Down to the wire in the Big O

Stothert ad shotFirst a little on tomorrow’s Omaha city elections (then we promise to get to some statewide politickin’).

We gotta think the Jim Suttle – Jean Stothert Mayoral race will come down to the wire. Stothert outperformed Suttle in the primary, but the fire and police unions will be working their GOTV machines for Suttle as they apparently fear for their livelihoods if Jean Stothert were to become Mayor. Of course Stothert would convert to an all volunteer police force made up of mall police and leave fire fighting to 101 Dalmatians on a Budweiser carriage. Right?

Oh, but we saw recently the extent Suttle is willing to go to keep his peeps in the police department happy. “Perhaps one MEEELLION dollars will keep you on my side??? Don’t worry, the public has no need to know about this.” Fairly amazing really. But it seriously is garbage like that which may cause otherwise comfortable Democrats to sit on their voting hands on Tuesday.

And yes, we know the OWH endorsed Stothert. We think she still has a shot at winning anyway.

We think many stops will be pulled tomorrow by Team Suttle. Please send us your camera phone pics when you spot something fishy!

(And for more, we will say that we liked the little running-race graphic by the OWH, here.)


So we have been following along the Big Political Question for statewide Nebraska politics for a while. And we are wondering if there is a little movement.

Will Dave Heineman run for U.S. Senate?

Hmm. Well, the official answer is still “don’t know”.


We are hearing more and more that the Governor has always been more of a “no” on this than a “yes”. He notoriously does not like Washington, D.C. and then there is the question of the hassle of life in the likely Minority party — coming off of a powerful position in the Gov’s office.

And then…we did not see this AP story about the Gov’s decision run in the OWH (we may have just missed it), but it was in number of other papers.

The story doesn’t break much of anything new, except David Kramer notes that it would be more likely for the Governor to announce his decision prior to the County Fair circuit kicking in. And we are hearing similar tremors for when the Gov will announce.


But we have heard some OTHER indicators as well.

Pete Ricketts apparently just went to DC to meet with party leaders and those at the NRSC regarding a possible Senate run — should Heineman not. A few different thoughts on that:

One, the NRSC loves it when a candidate with deeeeep pockets is considering. It means they don’t have to work as much in that state and can focus eleswhere money-wise. They also probably figure Ricketts starts with a statewide advantage, having been there in 2006.

Others in the DC political areas aren’t so sure about Ricketts. They know he got waxed by Ben Nelson, and might even see his Platte Institute as something a Democrat could hammer, almost like a voting record.

But keep in mind, one would absolutely have to have the “right” Democrat to beat any Republican statewide, and if there is one out there right now, we haven’t heard of him or her. (Not to say they aren’t there, but we’ve heard of no actual names of late.)

But keep in mind that if Governor Dave doesn’t run, you almost 100% for sure will have former State Treasurer Shane Osborn in the race. Osborn has been off the political radar for a few years, but does also have statewide elections under his belt.

And then there is Rep. Jeff Fortenberry — who just kicked out a little foreign policy newsletter item. (To build up his cred on the subject for statewide discussions? Probably not too far from what he usually writes about. But still..)

Those would be the Big 3 we’d see — unless Bruning or Stenberg decided to jump, which we aren’t seeing. We still see Lee Terry as more invested in the House now, and doubt Adrian Smith would jump in against that bunch — but again, who knows? (We had written about Ben Sasse a while back, but haven’t heard much about him since.)

We DO know that if Fortenberry jumps, that creates sudden chaos in the 1st District with all sorts of excitement and full employment for consultants ensuing.

It would be a busy year.

More when we have it.


Story’s the same on the Gov’s race.
We would expect more movement within the month.

Though Don Walton reports that Christopher Geary is in. So jump on that band wagon if you’d like.


Congrats to Trent Fellers, Jon Bruning’s former campaign manager, on his victory in the Lincoln City Council race!


Rest in Peace…

…Former First Gentleman, Bill Orr. We believe his cookbook is lying around the L.St HQ here somewhere. He was just a few years ahead of the male celeb chefs. A few years later and he probably would have had his own show.

