Staffing up for #NEGOV

Nebraska Governors Mansion 01The wheels continue to turn in the statewide campaigns gearing up for 2014.

Our sources on Leavenworth Street tell us that the Pete Ricketts for Governor camp is continuing to form — and we are looking for an announcement this month.
In the meantime, we understand that Team Ricketts will consist of (in part):

Chris Peterson – General Consultant
Jessica Moenning – General Consultant
Matt Miltenberger – Campaign Manager

You may remember that Peterson managed the Mike Johanns for Senate campaign. Moenning has had a number of Nebraska political clients — and also ran the Ricketts campaign in 2006.
Miltenberg is a former Executive Director of the Nebraska GOP, and is currently the Director of Government Relations at Las Vegas’s Venetian hotel and casino.

Now, those are ALL “speculation”, as it were. There is no confirmation on any of them — heck there’s no confirmation that Ricketts will even RUN.
That being said, if this all comes to fruition, we won’t be “surprised”.


And as long as were talking campaign staff, here is what we’ve got for the still unannounced Charles Herbster campaign:

Manager: Carlos Castillo, formerly of the Governor Dave Heineman campaign, and director of the Department of Administrative Services
Pollster: Neil Newhouse with Public Opinion Strategies
Voter contact team: Sam Fischer and John Peschong with Meridian Public Affairs, both with numerous Nebraska campaigns
Media: Jon Downs and Terry Nelson with FP1, recently with Ron Paul’s presidential last cycle
Digital Outreach: Vincent Harris with Harris Media, recently did work for Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich’s presidential run.

We’ll just say we feel pretty comfortable confirming this team.


As we have mentioned earlier (we think?) Team Charlie Janssen has recent Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director Jordan McGrain at the helm.
He is being assisted by Pete Botkin.
The rest of their team includes…

Digital: Prosper Group
Print: Majority Strategies
Data and technology: Northstar
Media Production: Jonathan Kayser of Sweet Action Creative

And we’ll add this nice pic of Janssen and his minions from the JC Fremont parade:

Charlie Janssen - JC Fremont Days

Did we say minions? We meant, “Minions!”

Minions 01


ICYMI, the OWH reported that Democrat Omaha City Council member Pete Festersen will decide next month whether he is going to challenge Congressman Lee Terry for the NE-2 seat.

Terry has had lots of close races, and we are sure Festersen would be able to put together a decent campaign.
It will be a mid-term, during which the sitting President’s party traditionally does not do well.
Festersen will have all of the President’s policies piled up on his back.
Festersen will not likely have the benefit of Omaha’s North O community showing up at the polls, as they did vociferously when Barack Obama was on the ballot.

All that being said, we are positive Chairman Terry will be taking his race very seriously, as he always does.


Feel free to dive in with the rest of your topics — as we are sure you will anyway.


  1. Team Ricketts says:

    Looks like Ricketts has pulled together a strong team. More years of professional experience in Nebraska politics than all the politicos on the other #negov campaign teams combined!

  2. Chiropractor for Team Ricketts says:

    If you keep patting yourselves on the back so much, you’ll need a full-time chiropractor on staff. I’m sure Pete can afford it though.

  3. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Ricketts will benefit if he’s the only serious Omaha candidate. If the Greater Nebraska vote splinters, 35% to 40% could well win the primary. Ricketts has the highest name recognition, but also the highest negatives. Presumably he also learned from the 2006 race that throwing limitless amounts of your own cash into a race has a boomerang effect.

  4. the elephant in the room says:

    Remains to be seen yet if any of Ricketts’ team will embezzle campaign moneys. Also remains to be seen if his team will decide again to run dopey, cartoonish commercials. All of those years of campaign experience sure did benefit him in ’06 and certainly won’t haunt him…

  5. Crack my back says:

    To the chiropractor: Are you saying that the “talent” hired by Charles “don’t sweat it” Janssen stands a chance when they failed to win all their top legislative races for the last 2 cycles?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the same ace team that got Mayor Welch elected. Ah yes, another $12 million dollar infusion for power. No wonder Rickett’s Platte Institute Vokal is trying to bury the TIF tax dodge ole by getting out ahead of the story. Nothing says leader like a man who buys elections and when he doesn’t succeed there? He buys an outcome.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mention “Ricketts” here and you get some fluffy panicky reactions that obliquely confirm his strength in a Primary. Silly stuff like Ricketts being wealthy isn’t as good as Herbster being wealthy and the hope that a Ricketts’ campaign, which isn’t off the ground yet, will implode from ineptitude.

