Heineman is out for #NESEN! All heck breaks loose in Nebraska politics!

Heineman QuarterTHE OWH is reporting that Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman will NOT run for Senate in 2014.

This opens the flood  gates.

Count in:

(we’ll give a little more detail for out-of-staters reading)

    • former Senate candidate and part Chicago Cubs owner Pete Ricketts

Ricketts lost the 2006 Senate race to Ben Nelson 36%-64%. Since then he started the Nebraska think tank – “Platte Institute for Economic Research”. In 2009 the Ricketts family (dad Ricketts founded AmeriTrade) bought the Chicago Cubs. Pete is involved, but brother Tom is the  face of the organization. Ricketts was reportedly recently in DC chatting with the NRSC and others.

    • former State Treasurer Shane Osborn

Osborn is definitely in. He originially gained notoriety when he landed a wounded U.S. Navy EP-E3 airplane with a 23 member crew on a Chinese island. (It was a big deal.) In 2006 Osborn won his first foray into politics for the Treasurer’s office. He reduced the office’s budget and improved efficiencies. He did not run for re-election and has since been successful in the investment market.

    • (probably possibly – though we’re hearing it is more likely a “no”) 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry

After serving on the Lincoln City Council, Fortenberry was somewhat of a surprise winner in the GOP primary in 2004, then taking the general (replacing Doug Bereuter). He is on the Ag and Foreign Affairs Committees. He was listed by Foreign Policy magazine in 2010 as a “new Republican powerbroker” on nuclear security issues.

    • (possibly) Midlands Univ Pres Ben Sasse

We profiled newcomer Sasse in February, and you can read that here.

There is always somewhat of a “usual suspects” of Democrat challengers. We suppose Bob Kerrey could always try to “move back” to Nebraska again. Former Lt. Gov. Kim Robak was a serious name thrown around a few years ago for statewide office. State Senator Steve Lathrop is dying to run for something, but we think the open Governor’s seat is more likely. And then there is former Regent Chuck Hassebrook who took his lumps when Kerrey pushed him (figuratively) into an oncoming semi on I-80 when Kerrey decided to run for Senate in 2012.

Of them, we would consider Robak the most viable (others may disagree). We wouldn’t be surprised if Nebraskans dug it to have two female Senators. Though the fact that Robak is a Democrat ain’t gonna help her.

We will be happy to keep a running tab on the rest (though we are mainly interested in “likely” as opposed to “who YOU would like”.

And keep in mind that if Fortenberry is in, that blows things up in Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District.

We’ll keep you updated.


  1. I'm looking forward.... says:

    to finding out the Senate candidate that Interested Observer hates the most.

    In a very unintentional way, he knows how to pick a winner.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mark Fahleson is right, there aren’t any real Nebraska Republicans qualified to run for Senate, why not endorse a Bush flunkie carpetbagger like Ben Sasse.

  3. Husker Harry says:

    Kim Robak, Chuck Hasselbrook, Bob Kerrey, Steve Lapthrop on the Democratic side are names being mentioned

    I would also like to add: former State Senator Tony Fulton on the Republican side

  4. Anon, I don’t know Ben Sasse from Adam, but surely there is more for & against him than being “a Bush flunkie carpetbagger.” Background info please.

    Ricketts, Osborne and Kerrey are, respectively, not interesting, not interesting and not interesting. Who is interesting?

  5. Sasse has an amazing resume for a young person. Being the public face of a college – raising money, selectively delving into tactics, but not getting bogged-down in academic cat-herding – Sasse could walk that path to Olympus and stay there. Or he could plan ahead, spend 20 years cultivating a base, and then ease into the Senate.

    Returning to DC so soon…that’ll take spousal and family buy-in. Me (and we’re all thankful it is not me), I’d get my kids into college. The Senate will wait.

  6. Osborn for Senate! says:

    Osborne would make a great Senator. His military record and Treasurer’s record speak for themselves.

  7. ricky says:

    Like it really matters who will be in the Senate from Nebraska. That body is ineffectual and broken. The Federal system is dysfunctional. And guess what the entire delegation is Republican.
    Nebraska really has some difference makers in Congress! Not.
    Deb Fischer has got to be the dumbest member of the Senate, and I can’t think of anything Mike Johanns has done. Lee Terry thinks touting the Keystone Pipeline is a good thing. (Did anybody notice whenever Terry posts something on Facebook about the pipeline the comments are 20 to 1 against? And Terry still thinks Nebraskans support the pipeline? There is a reason nobody representing Nebraska in DC showed up at the Grand Island hearing on the pipeline. They were afraid to show their faces out in Central Nebraska.)
    I can’t get excited about Congress, but if Nebraska can elect a Democratic Governor that would make up for the Dems losing the Mayors office.

    ricky from omaha

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if Josh Moenning’s wife is going to get another $12 million of Pete’s money to not get him elected or just take care of the home front.

  9. Affirmed says:

    Tony Fulton would be an excellent United States Senator. An Asian-American Conservative….in the mold of Jindal & Rubio. Exactly what the GOP could use. Get the money behind him and send him to DC.

