Osborn kicking off today

OsbornforSenateRallyGrandIsland2-July11.051705Shane Osborn is having his campaign kickoff for U.S. Senate today at Veterans Memorial Park in Grand Island. (Click to embiggen the flyer at the right.)

Osborn has already been on the campaign parade circuit (appearing with many other candidates and gonna-be-candidates) at the J.E. George, Ralston and Seward parades. He joins the official Senate campaign of Omaha attorney Bart McLeay and the probable Senate campaign of Midlands U. President Ben Sasse.

The last one of that group we are waiting on is Pete Ricketts, who could very well decide to go for Senate or Governor or neither.

(Here’s one floating out there: the Cubs and MLB would rather not have Ricketts in Federal office, as they don’t want him to provoke Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. There may not be a lick of truth to that, but it’s still funny — and we doubt that’s the last we’ll hear about the Cubs and Ricketts.)

In the meantime Osborn, raised in Norfolk, seems to be making a statement about focusing on the 3rd District by starting his campaign in G.I. Those voters have been known to have some influence in the GOP primary.


Over in the Governor’s race, as we noted earlier this week, state Senator Tom Carlson will be announcing his candidacy on Friday. Our friends over at the Objective Conservative say that Charles Herbster will formally announce his candidacy on Monday. And then they also toss out the potential campaigns of state Senator Bob Krist and State Auditor Mike Foley.

Of course Herbster was out and about on the parade trails over the 4th, and was coy about his candidacy…while walking behind a “Herbster for Governor” banner. Sort of a different way to roll things out, but that’s all pretty inside baseball, since once he’s in it really doesn’t make any difference.

But if we’re talking Charlie Janssen, Herbster, Carlson, Krist, Foley, Ricketts — and then potentially even a Jon Bruning or Don Stenberg, ANYTHING could happen. Heck, there might not be enough minutes in the day to carry all of the TV ads.

It could be the sort of race where name ID or one big issue pulls a candidate through. Color us intrigued.


And an **UPDATE** for this post that went up early early this morning, with a little news from the OWH:
1) Krist, noted above, is not going to run for Governor, but IS considering a run against Lee Terry…but as a Democrat.
We had just very recently heard this rumor but found it so far-fetched that we only sort of chuckled. But apparently it’s a real thing.
2) Now, keep in mind however that Krist may not have heard the other matter, that Omaha City Councilman Pete Festersen is also considering running against Terry. If he were to toss in his helmet, we would venture to say Festersen’s Dem nomination would be a slam dunk — certainly against Krist.

Festersen could be a formidable opponent against Terry, but the fact that it’s a mid-term won’t be helping Festersen. Also, FWIW, longtime Terry manager David Boomer is now managing Shane Osborn’s Senate campaign, and the Terry forces are looking for a replacement. Whomever comes could have a battle on their hands, though we’re sure Terry is up to the challenge.


And then over on the Dem side, we certainly chuckle just a little watching Bob Kerrey couch-holder Chuck Hassebrook sew up endorsements. This has gotta make tanned, rested and ready state Senator Steve Lathrop grind his teeth as he ventures from Lions  Club (Grr!) to coffee shop across Nebraska, just listening…listening…

And of course we’ll see how their liberal schtick will actually play to voters who actually vote.


Bart and Matt McLeay 01Finally, here’s a good one from last weekend:

Senate candidate Bart McLeay has a twin brother — Omaha physician Dr. Matt McLeay (the smart one? ha!). So, Bart McLeay was in the J.E. George Parade in Omaha early on the 4th. Then he was in the Ralston parade. From there, one has to haul their butt to get to the big parade in Nebraska’s 4th of July town in Seward, 70 miles away.

So the rumor was that McLeay couldn’t get to Seward in time, so instead had his brother Matt walk to the Seward route, kissing hands and shaking babies in place of Bart — but not letting on who he really is.

Now of course, none of this is true (see pics of Bart in Ralston and Seward on his Facebook page.) But that’s the season we are in folks! Anything can happen! Anything goes! And if you can smell a corn dog wafting through the air, there’s probably a candidate nearby running for SOME statewide office trying to slap a sticker on your forehead.

You’ve been warned!


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  1. RWP says:

    Brad Stephens tweeted this morning that Krist is considering switching parties.