…Former U.S. Senate candidate Pat Flynn. Flynn passed away on May 5th after a battle with cancer.

He ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2008 and 2012. We never took his campaigns too seriously, mainly because of his lack of funding or a political background. But he always had a great deal of zeal during the races, and clearly loved his country and wished to serve. And he got in the arena.

Those who knew him well say that he will be sincerely missed, and we wish them well.


If your candidate doesn’t win, and you didn’t tell a friend or two to vote, blame yourself.

If you don’t click the Leavenworth Street Amazon links when you’re buying there, well then you’re just plain evil.

(And thanks for not being evil!)


  1. Interested Observer says:

    I was remembering “Proofing the suttle campaign”, where it said “Hmm. Spell-check didn’t catch that one huh?”.

  2. A Winning GOP says:

    To unknonymous @ May 12, 2013 at 5:50 PM

    Yes, Senator Davis is freshman senator and his voting record is short. However, Senator Davis is following Senator Lathrop’s instructions and following Senator Lathrop in his march to announcing his campaign for Governor.

    You may be correct that academics from Chadron are the majority of the district. However, I expect that the $17.5k given by the NEA and running as a conservative Republican had a major were more important factors than the progressive cities of Chadron and Alliance. I wonder if any of the hard-working ranchers in district 43 have thrown a party to support his votes to increase Judge’s retirement, increased tax payer funding of teacher’s retirement, increasing state spending by 5%, and now the death penalty repeal (note the adjective “increase” to describe spending and I am sure that his constituents have been advocating these positions).

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Not sure where my comment went on the previous post, but candidate Al Davis told Project Vote Smart that he supported the death penalty in cases where there are credible witnesses. Hmmm. He didn’t share he was going to team up with Ernie Chambers?

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Just exactly how did Al Davis do all of these things all by himself? Why do you single him out in particular, unless you are one of Deb’s Mafia who is still bitter about Al beating Deb’s hand picked successor?

  5. A Winning GOP says:

    I am tired of Republican Senators claiming to be and running as conservatives and becoming beacons of liberalism. There are ‘Republicans’ like Senator Coash who advocate repeal of the death penalty but at least he does vote for reduced spending. Or Senator Glore who is a solid conservative vote for spending (I was proud of him this year during the budget debate), but advocates for horse racing. I can understand their position; however, I still do not give them a pass). I do not know how to classify Senator Schumacher, but at least he is consistent to his campaign (unknonymous, Senator Schumacher is the only maverick in Lincoln not following a political party).

    Some senators have life-experiences that color their positions, but Senator Campbell, Krist and now Davis have no conservative positions. However, each ran as a conservative. I am sure that they all claim to be pro-life, but I would like to see them actually take tough pro-life bills to legislation verses their pseudo-life bills hiding social spending.

    These senators may not stand at the podium when Senator Lathrop announces, but they have given him issues to build his campaign upon. Just think about the spending increase for 2015 under the Governor Lathrop (BTW…No one is happy about a 4% increase either).

  6. Nameless Republican says:

    Lord knows what Suttlistas like Jimmy Green have planned for voters tomorrow. Expect the full ACORN, Alinsky show from the libs in Omaha.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Senator Davis is a Republican, since when? Why are we trying to defend his votes and stances with a 2nd graders logic “Oh yea, I wasn’t the only one. Quit picking on me.”

  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    To A Winning GOP,

    Are you saying that being against the death penalty and being for horse racing aren’t conservative positions? I’d say just the opposite. As a conservative I feel that the government screws up most everything they touch. That’s why I don’t understand why so many people trust them with the worst punishment we have. With an over zealous prosecutor and guys like David Kofoed handling evidence innocent people can be railroaded. I think being anti death penalty is the true conservative petition. If it was up to me there would be 23 hour lockdown for those convicted of 1st degree murder. That seems like a far worse punishment to me.

    As for horse racing, why is it the governments responsibility to say how I spend my money?

  9. Interested Observer says:

    I’d also like to know if “A Winning GOP” and anonymous @ 8:48 are registered voters in the 43rd District.

