Proofing the suttle campaign

Joe Jordan keeps asking whether the Jim Suttle for Mayor campaign has enough cash to win in Omaha.

So is the Suttle campaign, as a whole, as big of a mess as this mailer the campaign sent out?

Take a look:

Suttle mailer 2013 front

Suttle mailer 2013 back

We are more than a bit shocked this piece got sent out by a big-time campaign. Frankly we are wondering if they accidentally sent a draft version to the printer — but even then someone has to sign-off on the final copy.

So let us take a look at a few of the misprints:

If you believe in better…


What are we talking about here, Suttle camp? Or what are we believing in…?

(And since when is “Getting things done.” a sentence? But maybe that’s just us.)

Now we will flip it over and we see…

Jim suttle has proven himself…

Hmm. Spell-check didn’t catch that one huh? Maybe they changed the spell-checker so that “subtle” was changed, and it just didn’t get picked up. Ah well.

He’s created over 12,000 new jobs…

Oh really??? HE HAS, has he? Opened up his own lard rendering plant or some such, yeah?
Oh wait, sure he has repeated this claim over and over and over and over. But then he changed his mind in the TV debate and noted that “he” created these jobs in the 5 county metro area.


But how about, you know, “Omaha” during the suttle…er Suttle years?
Well, according to the Chamber of Commerce, that was a 17,000 job LOSS.
At least this item probably wasn’t misprint.


Let’s see.

Suttle either “lowered the city’s crime rate” (yeah, you can bicker about THOSE stats again)

…or he worked on the “City’s” bond rating.

Is Omaha a “city” or is it a “City”?
(And when you say “city” enough it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore…)

And about that “Triple A” bond rating. Just a note.
The preferred reference is “AAA”.

Ah, but don’t worry, suttle campaign:
…the best day are still ahead.


It’s been a hell of a week in the real world outside of the Leavenworth Street HQ.
More when we have it.

In the meantime, feel free to chat on about your favorite issue/rant/haircut.

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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah, the mailer is a loser. But the job creation notion is not new. I do remember past Omaha mayors making the same claims, back to Daub. And in fact, mayors do influence tax rates: budget-setting, TIF and at the Unicameral hearings.

  2. Huh says:

    Give him a break, he’s an engineer not an English major. I mean, you don’t have to precise as an engineer do you?

  3. Nom De Guerre says:

    Nobody reads these things anyway. Republican mail pieces end up in the same place as Democrat mail pieces: in the recycling or the trash.

    If I had a single complaint (and I don’t have a single complaint, I have thousands) today, it would be about the Buffett World-Herald. I showed the front page to my wife and she said “Quit Buffeting me!” That and “Isn’t a buffet supposed to serve more than one thing? In Omaha the Buffett only serves ONE thing and it never changes.”

  4. RWP says:

    Meanwhile bored rich housewife Leirion Gaylor Baird has fallen afoul of Lincoln’s conflict-of-interest disclosure laws, since her husband has a city contract. Fortunately, she’s breezily announced she’ll donate all the proceeds from that contract to charity.

    I wish I could be bored and rich.

  5. Some Thoughts says:

    If Suttle has so many problems and if the OWH is so well-controlled by liberals, you would not expect to see a little hatchet piece on Suttle in today’s paper.

    The Suttle mailer is lousy because it fails to say anything positive about what Suttle has done. That is my problem with him as a leader in general. Leaders need to solve problems, but they also need to celebrate the good happening in their group. They need to show the way forward with a positive vision. Suttle has always lacked one. The problem is that Jean Stothert doesn’t have one either. Luckily, I don’t have to vote in that race. I would have liked to see Dan Welch in there. Too bad.

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    Spelling errors and incoherent message? Aida Amoura strikes again! She took a “leave” for this?

  7. In reading this mailer, I have to wonder if the suttle/Suttle campaign didn’t hire Spike as their new promotions guy.

    I also read a novel of a comment from “Land Grant University Reform” a.k.a. Ivy Harper on the Urinal-Star today, and the repeated use of the term “GOPer” struck me as also being very reminiscent of Spike’s writing style.

    If indeed Spike has found a place with Ivy and Jim, it would appear that he’s is doing well for himself…who better to hang out with than a bitter failure of a Congressional candidate and an apparent failure of a mayor with a history of association with a pedophile?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Give Mike Nellis a break — he’s been too busy moving into his new house to bother with proofreading his mailer.

  9. Press Person says:

    Who is running the Suttle Campaign??? It is a joke. No wonder why most of us didn’t show up yesterday.

  10. LWP says:


    Kind of like that bored rich Jean Stothert who decided to give her laundered fire union money to charity, right?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Harping on pedophilia is also “bush-league.” Show proof enough to support “alleged” or STFU, “Dan Brown.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    To “The Grundle King” – What’s with the 4 year old blog bro? I see you’re supposedly from Lincoln. You followed the previous incarnation of LS, RWP’s old blog, and Tom Casady. Way to anonymize.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like he is coming to grips with how bad he has done, as better day’s are ahead.

    The flyer must be a Jessica Moening piece………….nothing but crap.

  14. RWP says:


    You have mistaken me for someone who gives a good goddamn about Omaha politics.

    BTW, LWP is a pretty vague monicker. You could be virtually any P.


  15. Gary and Ace says:

    Well its been nice knowing you Omaha. We will be back from time to time to help the Howards out

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s not as bad as the Chamber of Commerce and Omaha World Herald glorified pick in the District 3 #OPS race who sent out a mailer that clucked about how the OPS board was “reduced from 9 to 12.” Huh? That would be the guy the Governor endorsed as best to lead our kiddies by making decisions that involve really big numbers.

  17. Dan Brown says:

    To Anon #19 – I said Alleged because his victim committed suicide rather than testify in court. I guess that makes him your hero?

  18. Anonymous says:

    23 – at least I’m an anonymous douche.

    26 – any victim of sexual abuse or assault is hero. Repeating unproven allegations for a modicum of political gain doesn’t enhance the victim’s heroism or ease the victim’s suffering. The only person who has any right to speak on this issue is the victim and her or his family. Period. Not me and certainly not you.

  19. ricky says:

    The Omaha Fire Fighters do a better job on the mailings than does the Suttle camp apparently.
    The latest by the OFD union is funny as heck; Daub, Ricketts and Stothert together as Tea Party members. Ha.
    By the way that is the only place you will see Mr Daub and Ms Stothert together. Although Mr Daub supports JS you never see them together; the G O P is afraid Daub’s unpopularity will rub off on Stothert. That is, if she could get anymore unpopular.
    Stothert’s plan for winning the Mayor’s office; by expecting his unpopularity is enough, is not going to work. JS talks in generalities, hates taxes but won’t specify what services or budgets to cut, and by the way will add police officers, don’t ask where the money will come from.
    That tactic did not win for Mitt Romney, and I doubt it will work for Ms Stothert.

    Ricky From Omaha

  20. Ricky from La Vista says:

    Ricky from Omaha thank the Mayor for all the jobs he created OUTSIDE Omaha. Omaha lost 17,000 jobs in 4 years! That is why Mayor Black has a Jim Suttle yard sign in his yard.

  21. ricky says:

    Thank MECA for creating ballpark jobs for the Sarpy Royals.
    Why doesn’t JS call for a Lincoln Saltdogs type team playing in T D Ameritrade Park?
    In fact the issue of a vacant downtown park (from late June till October), has not come up at all in the campaign. Why not? I am guessing the big money people that control MECA and the ballpark are happy with the situation. But the business owners in NoDO and the people that live in North Downtown are not happy at all about the white elephant T D Ameritrade Park.
    I guess those jobs at the ballpark are not worthy of discussion for Jean Stothert. I guess she is aiming to be Mayor of Sarpy County as her next job, being the career politician that she is.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Man, I’ve got to get me a job as an OWH reporter covering the unicam. A building full of stories and I’d only have to talk to 2 people before I file my 500 word story…and that counts as a day’s work. I wonder how big my expense account would be?

  23. Ricky from La Vista says:

    Ricky from Omaha- I know Democrats are bad with math 12k jobs created when 17k were lost. Career politician but I think Suttle was in cITy HaLl before Jean.

    Sorry I couldn’t reSist

  24. Blaming the Victim says:


    You accuse Stothert of the very tactic that got Suttle elected – his opponents unpopularity. Now that your empty suit is going to lose; you accuse Stothert (falsely) of basing her campaign strategy solely on Suttle’s dismal approval ratings. That is the classic liberal tactic of ‘blaming the victim’ for the malfeasance you actually perpetrated. Fortunately for Omaha, it won’t work on election day.

  25. To Ricky from Omaha says:

    You want to create jobs? Run for office. Ever political consultant in the state would line up to do their oppo research on you.