    It would be like a drag queen getting a sex change; just finalizing few small final details, most of the switch is already taken care of.

  2. Jewels says:

    Bob Krist running as a Democract okay I find that very laugable. Is Krist that desperate to run for office that he is going to run as a Democract. As for Festersen that suprises me alot. I figured as most that he would be running for higher office, but thinking it would be mayor. But I would say LWS gets it right about 85% of the time. It will make it a interesting primary. Has anyone heard if Chip Maxwell is still going to primary Terry

  3. Mad Max says:

    It will be interesting to see Krist an RC-135 pilot and Shane Osborn a Navy PIlot. Osborn can explain why such a “hero” left the Navy early. HInt. Maybe Uncle Sam does not like you handing our planes to the Chinese.

  4. Gaius Gracchus says:

    To Mel Gibson above: it is easy to second guess. We’ll see what happens when your surveillance aircraft is intercepted by PLA Air Force jets.

    In the meantime, past success or failure as a Service member is not always indicative of success in any present or future civilian role. Props to all who served, but the only relevant question for those in politics is “What have you done for me lately? Like inside you current term of office?”

  5. ProgressiveOasis says:

    First, Chip Maxwell is not going to run against Terry next year…no money and no chance. Second, the Omaha Fire Union strikes again…Tom Becka either on suspension or fired after another hours long rant about the convicted felon son of a current fire captain being hired by OFD. I sure hope he will enjoy returning to Fargo.

  6. To ProgressiveOasis says:

    Becka is on vacation in the Czech republic. if he REALLY was suspended over his rant last week, I sincerely dount he could plan a vacation that soon and I sincerely doubt that KOIL would’ve replayed it yesterday like they did….

  7. ricky says:

    I think Festerson would be a worthy opponent for Lee Terry. Why the voters of the 2nd district would want to continue on this dysfunctional path the US Congress (and especially the GOP House) walks is beyond me. Even the Republicans would have to concede the status quo is not working.
    For goodness sakes voters let somebody other than Terry have a chance.


  8. Crow says:

    Ricky still hasn’t eaten me for picking Suttle to win the mayor’s race. Now he thinks Festerson is a worthy opponent for Lee Terry? That’s the kiss of death right there.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Becka must see into the future since he predicted some smart fool would claim he was suspended. Yeah that’s how it goes. Talk about dumb Bohunks. Don’t count Becka as one. If you wonder if what he says has some validity take a tour of the apartment fire that began as one unit and ended up taking out an entire brick building to the ground that had functional sprinklers. One unit and an entire building gone. Then if that wasn’t disgusting enough, within 48 hours of 30 people ending up homeless, there was the OFD congratulating themselves in a press conference for their “heroics” of having escaped a collapsed roof. Truth is the roof collapsed from the weight of the water from their own using an aerial before an all clear. Becka makes a great point judging from the millions of property damage and lives ruined while these guys parade heroics and Rome burns.

  10. Status Quo says:

    Yes Ricky I concede that the socialist agenda of the Democratic controlled Senate and Presidency has finally been fought to a stand still by the Republicans after Democrats had carte blanche with both branches until 2010. While I know you might miss those days of passing socialized medicine, crippling regulation and spending like drunken sailors (but at least sailors stop spending when they run out of money), the majority of Nebraskans look at the current status quo as a moral victory (even though we are still stuck with all of the former problems).

    It also provides insight into why Nebraskans won’t give their legislators a pay raise, have term limits and limit legislative sessions to 60 or 90 days. Longer sessions and higher salaries give legislators too much time (and taxpayer money) on their hands which leads to a greater loss of freedom.

  11. To the Idiot above says:

    Really, that’s all you can come up with. Idiot!!!! Now go crawl under your rock. I’ll speak to your father at the next State GOP meeting about your posts.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Festerson would be a fool to run against Terry. He has support in his council district. Period. The rest of Omaha could care less about him. The rest of the 2nd district cares even less. Just remember that the district was redrawn to be even more favorable to the GOP. Oh, and Festerson would vote for Nancy “Pass the Bill to See What’s in it” Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Ouch.

  13. Questions says:

    I haven’t heard about the complaints regarding the apartment fire…but, I have always wondered why the whole building was a loss when the apartments had fully functional sprinkler systems.

