LJS: Flood will NOT run for #NEGOV

Mike Flood 006The LJS’s Don Walton is reporting that Mike Flood is “officially” out of the running for Nebraska Governor.


And the Norfolk Daily News has the full story with quotes from Flood himself.


This information is counter to the earlier assurances Leavenworth Street had received that that Flood was ready to announce his re-entrance back into the Governor’s race.

Leavenworth Street did not make that earlier statement lightly — we know that Flood had had conversations at the highest level that he was ready to get back into the race. However, it is our understanding that Flood’s wife Mandi’s treatment is not concluded and that changed Flood’s slant on whether to re-enter the race.

We wish the Flood’s all the best and hope to see Mike re-enter the political world upon the improvement of Mandi Flood’s health.

(We no doubt expect plenty to pile on to L.St because of our earlier statement that “Flood will re-enter the race.” That’s fine. As we stated above, our post was based on valid information and conversations. We believe Flood WAS ready to get back into the race, but things changed. In any case, note that Don Walton found it necessary to write a lead story about Flood NOT getting back in.)

(In the mean time, we’ll wait for all the other naysayers to thank us for the early info about Sasse and Herbster…)


As noted by Walton, the decision by Flood may very well open the floodgates (pun not really intended) for those other potential candidates who are not willing to cede the GOP nomination to either State Senator Charlie Janssen or businessman Charles Herbster.

It could get very, very interesting over the next few weeks.


  1. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I hope Mrs. Flood gets better quick and I’m glad that RINO is out.

    So it leaves us with Charlie Jansen and Charles Herbster. The choice for me is clear, there’s a Navy Combat vet. who is super conservative but still agreeable and a guy who may be conservative or may not. We don’t know. Hell, I doubt Herbster himself knows if he is conservative. He’s not even a primary voter! He also reportedly spends most of his time in Kansas.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Everyone deals with family illness. Not everyone seeks elective power over voters. And not every power seeker then chooses to get in, then out, then in again, and then out again. And not every power seeker who gets out chooses to reveal family illness as his reason for getting out.

    Flood forced voters to switch from wariness, to sympathy, back to wariness. He presented a mixed image of himself as a powerless victim and as one seeking power. People view mixed messages as a warning sign of falseness whether false or not. His family situation is unfortunate but not unique. How he chose to deal with that in a political context proved to have consequences.

  3. To Tonic and Tonic says:

    Janssen will never appeal to conservatives. He is for enforcing our current laws, shrinking Goverment, lowering taxes, and he is a successful businessman. Nebraska would prefer a candidate that would stand tall and expand Goverment and leave the state with crippling debt with expanded Medicaid. Come to think of it we need Krist!

  4. ricky says:

    Either the right leads Nebraska back to the Stone Age and elects Senator Area 51 Janssen or the state comes to their senses in time and picks Steve Lathrop.
    Mr Hassebrook has no constituency in Omaha, nobody knows him and his not exactly Mr Personality and has a face for radio.
    Could well be the next Nebraska governor will be a member of the Democratic Party.
    See my letter to the editor this week.


  5. Interested Observer says:

    I don’t accept anyone talking about shrinking government, especially on the State level, when our Legislature and Governor just increased State spending by more than 5% for the next 2 years. The 5.2% increase to make the new budget hit $7.8 BILLION is OVER $400 MILLION in NEW SPENDING.

    That AIN’T “shrinking”.

  6. Slick Rick says:

    Come up with something new rather than “will lead us back to the Stone Age”. Don’t you have some young cancer survivors to harass, ricky? And that’s exactly what we need, an Omaha ambulance chaser. That should play well in the Third District.

  7. To: IO says:

    $400 million you say? Well, we gotta pay for free health care for illegals, ya know. The Legislature, led by Flood, approved LB599. The Governor vetoed it, but then Flood led the charge to over-ride the veto. So there you go. A million here, a million there, and a few million to buy healthcare for illegals, and pretty soon, it adds up. Government AIN”T shrinking, but the illegal population is.

  8. To I.O. says:

    Three of our 49 state senators voted against the budget and the 5.2% increase in spending. Tom Hansen, Beau McCoy, and Charlie Janssen. So you can accept his dedication to shrinking government.

  9. Mandi's Angels says:

    Mandi is doing well and we’re watching over her closely.

    Mike has made a reputation for himself making tough decisions–and the right ones.

    God has great plans in store for this family. Keep an eye on them.

  10. From the Ditch says:

    To Lil Mac at 539am:

    Flood never got in again. So he isn’t re-exiting.

    There had been considerable speculation in the political echo chamber that Flood would re-enter the race at some point. The extent to which he privately considered re-entering – and had those conversations with family and supporters – isn’t equivalent to re-announcing and standing up a campaign.

