BREAKING: Mike Flood WILL run for #NEGOV in 2014

We have word that former Speaker Mike Flood has told associates that he WILL run for the Republican Nomination for Nebraska Governor in 2014.

Flood dropped out of the race a few months back after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. However, Mandi Flood’s condition has improved dramatically — described as a “rainbow shining upon them” — and Flood plans on renewing his campaign soon.

Updates when we have them.


  1. Sarpy County Voter says:

    Mike Flood brought us the Learning Community. He is dead here in Sarpy and in Elkhorn, Millard, Valley and Bennington in Douglas County. Ask Tom Osborn about these areas. Add his stance on illegal immigration and his love of spending and he will never make it out of the Republican primary.

  2. ricky says:

    Also while Speaker Flood brought Nebraska the “fetal heartbeat” law; a crackpot decision interfering with a woman’s right to choose her own health care.
    Nobody would tell a woman how to treat her cancer scares would they?


  3. To To anonymous at 1:25 says:

    Ask Pete Ricketts about the “Moenning Factor”, too! Or any Norfolk bar owner.
    By the way, Flood is a total RINO. Heineman has talked publicly about Flood’s love for taxpayer paid illegal immigrant benefits. I can’t wait until that audio goes viral.

  4. Anonymous says:

    #8: not to mention Senator Ricketts, State Treasurer Fulton and last, but not least, President Huckabeen

  5. Obsession says:

    It seems like someone on this blog has nothing better to do than run a crusade against a private citizen. Rather than developing an obsession with someone else, maybe consider looking at your own life and do something to make it better. Tearing down other people won’t make you happy, and it is really toxic. It is sad that you are so miserable – change that and refocus your infatuation into positivity in your own life.

  6. a friendly face says:

    Anonymous posters have been using Leavenworth Street with increasing frequency as a forum to attack–among others–the Moenning family. While the politics of personal destruction may provide some modicum of self-satisfaction or gratification to those who engage in it, it serves only to further engrain cynicism in spectators of the political process when personal vendettas seek such a public forum. I hope Street Sweeper will keep these trolls off his servers. It would freshen up Leavenworth Street’s image, and keep the 411 focused on what matters instead of the politics of politics.

    Carry on.

  7. Immigration Expert says:

    It was Mike Flood who rammed through the legislature when he was speaker the bill that allows the State of Nebraska to take money from hard-working, legal, and taxpaying citizens of Nebraska and give it to illegals so they can have free health care. Many of those same hard-working legal citizens have trouble coming up with enough money to afford their own insurance and health care, but now have to pay for illegals health care. Thanks to Mike Flood,. If Mike Flood becomes Governor, watch out for him to immediately grant driver’s licenses to illegals.

    Mike Flood will become the Obama of Nebraska!

  8. World's Smallest Violin says:

    If you make money off of politics, you better expect to have some criticism directed towards you, pretty much all the time. If you don’t like it, get out. But for now, quitchyerbitchin’. Nobody’s keeping you in. I’d say good riddance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    All that sympathy for Flood evaporated the instant he’s back in a position to hurt voters and the state.

  10. More Questions says:

    Don’t forget the time Mike Flood took to the floor of the Legislature to condemn and ridicule the NEGOP for a hit piece against…Steve Lathrop! On Immigration, no less!

    I like Mike, just don’t know how conservative he is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If some people want to send their own genetic material into oblivion by pureeing their own living belly spawn, we should incentivize that for sake of keeping the pool clean. Give them perks. Three abortions and you take home a nice toaster oven. The alternative is we “save” all these kids to be raised by tye dyed transvestite socialist pornographers and you know how that turned out.

  12. JP says:

    Mike Flood is not running. Rumors started spreading when he attended the Cattlemen’s Ball. I’d love if he ran though.

  13. rumor has it says:

    The rumors have been floating around the statehouse for a little while that Mrs. Flood is getting better, that the Omaha business community has been talking to Flood and that he is considering getting back in. So, there you have it kids.

  14. Stay Classy Jeremy Jensen says:

    You sure had a lot of time today to trash the Floods and Moennings. Candle sales must be slow.

  15. the real super duper insider says:

    The knee jerk reactions sure have been interesting! I’m interested to see what he does, but for now the RINO seems to be asleep.

  16. To Flood says:

    “Imagine our surprise on the way home when bloggers announced that we announced a return to the race for Governor.” Post what you want Mike on your facebook. You were telling people at the ball last night you were running.

  17. reality chech says:

    You all are just mean spirited. Respect the person who tries to find the middle ground. To you extremists who stay in your corners and throw mud. You are why nothing gets done. Do us all a favor and disappear. Better yet jump in the race so you get a taste of your own medicine.

  18. reality for real says:

    28, you say we all are mean spirited. Yet all candidates, including your favorite political egotists, seek power to force us and our children to obey them and the policies that they personally choose to enforce over us. It is neither kind nor nice to seek power. Wanting the power to force your neighbors to behave according to what you think is evil. Our Constitution exists to counter that. Yet you want us to be happy and hopeful picking these our temporary tyrants. And then you blame us that “nothing gets done”. That’s your measure of good government? You’d have loved Mussolini. He made the trains run on time.

    Your medicine is tyranny for all of us. I’d tell you to disappear but it is fools like you who tend to disappear first into the gulags they coopt into existence.

  19. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Yes I’m sure flood would make sure plenty “gets done”. He’ll make sure Nebraska is a great place to live as an illegal alien!

  20. ricky says:

    Don Walton has written last night that Mr Flood has not gotten into the Gov’s race.
    Wow Mr Street Sweeper has a lot of readers who do not like immigrants.
    That is pretty sad this sentiment still exists in Nebraska.

  21. ricky,
    Walton’s article said no such thing.
    Here is what Walton wrote:

    Mike Flood’s appearance over the weekend at the Cattlemen’s Ball near Sutherland with his wife, Mandi, did not signal a change in his decision to withdraw as a Republican gubernatorial candidate. Flood withdrew when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer; supporters hope Flood will be able to return to the race after successful treatment of the cancer.

