Pete Ricketts is in for #NEGOV

Pete Ricketts 03We have heard from our sources that 2006 GOP U.S. Senate nominee, and current co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, Pete Ricketts, will run for the GOP nomination for Nebraska Governor in 2014.

There has been rampant speculation that Ricketts would get into either the race for the open Senate seat or the open Governor’s office. There was some off-hand speculation that a Federal office could cause “problems” with the Cubs and Ricketts, but nothing really confirmed.

Ricketts entry to the race could cause some serious cash to be thrown around. In 2006, Ricketts spent around $12 million of his own cash in a failed attempt to upend Senator Ben Nelson. In the GOP Governor’s race, along with conservative firebrand (just to use some sort of moniker) state Senator Charlie Janssen, there will be Southeast Nebraska business and cattleman Charles Herbster. Herbster is expected to spend his own cash and has hired GOP campaign superstarCarlos Castillo  (he managed the takedown of Gov candidate Tom Osborne) as his manager.

On Ricketts’s side, he is likely to again go with Jessica Moenning, though we have no information as of yet on any campaign staff. Since his 2006 campaign Ricketts has kept busy with the Cubs (where his brother Tom is the managing partner), the Platte Institute think tank, and Nebraska Watchdog, one of those news-blogging sites you’ve heard about. Ricketts’s right-hand…person, Nancy McCabe was also seen at last night’s Republican Forum — furiously jotting down notes while Charlie Janssen was speaking.

We will wait for final confirmation of a Ricketts run and will update you accordingly.


Shane Osborn - Beautiful Person 2001 01On the Senate side, the candidates have been out and around.

Roll Call did a brief get-to-know-you feature on Shane Osborn. Among other things, they mention that Osborn was selected as one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2001 (along with the likes of Jude Law, Heath Ledger and Alex Rodriguez). They noted that he was awarded this while still flying combat missions in Afghanistan.

Roll Call also lists Team Osborn as:

Dave Boomer (campaign manager)
Brad Todd of OnMessage Inc. (media and general consultant
Sam Fischer of Meridian Central (direct mail)
Dean Dennhardt (finance)

Osborn also announced that he raised $233,868 in June — as reported on their July FEC report. Osborn is the only candidate thus far to file such a report.

Team Osborn was in Fremont last weekend and posed for this pic.

Shane Osborn 071313 01


And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the LJS’s Don Walton’s Monday column. We often beat up on the notoriously Ben Nelson-friendly Walton, but mainly because he is one of the few politics-only columnists in Nebraska.

Walton noted that the Governor’s race as “puzzling”, then went on to say that “now we have free-spending Falls City businessman Charles Herbster about to enter the Republican scrap”.

Uh, “free spending”? Since when? Has Herbster filed anything? Has he ostentatiously displayed his wealth to the voters? Are his parade signs made of spun gold (or possibly a fine Falls City leather)? We get it that he may have lured Carlos Castillo to his side by offering good pay — but that is what the top politicos demand. But free-spending?

The gist here is the Walton is disappointed that Mike Flood didn’t get into the race, so now he finds the likes of Janssen, Herbster and Tom Carlson a puzzle — and sees an opening for a liberal like Hassebrook or Lathrop to get in because…well, just because.

We’re past expecting Yankee-fan Walton to up and root for the Red Sox, but we still tire of him reading the box scores however he wants.

…oh and here’s Charlie Janssen at the same JC Fremont parade as Osborn up above:

Charlie Janssen - JC Fremont Days


Congrats to the Nebraska Federation of Young Republicans who were recently honored at the Young Republican National Convention as the State Federation of the Year.

Chairman Brandon Petersen received the award at the convention in Mobile, Alabama last week.


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  1. $500,000 man says:

    If Charles DUBYA Herbster is putting $10,000,000 into the race, and his staff are charging $500,000 a piece, Nebraska won’t see much of those dollars on television. At least Castillo will be able to pay down his mortgage at the end of the primary!

  2. RWP says:

    I can understand (though not forgive) someone from the tri-state area (excluding Long Island) for being a Yankees fan, but what’s Walton’s excuse? He likes massive, arrogant, overspending, perpetually scandal ridden…oh, hold on, he’s a Democrat. Never mind.

