McLeay in for #NESEN

Bart McLeay 01Omaha attorney Bart McLeay will be announcing his campaign for U.S. Senate this morning in Nebraska City, then in Omaha.

His website is up at and he’s on the Twitter @BartMcLeay.

As we noted last week, McLeay had telegraphed his intentions earlier, but otherwise we weren’t aware of his candidacy or interest. Former NEGOP Exec Dir Phil Young is involved in the campaign at some level, but we are not sure how, at this point.

From what we can tell, McLeay (pronounced “muh-CLAY”) is a political newcomer. He was born and raised in Omaha — St. Margaret Mary and Creighton Prep — then went to undergrad at Arizona and Law School at University of Virginia. He is now with Kutak Rock, and as we noted last week, one of his clients is David Sokol. You can see his legal resume here.

He will certainly need to spend some time getting his name out everywhere west of Omaha.

More when we get it.


Also on the Senate warpath is Shane Osborn.

Possibly with an attempt at stealing a little of McLeay’s thunder, Osborn put up an introductory video for his campaign.

See it here:


And we don’t know just exactly where the President is going with the whole Keystone XL Pipeline deal. It would seem that he has still set himself up to go either way on it.
He talks of “significant” climate impact — even though all of his administration’s studies have already said there would be none.

Of course the main reason is, that there is no impact from building a pipe.

But of course, the real interesting thing that the President DIDN’T mention, is about any horrible awful dangers of the pipe itself. How ’bout that.

That’s probably because the President knows — as done Jane Kleeb and Standing Randy and all the rest — that the new pipe is a GOOD thing. That we use and will continue to use pipes to transfer oil. And that a NEW pipe is going to be better than an OLD pipe.

And of course, this all gets back to the folks who pay the bills for the Jane Kleeb types, and their plan to turn America back into an agrarian society where we all live in little communities around farms and windmills.

Wooden shoes, optional.


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  1. Interested Observer says:

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with living in or near a little community around ranches and windmills.

  2. Anonymous says:

    McLeay has no chance against Shane Osborn. Shane is a war hero, a successful elected official, and has great business credentials. Mcleay and Beltway Ben Sasse are toast!

  3. JR Ewing says:

    In Texas we have an old saying “He’s all hat and no cattle” This Mcleay pilgrim is that to a T. The last thing we need in the US Senate is another lawyer. When the chips are down who do you want to defend our great nation? A lawyer? or a war hero?

  4. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I’m not sure how McLeay plans to pick up more than about 8% in a primary… Johnny come lately here is from Omaha…. and a lawyer. Nebraskans are tired of lawyers who will cave when it’s all on the line.
    AMERICANS are also tired of politicians who will talk the talk all day but refuse to do anything real in terms of transparency and limited government, which brings us to Shane Osborn.

    Osborn had the gumption to put the entire budget online for the whole world to see! That’s as transparent as it gets, and that’s why Shane has my vote. He’s got character and has proven to all of Nebraska that he will walk the walk.

  5. Charles from Adams County says:

    Just picture Shane Osborn, sitting down as a member of the Senate committee on Foreign Affairs.

    I think I like where he’s coming from better than some Omaha Lawyer.

  6. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Lawyers suck – until you need one. Then that sucky lawyer may just save your ass. We need lawyers doing more of that “save your ass” stuff, and less sitting on their ass in public office.

  7. JR Ewing says:

    RPW you would rather have a lawyer? wow you just showed your like good old Cliff Barnes. “Oh Barnes, you just get dumber and dumber every day!”
    The reason the nation is in such great peril is because of lawyers.

  8. Bob says:

    They also said Deb Fischer “had no chance” against her better known challengers. I really don’t care what they do for a living, I just want a principled conservative representing NE in Washington. The fact that he has no political experience is a big plus for me! I give credit to people like this who are willing to run despite the poisonous political climate. I’ll listen to what he has to say, then make up my mind. Encourage all of you to do the same.