    Leavenworth Street stands by what we wrote.

    p.s. ricky, I would also suggest that several of the posters here do not like their taxes going to ILLEGAL immigrants. Sorry to rock your world with that concept.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    They aren’t going to be illegal for long. Probably by the end of the summer, just after the August recess and the conclusion of what could be very uncomfortable town halls.

  23. Ricky Fulton (@rickylee41) says:

    Looks like Mr flood still is up in the air on the governors race. After a year it seems flood is not such a sure thing. The rightys don’t think he is conservative enough apparently. But the right in Nebraska have not figured out what is killing the party nationally and which they trying to fix, the fact that they lose 90 per cent of the Hispanic vote because of their obsession with people of a different skin color. I wish Nebraska was not such a backwards state in this regard.

  24. Slick Rick says:

    “Their obsession with people of a different skin color” is kind of like your obsession with anything conservative, Rick. I wish you weren’t so backwards in this regard.

  25. C'mon Man says:

    Flood has probably had a hundred conversations with capitol people in recent weeks about a return to the race. His denials here are weak. If the story is bogus and you’re not running, say you’re not running. All this “that’s not my focus” or “nothing’s changed” or especially “we’ve made no announcement” is pretty transparent.

    Sweeper has it right. He’s running.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ricky says, “a lot of readers who do not like immigrants.”

    Wrong. I wasn’t born in the US. I immigrated and the only way to do that is legally. Everythign else is breaking and entering. It took me years and a lot of hard work to become a citizen. But you want to make this about racism or something. so mister ricky, do you let people sneak into your house and stay there?

  27. Anonymous says:

    I agree with #12 and #13 yesterday who took on the roll of Dr. Phil in signaling their outcry to play nice. Unfortunately, when you play hardball you may reap the rewards of getting it hit hard right back at you. Funny how that works.

  28. Irony says:

    Isn’t a bit ironic that an avowed atheist is using as his latest moniker the name of a conservative Lutheran theologian?

  29. Louis W. Pofahl says:

    Louis W. Pofahl, Norfolk, Nebraska

    I know Josh and Jessica Moenning, Mike Flood and Dr. Ben Sasse and I’ve been reading this blog for years never sending in a comment. But I’m getting a little sick and tired of all the gutless little anonymous juveniles with their spineless personal attacks. It’s really easy if you’re a 20 or 30 something and think you’re some political genius to write spineless little comments if you don’t have to sign your real name. I’m pretty sure all four of those people are more than able to defend their political careers to real men and women.

    Today, why would anyone want to put themselves out there and have their families read the crap that some anonymous kid can type on a blog just so the little puke can make him or herself feel good?

    I’ve been around this old world 60 years and in the political game for about 25 years so if you want to take some shot at me then I expect you to use your real name and bring it on. It you don’t want to use your real name then go back down to your mommy and daddy’s basement, turn on MTV and wait for your buddies to come over but keep it to yourself.

    If you want to blather on about some issue then use your juvenile little name but if you want to personally attack anyone you need to man up and use your real name. If you use your real name then I can snoop around and find out all of the really stupid crap you’ve said or done and I’ll make sure everyone knows. I’ll use my real name when I do that.

    And for the really dumb kids, Numbers Man and World’s Smallest Violin isn’t a real name

  30. RWP says:

    Martin Niemöller started as a rather rabid anti-Semite. Once he’d sassed the Nazis a little too hard, he ended up in a concentration camp with the people he formerly hated. After the war, he embraced popular leftist causes and became virulently anti-American.

    I’m not sure how that all figures into ‘conservative Lutheran’. I suppose if IO is a ‘conservative rancher…’ though, it makes a certain amount of sense.

    BTW, what’s an ‘avowed atheist’?

  31. Reality Voter says:

    “I know Josh and Jessica Moenning, Mike Flood and Dr. Ben Sasse” THE DREAM TEAM!!!!! Keep on Dreaming!

  32. Anonymous says:

    17 million German voters liked Adolph Hitler’s promise of safety and voted for it. His closest competitor got 7 and a half million votes. He spied on political competitors inside his country, called his countrymen who disagreed with him “enemies” who needed to be “punished” by him and his party. And he used his power to punish all who disagreed with him. Germans loved being spyed on.

    America, the new 5th Reich. Our own Adolph can’t do without you. Thanks for playing.

  33. TexasAnnie says:

    An “avowed atheist” is one who openly acknowledges disbelief in a Supreme Being.”

    What I don’t “get” is why RWP is using his new moniker???

  34. RWP says:

    As opposed to all those people who think there’s no supreme being, but keep that thought a secret?

    Of course you don’t get it.

  35. A Pro Mike Flood Post says:

    Technically, Flood and the majority of the legislature didn’t vote to give money to illegal immigrants. They took the pro-life stance (which matches with the majority of Nebraskan voters by the way), and stated that no baby should be condemned to a lesser quality of life because of circumstances beyond their control. The money technically goes to support a citizen, not an illegal immigrant anyway, (as the babies once born are American citizens). At no time will they take a breath as an illegal immigrant. As Flood pointed out, any adverse health condition caused by lack of proper pre-natal care would have to be paid for by the taxpayers anyway. Flood and the legislature’s stance is not only morally right, but makes good fiscal sense in the long run as well.

    The other vote that Flood and the legislature are taking heat over on this blog is the 2% option. While I don’t support his stance, I certainly see where he is coming from. It must be approved by the voters. Flood comes from rural Nebraska and believes that if the people see the value in a project (infrastructure such as better roads linking them to the big cities, etc), that they should have the option/choice to fund that project themselves…but once again…ONLY if the voters see the value and vote for such. (It is certainly more dangerous in Omaha and Lincoln where “progressive” thinking run rampant). As I said, I opposed the bill; however, I understand where our senators from rural areas are coming from. Rural Nebraska is often overlooked for Omaha and Lincoln. If you listen to Mike on that vote, he makes sense. And it certainly endears him to rural Nebraska where he is extremely popular.