  3. Kearney Republican says:

    Finally somebody I can vote for in this race! Pete Ricketts may have lost to Nelson before, but he had the courage to take on the most popular senator in the United States. Ricketts is a standup guy Nebraskans can get behind unlike the rest of the field who is either too self-serving or too naive to gain the respect of voters in our state. Go Pete!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am glad to have Pete Ricketts in the race. Admittedly, I voted for Ben Nelson in 2006 because I believed he was a conservative Democrat. Big mistake. If Pete Ricketts had been in the Senate we would not have the Cornhusker Kickback and ObamaCare. Pete’s ideas have proven themselves to be right. Nebraska would be fortunate to have a leader like Pete as governor.

  5. Not a Kearney Republican says:

    Ricketts spent $16 MIL to run against Nelson in a race he thought he could actually win. Now that’s being naive. Unless he gets rid of JM, he doesn’t have a prayer.

  6. RWP says:

    I’m also inclined to support Ricketts. I worry about Herbster’s ‘Focus on the Family’ connections, and Charlie Jannsen’s been a bit of a lightning rod (though I respect some of the stands he’s taken). Ricketts is a conservative with libertarian instincts.

    (I suppose, though I can expect to be annoyed by fundraising letters from a guy about 1000 times richer than me, as happened when Steve Forbes ran for president)

  7. Annonymous says:

    If true, thank goodness. Pete will put Nebraskans first. He has the brains, the work ethic, and the compass to improve state policy and the well being of all Nebraskans. Special interests, which are clearly becoming more and more relevant in Nebraska policy making (see lobbyist finance stories lately), are not a threat to Pete putting the people first.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GO PETE! A lot of people have forgotten that his ’06 run was very helpful to local candidates – running one of the largest GOTV programs in Nebraska benefiting every Republican on the ticket. Would love to see his private sector experience in the Governor’s Office.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well, this completes the Governor’s race. As for the Senate, Bruning stays AG because he will not run against his friend and political ally Shane Osborn. Stenberg might give it a try. If he does, expect Tony Fulton and Pete Pirsch to run for Treasurer. Give Fulton the huge edge on that one.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts is a good guy who has done a lot for the state and the NEGOP. Have to think his time spent helping local candidates and being National Committeeman has created a lot of good will and loyalty with a lot of party people and Republican activist.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts has done a ton for the state and has continually conveyed that he’s willing to take on the problems from the front. He’ll be a great Governor.

  12. ricky says:

    Well put a fork in Charlie Janssen’s campaign for Governor. Two Tea Partiers but one with a million dollars to blow.
    Go Westside Warriors!
    However, I give Steve Lathrop a good chance at pulling it off. Ricketts has already been rejected by the voters and after all those years of Gov Heineman Nebraskans are looking for a liberal to head the state, not another austerity hawk who’s only answer is less tax on the wealthy.
    ricky WHS Class of ’73. (not going to the reunion)

  13. Ricky Logic says:

    So……’re saying that Ricketts will win the primary, but then Steve Lathrop of all people will beat Ricketts…because he’s been rejected by the voters before? Maybe retired postal workers are looking for a liberal to head the state, but common sense Nebraskans aren’t. Read the article on Detroit filing for bankruptcy because they couldn’t keep their union pensions in line.

  14. Run! Pete! Run! says:

    Between a little known state senator, who is routinely bested by Steve Lathrop and Ernie Chambers on the floor of the Unicameral and an unknown in the Herbster, I am definitely favoring Pete Ricketts (no one is giving Carlson a chance, right?).

    Pete Ricketts has done everything right since 2006, he’s focused on helping inner-city kids in Omaha get a quality education by saving area Catholic schools from closing, he’s focused on Nebraska and creating jobs in our state and has invested in local candidates who keep winning elections (Deb Fischer, Beau McCoy, Tony Fulton, Mike Foley have all benefited greatly by Pete’s support over the years, just to name a few).

  15. Merriam Webster says:

    Beautiful is a subjective term. Especially when it is in regard to Shane’s looks. Norm Wallman however…. it is fact.

  16. warren g says:

    Just wondering if the same sources informing the street sweeper that Ricketts is (small caps) in for Gov are the same ones that informed the street sweeper that Mike Flood WILL (large caps) run for Gov? If so, I’ll be waiting for the announcement in a week to ten days that Ricketts WILL NOT be running for Gov.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The above could be correct: This could be a trial balloon that went flat in 2006. Hate to be so crude and rude, but this is like a cow’s cud that just keeps coming back up like a bad dream. Wasn’t it JM that ran Mayor Welch’s campaign as his consultant or was that President Huckabee’s?