  10. unknonymous says:

    @ A Winning GOP,

    You seem to have some sort of bias that precludes you from considering reality. I’d agree that Senator Schumacher is inclined to march to his own drum, but he’s not the only one. I’d say Senator Chambers is the real mavrick in the Legislature. He isn’t a member of either party.

    Your focus on Senator Davis is strange. The votes he has taken that seem to upset you place him in the majority in every case. If Davis ran as a conservative he hasn’t done anything to disprove that position yet. You seem to be upset that he didn’t turn out to be a confirmed right winger. He beat the right winger in November. The voters rejected the right winger. The voters chose Davis in spite of the fact that his opponent was endorsed by the Governor. What’s your real beef?

    I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Davis is supporting a run for Governor by Lathrop. Your paranoid contentions don’t make it a fact.

    You seem to be questioning the right of any moderate to claim membership in the Republican Party. If and when your dream of a Republican party owned by right wingers comes true in Nebraska you’re likely to be even more upset about the situation. If and when that happens the Republican party will find itself in a minority status.

  11. A Winning GOP says:

    unknonymous May 13, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    Senator Chambers is ‘god.’ Have you not heard him in Lincoln? To demonstrate his power, he is responsible for the recruiting of Turner Gill…

    I do not mind moderates. I do believe in a Reagan big tent party. A truthful/honorable moderate is clear about his/her position. With honest moderates, I can question their positions, communicate my positions, and have a dialog. Often, these moderates bring workable views and solutions can reach.

    However, I am tired of ‘Republican’ senators who take NEA money and “position” themselves as conservatives. For example, the campaign material for Senator Kolowski (D) promoted his so called conservative credentials. I respect the senators I mentioned earlier, because they were honest about their positions verses these brave moderates who hide behind their conservative labels that the NEA has purchased.

  12. unknonymous says:

    A Winning GOP May 13, 2013 at 11:57 AM,

    Your position seems to be getting much weaker from a reality standpoint. Did you realize that the NEA contributed to the Governor’s reelection ampaign?

    Your problem with Senator Davis has changed from his position on the death penalty to being a tool of the NEA. Do you know what the NEA’s stated position on the death penalty is? Do they have one?

    It’s looking more and more like Interested Observer nailed it. Your real problem seems to be that Davis beat the guy you supported in the election. Why do you hate democracy? Do you have some God complex that makes you think that you should have the right to over rule the voters of the 43rd District? Do you think Deb Fischer should have had the right to pick her replacement in the Legislature? Since half of the District is comprised of Senator Loudens former constituents is there a reason that he shouldn’t get to pick the winner?

    Your attacks on Davis don’t seem rooted in anything that looks reasonable. What’s your real agenda?

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Or it could be that Winning feels strongly that the death penalty should not be abolished and is ticked that Senator Davis told the voters he supported it prior to the election. In addition, while Winning has yet to post anything contrary about democracy, unknonymous, apparently you have problems with our form of representative government and the freedom that we have to tell our representatives that we disagree with them and want them to vote differently.

  14. A Winning GOP says:

    I am tired seeing this legislature engorging itself at the all you can eat budget buffet that these senators advocated. It has been Republicans like Senator Campbell, Krist, Davis, etc. who pushed to get the head of the line.

    The Governor took an action today for controlling spending today (returning state funding of retirement for select groups)…maybe these so-called ‘fiscal conservatives’ with think about their constituents during the over-ride vote verses the ‘special interests behind the glass’

  15. unknonymous says:

    Interested Observer asked if Winning GOP was one of Senator Davis’ constituents. His failure to respond leads me to believe that he is not.

    Winning GOP changed his focus from Davis’ stand on the death penalty to the fact that the NEA contributed to his campaign. It looks like Winning GOP has some undisclosed problem with Davis that he’s unwilling to admit to. He hasn’t called out Senator Krist for his stand in support of the bill. Krist told the Governor he supported the death penalty when the Governor appointed him. This looks like something personal. Sour grapes seems to be as logical as any conclusion.

  16. A Winning GOP says:

    Senator Davis went to the OWH this weekend. That was the genesis mentioning the death penalty. My major focus was, is and will be the spending by this legislature (a body composed of ‘Republicans’?).