  10. Joe says:

    One that has to been mentioned as a possibly is US Rep Adrian Smith. 3rd distric covers 75 counties in the state. Give him alot of name recongination. Also it likely that a senate seat will not open up for sometime. Not sure if he is interested. I would not think Kim Robak will run she has not run for public office in 20 years. I look to Chuck Hassebrook to make a run, he is owned by the party

  11. Lil Mac says:

    With the political landscape as stated, Pete Ricketts wins. He has the cash, his years as GOP National Committeeman are key, he knows the drill, and Nelson won’t be running. Some voters still think of Osborn as having handed a top secret US spy plane over to the Chinese as a gift. And Fortenberry is localized and Sasse even more so. Ricketts spent $14 million without blinking last time. He beat the tar out of Stenberg and then lost to a huge pile of Nelson money. Ricketts, on the high road, beat Sten easily. But he was down against Nelson and Nelson kept him there. This time, Ricketts has position for both the primary and the general and no one has the wherewithal to overcome that. If he runs, he wins.

    Local Democrats may be more damaged then they’d like to admit. When Kerrey stabbed Hassebrook, that signaled something really bad about a Kerrey who once was their shining light, and it showed a weakness in their local grit. That hurt them like no non-Democrat could. And that contributed to the depth of Kerrey’s crushing defeat, and perhaps even Suttle’s, by comparatively less politically experienced people. Nebraska Democrats will be rebuilding for some time.

  12. To Lil Mac says:

    Don Stenberg did better against Nelson than Ricketts did and with less money. Pete can’t win out west.

  13. Pick "em Ricky says:

    Ricky, whenever you come out against a candidate, they seem to do better. Keep up the good work.

    Nebraskans DO support the pipeline. It doesn’t matter how the comments come out a facebook poll. Stupid things get said on facebook, like you making fun of Team Jack.

  14. Open 1st District Seat? says:

    If Fort gets in the Senate Race then who runs for congress? Fulton,Foley, or some state senator? Too bad Josh Moenning is out of the hunt now. He had a bright future.

  15. Janssen for Senate 2014! says:

    Charlie Janssen should run for Johanns’ seat. There really hasn’t been a solid racist elected to the Senate to replace Strom Thurmond since his death in 2003. Why focus on marginalizing Latinos in Nebraska when you can push for such policies nationwide! Go big or go home Charlie!

  16. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I like Shane Osborn in this race. His fundraising potential is ridiculous, the man’s an American hero, and has demonstrable skill and experience ACTUALLY making government more transparent and more efficient (you know, the things every R promises and often fails to deliver).

    I thought the gov would be in, but that’s done now. Osborn would beat the tar out of Pete in the primary, and as much as I like Sasse’s biggest supporter… sorry bubs but sasse hasn’t earned a thing and def. Won’t win too many votes in a primary.

  17. ricky says:

    Oh please no more from Tony (no relation) Fulton. Nebraska doesn’t need somebody that far to the right in the Senate; we have enough nuts like Ted Cruz and Bill Lee and DeMint and Fischer.
    And you know what irks me is when Tony (NR) Fulton gets a hand up from the Governor by being appointed to a post which he then defends as an incumbent, a huge advantage.
    Same is true for Senator Lastatbar, who was appointed both election commissioner and state senator by whineyman. That’s not fair, but it’s the GOP’s affirmative action.
    And I sort of feel sorry for Pete Ricketts, drifting about with no sense of purpose except find something to do with Daddy’s money. He and Stenberg and Bruning are sad sacks.
    If anybody thinks Nebraskans support the Keystone Pipeline they should take a visit to where the route is planned like I did. It won’t happen because Lee Terry won’t go free the grandmothers who will chain themselves to construction equipment to stop the pipeline, but it won’t get that far because Mr Obama will refuse to authorize the plan.

    ricky from omaha

  18. Some Thoughts says:

    Kerrey needs to learn when to quit. It would be embarrassing for him to return and risk losing again. I don’t think he would try it. The Democrats have no candidate. What about Chris Beutler? He might be their best bet. Sasse has a neat resume but seems very young, and I don’t know how he would play in Western Nebraska compared to someone like Osborn.

  19. Tonic & Tonic says:

    We need all the far right folk we can get in the Senate to combat the leftists who seem to think that the laws constraining the gov’t don’t apply to them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    No Democrat will be elected in Nebraska for the next twenty years. Under its current leadership, that insists on continuing to do what hasn’t worked, and rewarding those that underperform, they’ll guarantee that our state is represented by mediocre Republicans for a long time to come.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Osborn handed over military secrets to the Chinese rather than ditch his plane, which is what any bonafide HERO would have done.

  22. Osborn's my first pick says:

    I would definitely think out of these candidates that Shane Osborn would be the best candidate by far. Ricketts when he ran against Nelson in 2006 lost for a number of reasons, in part from all of his negative campaigning, as well as his inability to win the western part of the state.

  23. @ 1153 says:

    Wow, already starting that one eh? I am sure the torture, interigation from the Chinese was a walk in the park as well. Be a man and use your real name if you are going to start attacking an American hero.