    Make no mistake, while Flood’s pro-life stance and vote on the 2% tax option hand him the 3rd district, his pro-life stance will hand him much of the votes in the 1st and 2nd as well. Throw in the way he handled his wife’s cancer (it is clear he is a good family man), and his leadership, charisma, and popularity and you have one tough to beat candidate. The guy was willing to stick his neck out and stand up to the Governor on issues he felt strongly about. Many respect that kind of leadership even if they don’t agree with him on the issues.

    I don’t think Flood has it in the bag. Charlie Janssen would make an outstanding Governor. He has a ton of support and momentum already and certainly aligns well with Nebraska values, but counting Flood out would be a huge mistake. I still think he’s the front-runner once he jumps back in. And the smears and derogatory remarks about him on this blog are truly pathetic. It takes a narrow-minded person to stoop to that level. I wish Mandi the best and have my fingers crossed that Mike does jump back in. I know a lot of Nebraskans and Republican Party Leaders that feel the same. It will make for a great and competitive primary…which is great for the party. Either way…I’m looking forward to 2014.

  36. Immigration Expert says:

    Technically then, my tax dollars REALLY AREN’T going to illegals? Is that what you are saying?

    Listen to me–I am as pro-life as anyone in Nebraska, including Mike Flood, so don’t be pulling the
    pro-life tear-jerker on me. But, I am one of thousands of Nebraskans who believe in the rule of law, and that illegal is illegal. One has to wonder how Mike Flood, an officer of the court, can not understand rule of law, and what a slippery slope that legislative bill will become in the future.

    And when I speak with legal and pro-life Nebraska citizens who have trouble affording their health care or prescriptions, I always tell them that the taxes they worked so hard to pay, are going to illegals so they can have free health care…and that it was Mike Flood who led the charge on that bill and made sure the legislature over-rode the Governor.

  37. Hand him the 3rd District says:

    There were some wise politicians who said the same thing when Tom Osborne ran for Governor, but that didn’t work out so well, did it! Please don’t be “handing the 3rd District” to anyone. Residents of the 3rd District think for themselves, and since neither the World Herald nor the Journal Star are distributed in much of the 3rd District, we are un-encumbered with with what those two liberal think tanks put forth as what is best for Nebraska.

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Immigration Expert, your tax dollars aren’t going to illegal immigrants. They are going to rich obstetricians. Prenatal care is one of those feel good programs that has conflicting data to show whether it actually saves money or lives when applied on a large scale. It may save an individual child whose mom is having health issues, but for it to be effective as a large scale program, it should cost less than $100 a person. Most women do just fine and actually don’t need prenatal care. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    And another thing, theoretically, prenatal programs could increase the number of abortions by allowing genetic diseases and other abnormalities to be discovered. A certain percentage of moms will opt to abort and generally these will be later term abortions. Paging Dr. Carhart.

  40. Sarpy County Voter says:

    Mike Flood has caused property taxes to go up in Sarpy and Douglas County county by pushing through the Learning Community as Speaker. This body wastes millions of dollars. Most republicans in Douglas and Sarpy county are against the Learning Community. They will also be against Mike Flood in the primary

  41. ricky says:

    Charlie Janssen would make a good governor for our state? Ha don’t make me laugh. Nebraska is not ready to go back to the stone age with Senator Area 51.
    But PLEASE mr street sweeper run that photo again of Janssen’s announcement; the photo with the octogenarians with the funny hats on and the flags.
    thanks; ricky from omaha

  42. Slick Rick says:

    Ricky making fun of combat vets…there’s a big surprise. (This coming from the same guy who made fun of Team Jack on Facebook and Twitter) But just go on collecting your big, fat union pension, Ricky. You’re a disgrace.

  43. Grow Up says:

    We put up with your drivel because that is the freedom that was afforded you, in large part, by those octogenarians in funny hats. While I’m not on the Janssen for Governor bandwagon, he too, did his duty to insure your freedoms. Criticize his policy positions all you want. When it comes to your personal opinions of him and his supporters – GROW UP AND SHOW SOME RESPECT, YOU INGRATE!

  44. Slick Rick says:

    Ricky is definitely making fun of veterans.

    On a change of topic, it looks like the Sine Die videos are a real hit on youtube.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, say that at a veterans’ club. But do it fast because it hard to talk after an old guy rips off your head and craps down your neck hole.

  46. ricky says:

    My point is that the people Charlie Janssen appeals to in that photo from his announcement do not represent a majority of Nebraskans. Many of those people in the photo won’t even be around by the time of the vote next year probably.
    It’s a ham-handed sorry display of appealing to conservatives that are not even of Janssen’s peer group.
    So please Mr Street Sweeper run that photo again; it makes me chuckle every time.
    ps Veterans are no more patriotic than those that are not, and if we stop glorifying the military maybe America can stop invading smaller and weaker countries than ours.

  47. ricky says:

    Also I have never made fun of a kid with cancer, but I do remember pointing out that Tom Osborne’s hire for football coach; BO, is so terrible and pathetic and continually embarrassing Nebraska that he has to resort to having sick kids run down Memorial stadium to soften his image and try to make people forget how often his teams get blown out.
    So I wonder if BO loses in tremendously bad fashion again next season, which is probable, will he have to have TWO sick kids run down the field at the spring game?


  48. John Edwards says:

    Don’t worry about putting your political ambitions above family mike. Its not like like she has cancer?

    I wish I had jessica moenning as a consultant! Her view of ethics would of had be me president by now!

  49. Slick Rick says:

    Little ricky, just go back through and re-read your last two posts. They show just how pathetically sad you are. The only uniform you’ve ever worn are your little postman’s shorts, so don’t dare even try to make fun of anyone who has worn the uniform of the United States Military.

  50. RickyRetardo says:

    Ricky, you say veterans who carry the scars of war for America are no more patriotic than disloyal cowards like you. You call America the bad guy, invader.

    Perhaps some unfortunate lower colon was invaded by a consanguine effort nine months prior to your arrival, ricky, because the severity of your damaged nature cannot be accounted for by you being just a regular bastard.

  51. Anonymous says:

    It was the meanspirited stupidity of a very few Democrats like Ricky that crushed the candidiacies of Kerrey and Suttle from within. The GOP cannot pay people to do what Ricky does for free.

