Mike Foley in for #NEGOV or Auditor?

Foley  - The Mullet Suit**UPDATE on 9/5/13***

Foley’s IN for #NEGOV.



Word was rushing around the Capitol this afternoon.
We received an email regarding it around 2:00 pm.
We Tweeted some hints.
Then Robynn Tysver of the OWH went full Tweet on it.
And now we have this email from Mike Foley himself:

State Auditor Mike Foley will hold a press conference as follows:

Thursday September 5th
1:00 pm
State Capitol Rotunda – (2nd floor)

Auditor Foley will announce his political intentions for the 2014 election cycle.

US Congressman Jeff Fortenberry will make introductory remarks at the event.

If this is just an announcement that he’ll run for re-election as Auditor it will be the biggest letdown since Chuck Hagel’s non-announcement announcement for President.

But if he IS in, it will make for a VERY exciting, and crowded primary.
And he would immediately be in the top 2 or 3 of the candidates (at least for now).

And we — and we include the OWH, LJS and Watchdog — expect Pete Ricketts into the race as well.
And in the past, the Moenning family has been on’s Foley’s campaign team.
And here comes Jeff Fortenberry, with a Moenning on his staff, up to the stage with Foley.
With the expectation that another Moenning would be leading the Ricketts camp.


And all that being said, we would be a little surprised to see Jeff Fortenberry endorsing a candidate in this currently crowded GOP primary.
(Though others disagree — and point to Fort endorsing Deb Fischer over Jon Bruning.)

But would Fort do that now?
Or IS Foley just trying to make a big deal announcing his re-election?
(And FWIW, we just received a “100% certain he’s in for Gov” response. So there’s that.)

Again, Robynn Tysver says that he is IN for Gov.
(And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that if you are off about someone’s final plans to run for Governor, you are officially ostracized from making ANY other predictions in the Nebraska political community (or at least on the Twitter). We know THAT much. Right?)

Well, I guess we’ll find out in about 22 hours.


In the mean time we’ve seen a few other candidates come and go, who weren’t even in!

There is Nebraska banker Matt Williams of Gothenburg (Chairman of the American Bankers Association — nothing to sneeze at, not to mention a dead ringer for an old Boomer Esiason) who apparently was VERY interested to run for Gov, but sounds like he may run for the Legislature instead.

And we are also waiting to officially hear from Sid Dinsdale (#NESEN) and Rex Fischer (#NE?).


Oh and hey, on that note about Pete Ricketts for Gov, Nebraska Watchdog will officially NOT be covering the Governor’s race, unless Pete decides to not get in.

They note:

However because of Ricketts’ financial relationship with the Franklin Center, Nebraska Watchdog has decided not to report on the governor’s campaign while Ricketts is a likely or actual candidate.

Nebraska Watchdog has made this decision in order to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. If Ricketts decides not to run, Nebraska Watchdog will resume coverage of the campaign.

So again, we’ve heard Pete is in — and likely to announce this month.
OWH thinks he’s in.
LJS thinks he’s in.
And Watchdog thinks he’s probably in.
Annnnnd, guess who is NO LONGER listed on the Board of Directors at the Platte Institute.

Gonna be a helluva primary.


Various and sundry:
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The Lee Terry mobile application is available to download for free from Apple’s iTunes store and from Google Play.

Lautenbaugh proposes bold school reform

And no one asked us, but when we see someone like Festersen bow out of the Congressional race that apparently many think he could win, we are more and more suspicious that there is ANOTHER Democrat that those with money and power in Omaha want that seat held for.

When the time is right…


  1. ricky says:

    Mr Foley has done a bipartisan job it appears as auditor. He seems fair, but it is a worrisome sign when he speaks at an Americans for Prosperity meeting and says he is looking into how poor people spend $250 checks. Also worrisome is that Tony (no relation) Fulton appears on Foley’s facebook page announcing the press conference. Nebraska doesn’t need the tea party conservative former Senator whispering in his ear.
    If Mr Foley wants to make a splash he should audit MECA’s 3.6 million dollar payment to that gal from Bellevue’s cleaning firm. But of course he won’t dare audit Omaha’s big shots.
    ricky from omaha

  2. Joe L says:

    I’m not surprised I had expected Foley to run. He has made a name for himself in the state, he can roll over all the money he raised to run for reelection as auditor it is gov campagin, and passing on this would mean he would have to wait another 8 years for a shot. It’s going to be a intresting primary. I would not be surprised if 1 or 2 drop out in the next couple of months.

  3. Foley Banker says:

    All that money? Not sure anybody is sweating Foley’s $61K.

    More importantly, how did Pete “I’ll clear the field” Ricketts allow this to happen???

  4. ricky says:

    If I can comment on another issue, Mayor Stothert has a funny way of addressing Omaha’s fire fighter budget she thinks is too high; paying TWO fire chiefs at the same time.
    And what a sweetheart pension deal she offered Mike McDonnell! I thought the G O P’s issue was Omaha had a big unfunded pension issue and we were going to end up like Detroit?
    Cooler heads prevailed on that deal and it wasn’t because of some language both sides could not agree upon.
    Everybody knew that deal was going nowhere in the city council and pension board.


  5. I bet... says:

    Congressman Fort will open the announcement endorsing whatever Mike Foley has to say. Then Mike Foley will endorse Pete Ricketts for Governor.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Question: If Foley runs how does he do so without PAC money which he has eschewed in the past? Or are there enough independent expenditure 527’s willing to drop dough in a gubernatorial race? Another question: as the taxpayer’s watchdog, would he leave his current position as Auditor to run full time for Governor, thus removing any ammo from opponents that he was campaigning on the state dime? I mean, everyone else does it but Foley?