    What branch did your boy Pete serve in?

  24. Gaius Gracchus says:

    @ 1153, Osborne received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Meritorious Service Medal. His 23 member crew received the Air Medal. A funny way to treat “traitors,” eh?

    That said, military service does not necessarily qualify or disqualify a candidate for public office. If past excellence in leadership & management is carried into present success, that’s great, but it doesn’t always happen. Chuck Rangel comes immediately to mind; examples abound in all places, times and political parties.

  25. To 5:57 says:

    Ricketts lost to an incumbent Ben Nelson in a year that Republicans lost everywhere. Stenberg lost to a non-incumbent Nelson in a year that George W. Bush won Nebraska by 29 percent of the vote.

  26. Interested Observer says:

    Will there ever come a time when any of you actually say “I support Candidate X because . . . ” and then actually cite specific reasons for your support, including specific examples from the candidate’s life long record, specific examples of the candidate’s plans to accomplish specific goals and specific quotes from the candidate through the years validating that candidate’s qualifications?

  27. Cooper says:

    Why don’t you lead by example? By the way, who did you support in the 2012 general election and for what specific reasons? Funny how you should maybe think before you type.

  28. Interested Observer says:

    I supported Mitt Romney, Adrian Smith, Al Davis and several local candidates in the 2012 General Election. Why?

    You DO realize that election is now over, don’t you? By the way, I DID cite numerous, specific reasons why I did not support one particular candidate.

    Mornin’ greetings in Deadwood

  29. Cooper says:

    In your previous post, you wanted examples of support. I have never seen where you did this with any candidate. Start fresh with this upcoming election, and tell us all who you support and why.

  30. Interested Observer says:

    I haven’t taken any sides in any of the upcoming elections, unlike many who have already commented in here.

    What exactly is your problem? What is that huge chip on your shoulder? Why are you SO defensive?

  31. Cooper says:

    Not defensive. Just don’t like posters preaching to others, especially when they don’t practice what they preach. Nothing new to you though.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Can you hear the dinner table talk at the Moenning house if Fortenberry and Ricketts both get in the race? Which one can the little Mrs. lose the race for this time with not a clue how to win? Maybe that’s what stalled the car in the middle of the road that fated late night.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is Shane Osborne really going to run for U.S. Senate? His issues with his ex-wife are insurmountable. Can we seriously risk letting him win the Republican nomination, the Democrats know how to exploit this kind of thing.

  34. Lil Mac says:

    GG, you sound like you might have seen the elephant. Some of us have seen quite a bit of it. Shane is a good guy and he has done more than most. But when you run for office, you lay it all out there for review and it gets mulched. As I said, some think handing over a spy plane intact was the wrong thing to do. But most voters are not militarily experienced and to them other things are heavier baggage regarding him. If we are banking on patriotism, that is a factor. Kerrey was elected several times here for a medal he got for a patrol said he’s ashamed of, and he really did leave a pile of dead babies behind. No matter. Nebraska voters liked his medal. They still do. They just hate New Yorkers. So who knows?

    Things can change quickly. But as it is now, I see it as stated. Thanks.

    Burn a weenie, drink a beer. Salute the flag.

  35. The JM H8 Train says:

    You mean the issues where his x wife was proven crazy and he was granted full custody of all of his kids?

    Maybe you should make sure your issues at home are taken care of before you start throwing stones at other folks families. Get started and have a drink on me! (Just don’t drive)

    Ill take a great dad & a War Hero over daddies money any day of the week.

  36. Mark Fahleson says:

    Well, since my name was invoked, what the hey.

    I think Ben Sasse would be an outstanding candidate for Senate, and that’s why I started the Draft Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate facebook page (and soon to be website)(“LIKE” it if you are interested in keeping up with the movement). Ben is a Nebraska kid, raised in Nebraska, graduated from Fremont, and then went on to rack up an outstanding education at Harvard and Yale before moving back in 2009 to save Midland University. He served our country in Homeland Security with Michael Chertoff and was confirmed by the Senate to be Asst. Secretary of HHS. Few in our country possess his knowledge of our federal entitlement programs and the impending disaster known as Obamacare. He’s a social and fiscal conservative with a proven track record of getting things done. I’m excited about his potential candidacy and plan to work my tail off to get him elected if he chooses to run. I’ve been to countless (nonpartisan and partisan) events where Ben has spoken and he consistently gets a standing ovation for his knowledge, passion and ideas for moving our country forward. He’s our Jack Kemp–a man of ideas and overwhelming optimism. My party, our state and nation would be fortunate to have someone of his integrity and intellect in the U.S. Senate. The Democrats know this–that’s why they’ve spent their time since Saturday on Ben, and no other potential candidate. I spoke to yet another prominent Democrat tonight in Lincoln (someone who is frequently listed as one of their potential Senate candidates) who confirmed this. At the end of the day, if Ben runs, he wins. And our nation will be better for it.

  37. Delusional says:

    Mark- Ben Sasse really??? Is he running on the Mort Sullivan ticket??? Shane Osborn or Pete Ricketts would wipe him up. He is a policy wonk that should be shoved in a locker!