  26. Husker Harry says:

    These are fairly minor typos. Although, it’s surprising that such a professional campaign could make these little mistakes for maybe they detect disorder and a sense of last minute desperation? For clearly raising big bucks, it’s somewhat shocking that Suttle has had practically no tv ads since the primary. That says volumes more then some spelling errors!

    The strategy of Suttle has been clear from day one. Win 51-49 by juicing up every possible Democrat. Focus like crazy on east of 72nd and dish out red meat to every single democratic base interest group.
    Part of that plan includes demonizing Jean Stothert.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    You guys missed Suttle’s claim that he headed up the Army Corps of Engineers and the FAA. He kept Eppley open during the flood? That was him? Was it him then that ordered millions of gallons of raw sewage to be dumped into the Missouri during the flood?

  28. Jean Stothert sends texts to Hal Daub at every City Council session asking him how she should respond to every issue as they come up. Really pathetic leadership, Jean! Jean Stothert for Retirement!!!

  29. Tonic & Tonic says:

    @Husker Harry:

    You are not one to say if a spelling or grammatical error is minor. You used “then” when you should have used “than”.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Quite a short-sighted lot, you are. Suttle is about to be gone, and who’s fault is it he was mayor? Nobody could stand Daub. Jean will be crowned queen. And then what? Thinking ahead to a 2nd term? And after that?

    Failing companies only think about the current quarter and maybe the next one. Failing parties – all of them – think about the current election and maybe the next one.

    Who’s got a vision of Omaha and Nebraska in 2030? 2100?

    The Old Market was an idea that got its start in the early 1960s. It took 40 years to pull that off. Who is thinking that far ahead now, planning around whoever happens to be in the mayor’s office, on the city council or county board, in the Unicameral (or a bicameral, if that comes to pass) and the governor’s office? You guys?

  31. Tonic & Tonic says:

    @Anonymous above:

    As conservatives, we try not to have a government that has a master plan 30 years out. Most of the people in this state like to let the market sort things out. We don’t need a Mayor who has a “plan” for what the city should look like, or who should live where and what sorts of goods should be sold in a neighborhood. We need a Mayor willing to stay out of the way while entrepreneurs and consumers act freely. Who needs planners and schemers when the market will build up good ideas on its own?

  32. Anonymous says:

    T & T – I agree with you completely with one tiny exception: what would good ideas do you like, knowing full well that the market may or may not affirm them?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Typical liberal approach to things, don’t bother with the details just accept what they say as gospel and be sure to follow them……

  34. Anonymous says:

    To Ricky #28: You may recall that on that lovely June day when Jean declared she would run for mayor right after she told everyone else she had no intention of doing so….shehad Hal standing right by her side with pom poms poised. Back when she ran for legislature and lost she paid his law firm over $20k–a good deal of money to advise her that she lost. Then there was that $5k for the gum shoe to discover she lost. Worse is the fact that when she does any impromptu speaking her words are read. So while Suttle hires the same idiots who can’t proof much the way Dave Phipps does when he changes the political landscape—if you look in Hal’s back pocket you’ll probably see Jean rehearsing his words.

  35. Husker Harry says:

    Just caught the latest tv ads –

    Suttle’s ad: negative, sharp attacks and accusations at Stothert, ending with “she gave the store away” with cozy contracts

    Stothert’s ad: warm and fuzzy, personal relationship with a friend, a marine, attends the kid’s wedding.

    What do these mean?

    Possibily – Since Suttle is on the attack (he’s never stopped), he’s still behind but is finding some success in narrowing the gap as he drives Stothert’s negatives up

    or Suttle has been so successful at turning Stothert into “mean Jean” that Stothert has to produce such a warm and compassionate ad. Perhaps this is aimed at women, moms in the burbs who could tip the balance?

    The fact that an incumbiant (spelling?) is closing their campaign on a negative attack says they are in trouble or that Gary Di Silvestro’s negative campaigning history continues on.

  36. Husker Harry says:

    more class from the Suttle supporters

    From the Jean for Retirement twitter site:

    Mean Jean Stothert‏@meanjeanomaha19 Mar
    Ugh, Tuesday again!? My 1st act as Mayor will be to disband the Council. Theyre useless. It worked for the Empire. #mayormeanjeanpalpatine

    Mean Jean Stothert‏@meanjeanomaha18 Mar
    I’m proud to belong to a party dedicated to ensuring every vagina in America is protected by old white mens fears and unscientific beliefs

  37. Jim Suttle's A One Termer says:

    Stothert raises $570K since primary, Suttle raises $270K. Does Suttle even have enough money to run ads next week?

  38. Spike says:

    GK @ #10

    I don’t do shit, nor am I a whore!!

    Truth is, I have the media game plan that could save the loser Suttles Ass even at this late date but why would I bother?? You back water freak Nebraskans deserve what your narrow minded inbreeding deserves! Hard Working JS is a loser because he Works so HARD without any imagination! JS is a loser because she is a major Ego Centric Wannabee! Nuff said.

    My credentials; 30 years ago I did a $1,000,000.00, weekend air buy, before the election, Political TVC for a candidate for governor of a Major State, that won him the election!

    Now let’s hear about something serious? What do you farmers & feeders think about GMO’s? Remember it could be the end of it all or…

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thus my question in 41, Tonic. Or Anon in 45. Read Spike above and tell me why all this tactical shite is the focus and not, say, 20 years from now. Maybe we need a little Al Veys thinking….

  40. ricky says:

    Another great print ad in the mail today from 6005 Grover St.
    If Mean Jean’s claim to fame is that she will reign in the fire fighters and their budget she has a funny way of going about that.
    Can somebody explain to me how the Omaha city council rejecting Mr Suttle’s deal with the OFD union then taking 16 months to come up with a worse contract is somehow a good deal for the taxpayers?
    Now we hear about a secret get together to sell provisions of the council contract that were foolish?
    This episode alone disqualifies Ms Stothert from being chosen to lead our city as Mayor.


  41. Anonymous says:

    Spike capitalizes Suttle’s “Ass”, while poor ricky cannot afford a big “R” for himself. Might they have teamed up to produce this quality mailer for creepy Jim? Just kidding folks.

    Jim looks like he’s drunk in every shot. You just can’t proof this enough to knock the Suttle out of it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    How will jean make this city better? How will she decrease taxes, hire more police and improve our parks, libraries and pools? Someone please tell me the answer because she sure as hell hasn’t. Bullshit is pouring out of her ears before she can shove it back in. She has not given us a single plan of how she will accomplish this. Ok drive her own car, 10% pay decrease for her job, what’s that give us about $20,000-30,000 on the high end. She has no clue what to do, she has gotten away with feeding bullshit to the citizens with no back bone. Suttle will win!

  43. Omaha Voter says:

    Someone should read today’s OWH. Suttle and the girls on the 3rd floor of city hall are done. See ya Mr. Sund.

  44. Asswhacker says:

    10:31, calm down. You are right that Stothert hasn’t improved anything as mayor. That’s because she isn’t Omaha’s mayor, yet. But Suttle is and that’s the point.

    While your terrified sphincter twitching is fun to watch, don’t blow a gasket. We can see you have a lot invested in Suttle. Maybe you are his bartender.

    Keep blaming Stothert for Suttle being Suttle. Back when you blamed Fischer for Kerrey being Kerrey that worked out just fine.

  45. To Anonymous Above says:

    Its fun watching this blow up in Suttle’s face. Isn’t it? Query. How long will it take Suttle’s staff to find jobs????

  46. To To Anonymous Above says:

    New poll shows Stothert up by 15 points. The Fat Lady is signing. This is beginning to smell like Fischer v Kerrey.

  47. Bad Week says:

    Bad bad day for Jim Suttle. First story about pathetic fundraising, then OWH endorsement and now someone is leaking numbers from the fire union’s tracking poll. Oh, don’t forget the joke of a television ad Suttle is now running. Do they think 4th graders can vote?

    Can we say good night now?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Voters stopped looking at promises and policy the instant they saw Suttle’s supporters characterize a wife and mother as a whore and then saw Suttle quietly, with a smile, relish the slander. They saw Stothert take that in stride as no Democrat man would if his own wife was called a whore. Policy differences are mild in races. This is about character. The landslide potential is huge.

  49. Job Protection says:

    Is there an ordinance that prevents someone from hiring you because you worked for Jim Suttle?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely no plan just a promise of a “brighter day” which could mean a 100 watt light bulb. What she does say doesn’t add up. One can almost see Hal Daub behind the curtain smacking his lips knowing full well if he ran he’d lose, but with a puppet in Jean—he still can call the shots. Omaha progressive? Omaha a great city? Just the same old back room politics. Looks like that long ago pay off paid off.

  51. Anonymous says:

    All the jean supporters just attempt to put down suttle and the people who support him. Give us a reason u support her and what she will bring to the table beside magically cutting taxes and then spending more on cops? She did absolutely nothing as a city council woman! Give me a reason to think I am wrong, i dare you, besides calling me, suttle and other supporters names.

