Festersen OUT for #NE02

Chairman Terry 02As reported by Nebraska Watchdog and the OWH, Omaha City Councilman Pete Festersen will NOT run for the Democratic nod for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat — currently held by Lee Terry, Chairman of the House Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade subcommittee.

Festersen was thought to have been someone who could give Terry a decent race — even though 2014 is non-Presidential election year, and even though during the Presidential election year of 2012, Democrat John Ewing could not take Terry out.

We have not heard of any other Democrats that may take on Terry.

We had heard Brad Ashford’s name as a potential challenger, but it looks like he now wants to take on Jon Bruning for the AG’s office.
And a while back, we had heard rumblings that State Senator Steve Lathrop would be interested, but with him dropping out of the Governor’s race, it would seem that his interest has waned across all offices (but who knows).

So that leaves intra-party candidates.

We have heard of one name so far: Joel Merriman.
He is Sr. Vice President of CSSS.net which, according to LinkedIn, “offers timely, low-risk, cost-effective engineering solutions and services.”

We had heard a while back he was interested in statewide office in Nebraska (think Gov), but we aren’t sure what happened there. We have heard NO confirmation that he will run, or even that he is for certain interested.
We have generally heard that if Terry does not vote to de-fund Obamacare by shutting down the Federal government (an issues on which many like-minded Republicans differ), that the Tea-Party-esquers will primary him in some way, shape or form.

That being said, we do not believe a complete unknown could take out Terry in a primary.

But that being said, we also do not believe Terry would take ANY challenger lightly.
We wait to see how this all shakes out.


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  1. ricky says:

    No wonder Mr Terry can obstruct anything do nothing and not care about getting re-elected. He does every time. Maybe the only thing we can do to get rid of him is to get a majority of the legislature progressive, get a Democratic governor (Hassebrook), and draw the districts to be only or mainly Omaha and not give Mr Terry the Sarpy County backstop.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ha, Joel is one goofy looking, all about him, knuckle head. Heard him taking about wanting to run up at the DCRP event this summer. Most don’t know him, and those that do……well it ain’t all roses….

  3. Anonymous says:

    When you add up all the opiated anti-Terry comments that try to pass for reasoning here, you can construct a diagnosis of the entire thinness of it, and in turn see Terry’s strength implied.

    He’s not conservative enough, he’s not liberal enough, he does too much, and he doesn’t do enough… in your opinion. And you don’t like him. Boo hoo.

    Here’s a reality check. Most voters here prefer him. And what they prefer him to is whatever you have in the past offered as an alternative.

    It is stupid of you to complain that voters prefer a crappy Terry to people you offer who most voters obviously find even crappier than Terry.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    The main problem with a primary challenge against Terry is this is Omaha. I realize many of the people on this blog feel passionately about conservative issues, but the reality is your neighbors are nice, go along to get along kind of people. How many of your friends and neighbors get genuinely mad about something? If so, how long do they stay mad? To put it another way: these people applaud the visiting team as they leave the field, even if they beat us. Lee Terry is safe from a primary challenge because your neighbors are not easily excitable. Pick another strategy.

  5. NebraskaAndy says:

    TexasAnnie, what is with Nebraska’s Democrats is that they have absolutely no organization. They keep doing the same stupid things over and over again, expecting different results. The best thing they could do is exile anyone that has held any position of authority in their state party over the past twenty years. Maybe they should draft Jane Kleeb to run their show. At least she’s been doing SOMETHING!
    As for the Libertarians in this state, they can’t even agree to disagree with one another. It is every man for himself in their camp.
    All you have to do to be elected to public office in Nebraska is be a registered Republican that does as he is told.

  6. Anon says:

    He’d probably have a better chance against Stothert when she runs for reelection to the Mayor’s office. There’s almost no chance he can win this time against Terry with no state-wide election having a Dem candidate with coattails to get turnout up in Omaha.

    Seriously, no decent Dem candidates for Gov. or Sen.? This cycle will end with the primaries.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Joel Merriman is a man of utmost integrity, patriotism and service to others. He is a devoted family man, trustworthy friend, and a patriot who continues to serve his country as a reserve military officer. He is a man of vision committed to creating better lives and ensuring a brighter future for his children and those of all Americans.

  8. Fort street fury says:

    Merriman is a member of the military industrial complex. His company is a tax dollar wasting subcontractor for a defense contractor at Offutt. The dude stands ZERO chance.

