Dinsdale for #NESEN?

Sid Dinsdale 02Yesterday the OWH and Watchdog BOTH had stories about Pinnacle banker Sid Dinsdale potentially getting into the 2014 US Senate race.

While some of those out there may be saying “Who?” when Dinsdale’s name came up, YOU, Leavenworth Street reader, of course remembered back to 2011 when L.St. talked about Dinsdale looking at the 2012 race. Dinsdale of course bowed out, but obviously his interest was piqued.

Well, when two outlets have stories about a candidate, it gets just that much more likely that said candidate is doing more than just “thinking” about it.

And with that, we are hearing (nothing confirmed, mind you) that Dinsdale has hired Beth Kramer (wife of former state GOP chair and Senate candidate, David Kramer) — likely in a fundraising role.

Now, even if that is 100% true, that doesn’t mean Dinsdale is in-in. Heck the dropout of Democrat Steve Lathrop from the Governor’s race for no real apparent reason (like a Flood or Sheehy type reason) proves that.

But it is our sense that Dinsdale is bored with cutting ribbons and the like, figures he is just as smart as the rest of the candidates, let alone the rest of the Senate, has all the dough he needs, and this is his best shot. Of course, if he has a talk and realizes he doesn’t really want to spend his time in coffee shops and Elks Clubs across the 3rd District he might change his mind. But we have a feeling that the race just expanded.

Dinsdale has some GOP bona fides working for him too — having supported both Lee Terry and the ouster of Jim Suttle in the recent past. He supported Democrat Peter Hoagland in the past as well — but we aren’t sure how much that could sting him. Then again, in the crowded primary with a parity of candidates, each will be clawing for whatever advantage they can get.

We very much anticipate a battle over the next 9 months.


Bryan Baumgart 01Onto the House front, we have been somewhat shocked to see the actions and writings by the Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party, Bryan Baumgart, lately.

Baumgart has made it his personal mission to take a break from raising money, recruiting candidates and enrolling GOP voters and instead attack sitting Nebraska Republican Members of Congress. Baumgart has decided to take on Obamacare, or more specifically, those from his state who he does not see sufficiently against it.

Baumgart wrote that “we will be offering a CR that includes funding for govt operations…” in regard to the “government shutdown” issue. Well, no HE won’t. Members of Congress do get to offer that sort of thing, but Chairmen of County parties, as a rule, do not.

And in his campaign against Obamacare, Baumgart has seen fit to specifically call out Jeff Fortenberry as not heeding his wishes on the subject.
Baumgart wrote on Facebook, “I am extremely disappointed in Congressman Fortenberry,” and “You couldn’t be more wrong Congressman!!!


We are not saying we disagree with the sentiments that Baumgart states.
He may, or may not, be correct regarding his efforts to support defunding of Obamacare.
And frankly, reasonable Republicans can disagree on this point.


His job is to get Republicans ELECTED.
He is out of school, off the reservation and should STFU.

He wants to support the position, fine.
Heck, he wants to personally put a call into Fortenberry or Terry or Johanns, fine.
But as soon as he starts calling out Congressmen in public, he has crossed the line.
Criticizing Fortenberry? Writing that people should call Fortenberry or Terry or Johanns to tell them to vote one way or another on his favorite bill?
Over the line.

He is a party official, and that means he supports his members – up until they have crossed the line.
And at that point, more than anything, if he thinks he shouldn’t support them, he can keep silent.
He can cross his arms, shut his mouth and pull back from the keyboard.

There have been rumors that Baumgart wants to primary Congressman Lee Terry. We sort of doubt it. Mainly because Baumgart would get his clock cleaned.
We have also heard that Baumgart is actively recruiting other candidates to challenge Terry. We don’t know if that’s true, and we hope that it is not true.

But here is what will happen if the Baumgart and the Douglas County Party keep this up:
The RNC will go right around them like they have done in Nevada, New Mexico, and Louisiana over the years.  They will set up their own victory organization and deny the Nebraska GOP hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was a day when if someone like Baumgart did what he did, he would get called into the woodshed by the senior members of the party.
We don’t know if that has happened, or will happen.
But someone should tell Baumgart — part of the Ron Paul “Republican Liberty Caucus” — the job of the Douglas Party Chair.
And he should learn it or get out.

(Too strong?)

Oh, and by the way, it’s Bart “McLeay”, not “McCleay”.


And on the subject of Congressman Lee Terry, we see that Jane Kleeb’s Boldies visited his Omaha office the other day to present him with an “award”.
Of course it was sweet that the local union dudes showed up to counter the Boldies Pipeline protest with a counter-protest of their own.

But what we found interesting was that the Boldies were chanting, “Let them spill. I’ll just think of all those little things they’ll kill,” (because what sort of a Leftist protest would it be without a moronic chant?).

However, they then gave Terry a trophy for being a “Congressional Climate Denier”. (And we would add that we are positive that Terry does not deny that there is, indeed, a climate.)