  9. RWP says:

    RPW you would rather have a lawyer?

    Let’s see, would I prefer Senator Mike Lee, or Senator John McCain?

    The lawyer, definitely.

  10. Tonic & Tonic says:

    The more I think about it, I guess I don’t necessarily have a problem with attorneys turned legislators. Ted Cruz does a heck of a job.

    My problem with attorneys is that they are, by nature, schemers and they will always be schemers. Schemers get us back room deals and bills that pass after nobody read them (ppaca and current amnesty bill are just two examples that everyone knows about).

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fortunately, Osborn will be able to use this commercial for his eharmony page if his campaign goes south. The “remember me, I am remember you” line seriously gives me the creeps.

  12. Oh the Irony says:

    The same people saying we do not want to elect a lawyer are the same people who were Jon Bruning hamgers on less then two years ago.

  13. Nebraska Voter says:

    A rich guy from St Mags and Prep that became a lawyer will not get elected statewide, just ask David Kramer.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Osborn will milk his military experience like lawyers will milk law school credentials and ranchers will milk cows. More pertinent is what he did as Treasurer and that he lost weight. The former reflects government management experience and the latter matters because a candidate controlling his own bad habits is a necessary first step before he asks us to let him pass laws that govern our behaviors.

    Most voters don’t farm, ranch or serve in uniform. It is not good for an electorate to be so ignorant of how they eat and are defended. Yet that’s the way it is. Thus every mention of military service in any campaign gets filtered through that ignorance. Some will call Osborn a war hero, which he would not call himself. Others will say he should have murdered his own crew and himself rather than be captured, which has never been US military policy. That’s Hollywood not real life.

    Osborn’s service is a plus to many but few will find that a standalone reason to elect anyone. He has some baggage but also name rec. And his video is good. He is presenting himself and his case rather well in that ad, which is what Senators do in the Senate. If Ricketts doesn’t jump in Osborn is in good position. With each passing day, it is less likely Ricketts will enter. It is still early.

  15. Rancher says:

    Lil Mac,

    I raise beef. The dairy farmer milks cows. Glad you’re not one of those ignorant voters you decry who doesn’t know the difference.

  16. Lil Mac says:

    I am ignorant of farming and ranching. But I know that ranches don’t exist without cows. You raise beef. Every one of them came from cows. I was speaking about politicians “milking” the media on their own backgrounds. We have a veteran, a lawyer and a rancher running. The term was “milking” and I assumed if I said you ranchers milked steers you might take offense.

  17. Interested Observer says:

    A line in an old movie says “Tell them what they want to hear and you can sell them anything”.

    That seems to pretty well describe political campaigning.

  18. City Slicker says:

    Interested Observer, since agriculture is Nebraska’s number one industry, and Lil Mac is an aspiring local political guru, why don’t you invite him out to your ranch to learn a few of the basics. You could even let him milk one of the bulls.

  19. RWP says:

    Watchdog reports today McLeay was a registered Democrat for 20 years.

    it is possible his conversion was sincere. But there have been far too many Democrats in this state recently masquerading as Republicans for me to give him a pass on this.

  20. Interested Observer says:

    LOL City Slicker. I’d NEVER subject any of my bulls to that sort of thing! And besides, even Lil Smac has never made me mad enough to ever let him try that and get hurt that bad. I know how big and capable of damage my bulls are. The way they fight sometimes makes this room look like a snooze fest.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Shane needs to comb his hair down. The spiked look isn’t going to fly with the 3rd District older voters.

  22. To: City Slicker @ 9.03 says:

    Good idea! Then after that lesson on bulls, steers, cows, heifers, artificial insemination, and embryo transfers, they could go into Valentine and have dinner at the steakhouse where they have “mountain oysters” on the menu–and Lil Mac could learn yet another lesson. Yummmm!

  23. City Slicker says:

    Yea, it’s probably best to keep Lil Mac away from the livestock. Let him on the ranch and he’s going to be spending all his time looking for the stump cows.