    Negatives? Ricketts won his GOP primary with positives against Stenberg. His negatives came from the general election against Democrat Nelson. That was back when Nebraska Conservatives, even many Republican voters, trusted and loved Nelson to the point where they couldn’t stand hearing anybody warn them that he would ultimately prove to be Obama’s tool. Now they know better.

    Today, Nelson cannot run for reelection because everyone knows he was Obama’s tool. So how hard can it be for Ricketts to turn that into a message of “I was right about Nelson, wasn’t I?” Well, wasn’t he?

    That message is steeped in a painful Nebraska voter truth that today gets Ricketts key GOP Primary voters who hated Nelson passing Obamacare and also gets him key general election Independents who hated Nelson’s slimy kickback. The fact is, Ricketts did warn them. Unless he tactlessly drives home that point by smashing baby kittens, it should work to his benefit.

  8. Let me get this straight... says:

    The campaign manger for the strong anti-gambling Ricketts will be a guy who’s working for one of the larger casinos in Las Vegas?

  9. RWP says:

    I’ve been very impressed with Janssen’s handling of the whole illegal alien/Omaha murder issue. He stuck by his guns, he didn’t back down, and he made the libs going after him look like clowns. If the rest of the GOP had cojones like this guy…well, then the GOP would have cojones.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ironic that the Ricketts funded Platte Insitute, Vokal, out peddling for oversight on TIF when Ricketts was the one who had a West O area blighted so he could garner his tax dodge….I mean TIF share. Feel the love on that one.

  11. ricky says:

    Everyday that goes by and Mr Ricketts does not announce it makes mr Sweeper’s prediction look worse.
    The tax-dodge by the headquarters in Old Mill for T D Ameritrade happened under the old city planning head Rick Cunningham, but the new administration will still bend over backwards to give tax money to projects that do not need it. (My neighborhood was “blighted” supposedly because of the Crossroads Mall project but it just so happened to extend to over near Pacific street so Nebraska Furniture Mart could get tax breaks it obviously does not need as well.)
    Now I see in the new Mayors budget millions for a new bridge over in Old Mill to benefit T D Ameritrade. Why can’t that company use some of it’s billions to build it’s own pedestrian bridge?


  12. inside baseball designated hitter says:

    No, he won’t. If they were formidable, they would have had meetings in DC with people I know by now.

  13. ricky says:

    Oh and another thing; why does the double-dipping retired sheriff, the new Mayor’s Chief of Staff, have to carry a gun around city hall?
    A little bit paranoid there perhaps?
    Is Wyatt Earp under a gag order too?


  14. Macdaddy says:

    I know we have other things to spend money on, but surely we can find a few bucks to tear down that faux colonial schlock we call a Governor’s Mansion and build something better. I half expect to see Patrick Swayze tear some guy’s throat out in the trophy room. It has no historical or architectural significance so let’s call a do over.

    Maybe the next governor wannabe could pledge to build digs with his own money.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Attention all good reporters: go down to falls city and hang around for a good while, both in town and out, get some unsolicited interviews, and find out who the true charles herbster is. One of the LAST things he wants to see.

  16. Anonymous says:

    So Ricketts beat Stenberg. Big whoop. People who have done that are a dime a dozen.

    But what really gets me is that Ricketts is getting in the Gov’s race, not the Senate race. Is Pete already bowing to political pressure from the Dems (ie Rahm Emanuel) so his family’s Chicago-based (!) company doesn’t get hurt?

  17. INside Baseball Rev says:

    The did have meetings in DC. Pretty much sums up how ‘active’ Lee’s campaign / network is that you didn’t notice that two months ago…

    IF he decides to run Lee is in deep trouble. Does he even have an active campaign? Or, is he still forcing his staff to walk in parades for him?

    Guy is a joke. If he does not get taken out this time he should just retire in 2016.

  18. Pete Festerson's Winning Issues says:

    1. Supports Obamacare
    2. Supports Nancy Pelosi
    3. Supports Obama
    4. Supports Abortion
    5. Anti-Death Penatly

    Go get’em Pete

  19. Tbell says:

    With only 8.7% of Nebraskan’s claiming Mexican ancestry I am sure that will be a huge problem. Even less can vote ‘Legally’

    I am glad the herbster and Ricketts are so pro salsa!

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Pete’s Winning Issues nailed it. He starts in a deep, deep hole with crap positions. Add to that the redistricting and the hole just got a lot deeper and the crap got slicker.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 8:44, I don’t think Rahm has anything to do with Pete’s decision. I think Pete has bigger aspirations and it’s easier to get there from the Governor’s mansion than from the Senate.