  38. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To gin and gin

    Hey dipshit- it wasn’t even memorial day when you posted that comment. Go home, you’re drunk.

  39. Interested Observer says:

    “Go home, you’re drunk.”

    What happened to “This is one of those situations where only those without sin should cast the first stone.” and “We’ve all made mistakes . . . !”

    WOW that took less than 3 days to do a complete 180 turnaround in policy. The primary consistency is, of course, the holier than thou, omniscience with it’s snide, harsh, accompanying beratement.

    The secondary consistency is this inexcusable, reckless, indifferent attitude of just how, exactly, the drunk is supposed to “Go home”. No mention of calling a cab or using a designated driver or any socially safe means of conveyance.

    And now I await my “stern lecture”, consisting of parts A) and 1). Not quite sure why it wasn’t A) and B), but, oh well. Maybe just as one should not drink and drive, so too maybe one should not drink and type.

  40. Interested Observer says:

    Now, onto the next subject. What does anyone think of Bob Dole’s comments on Fox News Sunday? He doesn’t seem to approve very much of the attitude of some our our “new” Republicans in Congress.

    Wallace said “You were on the Greenspan Commission in the ’80s. And you made a deal. You said nobody got everything, everyone gave something.”, Dole replied “That’s the way it has to work.”.

    Doesn’t it seem like somebody else was talking about compromise in here last summer and got shouted down?

  41. Tonic & Tonic says:

    IO- “Go home, you’re drunk” is a figure of speech. People under 40 use it to suggest that someone is out of control. If you weren’t completely out of touch with the outside world, you would know that.

    We all know you’re a dem… how old of a dem are you? Were you there to fight school integration with your KKK buddies or are you such a dinosaur that you were fighting against the Union Army?
    Go home, you’re drunk.

  42. Political Wife says:

    ricky: “There is a reason nobody representing Nebraska in DC showed up at the Grand Island hearing on the pipeline. They were afraid to show their faces out in Central Nebraska.”

    Umm, ricky… so the House and Senate have this thing called being in session. That’s when our elected officials are in DC, working, voting, shaping legislation. Not flying back to attend “hearings” on a necessary upgrade to our infrastructure.

  43. Gaius Gracchus says:

    To LM at 7:10, don’t give me too much credit. I have been a total d*****t on this blog and others, using my real name and not. That guy is always around. Fortunately, I started reading about the Gracchii and sobered up.

  44. RWP says:

    What does anyone think of Bob Dole’s comments on Fox News Sunday?

    He sounded very old, a little decrepit, and at least 20 years out-of-touch. Bob Dole’s time had come and gone even before he ran for president. There’s a word of Bob-Dole-style republican. The word is ‘Democrat’.

    That’s a measure of how much the center of gravity has shifted the last 20 years.

  45. Interested Observer says:

    So, let’s see here, Bob Dole has been an honored, respected, conservative American Republican for 70 years and now some new, transient, upstart, part time Irish Republican insults Bob Dole? WOW What an incredible conceit!

    I’m gonna have to get an Irish-American dictionary to see how in the world the definition of Bob Dole is translated to ‘Democrat’. That’s too much of a stretch for even OCD. Especially on Memorial Day. Just exactly how disrespectfully insulting of somebody who has given as much to the USA and freedom as Bob Dole has, can you get? This is just ridiculous and inexcusable.

    I was thinking about some of you new “conservatives” today when I was out at Mount Hope Cemetery visiting the graves of so many brave veterans.

  46. ricky says:

    Okay so Ben Sasse knows a bunch about the impending disaster Obamacare and the entitlement programs. What a loser; Obamacare is here to stay and if anybody thinks thinks this guy can add anything to a impartial debate on social security medicade and medicare and the military entitlements raise their hand. I didn’t think so. Nebraska needs Sasse in the Senate like we need a hole in the head.
    PS None of the Nebraska federal delegation will go anywhere near Fullerton or Central City to tout the Keystone Pipeline. Terry should get one of the lobbyists or one of his campaign donors to go out there an convince the farmers and ranchers the pipeline is a good thing.
    Ha that will never happen. The Keystone Pipeline is dead and Nebraska killed it.

  47. Anonymous says:

    RWP yeah Bob Dole was from back a generation ago, back when Republicans were actually winning Presidential races. Democrats have won 5 out of 6 of the last Presidential elections, with the outlook even brighter for the future considering the demographic shifts. Face it, the Republican party has a choice between changing or becoming extinct.

  48. To Anonymous Above says:

    Yup, Bob Dole was so good he won the 96 presidential race. And your math is fuzzy Dems have won 4 of the last 6 presidential elections and I would argue Clinton would not have won but for the republicans winning the house on 94 and enacting welfare reform and budget cutting which Clinton supported.