  9. Omaha ITK says:

    Omaha business leader, after a recent fundraising pitch by Shane Osborn, described him as a “meathead.” How long before Sasse and McLeay call on Shane to release his academic records and come clean on his Tailhook days?

  10. Interested says:

    What Omaha Business Leader is that??? Many of Omaha’s business elite are supporting Shane. That includes many Bankers and Lawyers.

  11. Re: Omaha ITK @ 19 says:

    Your ‘business leader’ is confusing personality with intelligence. Shane is obviously smart as hell and extremely capable. He has a resume to show that he is a high achiever. They just come out on a different side of the Myers-Briggs chart than Shane does.

    I’d equate Shane to the personality that drive a Surgeon or Fighter Pilot. He’ll lead the charge and get things done. Nothing wrong with a more introverted individual, but wouldn’t you rather have an extrovert that will very actively work for the Nebraska voter?

    I can respect that this particular business leader has a preference in what personality they prefer, but I would have to disagree with that preference.

  12. To Omaha ITK says:

    Shane received only one of 2 Navy sponsored full ride scholarships here in Nebraska. Furthermore Shane received his degree in Mathematics. Don’t know too many “Meatheads” that take 36 hours or more of advanced math and statistics. It’s probably safe to say Shane is a bright guy.

  13. To To Omaha ITK says:

    Its probably safe to say the Ben, Shane, and Bart are pretty bright. Let’s focus on resumes. A good example would be who has given political donations to Democrats Tom White and Nancy Thompson.

  14. To the idiot above says:

    No Republican Senate candidate would ever give pro-choice Democrats like Tom White and Nancy Thompson donations. Put up or shut up!

  15. NebraskaAndy says:

    As I wrote before, “All you have to do to be elected to public office in Nebraska is be a registered Republican that does as he is told.”
    Shane Osborn knows how to take orders. His Omaha businessmen will enjoy telling him what to do.

  16. Lancaster County Republican says:

    One of the Republican Senate candidates supported Chris Buetler and Democrat Gail Kopplin against Scott Price.

  17. @NebraskaAndy says:

    Nobody is telling Shane Osborn what to do. The Chinese tried to do it with a gun to his head. It didn’t work.

  18. Anonymous says:

    To #25, oh it doesn’t stop there on his donations, they are public records. Why don’t you look at Tony Raimundo’s donor list (you know, the guy who ran against Johanns) and see whether a certain someone isn’t in there for $2300.

  19. Fort street fury says:

    Who wants to talk about Bart Mcleay?
    Who wants to look into HIS donations?

    Bart was, until relatively recently, a Democrat!

  20. Fort street fury says:

    Point: you have no hope of winning a REPUBLICAN primary with a long record as a Democrat. Would you like me to explain the ddifferences between the two? It’s not that cosmic.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks #36. I already know the difference between a smart ass and a ddddumb ass. It’s “thinking” like yours that I’m sure is leading great strides to improve our human condition with your unbiased attitude and worldly view.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How about a Republican who was a Democrat incumbent? The guy actually runs for office and wins as a lifelong Democrat, up to that point. That was Mike Johanns. On the other hand, Chuck Hagel has never been anything but a Republican and most Republicans cannot stand him.

    Party switching can be seen as bad. Or it can be seen as a person getting smarter and acting on principles, while a lifelong party member may have never taken any thoughtful principled stand but simply parroted his parents’ until he decided he wanted elective power to hurt people and boost his own ego.

  23. Pinnacle of Success says:

    Who cares if Mr. Dinsdale gives to democrats. He built up that bank with his own 2 hands and has been a great supporter of many projects in Nebraska.

  24. Dinsdale why says:

    Not sure why Dinsdale would run, unless he what’s to spend a bunch of money for nothing. Hay donate to the zoo or a hospital then they can name a exhibit or a wing after you. Your name will be far more recognized. Osborne has this in the bag he has statewide name recognition, already ran a successful statewide campaign, has raised lots of money and has good ground game. It’s his to loose. Sasse does not even have a website up.

    Tony Raimundo switched from republican to democrat. He did not run against Johanns cause Scott Kleeb handed him is butt on a plate in the primary. The democrats never heard from him again.

    Johanns was democrat until he ran for Lincoln City Council and he served on the city council and as mayor Lincoln as a republican.