  22. To Macdaddy says:

    Are you saying Ricketts would benefit from running for a lower office? Like City Council, Legislative District 6, or county commissioner? .

  23. Macdaddy says:

    That’s certainly something to think about. I’m always a little leery when people want to jump into politics at such a high level. I’d hate to find out they really can’t govern when they could do real damage.

  24. Interested Observer says:

    Speaking as a REAL conservative, I think the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion is just fine the way it is and that we DON’T need to spend any money, unnecessarily, “to tear down that faux colonial schlock we call a Governor’s Mansion and build something better.”

    There’s an old saying out in the Sandhills here:

    Use it up,
    Wear it out,
    Make it do,
    Or do without.

  25. Merriam Webster says:

    Miltenberger couldn’t lead a USC running back through a Kevin Cosgrove defensive line. Incompetent & ineffective & impersonal. Pete, please look elsewhere.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The elephant should grow some cajones? That’s a good idea RWP. And the right focus too. Its funny how it doesn’t matter that the donkey has cajones or not. Too many people hammer the donkey as if they think it can become something other than a unreasonable ass.

  27. Governor Herbster says:

    Hey Crack my Back, remember when Moenning and Miltenberger dropped a bunch of mail in the wrong districts in 2008? Or when Chris Peterson lost every race he consulted on in 2012-13? Or do you remember when the Governor and Carlos beat Kent Rogert and added seats for biggest ever majority in 2010? Seriously?

  28. Gaius Gracchus says:

    IO @ 9:25 am – I will donate money to demolish the governor’s mansion and not replace it with anything. Well maybe a parking lot, but that’s about all. Whatever home the elected governor happens to be in can be the governor’s “mansion.” No housing allowance, either.

  29. Gambling With The Good Life says:

    So wait, Ricketts is anti-gambling, yet he goes out and hires a guy who works for a Vegas casino?

  30. Anonymous says:

    To Ricky yesterday at 3:20PM….that’s what the TIF money Ricketts got paid for with his tax dodge. The document submitted for council approval named it as a necessity. Stothert and Franklin were opposed. Why do you think Vokal is out soft peddling for TIF oversight now when word is Pete is running? Ya clear the poop decks so that when the poop sails there’s no old poop.

  31. David Cranston says:

    reports that there will be another 2 candidates entering into the NE GOP gubernatorial race…..Don Stenberg and Adrian Smith. This is going to be interesting.

  32. Calm Down Gerard says:

    Just so you know, Adrian Smith is conspicuous—and well-liked– by his constituents here in the Big Third District. I doubt if he will run for Governor–he is earning considerable influence in the House, and will do a lot of good for Nebraska in the future by continuing to work in the House.

  33. Well, you know, I kinda liked Adrian; he had libertarian tendencies on a lot of issues, but then he voted the wrong way on the Amash amendment, and he seems not to be particularly aligned with the Tea Party caucus. I fear he’s taking the Bereuter/Fortenberry path to RINOhood.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    Herbster Supporter, the governor’s mansion came from Missouri. Branson, in fact. It was the initial site of Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Show. If you jack it up, they might have left the wheels on.

  35. Dear Nebraska says:

    Please elect Herbster. He will thrust us into the Nebraska cafe coffee talk discussion again.

    Richardson County’s Goats

  36. Kansas City says:

    We would hate for the Herbsters to leave. They have done so much for our economy while they have lived here.

  37. Down by the river says:

    Have you seen Herbster’s shack? If he gives up his mansion in KC for the race, he’ll have to live in a van–er, RV–down by the river.

  38. Ricketts for Nebraska says:

    2012 was my first cycle where I really got involved in politics. I first got interested after a friend invited me to an AFP rally in Lincoln where I heard Tony Fulton and a couple other conservative heroes speak. I started looking for opportunities to get involved on campaigns and walked in a couple parades for Senator Fischer that summer.

    I see some of the same qualities in Pete Ricketts as I did last year in Deb Fischer. He’s honest, intelligent, and hard-working. He stands for all the same values that I do and I hope he’ll run so I have another campaign that I can be involved with!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Pete Ricketts is hard-working? Doing what exactly? Trying to squeeze $150 million from the City of Chicago to renovate Wrigley?

  40. Wow says:

    All this animosity for a man who’s not even in the race yet? Certainly the Norfolk-Venetian Team is worried about the all-star lineup assembling for Herbster.