  52. To Anonymous Above says:

    Anyone that affiliates themselves with Matt Samp is not qualified to be mayor. Just my 2 cents worth

  53. Anonymous says:

    Her claim to fame was the fire contract….. She made it known to everyone she made that deal ( only her) and didnt give credit to the “other” councilmen on the negotiating comittee. Little did she know, because she did not take the time or effort to read the whole contract, she screwed the citizens of omaha on that one out of $20,000,000. Butttttt when it was brought public she went on the defense and said wait there were others who were involved in this negotiating as well. Like my man Bo Pelini says ” don’t point the finger, point the thumb”. Nothing is ever her fault, she can’t take criticism and she has a make believe plan. Again I ask anyone to please give me a reason, and not just a bs impossible fantasy, to vote for her. Ready, set, go

  54. Fuzzy Math says:

    Omahans don’t trust Suttle and the Police and Fire Unions. You false numbers against Jean won’t fly.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Why wouldn’t you trust a mayor who has brought this city through a recession as the number 1 city in America to come out of it. Also why would you not trust two organizations that are there for your safety and are always there when you need them. They get paid like teachers, which is not much, but a lot is expected from them. For some reason a handful of people think they are money hungry, ask any of them why they didn’t apply at Keiwit or ConAgra out of college, because money is not their driving force. I can surely tell you they do not protect this city for the money just like teachers do not mold your children’s minds to get rich. They take pride in helping people, usually on the worst day of their lives. What brought you to not trust the mayor, fire, and police??

  56. To Anonymous Above says:

    Sorry Anonymous, you are entitled to your opinion. I just don’t feel comfortable with people that associate with Matt Samp. I don’t know why the Suttle kept doing business with him after he said he disavowed him. Maybe Suttle’s fundraising is abysmal because people realized they were funding Matt Samp’s business.

  57. Anonymous says:

    but how about Virgil Anderson? he is a fella most would not want to be associated with but that doesn’t bother jean (probably because she had no clue…again). I understand there are things in every candidate you can dislike, but there also has to be something you like about the other in order to vote for them, which usually I can spot pretty easy, but I can’t with unproven and big imagination Stothert. Jean knows how to read off a piece of paper, will deflect most questions she is asked, tell you what you want to hear, and take all the credit but displace all the blame, just look at her past. A leader is able to answer for his or herself, take the blame when its their fault, and make the hard decisions even though they are unpopular but will benefit their followers, or citizens ( wheel and restaurant tax). Why should anyone vote for her? I am still waiting

  58. Anonymous says:

    how about the same question to lil fuzzy math, why do you not trust people who are there to help you? did they help you to well? did they get there to quick? did they save your life to well? cuz they sure don’t take much money from your pocket in order to do the job that they are good at!

  59. To To To Anonymous Above says:

    Some of these firefighters give me the creeps too. Didn’t a few of them have “ladies” over at that station on 160th & Pacific late into the night?

  60. Anonymous says:

    possibly, I have no clue. what would that have to do with the mayoral race? again no one can defend jean, only bash people who support the mayor or the mayor himself! they mayor has done a good job, if you disagree, please tell me how jean would have done it different and made this city better then it already is.

  61. Anonymous says:

    There aren’t any reasons why you, a Suttle supporter, should vote for Stothert. None. Nada.

    We don’t want you to vote for her. You are too ugly. Our goal is to insult you so badly that you work your little jackass off for Suttle. Because every time you open your mouth, that toad drops a point.

  62. Riddle me this says:

    Please tell me where the numbers came from that Omaha created 12k jobs as the Mayor professes. If you give me an answer to that I will vote for Suttle.

  63. Anonymous says:

    where do you work? you have a job right? your friends and family have jobs? how does this effect you? FBI opened a branch here, google, yahoo, our unemployment is 4.2% the avg in the U.S. is well over 8. our economy locally is one of the best in the country. I am sure 12,000 jobs have been created here with the flood, real-estate market is coming back in full blood, downtown is better then ever, oh and your safe from the crime stats jean has floundered, because im sure your in your west Omaha home where you are very sheltered riddle boy

  64. Husker Harry says:

    Not a good weekend for Jim Suttle
    it rained on his parade –
    significant fundraising disadvantage
    OWH endorsement of Stothert
    Momentum to Stothert at this point

    Disilvestro, Mike McDonald, David Dover, Ken Ritter, Sund, Obermeyer, Democratic base groups will go negative like never before

    Get ready for the Scorched Earth campaign in the last days….

  65. Husker Harry says:

    because Stothert voted against city financing of the UNMC – according to Public Teachers Union and liberal activist Tracy Wernsman speaking at the Women for Suttle event = Jean is pro-cancer

    Ken Ritter of Progressive Oasis is trying to scare every gay person in town to vote for Suttle because Jean is anti-gay

    Firefighters flyer – Jean said minorities are inarticulate

    Crap like this SUTTLE DESERVES TO LOSE!

  66. Husker Harry says:

    no matter how many art show, page turners “hip” events the Mayor can pull together in NoDo or Benson

    Ralphie & Maureen

    banking on the “film streams”, “dundee”, Jim Esch/ Sandra Fluke types to “rise up” against the rich in west OMaha

    wasn’t the blue dot enough, wasn’t Amanda McGill & Sara Howard enough?

  67. EQ says:

    hey harry his name is Mike Mcdonnell, but an uniformed, sheltered stothert fan wouldn’t know because they do not care what is going on, but only listen to mythical tales that will never come close to happening. Harry, as a fellow husker fan, I hope you cheer for the skers better then you attempt to bash suttle. Btw owh has been pro stohert from the start, why do you think they haven’t elaborated on the truth of her failed councilship? believe what you want but vote for her and you will swallow your pride within a few months.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is why we send kids to war, to defend the rights of the last 20 posters to spout what my late Dad called “baby shoes crap?” Suttle’s had his day, he’s not in a hereditary office fer chrissakes. God bless him and let him go. Stothert can give it a try and we’ll see if she’s all that and a bag of chips. And so it goes.

    This relentless, tactical focus is giving me fits though. Suttle kept the joint running without doing too much damage. Stothert will do the same – but to what end? Long term vision, mission, goals, plans? Ways to measure actual success and failure, and use those measures in decision making? You know, like the private sector sometimes does?

    “Progressive Oasis” is rather silly. I can’t say this “Regressive Bloasses,” the bar where nobody knows anyone’s name, is any better. Here’s wishing you all an invasive body cavity search by the TSA.

  69. Billy says:

    As soon as election is ove, Jean is gone. Word from her side is her and Joe have something planned in Oklahoma. Good job Jean. At least you are doing the best for Omaha by leaving.

  70. Just The Facts says:

    Billy – You moron – why dont you first learn to spell? OKLAHOMA? GET REAL. Do you enjoy lying?? What kind of low life are you? (Oh yeah, one who does nothing but blog?) The Stothert’s have never been to Oklahoma, they do not know anyone in Oklahome, nor do they intend to move anywhere. They are settled in Omaha for life. Best idea – would be for YOU to move to Oklahoma. Or anywhere out of Omaha – for that matter. What a jerk you are.

  71. Omaha Politico says:

    Who is trying to get the elderly’s ballots in mid-town???? Another Suttle voter scheme? KETV is investigating.

  72. Sinking Ship says:

    Word on the Street is Suttle’s staff are telling people the race is over. Wow, what an implosion of the campaign.

  73. Omaha Democrat says:

    Suttle is phoning in this election. His staff is incompetent. Why is Aida on the payroll? Heads will roll at the next party meeting!

  74. Anonymous says:

    No sorrow seeing Suttle go, but Stothert hasn’t quite won the election and been sworn in yet. Somebody made the point last week that the challenger should run like she or he is behind, regardless of what the polls say or the other candidate does.

    It is also not too early to game out what happens after Stothert. One term or two? If one term, who are likely replacements? If two terms, same question.

  75. Macdaddy says:

    Stothert’s team needs to make sure they have poll watchers everywhere, especially at the elections board office. The same person showing up several times in a week would be very suspicious. This is where your PI budget comes in handy. Remember, Suttle has already been caught busing in votes once.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Well Stothert should know about PI budget seeing as though she hired one for $5k to invesigate the fact she lost her legislative race.

  77. Husker Harry says:

    so, this weekend I noticed many Suttle signs popping up in my midtown neighborhood. later I see a rather big young man wearing a Suttle for Mayor shirt going door to door. Next, I notice a large white truck and two Firefighters Union stickers.

    I don’t agree with their politics but you have to give the Police/Fire Union members, they aren’t sitting around posting on the LEavenworth st Blog, they are out there going door to door, making calls, talking up their candidate, pumping in thousands of dollars to the effort, walking in parades, etc.

