Foley IN for #NEGOV

Foley for Governor logo 01State Auditor Mike Foley is officially in the race to become the GOP nominee for Nebraska Governor.

(See the campaign logo on the right.)

Foley joins, state Senator Charlie Janssen, state Senator Beau McCoy and state Senator Tom Carlson in the GOP race.

Former GOP US Senate nominee Pete Ricketts is expected in soon.

We’ll keep you updated.


  1. Fortenberry says:

    So, Fortenberry said that Foley was the best state senator Nebraska has ever had. Seriously? Other than a few prolife bills – what did he accomplish? The problem with Fortenberry and Foley is that neither of them are actually from here, Louisiana and New York respectively. They think they are on a holy mission from the vatican- which was clear when today Foley said “With God’s help we will achieve victory.” But unfortunately for them- this crusade is likely to go much the way Tony Fulton’s treasurers race did.

  2. Foley was an effective state senator who learned very quickly to effectively influence things behind the scenes, without a great deal of showmanship. For example, I give him most of the credit for quietly forcing the shutdown the illegal preferential hiring program UNL was running under Chancellor Moeser.

    This stuff about him being a New Yorker and Catholic is abhorrent. He’s lived here the best part of 20 years. And he knows perfectly well I’m an atheist, but we worked together on a couple of issues, and the subject of religion never came up (though I suspect he’s pretty devout).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Foley is a devout Catholic. There was a time when no one would dream of publicly criticising someone for being devout. Nor of invoking God in a speech. Now, the only people who can get away with invoking God are Democrats like Barack Obama, and they only escape criticism because everyone knows they don’t really mean it and are only pandering. But when someone like Foley invokes God, the fear among Democrats is that he really does believe in God. (Gasp.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, the idiot at post 11 thinks Mike Foley will lose the Governor’s race to Don Stenburg, huh. Boy, that’s going out on a limb.

  5. To #16 says:

    Where was Foley when the Legislative leaders agreed to allow UNMC to conduct Embryonic Stem Cell Research. A leader would have impacted the agreement rather than watch the pitch go by.

  6. OK, here’s a sanctimonious little lecture for you all.

    I’ve known Mike Foley for around 15 years. I’ve worked with him on a few issues. while I’ve disagreed with him on a couple of things, I think he’s an extraordinary politician and human being; hard-working, ethical, principled.

    I met Pete Ricketts once. I liked him. His help on the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative was invaluable, and not necessarily popular with the establishment. I know about his politics and his business dealings, and I find them admirable. (He’s also the richest guy I’ve ever met, except perhaps for Bono)

    I have never met Charlie Janssen, but I’ve gone out of my way to defend him online. I’ve really liked the way he’s stepped up in the legislature to take on issues that are anathema to the LIncoln/Omaha elite.

    And I don’t know Beau McCoy at all, but that’s probably my fault for not paying attention.

    Point is, any one of these would be an excellent governor, and vastly superior to any democrat alternative. I know nothing bad about any of them, and will whole-heartedly support any one of them in the general election. I have a personal preference, based partly on better acquaintance, but I’m not interested in dragging any of them down. If we’re going to compete, let’s do so by saying what’s good about our own candidate, and not by denigrating the others; ultimately, that hurts us in the November election.

    Signed, Pollyanna.

  7. {:::} says:

    Gerard isn’t interested in senselessly denigrating anyone, unless they happen to be a Democrat. Then his knee jerk, illogical hatred kicks in.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    Foley is anti-abortion and anti-gay. He did nothing to prop up the truly downtrodden DD population of Nebraska while “serving” in the Unicameral. His religious bias has been kept in check while “serving” as Auditor, but would certainly be unleashed as Governor. He believes in public funding for religious schools/activities.

  9. Not So Fast says:

    After reading the news story in this morning’s paper, maybe Foley isn’t the miracle I thought he was. I had forgotten that he was a major supporter of LB599, the bill that gives free medical care to certain illegals, paid for by–you guessed it–hard-working, taxpaying, legal citizens of Nebraska.