  41. Wow 2 says:

    Herbster may have an all-star lineup, but he himself has to be the one in the end to impress the voters. The voters aren’t electing his highly-paid team. He would be easy to beat in a debate, he hates confrontation, and always has someone else do his dirty work. Word has it he has told his employees if anyone asks about me, you are to reply “no comment.” Wow all right. . .

  42. Merriam Webster says:

    Having someone else do your dirty work is the definition of multi-level marketing and Charles W Herbster’s pyramid scheme. And what’s with the “W”?

  43. The W says:

    Good question! Goes back to when George W. was pres. Charles always identifies vicariously with others in certain realms. After that, he INSISTED ON THE BIG W THING. Not too weird! Just get ahold of some Conklin awards banquet tapes from over the years, and you will see.

  44. Get real says:

    @51 ru kidding? They cannot hardly keep an employee in KC oh yes they have a handful but most hired there leave rather quickly once they realize what quacks these people are. and search conklin. Go visit their KC building and then step inside to see a handful of ppl. A big warehouse like that for such a few employees? Been like that for years, and remember their conklin deal is a MINNESOTA corp not a MO Corp. so the cash? It has gone into their own bank accts, cattle, etc. BIG users.

  45. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I feel like everyone is making a much bigger deal of the Herbmeister than he actually is. He’s just some millionaire who has the cash to hire a big name and make a run for an open seat. He has no issues. No base. No residence. No pe…. sorry almost got out of hand. The guy can’t even be bothered to vote in primaries via absentee in his KCMO house. You know who can’t be bothered to vote in primaries?
    Blithering idiots who have no clue what the hell is going on in their school district, city, county, state, and country.

    Does he even know what is going on in the pastures of his farm?

  46. Kansas City says:

    Please leave one of our prominent employers alone. The Herbsters are great contributors to the Kansas City community.

  47. Cubbie says:

    Hey dipshit anon 10:18. The Cubs are renovating Wrigley *without* public funds – which is quite different than most (all?) other major league teams. It’s called the internet and Al Gore created it so you wouldn’t HAVE to be ignorant.

  48. To: We Hardly Knew Ye@ 11:03 says:

    Crickets, you say? That is all Tom Carlson deserves. He voted in the legislature to take money from hard-working legal citizens of Nebraska so illegals could have free health care.

    Then, it was his bill to force Nebraskans to vote yet again on term limits.Luckily, the voters expressed their feelings on term limits by an even larger margin than the first 3 times they voted on it.

    Crickets for Tom Carlson would be more than he deserves.

  49. To Cubbie says:

    First, wow, nice attitude towards others.

    Second, if you actually looked things up, you’d see that they were trying to have Chicago divert tax revenues towards paying approximately $150 million towards the renovations. Then they were also asking the State of Illinois for ANOTHER $150 million in bonds. Even now that the Ricketts are being forced to pay for renovations themselves (you know, not by choice), they’ll be receiving some public funds. Not a lot relative to the whole project, but still, some.

    So please, try and tell me you know more than I do.

  50. Get Real says:

    @65. Maybe check with some (if not all) of their former employees before you call them “prominent.” We bet Herbster’s opposition will do that before this is over, maybe even before it begins.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Does Miltenberger know the reason his title is Campaign Manager is so all the bad stuff can get blamed on him while the consultants get their fat checks and stand free & clear of any implosions? Ricketts is a decent man. He just needs some clever re-packaging to remove the Rich Dad, Rich Son persona he got tagged with in 2006.

  52. White Pickup says:

    Love the fluff piece this morning on Watchdog about Jane feeling threatened by a trespasser. I was simply trying to get my FFA jacket back.

  53. ricky says:

    I see Senator Janssen had a fund raiser in Omaha’s Old Market attended by conservative right wing state senators and rookie City Council people from the Republican Party.
    And, our friend Justin Wayne, publicized as “OPS Board President” (thanks Omaha World Herald for giving us all those pro-Wayne stories including how he supposedly saved somebody’s life), was listed as a supporter.
    I thought Wayne was a Democrat from North Omaha? What was he doing with these rightys? I bet he felt out of place.
    Did the restaurant have a designated driver available for this bunch? Now that Lautenbak and Wayne have the OPS board shrunk, does Wayne still leak information to the senator?


  54. The Herbster would be a great nickname for a marijuana dealer.

    Just sayin’…

    …and, by the way, a white pickup came half-way up my driveway a few months ago. I guess I should have told the newspapers.