    That’s fair, that’s democracy. Every Democratic base interest group is mobilized and actively working as we speak on behalf of Jim Suttle. GOTV east of 72nd may give Suttle the slight win on May 14th

  78. Macdaddy says:

    Husker, Suttle’s GOTV effort may give him a win especially if he continues his practice of transporting people to the polls, giving them $5 and instructions on how to fill out the circle next to his name. But I’m sure he’s learned his lesson.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Media Guy, I wouldn’t need much of my PI budget to find a Matt Samp or worse to use against you, would I? Way to put the subject of sexual abuse ahead of political expediency. We’re all just a PI away from Real Trouble. You’re pure as the driven slush and I am sure you have nothing to hide. Well lets find out.

  80. Interested Observer says:

    I was a little surprised to see that both of our U.S. Senators voted in favor of the Internet sales tax bill yesterday, because I thought that at least one of them had signed the Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

    In fact she even said on her campaign website “I will take my budget-cutting skills to Washington and convince Congress to cut spending, not raise taxes.”

  81. Anonymous says:

    Grover’s “No tax” pledge is like saying “I won’t take another breath – EVER ” I’ll take Grover seriously when he produces a viable, model, Federal budget.

    Republicans love taxes when those taxes fund thing they want that benefit their constituents. Period. Just like Democrats. There is no moral high-ground here.

  82. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I saw the roll call and I have to say that I am SEVERELY disappointed in Deb Fischer. Johanns was no surprise Senators in their waning days tend to be squishy. I expected more from Senator Fischer.

    As for Omaha Mayor’s race: I think its hilarious to watch the toad’s campaign try to convince gays and women that Jean will imprison them if elected. Newsflash Jim: It doesn’t matter if the Omaha mayor is pro life or not and that gay ordinance is bullshit anyway.

    And for the love of Pete, will someone tell that fat dark haired democrat consultant to take the kerrey bumper sticker off of his car already? He got blown out turn the page!

  83. TexasAnnie says:

    Internet sales tax is not a tax increase. It’s a means for states to collect legitimate sales taxes otherwise going uncollected. I side with the Senators who regard this as a “fairness doctrine.” Many states, and I do believe Nebraska is among them, have already passed laws requiring the collection of online sales taxes.

    Since the U.S. Senate is surprisingly now concerned with tax fairness, perhaps they will get busy and repeal the highly unjust (due to Congressional action) national income tax. I can wish, can’t I?

  84. Interested Observer says:

    Annie, is the internet sales tax “revenue neutral”? If not, and if it does increase total sales tax revenue even one penny, then it IS a tax increase.

  85. Hi. My name is Lincoln and we are having an election too says:

    We vote today to get the wheels of democracy turning and to stop the “Hi! I’m the only mother running” in the election ads. Yeah, seriously, that type of ad is running that, of course, included the kids.

  86. TexasAnnie says:

    Okay, Interested Observer, your semantics have overtaken my statement. Let me re-phrase:
    The Marketplace Fairness Act does not create a new tax!
    Sorry I misstated the fact I intended to impart.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Thanks “Mayor J.” Now, how about us making sure that the new mayor doesn’t end up with the same, august title. Getting smart, acting smart and staying smart is difficult. Becoming a moron and acting accordingly is easy. Hello, Hal Daub?

    Stothert and her many minions are already being judged using three criteria:

    – leadership (strategy, where we’re going)

    – management (tactics, how we’re getting where we’re going) and

    – responsibility:

    * e.g. public acknowledgement of the great execution of indefensibly stupid strategy & tactics

    * conversely, public acknowledgement of poor execution of reasonably sound strategy & tactics.

    We always ONE misstep away from a “Mark Sanford” event, not the type of event so much as the severity of mistake. Pride goeth before a fall.

  88. GOP says:

    We are getting reports that folks are going around volunteering to collect and deliver early ballots. Is this Suttle’s new strategy? Unions? Paying and bussing homeless people won’t cut it this time, but this is a desperate low!

  89. Anonymostly says:

    IO, I just don’t get you. Why should the government subsidize internet merchants? I should think you’d be right out front complaining about all those “welfare internet retailers” and would applaud that vote to shut off the government gravytrain to all those internet freeloaders.

    You of all people should have been up in arms if they DIDN’T vote to stop slopping the public trough for all those WELFARE internet merchant$.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Suttle’s ad is correct. He did put Omahans back to work. It was not full time work, and he paid them $5 bucks, an amount linked to the national wine price index. Thunderbird 17.5% can be had for $4.99, MadDog20/20 18% $3.99, and Night Train 18% is on sale for $2.99. Boone’s Farm at 7% ABV isn’t a big vote getter.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Anon at 12:55 PM, old news. If this was still happening it’d be news. I do thank you for your expertise in the rot-gut hooch market. It explains the low level of political operative intelligence in both parties. As George Carlin said “Drink up, Shriners!”

    Anon at 12:59 PM, not taxing is only a subsidy in the current tax system. Better to scratch the whole, distorted mess. Pols who make public policy via the tax system should instantly lose their office for even attempting such a thing. A pipe dream, alas.

  92. Anonymostly says:

    Anon at 12:59, you better ask IO that question. She’s the one who has claimed that it’s a government subsidy if the government charges you less than what it could. She’s been making that argument on this very blog from at least May of last year until, oh, about November.

  93. Macdaddy says:

    I have to say that I, too, am very disappointed in Deb Fischer’s vote on this. At a time when the economy is struggling, we’re going to penalize small businesses? How is that smart? This is just a gift to big business to force out competition using the tax code. Walmart misses its revenue target so the rest of us have to pay. None of these states will go after consumers for breaking the law, so now they are picking an easier target. And for those of you who think that Internet sales hurts the mom and pop stores, guess what? There’s zero reason they can’t have an online presence, too. Of course, now the incentive is to not get one. We’re going backwards, folks. And the Left likes to claim it’s conservatives who want to take us backwards.

  94. Tonic & Tonic says:

    The so called marketplace fairness act is a tax increase bar none. Everyone knows that nobody self reports their internet purchases. When a government goes from not collecting a tax, to collecting a tax, it is a tax increase. When a law displaces money from the pocket of a consumer to the government that was not displaced prior to the law, it is a tax increase. The consumer will spend the money better, and more efficiently than the government ever could or would. There is a serious fallacy in the logic that the government has any right to a portion of the sale in the first place.

    Mark my words- this bill is the Federal Gov’t paying off the governments of the several states to encourage medicaid expansion. The Feds know bloody well that most states will not take the burden of medicaid expansion unless the funding is there. The Feds can’t afford one line of Obamacare so they NEED medicaid expansion at the state level. Politicians are buying and selling each other with your tax dollars.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Someone had the temerity to use the phrase “party of principle.” T & T, your last sentence is the clearest statement yet of that principle.

  96. TexasAnnie says:

    Not taxing ‘A’ while taxing “B’ for the same activity IS a subsidy to ‘A,’ Anonymous @ 12:59. The illustration of the internet sales tax is simple enough for all to understand. The much more complex tax subsidies delivered at both the state and federal levels concern the onerous income tax…

    And Macdaddy, I too read opinions suggesting that this Act penalizes small business. But as you point out, small business can/probably already does have an internet presence anyway. The Act does require states to accommodate the collection of the tax so as to avoid collection expense to businesses and, if the small business is small enough (less than $1M in revenue) it need not collect. I do sympathize with complaints of increased revenue to the states but this argument (a states rights issue) can be handled simply enough by lowering the states’ sales tax rates. Of course the states are unlikely to do that but my allegiance places greater regard for tax fairness than an amount of revenue collection… Why not w/you, too?

    Tonic & Tonic: Where is the fallacy in the logic that the government has any “right” to a portion of the sale in the first place? I do believe constitutional law trumps your notion of “logic.” I think you make a good point about the relation between federal monkeying w/ internet sales, timely, while Medicaid expansion is on the table. That’s how government works: the buying and selling with your tax dollars! It’s why I always argue feverishly for tax justice!!! Viva la sales tax…abolish the IRS!

  97. Mayor J says:

    The stupidity of the internet tax is to be paying Nebraska sales tax for something bought out of New Jersey.

    If you buy something in Iowa, you don’t pay Nebraska sales tax on that unless you purchase a vehicle.

    This whole idea that the internet sales tax is going to help businesses compete is sheer fallacy. As long as the prices are cheaper online, I will buy online.

  98. Husker Harry says:

    Ken Ritter is Progressive Oasis and creator of Mean Jean twitter and Stothert for retirement. Him, Mike Nellis, Dave Nelson at Secret Penguin, Sund, all those hip Obama-loving tech types are dominating social media as we speak. Lena Durham (Girls), Sandra Fluke, Jim Esch types, who hang at Page Turners, Film Streams, Hot shops, etc. This group of 30’s start – ups have been courted non-stop by Suttle and it’s his hope they will turn out on election day. Coupled with every Democratic base interest group (gay community, north o, hispanics immigration reform, union fire/police, women, Daub haters, etc) being mobilized and an intense demonization of Stothert is the recipe of success in the mind of Di Silvestro and Samp.