  49. Lil Mac says:

    There’s no reason for incivility. Every candidate seeks to hold rude power yet only one can win. And so we come here to analyze and predict electoral outcomes. No one here is easily persuadable and certainly not by jabs. And voters don’t care who we dislike or like. Since I am a combat veteran, you can take a wild guess whether I like a fellow combat veteran or a baseball club owner. But that has nothing to do how voters will vote. Voters don’t think in predictable patterns and they don’t have a tenth of the political astuteness of any blogger. Everyone here has looked at some newly elected incumbent and wondered, “what the hell were the voters thinking!” That is why we are here, to try to fathom and predict the average voters’ foggy mind. That’s hard. Flinging poo here is easy.

    I laid out an early prediction based on facts hashed openly in previous races. Ricketts’ money, Stenberg’s losses, Osborne’s family problems and his acft incident, etc. are all public. It all pertains. Back when Naval Aviation News first asked Shane about people criticizing him for not preventing his equipment from falling into Chinese hands, he said “people are entitled to their opinion”. That is exactly what voting is, peoples’ opinion. All this history and baggage for all these guys forms partly the basis for an electoral outcome. I mean, did Kerrey’s medal help Kerrey win in Nebraska? Yes it did years ago, but not lately. We are here to plumb the depths of the voters mind and predict. Its that else come here to swap spit and piss at each other. And that seems a waste.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Caring about why Heineman isn’t running is like buying a ticket to an auto race and then wondering why a car in the parking lot has its engine off.

    It makes more sense to ask if Bob Kerrey is going to run. He just ran for that same job here. And he hasn’t said he’s not running again. Kerrey wants it bad. He backstabbed Hassebrook and the entire Nebraska Democratic Party for it. He’s your guy Progressive. Why wouldn’t Kerrey run again?

  51. Interested Observer says:

    I’m a life long registered voter and resident in NEBRASKA.

    I don’t make jelly.

    I don’t guide bus tours.

    I don’t live in a chalk cave.

    I’ve never moved anywhere to hide from any creditors.

    I have mentioned previously that I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.

    But thanks for playing.

  52. RWP says:

    some new, transient, upstart, part time Irish Republican insults Bob Dole?

    Not new, not transient, certainly not upstart, and I’m willing to post proof of my US citizenship online, just as soon as you do, amiga.

    Just exactly how disrespectfully insulting of somebody who has given as much to the USA and freedom as Bob Dole has, can you get?

    Bob Dole served his country in the military, and in the Senate. I honor his service. That does not give him a free pass to tear down his own party, something he was trying to do on Sunday.

    Bob Kerrey, whom you supported over the nominee of the Republican Party last year, and John Kerry also served in the military. That does not make their politics less execrable.

    Conservative republican rancher my royal American ass.

  53. RWP says:

    Democrats have won 5 out of 6 of the last Presidential elections, with the outlook even brighter for the future considering the demographic shifts.

    Someone’s having difficulty counting.

  54. Slick Rick says:

    Ricky, you’re turning into a typical whiny liberal. You don’t get your way, so you come out swinging at anyone who opposes you. Jean Stothert won the Omaha mayoral race. A Republican will win the U.S. Senate seat in 2014, a Republican will win the Governor’s office in 2014, and the Keystone XL pipeline will get built. Deal with it.

  55. “Will there ever come a time when any of you actually say “I support Candidate X because . . . ” and then actually cite specific reasons for your support…”

    “You DO realize that election is now over, don’t you?”

    “What exactly is your problem? What is that huge chip on your shoulder? Why are you SO defensive?”

    These words actually came from IO…and apparently she does not see any irony whatsoever.

    IO, you don’t post in a vacuum…and I’ve seen your ongoing attacks against Sen. Fischer occurring in the Journal-Star comment section in the months since she trounced your boy Bob Kerrey. Yeah, the election is over…stop whining. Or at least tell us what specific reasons you had for supporting Bob Kerrey…lest ye be labeled a whiny hypocrite. Oops…too late.

    BTW, nice attempted a subject change once someone else confronted you regarding your blatant hypocrisy.

  56. ricky says:

    It would not surprise me if a Republican did win the Senate seat in 2014. There are a lot of clueless conservatives in the third district. But like I said who cares congress is broken and it won’t make any difference who Nebraska sends to the U S Senate.
    It would make a difference if a Dem won the governor’s race, and I think they have a decent shot at that, given how bad the Repubs candidates look, with Senator from the Stone Age Charlie Janssen the front runner. (I wish Mr Street Sweeper would run that picture again of Janssen announcing his campaign for Gov; with the flags and the octogenarians with funny hats on. That makes me laugh every time).
    But what is funny to me is that some pundits (like Don Walton) still think Governor Whineyman still has some clout and that is why he forgoes a shot at the Senate; so he can eliminate the states income tax. Ha what a joke it went down in flames this year and next year will be no different. Heineman probably has some rich guy giving him a job and that is why he is finally leaving office, at long last.
    Also I read that Lee Terry thinks he can still talk Whineyman into running for Senate. Ha Terry can’t get anything passed he has no influence. But I wish Terry would run for Senate; then he would get out of my district; of course Omaha does not like Terry at all. We voted him out, but Sarpy County saves him every time (and while I am at it why doesn’t Sarpy change the name of their baseball team? They are not OMAHA out there; we are going to defeat the Sarpy Royals with our own team downtown).
    ricky from omaha

  57. Brody Daring says:

    The people on the Shane Osborn Spousal Abuse bandwagon had better hop off before it veers off a steep cliff. It is now widely known that his wife was mentally disturbed to a significant degree. At every turn during his divorce, Osborn took the high road. He now has sole custody of HER son and their daughters. No self-respecting journalist will write a story about that episode that does not include his full vindication from the allegations that arose.

