Beau McCoy IN for #NEGOV!

Beau McCoy 01Leavenworth Street has learned that Nebraska State Senator Beau McCoy will run for the 2014 GOP nomination for Nebraska Governor.
McCoy’s decision comes after Falls City businessman Charles Herbster dropped out of the race because of his wife’s health.
McCoy had been a Herbster supporter.

From Wikipedia

McCoy was elected in 2008 to represent the 39th Nebraska legislative district. He currently sits on the Banking, Commerce and Insurance, Intergovernmental Cooperation, and Natural Resources committees.

Senator McCoy identifies himself as pro-life. He supports Second Amendment rights, believes in the death penalty, and is against in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens.
He introduced a bill (LB494) that would impose felony penalties on owners of dangerous dogs that seriously injure other people. Serious injuries caused by dogs, if his bill passes, would lead to a maximum of five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

McCoy and his wife Shauna are the parents of three children: Audrey, Ryan, and Nora. McCoy has been active in the Republican Party since his teens. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership, Summa cum Laude, from Bellevue University, where he was the national committeeman for the Nebraska Federation of Young Republicans. Before being in the Nebraska State Legislature, he was a home improvement contractor.

Things just got even MORE exciting!
And we haven’t even heard from Pete Ricketts yet — whom both the OWH and LJS say is “expected” to join the race.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s get this straight. McCoy is tough on the owners of dangerous dogs, but as the owner of a roofing company he looks the other way when hiring illegal immigrants.

    McCoy: Dangerous dog owners bad, employers hiring illegal immigrants good.

    Hypocrisy on illegal immigration won’t sit well with GOP primary voters.

  2. Awesome!! says:

    Right on! Many of us are excited to welcome you to the Nebraska Governor’s Race, Senator Beau McCoy!!!

    This is the kind of candidate I’ve been waiting for. This has made my day.

  3. Brad Stevens says:

    Anonymous post #5 what a bunch of garbage. Making baseless accusations against someone, their family business and how they put food on the table for their kids is beyond crass. There’s no truth to your accusations, or it would have been reported by now by a reputable media source and not some anonymous hack. Grow up. Get a conscience. And start using your real name if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. Carnac says:

    Correct Sir, Beau “We don’t eat our own” McCoy will not be receiving Senator Larson’s endorsement, which has already been granted to Charlie Janssen.

    Worth noting that McCoy admonished Larson over trying to defeat free-spending DEMOCRAT Education Chair Kate Sullivan.

    How’s Kate Sullivan working out for AFP?

    Prediction: Not good.

  5. Jay says:

    It seems like the Nebraska gov race is kind of a joke. Yes I’m in, no I am not. Make up your mind and stick with the decision. Health reasons for two dumped candidates? I think that is an easy way to say I can’t win.

  6. To Brad Stevens says:

    Reputable media source in Nebraska? Do you know one? I can’t remember the last time I witnessed a fair and balanced news story. Good to know though that if a news outlet hasn’t reported it then it is not true! Makes my life a lot easier!

  7. You've got to be kidding me says:

    That is so lame. If you do roofing and and construction, you must hire illegals? There are lots of contractors throughout the State of Nebraska who would give you the bird, right now.

    I’m curious which campaign you work for, with that level of mental capacity, you must not be very helpful. What a load of trash.

  8. ricky says:

    McCoy roofing put a roof both on my mothers house and our house this summer.
    So I know a little bit about the company.
    But what in God’s name (if there were a God) gives Beau the idea that he can be elected Governor of Nebraska.
    What in the heck has he done nobody knows him.


  9. What next?? says:

    I had to look at the date of this story because it seemed like an “April fools” joke. So who else is going to jump in? Seems like the Republicans need to start talking with each other and get an actual candidate that will be good for the job and not just be out there spreading their name around.

  10. Legal status says:

    Even if it originated from an anon poster on an anon blog – the legal status of McCoy Roofing’s roofers is a legit issue. Especially when McCoy has been a “tough on illegal immigration” legislator. And if it isn’t true, it would be easy enough for him to clear up.