  24. To:The Idiot Above #39 says:

    Mike Flood started it, so I guess it is fair game now.

    I am happy to know that McLeay was a Democrat for 20 years. That is important information…thanks for researching that, RWP. You do good.

    But why in the world haven’t we heard anything about the citizenship status of the immigrant who shot and killed 2 Omaha citizens? If I were a family member of one of those killed, I would be outraged, and I would be pounding on the door of the Federal government wanting answers 24/7. The political and government employee bastards!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good voice, stop reading the cue cards and learn what to do with the body motions. Don’t buy the opening salvo. Above all? The weed whacker hairdo is a don’t.

  26. RWP says:

    I see, just to give the GOP a fighting chance in the 2014 midterms, Obama has decided to delay implementing the employer mandate of that ultra-popular, wildly successful and life-affirming piece of legislative craftsmanship, ObamaCare, until after the 2014 elections. Because he knows that if America got to see what an amazing improvement it is, they’d turn out and vote for the Democrats in droves. And that just wouldn’t be fair!

    At least, that’s the only way I can explain it. Anyone else take a shot?

  27. Lil Mac says:

    Guru? Because I offered my political opinion in a political blog? I opined on a candidate’s viability and the only reaction to that was about a typo?

    Bloggers here have complained of too little political discussion, others complained about those who complained, and yet when you discuss something political, some respondents are not interested in policy but just in arguing. Some people argue like swimming laps. No purpose but to work out quarrel muscles. A bit of pointy humor can help lift a political discussion, but there must to be something there to lift. None of us here are running for office. Jabbing each other seems unimaginative. I am imagining a few potential Nebraska candidates who can and will make our lives better or miserable. I’d rather argue, and preferably discuss, that. But dyadic discussion requires more than one participant.

    Have a good, safe Independence Day. Eat meat, drink beer, be proud.

  28. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Ronald Reagan was a Democrat until he switched parties and (about four years later) became the Republican Governor of California. Chuck Hagel saw a lot of combat action, but he still was a lousy pick for Secretary of Defense. Abe Lincoln was a lawyer — and so are Obama and Clinton (actually both of them). Reagan was an actor with no military experience. Jimmy Carter was an engineer and had military experience. Bush 43 had an MBA from Harvard. I guess I just don’t see much correlation between the various characteristics that everyone is obsessing about and fitness for office. Does anyone have a realistic plan for getting the deficit down? Is anyone willing to stand up and say “no” when Obama tries to drag us into another conflict between Muslim sects who will hate the U.S. no matter what happens? Has anyone given any thought to the drag that the alternative minimum tax has become on economic growth? But I suppose that’s all far less important than whether Osborn needs a different barber or what McLeay does for a living.

  29. City Slicker says:

    What a spinmeister! A flaw in logical thought is excused as insignificant ignorance and is now just a typo.

    There are some things spell-check can help out with. Defective thinking isn’t one of them.

  30. Lil Mac says:

    “Reagan was an actor with no military experience.”

    Ronald Reagan was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve, Cavalry, in May of 1937. One month later, he moved to Los Angeles to begin an acting career, continuing his commissioned service. He went on active duty in WWII and was transferred to the Army Air Forces. He was promoted to Captain in 1943 and recommended for Major on February 1945. Reagan remained a commissioned officer until 1953, total of 16 years of commissioned service.

  31. To Error Grace says:

    Where have our last few mayor’s come from. Suttle was from Omaha Country Club neighborhood, Mike Fahey had a home in Linden Estates, Hal Daub and PJ Morgan had homes in Tomlinson Woods. Mike Boyle lived in Memorial Park/Fairacres area. So what is Jean is from Millard?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Stenberg once wrote a letter to the newspaper comparing President Reagan to a draft dodger because Stenberg thought Reagan had no military. Don looked stupid to Republicans and couldn’t back out of what he said. Did it to himself.