But that gets back to the point: So what’s this anti-pipeline b.s. all about? Pipeline safety? (Of course not, otherwise they would want MORE new pipelines, not the current old ones.)
The Aquifer? (Of course not, since there are many pipes near aquifers and the experts have made it clear the pipe poses no threat.)

So they have made it clear what their real agenda is: climate change. Uh, yeah kids, the climate changes. Always has, always will. Is it getting hotter? Well, recent data says, maybe it isn’t. Or even if it is, that doesn’t conclude much. And even if you decide that that there is man-made climate change, this pipe has nothing to do with it, and wont’ change it one way or the other.

Oh and in the mean time, get back in your oil powered car, enjoy the comforts of living in the modern world, and stop using Nebraskans for your simple-minded Leftists schemes.


A few notes:
The OWH says that Ricketts is “expected” to run. (Hmm, we don’t remember seeing any sources on that…)
We are hearing Ricketts for Governor in September.
FWIW, Newsmax chooses Shane Osborn as leading the Senate race.


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  1. Sad Dimsdale says:

    If I’m going to blow dad’s money, why not on a Senate Gig. Plus I can go campaign in the Sandhills and play golf.

  2. Chris Scott says:

    Baumgart is NOT going to primary Terry and is NOT recruiting someone to run against Terry. The lady calling the DCRP for voter files to put a tighter a strategic plan was turned down because we support incumbents. I have never heard of the lady. I know this as fact because my wife fielded the call.

  3. Objective Conservative says:

    I applaud Baumgart’s actions. It’s not easy standing up for principles and this article and the true nature of politics are a harsh reality why we need to grow the party at the grassroots level and tell our party dictators at the RNC that we will not fall in line and shut up.

  4. Re: Chris Scott says:

    “… was turned down because *we* support …”

    Sounds like a lot of being done in the background of the DCRP by you and Randi. So I can safely assume that you’re consulting Bryan on all of this. Bryan should’ve looked at your past history before asking you on the team.

  5. DCRP LOVE GURU says:

    Close your eyes and Breath in, Breath out….Let go of the hate. Become one with the goal of kicking Democrat Ass. Visualize Victory!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Baumgart continues to slam conservative Republicans based on the factually-flawed notion that destroying the party through failing to pass a CR would somehow stop Obamacare. It will NOT! Obamacare is the law (and will be funded at least to a large extent) regardless of what the Congress does this fall. That is just a fact, and anyone who actually looks at the facts will know that. Baumgart needs to start doing his homework before running his mouth. He is making the local party look like a bunch of idiots. Quit reading the Ron Paul blogs and start using your brain.

  7. Chris Scott says:

    #1) switch to decafe
    #2) She was volunteering fielding calls when some random citizen called in
    #3) If you have a better track record unseating incumbents please share
    #4) Enjoy the weekend and good luck at the LAIRE tournament! Rumor is you have a great squad!

  8. PistolAnnie says:

    Does Baumgart have a day job? The books he posts on Facebook lead me to believe not. Also, instead of stirring the pot between the Ron Paul entourage and the “traditionalists” shouldn’t his goal be to unite, not further divide an already segregated DCRP? That among other expectations mentioned above…

  9. The Goal says:

    The goal is to bring everyone together and win elections. We don’t need to square off and gun after each other. Bryan needs to do that, but we also need everyone else to do that.

    Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and focus on taking down these bad Policies. We need Bryan to be a coalition builder, not a General in the fight.

  10. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Sid Dinsdale has no chance. He is hopelessly late to the race. Nobody from the Third District or the rural First is going to vote for an Omaha banker. Osborn has been all over the state building up relationships, marching in parades, going to county fairs. McLeay has been around. He doesn’t appear to have anything close to Osborn’s network, but the guy is trying. Sasse has been basically MIA and I’m still not clear on how he’s supposed to go around raising money for Midlands U and raising money for his own campaign. Dinsdale has no clue about what it would take to win a race like this. Just buying up airtime won’t do the trick.

  11. Fundraiser? says:

    Way I’ve heard it Beth has been calling around offering people jobs as “campaign manager” which is a interesting choice for Sid

  12. To Objective Conservative says:

    This people I’ve seen voicing these concerns aren’t ‘dictators’ at the RNC. An odd point to make. The people that have been speaking out are far too young and don’t appear to be from the RNC at all.

    There is a legitimate debate on what is the correct method should be taken. That’s cool. The actual concern is when you see a Party ‘Leader’ doing so much to tear down his own. From the people I’ve talked to, this is a real concern from regular folks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Somewhere in Middle America…

    You obviously do not know Sid or anything about his background by referring to him as an ‘Omaha banker’. Sid is a Nebraska banker who just so happens to office in Omaha. For you to think his only strategy for winning is ‘buying up air time’ is ridiculous.

    And hopelessly late? It’s August. Not many folks are too concerned with a Senate primary that is 8 months away when football season is 2 weeks away. Get real.