  11. MORE exciting? says:

    I’m not sure I would characterize this as MORE exciting SS. Herbster is out – and in his place we have another state legislator in the mix. And after 6 years, McCoy doesn’t even chair a committee. Yawn. The most relevant question here is does he, or does he not, know how to tie a real bowtie. Those oversized numbers look like clip-ons to me.

  12. Sounds like a guy with a bunch of positives who also lacks some of the perceived negatives of other Republican candidates. The folks who think this guy lacks the name recognition seem to forget that less than 2 years ago, Deb Fischer was just some state senator who’d worked on a road funding bill.

    I can see a similar situation playing out in this primary. Two candidates with some ‘dislikeability’ working against them. Janssen, who I generally support, will likely not be so well-received with non-GOP electorate. Carlson voted to give prenatal health care money to illegal immigrants, and while he’s trying to pump is anti-illegal immigrant bona fides, many will label him as an illegal immigrant sympathizer. McCoy, like Janssen, voted against the bill.

  13. CJ Style says:

    On a more serious note…my goodness this blog sucks. I mean, in a really big way – the writer can’t write and his/her/it’s breaking stories are yawners.

    Take my advice and SHUT IT DOWN. Later, brau!

  14. Not McCoy says:

    So does this mean that if he wins the staff up in the corner office gets to call it a day early or even work from home?? Couldn’t imagine why not since that is how he runs his current office.

  15. You're no Jack Kennedy says:

    Beau McCoy is no Deb Fischer. Comparing Beau McCoy to Deb Fischer? Silly. Deb was the “General” Beau is Heineman’s waterboy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am not even sure I know what Senator McCoy’s voice sounds like. Do know that he voted against funding for Veteran’s Home, schools and law enforcement.

  17. Watch Cat says:

    One thing in that Bo and Charlie have in common. Both are adamant about keeping cigarettes as cheap as possible. I wonder why that is so important to them. NADC might provide some clues.

  18. To #35 says:

    Wow, who knew Nebraska’s legislature was so simple!

    “All those in favor of Veterans vote AYE, opposed NAY.
    Same thing, but with Schools.
    And again, Law Enforcement – AYE or NAY”

    That McCoy must be some kinda rat bastard, being against vets, kids and cops!
    Thanks for your insight!

  19. Watch Cat says:

    So you were against the Governors plan that would remove some tax exemptions in order to repeal income tax. Even Dave said he would open to the idea of raising cigarette taxes in order to reduce income tax. Vast majority of Nebraskans agree.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Um… this about pulling votes away from Janssen? I mean c’mon no way McCoy gets many votes…….oh unles the Gov puts some wind in his sail? Oh how nice and easy it would have if Flood had stayed the course……..

  21. Anonymous says:

    So if McCoy makes it past the primary, does he drop his seat? Or does he play it safe? Then who appoints his replacement?

    All brought to you by term limits……..oh Ernie…….

  22. Dubas for Governor says:

    Senators J and M – I admire your unwavering commitment to keep cigarettes as cheap as possible in our state. That is one thing every Nebraskan can agree on, is that we need more smoking.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Dubas is a shoe in for the anti orthodontis vote. Because every Nebraskan should be able to eat corn through a picket fence, or pipeline.

  24. @Dubas for Governor says:

    Why don’t you move to New York? I’m sure you and Micheal Bloomberg would get along great. As for the rest of us in Nebraska we respect personal liberties including smoking. Senators J and M will not be campaigning on smoking either for or against because it is a non-issue in Nebraska. Try something else.

  25. Gaius Gracchus says:

    I’m all for personal liberty, @Dubas for Governor, as long as you keep your smoke out of the rest of the planet’s air. No rights without responsibilities, eh?

  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s just like an arrogant “R” to think he should lead our state at the ripe old age of 33… what sort of sociopathic self satisfaction must one possess to believe he is fit to govern a state where more than 50% of its residents are almost TWICE his age?

  27. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, according to the Census Bureau Quick Facts, approximately 13.9% of Nebraskans are 65 years of age or older, not 50%.