  18. Ricketts "wasn't right on life" with Jean in Mayoral Race says:

    Ricketts is not an ethical and do right stand up guy. More like Orphan Annie’s mean Daddy Warbucks$$$$ ya know that really rich bald headed guy. The guy cannot connect or find trust with voters. He on several occasions during the primary & general elections deceitfully told others in GOP inner circles that Jean Stothert was not really prolife – not true. Still bitter about Welch’s loss ..wonder where that came from… the Moenning machine all warm and really fuzzy Family First mantra??

  19. NADC will be Herbster truth teller says:

    All the wild claims that Carlos Castillo is making $20k a month and up are so false. Ya know the ones who keep repeating tthat I have heard from several reliable sources……such b.s. The January NADC report will be the truth telling canary that will sing. Castillo is worth a six figure salary but the $250k not true. Keep dream’in y’all. And, paying exorbant salaries to other potential staffers same b.s.- Castillo is a very tight fisted money manager despite a candidate’s potential resources.

  20. Tonic & Tonic says:

    This doesn’t change too much for me… *yawn*
    Pete Ricketts routinely makes a fool of himself, won’t (can’t) connect with 3rd district voters, and hasn’t put in a hard day’s work.
    To the consultants of all: keep your stick on the ice.

  21. RWP says:

    2006 was a mid-term year at the height of W’s unpopularity. I doubt you can learn much from Nelson winning in 2006.

    Wondering if Pete hasn’t put in a hard day’s work is clueless. You think COOs of Fortune 500 companies spend the day on the golf course, like Obama?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ricketts running for governor makes sense. Most likely, the decision is driven by Ricketts seeing Osborn’s DFC/POW medals as being as hard to beat as was once Nelsons deluded Conservative voter base. The odds are strongly in Ricketts’ favor.

    The primary is easily Ricketts’. He and McCabe were Nat Cmtyman and DC Cnty Chmn respectively. Not light duty. And he’s already been vetted through a statewide GOP primary by Republicans, who agreed with Ricketts that Nelson would turn out to be a leftwing stooge. It is Herbster’s millions against Ricketts’ access to billions but, also Herbster is a political novice. Herbster could try to hammer Ricketts as Stenberg did but that didn’t even work for Don.

    How Ricketts fairs in a general election depends on the many Conservatives who for decades voted for Governor and then Senator Ben Nelson, believing Nelson wasn’t a Liberal lackey, and who voted against Ricketts because Ricketts promised Nelson would prove to be a Liberal stooge. These Conservatives trusted Nelson right up until they caught the stooge passing Obamacare. Ouch! They are today loath to admit they ever voted for Nelson. Thus it may be difficult to poll that humiliation as it translates to Ricketts today. But it is deeply felt in these jilted ex-Nelson lovers who know, with a terrible grasp, that Ricketts was right.

    Whereas GOP Primary voters weren’t at all surprised that Ricketts was right about Nelson, Nelson’s “kickback” shocked his conservative voters down to their socks. They are the critical swing element of the conservative electorate of Nebraska. This bodes well for Ricketts.

  23. Not the real mccoy says:

    I don’t think this is the field for goveronor. I think somebody who sports a bow tie quite a bit may still be looking at his options.

  24. Come On! says:

    RWP has an interesting interpretation of the 2006 race. Dubya had a 61% approval rating in Nebraska, one of the highest in the country, and Ricketts not only lost to Nelson, he lost by 28 freakin’ points. I think you can learn quite a bit about Team Ricketts from that race. Nebraska Republicans were embarrassed by that campaign, didn’t show to vote for him, and his unfavorable rating remains in the high 30s because of it.

  25. Not McCoy says:

    Can guarantee that McCoy is not running because his staff in Lincoln is going all over town trying to get people to work for Herbster. She’s got a big mouth.

  26. Lil Mac says:

    RWP, regarding Nelson’s win in 2006… from Nov 2005 to Oct 2006, Nelson never polled below 52%, so Ricketts had the choice of losing by doing nothing and thereby gaining nothing, or Ricketts could lose while warning voters that Nelson would prove himself a liberal stooge for Obama. Nelson never polled above 57% that entire time. Yet Nelson won by 63%. Something happened there.