  14. DCRP says:

    I read Baumgart’s letter about defunding ObamaCare. He stated that the Nebraska GOP and Douglas County GOP both approved resolutions in support of that position. If our Congressmen aren’t willing to follow the desires of the party, I don’t think he is out of bounds in reminding them of the party’s wishes. In fact, I would expect it of him as Chairman. Some people make it sound like the only reason for the county party to exist is to raise money for incumbents. Good luck getting people involved and energized with that goal. Afterall, what is the point of the Republican Party if its representatives refuse to follow the wishes of those they were elected to represent? I say kudos to Chairman Baumgart.

  15. Not a Mandate says:

    From what was explained to me, the resolution wasn’t approved at the SCC meeting without a ton of debate. It was nearly tabled and a lot of people had issues with it. So this doesn’t sound to me like the ‘mandate’ that you’d make it out to be. Seems like people have good points on each side, I don’t see the reason of using this to split up our party.

  16. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    To Anonymous, actually I do know him a bit. He’s a nice guy and a good golfer. I have nothing against him. But if you don’t think it’s late, you don’t know much about campaigns of this magnitude and neither, I suspect, does Sid. If Gov. Dave changed his mind and jumped into the Senate race now, fine, he wouldn’t be late. But Sid has none of the name recognition or network necessary to run a race like this. The perception will be that he’s just another rich guy who thinks he’s qualified because he’s rich. If he’s as smart as I think he is, he’ll figure this out all on his own.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Did Baumgart make the statements as an official statement from the DCRP or was it a personal post? It sounds like SS agrees with what Baumgart had to say but doesn’t think he should say it just because he is chairman. I don’t see the problem with it. Stating personal opinions is not a right forfeited when one steps into public office. I’m a longtime Republican, but these bully tactics used to silence dissenters and whip people into line is truly pathetic.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    At least Baumgart is getting people to talk about the DCRP. Moribund might be too lively a word to describe how it used to be. Inconsequential also comes to mind.

    Having said that, using a CR to defund Obamacare is the height of idiocy. At some point you need to accept that threatening to shut down the government does not work, especially since 60% of people get some sort of government benefit, the economy is still weak, and people are still scared. The headlines are already written. It will not go well for the GOP and that’s just a hard truth.

    Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight with the generous help of Obama’s incompetence. The GOP shouldn’t try to change the subject but keep the focus and blame on Obama. If anything, they should sue Obama to get him to enforce the law. Don’t make the story about the GOP. Please!

  19. Drew says:

    Streetsweeper, you are a way off base. If Lee Terry does not vote to defund Obamacare, he is gone. Trust me. Bryan Baumgart is absolutely right to criticize Terry and Fortenberry. Obamacare is hated by so many, the mere thought of funding it through CR is enough to torch those voting for such funding.

  20. Drew,

    You caught me in front of my computer on a Friday night (party!!!!), so I’ll respond.
    No, Terry is not “gone” in your scenario. You’re wrong, and if you can’t figure that out, I can’t help you.

    And even if Baumgart’s point is correct (which I’m not necessarily conceding), his JOB is to support the elected reps. It is not to go rouge and pretend he’s writing bills and making votes. That’s not the gig. His job is to elect and support Republicans. His criticism makes a sham of the office.

    Don’t worry, I GET why many Paulies and others are high-fiving themselves of actions like Baumgart’s. But he does a disservice to the party with his actions, and as the Chair of the County party, that’s wrong.

    Plain and simple.

    If he wants to continue his position running his own PAC or as a private citizen, Mazel tov. If he wants to run himself on that platform, go get ’em. But as party Chair, that’s not what he’s supposed to be doing.

    Now back to my Friday evening.


  21. Anonymous says:

    I like suggestions that letting ObamaCare fail and wreak havoc on voters will benefit Republicans in 2014. I’m just not convinced. The Democrats are great at spin and the bigger the failure the better it may be for Dems. They will claim that ObamaCare is only a failure because of Republican interference in implementation. They will claim Republicans wanted it to fail and made sure it did. They will claim that now that the Republicans destroyed your jobs and health coverage, they want to pull all of the support you rely on. They will promise to take care of all the newly dependents. It may not be the slam dunk win many are hoping for.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Anon7:53, shutting down the government will give the Dems the political cover they need to pin this on Republicans. The emotional case against government shutdowns is way, way too easy to make and emotions are the Dems’ stock in trade.