  52. Sick Rick says:

    I have to wonder if Ricky has ever stepped foot out of Omaha? His version of Nebraska values is delusional? Rural Nebraska does not share the values of Dundee! We do not share Ricky’s values!!! We are not hipster or progressive. We don’t like to be dependent on others, nor are we radical environmenatlists. We are compassionate and hard working. We look out for one another because that’s just what we do, and we despise a government that tells us what to do. We are patriotic and honor the service of our veterans. We are about faith and family and self-reliance. That’s right…faith, as in religous. We are protective of our rights, including our right to bear arms and the right to fair and uncompromised elections. You guessed it, we support Voter ID. And maybe more than anything else, we are Pro-Life. The values Ricky tries to play off are Chicago values. Ricky, either you need to get out more or you are just lying to yourself.

  53. Ricky's Insignificant says:

    Quit giving Ricky any credit for hashing out old socialist ideas – they’ve been around far longer than the American idea of liberty. Ricky is old school like that. Old school 14th century.

  54. Allie says:

    Ricky, I invite you to come to Bellevue and check out the patriotism of our veterans and active duty service members. Our military deserves far more respect than what you are showing, and what the current Commander in Chief has shown them. You said we should “stop glorifying the military…” Please explain to me how our military has been glorified this year? Site specific examples because I don’t see any. What I see is a lack of respect for those who fight and die for our country through far-reaching and excessive budget cuts. All the while, those who do nothing for this country have seen zero reduction in their EBT cards, Section 8 Housing and other taxpayer funded welfare. So please, I look forward to your examples of glorification of the military.

  55. The political class says:

    Some of you in the political class are quick to point out campaign losses by others, like Jessica Moenning with Ricketts for Senate in 06 or Huckabee for President in 08. But you never mention the ones she won – like Jeff Fortenberry for Congress and Deb Fischer for Senate, both longshot candidates that many people wrote off. And you never point out the losses of other members of the political class. Carlos Castillo with the Breslow campaign in 98 and quit in the middle of several other campaigns out of state. Sam Fischer lost Hal Daub’s mayoral race and Acela Turco’s legislative race last year that was supposed to be a slamdunk. Jordan McGrain lost Jim Vokal’s race for Omaha Mayor and was at the helm of the GOP in Nebraska during a disastrous legislative cycle in 2010.

    All of these campaign workers are good at what they do, and in politics you win some and you lose some. But not all circumstances are ones political workers can control – for instance, it would be unfair to lay all the blame for Jon Bruning’s downward campaign spiral on campaign manager Trent Fellers. This insanity about going after people for their success is destructive. And for those people who seem to have nothing better to do than try to drag other people down with lies – there is a reason you aren’t the call list of potential candidates.

  56. Political guru says:

    My we are pretty defensive in Norfolk today. Tell me where Flood gets votes in 2014. I guarantee you he will only win Lincoln and Norfolk. He is toast in the 2nd and 3rd district

  57. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I would call Fort’s race anything but competitive. Claiming a victory for the Fort would be the same as claiming a victory for Adrian Smith… Something to be congratulated for but hardly a conference championship.
    As for Carlos’ loss with Breslow in 98… The thing is… I like Carlos, and he’s not a jerk.
    I was also pretty young in ’98 let’s just put it that way.
    Here’s a fun fact: John Breslow autographed my sweatshirt and it made the front page!

  58. Macdaddy says:

    I realize this is beyond Ricky’s comprehension but glorifying the military is the best way to get somebody to give up their lives for somebody else’s. Throughout all of human history, that sacrifice is required from time to time. Why do you think NYC firefighters went up the Twin Towers? A paycheck? Nope. They intentionally put themselves in harm’s way because they felt it was worth it. Society helped that feeling by glorifying firefighters. People throw themselves on grenades in part because society values and glorifies a soldier’s duty. And guess what? You directly benefit from that. You’re welcome. Now, if you have a problem with the US liberating tens of millions of people in smaller, weaker countries, then take it up with the civilian bosses of the military, namely The President. Society glorifying the military has nothing to do with that.

  59. to "The political class" says:

    Moenning won Fischer’s race?!?!?!? I laughed so hard that my pop flew out my nose..Seriously full of it. Moenning was not in charge of that campaign. She was olne of several consultants.Was she even paid?!?!?!?! But, it was thne hard work of Fischer’s staff.

    Sam Fischer lost Hal Daub’s race??? SInglehandedly??Um..there were other consultants, a full time campaign manager..not to mention Daub’s unfavorables.

    Carlos’s defeat of Osborne while running Henieman’s campaign knocks all losses out of the water. BAM.

  60. to "The political class" says:

    In fact, a cursory check of Fischer’s reports do not show any payments to Bright Strategies or Jessica Moenning…

  61. Anonymous says:

    Why is it when Jessica is throwing the mud–birds sing and the world is all roses. When mud is thrown Jessica’s way? It’s unnatural, horrible, unspeakable and darn right not nice.

  62. Jordan McGrain says:

    Hey now, the 2010 legislative cycle was great. Took down a democrat incumbent an added two GOP seats for the largest “Republican” unicameral “majority” in three decades.

    The disaster was 2012. And yes, I was there for that.

    Carry on.

  63. The Political Class says:

    My point was that the Republican Party in Nebraska has a lot of talented people who work campaigns, and each of them has a mixed record that includes wins and losses. The rating of each win and loss is subjective, and since you all seem to have nothing but time, the poster with the most punctuation and CAPS wins (?). NO race hinges on a campaign manager, consultant or adviser. It hinges mostly on the candidate, which seems to be lost by many posters, and then supporters and staff. I wasn’t blaming or praising any one for any race, just pointing out the agenda some posters have and how flawed their premise was. The anger that permeates this post is wild. There is a comment earlier about Dr. Phil – but some of you do need therapy.

  64. Lydia says:

    When you speak of the disastrous 2010 legislative election cycle, are you referring to the four republicans newly elected, or the one democrat newly elected?