  28. @9:43 says:

    Being 33 years old is one thing, but being a 33 year old with a buzz cut and wanting to be Governor is quite another. But hey, at least he is a legal citizen, and that counts for something here in Nebraska.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Roofing aside, this guy can’t make up his mind what he wants to do. Last November he ran a vigorous race for state senator. Now he runs for governor. So, let’s see how that works. You promise your constiuency you will represent them to get their votes until something better comes along to give you more power per se and… leave them high and dry while you run for a higher level of…..leadership? It says something about a person who uses one office as a lift ticket to another and their decision making process. Oh goody now the whole state can experience Mr. Bow Tie’s wonderful brand of power gone awry when starved.

  30. Anonymous says:

    So Janssen’s and Laughtenbaugh’s drinking buddy Matt Butler (who apparently just moved into the district a few months ago) is running for legislature? He’s run how many times, and lost every single one?

  31. Joe L says:

    #58 same can be said for Janssen he just ran for reelection in November then starts running for governor in March, after the big boys dropped out. Senator Ashford announced on twitter that he switched to the democrats wonder what he is running for.

  32. Diogenes says:

    How can you be “pro-life” and “pro death penalty” at the same time? Are all politicians this freaking hypocritical?

  33. Anonymous says:

    #60 Good point about Charlie. I didn’t know there were “big boys” and if there were who were they that dropped out?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Personal attacks on Annette Dubas’ appearance are just boorish and immature. Grow up. On a related note, one news article said Beau McCoy was 32.. Whether 32 or 33 that’s awfully young to have the life experience needed to lead the State.

  35. Circus is in town says:

    Lets see

    Sheehy IN then Out
    Flood IN then Out
    Janssen IN
    Courtland IN
    Herbster kind a sort a IN then Out
    McCoy IN
    Ricketts Pending

    Ladies and Gentalmen and childern of all ages step right up step right up as we present
    Clown Circus The NE GOP Primary for Governor
    It’s the Greatest Show on Earth

  36. Homeskool says:

    I heard Beau McCoy was the valedictorian of his High School class, and also Class President, and also Homecoming and Prom Kings.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Lets see Pro-Life means giving an unborn child, which is guilty of no crime, has the opportunity to pursue Life.

    Pro-death penalty means that society has found the act of one so heinous that after being found competent of standing trial, tried and found guilty by a jury of peers, is sentenced to death.

    Now if those who are so against the death penalty would allow the unborn, guiltless, to have as many appeals let alone a trial before being slaughtered, then maybe a discussion can be had on the death penalty. But stop killing the innocent unborn!

  38. @ 71 says:

    Comment # 71, since abortion is so terrible, should it be a crime to perform an abortion on a cow or a pig? If not, explain.

  39. to circus in town says:

    Janssen was in way before flood was out. Part of Janssen’s candidacy is because he doesn’t want a RINO in the gov’s mansion.

  40. @ 75 says:

    That ship has sailed, let it go. You no longer have to try to try to get the RINO label stuck on Flood, you’re not running against him anymore. Put that tactic back into the toolbox, I’m sure you’ll employ it again somewhere, soon enough.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Pigs, sheep, goats, cows et al don’t equate to humans. If that is somehow confusing to you the there is no way you can, or will, understand why aborting the unborn is wrong.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska Right to Life and PETA should get together and discuss shock-and-awe tactics to persuade people into their thinking. What is the difference between the two? Just two groups that think they are morally superior to everyone else and think the majority of society, who disagree with them, should be bound to their moral guidelines.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Prediction: Ricketts kicks this thing off in the 3rd Dist at the State Fair, either on Senior Citizens Day or Veterans Day at the fair.

  44. @76 says:

    He stuck the label to himself, with pride.

    @80: it would be silly for Ricketts to announce during state fair on vets day or senior citizens day because he is neither. I think it bothers him that he is not a vet and he clearly wants to be a Senior citizen as is evident by his haircut.

  45. TexasAnnie says:

    Pigs, sheep, goats and cows, like humans, are mammals.
    What do you mean by “equate” Anonymous @ 9:58 am?