  23. ricky says:

    The grandest time I’ve had in a while was when we went to Lee Terry’s office to award him the “climate change denier” statue or whatever it was. It was such a hoot to hear that young singer songwriter play that song on his guitar and we all joined in the chorus.
    Ha ha it was priceless to see the look on the flunky in Terry’s office (Fox news was on the TV what a ham-handed touch) when the award was given and the reasons read aloud by one of our protesters: “you take hundreds of thousands of dollars from big oil AND you want to ban books in the school library; (a nod to Robyn)”.
    And labor in their orange shirts were a comedic touch in their earnestness. (by the way the unemployment rate for labor in Nebraska must be about 2 per cent).
    Of course Mr Terry was cowardly in not being present in his office for the protest and the flunky in the office could not say whether or not Mr Terry will visit the landowners along the pipeline route in Central Nebraska (he wouldn’t dare).
    It was very clever by Jane and Bold Nebraska, and I am glad I was there.

    ricky from omaha

  24. DCR.I.P. says:

    The DCR.I.P. is long gone and so are it’s donors and elected officials. B Bumguard S Peterson and Co. have driven them away. Few look forward to being associated with the Party or its current PaulBot leadership. What else would one expect when they lash out at their own seven term incumbent congressman. To rudely take after someone who has held a seat against strong odds and carried the Party for so long is simple idiocy. The Terry campaigns have hired, trained and carried most of the politicos around here at some point in their political lives. Many owe Lee Terry a great deal for getting them their start. Terry has raised a great deal of money for the RNC (as is required) and to have campaigned every two years was a grueling task. Few people around the DCRP these days seem to appreciate that fact. He has been a solid conservative vote on capital hill and an accessible elected official here at home. No one can deny that fact. Baumgart Peterson and their current Board need to go before its too late, no need to apologize or try to back up either, the damage is done and people are fed up. It’s time for new leadership at the DCRP. The Party should have been way ahead of where its at right now. The last election cycle was a mess. The fundraisers are poorly attended. They are targeting our elected officials and candidates to squeeze them for money (and Print business) instead of developing a Party donor base. That has to stop immediately! It’s time to go. No apologies, just go. We need a team that is proud of our Party and is willing to build it not contradict it. We need a Party that will get behind its elected officials and help them out not always be out recruiting their replacements.

  25. Tonic & Tonic says:

    How in God’s name do you people expect to build a party when you attempt to eat alive every person who has a different idea about how to achieve the end we all so desperately desire?

  26. Sheeple says:

    To DCR.I.P.

    “The Terry campaigns have hired, trained and carried most of the politicos around here at some point in their political lives. Many owe Lee Terry a great deal for getting them their start.”

    Maybe that’s the problem.

  27. Let's Discuss, Not Attack says:

    In a town that is evenly divided by Party, Congressman Terry has created a team that has been masterful at navigating each election. This hasn’t just helped the Congressman, but has flowed over to helping *many* down ballot races. You always see his team volunteering for other local candidates, including making calls for the in their phone bank and more.

    The alternative seems to be one where you only help specific ‘approved’ candidates. If you don’t fall in line with a specific ‘approved’ philosophy (in it’s entirety), then you don’t get assistance. That has been a disaster. Their own ‘people’ aren’t getting elected and they openly discredit other conservative candidates that aren’t on the ‘approved’ list.

    Here’s the difference. One group is working to build a stronger party and help the local party make a actual impact for the community. Another group appears to simply care about their agenda and nothing else. While getting elected for them is gravy on top, it’s solely about the agenda.

    What we need is for us to join together without simply angrily lashing out at every opportunity. It’s fine for you to fight for your agenda and join the discussion. But let’s discuss, not attack.

  28. Let's Discuss, Not Attack says:

    I hope Bryan Baumgart and the Ron/Rand Paul crew can join the greater group and find ways to work with them. An opportunity for them.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who chooses to cheat on his political Party that he represents as one of its chairmen is like an intestinal parasite. He may be right about this or that policy, but how credible is an ass-worm?

  30. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all are missing the point. Read your Republican platform. And read your U.S. Constitution.
    Then ask yourself: Are my elected ‘representatives’ abiding their oaths of office?
    If you’re talking about too many Republicans (and Democrats for that matter),
    the answer has to be a resounding “NO!”

  31. to the idiot above says:

    Tread lightly you insufferable prick.
    Terry is the farthest right representative that we can elect. Did you know D’s outnumber R’s in Douglas county? He has to represent us all, even the bed wetting liberals, and I think he does a damn good job(all things considered) of towing the conservative line.

    We could elect a farther right candidate if ANYONE were out increasing Republican registrations but NOBODY is doing that. It sounds like a DCRP job to me, so until baumgart pulls his head out followed by the rest of the organization, folk like me will continue to distance ourselves.

  32. The Ghost of Peter Hoagland says:

    You DCRP kids must not remember me. I hope another man named Peter takes my old seat. Keep up the good wood Republicans

  33. The Ghost of Ronald Reagan says:

    Remember what I once said ” The 11 commandment is “Thou shall not attack fellow Republican”. To bad the party has move so much way from my belief in a big tent party and republicans should always support each other. The party is now just a shell of what it use to be.

  34. Who's the next ghost.. says:

    I get the sense that Bryan Baumgart is Scrooge and I’m waiting to see who the next Ghost will be to visit him and set him straight. Just like Scrooge, maybe he’ll realize that he’s a good guy inside, but needs to get those priorities in the right place…

  35. Anonymous says:

    41/42 39 mentioned a “chairman”. That is Baumgard not Terry. Your views agree with 39’s views. Yet you called 39 an “insufferable prick”. What does that make you?