  25. Fort street fury says:

    Sasse can even hire a scheming little campaign manager who has no problem using underhanded tactics to attack his candidate’s opponents. No, Darold, nobody has forgotten the abortion mailers.

  26. To Darold says:

    I think a certain newly elected Mayor remembers you and your “friend” in Colorado. We remember your trash and smears.

  27. To Dr. Ben Sasse says:

    I don’t see how you can keep your employment with Midland and run for US Senate. Your raising money for your own political pursuits while being charged to raise $11 million dollars for the University seems fraught with ethical questions. When you call that Midland donor or Alum are you calling for yourself or for the University? Also, how can you continue to collect wages from a tax exempt entity while actively campaigning for a US Senate race? Did you save up lots of vacation days? It seems to me that your loyalty lies with your own political ambition and not the University’s as you are actively seeking another job over the next 15 months while being employed by Midland. Finally will you be using University resources for your campaign? Campus facilities, phones, staff, internet, etc. for the next 15 months? I think you need to hire an ethicist, a tax lawyer, and an FEC compliance person to help you navigate these issues you have placed before yourself.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Why the focus on Sasse? If election finance watchdogs say he is okay, he is okay. If not, he’s not. What is illegal, what is ethical, and what is tolerable to voters are all different. But mostly, Sasse is a novice. He’s not, for example, comparable to a Hagel who was a Reagan appointee and a Congressional Chief of Staff before his first run. Sasse is a professor. So what? Georgetown made Hagel a Professor based on a bachelor’s degree. Sasse is putting his toe in the water knowing the weight in this race is with a Navy pilot famously held captive by Communists and elected to a statewide office by Nebraska voters. In the face of that, why discuss Sasse in a serious context?
    Instead we might discuss any holes we might see in Osborn’s strategy, or how we think Ricketts will do when he enters the governor’s race next month.

  29. I Smell A Pat says:

    The Objective Conservative already called the race for Pete Ricketts last week. Those former Ricketts employees stick together.

  30. Bob Kerrey held all sorts of sinecures, including emeritus president of New School, while he was running for Senate. He also had a huge (near million dollar) personal contract from a long term Democrat contributor to allegedly raise money for a quack Israeli research company.

    Funny we didn’t hear anything about conflict of interest then.

  31. Since there seems to be a lot of false chatter about Ben Sasse, let me set the record straight on his background. Ben’s bio:

    Ben Sasse is a fifth-generation Nebraskan who fixes broken institutions. He currently serves as president of Midland University, which was on the verge of closing when he arrived, but has now been Nebraska’s fastest-growing college four years in a row under his leadership.

    Ben was born at Plainview Hospital, baptized at Zion Lutheran, and raised in Fremont. Like most Nebraskans, his foundational life lessons were in the twin values of working hard and getting a good education. America’s greatest state offered plenty of opportunities for both.
    His first job was walking beans in Hooper, then four years with Schlapfer Detassling working corn fields across Colfax, Dodge, and Saunders Counties. Beginning at age 11, Ben spent fall Saturdays selling pop at Husker games. Childhood days were spent hunting and fishing along the Platte with his brothers. His first political memories are of cheering Reagan’s “Morning in America” reelection and then volunteering on Kay Orr’s first campaign for governor in 1986.

    After a wonderful education at Trinity Lutheran School and Fremont High School, Ben was recruited to wrestle at Harvard, and then quarterbacked the football team at Oxford. He continued his studies at St. John’s and earned a Ph.D. at Yale, where his award-winning dissertation on American conservatives successful attacked biased liberal narratives of Cold War history.

    Ben would meet Melissa McLeod, his lifelong soulmate, when they were on a Christian mission trip together in college. They would marry three years later, and are the proud parents of three little Husker fans.

    His acclaimed business career turning around companies began with the Boston Consulting Group, advising leaders in times of crisis. He has saved jobs in industries ranging from airlines to manufacturers, and has challenged failed strategies in organizations from the FBI to the government of Iraq. As an expert on healthcare delivery, he has spent much of the last decade advising hospital boards and healthcare providers on becoming more patient-focused.

    Ben has been called to serve many faithful public officials. He was the start-up chief of staff for Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, and served in multiple posts for President George W. Bush. One of these jobs was as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which is unfortunately the federal government’s largest agency. In that role, he crusaded tirelessly against the false promises and the fiscal unsustainability of national entitlement spending.