    Also, I could not believe that Senator Krist talked about his interview with the governor. Once again, he demonstrated why he cannot be trusted.

    No. I do not live in District 43. However, these fake senators are spending the state’s money like it is an endless pit. I cannot wait to see how Governor Lathrop and this spend crazy legislature tackle the budget.

  17. Interested Observer says:

    Somethin’ kinda made me think that back in January the Governor made a budget proposal that included this 5.6% spending increase each of the next 2 years. But you didn’t mention that anywhere.

    Now, why is that? Is he “Republican” enough for you but other Republicans aren’t? Cause he’s the one who wants to spend more and more money.

  18. unknonymous says:

    So, it seems Senator Davis’ crime was speaking to the Wierd Harold.

    If you’re major interest is in how much government is costing why do you seem to oppose the repeal of the death penalty when every indication is that it’s repeal will result in cash savings to tax payers?

    How do you feel about the majority of Senators turning down the Governors demand to loot $2 million from the tax payers pockets to provide him with a plane he negotiated for behind the backs of tax payers and the Legislature?

  19. NotChuck says:

    Call it the populist in me, but I can’t vote for a candidate for US Senator who has never held elected public office. Pete Ricketts doesn’t seem to be interested in serving anybody other than himself. He’s never been elected to any public office — school board, public utilities, county commission, city council — where he would have to answer to constituents, and he’s never served in government or the military. Just because he’s rich enough to try to buy a Senate seat doesn’t make him qualified to represent the people of Nebraska in the US Senate. I didn’t vote for him last time, and he hasn’t done anything to change my mind if he runs again.

  20. Shallow Al says:

    Al Davis makes Bob Krist or John Harms look like Ronald Reagan when it comes to conservatism. And I do know people in District 43. A lot of them voted for Al just so they could get him off the local school board.

  21. Interested Observer says:

    Well, Al was on the Hyannis School Board for something like 12 years, so those folks over there had several opportunities to “get him off the local school board”. Instead, they KEPT RE-ELECTING HIM!

    Apparently, even more people voted for Al just so we could get him in the Nebraska Legislature to represent us.

  22. RWP says:

    So the Kenyan not only set the IRS on his political opponents, he’s also been bugging the AP?

    We’ve been getting him all wrong. We’ve been comparing him with Jimmy Carter, when the better comparison is with Nixon.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This country is doomed! When learned (supposedly?) educators like RWP can’t read beyond the headlines if the headline supports their worldview, then we’re falling into a rathole of ignorance and deception. I’m not justifying it, but the government has been obtaining phone records like this for over a decade. Only became a problem for you when a “Kenyan” is in charge.

  24. DOJ says:

    The DOJ is in town to watch the Omaha elections. Little does Suttle realize but they are here to watch his campaign.

  25. unknonymous says:

    Rumor has it that a few Democrats from the far left wing have decided that Russ Karpisek is too conservative and want to throw him out of the Democratic Party. J. L. Spray is in negotiations with Vince Powers to work out a trade. Right now it looks like the far right wing of the Republican Party is in support of a deal that will transfer ownership of Senators Coash, Davis, Gloor, Hadley, Harms, Krist, Sheer, Schumacher and Seiler for title to Karpisek. The NSEA has agreed to contribute several thousand dollars if it will help seal the deal. The Tea Party Express has agreed to match any funds put up by the NSEA to facilitate the deal.

  26. Lil Mac says:

    Nixon: “I am not a crook.”

    Clinton: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    Obama: “There’s no ‘there’ there.”

  27. Late Trade Update says:

    In a surprise move The local GOP upped the anti and sweetened the pot by adding Tim Lonergan, RINO Brandon Peterson, and James Martin Davis to obtain Russ.

  28. Anonymous says:

    “There’s no ‘there’ there.” – all credit to Dorothy Parker. She was describing Oakland, CA.

  29. RWP says:

    5:41, so the gummint has been obtaining phone records of groups of journalists for a decade? Cite?

    The rathole of ignorance and deception is between your ears. And in the Oval Office. Where the rat lives.

  30. Justice is Nice says:

    @DOJ 5:45pm
    Isn’t the justice department already here.