    My guess is, Nebraska voters took offense at Ricketts hammering Nelson as slimy partisan Democrat when so many Nebraskans thought of Nelson as some kind of honorable conservative, or at worst a non-partisan honorable guy. No one ever dreamed Nelson would personally pass Obamacare and by a slimy kickback that proved to be worse than Ricketts had warned. Yet back in 2006, Nebraskans still loved Nelson the fake conservative. Thus, if Ricketts telling the truth about Nelson back in 2006 drove Ricketts’ own numbers down and Nelson’s up, that honest expression of foresight pays off for Ricketts today.

    Plenty of Republicans didn’t want Ricketts to hammer Nelson in 2006. They held out unreasonable hope that voters would suddenly see the slimy Nelson that Republicans saw. But Ricketts may have crunched the numbers and figured, why not go down for an honestly roaring lion rather than a meek quiet lamb. Ricketts doubled down on his Nelson warnings, which only make Nelson’s conservative lovers commit more love to Nelson back in 2006. Hence the 63% for Nelson. It was only when they caught him later having sex with the donkey that they had the epiphany and saw they had been deluded and Ricketts was right all along.

  27. Wow says:

    So Lil Mac has hoped on the revisionist bandwagon. Pete Ricketts spent $14 million of his own money on a race he knew he couldn’t win just to warn Nebraskans about Ben Nelson’s impending turn to the dark side? Yeah forgive me if I don’t believe that.

    Ricketts was a well intentioned political novice who was duped by his friends Chuck Hagel and LouAnn Linehan into dumping his personal treasury into attack after attack on their hated rival Ben Nelson. It’s not more complicated than that. Since then, Pete has been all about Pete.

  28. Nebraska WatchHog says:

    We are certainly thankful for Pete Ricketts significant investment in our “news” blog, which we’ve used to attack Governor Heineman, Lee Terry, Jean Stothert and just about every other conservative candidate and issue in Nebraska for years now, while writing glowing reports on Jane Kleeb and Bob Kerrey, Adam Morfeld and their ilk.

    Thanks Pete Ricketts for making WatchHog the place to go for conservative hatchet jobs!

  29. Cult of Multi-Level-Marketing says:

    I hope Herbster is ready for the Ricketts onslaught. Pete plays to win. Jessica will kick some arse!

  30. Paid Posts says:

    Are some of these pro-Ricketts posts for real? Maybe next time the Ricketts peeps try to bombard a blog with their posts they should make it less obvious. We get it, you like Pete, but can you at least get a little creative with your posts?

  31. RWP says:

    Nebraska almost never kicks out incumbents. Bob Kerrey was reelected in this heavily Republican state after being the deciding vote on Clinton’s tax hike. He still won by 10 points.

    Inferring anything from 2006 is stupid.

    Nobody pays me to write anything, except Pearson Education inc.. And y’all wouldn’t want to read that.

    By the way, I think NE Watchdog is pretty balanced. Deena Winter covered Kerrey’s odd financials when none of the mainstream press would. And I don’t recall them being particularly unfair to Republicans.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    Ricketts will run for governor and if he wins, will run for President his second term. Senator is a dead end job. Governor is where it’s at.

    I agree with all the previous posters about 2006: The incumbent was going to win anyway but Rickett’s negative ads pushed the margin higher. The main thing that Ricketts has going for him is that he has remained active in the state building up the GOP despite losing in 2006.

  33. Third District says:

    Why would I vote for a multi-millionaire owner of a Major League baseball team, who doesn’t care about issues important to us out here? Sounds like Pete still has a bruised ego from his whoopin’ at the hands of E. Benjamin and thinks this is his way to make himself feel better. Bet he only hits the big businesses when he’s out here on his campaign stops, if he even bothers to come out here to campaign.

  34. Anonymous says:

    ” Pete plays to win. Jessica will kick some arse.”

    Present and future tense though past tense is best applied: Pete lost. Jessica had her arse kicked.

  35. Gaius Gracchus says:

    McD @ 11:47 am, do you think Ricketts is Presidential timber? One term as Governor is hardly a sufficient for a second term – as Governor, much less running for President.