    In 2009, Ben became one of the youngest chief executives in American higher education when he was named president of Midland University in his hometown. Midland was struggling at the time, facing declining enrollment, aging facilities, and mounting debt. The Fremont school has since become Nebraska’s fastest growing college, doubling its enrollment and building the state’s largest athletic department. Midland is now rescuing the bankrupt Dana College, aiming to serve even more Nebraska kids and to revitalize the historic campus in Blair.

    Ben is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading critics of Obamacare. In speeches, on television, in editorials, and in person, he pressed lawmakers to reject the false premise of Obamacare long before Congress elected to pass the 2,300-page law without even reading it. He is tireless in his quest to repeal and replace this failed legislation with market-based healthcare that benefits patients and reduces health costs for families and taxpayers.

    Ben and Melissa Sasse, now married for 18 years, worship weekly at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, where Ben’s great-grandfather carved the altar and more than four generations of his family have belonged.

    Living within a mile of where he grew up, Ben and Melissa, a former high school teacher and guidance counselor, are homeschooling Elizabeth 12, Alexandra 9, and Breck 2. Their cause is to ensure that the America we leave to our grandchildren is as free and as great as the America we were blessed to inherit from our grandparents.

  32. Anonymous says:

    What’s Sasse doing running for Senate with a resume like that? Why doesn’t he just start with President or Veep.

  33. Anonymous says:

    ….and that boys and girls is the sequel to War and Peace. I didn’t realize Oxford had a football team and they let child labor sell pop at Husker games. I know it seems selfish as a voter, but is there a part in the doctoral thesis about what Ben is going to do for me since I’m the one who if he’s elected will be punching his meal ticket?

    Part of Ben’s difficulty getting traction is being advised by attorney at law who doesn’t understand how to put sizzle on a Sasse steak.

  34. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    The question isn’t whether Sasse is an impressive guy. I happen to think that he is very smart and serious about policy issues. That’s all well and good. The practical question is how he is going to continue to draw a paycheck from Midland and campaign at the same time. He’d have to do it on vacation or off hours, or he could be putting himself and Midland in jeopardy. Osborn is a full time candidate. McLeay resigned his partnership at Kutak Rock to campaign. It’s nice to know that someone is an “nth” generation Nebraskan (though why where someone’s great-grandparents lived should be important remains obscure to me) and that they had gainful employment as youths. But that doesn’t really answer the question of how he can essentially serve two masters. It’s particularly dicey given the fundraising demands of being a university president. “OK, how about a million dollars for the Dana purchase, and then $2600 as a stocking stuffer for the Senate campaign?”

  35. To Fahlsen says:

    Ben turned around Midland…lol He was able to get a flood of students from Dana’s closing. He now has a $11 million dollar campaign. How is he going to raise money for himself and Midland? Ben just moved here a few years ago so he could get back to DC. Also Mark, can you address his lack of judgment in hiring his AD?

  36. Interested Observer says:

    It somewhat seems that all of these questions are essentially moot until the guy actually commits, publicly, to his campaign. It may be that he is still “listening”.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Homeschooling his kids? That’s a hobby candidate for you.

    I know some good people who home schooled their kids into a state of ignorance. They had to put them back into Public School as remedial students. Most parents are similarly unfit to homeschool. Sasse and his wife among a few who can, if they wish, run a mini-education complex at home. The question is, will a Senator Sasse continue to give his middle finger to our Public Schools that are supposedly good enough for every other voter’s kids? Sasse’s homeschooling is a different sort of elitism from sending one’s kids to Ivy league prep schools but nevertheless it is a separation from and rejection of the public education system that Sasse, as a Senator would be sworn to deal with.

    Homeschooling is good conservative thing to do if Sasse is running for GOP Chairman, but him opting his kids out of the Public schools the rest of us must suffer, that won’t sit well with even some Republican voters.

    Sasse looks like a hobby candidate compared to Osborn who is going full bore. Sasse is juggling not focusing. He hasn’t run in, let alone won, a statewide campaign, and it shows.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Possible Democratic candidates for 2nd District now or in 2016

    Heath Mello
    Jeremy Norquist
    Sara Howard
    Gwen Howard
    Marc Kraft
    Steve Laptrop
    Susie Buffet
    Thomas Warren
    Larry Bradley
    Chris Rodgers
    Dell Grimes

    the future looks bright for the Democrats!

