students are in Lancaster, Douglas and Sarpy Counties. That is the reality today. It is what it is.

  79. Nom De Guerre says:

    Annie, the only “facism” I find in Nebraska is “football facism.” Of course we learned that from Texas.

  80. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer: State Aid is the perennial topic of the Unicameral and it never fails to bloom with thorns. The Unicameral just can’t ever get it right!

    When I lived there and watched the legislative debates “religiously,” the rural Senators liked to point out the high cost of educating students at my daughter’s urban school. Her school consisted of the most severely disabled students in the district, grouped together, BEFORE the nonsense of “inclusion” resulting in the placement of such students in physics classes! The rural Senators never failed to compare the high cost of their schools scattered about the country lanes, to the singularly high cost of this particular school while engaged in heated floor debate. Rather than consolidate their multiple tiny schools (to lower cost by increasing the student to teacher ratio) they argued that forced union with neighboring towns would result in “blood baths” and I am quoting the rural Senators when using this term. I recall one particular floor debate wherein it was revealed that a rural school district had no students! That’s right, NO STUDENTS. Yet the rural Senators believed it appropriate to keep a teacher/superintendent on staff, with attendant State Aid, just in case a student were to be born or move into that one room schoolhouse district. I’m not reporting here about the 1950’s. It was the late 1990’s!!! Of course consolidation happened. Senators Bohlke and Raikes surrendered their political careers to that end.

    Tell us, Interested Observer: Is public education in rural Nebraska improved since consolidation?

  81. Al says:

    Somewhat amusing that Senator Lautenbaugh is trying to convince all that campaign contributions have never influenced his votes. This after going back on his promise not to take out of state tobacco money after he was reelected. Priceless.

  82. Anonymous says:

    ….and why exactly is the guy with the DUI throwing his weight around while amassing money in an off election cycle for him? What exactly does the great senator from Omaha have planned for OPS now that he and the current useful idiot in the election office tinker with district boundaries? Odd how a current school board member can redraw his own district when I’m still wondering how it is the alleged swearing in violation (this year only) leaked its way out of executive session and made it into the hands to Lautenbaugh and how it is he peddled that pig in the poke to fellow…..lawbreakers.

  83. Nom De Guerre says:

    Annie, a question rarely asked or answered is “What is the depopulation rate of rural Nebraska?”

  84. RWP says:

    The easiest way to get ‘tax justice’ is to cut taxes, and make the remaining tax flat. The tax code is no place to do social engineering.

  85. TexasAnnie says:

    Nom De Guerre: Uhh, I think depopulation has always been an issue insofar as State Aid negotiations. I’m missing your point.

    RWP: Well we could cut taxes IF we had a flat tax (with no exceptions, no excuses). But we can’t get to a flat tax because those already enjoying low taxes by means of tax abatement won’t pay up to the low tax rate we could ALL get IF we had a truly flat tax. And they’ve got the lobbying money! Most often they are “conservatives.” But Democrats and Republicans are both shameful in their ongoing taxing schemes, while “liberals” will denigrate what they practice. YOU could help get to a flat tax, RWP. But I seldom note your willingness to out the folly of tax abatement and the false “economic development” promised via tax abatement in Nebraska and nationwide.

  86. Chicken Little says:

    So Jim Suttle refused to debate Jean Stothert on KFAB…..hmmmmm Is he afraid Jean will prove he is a liar?????

  87. Omaha Lost Jobs says:

    I heard Jim Suttle had a Presser on jobs today. Funny how he did not give out any numbers or mention Wahoo Steel.

  88. Nom De Guerre says:

    True fact: politicians like to take responsibility for things they have no control over. Like jobs. They are also held responsible for things they have no control over. Like jobs.

    If there was really a lever – a demonstrably working lever – that allowed control over the macroeconomic forces that lead companies to decide to hire, that’d be the hot setup. Really all we can do is try to create a favorable environment for possibly likely economic expansion and hope things go well. To assert otherwise is untenable.

  89. Omaha Lost Jobs says:

    Mayors actually can do a lot to create jobs!!! Suttle’s planning department has job creators flocking to surrounding counties. Jim Suttle should run for mayor of Wahoo. He helped move hundreds of jobs there.

  90. Lost Job says:

    Cancel the amber alert I am not lost. I simple relocated to Council Bluffs. I am not the only one. Apparently 17,000 others entered the FBI job relocation program

  91. Macdaddy says:

    Mayors have more leverage to creating jobs than Presidents do. Zoning laws, business regulations, utility infrastructure, tax breaks. These are all things a mayor has either direct control or a lot of influence over. I saw today that the mayor of Rosemont, IL has 25 acres of land that he would freely give to the Cubbies to build a new Wrigley Field there. How’s that Pope Toboggan coming along?

  92. Macdaddy says:

    And what’s up with Lathrop’s lame argument that we need to expand Medicaid because Obamacare cuts are going to close rural hospitals? He must think we’re as dumb as he looks. Which area if the state do you think expanding Medicaid is going to “benefit” the most? That’s right, the city with the most poor people, Omaha, which, last time I looked was not rural and not near Tilden. It’s a senseless argument. Secondly, though, I thought Obamacare was going to let you keep your plan, keep your doctor, and save money. Obama said that ad nauseum. Thirdly, a recent study from Oregon said that expanding Medicaid increased costs but did not improve the health of its recipients. So, more money, no medical benefits, and rural hospitals will still close. Hell, yeah! It’s a winner!

  93. TexasAnnie says:

    The impact of tax abatement remains, unless the tax is reduced to zero!
    Obviously we can’t cut to zero…

  94. Anonymous2 says:

    MacDaddy, why don’t you pick up a newspaper and try to understand the process Lathrop is explaining. Obamacare cuts payments currently made to hospitals that is expected to be made up by more people covered by Medicaid, instead of relying on non-insured emergency services at hospitals. If Nebraska does not accept the expanded Medicaid coverage, then hospitals face a net cut in revenue.

    And try reading beyond the headline with the Oregon study. There were actually quite a few positive health outcomes.

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