  36. Macdaddy says:

    Gaius, I have no idea if Ricketts is presidential material. Never met him and I don’t know how he’d be in office. My prediction that he is looking past governor is based on the facts that Ricketts has lots of money, he plays on a national stage in both business and politics, and the surer path to president is through a governorship. If he does a credible job as governor (and how hard can that be in Nebraska, I ask you), people will pay attention to him. The bald head is probably a liability, though.

  37. Reset button says:

    Anyone would have lost to Nelson in 2006 by a similar margin, regardless of the type of campaign. Campaign wins or losses are a combination of factors (and staff is a minor part of that equation regardless of how much envy and vitriol is expressed here) and Nelson was at the height of popularity, GOP was on the downward slide nationally, and Ricketts was a political novice.

    Now, Ricketts is seasoned and has connections across the state, many people understand he could have been the deciding vote against obamacare and regret not voting for him, and his experience is arguably a better fit for Governor. He’s also done a lot to elect Republican candidates and support county parties – for the sake of a strong party and good government. And he has earned his conservative stripes.

    Additionally, he is the most appealing of the field. He would build on Governor Heineman’s legacy, not ride it out or dismantle it. And the money factor really is neutralized since Pete can raise the money this go around and reports have Charles W. Herbster spending more in the Primary than Ricketts did last time. And, at least people know where Ricketts comes from, his business, his family. I think voters will hit the reset button this time and give Ricketts another chance.

  38. Re Set Butt On says:

    Yes, ANYONE would have lost to Nelson by 28 points for the worst NE Republican defeat in 40 years.

    Yes, Ricketts has done a lot to help candidates and the party, if by that you mean writing a check and telling people how to spend it and then taking your ball and going home if they don’t listen.

    Yes, he would build on Heineman’s legacy, except the two don’t get along and Ricketts’ Platte Institute and Watchdog are up the Governor’s bung hole every other day with some petty gripe or issue.

    Yes, everyone knows where Ricketts comes from, including the YouTube video with Pete telling the story of how his dad brought him to work and gave him a job one day.

    Otherwise, yes, good post.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Shane Osborne raised about $230K in his first quarter and nobody is talking about it. And he didn’t have any serious competition.

    When Deb Fischer raised $230K in her first quarter, the entire NE press core and political chattering class wrote her off.

    double standard anyone?

  40. @ anonymous above says:

    Shane did it in less than 30 days. Fischer did it in an entire 3 month quarter….

    Best is yet to come from Osborn.

  41. Anonymous says:

    With Johannes, Heineman, Flood, Sheehy, and Bruning all sidelined, the NEGOP has their B-team on the floor this year. I’ve never seen a worse selection of candidates.

  42. Just Wondering says:

    So will Sasse talk about the scandal at Midland when he announces his candidacy in the next week? I hear a certain Watchdog is ready to pounce.

  43. SCC Member says:

    Pete will attract a majority of SCC Members who have seen what he has done for our state over the last 7 years. This will be especially important in a grass roots campaign outside of the metro areas that is necessary to win a GOP primary in this state. Carlson, Jannsen, and Herbster may be nice guys but are never seen at SCC events (with the exception of Jannsen who has started making appearances in prep for 2014) let alone actually done anything to promote the party.

  44. TexasAnnie says:

    I know y’all generally don’t care, BUT, Ameritrade depends heavily on your generous tax incentives there. So if you elect Ricketts for Governor you’ll be helping to finance his campaign too!

  45. To SCC Member says:

    Too bad you missed the State Convention last year. The biggest standing ovation was for Senator Janssen.

    It appears to me that SCC and State Convention attendees put more effort into meetings that getting out the vote.

  46. Gutter Politics says:

    I see Sasse is out hiring. Hiring a person who has a reputation of dirty campaigning is a great way to kickoff a campaign.

  47. Gutter Sweeper says:

    I wonder if Sasse’s campaign will pander for Mayor Stothert’s approval after his staff has been involved in such vicious prior attacks… *cough* Bauer *cough*

  48. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To #56:

    If Flood, Sheehy, and Burning are on the GOP A team…. I’ll take my chances with the supposed B team.