    Hey Chris..becka has pics of his vaca up on Facebook. I wonder how Progressive Oasis thinks he faked those! LOL

  14. RWP says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I was insensitive. I meant ‘freelance urban renewal’ and ‘undocumented shopping’, not ‘rioting and looting’.

  15. Anonymous says:

    #18—I’m not the one running for Senate posting what looks to be a family photo. If you don’t know the answer then don’t answer. Calling someone an “idiot” is a bit like the first grade tongue out retort of “takes one to know one.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s hilarious to watch Charlie Jansen and Jordan Mcgrain coddle the RLC screwballs. Thank god Fahleson stood up to those imbeciles at convention last year, hopefully JL does too.

  17. RWP says:

    RLC screwballs would be people who actually want to reduce the size of government, and also stay out of your bedroom?

    Yeah, what freaks.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Hold on, RWP. The Republican Liberty Coalition may be a tad screwballish… They keep expecting the Republican Party to act in accordance with it’s platform! And we all know the Republican Party is not likely to do that.

    On the other hand, maybe calling the RLC screwballish is insensitive. Maybe they are only overly optimistic…

  19. TexasAnnie says:

    Naaw, I’ll let the Democrats fight it out in court and increasingly take more elective offices over the next few elections… But you’re right that I’ve been busy watching the House and Senate over the past week and half here in Texas!

  20. A Winning GOP says:

    I am glad that Nebraska pass LB 1103 in 2010 without the media glare. Fetal pain is real and when Nebraskans hear the truth…we do the right thing. Just like Texas will do.

    The DailyBeast had a throw away article stating that the Nebraska bill in 2010 was a ‘big deal’. Three years later, the nation has discovered that the Nebraska Fetal Pain Bill IS A BIG DEAL and that science continues to support the facts presented in the LB1103 hearings (and presented on the floor by Senators Flood, McCoy and Fulton).

    TA, you are just plain wrong. Texas is a thinking state (at least the Texans that I meet) and they continue to vote for people who reflect their views.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What’s the difference between PETA and Nebraska Right to Life? At least PETA know they’re a little cookoo.

  22. Amnesty Tom says:

    I love Tom Carlson. He wants to cut benefits for unemployed American workers, but wants to give benefits to illegal aliens. Maybe there would be more jobs for legal Nebraskans if Tom didn’t support illegal immigration.

  23. Illegal Alien in search of a home says:

    Dear readers.

    My family and I are touring the country in search of a home. We are looking for free medical care. Any suggestions?

  24. Midland Grad says:

    Glad to see Ben Sasse is out in Sidney and not doing his job back home. How did Jason Dannelly get hired? Who hired him? Why did it take so long after he left Midland for him to be brought to Justice? When did Ben Sasse know about the problem? What is he doing to protect our female students from this type of abuse again???????

  25. To Midland Grad says:

    Here is what Sasse said when he hired Dannelly
    “we are very lucky to have him join our leadership team,” Dr. Sasse said. “I know he will do an outstanding job for our players and coaches and he will play a key role in delivering a richer experience for our fans.”
    Yes Ben he did an “Outstanding Job” for your players!

  26. To: illegal alien @ 11:16 says:

    Please call Mike Flood, or Galen Hadley, or the Nebraska Hospital Association…they are always ready to help–as long as they have taxpayer money to pay for it.

  27. To To Midland Grad says:

    It will all come out in the Trial about who knew what. This man allegedly threatened to kill one of these ladies. This is a huge case.

  28. To: illegal alien @ 11:16 says:

    A favor, por favor: Please send all of your family’s pregnant women to either Lexington or Grand Island. Those two towns need all of the anchor babies they can get, and the (non-profit) hospitals in those two towns need all the business they can get—chasing after non-profit customers, you know. (wink,wink)

  29. Something just occurred to me says:

    Illegals get better treatment then law abiding, tuition paying student athletes at Midland. Who knew.

  30. To Anoymous at 3:39 says:

    It’s huge to the the victims and the parents of these 2 women. Furthermore its huge to the women that attend Midland. People are going to want to know how this man got hired.

  31. Anonymous says:

    You mean the RLC that wanted to send delegates to the RNC Convention because Nebraska voters “made a mistake” in voting overwhelmingly for Romney in the primary? Or the ones who show up to get their leaders (who are crazy) installed, then don’t show up or get involved after?