  65. Macdaddy says:

    Political Class, when it comes to the worth of a political consultant the only person whose opinion matters is that of the candidate. I’m sure they’ll take blog posts with a grain of salt, especially since we have no way to score any particular anonymous poster’s win-loss record.

  66. Anonymous says:

    No campaign manager is good enough to overcome an inept candidate. And no candidate is minimally adept if he or she hires an inept manager.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Immigration expert: (although I can scarcely type that with a straight face). That money IS going to a US citizen — the baby/patient in question. I’m sure you don’t believe that child should be a citizen, it’s an anchor baby, etc., but if we’re following the rule of law that you so eloquently cite, that baby is not illegal. I understand your pov regarding the inability of some Americans to afford health care while being forced to subsidize another, but like it or not, that baby is a citizen. Your argument has some serious holes for a so-called expert.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Also, from a purely fiscal perspective, taking preventative measures such as funding prenatal care is less costly in the long term, as taxpayers would still be on the hook for paying that child’s medical expenses down the road (assuming the baby has health issues stemming from a lack of adequate prenatal care).

    If you really want to get incensed regarding taxpayer funded benefits for illegal immigrants, you should cite the use of ERs for standard medical procedures, which has driven up the price of insurance, which in turn led to the passage of Obamacare. You should also check out the availability of the Earned Income Tax Credit for illegals.

  69. Lil Mac says:

    If laws are like sausages, perhaps candidates are too; each a slurry of background, personality, experience, and failings stuffed in a bag of skin and cured over time. As with any sausage, it is all about the ingredients and preparation.

    A rare few are of meats fattened on herbs and acorns, long cured and ground to pate of great quality. Many more are common coarse head-cheeses that taste good but look bad. Some odd gelatins you couldn’t choke down. Various sausages give you heartburn, diarrhea, even food poisoning. But what most of us want is good old American hot dogs with USDA allowable levels of rat feces and mouse hair.

    How much rat poop are we willing to ingest? Doesn’t matter. It’s the Fourth of July. It’s a picnic. We eat them until we burst. That is precisely how we approach voting.

    Could it be that rat poop is the main flavor we are attracted to in the sausages we elect? Doesn’t matter. Most candidates are a combination of nutritious foods and lots of other unhealthy stuff that may even kill us. But we don’t care as long as it looks okay and tastes good.

    A bland heart-healthy candidate offering boring wise government simply isn’t tasty enough to most voters. We want the steaming, oil dripping, greasy worst of the wurst.

  70. RWP says:

    Preventive care doesn’t save money. Yes, it sounds like it should, but it doesn’t. Mostly this is because by and large people are born, survive and reproduce entirely without medical help. That annoys the heck out of doctors, but it account for the fact we reproduced for billions of years before the foundation of a single medical school.

    The prenatal care bill, whatever its virtues or vices, won’t save the taxpayer money. Anyone who thinks it will hasn’t done the math, or read anything from someone who actually has done the math.

  71. Macdaddy says:

    RWP there are multiple studies to back up your assertion. The prenatal bill was passed only to help out the medical entities that provide their care. I guess doctors have pretty good lobbyists. If we follow the logic of providing prenatal care to save money, then we should be paying for abortions because that has to be cheaper than prenatal care plus delivery costs.

  72. ricky says:

    Did anybody notice Justin Wayne was elected President of the new Omaha Public Schools board?
    I will never again discount the effectiveness of right wing dollars to a campaign or the power of the local paper to prop up an idea and a candidate.
    The Omaha World Herald worked tirelessly to convince us the Omaha Public Schools had a terrible board and LB 125 was the only solution to raising test scores for students. The paper played up how Wayne saved somebody’s life and had numerous stories about what Wayne was up to.
    Joe Ricketts gave a bunch of money to Wayne and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce in cahoots with the paper had candidates ready to go and funded them impressively.
    Then the establishment got egg on their face when Senator Lastatbar got his DUI; his judgement is faulty: Duh. Also the paper and right wing talk radio like Becka from Fargo overplayed their hand when they insisted that the OPS board was not sworn in properly because they, like they had for decades, swore the board in on the first meeting of January and not before that.
    And I have asked the question time and time again, and have still not gotten an answer; where did this phony crisis first get mentioned? Was it an enterprising reporter from the Omaha World Herald or the Lincoln Journal Star, both of which were concerned about this phoniness? Nope, I asked.
    Was it some senator like Ernie Chambers, who stated on the floor of the legislature how dastardly it was that the board could not swear themselves in properly? I doubt that.
    My theory is, and I am the only one who cares about it, is that Mr Wayne, in an executive session of the OPS board, discussed with the boards lawyers the technicality of the swearing in, then blabbed to Laugtenbauch, who then went on right wing talk radio to complain how dumb the board was.
    Do I have this right?


  73. Speculator says:

    Uber lib Adam Morfeld should needs to explain to the voters of LD 46 (Northeast Lincoln) why his first fundraiser is being hosted by rich Democrats in Omaha.

  74. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Have you actually looked at Wayne’s NADC report? He didn’t spend that much and the chamber didn’t really give him much. It’s apparent.. no it’s obvious that there was no right wing conspiracy. If anything, the pinko bastards at the OWH liked him. There was no right wing help.
    Wayne is just a Democrat who doesn’t have his head up his ass! You’re mad BC the dems tried throwinghim under the bus but he still won! HHe’s good. He’s talented. He’s smart. Most of all, he’s smarter than YOU.

  75. Anonymous says:

    In other news the Sine Die show for the 2013 session is garnering some national attention. Seems that there may have been some IRS like video parody stuff going on……. Wonder if Joe Jordan is doing a piece on it……? Will there be consequences? Hmmmmm

  76. RickyRetardo says:

    Oh yes, lets hear a theory from that same dopy sh*thead who supported Kerrey after he threw Hassebrook under the bus. The same ricky who supported that winner Suttle. The same ricky who thinks American military are evil.

    Its morning folks, I just had my coffee and I need to go squat and take a ricky.

  77. Clean House says:

    Concerning the Sine Die Show for 2013…..perhaps it is time to clean house on the legislative staff. They looked like a bunch of IRS idiots. Were there members of the press attending the show?