  58. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Are you off your meds again? That rant was just ridiculous.
    Why don’t you and insane Jane go for a long hike together?

  59. Slick Rick says:

    “There are a lot of clueless conservatives in the third district.”

    Do you even know anyone from the Third District, ricky? Just because they’re not a lifelong union thug like you, that makes them clueless?

    You should’ve stayed in California when you were out there vacationing. Then, while that state’s economy collapses around you, you can crow (remember recently eating crow?) all about your socialist values.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Slick, pick up a newspaper and learn something. California is booming right now. All it took was two things: electing a smart Democratic governor (as opposed to the caricature that Schwarzenegger was) and electing a super-majority of Democrats in the Legislature, preventing Republicans from playing games and blocking legislation necessary to fix the state. California will be running a surplus next fiscal year.

  61. Slick Rick says:

    I have picked up quite a few newspapers and read them (actually, I tried this new thing called “the internet” and read them “online”), and California’s economy is banking on Obamacare’s implementation and the impending amnesty program. Their economy is being held together by duct tape and presented through smoke and mirrors.

    A smart Democratic governor? Governor Moonbeam? I don’t think so.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Typical ideologue. Facts just aren’t real because they don’t conform to your worldview. Using the Google will easy backup my post (but may cause your brain to explode).

  63. Slick Rick says:

    I just said I read the articles online, even looked them up on Google first. I would post links on here but Street Sweeper doesn’t allow it.

  64. Mammoth Lakes and Stockton -- California says:

    We are doing great too!!! Wait… Huh … Your kidding??? Son of a B&$@)

  65. Anonymous says:

    So Shane Osborn is hanging his election on the “self-respect” of saintly journalists who won’t mention “the allegations that arose” from his messy relationship? Why wouldn’t they mention it? Osborn’s wife was his choice and his divorce was his to manage smoothly.

    If a man cannot manage his own adversarial ex-wife, how can he be expected to manage adversarial Senate peers?

  66. Anonymous says:

    How about Bob “The Flipper” Krist for Senate? He knows everything about everything, just ask him, and set back while he dazzles you with his brilliance. Of course a run for Senate might be out as he has been heard to say he will run for Congress, or maybe even for Governor. Nuff Said.

  67. RWP says:

    OK, IO aside, it’s hard to conclude McGrain and Fahleson haven’t let the Legislature get seriously out of control this year. Spending on bleeding heart programs has been essentially unchecked. They decided we couldn’t afford a tax cut, and then proceeded to spend the massive surplus on anything they could think of. You’ll be lucky if you fight off Medicaid expansion.

    I mean, what does it take to be elected a ranking Republican in the state hierarchy? Because y’all seriously suck. Complete fail.

    I was faculty advisor to UNL College Republicans for 10 years. I quit when they used end-of-year funds for a massive booze up. This is the mentality we’re dealing with in the NEGOP.

  68. @California Dreaming says:

    No, because “Anonymous” is just interested in calling you a “typical ideologue” making a “typical right-wing response”. Nothing to back up what he/she says mind you, but able to trade name calling with the best of them.

  69. California Dreaming says:

    other California cities on brink of going under
    Atwater, Azusa, compton, Fresno, Hercules, Monrovia, Oakland, San Jose, Vernon

    Still waiting to hear about Republican cities going under…

  70. Jordan McGrain says:


    I’m a RWP fan, but his post is uninformed at best. The majority of the Gang of 17 conservatives in the Legislature – fighting Medicaid expansion, voting for property tax relief, etc. – are senators I worked directly to recruit and elect, either as consultant or as ED of the Party. I help conservatives, period.

    If you have a problem with the way the NEGOP has handled this legislative session, you should take it up with the new leadership. Fahleson and I left the Party in March.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Ever hear of Jefferson County, Alabama? Very red state last I heard. In any case, you’re employing a typical right-wing obfuscation. We’re taking about a state, then you bring up cities. I don’t have the time to look it up, but I’ll bet most of those cities are governed by a Republican majority as California is very Republican outside of its major cities. Also found this in my googling:

    In Omaha, Neb., nine Sanitary and Improvement Districts filed for bankruptcy in recent years

    Those SIDs are in Republican areas of town.

  72. Anon @ 10:02 am, I was curious about Jefferson County too. I searched for, and found, the dramatis personae. Former county commissioner Larry Langford has a Wikipedia article and is described thusly:

    – In 2007, Langford was investigated by the SEC on corruption charges. In 2008, a lawsuit was filed against him for illegally accepting $156,000 in cash and benefits.