  55. Ricky:

    You are a unique individual. I’ve never run into anyone who is as totally and consistently wrong about everything. You have an amazing talent.

    And you’re wrong about 3 things in one sentence above. I’m an American citizen, I’m not a visiting professor, and I haven’t endorsed Charlie Janssen.

    I’ll be contacting you closer to the date for your predictions of the World Series.

  56. Put up or shut up says:

    Show us the pictures of the White Pick-up Jane. Every person has a smart phone. Let’s see the pictures. The Lochness Monster has more pictures than you.

  57. Huh? says:

    @slick Rick-how can the USPS pay lavish pensions for mailman daisy dukes. The post office lost 13 billion last year.

  58. Ay Caramba! says:

    New report states two of the safest cities with a population of over 500,000 are border towns El Paso and San Diego.

  59. Interested Observer says:

    When I was in Valentine a couple hours ago, I noticed it was full of out of towners, bikers going to and from Sturgis, roofing contractors due to the hail storm last week and Republican candidates for the Cherry County Fair parade tonight.

    At least it was easy to tell the candidates apart from the bikers!

  60. ricky says:

    Okay Right Wing Professor that clears that up thanks. And I think the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series. Glad you have not endorsed Charlie Janssen for Gov. Our state would be a laughing stock if he were elected, but I doubt he will be elected.
    I see today the Dems have a serious candidate for Governor now, if Deb Fischer can win statewide so can Dubas.

  61. Jane now says that when she was stalking Robin Terry, and shining flashlights into the windows of the Governor’s mansion late at night, that was not at all like strange white pickups in her driveway.

    For such a simple idea, the Golden Rule does seem to be totally beyond some people.

  62. Havana Mechanic says:

    Janssen will have a hard time once he has some serious opposition that starts pointing out his votes. The guy voted against funding for vets and cancer research. C’mon man. There is a reason that the Gov. will not be endorsing this wingnut.

  63. Anonymous says:

    If you want to know who your friends are, run for public office.

    If you want help remembering embarrassing things you’ve stupidly done and forgotten, again, run for public office

  64. To Number 92 says:

    So that is why Charlie is running for Governor. He wants to remember all his past conquests. My teenage daughter would advise to take a picture…it lasts longer.

  65. DCRP says:

    IS Brian Baumgart planning to primary Lee Terry? Certainly looks like it in the past week with his attacks on Lee & Others.

  66. Ladies Auxilliary says:

    We are dying to see you come after Charlie Janssen for voting “against funding for vets.” Might be the all-time dumbest attack in the history of dumb attacks.

  67. Not Supporting DCRP While it's a Circus says:

    Hey Bryan “Out of My League” Baumgart:

    How’s candidate recruitment and fundraising for DOUGLAS COUNTY races going? Or have you been too busy helping Democrats to do your job?

    Do Nebraska Republicans a favor: quit.

  68. The Puppeteer says:

    So who is running for Senate? Fahlsen or Sasse. Sasse looked like a lost puppy at the NEGOP meeting. There was no support for him there.

  69. Post #101 says:

    This illustrates the problem. You are completely happy to scare away voters, donors and volunteers. Not just happy, but look forward to forcing situations that encourage it.

  70. Keeping it Classy says:

    The new way to ask for an endorsement is by sending a group text. No Jon Bruning I would not support you for dog catcher of Big Sandy Lake.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Im assuming that since Bryan Baumgart is going to be challenging Lee Terry in the primary, Bryan is going to step down as Chair of the DCRP, right? Or is he too busy advocating the legalization of pot and trashing religious social conservatives on Facebook?

  72. Chris Scott says:

    Bryan is NOT challenging Lee. There is however someone snooping around but I have never heard of the person before. Lee will have no problems getting through primary.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Of course you haven’t heard of him Chris…

    But Bryan is taking enough potshots at Lee that it sure sounds like he will

  74. anonymous says:

    Talking to someone close to Lee’s organization, I was told the name of the person “snooping” and I asked “who the hell is that?”

    Their response:

  75. hesdeadjim says:

    DCRP has its problems. Baumgart has certainly said and written some stupid things. His words are unbecoming of a county chair.

    That being said, these big gov’t RINO’s who refuse to take a hard stance on something and say it is in the name of strategy can take a hike. There is no strategy in capitulation.
    Lee Terry is known as one if the most bipartisan members of the House. I value that much less than I would value having a rep. with some moxie and conviction.