    With the Flood candidacy firmly in the rear view mirror, here is what we know:

    – The Janssen campaign appears to be a well-oiled machine in terms of presentation and mechanics – good job. Are they raising money? Are they getting traction with supporters and pocketing endorsements?

    – Herbster is off to an odd start having debuted on July 4 but without announcing his candidacy publicly. This (misstep?) can likely be yesterday’s news if Carlos Castillo is hired – as the OWH has suggested – and given the expectation that Herbster puts his own money into the race.

    – Seems there is a lot of room for one or more of the “others” to join the race: Bruning, Carlson, Foley, Krist, Ricketts, Stenberg … who else?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Senate race is going to get interesting. Sasse is nowhere to be seen from the press since this A.D. arrest came about. Why was the public left unaware for 7 months that there was a sexual predator in a position of authority who had preyed on at least 2 girls and threatened to murder one?

  12. Gaius Gracchus says:

    In other news, Rick Perry said he won’t run for Governor of Texas again. But there’s talk of a run for the White House in ’16? Really? At least my head was filled with lead after I was dead.

  13. ricky says:

    On another subject the Nancy Sebring lawsuit might be interesting not just for Des Moines but Omaha too maybe. In any case I’d love to see dispositions from everybody involved in the movement to bring down the Omaha Public Schools Board. Maybe it is all related the information coming out of the woodwork concerning LB125 and the rightys that wanted this bill passed.
    So get ready OWH editors and writers and legislatures and OPS lawyers and right wing talk radio personalities and school board members; lawyers want to talk you under oath.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Janssen’s campaign is a well-oiled machine…but only on the surface. And from looking at a distance.

  15. Tonic & Tonic says:

    You have to love the old leftist generalities!
    “Back to the stone age”
    “not progressive”

    Ricky, you leftists have these ideas for expansion, but to what end? Folks on the right have seen our ideal government and it worked quite well. People enjoyed freedom and the opportunity to live for themselves and labor for no other.

  16. Anonymous says:

    T & T, where is this “ideal government working quite well” that you have seen? Was it in your dreams? Or in an Ayn Rand novel? Give me something from the real world.

  17. School House Rock says:

    Charlie Janssen will be an after thought by Labor Day. More candidates for governor are on the horizon. Serious candidates.

  18. Stolen Thunder says:

    Janssen is to the 2014 Gubernatorial Primary as Bruning was to the 2008 Senatorial Primary. Janssen’s whole campaign strategy was to beat up on Flood in hopes of being a viable 2nd choice for voters the same way that Bruning planned to be the anti-Hagel candidate. Just like Bruning’s candidacy evaporated after Hagel announced he wouldn’t seek re-election so to will Janssen’s campaign fade. Whether it is by Labor Day as School House Rock suggests is unknown, but it will happen just the same.

  19. ricky says:

    I predict the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series this year. But as far as the College World Series goes; that event is in big trouble. Record crowds downtown were turned off by the dismal and boring play of the college game further ruined by MECA and the NCAA. ESPN was sadly disappointed in the ratings and boredom inducing baseball.
    So sad that Omaha sold it’s soul to the scandal-ridden on it’s last legs NCAA by leaving our downtown stadium hostage to the NCAA and MECA.
    If the NCAA folds so does the CWS; that is why since they built the place I have been asking for professional ball be played at T D Ameritrade Park. Kill two birds with one stone; put the Sarpy Royals out of business and fill up the park from July to October providing jobs for the youth of North Omaha.

  20. Lil Mac says:

    10:42 you say “Flood never got in again. So he isn’t re-exiting.” I am not sure. Did Flood pull his filing? Once he files he remains a candidate until he formally withdraws. Flood perhaps was and still is running by that measure.

  21. NCAA says:

    It is funny that you say I will be out of business. How much is your former employer USPS in debt???

  22. School of Rock says:

    Very excited to see the entry of these serious candidates by Labor Day. Hopefully there is more than what the news media have included, because those names aren’t working for me. Tom Carlson is a 71 year old state senator who’s claim to fame is asking voters to extend term limits so he’d have more time to figure out the job. Bob Krist has no friends in either party and even less respect from donors. Mike Foley doesn’t accept PAC money and is openly despised by a popular governor. Pete Ricketts lost 80 of 93 counties to Ben Nelson. Maybe someone serious will emerge but he or she is not on this list.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Who’s going to run Lee Terry’s campaign now that Boomer and crew are running Shane Osborne’s campaign?

  24. To Stolen Thunder says:

    So you’re saying that Janssen’s entire campaign strategy revolved around another candidate who had already left the race by the time Janssen announced? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  25. Anonymous says:

    At least Janssen has the guts to jump in while the rest stand on the bank around looking for their swim trunks and spine.

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