    Having fun at the end of a disastrous legislative session is fine, but this year’s event was an awful display of governmental idiocy. It would be great if someone came forward with the names of the staffers and lobbyists who planned and produced the event–and those in the video–for everyone to see.

  78. Anonymous says:

    The press weren’t at the Sine Die show, they picked up on the story since Jeremy Jensen (who still doesn’t get the big hoopla from back in March) wrote something that was published on another blog, and videos were put on youtube

  79. sine died says:

    Me thinks some of the conservatives are making waaaayyyy too much about the videos. Calling something “disgusting” should be reserved to things that actually are. While some may consider them out of bounds, then, if others are smart, make your own video. More to the point, if you are a conservative, have the ability to laugh at yourself and grow a thick skin. If you think this was bad, wait until you actually get into big boy politics. Bottom line sure it had a zinger or two, but political satire should.

  80. TexasAnnie says:

    Immigration expert (58) and Anonymous (95 & 96):
    Of course, ANY child born in the United States IS a citizen; the legality of the mother’s immigration is irrelevant. And the Earned Income Tax Credit is an unjust tax policy, whether the taxpayer is a citizen or not!

    But it’s a given that most tax policies and spending priorities are created of injustice. So what’s new? While I do not support the healthcare reform we got (which prioritizes the interests of the insurance industry) at the very least it will spread around the costs & benefits of healthcare nationally. The system we have had left TOO MANY paying for the healthcare of fellow beneficiaries while remaining unable to afford and secure that care for themselves. And that’s definitely not fair!
    Medicare—Medicaid—VA—federal/state employees—inner city health clinics—medical research—etc. But it’s what “conservatives” even still want to CONSERVE! Either NO publicly-funded healthcare, or universal healthcare would be fair! Agree?

  81. Thick Skin says:

    It’s easy to say “grow a thick skin” when the side you disagree with was targetted throughout the entire show. Where were the Steve Lathrop, Ernie Chambers, or Amanda McGill skits? Oh that’s right…those would be called sexist, racist, hate mongering, and mean-spirited. How about Brad Ashford or Bob Krist? Goodness knows you could make an entire Sine Die program about either one of them.

  82. Stay Classy Team Janssen says:

    Team Janssen are a bunch of hypocrites. A few months ago, they crucified Jessica M. because they believed she leaked Jensen’s facebook post to a World Herald reporter even though several hundred of his closest friends saw the post including the senator he called a c*$@. Fast forward to present day, the same people leak a youtube video from the Sine Die Show to another World Herald reporter and then demand that the legislative staffers involved be terminated. Anyone else find the hypocrisy amusing?

    I have also heard that in his downtime from selling candles and helping the Janssen campaign, Jensen is circulating the video to national media. He is trying to generate a story about state government waste in Nebraska.

    I also see where they are back to using the r-word (see above). God love ’em, they just can’t help themselves.

  83. To Stay Classy says:

    I’m not sure you know what hypocrisy means. The first person to raise a stink over the video was not Team Janssen, whoever that is, but John Orr, a guy that is definitely not a Janssen supporter.

    Clearly you are a dem troll, I see Drunk Vince Powers also posted at 7:16, since you are also going back to the well on the thoroughly debunked r-word story, so just keep on talking out your bunghole today.

  84. @SCTJ says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the video was posted by one of the people at the Legislature for making it, no one from Team Janssen leaked it.

  85. Informed says:

    The video was proudly posted to YouTube and distributed by Doug Koebernick, Steve Lathrop’s guy in the unicameral, before even Lathrop agreed it was inappropriate and told his guy to take it down.

  86. Unfortunate says:

    So now Janssen’s supporters are attacking Flood because his wife has cancer. It is my hope that they take their campaign out of the gutter and start running a campaign worthy of Nebraskans. I realize that they are over compensating for something (incompetence, intelligence, personality or lack there of) but give us all a break. We are tired of your sleazy campaign tactics.

  87. Never A Vote For Flood says:

    I detest Flood’s work to cram LB599 down our throats, but SS needs to take down #115.

    And Texas Annie says that whether the mother is illegal is irrelevant? We all know her baby will be dependent on us for the rest of it’s life, but the illegal mother, and the father, who no one likes to talk about, goes scott free. He doesn’t have to pay for a damn thing because us fools who are legal, hard-working taxpayers will pay for it all. Meanwhile, he goes about shingling houses in Omaha and getting paid cash to pay for his next huge pickup.,,,,,while his wife/girlfriend/lover gets the best of care at no charge. And the “non-profit” hospital she goes to for delivery, gets paid courtesy of the stupid Nebraska taxpayer.

  88. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To SCTJ:
    It’s not just team Janssen you have to worry about. See, the general public is finding out about the video,and the general public ain’t happy.

    #114 is right, some of the staffers proudly shared the ever loving $#!7 out of that video and were quick to point out how high-larious they are.
    Let’s get down to the brass tacks of the issue: Were they on the clock while they made the video? I don’t necessarily care all that much because none of them get paid worth a damn anyway, but out of principle, I must care. I think they should probably lose their jobs for defaming the esteemed gentleman from Fremont and his lovely spouse.

  89. Question of the day says:

    What’s worse? What Jeremy Jensen called Senator Conrad or Driving Drunk in Norfolk? Discuss amongst yourselves.

  90. Actually, I have heard it said (dunno how accurate this is) that the Lincoln cops are warned off the evening of the sine die party, because half the damn senators are drunk and on the road.

  91. the big bruiser says:

    I swear, reading these comments bantering back and forth is like watching 9 monkeys trying to hump a football.

    We. All. Get. It.
    The Moennings hate… pretty much everyone that doesn’t pay Jessica while pretty much everyone that doesn’t pay Jessica hates her right back.
    If you guys want to have a pissing match, take off the gloves and have a bare knuckle boxing match in someone’s back yard. Nobody is going to tattle on anyone for hitting a girl (Jensen, Jessica) so long as it’s a fair fight.