    Don’t be suprised come election night it’s 50.1% Suttle, 49.9% Stothert because they worked harder and went “grassroots”. David Axelrod and Saul Alinisky will be proud.

  99. Husker Harry says:

    “I want Omaha to be a progressive city” – Jim Suttle

    Sanctuary city, gay pride parades, higher taxes, bike lanes, corruption at city hall, “green jobs”, gun control measures as shooting only increase, Planned Parenthood in public schools, quotas, etc.

  100. Chris Scott says:

    Husker Harry-I respectfully disagree. Hispanic/Latino South O unfortunately does not vote in number and are not thrilled with the Mayor. Generation whatever (the young hipsters) do not vote in droves either. The attacks against Jean emboldened many women to vote for Jean and that is more powerful than political ideology.

    The other groups you are spot on with. I do not feel it will be that close. The Police/Fire have a first rate ground game but so does Jean.

  101. Souffle for Mayor says:

    Someone on the Suttle campaign loves visibility. Maybe if they spent their last $100K on a big sign waving rally on election day, they could pull out a win.

  102. A Winning GOP says:

    Internet Observer. You touched a nerve. It seems that some conservatives and/or libertarians like internet taxes. Too bad they forget their core belief that revolves around taxes and representation. Plus, they it seems that they like to beat the weak by taxing them out of existence (local brick and mortar have all the power and are acting like a special interest group who are penalizing their competitors…I wonder if these folk are the same folk who work so hard to get their special tax exemptions….sorry for the bunny trail).

    I hate to admit that Internet Observer is correct. Our Republican Senators voted for a tax increase. I am sure that this Federal ‘Revenue Enhancement’ (better known as a NEW TAX) will increase the prices that Brick and Mortar charge (interesting how economics works….seems to go against logic, but we have over 100 years to forecast how pseudo-capitalist operate): I see no theory in how prices decrease. Great strategy. Increase prices in the ‘best’ economy since the great depression….Let’s see how long we can extend the Obama-economy.

  103. TexasAnnie says:

    My “core belief” about taxes and representation is EQUITY! It’s what old time Libertarians used to believe… But I do realize that Grover and Tea Party activists have become very frustrated with four decades plus of failed movement in the official party. And sometimes they tend toward anarchy. I still believe in tax equity.

    Does anyone reading here believe internet sales are “the weak” retailers?

    Special tax exemptions are the problem; taxing ALL sales, whether internet or otherwise will help to fix this problem; but many states have already given away as much, —or more, sales tax revenue via special exemptions, than they now collect! And Nebraska has a b-a-a-a-d reputation in this regard! If Nebraska could begin collecting sales tax revenue from internet sales, the movement could inspire a uniform sales tax with a lower rate for everyone. Or not. Probably not. Because pseudo-Libertarians as with pseudo-capitalists and virtually all “conservatives” fully intend to keep the tax injustices they have in place already. Duh!

    Have I kept up with the “bunny trail” so far? IF Internet (sic) Observer is correct (@ 10:13am above), and the internet tax already on the books in many states becomes a “NEW TAX” by virtue of now being collected, is it also true that any tax rate increase would likewise be a “NEW TAX?” And what of tax rate decreases? Are they “NEW TAXES” as well? Do you believe that Nebraska’s two U.S. Senators voted for the new means of collecting sales tax revenue with an idea that they were creating a “NEW TAX?”

  104. Macdaddy says:

    Mayor J, how about the consumer in Nebraska, the business in Iowa, the server in Illinois, and the actual product in a warehouse in Indiana? Theoretically each of those states could charge sales tax. That would be an extra tax on the consumer. For the business, it would be an added business expense. The exclusion for revenue under a million dollars doesn’t matter. It depends on the margin. If you have, say a 2% margin, in order for you to stay in business currently, the cost of keeping up with 35 different taxing authorities better be well under 20 grand or bye-bye an employee or two. For the economy, if you want less of something, tax it. Here’s hoping Fort, Terry, and Smith will help hold the line against lunacy.

  105. Lil Mac says:

    “Any victim of sexual abuse or assault is hero.” That is not true. Victimization is never heroic.

    Heroism is when one extraordinarily rises above obstacles, often in contest, to great achievement. It is confused with self-sacrifice and lifesaving. Classic heroism entails victimizing other combatants. Yet all these laudable, honored actions are the very opposite of victimhood.

    Victims are pieces of meat. I know because I zipped them into body bags. Victimization is horrible not laudable and never heroic. We are right to praise and emulate heroes. If our child is on the Honor Role we have pride. If our child is raped, we don’t honor that as heroic, we aren’t proud of that. And heroism is rare. Most victims don’t’ overcome their crippling victimization, just as most non-victimized people don’t rise above normalcy to achieve the extraordinary. This confusion is too common today and I think is leading America down a dark path.

    Our leaders of both parties habitually use our nation’s flag like a crying towel, at half staff, to honor death above life, victimization above heroism. Boston victims and those killed in battle are honored as heroes like we never so effusively honor those who take out the perpetrators. It’s a bad habit. When a society cannot tell heroism from victimization, it probably can’t tell right from wrong.

  106. Interested Observer says:

    Texas Annie, how about if I describe the ultimate effect/change brought about by the Senate’s new bill simply as new tax “revenue”? Is that more clear for the purpose of this discussion?

    The new “revenue” is my issue, due to the absolute, irrefutable fact that all this new “revenue” WILL BE SPENT!

    I was taught in Economics classes in college that when money is turned over in the private sector, that that money has a roll over effect, a multiplier effect that actually creates new wealth and consumer spending. But when money is turned over by the government, due to the innate inefficiency of governments, there is an actual negative effect. For each dollar spent by a government, there is LESS than one dollar generated. For each dollar spent by the private sector, there is MORE than one dollar generated. Therefore, increased government spending ultimately takes good money OUT of circulation. In my opinion, the only way for a government’s spending to “stimulate” an economy, that government has to almost flood that economy with a huge amount of spending (like has been done the last 5 years or so) since none of that new government spending will ever generate more than one dollar per dollar spent. The point being that this new sales tax “revenue” will essentially be taken out of circulation, in a sense. The national economy might actually grow faster by simply leaving this money in circulation in the private sector.

    The only way to keep a government from spending more money is by denying that money to that government in the first place. We, as a people, have to control the purse strings and we, as a people, have been somewhat derelict in our duty, obviously. I introduce as evidence, our national debt.

    The Nebraska Legislature is looking at an increase in spending for the next 2 year budget of over 5% per year. The “official” rate of inflation today is more like 1%. This represents REAL GROWTH in government and spending. The most dangerous aspect of this, in my opinion, is that this new increase in spending then becomes the new base line for the following 2 year budget and every 2 year budget after that. We never seem to ever roll back spending to the “pre-increase”, original level. Therein lies the “snowball effect”. How does this represent anything close to ever actually reducing the size of government and it’s associated spending? I’ve been talking about this 5% spending increase since the Governor’s January proposal to shift the income tax to the sales tax. I’ve said many times that the total amount of tax being taken is far more important than from which pocket the tax is being taken.

    THAT is my issue. If we can’t get the little things right, how will we ever get the big things right?

  107. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac, it sounds like you’re saying if you can’t take action or actively resist you’re a victim and not a hero. Those three women in Cleveland who survived 10 years of captivity are not heroes but mere victims? Prisoners of war? The Holocaust?

    If you mean diminishing heroism by imposing the label of “victim” on someone I get that. That is not what I am trying to do (I certainly hope not). The constant harping on Matt Samp as a way to damn Jim Suttle puts the focus on a supposed lapse in judgement. But sexual abuse is so common that Suttle’s aledged lapse in judgement can be found everywhere with little effort. For me attention should go to the person who was assaulted and abused. Any English dictionary calls that person a “victim.” That doesn’t mean the victim isn’t also a hero. Was Jesus only a Victim, and not the Conquerer of sin and death?

    If a victim lacks the tiniest shred of heroism then they truly are pieces of meat and completely lost. You and I know that is not the case.

  108. RWP says:

    GOP took two of three Lincoln City Council seats, throwing out an incumbent who broke a promise not to raise city taxes. And in SC, voters showed they’d rather vote for a sleazeball than Steven Colbert’s sister, if she’s a Dem.

    In both cases. out-of-control spending was on voters’s minds. Hope the unicam is paying attention.

  109. Lincoln is it! says:

    Lincoln voters are interesting. They voted for the audiologist because the old people knew him (what?!), they voted for the young kid because he may have gone to the left (according to the LJS) and they voted for the only hot mom in the race cause she had tv ads and, well, she’s hot…but who is really a liberal dressed up in a business suit used for her important board meetings, but not at her job because she has none. They voted against the guy who controls nearly every gas pump in the city so you can look for a revenge spike in prices any day now, the hippie and the slumlord tax raiser who says he isn’t a slumlord tax raiser.