  32. Fremont Voter says:

    I hope I see Ben Sasse in Fremont at the parade tomorrow. I’ll ask him why he hired that creep. I can’t believe he brought him to Midland.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The day after Midland fired Sasse he told the Fremont Tribune that they had made “great strides” in Midland’s athletic program. He then left us all in the dark about what really happened.

    Remember Ben Sasse was part of the Bush administration. Instead of “heckuva job Brownie” it was “heckuva job Dannelly”.

  34. Soylently says:

    Fetal pain? If childbirth causes pain then abortion is good because it helps avoid that pain? That’s the same silly argument as lethal injection versus electrocution. Abortion is either murder or it’s not. Treat it accordingly. If it is murder, it is a crime that varies from state to state. Fine. Jail abortionists in Life states and tax them in Choice states. But quit trying to cram one-size-fits-all federal solutions down everyone’s throat when no solution fits all when it comes to infanticide.

    Freedom is your ability to live in a state where you force irresponsible girls to produce kids whom you won’t adopt but you may later put on death row, but always with you having the other option, should you disagree, that you can move to the next state where teenagers sober up damn quick when they see mom legally puree her own fetus for the dog.

    Instead of jailing parents for spanking kids, let states legalize pater familis so parents may kill their kids at any age. But don’t call it “choice”, as the object is to help your living kids not choose stupidly. You got a lazy kid pulling Cs? Shake a jar full of his brother’s remains under his nose and that kid will be cracking the books. A fetus in a jar is a good start. This is infanticide, sure. So what? Demanding an aborting mother birth and raise her kid is like expecting Hitler to send Jewish kids to college.

  35. Sasse says:

    If Sasse is willing to lie and put kids in harms way imagine what kind of a senator he would be.

    Sasse needs to come clean on why he hid the fact his AD was threading to kill female students to turn them into his own personal postitutes…

    Simply sick.

  36. To Sasse says:

    The guy needs to answer some questions about the hiring and what he knew and when. Threatening to kill a woman is serious.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that Sasse is under the microscope. What exactly has Shane Osborn been doing with himself? Didn’t he have his share of legal woes in the throes of being a hero?

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 2:14, Osborn is currently in the private sector gaining valuable experience rather than living on the government teat for forever. Sasse is under the microscope because his hand-picked AD is allegedly a real dirtbag and sex offender. In the wake of Penn State, it is fair game to ask how Sasse handled this. This is his opportunity to shine like the sun or glisten like fresh dog s*** in the sun. He really needs to be out in front of the whole situation. Unfortunately, he is likely hamstrung by the school lawyers and the county attorney. Them’s the breaks of politics.

  39. Anonymous says:

    #56: You’re trying hard to make a connection that’s quite a stretch. Osborn was in the public sector having his woes.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    Uh, Osborn left office 2 and a half years ago. How is he still in the public sector? You do realize that being in the news and being in the public sector are two different things, right?

  41. Interested Observer says:

    The July 3, 2012 Fremont Tribune article about Jason Dannelly said :

    “In a statement Wednesday, a university spokesperson said officials have been cooperating with the investigation.

    “When the university was made aware of the allegations, we investigated over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and met with the employee. He resigned on the spot, left campus, and we turned the information over to law enforcement,” the statement said.”

  42. To IO says:

    Sasse quote in 2011 based on Dannelly hire.

    “Nobody knows NAIA athletics like Jason and we are very lucky to have him join our leadership team. I know he will do an outstanding job for our players and coaches and he will play a key role in delivering a richer experience for our fans.”

    “Athletics provides character development opportunities for our students. It develops community and student engagement opportunities. And it is a venue for demonstrating Midland’s excellence in competition, which strengthens our institution. Our program is growing and we want to get stronger in each of these areas, and Jason’s knowledge and experience is proving to be a great asset.”

  43. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse can turn the whole thing to his advantage if he acted promptly and forcefully. He has no control over how fast the county attorney brings this to trial so he may have to wait before he can speak candidly about his role once he found out what happened. Sure, he hired the guy, but as long as he did his due diligence, he can say that Dannelly really fooled him but he wasn’t blinded by his previous judgement in order to protect his students. This situation should not be the kiss of death for Sasse’s candidacy if he acted decisively. It already sounds like he put Paterno to shame. (Low hurdle, I know)

  44. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Sounds like Janssen is definitely hitting the campaign trail hard. His campaign tweeted pictures from Gering (parade) and Paxton(meet and greet/fundraiser) this weekend, followed by an impressive showing in Fremont. I also heard that he was in Sidney on Thursday.