    Well if they want somewhere to look, try kickbacks from most of Suttle’s vendors to Matt Samp.

  31. RWP says:

    The Tea Party Express has agreed to match any funds put up by the NSEA to facilitate the deal.

    Before or after taxes?

    Meanwhile, let’s see who can identify this piece of stirring prose without recourse to the Google

    He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

  32. RWP says:

    My ex worked for the IRS. Low level employees certainly do illegal things. For example, if you happen to be a celebrity, be assured your tax return will see the glass of a photocopier. What they do not do is initiate politically controversial inquiries without orders from upstairs. CYA is the modus operandi. If the IRS was going after Tea-Party groups, it was on orders from political appointees. Not a shred of doubt.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sara Howard thinks she is the creator’s gift to politics.

    I just received a recorded message on my phone from Sara Howard urging me to vote for Suttle.

    That is the final push I needed, Tuesday I will vote for Jean Stothert.

    Sara Howard makes Ernie Chambers look like a liberal.

    Go Jean!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Ya get what you vote for, or if you don’t participate you just deal with it.

    Al is not only not an R, but he has a preference for pretty things… old to back it up though so just weird.

    Krist will need to deal with his past with Biomodia CEO. And his $ 600,000.00 attempted give away to a friend.

    Campbell has always been up front about being a RHIO.

    Scheer & Seiler are thoughtful and deliberate, and while not rabid right wingers they are R’s.

    Karpi is a good egg, just a wee bit left of center but honest about, not like Krist.

    The rest are what they are and it takes the watchful eye of the citizenry, no not wandering eye Al…

  35. Macdaddy says:

    The plane was a smokescreen to make the unicam look like they are responsible stewards while they jack up spending by 5.6%. And you all fell for it. Cutting the plane was a no-brainer, but it gave the OWH several days of stories so they can skip writing about the real budget.

    Unknownymus, you know what will save even more money than abolishing the death penalty? Abolishing life without parole. You realize that old prisoners cost lots of healthcare dollars, right? And after that? Why not work release? And after that? Why not just cut all their sentences in half again? Heck, why even prosecute crimes? It just costs money. I’m pretty sure, though, that protecting the citizenry and punishing bad guys is part of what the government is supposed to do. There’s even a whole branch devoted to it. How about this: cut the number of available appeals in half. 34 years on death row is just jerking the public around. And bring back the electric chair. If you want, hook it up to a windmill. I think that’s a pretty good compromise with the liberals.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Howard and Kate Bolz are the new Bopsi twins, replacing MelQuist……well who can replace those guys………Nebraska should be so proud of these two sets of twins from Omaha & Lincoln the bastions of group think and big intrusive Gov’t, just like Bloomberg and the IRS.

  37. Anonymous says:

    If there is any pol in Nebraska who has reached their sell-by date it’s Dave heineman. Nobody pays attention to him anymore. It doesn’t matter who is in the u s senate that body is inconsequential. Dysfunctional, its broken.
    And it sounds like Mr street sweeper has hedged his bets on omahas Mayor s race. The dems are not going to sit on their hands and give the job to a republican. Never happen.
    Four years from now if is switches parties to den I will support her attempt to be Omaha first woman mayor. But not now when she carries the water for the tea party: no taxes on my backers the business men who are greedy.


  38. RWP says:

    The stalking behavior by local Nebraska Democrat goons becomes a little scarier when you realize, thanks to Obama, they probably have our tax returns and ‘phone records.

  39. Anonymous says:

    RWP, that would be because of the PI budget, right? A mandatory tool of both parties in nearly all elections? I wish I had a PI budget so I knew what “their” PI’s are doing. Why is this wrong when Government does it, but right when politicos do it?

  40. RWP says:

    The government spies on us using our own money. And we don’t have the right to refuse them information. Much though I dislike my tax return being pored over by leftist groups, I don’t have the right to refuse it to the IRS.

    If the local Dems have my tax return via a PI, it’s my fault for not securing my records.