  39. Sara Howard needs some cash says:

    Hey, Sara can run for Congress and pay herself and her mother a salary. She can also continue to pay ACE under the table. Run Sara Run!

  40. To Sara Howard needs some cash says:

    The IQ of the Unicameral dropped 10 points when Sara was added. The apple didnt fall to far from the tree. The Howard’s gamed their NADC’s. Go read them, they are all online.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure those Democrats would have a blast for 2 years in Washington, because that’s how long it would last if one of them accidentally got elected.

  42. Mock Trial says:

    Looks like Sasse’s stellar pick of AD is heading for Trial. Imagine all the other great decisions Ben Sasse will make. Nice work Ben.

  43. Interested Observer says:

    “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Sorry “Mock Trial”, but Sasse ain’t the Shadow.

  44. DC Elitist says:

    Evidently Ben Sasse does not want his kids contaminated by the unwashed masses in Fremont. I get it. He can’t wait to get his kids into school in a place like Sidwell Friends in DC. Even Bob Kerrey had little Henry suffer a few months in OPS.

  45. Interested Observer says:

    Mock Trial, why didn’t YOU warn the Midlands University decision makers about the AD pick? Didn’t YOU know what the guy MIGHT do in the future??? Then why should they have known?

    Once again, I say that Sasse handled the investigation and the termination in a very appropriate manner.

    Now, if you want to criticize Sasse, then ask Mr. Fahlson what he meant when he said “Like most Nebraskans, his foundational life lessons were in the twin values of working hard and getting a good education. America’s greatest state offered plenty of opportunities for both.” and then went right on to say that Sasse then attended Harvard, Oxford, St. John’s and Yale. What? None of the NEBRASKA Universities or Colleges were good enough? Apparently, Sasse isn’t “Like most Nebraskans”.

  46. Anonymous says:

    In all due respect with none due, if Marc Kraft is a sign of what looking bright is then I’m thankfully in the dark and prefer to stay there.

  47. Uh, IO, I hate to break the bad news, but Nebraska doesn’t have any universities as good as Harvard, Oxford or Yale. St. Johns I know nothing about except they play basketball, and are better at it than us.

  48. Fighting Bobcats!! says:

    Gerard Harbison- i taken exception to your comment. I went to Peru State for undergrad work. Peru State is the Havard of the midwest!

  49. Interested Observer says:

    Uh, WKRP, I was pointing out the obvious contrast between Fahlson’s words, “America’s greatest state offered plenty of opportunities for both” and Sasse’s spurning of those very same opportunities.

  50. DC Sasse says:

    Ben has rejected everything about Nebraska his whole life. Now he wants to return to DC as your Senator. The guy is just too smart to stay here in Nebraska.

  51. Macdaddy says:

    You guys are reaching. The ridiculousness of your arguments are going to force me to actually take a look at the guy. He didn’t go to college in Nebraska? He home schools his kids? That’s what you’re criticizing him for? Are we in the Ozarks now? Why don’t you guys put down the keyboard and go scream at the neighbor kids to get off your lawn. Or rant to the HOA president that your neighbor didn’t get approval before he planted marigolds instead of geraniums this year. Oh, I have a better idea! Sasse used to be in government. Why don’t you go look for a boneheaded decision he made or an idiotic paper he wrote? You know, come up with an actual argument against the guy.

  52. Familyaffair says:

    Thousands of extra tax dollars per month are given to each gay and lesbian married couple in the military for dependent healthcare, housing allowances, etc. Men and women who are in love but not married and live together are punishable as criminals under military law. What matters isn’t who you have sex with but your right to marry whomever you wish. Marriage is government sanctioned goodness.

    Marriage makes any relationship wholesome, normal and natural. And every consenting adult has the right to marry any other consenting adult.

    I thus urge you to support the Nebraska Consanguin Marriage Act that will extend marriage rights to the most loving of family members. The act will do away with the stigma of “incest” and allow these perfectly normal loving marriages between consenting adult cousins, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, aunts and uncles.

    The most beautiful gold artwork in history is of a perfectly beautiful young pharaoh Tutankhamen whose parents were full brother and sister. In Texas, two identical twin men married two identical twin sisters and their children, genetically full brother/sister, may marry in some states because law see them as cousins. Half of all European countries have recently thrown out antiquated incest laws.

    Next, how to get a tax deduction by buggering your dog.