  76. Macdaddy says:

    Terry has an 88 rating from the ACU as well as high ratings from every other conservative group. He also gets very, very low ratings from liberal groups. Despite this, he survived the Obama juggernaut of 2008 and still won despite Obama winning the NE2 electoral vote. Let’s see: votes conservative about 90% of the time, still gets Democrats to vote for him. I’m ok with that type of bipartisanship. Not everybody needs to be Ted Cruz.

  77. hesdeadjim says:

    I’m not asking for a Ted Cruz, just someone who will take the conservative side when it comes to the tough votes. We have to quit giving Lee Terry a pass on his debt ceiling votes and he knows it. He cringed at his own answer at DCRP cc meeting when asked how he voted on recent debt ceiling increases. I’m tired of the people we vote into power being so sanctimonious.

  78. Jim McGinnis says:

    It’s about the constitution you fools! I have developed some talking points so that you can properly answer liberals questions.

    Q: Why stop Obamacare
    A: it’s about the constitution

    Q:Why should we stop spending money we don’t have?
    A: it’s about the constitution

    Q: What’s the line on the Red Sox Rays game?
    A: it’s about constitution

    Q:what would you like for dinner?
    A: its about the constitution

  79. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Who is this Mahood guy and why are you giving him such a hard time?

    We should be spending less time trashing some kid and more time trashing Democrats.
    I’ll start: I think Herbs Chuckster is a Democrat. See what I did there?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Cut Charlie Janssen some slack. At least he has the guts to risk going after something that he wants. Oh Wow we await the jump of several rich guys who want to serve so bad they are waiting in the wings to throw their hat and money into the ring to buy our attention. Nothing says leadership like a healthy check book to buy power. Give Charlie credit for doing the hard work of one on one engagements while the others seem to look for an easy way to win while we all lose. No—I’m not a Janssen staffer.

  81. To To the idiot above says:

    Hey, first, nice to see Janssen’s minions playing nice.

    Second, you’re right, I won’t be laughing in May…Janssen will have lost and can go back drinking the remainder of his time in the legislature away

  82. To "Not Supporting DCRP While it's a Circus" says:

    Chairman Baumgart organized a project to raise money and send a mailer to every single registered Republican voter in Omaha city limits before the last city election letting people know who the Republicans are in these crummy “non-partisan races”. To the best of my knowledge, that has never been done before. That’s what our county parties should be doing. Good for Bryan!

  83. Talking Points says:

    Hey staffers, we’ve got the message. Janssen is a drinker, Herbster is a Missouri con man, and Ricketts is a daddy’s boy. And Tom Carlson is a 4th place finisher. Are we really going to have 9 more months of this?

  84. To Gerard says:

    Janssen working harder will be a complete surprise.

    Senator Janssen has been has complete disappointment to conservatives. His bills rarely get out of committee and has never been prepared to answer committee questions. Watching his bills on the Unicameral floor demonstrates that he is totally lost.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Charlie is the only real Nebraskan in the race. Hell, Donald Trump might as well run for Governor of Nebraska, he’s been around as much as Herbster and Ricketts has.

  86. Donald Trump says:

    After careful consideration I have decided to enter the Governor’s race in the great state of Nebraska. I have several residency options not limited to my sister’s couch and a farm house in southeast Nebraska.

  87. To To Gerard says:

    Janssen may be 99 things, but a disappointment to conservatives ain’t one. If that’s your message, I’d find a new consultant.

    I recall Janssen getting Voter ID out of committee and getting 31 votes on the floor, and there’s not a Republican in the legislature that has the balls Janssen does do sponsor the gun rights bill or the immigration enforcement bill. Nobody was going to get those bills out of the cesspool that is the Judiciary Committee, but Janssen took a stand and conservatives took notice.

  88. look it up says:

    Janssen can not hide from his voting record including being only one of three Senators voting against funding for legal citizens with disabilities. Conservative does not need to mean heartless.

  89. TexasAnnie says:

    “Not the gubment’s job” means nothing.

    Liberals, conservatives and increasingly, even Libertarians + Tea Party types will take whatever they want from government whenever it suits them. For liberals, everything IS the government’s job; for conservatives, only those programs and tax incentives that benefit conservatives ARE the government’s job; and for the others, sadly, there’s a lot of lying going on.

    We need a flat tax, ***no exceptions and no excuses,*** to get to ethics in governing!

  90. Run for the hills IO says:

    Hey interested Observer;

    Deb Fischer is in V-town. You better stay out of town and go back to South Dakota.