  41. @unknonymous 6:22 says:

    Another rumor was that the trade was just going to be the infamous “bag of balls” deal for several of those senators, but most of them traded off their bag of balls years ago,

  42. Anonymous says:

    What they do not do is initiate politically controversial inquiries without orders from upstairs.

    That’s a laughable statement, RWP. Underlings overstepping their authority happens all the time, in both business and government. Guess it never happens in academia, and that’s all you know of.

  43. Macdaddy says:

    Anon9:28: keep whistling past the graveyard. If Obama had stopped at harassing opposition groups that would be one thing, but he had to go the whole Chavez and tap the press’ phones, too. Now it’s personal for them. You know what the definition of a conservative is? A liberal who got mugged. An entire news service just got mugged.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Well, maybe we now know why Bruning won’t be running for governor. Looks like he will be doing some fundraising for his defunct senate committee to pay his FEC fine.

  45. Anonymostly says:

    From the way the Dinosaur Media reports about it, you’d think this Bengazi thing is really much ado about nothing. But, if it was truly no big deal what happened and how it went down, then why did they lie to us about it at the outset? And then lie about lying? And then lie about their lying lies?

    Maybe Candy Crowley can help us answer those questions. Candy? Why was it so important for Obama to lie about Bengazi? Was this covered in the off-the-record briefing with the Democrats’ PR people, er, I mean the mainstream press?

  46. Anonymostly says:

    Can any of you imagine how different the coverage of Bengazi would be if a Republican had been President?

    If the IRS/TEA Party scandal had been about a Republican Administration targeting liberal groups, would the headline clear down in the lower left-hand corner of the Buffett Journal Star read merely, “Bush swats at swirling controversies” while portraying those “swirling controversies” as just gnats to be swatted at? Just pesky annoyances?

    Of course, we all know the answer. Anyone intellectually honest knows it, anyway.

  47. Lifetime Omahan says:

    My prediction: Suttle 50, Stothert 49

    My hope: Stothert 52 Suttle 48

    Get out and vote and persuade a friend or family member

  48. Anonymostly says:

    Next question: Is anyone in the mainstream media doing their job in reporting about Bengazi? Anyone not about to be fired by CBS News, that is.

  49. Anonymostly says:

    Lifetime Omahan, you better hope you’re wrong. Detroit is the model of what happens when a city is blessed to enjoy Democrat leadership for an extended period of time. Last I checked, that hasn’t worked out so well for Detroit.

  50. Spike says:

    RWP you Horses Ass! Can’t you even remember Cheney/bush who opened the Unauthorized Internal Spying on American citizens can of worms! No wonder American Education is the pits w clowns like U as educators!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Spike, RWP and his ilk only pay attention when their guy/party is out of power. They have an amazing ability to magnify perceived missteps by the opposition by about 1000x. It’s really a personality disorder, but since they have minimal self-awareness and self-analysis, they can never realize this.

  52. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah but if you engage RWP and he’s consistently wrong (as w/ the former Leavenworth St. post wherein he and I were engaged in a debate about property taxes and local schools) he’ll go away… So I do think he has some notion of ‘self.’

    As to govt. snooping: BOTH Democrats and Republicans do it when in power! It’s more the nature of POWER than politicking.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Spike, once you’re back on your meds, feel free to list for us the number of times the Bush administration tapped the MSM phones. It’s hilarious that you are trying to blame the abuse of power by the smartest man ever to be President on Bush. Did the constitutional law professor miss the lecture on “Thou shalt not violate the First Amendment?”

  54. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy, did you ever hear of the Patriot Act? I’m sure the fear-centers in your brain were highly active during the 9/11/Bush?Iraq years, so I’m betting at the time you were all for it. The law that allows the actions involving the AP (phone numbers, not conversations) was strictly followed. So please quit lowering the group IQ on this blog with your idiotic, barely factual, misleading posts.

  55. RWP says:

    Nobody, period, has previously used the provisions of the Patriot Act for a fishing expedition on an entire organization. It shows how completely shallow and unprincipled our chicken-5h17 anonymous liberals — and I mean the mindless talking point repeating twit @ 4:17 — are that they don’t have a problem with this. The ACLU sure as hell does.