  36. Macdaddy says:

    89% lifetime ACU rating for his Congressional votes. That’s what Lee Terry has done for me. Oh, and helped keep Nancy Pelosi’s skeletal fingers off the Speaker’s gavel.

  37. MD has it. I’m all for smacking down RINOs, if the time and place are right. But the time and place are wrong, and Lee doesn’t deserve it anyway. 89% is enough Purity of Essence for me.

    Granted, I would have wished he voted differently on the Amash amendment, but you can’t always get what you want.

  38. ricky says:

    If I were Birther Bryan Baumgart I’d be ashamed of the Republicans also. The House G O P is ruining America. Only afraid of competition from the right in primaries, and because of gerrymandering are safe in the general, the best this group can do is stop anything Mr Obama proposes, and to heck with what is the best for America.
    That’s why the five member Republican delegation from Nebraska is a big embarrassment.

    ricky from omaha

  39. Taking a chance to re-evaluate says:

    While I’m as skeptical as you, I’m going to give Brett Lindstrom another chance. The real problem was the awful direction and advice from this campaign managers in his last run.

    I’m hoping he’s graduated up from Chris Scott, it would do him a lot of good. That guy is kryptonite for candidates.

  40. Chris Scott says:

    Oh look it is an unemployed pseudo operative who does not like what I write. Do your homework. I have never managed anyone’s campaign.

  41. Chris Scott says:

    David Kramer said I can’t imagine another candidate cracking 20% in this 5 person primary. Lindstrom got 23% in his first run. Way more than an elected official and the former DCRP chair. If you are going to be dumb do it somewhere else,

  42. That's sad says:

    Ah, the pseudo-journalist.tries to defend himself. You’re just a complete opportunist with no real loyalties, it’s sad.

    Do Lindstrom a favor, keep your paws off long enough to give him a chance to prove himself.

  43. Chris Scott says:

    Opportunist? You do realize I have never been paid anything EVER by any candidate. I also have NEVER been paid a dime for any of the other things I have done. If I am an opportunist I sure am no good at it and sure as heck won’t quit my day job. Lol

  44. Great Scott! says:


    We all know that you are the driving force behind installing your wife on campaigns and then helping her suck them dry. All anyone has to do is look at Ed T’s race to see how much ‘help’ is provided.

    I think Lindstrom is screwed from the start even without your wife. He never ended up endorsing lee terry and the money / conservative base doesn’t like him. Maybe you guys should find a better sugar daddy like ricketts…. Whoops did I speak too soon?

  45. Chris Scott says:

    She worked her butt off for candidates for MUCH less than she could get in the private sector. Please don’t be so ignorant. There is a reason campaigns do not hire you.

    Sucking them dry? Please go to the NADC to see how ignorant you are.

  46. ITK says:

    Yep, Ed raised 100k and she received around 25k according to the NADC. For 4,579 votes in the general election. So, for $7 a vote, I can hire a lousy campaign manager . By my estimation is 0-3 in her election campaign history. She bombed on Lindstrom, her own campaign and Ed Truemper. I don’t think the salary expectations meet up with results. If I were the Scott’s I would work on growing the “Political Insiders Report” and leave campaign management to the experts.

    I wonder if Chris wants to play in the media/commentator environment. He is a confused sort, currently. He should seriously think about removing himself from party politics to show some neutrality or even impartiality.

  47. Chris Scott says:

    Yawn. She was also paid about a penny a vote for the 10k votes Lindstrom recieved. As far as hanging it up, won’t happen. I rather like the attacks it means she is a threat. Smear away.

  48. 56 through 66 says:

    Reading posts 56 through 66 is like sitting on a bench in Funk, Nebraska on a Sunday afternoon expecting to see something interesting. Move along folks, there is nothing here.

    I guess the only thing that would be more boring is if someone posted some news about Tom Carlson’s campaign for Governor.

  49. ITK says:

    Chris may not be the one getting paid but Im sure his wife asks for his advice every now and then. 🙂 They are a team……lol………..

    If I had to pick a consultant, I would not sign the Scott’s that’s for darn sure.

  50. Old DCRP Member says:

    Stop the fighting kids. The Scott’s have every right to work in this business as does every political consultant. Focus on beating Democrats!

  51. Anonymous says:

    What’s the matter with the Janssen campaign? They can show up for parades but they don’t have the money for the entry fees? Or are they blowing it all on booze?

  52. hesdeadjim says:

    How about we all just start a group text and badmouth each other using our names. May as well know who is loyal to whom.

  53. Anonymous says:

    How about no. Janssen is running for the highest office in the state, and if he can’t take little jabs, he needs to leave the race. The Dems won’t be as nice about things.

  54. John says:

    First time I jump on this site in over 6 months, and I see why I won’t visit again in another 6. Leavenworth is like manure. Only, manure has more benefits then this website. Hey StreetSweep, why don’t you actually put your time to use, and clean the streets of this state.

  55. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Nice to know that Ricketts is not taking advantage of all of these parades… He COULD HAVE used parade season to get out and decrease his negatives. Instead he’s lurking in the shadows, afraid to throw his hat in the ring.