    He probably has my vote, being as he is a conservative and just as importantly is NOT a 71 year old big gov’t RINO or a millionaire pyramid schemer who doesn’t vote in primaries.
    Seriously, how can the Herbster justify sending people to the polls in the primary when he himself probably won’t bother to do so?

  45. Not-that-interested observer says:

    Carlson said in his announcement that most of his colleagues couldn’t be there… But none seem to be endorsing him

  46. Anonymous says:

    #59: Didn’t say he WAS still in the public sector which explains the use of the verb….WAS. Like he WAS in the military. Almost 100 volunteers is a good start, but huge it isn’t. For having a high priced DC campaign manager, you’d think it would be really, really, really huge.

  47. TexasAnnie says:

    Soylently: A little crude but on target when trying to describe ethical deliberation…

    Check out the Journal of Medical Ethics: Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva.

  48. to To the idiot above says:

    I think you got confused about which campaign they were discussing. Your idea is right, though. Osborn’s campaign manager is from Connecticut.

  49. RWP says:

    I think Governor is more likely. When I asked him once if he’d considered running for Congress (when Bereuter’s seat came open) he said he couldn’t face moving his family to DC.

  50. Anonymous says:

    To those who call names: David Boomer is the hero’s campaign manager if news reports are to be believed. It is also said he resides in Lincoln though works in DC…..heck of a commute.

  51. Herbster's Millions says:

    the question isn’t WHO he is working for, the question is, “what will he be doing?”

    Is he buying in to an exciting multi-level marketing company with a simple investment of $1,000?
    Is he working for the angus farm, selling straws of high priced bull semen?
    Is he managing Herbster’s yet-to-be-announced but still campaigning run for governor?

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry, you’re right. Connecticut is closer to Nebraska than it is Washington, D.C. It would take an booming idiot to know that.

  53. Curious says:

    Curious why Charles Herbster has hired Carlos Castillo to run his campaign. Castillo has a dubious record when it comes to transparency and serving Nebraska’s taxpayers. Last year Castillo worked to block Mike Foley from performing an audit on the state’s health care plan. Foley found Nebraska has one of the most expensive plans in the nation, and if Castillo had gotten his way Nebraska’s taxpayers would never have known.

    Now Castillo is part of a selection committee that operated in a less-than-transparent manner, giving Kearney the upper hand in relocating a Veterans Home. This home had been in Grand Island for generations, but someone wanted to move it to Kearney. With Castillo’s record for secrecy, we may never know why.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Maybe that’s why he’s running the Herbster’s campaign. He’s right in the mix. Before anyone namecalls “idiot”? Make sure you put down the mirror.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that now that Terry’s people are in place running Osborne’s campaign the mudslinging against Sasse has begun. Nasty, nasty campaigning.

  56. To: Curious at 1:33 says:

    Let me set the record straight for you Curious:

    Grand Island and Kearney competed for the helicopter deal. Grand Island won, Keanrey lost, and Kearney congratulated Grand Island on their efforts and win.

    Grand Island and Kearney competed for the Nebraska State Fair. Grand Island won, Kearney lost, and Kearney congratulated Grand Island on their efforts and win.

    Grand Island and Kearney competed for the Vet’s Home. Kearney won, and Grand Island is acting like an angry first grader, stomping their feet and vowing to fight.

    Maybe the whole decision had something to do with the stability of the governance of the two cities.
    Kearney has an experienced and knowledgeable mayor, city attorney, and a respected and cooperative city council.

    Grand Island has a mayor who drives while under the influence, a city attorney who is a dufus, and a dysfunctional city council.

    Grand Island needs to show some class for once. There was no “secrecy” about any of it.

  57. vets home says:

    I’m not sure the point was whether one community is more gracious than the other. I think the point is that Kearney had a tip that the Veterans home would be up for bid a year before Grand Island, where the home was located for 100 years, knew. Carlos Castillo was part of that process – a process that now might be subject to litigation. The process was unfair and is going to cost people in Grand Island their jobs.