  91. Cleaning Balls says:

    To To Gerard item #141. Janssen introduced LB381 (aka Voter ID) on Jan 18th of 2013. It still sits in the Government, Military and Veterans Affair Committee (not the big bad Judiciary Committee). You do make an interesting point however: If Senator Janssen cannot work any bill through the Unicameral as a Senator, how will he pass any legislation as a Governor?

    I am for the LB381, but Janssen cannot get this bill out of the most conservative committee in the Unicameral. It is frustrating to see Senator Janssen drown bill after bill because he is not prepared and does not work to advance his bills.

    The ‘balls’ mantra that the Janssen camp uses is interesting; however, I would rather have conservative bills passed and signed into law….Not stuck in the rare conservative committee. It takes work and intuition to pass conservative bills in the Unicameral. I admire Senators who work and pass conservative (or filibuster bad) legislation. I do not admire Senators who float and rarely show up to work.

  92. Interested Observer says:

    So, “Run for the hills IO”, under what legal authority do you presume to order anyone to “stay out of town” and, in fact, to actually leave the great State of Nebraska?

    Does a junior United States Senator have that authority and is she the one ORDERING me to “stay out of town” and, in fact, to actually leave the great State of Nebraska?

    What exactly are the consequences if I might choose to come back to Valentine, even yet today?

    Am I permanently “banned” from ever returning to Valentine or can I come back to town at some point in the future to pick up the supplies that I ordered today?

    Ultimately, when you say “You better stay out of town”, should I construe that to be a “Terroristic Threat””

    From the Nebraska Revised Statutes:

    About the Legislature
    Bills and Laws
    Glossary of terms
    Legislative Divisions
    Session Information
    For Agencies and Lobbyists
    For Citizens
    For Journalists
    For Students and Teachers

    Nebraska Revised Statute 28-311.01
    Revised Statutes » Chapter 28 » 28-311.01
    Print Friendly
    28-311.01. Terroristic threats; penalty.

    (1) A person commits terroristic threats if he or she threatens to commit any crime of violence:

    (a) With the intent to terrorize another;

    (b) With the intent of causing the evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation; or

    (c) In reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or evacuation.

    (2) Terroristic threats is a Class IV felony.

  93. Fall City Sheriff says:

    Does anyone know where I can find Mr. Herbster? I need to serve him papers but I can not find him anywhere.

  94. To Balls Cleaner says:

    Since this is obviously your first foray into this thing we call politics, let me point you to LB 239 (aka Voter ID) that Janssen introduced on Jan 11 of 2011. This was his first attempt at Voter ID, he got it through the conservative Government Committee (he was a member at the time) it was prioritized by Schilz (another conservative endorsing Janssen) and got 31 votes against a Democrat filibuster. The bill you reference is the one ballsy Janssen has introduced yet again.

    I get that you are more familiar with broadcast journalism and rural telephone companies, but you have plenty of legislative people on the payroll (rhymes with Chapped My Ear) and there’s no excuse for a mistake this lazy.

  95. Nice try IO. However “threats may not be punished if a reasonable person would understand them as obvious hyperbole”…”a State may choose to prohibit only those forms of intimidation that are most likely to inspire fear of bodily harm”.

    I don’t think it qualifies.

  96. To #159 says:

    Nice research.

    Except the part where LB381 was referenced, not LB239.

    Or the part where Janssen apparently (here’s why your research was good) regressed in his abilities to get legislation passed. And we get that Janssen is conservative, BUT that isn’t the only thing anyone should look for in a governor. I’d like someone who can work with other senators (not just his drinking buddies in the legislature).

  97. Anonymous says:

    The only thing that’s been going around about Herbster is that he has a house down in Kansas City and the Richardson County Assessor is only now reassessing the property values after 13 years. Nice iceberg.

  98. To 161 says:

    Your grade-school level understanding of the legislature is really getting in the way here. Four members of the government committee have endorsed Janssen for Governor. It’s just possible they’re holding the bill on purpose, but given your continued buffoonery on this issue, I doubt you’ll figure out why. Just keep telling conservatives Janssen has failed on Voter ID and regressed as a legislator.

  99. hesdeadjim says:

    Seeing as Janssen is THE ONLY candidate in the race who can be A) taken seriously and B) Has served as a Senator…. I don’t see what Balls Cleaner’s point is…. go home and put non another bow tie.

  100. Not Carol Shrader says:

    “To “Not Supporting DCRP While it’s a Circus” August 13, 2013 at 6:57 PM
    Chairman Baumgart organized a project to raise money and send a mailer to every single registered Republican voter in Omaha city limits before the last city election letting people know who the Republicans are in these crummy “non-partisan races”. To the best of my knowledge, that has never been done before. That’s what our county parties should be doing. Good for Bryan!”