  53. @ Familyaffair says:

    Familyaffair is a good example of the Republican rebranding effort. Comparing gay marriage to beastiality is an example of why we can count on 8 years of Hillary as President.

  54. Tonic & Tonic says:

    We don’t need to rebrand, we just need to vastly overhaul the way people perceive our superior doctrine and policy… oh.

  55. Anonymous says:

    So who is going to run the McCoy effort, Rod Edwards or Carlos (picked the wrong horse) Catillo? Hm and when will, or better yet will the Governor cut the umbelical cord with McCoy?

  56. Anonymous says:

    Obama tells Kerry, Hagel and Rice exactly what to say and then acts like he disagrees with them. They work for him utterly and yet he has this choreographed ballet that is supposed to convince Americans that he’s standing up to his own cabinet, him a victim of their bullying, so he can wisely and heroically go to a GOP House of Representatives to get permission to save the little Syrian babies from nerve gas. And there Congress will be seen to either to bully Obama into killing Syrians uselessly, or Congress will be seen to bully him into not saving the poor Syrian babies by denying him his useless airstrikes.

    Watch closely as this politically brilliant and ethically devoid sociopath has Americans weeping for his powerful heroism and pitying his victimization as a weak pawn at the same time.

  57. Interested Observer says:

    Unfortunately, unscrupulous people have been exploiting the image of babies for wartime propaganda purposes for a long time. A specific example is the “Nayirah Testimony” that was used to justify the original Gulf War to expel Iraq from Kuwait. She claimed to have personally seen Iraqi soldiers take babies out of hospital incubators, steal the incubators and leave the babies to die. She turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and her story turned out to be generally not considered credible.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Come on #96—true leadership is when you take the longest to make a decision whether or not you have it in you to lead. You know– a leader doesn’t take risks, he hedges his bets to see how easy a win would be.

    Charlie is starting to look real, real good these days in the fact he has the guts to want something and go after it. The rest? I’ve have to decide if I find them worth the wait.

  59. Anonymous says:

    If Sid gets into the race it will become an interesting race for second place. You’ve got Sid who has given money to pro-abortion Democrats, isn’t liked by other bankers, and will likely hurt the image of his bank by running. He does have money, though. There’s Bart McLeay who is sincere and making a real effort, but is discovering that trying to run a race of this magnitude is not really a venture for rookies. And then there’s Sasse who thinks he can run a 6 week primary campaign and that Nebraskans will be impressed with his D.C. friends.

  60. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Interesting to me that Osborn gets no guff. From any direction. Could it be because he has been elected statewide and actually accomplished what he said he would? Osborn is a shoe in.

  61. easy does it... says:

    don’t hate on Sasse just because he went to a better school than you, got better grades than you, and is smarter than you.

    Hate on him because he’s a blowhard.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Osborn beat a Johanns appointee 63/36 and went on to win his General election 76/23. That’s not squeaking by. Voters know him better and they value his Distinguished Flying Cross and POW status. In voter’s eyes, military service earns him the right to run for Senate and the fact that he made promises as State Treasurer and kept them seals the deal. So far, a shoe in.

    The guff we don’t hear may be due to other candidates gagging their supporters from attacking Osborn’s family and POW status. When Kerrey’s and Suttle’s supporters attacked wife/mother Fischer and Stothert as whores that backfired. If you disrespect veterans or women in Nebraska, voters will punish you and your candidate.

  63. Anonymous says:

    But if you are State Senator Krist it is normal to attack veteran issues for the cause of sending more tax dollars into Medicaid. Or to friends companies, paying for clinical trials with tax dollars, again for a friend…….

  64. Our last US intervention, without ‘boots-on-the-ground’, was Libya. We had to intervene, we were told, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. Two years after, Libya is in a state of total anarchy, controlled by local militias. We lost 4 Americans in Benghazi, and there still has been no proper accounting for their deaths.

    So now Obama now wants to be trusted with about humanitarian intervention.

  65. Anonymous says:

    So, are you suggesting Obama will save Syrian rebels from a Syrian military tyrant only to have those same Syrian rebels turn around and murder our US Ambassador in Syria?

    What’s the chance of that ever happening?

  66. NE Political Junkie says:

    I see on Facebook that Mike Foley is holding a press conference tomorrow at 1:00pm in the Capitol Rotunda… anyone know what he’s going to be announcing?

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