    P.S. J can’t wait for that awkward boob Pete Ricketts to try building relationships outside of some sheep in Omaha, all of whom are easily impressed by some cash and an underwhelming 2006 showing where he embarrassed the party. Please you arrogant dip! Run the old MacDonald commercial again!

  49. Christopher Geary says:

    Tonic and Tonic- shut your god hating commie mouth and suck on my judo chop. Who cares about team A team B or if Natalie and Tootie were in a love triangle with Joe! This is Nebraska and one thing Nebraskans love is karate!!! I will be crane kicking my way into the hearts and minds of voters accross the state.

    Tonic and Tonic consider this a warning! Next time you speak you will do so with a fist full of Geary time!

  50. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Geary gets more love here than he gets from martial artists. Google “Geary” and “Bullshido” and be amused.

  51. To To SCC Member says:

    You obviously confused Gov Jindal’s 2-minute standing ovation with the polite applause Jannsen received. An honest mistake given your vantage point from guest seating in the back where Fahleson had to warn you to behave or was going to have you removed.

  52. To SCC Member says:

    It was great having Gov Jindal in Nebraska. I have observed his LA governing style and he is great. He is the office each and every day taking care of the big and small issues, and the political issues. He also know how his legislative process works. Hedoes deserve a standing ovation. Too bad he cannot run for Governor in Nebraska.

    Senator Janssen did have the biggest ovation (for Nebraskans). It was the talk of us insiders who were working with Mark Fahleson and Jordan McGrain to avoid being overran by Paulbots. Too bad you were up front idolizing Pete’s remarks instead of working the votes.

  53. Get a Clue says:

    To “To SCC Member”,

    Had the three of you done your jobs in the first place, what happened at the state convention would have been avoided. Can’t wait to see the train-wrecks that occur on the Sasse and Jannsen campaigns now that the ‘brain trust’ is no longer ‘running’ the NEGOP.

  54. To Get a Clue says:

    There is no bigger Train-Wreck than Pete’s last Senate race. No one has ever gotten spanked that bad. NO ONE! Not even Bob Kerrey!

  55. Lil Mac says:

    72 said, “There is no bigger Train-Wreck than Pete’s last Senate race. No one has ever gotten spanked that bad. NO ONE!”

    53 said “(Ricketts) lost to Nelson by 28 points for the worst NE Republican defeat…”

    Are you sure? And who does your fact checking for you?

    Ben Nelson ran for reelection as an incumbent two times. The first time was in 1994, when Gov Nelson beat Republican Gene Spence by FORTY SEVEN POINTS. Spence had less than 26%, Nelson had over 74%. The former GOP State Chairman Spence, in this supposedly GOP-heavy state, lost to Nelson by what was reported to be “the largest margin of victory for a governor in half a century”.

    If Nelson had not shoved a grenade up his own butt with his kickback, idiots in Nebraska who today say they never voted for him, would still be voting for him.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Right. Nelson crushed Republicans. He beat an incumbent GOP Governor and then he was reelected by landslide 74%. Hagel beat him only because Nelson promised not to run midterm while still Governor and he ran anyway. Nebraskans who didn’t like his broken promise voted against him and Nebraskans who liked him as governor got to keep him as governor by voting for Hagel. All Hagel had to do was do nothing. In 2000 Nelson ran for the Senate and he beat Stenberg even while Bush won Nebraska by 62%. Nobody ever beat Nelson but Nelson.

    Nelson was one of richest men in the US Senate but he never spent his own money. He convinced Nebraska conservatives to spend their money on him and then he passed Obamacare that woke them up to who and what he was. He was smart and as you say slimy. And he always had been. Nebraskans who think he changed from honorable to dishonorable they just had the eyes closed before.

  57. TexasAnnie says:

    Right. They had their eyes closed. Those of us who cared about the developmentally disabled knew that. And we tried to tell y’all. But you wouldn’t listen and believe… Even Julie and Nebraska Right to Life were taken in by Ben Nelson. Damn fools! I suspect they’re wrong about other beliefs, too.

    Then we got Johanns. He didn’t hurt the DD population but he did little to bring their standard of living up to the public support enjoyed by “the best and the brightest.” Yet he did get those kids who had been denied their “constitutional right” to a public education back in school. Even Ernie Chambers, the self-declared “defender of the downtrodden” failed that mission. So Johanns was a decided PLUS for Nebraska ethics.