    During just the first year of LB599, Nebraska taxpayers had to fork over almost $6 MILLION dollars to provide free care for those illegals. Can you even imagine how big that number will be in a few years, especially when the word gets out to the illegals that Nebraska is the place to be for free care?

    Nebraska hospitals got most of that $6 Million dollars. You would think they would at least say thank you to the taxpayers for being forced to bend over on LB599.

    How many more taxpayer dollars will go to illegals if Foley is elected?

    That $6 MILLION could have helped a lot of legal citizens who cannot afford health insurance or medical care….but no, they have to continue to work to pay their taxes so the illegals can have all the free care they can get.

    I was all ready to write a check to help out Foley. Now, not so much.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sure any of them would make a good Governor. (Gerard, you forgot Tom Carlson). Foley’s advantage is he has built up his taxpayer watchdog credentials. His favorables and name recognition have got to be at the top of the bunch. Ricketts has name recognition but you can bet Foley’s people have told the Ricketts team that Foley can win and Ricketts can’t if his unfavorable polling is high or his favorables low and he doesn’t reverse that. Can Ricketts’ advertising/money reverse his image from 2006 and overtake Foley? That remains to be seen. Ricketts is probably ready to pull out all the stops and with unlimited funds he doesn’t have to be begging for money every day. Foley’s big disadvantage is his history of refusing PAC money. Sounds like he is struggling with just how much PAC money he can accept without violating his previous principles but how does he fund a gubernatorial race on $25.00 donations? Don’t underestimate the lure of Janssen and his Tea Party underpinnings and military service. Will national anti-illegal immigration groups be involved in helping Janssen? McCoy, eager, is just too young to pull off mature statesman despite the infusion of big bucks into his campaign. He needs more experience and years under his belt. I suspect he was going to be Herbster’s running mate had Herbster remained and made it through the Primary. You can’t just ride on others’ coattails you have to build up your own.

  11. Anonymous says:

    TA says Foley didn’t do anything to “prop up” the DD population while in the legislature. LOL, Annie the one issue pony. Which candidate did do something to “proo up” the DD pop? Nice try TA.

  12. ricky says:

    Foley and No Relation Fulton want to bring Taliban-style government to Nebraska.
    I’d wish they would stop trying to force their religion on everybody.

    ricky from omaha

  13. Goodpoint says:

    The point about Foley having championed subsidizing “illegals” is a substantial argument against his potential. Most Nebraskans, and wouldn’t you also think most GOP Primary voters, will find that caviler mindset might work okay for a bean counting auditor but not for a governor.

    Remember that other auditor Kate Witek? She was the beloved conservative heroine of the Nebraska GOP but she got prissy and pissy when she didn’t get her way, so she chose to become a Democrat and thereafter was trusted by no one. No one twisted her arm to do that. And no one forced Foley to give honest NE dollars to illegals.

    If this comes back to bite Foley in the ass, its his own teeth sinking into his butt cheeks.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ricky Retardo, thank you for saving us from murderous Christians and their Taliban style government. We all prefer your Stalinist style government.

  15. anonymous says:

    I always liked Kate Witek and when she went off the deep end it pissed me of.

    I think we all miss the retina searing pink yard signs.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think Nebraskans will let the “money to illegals” argument slide. Foley took a principled stand and got the Gov’s veto overridden with a supermajority in a pretty conservative body.

  17. Pacific Street Pundit says:

    While we’re on the subject of gaping holes in Mike Foley’s credentials, can we talk about his opposition to death penalty in this particular environment? A Governor Foley would seriously argue that the vicious murderers of an elderly couple and young boy, a 93 year-old woman, and a mother of three should NOT be put to death?

    Foley a peerless taxpayer advocate? Fine. Judging by their records, so are Janssen and McCoy. These other issues matter more in a wildly divided primary. Foley has his hands full.

  18. NE WatchFog says:

    Can we address why nary a reporter asked Foley his opinion on LB 577, the Medicaid expansion bill? It’s only the biggest legislative issue on the docket next year. But I guess when Tysver can’t be bothered to include every candidate’s name in her stories, I’m not surprised the question slipped through.