    Um not really, that mailer had no Polling Place information. It came out a day late and a dollar short. It wasn’t mailed to every single (R) voter as you say, not even close. It had a $2,500 cost-over-run which was covered by Pete “tax breaks for me – blighted neighborhood for you” Ricketts in order to secure DCRP support and it simply did not get the job done helping any of the City Council candidates actually win their races. As for what the DCRP should be doing? It probably should think about doing something other than recruiting someone to run against their seven term incumbent congressman. Try actually reaching out to your female members. We’ll show you how to get yourselves organized and stay that way.

  101. to hesdeadjim says:

    Your half right. Charlie has served as a state Senator. I have seen the video evidence on YouTube. The jury is still out on whether he can be taken seriously. I lean no. He is the one Senator who voted against funding for State Patrol and prison system. He does have my vote as Frat president. A job he was born to serve. Party on Chuck.

  102. To #166 says:

    4 members on a committee of 8 means nothing. Why don’t you tell everyone why you and the other Janssen supporters didn’t even vote his Voter ID bill out of committee?

  103. Anonymous says:

    Its almost heartwarming to see the Janssen and Ricketts people joining together in trying to attack Herbster. Shows how worried both camps are, otherwise they’d just ignore Herbster like they’re ignoring Carlson

  104. to the idiot above says:

    as a supporter of neither, let me tell you what’s really going on:

    Strong evidence exists that Herbs Chuckster does not live in my state. Flight records show that just last week he left Valentine and flew straight to St. Joe, MO. As a Nebraskan I am personally offended that a man who does not live in Nebraska, has never served on so much as a local school board, and won’t even formally announce for governor, is even thinking of running. I and the rest of the electorate are pissed that he thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes and has the gumption to even ask for our votes.

  105. He could run for Governor of Missouri, on a ‘Death to all Rodeo Clowns’ ticket, a popular cause down there.

    I suspect Herbie non-Husker is running for governor so he can sign us all up to direct-sell plastic storage tubs and floor cleaner. Except not to teh geys.

  106. Setting the record straight says:

    To Not Carol Shrader @ 9:55. I guess libel is okay if it is done anonymously.

    Each of your statements is false. The mailer DID list where to go to find your polling place. It was mailed out and received well before the election. It was mailed to every single registered Republican in Omaha as was currently listed with the Douglas County Election Commission. While Pete Ricketts has been a tremendous supporter of the DCRP and Republican candidates throughout Nebraska, Pete did not contribute to the mailing project. He was asked but politely declined. Many candidates have been tremendously appreciative of the help they received. The mailing significantly increased voter turnout and it was particularly beneficial to the down ballot candidates whose races came down to a couple hundred votes. Lines couldn’t be easily blurred in the nonpartisan races. Remember, it cost several of our legislative candidates their elections in 2012. Some of the City Council candidates who didn’t have the funds to reach all of the voters in their district were especially grateful for the opportunity to push their message out to all of the voters. It also helped boost recognition and participation in the DCRP. It brought in new members and funds. The DCRP is now in great shape moving forward to 2014; finally out of the red and increased membership and participation. Volunteers participated in GOTV calls to voters who received early ballots, they put together campaign signs and helped deliver them, and stood outside voter booths to help with sign waving. These are just a few of the many examples. The DCRP hasn’t been actively recruiting anyone to run against Congressman Terry. Any suggestion to the contrary is false. I guess the benefit of anonymous blogs is that you can say whatever you want, even when you know it isn’t true.

  107. Holy Trinity says:

    It doesn’t really matter if Voter ID gets held up by the liberals and RINOs in the Legislature, as the statewide petition drive will put it on the ballot in 2014 anyway.

  108. Anonymous says:

    A bill can have many votes taken while in committee which aren’t recorded. The idea that the voter I.D bill isn’t out of committee because the four republicans don’t support it is ludicrous. If just one other person indicates they will vote for it then it will be out next session.

    However, now that the legislature is inundated with RHINO’s like Adams, Campbell, Gloor, Coash, Davis, and Krist, you won’t see any conservative legislation pass. This group of RINO’s are more than happy to make you pat more taxes for more government, and for illegals. Very PRO Abortion to boot.

  109. Joe L says:

    Does any one think that Mike Foley may still jump in the race. He’s been on the ballot statewide twice, Has name recongnition and can roll all the campaign money for is auditor race into a gov campaign. Pretty temping if you are him

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