    And you people thought only Omaha was disfunctional….hah!

  110. RWP says:

    Fortunately, I filled my car yesterday. 🙂

    Leirion is a guaranteed vote for any tax increase Beutler wants to propose. Glad I live in the county outside of annexation range.

    Also, looking at that truly vast development over in the West Haymarket, I wonder where, once the gleam is off after the first year, the paying customers are going to come from. Ultimately those bonds are backstopped by property taxes.

  111. RWP says:

    My beautiful and witty wife commented that Leirion sounds like the name or a prescription sleep medication.

    “Do not drive or operate machinery while taking Leirion. If you have recently been in a country where certain fungal infections are common, inform your doctor before taking Leirion.”

  112. Anonymous says:

    Cannot believe my eyes to see Interested Observer out here defending WELFARE INTERNET MERCHANTS.

    He hasn’t even responded to the point about the lack of a tax being a subsidy.

    Interested Observer, why should we subsidize WELFARE INTERNET MERCHANTS?

  113. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer, I understand your complaint very well! I agree with everything you wrote, down to the last comment: “…the total amount of tax being taken is far more important than from which pocket the tax is being taken.”

    Yes, Nebraska has a spending problem. Yes, total taxes being taken rise (and fall) with economic shifts. Sometimes total taxes being taken occur without any tax rate increase. I think that’s the cause of your frustration, today.

    I’m looking to a future wherein tax equity becomes standard. I have long since quit worrying about total taxes being taken in favor of a fairness doctrine. We’ll have to agree to disagree!

  114. Interested Observer says:

    Animosity and Anonymous @ 8:43, for some reason all of a sudden, I’m reminded of a youtube video called “Mornin Greetings in Deadwood”.

  115. RWP says:

    The ‘internet tax’ is in effect a statement that we all are chattel slaves of the state of Nebraska. Even if we choose to buy products from out-of-state merchants, Massa Nebraska insists we be taxed on its behalf.

  116. Anonymostly says:

    I agree with RWP also. Still, seems not just a little bit hypocritical that IO is defending WELFARE MERCHANT$.

    Makes it seem like all of her whining about Deb Fischer last year was politically motivated LIES.

  117. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course you are chattel slaves of the state of Nebraska! How the hell do you think I felt when my family was summarily called to a “tax-paying duty” there. In exchange for corporate tax abatement in the late 1980’s, high-income individual income-taxpayers were made to relocate there or lose their livelihood! At the time there were FOUR (count-’em) FOUR income tax brackets and guess which bracket y’all taxed us at. (It does make a difference which pocket the taxes are taken from, Interested Observer.) I took the trouble to read the floor debate years later and discovered that it was by clear design that your state senators had chosen importation of taxpayers as means to alleviating shrinking revenue. Y’all literally stuck us with your tax bills. Chattel slaves you say?

    But that’s not what caused my contempt of Cornhuskers. Upon arrival I learned that Nebraskans had no intention of educating my child with severe, multiple disability, state and federal Constitutions notwithstanding. (Didn’t prevent my child from getting all she was entitled under law. But I still feel the pain of knowing how y’all treat wards of the state in a similar condition.) And…drum roll, my adult child with a same-sex inclination was not welcome. Our family literally took early retirement to get out. And I know y’all want to spout, “good riddance.” I forgive you. I’m even trying to help you. Either you are too greedy to want tax justice ’cause your taxes are being abated, or, you are too stupid to realize that those of you left paying taxes will feel the squeeze evermore, –until you put a stop to all that tax abatement going on there. More of your taxes are being abated, than collected…

  118. Macdaddy says:

    I think I’ve found a way to make sure 99% of businesses that have an online presence can fall under the million dollar revenue cap. Suck it, Heineman.

  119. TexasAnnie says:

    I’m pretty sure Heineman now wants tax justice. He’s seen the light. Or so it would seem, given his offer to repeal the heavily abated and distorted income tax policies there in favor of a simple sales tax (w/ no exceptions, no excuses) last January. I know in the past he has been a champion of corporate welfare. But he’s been looking at states like Texas and realizing that you really don’t need to bribe companies into locating there. Just give ’em tax justice! (We don’t do income tax here.)

    There’s a reason the youth of Nebraska take their highly-publicly-financed degrees and flee the state.

  120. Cooper says:

    I don’t see how the Senate bill changes anything for me. I already report and pay sales tax for online purchases. It’s the law now.

  121. Interested Observer says:

    It only implies approval of the Big Bang Theory TV show. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  122. RWP says:

    TA: I wish. I get AMTed every year. When you get socked with AMT, they won’t even bother auditing you.

    You didn’t answer the question. If the IRS defines any action, even a legal one, designed to avoid taxes as tax evasion, what’s a tax cheat?

  123. unknonymous says:

    The Republicans won two out of three seats on the Lincoln City Council. It looks like they’ll win the mayors seat in Omaha and probably more council seats. With Vince Powers in charge of the Democratic Party in Nebraska, if he sticks around for four years, there probably won’t be an elected Democrat in the state. GO VINCE!

  124. Anonymous says:

    unknonymous, I suppose it will be easier to place blame in a one party state. Powe to some people, Comrade!

  125. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer: I had to Google “The Big Bang Theory.” I don’t ever watch network TV. Do you think I should?

    RWP: The alternative minimum tax was supposed to be a ‘fix’ for all the tax loopholes the Congress has written into the federal income tax. Believe me, I understand your frustration with having to pay the tax, and I believe y’all can understand mine when paying-off presumed ‘deferred’ tax each time I want to get my money out of savings! Yet I have no “wish” (RWP: @9:37pm) to cheat the highly unjust tax policies already established. Instead, I work tirelessly in expressions for tax justice here and everywhere.

    Recently I have read articles whereby folks are foregoing the IRS via an underground economy at a rate of $2 trillion annually. See what our Congress has wrought by making our tax policies so unjust… If we could all agree to shed tax advantages simultaneously it would be possible for Congress to create fairness. We have focused here on the internet sales tax. And in view of the arguments brought to bear above, I still insist that this tax promotes a fairness doctrine, a worthy goal. I want to abolish the IRS; I do not believe income-based tax policies can ever be made ‘fair.’ But we’ve got to replace the income tax, obviously. The sales tax is a better choice despite it’s regressive nature. The solution to that issue is to make the tax low enough that even the impoverished can afford to participate, and that can be done, if the sales tax is all encompassing with NO EXCEPTIONS and NO EXCLUSIONS!

  126. Anonymous says:

    TA. You talk about Nebraska taxes and ask, “How the hell do you think I felt…”

    We don’t care how you feel. This is a Nebraska blog. You are either a Nebraskan lying about being a Texan or you are a Texan without a state income tax. So shut your pie hole.

  127. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about this being a “Nebraska blog.” According to many Nebraskans who read and post here, this is an Omaha blog that sometimes includes some things happening in Lincoln. The rest of Nebraska can go pound the Sand Hills. Just trying to be precise.

  128. Interested Observer says:

    Well, since I just got back from town where I got some more fence posts, I guess I’m gonna go pound the Sandhills. Later

  129. A Winning GOP says:

    Democrates shut down Property Tax debate. Liberals run from cutting taxes without stating their justification. Cowards!
    Senator Norquist was Present Not Voting –> How brave is this guy?

  130. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To anonymous @921

    If the rest of the state had anything interesting going on in politics… I mean anything… ever…. then we would talk about it more. The fact is, the race for Mayor of Hastings can be won with less money than some OPS board races.
    If the Buffalo County Republican Party were being co-opted by paulbots, or the Hall County Dems were recruiting a candidate for Senate, we would talk about it. If the Mayor of Funk got caught driving drunk with three women…. You get the point.

  131. Interested Observer says:

    UMMMM, I kinda think that the name of this site is “Leavenworth st the talk of Nebraska politics”.

  132. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Yes, that is the name of the site.

    The only talk of Nebraska politics is what’s going on in Omaha and Lincoln for exactly the reasons I listed above. It’s not that cosmic.

  133. Sweetwater says:

    The manner in which Leavenworth Street has morphed into an Omaha only blog is exactly the same way the Omaha World Herald has become a newspaper devoted only to Omaha–and whatever national “news” reports they can copy from the New York Times. Neither Leavenworth Street nor the OWH give a rat’s ass about “Nebraska politics” or “Nebraska news”…..yet both claim to be about Nebraska. Meanwhile the legislature’s current session goes virtually uncovered and unreported.

  134. RWP says:

    Per request, here’s a report on the current legislative session.

    Spend spend spend spend Ernie Chambers filibuster spend spend whine that it’s for the children spend spend spend spend spend vote down tax cut spend spend spend.

    Stay tuned for updates.

  135. RWP says:

    AFAIK, they haven’t actually raised taxes, they’ve just benefitted from a windfall caused by a lot of stock sales at year’s end by people trying to avoid Obama’s tax hike.