  92. Tempest in a Tea(Party)Pot says:

    All the protests about the Janssen parody video are over blown. Jeremy Jensen is the last guy who should be judging what is appropriate to be posting to the internet. All the uproar is going to do is bring more attention to Janssen’s poor judgement in keeping Jensen around. If he keeps it up he can kiss any plans of becoming the next Governor good-bye. Women still are allowed to vote in Nebraska and they’re going to be a lot less moved by an obvious parody portraying Janssen’s wife with frizzy hair than they are his staff refering to ANY woman as a c%$t.

    Attacking Jim Smith’s staff isn’t productive either. Smith is a reliable conservative. Again, Smith’s staff showing a willingness to participate in what has become a tradition in the Legislature reflects much better on Smith than Jensen’s outrage reflects on Janssen.

    If Janssen wants to be Governor he better cut his losses right now and stomp on Jeremy Jensen. If he needs any advice on keeping staff who show bad judgement around he should talk to Jim Suttle. If Janssen seriously has a problem with the video he should probably just drop out of the race right now. Things are going to get a lot worse than that before the election is over. Both the primary and the general. After he rids himself of the unproductive services of Jeremy Jensen he needs to work on growing a little leather over his thin skin. In politics loyalty to loose canons only tends to sink your own ship.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Granted Wayne’s campaign didn’t get the huge dollars, but when you have the media in your back pocket you don’t need to raise as much because they’ll get your message out there for you for free. If the OPS president would have applied the same policy as Mayor Stothert’s recent one regarding media, we probably wouldn’t have heard Wayne obsessing over his failed attempts to secure a flow chart to any open mic on his self promotional tour du jour. I’d agree with whoever it is that said Wayne was smart. He got precisely what he wanted and with it comes accountability.

    As for Ricky? His critics left out the part about his mother wearing army boots.

  94. Hypocrisy at its Highest says:

    To Question of the day #118 Both Jeremy Jensen and Josh Moenning made an error in judgement, we all have done that but has a good point. How is it that the May DUI by a major NE city councilman newly elected and long serving US Congressman’s Dist Dir is not considered reportable at all by The Omaha World Herald (yet all other major NE news media outlets did report it) yet the OWH did report Sen. Lautenbaugh’s February DUI? Public Safety and criminal activity by an elected official versus politically incorrect comment about another elected official on a personal facebook page? Neither is morally of high standard but I sense hypocrisy at work.
    Answer – let’s not harm the hubby of an informant to an OWH reporter so I guess hypocrisy relationships and opposing political camps determine whats worthy of reporting- its common knowledge that OWH political reporter Robyn Tysver pals around with the Mrs. Moenning and Jensen and Moenning were not supporting same gov or mayoral candidates

  95. Joe L says:

    To Tonic and Tonic,
    In the OWH Speaker Adams, Senator Smith, Lautenbaugh and Lathrop said that they belived that the Aides made the video on there on time. Hope you get the chance to read this since SS decided to delete my last post. I guess 1st amdenent only applies if you are slandering someone or take the conserative views that Leavenworth street supports.

  96. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, Joe L. If they made it on their own time it’s a different can of worms.

    Let me save Sweeper some time:
    If you don’t like SS deleting your last comment, go start your own blog or stop commenting on LST. It’s Sweeper’s blog. Sweeper do what Sweeper want.
    “As always, thanks for reading”

  97. Spectator says:

    This is going to be a fun 11 months when every negative Flood post on this blog is blamed on Janssen and every negative Janssen post is blamed on Flood. I hope that’s what these guys signed up for.

  98. Thin Skinned Republicans says:

    I am glad that the posters on this blog are not State Senators. Your whining make this Janssen video like an attack on church and state. The video was offensive, but it came after 50 minutes of our sensitive liberal friends slamming conservatives.

    Breaking News!
    Liberals dominate the Legislature!
    The Sine Die festivities reflected the great leadership of Senator Adams (or was it Leader Lathrup…it was hard to who was pulling the strings this year).

    Instead of whining about the Sine Die party and the broken 103rd Legislature, lets and find conservative candidates who can win Legislative races.

    It takes more than Senator Lautenbaugh’s gang of 17 to filibuster bad legislation.

  99. Missing the point says:

    The video in question includes a scene filmed on the chamber floor. Taxpayer time or not, is it right that aides use that space to create a parody? I find it hard to imagine that this was all done on “lunch breaks” and “after work”, considering the scenes include so many aides and lobbyists. Are we really supposed to believe that those lobbyists and staffers did this during their lunch hours or stayed late after work? Doesn’t seem likely…

  100. To Missing the Point says:

    You have missed the point. Your outrage about this yearly ritual is tiring. No tax payer monies were used to produce these skits. All Sine Die activity is done after hours and on the weekends.

    Face the fact:
    Liberals control the legislature. Get over it and find conservatives to replace liberal senators.

  101. RWP says:

    I just find it depressing that so many of our legislative aides seem to think their true calling is in musical theater. Perhaps we might all be better off if they headed off to join Neil Patrick Harris on the Great White Way and left politics to people who think we could use less theater, not more.

  102. Was I dreaming at Sine Die... says:

    or did several Republican state senators participate in a video mocking Democrat state senators. Can someone refresh my memory? Anyone have that video?

  103. to Was I dreaming at Sine Die says:

    It isn’t about mocking Charlie…it is about mocking his wife. Families are off limits.

  104. Was I dreaming at Sine Die... says:

    Oh, I thought it was also about government waste and liberal legislative staffers attacking helpless conservative senators. My memory is not so good. I will go back a read Jensen’s post.

  105. To:the big bruiser says:

    I have ho clue who the Moennings are and I really don’t give a damn. What I care about is honesty and integrity of politicians who control the Nebraska legislature.

    It appears that honesty and integrity are rare qualities among our state senators and their legislative staffs.

    I am wondering if the staff of my own crazy state senator–Galen Hadley–(remember his bill to stop all new hospitals), were a part of the Sine Die crap.

    I want to know who the lobbyists were. If there was a lobbyist who was involved in the Sine Die crap and he or she works for one of the associations I belong to, then there will be an intense effort to fire him or her.