  33. Anonymous says:

    7:13 Stothert lives in St Andrew’s Pointe. Is there something we should know about Millard? Is it bad? I mean, what’s your point? None of the mayors have come out of trailer parks.

  34. To Erin Grace says:

    Big Jean story. Ms. Parks also was quite vocal in defense of Brenda Council and Freddie Gray soooo…..

    Btw here is a fun fact. There was a 19k payment to candidate signs AFTER the election for salary. Why would Jim Suttle’s team wait to pay a salary until after the election?? Weird.

  35. more to it RWP says:

    RWP, regarding the Obamacare post, it is more than that. Look behind the veil of politics and what this should tell you is that the technology is not ready. The tough part of the employee mandate is making sure that the employer provides insurance and that the employee has insurance. What data base is that located in? How do you check that now, without data from a IRS reporting form?

    While there may be politics involved, this is the second admission that the federal government cannot build this massive technology product. The first was with employee choice in the small business exchange now this.

  36. Cornhusker Kickback says:

    So far, at least, no one appears to be holding Ben Nelson’s feet to the fire on this fraud called ObamaCare. It was his vote that he sold to Obama and Harry Reid that is responsible for this entire fiasco on Americans.

    One of Omaha’s premier political reporters should be out interviewing Ben to get his expert take on all of this delay bullshit. Funny how the Obama administration tries to get the NFL to promote ObamaCare, but it appears that they have not asked Ben Nelson to cut video ads promoting the benefits. Who could do a better job than Ben?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Washington needs better technology to implement Obamacare? Sure, like Adolph needed something better than Carbon Monoxide.

    Proving government an inept tyrant isn’t comforting. It can learn to be an efficient tyrant.

  38. Actually.. says:

    Hitler worked with IBM to exterminate the Jews. On an unrelatated matter big blue’s phones are ringing off the hooks.

  39. RWP says:

    2:38 pm; possibly, but jeez, they’re keeping a copy of everything we put out on the net for 5 years; they even photograph our mail, according to the WaPo today. It isn’t that hard to keep Stalag 17 locked down.

    They could hand the whole damn enterprise over to Google, and it would be done lickety split. Not that we really want that…

  40. To OWH says:

    I read a small buried story about a sex scandal at Midland University. Any reason why the reporter wouldn’t ask for comment from Ben Sasse? Who hired the guy?

  41. Questions says:

    This Midland University scandal has raised a few questions. I heard Sasse let him resign as opposed to firing him. Why would he do that? Cover-up?

  42. Anonymous says:

    What is the “creep-comfort factor” of these candidates? Which is the one that makes your skin crawl the most and why? And which seems most like a creamy caramel treat?

  43. Seen and heard.... says:

    Of course they are…no one knows who he is. They’ve probably walked by him and not even known it…

  44. Anonymous says:

    Did you all hear about that Athletic Director for Midland University that Ben Sasse recruited and hired? Jason Dannelly was arrested for paying a student $300 to have sex with him and threatening a student they’d end up face down in a river if they told anyone.

    1 When did Ben Sasse know about this situation?
    2 Why didn’t Sasse alert the public?
    3 Why did the arrest take so long when Dannelly was fired almost a year ago?

  45. Military Guy says:

    I’m sure with Ben Sasse as Senator he can use his vast wealth of knowledge to stop sexual harassment in the Military.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I think Ben Sasse’s political career is going to end up face down in the Loup River for not protecting students by informing the public.

  47. Jesus says:

    I’m not a resident, but if I did run I would stay at Bob Kerrey sister’s house. She has a great sofa in the basement.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think He cleared the temple so he could stay on someone’s basement sofa. Hey, wouldn’t be great though if He did the same to Congress? There goes Terry Lee’s seat at the kiddie table.

  49. To anonymous says:

    Are you suggesting bob kerrey could beat lee terry? Muahahhaha now thats funny stuff! And lee terry at the kiddie table? Wow dude, watch some c-span sometime.

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