Herbster is OUT for #NEGOV

Charles Herbster 02Falls City businessman Charles Herbster will NOT run for Nebraska Governor in 2014, according to Leavenworth Street sources (confirmed by OWH and LJS as well).
We are told Herbster will cite the health of his wife as a factor in his decision not to run.
Though he had marched in parades under a “Herbster for Governor” banner, he had not yet formally announced.

He have more news on other, NEW, candidates, but must sit on that for now.

Stay tuned.


  1. Pacific Street Pundit says:

    Anybody who buys this health excuse is obtuse. His wife had surgery in June and he was at the Pancake feed on July 4. Gimme a break. The shrieking from the second floor of the capital today must be deafening.

  2. Ricky Fulton (@rickylee41) says:

    The more time with the family excuse. Or maybe when the press began asking if the guy really lived in Nebraska.
    And every day that goes by Charlie Janssen gets closer to the nomination. Why just the other day Justin Wayne endorsed Janssen, becoming the first person from north O to do so.
    That fund raiser by Wayne for Janssen didn’t make the other OPS board member a very happy though.
    Ricky From Omaha

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Chris Scott and the rest of the Paulbots are high-fiving each other for taking down a Republican who doesn’t wear a tin foil hat.

  4. PistolAnnie says:

    Pacific Street-

    Clearly, you lost the brains to your big brother Dodge Street to the north. You’re comments are completely uncalled for. Shame on you. We are talking about PEOPLE here, get it together.

    I pray for Charles Herbster, his wife, and their extended family and friends.

  5. Omaha Native says:

    I’m calling this now. Getting Carlos is the catalyst for Rex Fisher to make his decision to get in the race OR Carlos goes to work for Dinsdale for Senate.

  6. Pacific Street Pundit says:

    I care more about the people Herbster has stolen money from or treated poorly at Conklin. Their testimonials are all over the Internet. All would have seen the light of day eventually. You people defending this clown from Missouri is what’s disgraceful.

  7. PistolAnnie says:

    Because of Pacific’s Street’s ‘internet research’ we are all suppose to be heartless morons. Bold strategy.

    And when did being successful become a bad thing?

  8. Gaius Gracchus says:

    “And when did being successful become a bad thing?” When success occurs at the expense of others, who have acres of MLM merch rotting in their garage and/or basement to prove it.

  9. Do your homework dufus says:

    #16 they are not inventory loaders you don’t know what you’re talking about. Nevertheless they are terribly poor business people and NE is lucky they’re out for a LOT of reasons. The exit was predictable…

  10. Right on the Money says:

    #14 that is so spot on! and the comment at #15 you are obviously as a political operative saddened by your loss of an employer, so wah wah wah

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