  56. Drew says:

    Whoa! You need to see what is happening OUTSIDE the Republican Party before you fault those who are in the Party. You have to see where the numbers are going. Democrats are losing registered voters and independents are gaining. In Omaha where Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 15,000 votes, a conservative Republican woman was elected mayor. The east part of Omaha, the liberal part, continues to lose population and jobs.
    Independents can claim an independent Republican ballot in the primary. So until there is a poll explaining why Democrats are leaving the Democrat Party, I say Lee Terry can be beaten in a primary if he refuses to defund Obamacare. It is just a matter of whom. And if he is not beaten in a primary, a semi-conservative Democrat could beat him.

  57. The Ricketts Dream Team says:

    @tonic and tonic…

    None of us make any money off of Pete doing parades. Stop getting those silly ideas in his head!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Comment #81 is on target with his/her figures. Amen to his assessments regarding the exploding numbers of independents. Terry is vulnerable from within given an opponent with guts.

  59. Don't make us a target says:

    The reason that donors, candidates and elected Republican officeholders get ticked off when new people from within our own Party start publicly bashing the Party or those actually having run and sitting in office is that when you do, it looks and sounds like we don’t have support from our base. A lack of support from base voters is an invitation to challenge and a lightning rod for opposition research, fundraising and negative media. A Congressman might be able to ward off the attacks but all other down-ballot candidates get pummeled by liberal voter guides and the democrat machine. So unless you think it would be beneficial for the D triple-C to come in here with $50 to 100K or more to spend against those you are supposedly working to get elected…maybe try another tact.

  60. Lots of Assumptions says:

    Mr. Sullivan (comment #81), you tend to paint with a broad brush and confidently assume many things when you speak. I’m at a loss how you go from voter registration #’s and suddenly to Defunding Obamacare deciding a primary (while vaguely acting like they’re linked). You love to incorrectly apply data and to justify a ‘gut feeling’. A real trade mark of yours.

    You say Eastern Omaha, continues to lose population and jobs? Can you explain where you get this analysis? This sounds like another one example of ‘gut feeling’ analysis. Some of the most densely populated areas in Omaha are east of 72nd street and the city still has an extremely low unemployment rate. Did a friend get fired and you extrapolated that situation to get your analysis?

    I’ll suggest something else. The voter registration shift could mean that we need to work harder on a message that persuades the independent voter, to capture the shift voters in our column. But I think your not a fan of that strategy.

    Remember what they say about assumptions, they can make an @$$ out of you.

  61. Observation says:

    It’s interesting how no matter what the topic by post 5 the comment section always turns into a DCRP civil war, at least try and pretend the DCRP isn’t a joke

  62. Question for Drew says:

    Why did you switch parties? Are you a Republican or a Libertarian? Seems your Libertarian tendencies are starting to show. What would make you switch back? A larger base in which to spout your views? A better chance at winning election? A better chance at splitting the electorate so your candidate of choice wins?

    I find your view of politics very unappealing and downright nasty sometimes. If you don’t like the Republican party, then get lost. Furthermore, if you and Dan Frei don’t like Lee Terry – run against him and see the shelling you receive.You have no idea what it’s like to be a candidate for office and deal with what is reality. You guys really do live in a fantasy world.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Kind of interesting to see so many candidates “represented” in parades by 4-6 people and a banner, and yet when an actual candidate shows up, not “in” the parade there is a problem? Hmmm maybe that’s part of the problem, candidates who don’t show up who get elected still don’t show up! Bellevue is the 3rd largest city and candidates don’t show……..typical. Yet Janssen was there talking with voters and then off to other events in the region. All the claptrap being pushed by the politicos on this site won’t overcome any candidat’s ground game. Herbster is nowhere to be seen, and neither is Carlson…it will be interesting to watch things unfold over the winter months as laz/late candidates try to catchup. Going to be lots of hate mail sent out…….

  64. Anonymous says:

    The “parade” theory outlined from comment 89 is on target. Granted it’s great to get the exposure, but for some reason someone engraved in stone that you need a name banner with two volunteers holding the ends while a few other volunteers “enthusiastically” go along the the parade route stickering tykes who become walking billboards for every candidate. Oh WOW how creative is that? Nobody thinks outside the box of how to attract attention and have it allegedly stick other than on laundry day. This is how it’s done and worked since Christ left Chicago–no reference to the current president. I remember the days of Jon Christensen who had hordes of volunteers parading with him. It at least left an impression. The fact Charlie has the guts to jump in early while others given pretense of a future big splash says something. What’s worst than a lackluster parade appearance is to see a candidate talking to a room packed with a few half listening seniors of which the majority are family that showed up thinking it was a reunion

  65. Anonymous says:

    If your drinking buddi….I mean candidate is actually AT the parade, why not have him IN the parade? Or was it too late to register by the time you heard other candidates were going to be there?

  66. Allen Iverson says:

    We talkin’ ’bout parades. Parades. We talkin’ ’bout parades.