  19. @35 says:

    How principled do you have to be to stand WITH a supermajority? …and if you think that body was conservative you’re out of your mind

  20. Anonymous says:

    Foley needs to learn to deal people a straight hand and stop hiding behind Jesus as a shield of sorts to his own questionable behaviors. He uses people to embellish his own agenda and standing with masterful manipulation of the media to his noble cause. What does it say about a person who speaks one way while acting another much the way he keeps one tax paid office while running for another to put food on his own table with money that comes from another? Oh, but they all do it, right? Foley is the one professing to search his soul then perhaps God will tell him to step down as auditor paid for by tax dollars while reaching for more power paid for by tax dollars. Let Foley rip the political game playing apart piece by piece in his own backyard.

    In his words not mine: “I’m going to raise the bar in terms of ethical factors.”

  21. A Governor Foley would seriously argue that the vicious murderers of an elderly couple and young boy, a 93 year-old woman, and a mother of three should NOT be put to death?

    We don’t put anyone to death. We haven’t put anyone to death in 16 years. We’ve executed 3 people in 50 years. With the current mess over thiopental, it’s unlikely we can legally execute someone at present, and quite likely we may never be able to legally execute anyone again.

    So I would submit this is a moot point.

  22. Heroin /cocaine followed by potassium would be unusual. They’d probably consider hanging cruel. Being sat on by Senator Campbell would be particularly cruel.

    If you bar cruel and unusual punishments, you only have kind, everyday methods of execution. Seems to me a kind, everyday way of killing people is tough to come up with.

  23. But a more general question; if you don’t trust the state to spend your money (and you shouldn’t) why on earth would you trust them to select the right people to put to death, and then execute?

  24. Macdaddy says:

    The mf who shot up Von Maur, had he not killed himself, would be the right person. Same as the illegal alien who was caught by the 93 year old woman’s family in the act of raping her. And this Jenkins guy is a pretty good candidate. I think the state shouldn’t be able to screw those up.

    RWP, I think you’ve set up a straw man. It’s not absolute mistrust or blind trust. It’s more like trust but verify. The judicial system is an adversarial system that is not found in bureaucracy. If it we could add jury trials to government spending, my level of trust would be much, much higher.

  25. Interested Observer says:

    I suppose the next thing that will happen is to have some activist judge rule that execution is simply an after-the-fact abortion and since, after 20 weeks, a fetus can feel pain, the state will no longer be able to execute anybody, because the convicted might feel the needle or the bullet or the electricity or the gas or the noose or the stones or the whatever . . .

  26. Pro-Life Voter says:

    I’m supporting Ben Sasse. He is strong on pro-life issues and has the experience in DC to be a great senator. The Dinsdale family has ties to Planned Parenthood. That won’t fly here in Nebraska

  27. Anonymous says:

    What’s the point of a painless execution? Avoiding cruel and unusual punishment? You have to pay extra for that from Madam leather britches.

    We make executions less painful than getting up and going to work. If you want government to make a point, make it with a sharp jagged one.

  28. hesdeadjim says:

    Wellp! Pete Ricketts is IN for #NEGOV.

    His announcement video was well done and clearly cost a lot of money. It was also a lot of bunk.

    His announcement video is full of “Pete worked at Burger king” and other TOTAL BS.
    Then there’s the B roll of him walking through the halls of the capitol… Really Pete? How much walking around the halls of the capitol have you really done?

    This is gonna be a fun ride. Pete might even put up a fight if all of his ph(moe)oning it in is done that well.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I thought Ricketts’ roll-out video was good. His advisors know they have to re-brand him and showcasing Nebraskans and Nebraska is smart. Good first move. This will be quite the Primary.

  30. Hardy Haar Harr says:

    Wow, reincarnation does exist. In their former lives, commenters #11, 30, 39 belonged to the American Party during the election of 1856, making them (appropriately) Know Nothings.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Rickett’s really went after the rual vote with that video…….obviously a lot of post production work was done… bad the director & editor didn’t clue in the make-up dept, the shinny head shot of him and his wife were distraction……maybe the next one will take that into consideration.

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