    – On December 1, 2008, Langford, along with investment banker William B. Blount and former state Democratic Chairman Al LaPierre, was arrested by the FBI on a 101-count indictment alleging conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering, and filing false tax returns in connection with a long-running bribery scheme.[4] His public corruption trial ended on October 28, 2009 with convictions on 60 counts, and resulted in his automatic removal from office.[5]

    – On March 5, 2010, Langford was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a federal judge in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was also fined more than $119,000.[6]

    Such charges are not unique to Democrats, Republicans or anyone else. But Jefferson County is not the example you’re looking for.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Why does Vince Powers keep quoting himself in his Facebook posts? It looks ridiculous — like a Seinfeld episode. “Vince Powers says……” LOL.

  74. Cook County (Chicago) says:

    We are run by Democrats and we and financially good. Wait what… We are on the brink of insolvency??? Son of a B&@$)!!

  75. @California Dreaming says:

    “In Omaha, Neb., nine Sanitary and Improvement Districts filed for bankruptcy in recent years Those SIDs are in Republican areas of town.”

    Yes, but that was a Democrat mayor. You can’t pick and choose whether you want to use “areas of town”, towns, or states. But of course, I’m just engaging in more typical right-wing obfuscation, right?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Keep posting, @California, and regal us with your ignorance. SIDs are outside of city limits (which is why they exist).

  77. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Are you guys arguing about city governments, state gov’ts, or SID leadership? Let’s get a few things straight…

    States: Find me a state run by Republicans that is on the brink of fiscal insolvency. They don’t exist. Why? Because Republicans don’t get emotional, our heart strings and purse strings are not connected.

    Cities: The cities that are worst off are democrat controlled, but a well run city and a city run by dems are not mutually exclusive.

    SID’s: Of course 9 SID’s file for bankruptcy. Have you MET the people that run SID’s? By and by they’re inexperienced and unqualified to operate a lawnmower. “Republican” and “good at governing” are not collectively exhaustive. Have you been to a county party meeting lately? Those are the types of people who run SID’s.

  78. Moving Right Along says:

    Moving right along then, there is a news story that tells about how Chuck Hagel’s son Ziller just beat a marijuana possession charge.

    And, can you believe it, his appearance in court was delayed at least 3 or 4 times to get Chuckie Boy past the Secretary of Defense nomination hearings.

    Isn’t great how our politics and government works!!!! Corrupt to the bone, through and through.

  79. Anonymostly says:

    There’s probably more to the story about why SIDs in NE filed for banktruptcy. The reason these California towns are failing is because of liberal excesses that they can’t pay for. I recall reading an article about how much one of those bergs was paying their mayor and how financial mismanagement had driven them into debt from which they couldn’t resurrect themselves. They have a deal with police and fire unions that help democrats in these places get elected and the political payoff is that they turn around and award the police and fire unions with generous contracts that the people can’t afford.

    But it isn’t confined to just California. A great example of the difference between liberals and conservatives is illustrated by the renovation of Antelope Park’s playground area in Lincoln. This was a project that, somehow, the Student Council at Lincoln Southeast High got ahold of, perhaps through efforts of their faculty advisor. Anyway, they were going to show what sharp and motivated students they were by putting this thing together.

    They had a budget. They found a vendor for playground equipment. The arranged for contractors to perform the necessary work. And the thing was built. And they were all quite proud of themselves. Articles in the local paper lauded their efforts. This playground was a monument to political correctness. It was accessible to those with disabilities. It probably used renewable resources. No animals were tortured in putting it together. Gosh, aren’t those students wonderful? Oh yeah.

    Except they overan their budget by about double, created a playground area that was simply too large for a parent to keep an eye on more than one child at a time, and they left the contractors and suppliers holding the bag for the cost overruns to the tune of at least a couple hundred thousand dollars. Which was a perfect education for future liberal government employees. Spend what you don’t have. Wanting it is justification enough. Worry about the financials later. That’ll be someone else’s project to figure out.

    And the parents of the Southeast High School Student Council were proud.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, not saying your story is false or incomplete, but I’ve lived in Lincoln for over 30 years, and I can’t recall this story. When did it happen? More details, please.

    (Okay, I did find a reference back in 2000. I’ve seen the park, and find your concern about it being “too large” ludicrous. Can’t find any info on the cost overruns, stiffing the contractors, that you mention.)

  81. @Anonymous says:

    Why is it that everyone who disagrees with you is ignorant, saying ludicrous things, making a typical idiotic right-wing response, or involved in right-wing obfuscation? You’re a liberal, we get it. Show some facts to back up what you believe instead of name calling.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Moving: They saddled their son with the name, Ziller. Can you imagine the harrassment he has taken at school?

  83. I'm a Rapper! says:

    A 20-year-old Virginia resident had possession of marijuana charges dismissed Wednesday morning following a brief appearance in a Fairfax County courtroom.

    Charles Ziller Hagel, a.k.a. “Zilla Thrilla,” the son of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, appeared before Fairfax County Judge Thomas E. Gallahue during a brief criminal court appearance relating to the drug charge.