    Still, it reminds me of a saying we libertarians had back then; don’t give George Bush any powers you wouldn’t want Hillary to have. Except in this case Hillary turned out to be Nixon Jr. from the Chicago Democrat Machine.

  56. RWP says:

    The thread died, TA. But before that I posted a complete rebuttal of your idiotic views of American government. If you’d like me to post it again, using words of one syllable only, I’ll be happy to oblige.

  57. RWP says:

    hat’s a laughable statement, RWP. Underlings overstepping their authority happens all the time, in both business and government.

    Name another case where career civil servants in an agency launched a partisan investigation without orders from upstairs. If it happens all the time, you should be able to find one instance.

  58. RWP says:

    Spike, I’m sorry, because I know this is going to hurt your drug-addled brain, but the Patriot Act passed a Democrat controlled senate by a 99-1 vote in October 2001, and was renewed by a Democrat-controlled senate and a Democrat president in 2011.

    It has not been established that the DOJ phone record search on Associated Press was actually legal, even under the Patriot Act.

  59. Anonymous says:

    It has not been established that the DOJ phone record search on Associated Press was actually legal, even under the Patriot Act.

    And when did you stop beating your wife, RWP? Same kind of ridiculous logic you are using. Why not wait until all of the facts are out before jumping to conclusions? Isn’t that how scientists are supposed to act?

  60. RWP says:

    “It’s inexcusable, and there’s no way to justify this”

    Harry Reid, on the AP phone record scandal, a few minutes ago.

    Get with the talking points, guys.

  61. RWP says:

    Why not wait until all of the facts are out before jumping to conclusions?

    Because then you’ll claim it’s past history, as Jay Carney tried with Benghazi last week?

    You should check out the #scandaldraft on Twitter. Prominent cons are picking likely Democrat ‘rebuttals’. ‘Old news’ went in the third round; sorry. Try ‘low level career employees’; it was high in the first round.

    Isn’t that how scientists are supposed to act

    You know damn all about science too. Scientists, with a hot result, will bend heaven and earth to get it into print first. Read ‘The Double Helix’.

  62. RWP says:

    By the way, if you look up the roll call on the original Patriot Act (and any of its reenactments) you can find in the ‘nays’ one Congressman Ron Paul.

    I’ll be happy to post pictures of my 2008 and 2012 Ron Paul for President teeshirts. And yeah, despite the fact the Nebraska Democrat party can’t track down how I vote, I voted for Paul in the GOP primary both years.

  63. Anonymous says:

    it’s 7:20pm, in 40 minutes Omaha will definitely be on its way to becoming a “Progressive” City as Mayor Suttle campaigned on.

    City Hall will once again be under Democratic control. We will move forward, equality for all gay and lesbian, bi, and transgender citizens, immigrants will be welcomed, resources will finally be diverted from west omaha to the poor neighborhoods of north Omaha, young people will enjoy the emergence of a more liberal, entertaining section of the city with live music, arts, coffee shops, there will be more bike lanes, a budget that will invest in infrastructure, etc.

    Happy Days are here again – thank you Democrats and Jimmy Green for winning it for Jim Suttle and Omaha!

    Suttle willl win by 3 percentage points.

    Turn out, turn out, turn out, sorry Pete Ricketts, David Nabity, Chip Maxwell – recall this guys!

  64. Fat Lady says:

    Dear Anon @7:24pm

    I’m warming up in the backroom to serenade your Progressive Mayor as he leaves office.

  65. TexasAnnie says:

    RWP thinks the thread (wherein I refuted his ignorance of Nebraska history) “died” because he expected to get the last word. He attempted to change the focus of the debate from “local” government to general statement about American government! And when I challenged him, as usual for him, he resorted to name-calling.

    I see from his feverish posts above that he wants us to buy into his notions about the Patriot Act.

    Guess what, RWP, I too voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries and I even wrote in his name in the general election because I always vote my conscience. Since Paul tried to prevent the Patriot Act and needless wars and runaway spending, I thought a “wasted” vote for him was in my best interest: CONSCIENCE. And speaking of conscience, are you now ready to admit an inclination toward schizophrenic politicking, as I inquired of you in the thread you say “died?”

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