    Spending is up 5.2% year over year.

  136. RWP says:

    I lied. Projected spending is up 5.7% next fiscal year. We have here the runaway legislature.

    I hope the Gov. has his veto pen ready. This is not fiscal irresponsibility; it’s fiscal morbid obesity.

  137. Unemployed Pilot says:

    The state ought to buy a lear jet for each Senator and be sure to pay the pilots the prevailing wage with full health benefits, overtime, pension spiking, and retirement after 20 years.

  138. Anonymous says:

    You don’t like talking about the Omaha race? Then what? The Podunk dog-catcher referendum?

    The “Omaha World Herald” likes to report on the City of Omaha. If you can convince Buffett to change its name to the “Nebraska World Herald” maybe it will report on your Podunk mayor having a dozen kids with his sister or whatever is the big news there. But until then, the big news is an incumbent Omaha mayor whose buddies characterized a mother as a pole dancing whore and yet she’s so far beating that incumbent in the polls.

    As to your other gripe, this is the LEAVENWORTH STREET blog. It’s a street in Omaha.

    Blogs are conversational. They don’t come with a channel changer that makes Sweeper and other bloggers entertain you. If you have a favorite topic, broach it. But if it or you are boring to people here, they won’t want to talk about it. If that makes you want to throw a tantrum, get some help.

  139. Anonymous says:

    Anon above, I for one would welcome the “Incestuous Mayor of Podunk NE Plus Dog-Catcher” blog. I’d love to see that title emblazoned over your real name for the world to see on teh interwebz. Oh how I wish I could see you explain that title to your boss, parents, spouse and kids.

  140. unknonymous says:

    @A Winning GOP,

    More Republicans voted to end the debate than voted to continue. That hardly makes it a Democratic conspiracy.

    Eighteen Senators voted present not voting on the amendment. More than voted either for (14) or against (15). That puts Nordquist kind of in the middle.

  141. A Winning GOP says:

    To unknonymous: I do not have access to the vote sheet. I saw late in the afternoon that it 14 Present-Not Voting. You must be a staffer. That is okay.

    Only a few Dems were brave and discussed the issue. The Dems intellectual leader on Property Tax was Senator Wallman (I am sorry to poke fun at the Dems) and he presented a clear vision: Spending Increases –> Good….Tax Relief –> Bad. Where was Senator Lathop on Property Taxes. (Oh yeah….he is too busy leading the Speaker around by the noise).

    Senator Schilz demonstrated the Legislature can impact Property Taxes and the Senators had and an opportunity to impact our tax burden. I was surprise that removing the liberal lies was that easy.

    Every No Vote and Present-&-NOT-VOTING took a position yesterday. The voters NOW have an issue that removes the fog and can see who is pro or con for Property Tax relief.

  142. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Republican Senators are all showing their true colors. In the long run this is good. Because their ass is grass. Hope they enjoy what’s left of their ride.

  143. Roll Call Vote says:

    Those voting for property tax relief were Dave Bloomfield, Lydia Brasch, Mark Christensen, Tom Hansen, Charlie Janssen, Bill Kintner, Tyson Larson, Scott Lautenbaugh, Beau McCoy, John Murante, Pete Pirsch, Ken Schilz, Jim Smith, and Dan Watermeier. Scott Price was excused.

    This essentially doubles as a list of the only reliable Republican votes in the Legislature, half of the so-called majority.

  144. RWP says:

    So having defeated property tax relief because it was ‘only’ $15 m, the unicam then spent 16 hours debating the governor’s request for a plane, ultimately striking it to save $2.5 m.

    Goddamn imbeciles.

  145. A Winning GOP says:

    Gov Dave asked for an ~4% increase in state spending….Disappointing.

    RWP. I guess that $2.5M is an appetizer when it comes to the ‘All-you-can-eat-buffet’.

    Maybe we can replace the term-limited spenders with conservatives who will roll-back this spending spree.

  146. Tonic & Tonic says:

    That Murante fella makes the best damned pizza in Nebraska… JUST KIDDING! Welsh’s Pizza in Pender wins that award.

    This has been my weekly love for the first district.

  147. Hey RWP says:

    It’s been said that the good guys in the Legislature are milking these budget issues to keep LB 577 off the agenda this session. Lose the battle, win the war.

  148. TexasAnnie says:

    A Winning GOP: You DO have access to “the vote sheet.” It’s at the Unicam’s website, in the daily “Journal” pages. You have to know the bill number and/or amendment number to learn how the Senators voted. I notice that your newspapers are stingy in giving this info, but the Unicam’s publication, “Unicameral Update” (also found at the same website) is your best source anyway. I’ll go to the website now and learn the property tax proposal’s amendment number being discussed…

  149. Jim Dawson says:

    my prediction for Tuesday’s election is that Mayor Suttle gets by and wins re-election by the narrowest of margins. As the OWH reported yesterday, the Nebraska Democratic Party has an amazing vote early “machine” and coupled with a non-stop effort to “get out the vote”, all the various Democratic constituent groups from firefighter union members to the GLTB community will turn out in significant numbers.

    a lot of the talk from the good folks of west Omaha never seems to materialize enough to defeat Mr. Suttle, whether in the recall or at election time. My perception is, life is too good or comfortable for us in the western part of the city that would get us so fired up that we would be going door to door, walking in parades, hammering in yard signs for Jean Stothert like Suttle supporters have been doing.

    even though I think Stothert is a better candidate and Suttle does NOT deserve re-election, I believe Suttle will squeak by less than 1,000 votes.

  150. TexasAnnie says:

    I’m a little uncertain about the “consensus” here.
    Do y’all believe the Unicam should fund property tax relief via income & sales tax expense?

  151. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Jim, you’re dead ass wrong, but we shall see.
    I literally JUST got off the phone with a retired Omaha Fire Captain who will is putting up signs on election day. He’s not the only one. The retired fire and police are scared shirtless that more of Suttle’s antics will leave their pension fund BROKE.

  152. RWP says:


    I think a budget surplus should be returned to the taxpayers, preferably the way it was taken in the first place, but in a pinch property tax relief will work too.

  153. A Winning GOP says:

    TA. The Unicameral funds nothing. I and other Nebraska Tax Payers fund Property, Income and Sales Tax.

  154. TexasAnnie says:

    There are three individual income tax brackets in Nebraska. There is one state sales tax rate.
    Supposedly property tax there is equalized.
    So under the Property Tax Credit Program, when the Unicam takes income and sales tax revenue and uses it to “fund” property tax relief, higher earning and spending taxpayers are disproportionately required to subsidize property owners.

    It’s not worth a semantic battle BUT once your tax dollars have been surrendered, it is not inappropriate to declare that the Unicam “funds” stuff with those dollars. However your point is not lost on me, AWGOP. What I really want you to respond to is whether you think this appropriation of your sales and income taxes is OKAY? Do you suppose those lacking property but paying substantial income and sales taxes like this plan?

  155. Republican Hippie says:

    @Sonny 208
    Do you have polling to back up that 8-12%? Of course you don’t. Crazy numbers. Jean is behind and we should work like she’s behind. To all: If you post on this blog and bitch about Suttle, you better be volunteering.

    Peace, Love, and tax cuts

  156. Anonymous says:

    Taking money in the first place is unethical. So is not considering the reason for such taking.

    It is good to cut taxes; it is also good to permanently cut spending. Where do we start?

  157. Anonymous says:

    LB 577 is DOA.

    Speaking of, the word in the Capitol is that The Firemen are taking their anger out on Joe Storhert for Jean kicking the mayors backside. How petty can you get? Suppose that is to be expected from union management.

  158. Anonymous says:

    Anon, you are describing the unreasonable, pouting behavior of people who don’t get what they want, behavior not limited to union managers. My late father told me hair-raising stories about the House of Pain (aka Mutual of Omaha). No union there, but plenty of pouting to be sure.

  159. Blogget says:

    For those of you who have gone to some effort to create and maintain your own a public blog, know this: If you make it difficult to comment then people won’t comment. If you make them sign in or register with some outside agency don’t expect many to come a’knocking.

  160. TexasAnnie says:

    Precisely, Anonymous 9:45pm! You ask: “Where do we start?” For me, the obvious starting point is cutting out all those tax expenditures claimed to “create jobs.” Just as government doesn’t create money, it doesn’t create jobs. And corporate welfare has become a very considerable drain on the public treasury in states such as Nebraska (we do a little corporate welfare here in Texas, but not much). Much worse, corporate welfare has been devastating nationally and internationally. We all remember and many still sting from the impact of the 2008-2009 bailouts. Money just isn’t flowing through the economy anymore. Subsidizing corporations IS NOT CAPITALISM. And we do have bankruptcy courts in place…

    It is easy to know what public spending is appropriate. Just look to your state constitution. It’s what your 49 Senators there should be doing. For example, using the property tax issue we’ve considered above, this year and again next, y’all will provide $115M of state revenue for property tax abatement. Why do that? Why not use that state revenue instead to enhance K-12 spending? (Which is constitutionally required [Art. VII, Sec. 1] and which really is a state expenditure, not a local or property tax obligation anyway!) With an additional $230M in state aid over the next biennium, property tax rates may be reduced locally by neighborhood school districts and local government. If Nebraskan’s really want TRUE property tax relief, why not create a political climate there wherein the state assumes it’s obligation for K-12? This taxing Peter to pay Paul gets you nowhere! And I’m saying it’s unethical to move tax “duties” around among various taxpayers according to the whims of 49 + a governor, all of whom are fallible even on a good day!