    Do you mean that because humans are at the top of the food chain, it’s okay to kill any other mammal? And under such logic, do you agree that it is okay to kill enemy-humans, given the military might of the United States as compared to every other country? And if that’s okay, is it okay to kill impaired humans as y’all did at Beatrice State Developmental Center a few years back?

    There’s a lot of killing going on, all around the world. To argue SUCCESSFULLY that killing humans is unethical because human life is SACRED, one must accept the premiss that EVERY HUMAN LIFE is sacred! Since you do not believe death-row inmates possess sacred lives, well… I guess you cannot understand either!

  46. Anonymous says:

    @ Gerard Harbison, 97% of scientists believe in climate change, too bad for you your love of social darwinism is stronger than your love for science.

  47. Fort street fury says:

    Pro tip to anonymous above: If you’re going to lecture a scientist, you’d better not throw out statistics like “97%” without some sources to cite.

    This one was free. The next one will cost.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Of course all scientists believe in climate change. Climate is simply long term weather and such is dynamic. There is no unchanging weather or unchanging climate. It is all pressure and temp differences in a constant flux and change.

    What you are probably trying to refer to, are the gullible (and those who lie to get federal grants from the gullible in power) who stupidly think Mankind is more powerful than the Sun and geologic dynamism. You would have people cure cosmic effects, such as the Sun’s warming and cooling trends on the inner four planets, or the moon moving 1.5 inches away from Earth each year; or the geologic effects on climate of tectonic landmass movements going on as we speak, and volcanos spewing greenhouse gasses beyond that of any human product. Even among humans, the Chinese and Indians today spew more pollution than America ever did. What do you have in mind for China and India? Nuke them back to pristine human-less state of Nature? It was Nature itself that repeated nearly wiped out all life on Earth via its various deadly mass extinctions. Eventually, we are all toast. But we don’t have to be gullible.

    When it comes to surviving that bitch Mother Nature, I will put my money on a skeptical RWP rather than a fool who thinks we can hug the earth enough that it won’t kill us.

  49. Al Gore's Internet says:

    I love how libs for years were on the “global warming” bandwagon, and now that it’s been disproven, they’re suddenly on board with “climate change”. “No seriously, that’s what we meant all along! Al knew what he was talking about!” Now Gore is comparing climate change to civil rights, apartheid, and gay rights struggles. What a crock. When you have no facts, play on emotions.

  50. Anonymous says:

    More delusion here. Just because you don’t agree with generally accepted facts does not suddenly make them “not facts”.

  51. @ Anonymous says:

    Just because you do agree with some “generally accepted facts” (which by the way aren’t “generally accepted”) some liberals put out, doesn’t mean everyone who disagrees with you is wrong.

  52. PistolAnnie says:

    Yes, I believe in climate change. It’s called Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The best of all being fall, GO HUSKERS!

  53. @ Anonymous says:

    I’m from the world where Forbes magazine printed an article this year titled “Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring ’97-Percent Consensus’ Claims”.

  54. Anonymous says:

    #100, Cook may not have used the best methodology, but do you really believe the % is going to drop, say, over 20%? There are certain physical laws that predict warming based on an increase in CO2. Go ahead and make the assumption that other factors will mitigate or override the effects caused by the man-made increase in CO2, but if your assumptions are wrong, it will be too late to fix the problem. Once the CO2 is in the atmosphere, it will take quite a while to reduce it and its effects.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Umm CO2 concentrations were much higher before the industrial revolution…….and then there is that pesky sun and all that….oh and when has mankind done its best feeding themselves…warm periods? So liberal logic says cool the planet=less food….more dead poor people….typical short sighted liberalism. See for most Libs at the top of the food chain it’s not about helping the down trodden up, rather keeping them in check to fill the roll of servant, only now it’s serving up votes so the new Libs can feed at the public trough. Just look how well it’s worked for the past fifty years in north omaha!