    That high-priced Herbster staff sure has a lot of (government) time on its hands.

  67. I'm taking my GOP talents to a senate race says:

    Hey Fahleson what’s the strategy of Sasse not announcing and not having a website? Is he on double secret campaign probation?

  68. to the idiot above says:

    Shut your mouth when you talk about Mark Fahleson! All he did was recruit someone who sees as a good candidate.

  69. DCRP says:

    Brian B & Scott P are out of school here. It is obvious they are pushing internally to get rid of Lee Terry for their own gain.

    When is the NEGOP going to wake up and do something about it?

    Or, we can always just give the seat to a democrat like Brian and Scott want?

    Let’s face it, Lee is the most conservative electable Republican in CD2. Don’t let the power hungry amateurs give the seat away.

    They can lie all they want in public but they need to know that not everyone can keep a secret…

  70. Don't care who says:

    Post #97 is spot on.

    I’ve heard that exact view expressed by a large number of people lately, and they’re getting more vocal about their views.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Even Lee Terry knew he was over when he promised to serve only a few (was that two?) terms. He’s like the piece of furniture that sits on the front porch which is an embarassment, but at the same time is just so comfortable nobody wants to haul it away. If his is the standard for leadership it explains why our country is in such a mess. He voted to keep big government snooping into our private lives for the sake of some prompted up idea of security. He wonders into KFAB studios about election time and sounds like Shirley Temple warming up her vocals. I’m guessing the men behind the curtain are even holding their nose and heaven forbid if some GOP person dared to speak the obvious. Unless the challenge is met from within, the weak seat will grow worse and be gone from someone who dares to take it.

  72. Is the Republican party really willing to be the party that stops sending paychecks to the soldiers? Or shoots meat prices sky-high by pulling USDA inspectors out of packing houses? Obama keeps putting bullets in the Republican pistol by lying about the NSA, fumbling Obamacare, and watching as ambassadors die. Why in the hell should Republicans use those bullets to open up a hole in the roof of their mouth?

    I mean, I hates me some Obamacare, but cutting off the nose to spite the face is a horrible idea. And ousting Lee Terry with the hopes that an even more conservative Republican can carry the district that went to Obama in 2008 is either the height of arrogance or stupidity, neither of which are admirable qualities.

  73. Macdaddy says:

    Grundle King, I agree. If people want to unseat somebody who is not conservative enough for their tastes, they should take a gander at Fort, who is in a solidly Republican district and who has a lower ACU rating than Terry.

  74. Interested Observer says:

    Well at least all of us legal Nebraskans don’t have to worry about any of our Senators or Representatives “cutting off the nose to spite the face” with this whole Obamacare issue, do we? I mean, just name 1 of the 5 of them who would ever support shutting down the federal government in an effort to defund Obamacare. Who among the 5 would ever even sign a letter to that effect?

  75. Charlie Brown Janssen's Brew Crew says:

    At least the other gov candidates and their staff aren’t drinking at parades with their minor children in tow unlike Charlie Brown Janssen’s Brew Crew! Setting a real good example for our children while drinking and campaigning and just a precursor of how he would conduct himself in the Governor’s mansion.

  76. evidence? says:

    Which is it? Is he not in parades or does he drink beer during the parades?

    I think you’re taking that whole “Janssen is a boozer” thing a little far.

    Either way, it could be worse. He could let his horses shit all over the road, which Herbster DOES do. I saw it in Ralston.

  77. To evidence? says:

    Too far? Several people have seen the brew crew with the beer. Get rational. An absent candidate at a parade is such a non issue. Drinking and campaigning that is a real issue. Even Charlie can’t be at every parade and has sent staff in place unless he thinks he is two dimensional …oh wait he and his staff are seeing double vision from the booze haze or hangover. Hangover sequel IV?? Bradley Cooper v. Charlie – yeah he would think he could pass for Bradley

  78. Anonymous says:

    Obama is a second term President and the U. S. Senate is Democrat and yet all you Republicans here can talk about is how to get rid of Republicans currently in office.

    Democrats are wrong but Republicans are stupid. Which is killing America faster, bad or dumb?

  79. Danielle...I was at the Ralston Parade says:

    To evidence: Nice Try!!!! Too bad Herbster didn’t have any horses in the parade. I should know, I walked with him.

  80. Fremont Parade walker says:

    Herbster’s horses shit all over the streets in Fremont. I was there and other parade walkers had to deal with it.

  81. Scatalogical Politics says:

    Man alive, this discussion has turned into a real manure spreader. Who said there our civil discourse should be more civil! It is enough to make a horse blush.

  82. Pacific Street Pundit says:

    Two things are clear, Janssen has some kind of momentum and the Chapel Fears have an axe to grind and time on their hands. Or is it Chapel Beers? No wait, that’s the Janssen Campaign.