  161. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:44, right now, I’d settle for not increasing spending. Instead, we get 5+% increases without justification. Instead we get truly embarrassing spectacles like spending more than 5 minutes arguing about a stupid plane. That whole thing was just a con man’s sleight of hand to distract you from his accomplice relieving you of your wallet. And so far they’ve gotten away with it. And the little grifters will get away with it.

  162. Anonymous says:

    So what is it that haters do? Haters hate.

    Glad to hear LB577 is dead. Took some serious stones on the part of those who stood against the bill. The concept was nothing more than an attempt to expand the welfare state….. Looks like there are other bill similar in nature yet to be debated, such as government subsidies to hire certain individuals….and what happens when the program comes to its predetermined close? The companies didn’t hire for a reason, once the “free” federal $$$ is gone so too will the jobs…..duh.

  163. Interested Observer says:

    Texas Annie, you just said “Why not use that state revenue instead to enhance K-12 spending?”. What makes you think that K-12 spending NEEDS to be enhanced in the first place?

    The old cliche theorem that if you put infinitely many monkeys in a room with infinitely many typewriters, one of them will surely randomly pound out “King Lear”, somewhat applies to not only K-12 spending, but also the State College system spending and the University system spending. Just throwing ever more money at a “problem” doesn’t necessarily solve that perceived “problem” and it certainly doesn’t solve it in a cost efficient manner.

    As far as the issue of property tax relief, remember that one half of Nebraska K-12 school districts do not get any state aid at all. Most of those are out this way, with geographically large districts with relatively few students, which therefore indicates that those districts have sufficient taxing authority to pay their own way. So, we have ranchers who have to pay real estate taxes that far exceed that same ranch family’s actual living expenses. That same ranch family also pays sales tax on many of its business inputs AND on rare occasions, pays income tax, as well.

    When we live far enough from town that most of us count up 50,000 miles per year driving, we also kinda think that we are paying enough motor fuels tax along with all the other taxes we pay. THAT’S why so many of us are finally fed up with all this ever increasing spending down in Lincoln. It gets kinda old after a while.

  164. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer, by “enhancing” state aid I mean, replacing property tax w/state aid.
    Did you fail to observe my instruction that you should not be paying property tax for public schools anyway? Check your Constitution!

    Unless y’all do something radical, like Heineman proposed last January, you’ll have to do little incremental steps, such as $230M over the next biennium for state aid to REPLACE a similar amount in property tax (in lieu of property tax abatement). Again I argue here, as with the internet sales tax, for tax justice.

  165. TexasAnnie says:

    Oh, and I’m not sympathetic to the amount of motor fuels tax you pay; you require more miles of state roads than urban folks!

  166. A Winning GOP says:

    Anonymous May 10, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    LB 577 is not dead. Senator Campbell has not withdrawn the bill. Until she does, we are still at risk. I assume that she is working back-room deals to secure the votes.

  167. TexasAnnie says:

    Nooo…not bracketed until 2014. My bad. LB577 was only pulled from the agenda w/o a vote on a pending amendment. It could be rescheduled this session!

  168. Zander Kelly says:

    Speaking of ” proofing, ” anyone see the mailer where Phil Kleil describes himself as wildly popular.

  169. Anonymous says:

    A motion to lay 577 over is rumored to be in the works. Unless there are a significant number of Senators who resign it is doubtful that 577 will succeed next session either. It’s just BAD policy.

  170. TexasAnnie says:

    I don’t know about any rumors, but a bracket motion (MO49) has been filed by Senator Smith. So even if the bill is rescheduled this session, it could be bracketed to next session. Y’all can find this information in the Journal pages. Do you know how? I can help you…

  171. Thanks Mom says:

    To 5:37: Thanks Mom, but we can do that ourselves. It appears that you think Nebraskans just fell off the turnip truck yesterday and can’t figure out the Journal pages for themselves.

  172. TexasAnnie says:

    Not at all. But for those who have not learned how to get voting records, I want them to know how. When I lived there, I “trusted” my representative in the Unicam to my own peril. She lied to me several times and the misinformation was so confusing for me that I had to learn how to use the Journal pages to keep from being misinformed. Legislative decisions are too important to the public to keep the public uninformed…

  173. RWP says:

    TA: You’re no libertarian. You want the state to spend money on public schools, a local responsibility, instead of returning it to the taxpayers.

  174. DeEnergize Omaha says:

    Nobody is talking about the great success of DeEnergize Omaha, oops I meant ReEnergize Omaha.
    It has enriched a few, ie: Ayers and Ayers but saved very little for omaha utilty rate payers. Someone needs to look closely at where all the money went with this program. No anyone who can write a grant for improving government efficiency, by eliminating waste, fraud, bureaucracy, red tape? Or does that exist? I think we should write a grant to figure out does efficent government exist?

  175. TexasAnnie says:

    You’re right RWP:
    I haven’t paid my dues since the 2008 Bob Barr fiasco.
    You’re wrong RWP:
    Art. VII, Sec. 1 of the Constitution of the State of Nebraska assigns public schools as a state mandate, not a local one.

  176. Interested Observer says:

    Often I hearken back to the days of my youth growing up on the plains of Nebraska BEFORE we had grants!

  177. A Winning GOP says:

    I read in the OWH that Senator Davis is supporting Death Penalty repeal. It looks like his votes follow Senator Lathrop 100% of the time. In the past week, Senator Davis has supported increasing state spending by 5%, opposing property tax relief, and supporting death penalty repeal. I wonder if the Valentine coffee shop conversations has supported their local senator.

  178. Anonymous says:

    To Zander Kelly: Didn’t see that one, but I saw where Woody Bradford, attorney at law, sent a flier where he pointed out how the OPS board was reduced from “9 to 12.” Ah poofweeding….what an art.

  179. unknonymous says:

    @ A Winning GOP,

    So far, it looks like Senator Davis doesn’t follow anyone. He seems to be voting his own conscience. Those two votes you mention just put Senator Davis in the main stream. His stand on the death penalty is nothing new to anyone who followed his campaign for the Legislature.

    You’re probably not going to get an unbiased report on Davis from the coffee shops in Valentine. In fact you might get a couple of truck loads of sour grapes there, they didn’t vote for Davis in the first place. You probably are going to prefer sour grapes to reality. A better place to check might be around the water coolers in Alliance or Chadron. They’re both larger towns than Valentine and supported Davis in the 2012 elections. The folks in the Panhandle aren’t as blood thirsty as much of the rest of the state. You’d probably be disapointed to find out that Davis is still popular out there.

  180. RWP says:

    Yes, TA. It couldn’t be a local mandate, since states have constitutions and formal status as part of the United States, whereas local jurisdictions are simply creations of the state legislature. The state legislature in particular created school districts and school boards, and empowered them to raise funds via property taxes. That is as it should be.

  181. TexasAnnie says:

    WRONG AGAIN, RWP. From the beginning (when Nebraska first adopted it’s Constitution, 1875) public education was a state mandate in Nebraska. And it remains so today! But back then, property tax was the only tax in Nebraska and it was owing to the state and local government. Since that time, the people rose up and stripped the legislature of it’s property-taxing authority; the legislature retaliated by instituting an income tax and state sales tax. But the legislature allowed local school districts to continue dispersing property taxes because the people wanted “local control.”

    Today’s system is really goofed up! But, it’s what you’ve got. And when I lived there a few local districts even refused to admit severely disabled children into their local schools!!! What could be done? For it was the state which was obligated to provide those students a public education, not the local district. (That was another very shameful episode there in the long venue of maltreatment toward wards of the state w/severe disability…) A similar problem arose when local schools did not want to teach English to non-speaking immigrants, and, when they were asked by the state to admit homeless children, and to provide textbooks, and to do something about bullying, etc. Until the state firmly takes responsibility for educating ALL PERSONS between the ages of 5 and 21, as required by the state’s constitution, y’all will probably continue to have episodes of cheating children of their SUPPOSEDLY GUARANTEED public education!

    And how basic is public education? Well, it’s the single most MANDATED state duty. In fact your employer, the University System, is not mandated by the Constitution; it is only permissible. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad that Libertarians there think y’all should do away w/public schools, all the while claiming to be constitutionalists! I’m not a party to such political schizophrenia. Are you?

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