    Then came Heineman and those BSDC deaths! With folks like Julie running around spouting RTL crap, and folks like Ricketts robbing the public treasury from the front end (rather than consume he simply doesn’t pay his share of the taxes), and folks who vote for folks like Heineman and Ricketts, y’all can’t get to “The Good Life,” CAN YOU?

  58. Ethics says:

    How can Ben Sasse raise money for Midlands new Capital Campaign and raise money for his Senate race at the same time? He needs to step down from Midland is he is going to run.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Sasse man needs to understand that unless he has the power of God backing him, he’s burning daylight. He’s an unknown brand who speaks in platitudes. Not to say his opponent is that much better, but at least he has name recognition. Sasse’s listening gig needed to be over before it began judging from his approach to what others are saying. Congress is full of talking and little walking. Right now Congress has a disapproval rating of 90% so obviously whatever they are or aren’t doing isn’t drawing applause or even attention. Sasse wasted good ink today talking, but what’s he going to do? At some point these people need to get off the proverbial pot and…..deliver.

  60. To Ethics says:

    He can’t. If Midland is going to have a capital campaign, it needs a full time president that will raise money for the University and not himself. That’s why many people have to step down to run for office.

  61. Midland Grad says:

    It’s about time someone questions Dr. Sasse on his actions. This Dana deal has not been funded yet and all the college needs is more debt and expenses. The Miracle at Midland isn’t really a miracle. We cannibalized Dana to boost our numbers. Where would Dr. Sasse be without Dana’s demise?????

  62. Anonymous says:

    TA. Your strident demand for more money from taxpayer funded government seems hypocritical because there are times when you don’t want government paying your tax dollars for things you don’t like. No one likes paying you for you not being financially prepared to care for your own children. However not all of us can be millionaires able to deal with serious expensive matters. So taxpayers mostly empathize with you and don’t begrudge helping you out of their pocket, even as it is picked by government.

    The problem is when you come here, in front of us who foot the bill, telling us that government isn’t picking our pockets fast enough to send it to you. Make your case to lawmakers not us. We are the ones they squeeze. You need to talk to the squeezers.

  63. Nebraska Hackdog says:

    Why is Joe Jordan the ONLY news source not reporting the Omsha Fire pics???
    On that’s right
    Because he is only interested at taking shots at the Mayor.

  64. Nebraska Hackjob says:

    My apologies did not know you were working on the banner story about a lawnmower expenditure carry on. Idiot.

  65. TexasAnnie says:

    To Anonymous @ 8:46 am yesterday:
    Strident demand for more money? I challenge you to show even one example wherein I did so on behalf of my own child!!! There’s no hypocrisy in my household. However when I did live in Nebraska, I DID SPEAK OUT for those pitiful people of whom your state took custodial control, and then neglected, even unto death, in the most recent example at BSDC. And I still do that…

    And no, I won’t go begging to lawmakers. Why should folks who happen to have created imperfect beings beg for that which the laws already declare owing to them? How would you feel if you were told to go beg to lawmakers to permit your children/ grandchildren into public schools and universities? How would you feel if you were told: “yes, your child has a right to attend our public educational institutions, so we’ll put you on a waiting list?”

    Wise up! The lawmakers don’t give a damn about the developmentally disabled precisely because the public doesn’t give a damn. The lawmakers will not fund programs precisely because the public does not “empathize” as you claim. Yet the lawmakers will spring into action when a mother/ family discovers the fetus being brought forth is defective. And on behalf of that same hypocritical public which does not give a damn about that imperfect life, once born, the lawmakers will demand that the life be brought into fruition!!! There’s a descriptor for this kind of political activity: sadism!

    Whomever you are, Anonymous, I hope you remember the years Ben Nelson got the Nebraska lawmakers to cap special education and limit DD services. He said he was “structuring” that cost (without regard to need nor numbers on waiting lists). Then he proceeded to veto, several times, that “structured” planned funding in successive budget years, and now, even two decades hence, y’all still haven’t fixed the waiting lists up there! Is that your idea of empathy? ‘Cause he and your unicameral did all that ON YOUR BEHALF!

    If I had time, I would type out even MORE STRIDENT objections to Nebraska’s “economic development” policies. But I’m busy. Suffice it to say, there’s a descriptor for all those business subsidies y’all hand out: fascism!

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