    Liberalism and its leaders have created a new plantation, so where do you work. Heck even Bono said capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than Aid ever has. But the weak minded Libs are voting the public treasury….. Check out what Sec Lewis said just today…out of $$$ in the first month of the new fiscal year…tsk tsk

  56. Butterflies says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here make prediction or too

    Republican gov primary. It’s going to be the most expensive we have ever seen. There’s going to be lots of mudsling, charges and counter charges and lots of grandstanding. We will all be wishing it was over 2 months before it’s over. Pete Ricketts will win cause we will dump so much money that no one will be even be able to come close. Charlie Janessen will come in second, Beau McCoy comes in third and Tom Carlson a very distant fourth if he does not drop out before the primary.

  57. To Butterflies says:

    “Pete Ricketts will win cause we will dump so much money that no one will be even be able to come close.”

    When you say “we” is that some kind of Freudian slip?

  58. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous, not really. One still has the vast majority of climate scientists convinced that man is causing adverse climate change, even it is not 97%. Your response is typical of most right-wingers. If one part of an argument is shown to be wrong, then everything must be wrong!

  59. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Re/the climate change thread, I like what Dr. Harbison said on June 24th: Finally, since I’m sure the local left will have a hissy fit, call me a ‘denier’, and denigrate my credentials as a scientist (my major research area at the moment is the radiative physics of gas molecules, so what do I know?), here is my position. The greenhouse effect is real. Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is rising. Humans are doing that. The increase in CO2 is almost certainly increasing global temperatures, though probably by not nearly as much as the consensus estimate from 5 years ago. Warming is probably concentrated at the poles, leading to a decline in Arctic ice. But the connection to droughts, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes is unknown, and global warming might as easily decrease the likelihood of some of these phenomena as increase them. And, in return, it will make northern regions of the planet more habitable, and the whole planet more fertile. Not a bad trade-off.

  60. @ Anonymous says:

    You’re using more flawed methodology when you assume that I’m a “right-winger”. A lot of people other than “right wingers” believe your “global warming”/”climate change” is a load of crap.

  61. Going Off says:

    Anyone remember when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991? 1992 here in the Midwest was the The Year Without a Summer, and then we had the Great Floods of 1993. Shortly thereafter, things went back to normal. Mother Nature does more to affect weather and climate than we ever can.

  62. Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous, the vast majority of climate deniers are of that persuasion. I understand that any facts that would reduce profits must be denied.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Picking out one person does not prove your point. This is a corollary to #108. My list of people and companies profiting from global warming denial is much, much longer than your list of “liberals” that are making money from green companies. The money is far greater, too.

  64. 97% of scientists believe in climate change, too bad for you your love of social darwinism is stronger than your love for science.

    No one but a moron ever claimed that. What was claimed was that 97% of climate scientists believe in anthropogenic global warming. I think that’s probably right. Lots of scientists labeled ‘deniers’ actually believe in anthropogenic global warming. The real dispute is not over AGW, but its magnitude and its consequences. One fringe — the Jim Hansens of the world — believe in high climate sensitivity, ‘tipping points’, AGW amplification of extreme weather, and an overall catastrophe for humankind. The other end of the spectrum believe in lower sensitivity, few or no tipping points, limited effects on extreme weather (including the possibility some forms of extreme weather will be lessened) and neutral to beneficial effects on humankind. Climate scientists, and the rest of us, are widely scattered between these two extremes. I’m definitely on the opposite side from Hansen, and I’d say, so far, the observational evidence is on my side.

  65. @ Anonymous says:

    Green companies aren’t making any money at all, that’s the problem…they keep failing all the time. But *somebody* is taking that money and profiting handsomely.

  66. Anonymous says:

    A few high-profile green companies fail, and you extrapolate to Green companies aren’t making any money at all. First, you’re wrong. Second, the space program didn’t make money by itself, but eventually quite a bit of technology developed there was exported to other fields. This epidemic of short-term thinking with little ability to visualize the future (mostly from the right) is what’s destroying this country.

  67. NASA have oversold the spin offs to the space program for decades. Don’t get me wrong — I support the space program (heck, I even have a tiny NASA grant) — but the spin offs didn’t come close to covering the expenditure.

    The fact is, very little that is ‘green’ in the environmentalist sense can make a profit without gummint subsidies. There are other green companies — bicycle manufacturers, for example — that do make a profit, but they didn’t set out to be green, they set out to sell a product people would buy.

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