  7. Anonymous says:

    To even be competitive Foley needs to raise $41 to $54k each week for the next 37 weeks which is more than he raised collectively in all of his campaigns. For a numbers guy? That would take a miracle.

  8. To:Anon @ 7:20 says:

    With the outstanding way Foley has protected the Nebraska taxpayer, he is a miracle. Do not doubt his ability to win…..with or without money. Nebraska taxpayers love him.

  9. Tonic & Tonic says:

    You know who has taken many more tough stances that ARE popular and is incredibly outspoken AND likeable?
    Charlie Janssen.

    He also dove in when he knew the face would be a dog fight. That’s leadership.

  10. on the record with... says:

    Finally, Nebraska voters will familiarize themselves with Mike Foley’s legislative record including his hardline opposition to the death penalty among other things.

  11. hesdeadjim says:

    Off topic- I would just like to point out to all of you that there is a faction of the Republican party that wants our country involved in Syria. There is another “extremist” “nut job” “tea bagger” faction that does not want is involved in Syria or any other war. McCain, Boehner, Graham, and co would love to see the U.S. fighting on the side of Al Qaeda.

    I’m very proud that Lee Terry is NOT one of the Dbag RINO’S wanting to join in on the fun in Syria. Once in a while, L.T. reminds me why I vote for him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Foley would ve the first serious contender. Janssen and McCoy don’t have the chops for Governor. As soon as the press covers McCoy speaking, everyone is going to think he’s in over his head. He doesn’t come accross as very bright. And Janssen, well, he’s Janssen.

    I guess Ricketts will be getting in, but he left such a bad taste in the states collective mouth last time that I don’t see him winning.

    Of course, Foley does need to learn that only the anchors behind the desk can get away with jeans and a suit coat, not the interviewees.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how things would look today if Lautenbaugh hadn’t been caught driving drunk. He might be in and may have kept Janssen and McCoy out.

  14. Brad Assford says:

    So Brad Assford has no problems with Jaime Gutierrez Mora being on MECA. Which part of not being an Omaha resident doesn’t he understand. Someone should file a complaint with the election commission on this.

  15. Lautenbaugh Fan Club says:

    Why isn’t anyone making a bigger deal out of Senator Scott Lautenbaugh’s education reform proposal? He’s conveyed a lot of leadership and taken on legislation that other Senators wouldn’t. He should run for AG or Governor.

  16. To the Idiot above says:

    It seems OPS is doing well with the new board. I guess Scott was right on changing the size. What are you up to these days Freddie?

  17. Nebraska Watchdog Fan says:

    I resent the fact that you’re reporting on ANYTHING else besides the Omaha Fire Chief. That’s clearly what everyone wants to know.

  18. Karl Winstrom says:

    I met Scott Lautenbaugh once about two years. He’s truly a class act and a strong leader. All you have to do is watch NET during session to learn that.

  19. Pacific Street Pundit says:

    Lotta love for Scott Lautenbaugh here, and well deserved. Interesting to read from those who think he should run for Governor. Of course, Lautenbaugh is a committed conservative leader who has taken a look at the prospective field and decided the best man to lead the state is Charlie Janssen.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Lautenbaugh needs to put some time between a run for higher office and his alleged DUI (has that been settled yet?). He’s obviously no Anthony Weiner, but there still needs to be a track record of personal responsibility before asking for more power. IMNSHO.

  21. The Pinnacle of Success says:

    Anybody seen what happened to the poor ranchers in Wyoming that dealt with Pinnacle Bank on a loan. Seems like a jury didn’t like what the Bank did. Millions of dollars in damages were awarded.

    “Davis said the bank is “extremely disappointed” in the verdict, especially the high damages for emotional harm. The jury awarded the ranchers $2.5 million for mental distress and emotional anguish, and $2,225,000 for lost profits.”

  22. Anonymous says:

    #34: First of all, my name isn’t Freddie. As for the playground chant of “it takes one to know one” I’m not an idiot either though your point was made with style of banana republic ruler.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get the desire by Foley to run for Governor. He’s been a great auditor and transformed the office. Can he do the same work in the governor’s office? Yes and no. While the guv’s office has powers the auditors does not, it also has different responsibilities. Foley wouldn’t be able to focus on what make him Super Foley…rooting out government waste and corruption. I like Auditor Mike Foley and wish I could vote for his re-election to that position.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So does anybody see the Catholic Conference involved in the Foley race…Fulton, Fort, Foley.. Now Foley is a nice guy and he wouldn’t screw it up too bad, but he did agree to giving illegal’s tax dollars.

    I also think it would be interesting to dig around in the files to see how he has been gunning for the Tribes here in Nebraska. But I doubt that will rise to the top much……

    No the thing to watch is how the Catholic Church rallies around Foley for this race……….

  25. Ricky Fulton (@rickylee41) says:

    So Senator loserbaugh has fixed OPS ? Give me a break. Nothing has changed in the Omaha public schools. LB125 was terrible legislation and accomplished nothing except making the board run again twice in six months.
    senator loserbaugh let everybody down with his .234.
    Nobody in the legislature will trust him again. What does he know about public schools? Nothing is the answer.
    Janssen and loserbaugh area terrible for Nebraska .

  26. Ricky logic says:

    100k for a recall election horrible but 8million dollars of DHHS fraud where checks were going to Keno no big deal. Ricky you sir are a moron.

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