  84. Anonymous says:

    @@Anonymous: If you take your blinders off, you will see the facts staring you in the face. Google’s a fabulous resource. Use it! (since SS doesn’t like links)

  85. unknonymous says:

    Going after Chuck Hagel for what his son does, is a much bigger reflection on your status as a low life than Hagel’s status as either a father or politician. Can we assume you refused to vote for either of our present U.S. Senators for the problems of their sons that made the news? You’re out of line. You’re hypocrites. Just get over it.

  86. TexasAnnie says:

    Perhaps Ziller is a family name. Aristocrats and others often utilize this conceit to honor ancestry.

    And I agree, unknonymous. I don’t believe Hagel failed as a parent simply IF his son uses marijuana.
    We all should be judging Hagel, now, as Secretary of Defense. When he was U.S. Senator from Nebraska I did not respect him because he did not stand by the ADA and IDEA federal laws. I know. I asked him about it. But I won’t judge him as Secretary of Defense based on that experience…

    Note to RWP: It’s a matter of ETHICS, ‘ya know!

  87. Anonymostly says:

    Anon at 2:02, you lived in Lincoln for 30 years and never heard about this? Do you get all your news from MSNBC? Granted, I was probably paying more attention because I have a friend whose child was on that student council at Southeast at the time and I knew the faculty advisor who is now the principal there. But, in order to have not heard about this, you would have had to have been living in a hole.

    And to suggest that you are familiar with that park and to then describe my concerns about it being too large as “ludicrous” — well, I laugh at you. It’s too big. Much bigger than it needed to be and too big for any single adult to supervise more than one child there if the park is busy. You can’t see from one end to the other. Not if there are kids there running around. You obviously have no kids or you haven’t been at that park when it’s been busy.

    I love it when childless liberals try to tell parents their job is easy.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I love it when childless liberals try to tell parents their job is easy.

    I love it when know-it-all conservatives make wrong snap judgements on no information.

    I got into this thread when someone erroneously assumed that California is going down the tubes. When I corrected him/her, others posted snide remarks trying to prove Democrats can’t govern. The facts are that both parties have failed at times, but overall Republicans on the federal level have been the irresponsible ones since Reagan times. Giving out tax cuts far exceeding revenue is far worse and far greater magnitude than a playground project that you have issues with (and I subscribed to the Journal Star for decades; obviously this story which is so big to you never registered enough with me to retain in my memory.) Who are these companies that were screwed?

  89. Some Thoughts says:

    When the position you’re eagerly defending is that a park’s playground area is “too large”, something has gone haywire. Also, I’ve been to that park, and you must be spending some quality time with Ziller Hagel.

  90. Some Thoughts says:

    Shane Osborn served our nation honorably and as far as I can tell did a respectable stint as the State Treasurer. Are we so far degraded as a culture that we’re going to smear a decent man like this with baseless allegations? If his opponents bring it up, a very simple answer can be given: why does he have full custody of all the kids if any of the smears had a shred of truth behind them? It’s very rare for the father to win full custody. Call me crazy for wanting leaders who actually know how to do the math and lead a group of people!

    Sasse is ok, but he still seems too young and his job in academia did not help the purely white-collar, elitist image. I think he’s beatable by a more centrist opponent who can appeal better to Nebraskans.

    Stenberg is forever branded as a political loser, and he played dirty last time which wasn’t very attractive. What does Ricketts even want? He’s Daddy’s money, that’s it. The last election was his to win and he lost because he’s just not a very appealing guy. It does help for a politician to be likeable. He doesn’t have it.

  91. Anonymostly says:

    Moronymous at 7:22 yesterday said:

    I love it when childless liberals try to tell parents their job is easy.

    I love it when know-it-all conservatives make wrong snap judgements on no information.

    I got into this thread when someone erroneously assumed that California is going down the tubes. When I corrected him/her, others posted snide remarks trying to prove Democrats can’t govern. The facts are that both parties have failed at times, but overall Republicans on the federal level have been the irresponsible ones since Reagan times. Giving out tax cuts far exceeding revenue is far worse and far greater magnitude than a playground project that you have issues with (and I subscribed to the Journal Star for decades; obviously this story which is so big to you never registered enough with me to retain in my memory.) Who are these companies that were screwed?

    Did I say it was a big story? No, I said it was illustrative. And it is. Just because you don’t remember it doesn’t mean … much of anything. Except that you don’t remember it. If you want the details on it, go do your own research. Or maybe you can find a government program to do it for you.

  92. Anonymous says:

    The event was so minor that I can’t find any corroboration of your story. And since you refuse to provide any details, it’s just a “story” as far as I am concerned, and probably an exaggerated one at that.

  93. PO,
    None of your comments have been moderated by me.
    If you inserted a URL in your comment, it would automatically not post.
    Feel free to resubmit.
    (Assuming you’re willing to submit…THE TRUTH!)

  94. PO,
    You did have a comment on 5/28 that was deleted.
    You also had comment on LSt on 5/30 after that.
    So if you’re going to whine about your jackass comments being scratched, please do so in a timely manner.

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