  106. Tonic & Tonic says:

    The only people starving are doing so at their own will. There are endless resources for the poor so forgive me for not giving two squirts of squirrel piss.
    I personally deliver food baskets for church once a month. Anyone who ain’t eating, ain’t trying.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Have you been to a grocery store? The fat asses waddle in with fists full of food stamps and waddle out with carts full of candy.

    Republicans have the bulge on beer bellies. But there aren’t enough tofu-chomping yuppie joggers in the Democrat ranks to outweigh the sheer bulk of the Democratic’s vital core couch potato class vote. To these devolved creatures, the bottommost hell of extreme poverty is a black and white television and having to boil a potato.

  108. Lil Mac says:

    Good call Sweeper, flushing that. It was thin reason and a thick clog in the sewage flow of political discourse. Sure it stinks. Its politics. But it all stinks worse when clogged by this kind of crap.

    Profiting by the efforts of others and cloaking that in false concern is the essence of modern Liberalism.

    Right now Buffett and Soros are dumping American stocks as fast as they can to avoid suffering with the average people whom they wish to be seen to champion. Conservatives who demand a full day’s work for a day’s pay have a quid pro quo less worrisome then Liberals who live fat off the backs of others while those same Liberals purport to seek justice for the masses of people they use.

    It is not the greed that irks so badly but the disturbingly self-righteous denial of it. Hell, everyone at your door is trying to sell something. It’s the ones who don’t admit it that you have to worry about.

    Good call, Street Sweeper. We might call you NE Politics Toilet Flusher but for our delicate sensibilities. Thanks for plunging this one down the pipe.

  109. To RWP says:

    It’s Harvard with an East Coast accent moron or would you have preferred Hah-Vahd. Chill out next time bird nerd.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Look at what “Ken Larsonbaugh”, Jeremy Jensen’s long-running gag, just posted on Facebook, making fun of a black woman. He can’t help himself from being the racial, disgusting creep that he is. Jensen is blowing his own cover by being himself.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Making fun of black women is dangerous. Mostly because all women aim for the groin with uncanny accuracy. Secondly because it risks you being deemed a “racist”, as opposed to the usual misogynistic pig. If you are unsure whether you are a bona fide racist, here is a brief test.

    Quickly, what is the first name of that horrible woman Dr. Rice, National Security Advisor?

    If you answered either “Condoleezza” or “Susan” but not both, then you aren’t a racist but simply a political person who likes the one as much as you cannot stand the other. However, if you cannot stand them both because you think the name “Rice” makes them oriental, then you are protected by the fact that once a minority works hard enough to become richer and smarter than everyone else, they lose their right to be indignant when dumber, poorer white and black folks make fun of them.

    It so happens that Condi and Susan are, regardless what we think of their office politics, smarter than George and Barry put together. Look up their backgrounds. They make Hagel and Biden look troglodytic. These women actually have real degrees, not the fake doctorate like a Juris Dorkster. Pretty good for a couple of babes passing for Asian.

  112. Don't take the bait says:

    That fat disgusting lefty Phil Montag is trying to start crap on here by throwing things towards different people. What a waste of time. But what else does a Democratic political consultant in Nebraska have to do right now?

  113. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ 8:55pm yesterday:
    While I consider your comment entertaining I must say I never thought the surname “Rice” indicative of Asian DNA…

  114. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why any anonymous bloggers worry about Jeremy Jensen or take him seriously, none of the candidates or elected officials do.

  115. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong #162, Jensen still helps out the Janssen campaign at parades and has been volunteering with the DCRP. He’s a moron for making that comment on facebook (where a record would exist) and a plain idiot for not realizing that he was in the wrong.
    That hurts all republicans since anytime he’s mentioned in the newspaper now, they’re going to remind people of the comments he made and that he was removed from a campaign because of it.

  116. Old School Mate says:

    Gaius, didn’t I go to school with you? You sure look and act a lot like the kid no one could stand because he spent most of his time in the office telling the principal who smoked cigarettes and used bad words. You sure have the same kind of brown streak running up your nose that he did…

  117. Tonic & Tonic says:

    IO, If you’re just gonna hate, get the hell out. I don’t care if you’re interested or if you’re an observer. In fact, stop observing. You peeping tom creep.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Tonic, if experience is any guide, you might as well be talking to a brick wall. Once IO starts tilting at a particular windmill, he keeps after it with singular focus far beyond the point where any normal person would let it go.

  119. Interested Observer says:

    Perhaps I was too subtle. My point was, what does anyone talking about “the same kind of brown streak running up your nose” have to do with Nebraska politics? Are we SUPPOSED to encourage school kids to smoke?

    I really don’t understand what that could possibly have to do with hate? What could that possibly have to do with a “peeping tom creep”?

    But anyway, nice attitude . . .

  120. Charlie Janssen Style says:

    The video was hilarious. This is one Republican who won’t vote for Charlie based on his childish response to a parody video. True leaders wouldn’t flinch at something like this.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Whenever you self-identify as a Republican, the odds of your actually being a Republican drop to zero. There are countless actual Republicans angered by the video. As you are a democrat troll, you already know this.

  122. Anonymous says:

    There are PLENTY of Republicans who do not back Janssen who are upset at the video, I’m one of them. I’d sure like to know what “Charlie Janssen Style” means by “based on his childish response”, because that’s not what I read at all. Think you can just make things up on a blog comment section and it will stick to the wall? Nice try. Go back to the LJS.

  123. Stunned says:

    “Whenever you self-identify as a Republican, the odds of your actually being a Republican drop to zero.” That’s a curious statement. It must have been written by one of the right wing loons. I could understand why you would deny being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but why would you refuse to admit to being a member of the Republican Party?

  124. TexasAnnie says:

    Whenever anyone self-identifies I tend to take them at their word.
    It’s not my mission to sort out anyone else’s ego.

    And that’s why, Stunned, I don’t trust the Republican Party!
    The platform says one thing, the Republicans actually voting do another…
    And it’s the same thing with the Dems. Y’all should get over your party politic fetishes!!!

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