  58. Realtor says:

    With several years notice, can’t the Vets Home employees move to keep their jobs. These people are not being fired.

  59. To: Vet's home says:

    Please verify that Kearney “had a tip”. If you can’t back it up, do not put it out there as a fact.

    What about all the others who were “part of the process?” Carlos wasn’t the only one involved.

    Who says that the deal made with Kearney might be “subject to litigation?”

    When the State Fair moved to Grand Island, people in Lincoln lost their jobs, and businesses lost their businesses. Where were you and your whining when that took place?

    Grand Island’s incessant whining and child-like bawling is embarrassing. Grow up Grand Island and accept the fact that you screwed up on this one.

    Blame it on politics if you wish. Kearney does not have the internal political in-fighting that Grand Island does, so they can focus on other politics. If Grand Island politics could pull their head out of their ass long enough to see the big picture, they might have been able to do the work necessary to get the Vet’s home.

    The lack of class by Grand Island’s leadership, including their state senator, is nauseating.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I heard that if Ben Sasse is listening, he sure ain’t paying attention. There’s no phone/cell number to reach him. To find an email address takes an act of Congress then when you email him? He fails to reply. He was on a Lincoln radio station so I guess he exists just doesn’t wish to engage. Sounds like perfect Senate material to me. Oddly, the following message wasn’t brought to you by his opponent just an interested now uninterested voter.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the veteran’s home being in Grand Island or Kearney, why isn’t it in Columbus or Lincoln?

    The geographic center of Nebraska is at Broken Bow, just west of Grand Island and Kearney, which makes those cities good choices for a state veteran’s home but only Nebraska isn’t East-heavy. But it is East-heavy. The Mean Population Center of Nebraska is 130 miles East of Broken Bow, at Rising City, NE, just south east of Columbus and only 60 miles from West Omaha.

    Giving a fewer number of people two hours less to drive means forcing the majority to waste a lot more total gasoline driving those same hours the other way. Is that fair or wise? Nobody twists your arm to live in rural areas, where people like to feel they are better than those jaded city folks. This is gift to you from those city folks. BTW, thanks for the beef and corn, It is delicious.

  62. To: Anonymous at 7:37 says:

    It is best that you remain anonymous based on your thought process. Sure, Columbus would be fine, but there is already a beautiful Veterans Home close by in Norfolk. Omaha and Lincoln have all kinds of places for veterans, including the VA Hospital in Omaha. It sounds like your inclination toward geographical minutia kept you from knowing that. How did that miss your intricate brain?

    Scottsbluffs also has a beautiful Veterans Home. The Veterans Home at Grand Island is not so beautiful. It is about 125 years old, and is not a pleasant place compared to Norfolk or Scottsbluff.

    With your astute reasoning, virtually everything in Nebraska should be at Rising City, then we could all be happy. Yikes! Please move there yourownself.

  63. Interested Observer says:

    Nebraska currently has Veteran’s Homes located in Bellevue, Norfolk, Grand Island and Scottsbluff.

  64. Hardy Harr Haar says:

    Congratulations to the Nebraska Young Republicans for winning the State Federation of the Year Award tonight at the YR National Convention 2013. Considering there exist many strong state-level YR federations, this isn’t an award to be regarded lightly. Someone in leadership is doing something right!

  65. Interested Observer says:

    Annie, the Nebraska State Veterans’ Homes provide long term care to those veterans who are no longer physically able to live in their own homes, in the same way a nursing home does. Services range from assisted living, for members able to essentially care for themselves, to skilled nursing care.

  66. Omaha YR's says:

    I gave up on the young republicans when they were walking with Pat McPherson behind a Bob Kerry banner in the GBLT parade.

  67. Chris Scott says:

    That is not true at all. I seen the YRs at several parades walking for conservative candidates. Kerry is hardly a conservative, well perhaps compared to Krist.

  68. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    Peter Festersen as a candidate against Terry in an off-year election with an increasingly unpopular Governor? I can already think of a large number of people who would support this – most of which are voters from Festersen’s city council district…

  69. Watching says:

    Prediction: Herbster will run and hide when he realizes that all the ppl he has run over are waiting to come out of the woodwork……

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