  83. IO, quit being dumb. I voted for Fischer over Kerrey because she more closely represents my views than New York Bob does. Does that mean I, or anyone else who voted for her, will agree with everything she says or does? Certainly not. But it does mean that we’ll be better represented by her than the candidate you ‘Kerreyed’ water for in the last election cycle. It’s this fact that, for reasons I’ll never understand, continues to escape you.

    I’ll try to put this in terms that you’ll understand. Let’s say your favorite thing to eat is chocolate cake, and your least favorite thing to eat is poop. But all that sits in front of you chocolate-chip cookie and a steaming pile of poop. You really want chocolate cake, but you don’t have any cake, so what do you eat? Do you eat the poop because you’re mad you don’t have cake? Or do you go with the cookie because it tastes more like the cake than the poop?

    Okay, bad analogy. Based on your incessant whining about Fischer, it’s pretty clear you went with the poop over the cookie…but most rational people would have gone for the cookie.

  84. Macdaddy says:

    Now you’re not allowed to drink a beer in the presence of children? You know what message having a beer in front of children sends? We don’t have sticks up our butts. That’s what. Make a serious criticism next time.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Anyone notice how the Democrats haven’t attacked Janssen at all yet? He is their wet dream of an opponent. Read the editorials about him, the OWH and LJS hate him. The Democrats learned their lesson beating up Bruning , they will let the vulnerable candidate win the primary while they attack Ricketts and Herbster.

  86. To 118 says:

    Ignorance in your post is overwhelming:

    Anyone who thinks there’s a difference between Democrats and editorial boards isn’t paying attention.

    Maybe check out twitter? Democrats attack Janssen there every day.

    Bruning didn’t lose because he was attacked by Democrats, he lost because he was attacked by Republicans.

    Any Democrat who thinks they’ll win statewide against Janssen, Carlson or any other nominee with Chuck Hassebrook or Annette Dubas is delusional.

  87. Patrick Bonnett says:

    #98 – Nice try. I’m not sure why you would bring my name into this message stream (other than to sow more discord) as I have not commented above. I know how to spell our Party Chairman’s name. When I want him specifically to know my feelings, I’ll reach out to him individually and privately.

  88. A concerned NE business owner says:

    Wow, I just finished reading (trying to choke down) this drivel of an opinionated article. Why are you so hell bent on attacking those involved in local politics. Interested, I read Chairman Baumgard’s letter on the Douglas County Republican Party site about defunding ObamaCare and it seems to align perfectly with that of the Nebraska GOP. As someone else mentioned here, both the NGOP and DCGOP both approved resolutions in support of that very same position. So it seems to me that some of our Congressmen are not willing to follow the desires of the party, nor their constituents. I would expect more leaders and politicians to take a stand and let their voices be heard. Hell, we all need to let our elected leaders know. Thanks Bryan and the DCRP, and any other group that holds our elected leaders accountable to Nebraska voters.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Nice try IO. Why not instead ask which cancer victim wants an operation? Or which textbook a child wants to read instead of playing outside? In fact, what is good for us is often difficult differed reward, the hard and painful investing of our time and effort into things that pay off better for us in the long run. We all, even you, want us to be more and have better for us and our families. But it is only you liberal artsy types, even those of you who masquerade as something else, who apply different logic to others than to yourselves. There is a lot of tyrant in you and you don’t know it. But your disingenuous masquerading ought to give you a clue. You ate Bob Kerrey’s poop with a big happy grin. And you cannot get over how much you miss it. GK was on the right track. You need a change of diet.

  90. Pacific Street Pundit says:

    Sounds like Charles Herbster finally figured out what state he lives in. LOTS of people should be feeling VERY dumb right now. You know who you are.

  91. Baumgart and IO are both idiots says:

    Senator Fischer has signed the “defund Obamacare” letter, the only member of the NE delegation to do so.

  92. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, #127, I understand that Representative Adrian Smith from my 3rd District has signed the House version of the letter, along with 79 other Republican House Members.

  93. Long time GOP Activist says:

    I haven’t been to this blog in quite some time but had to come check it out after I recently caught word of the trash job. A blog dedicated to anonymously trashing Republicans, yet have the nerve to lecture the DCRP Chairman about making Congressman Terry look bad because he publicly insisted that the Congressman follow the wishes of the party (both state and county it appears).

    While I appreciate the work Congressman Terry has done for the second district, I do feel this criticism is well deserved. Of course the anonymous bloggers and commenters on this blog that take issue with public criticism of the Congressman are the very same people who have found themselves on the Congressman’s payroll. They are the very same people that take no issue with publicly criticizing other Republican officials who have found themselves at odds with the wishes of the party (ie. Bob Krist, Tom Mulligan, Tim Lonergan). As I recall, Chairman Baumgart took heat from these same anonymous bloggers and commenters when he took a public stand against implementation of state exchanges in Nebraska. He was right on that issue and he is right on this issue. This blind allegiance to Congressman Terry by the authors of this blog and a couple of the anonymous commenters is unhealthy for the party and unhealthy for Nebraska. Kudos to Chairman Baumgart for doing his job and doing it well. It’s about time someone took a stand!

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