Ricketts (finally) IN for #NEGOV

2006 GOP US Senate nominee, and co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, Pete Ricketts has made an announcement video for his candidacy for the 2014 GOP nomination for Nebraska Governor.

See it here:

He also has his website up at PeteRicketts.com.

That’s SOME kind of intro video.
Pete will NOT be outspent in this primary.


Also, as Tweeted by the OWH, Omahan Rex Fisher is NOT getting into any statewide races this year.


And as long as we’re putting up a post on a Saturday night, post Husker game, we got a kick out of this quote from a story on Watchdog about Tweeting politicians (and others).

This, from Democrat media guy Mike Nellis, from the Jim Suttle for Mayor campaign last spring:

“(Suttle) was really passionate about using the Internet during the campaign and that’s why I was brought on so early,” Nellis said. “Jean may have won the election, but we dominated online.
The Suttle Twitter account talked smack and took the fight to opponent Jean Stothert via Twitter.“We kind of enjoyed that a little bit,” Nellis said. “I think it’s an important part of a campaign.”

(“May have” won?)

This from a guy whose candidate lost by fifteen percent.

As noted by another (winning) politico, “they let tactics get ahead of strategy”.


Hey, the Huskers won big!

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(And thanks to those who already have supported Leavenworth Street by doing so!)


  1. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Pete Pete Pete…. It’ll take more than walking near a couple of tractors to get 3rd district voters to recognize the lie that you’re not a complete boob.

  2. Apples to Apples says:

    Has anyone seen Charlie Janssen’s announcement video where he apparently mistakenly gave a speech to run for Congress? Very stylized and professionally done. Web videos aren’t the same cost film and TV ads, and a digital presence matters. Something someone should clue Beau McCoy and Mike Foley into.

  3. Standing with Ricketts says:

    I voted for Ben Nelson last time – a decision that makes me cringe every time I hear or watch anything about Obamacare. This time, I know Pete Ricketts – he’s a very down to earth guy with a great outlook. I am looking forward to voting for him as Governor

  4. Lincoln Catholic for Pete says:

    I’m Catholic I live in Lincoln and I support Pete over Foley because he’s a consistent conservative. Pete’s pro-life and has supported Catholic schools in Omaha. My position in my diocese isn’t very popular, but I’ll stand by it. Vote for Pete.

  5. OIF VET 4 RICKETTS says:

    Supports Vets and Jobs for Vets. As a Vet I support Vets for elected office, but I will always pick the candidate that actually understands Vets issues and can make positive impacts for Vets before just voting for a Vet.

  6. Not For Sale says:

    Hey Pete, I am pretty sure the folks of Nebraska don’t
    appreciate you trying to buy the governorship. It’s not for sale to the highest bidder.

    Becoming governor of this great state takes hard work. Not just deep pockets.

    Of course you wouldn’t know what that’s like. Looks like your intro video got a bit creative with the truth…

  7. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    It’s a great video. Even better than Osborn’s, which was the best I had seen. This was a more positive side of Ricketts that he didn’t show against Nelson. The Governor’s race could be won by any of Ricketts, McCoy, Foley or Janssen. (Sorry Carlson fans). If I were handicapping to now, I’d rate the favorites as: 1) Ricketts, 2) Foley, 3) Janssen, 4) McCoy and 5) Carlson.

    The Senate race is: 1) Osborn, T-2 (and irrelevant) 2) Sasse, McLeay and Dinsdale (assuming he doesn’t come to his senses and decide not to waste his money and his bank’s interests by not running).

  8. Lilith Fair says:

    The Robyn Tysver / Jessica Moenning girl crush is in full bloom. “Widely respected” – you’re kidding, right? Not sure what Jessica had to do to secure this exclusive but am sure it wasn’t pretty.

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Definition of REIGN
    1a : royal authority : sovereignty
    b : the dominion, sway, or influence of one resembling a monarch
    2 : the time during which one (as a sovereign) reigns

    Definition of REIN
    1: a strap fastened to a bit by which a rider or driver controls an animal —usually used in plural
    2a : a restraining influence : check
    b : controlling or guiding power —usually used in plural
    3: opportunity for unhampered activity or use

  10. Third District Voter says:

    Pete has worked tirelessly for both the national and state party as National Committeeman. He spoke at numerous events here in the 3rd District and is well-respected among those who are active in the party. His executive experience, principled conservatism, and hard work will make him an excellent Governor.

  11. Lil Mac says:

    “I voted for Ben Nelson last time – a decision that makes me cringe every time I hear or watch anything about Obamacare.”

    Thanks for that confession but don’t sugarcoat it. You reelected Obama to a second term.

    Every Nebraska Conservative who refused to listen to Ricketts and instead voted for Nelson, they effectively reelected Obama. All his eggs were in the Obamacare basket. It passed thanks to Nelson’s one vote and Nelson was there thanks to Nebraska’s Conservative votes.

    How could Nebraska Conservatives be so gullible? Obama was in Nebraska in May 2006 to support Nelson. And Ricketts warned you. Actually, he screamed it in your ears. Yet you all loved Nelson right up until Nelson broke Obama’s axe handle off in your butts. Ricketts warned you that would happen. The question now is, how many Conservative Nebraska voters have pulled that axe handle out since?

    We all make mistakes but Nebraska Conservatives being directly responsible for Obamacare and Obama’s reelection is a whopper. I imagine its nigh on impossible for Nebraska voters to not respect Ricketts for being so very correct back then. But one should never underestimate the average voters’ ability to shoot their own electoral foot.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am you typical pro-choice, catholic, pro gay marriage, home school advocate, anti gambling, Milton friedman capitalist, tickle down socialist, from the fighting 3rd district and I am voting for Chris Geary. What we need is someone to crane kick the piss out of the RINOs in the unicameral. What better man for the job then a kempo master. Go to Christopher Geary dot com to see pics of your next governor.

  13. Interested Observer says:

    This Ricketts announcement video does have a lot different feel than the Charlie Janssen Style video from Sine Die Show a few months ago.

  14. Geary for Governor says:

    It is my commitment to you to increase unemployment, decrease upward mobility, increase taxes by increasing the base AND the rate, penalizing employers coming to Nebraska, shift the cigarette tax to diapers/formula, and limit medication to seniors.

  15. Lilith Fair says:

    Yeah, but no. Robyn isn’t my type. But congratulations on giving the Omaha paper an exclusive on the Omaha candidate. Should play well in Oshkosh.

  16. @Lilith says:

    I don’t know who Robyn is, but there is a RobynN who writes for a top newspaper in this state. She’s widely respected as they like to say around here…

  17. Lilith Fair says:

    Uh huh. Robynnn is soo good that she omitted announced candidates for gov in consecutive stories last week. That attention to detail deserves respect.

    Oh by the way, nobody west of Omaha considers that rag a top newspaper. Especially those that write for other newspapers. But congrats on your exclusive.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Of what #19? A consistent record of losses except for one? Or? The fact your consultation managed to gain 13 whole dinky counties in west Nebraska in the 2006 general? Foley needs to get with the program and stop thinking small with the likes of his pro -life cluster of Fulton and Fort. Next thing, the ghost of Don Stenberg’s failures will be in charge or advising. Come on Mike suck it up and do something more than act like Jesus didn’t give ya brain. You’ll be toast in Omaha with Fisher out.

  19. Flashback says:

    #35 thanks for bring up the Christensen/Breslow primary. Christensen and Brewslow sent millions mostly attacking each other. While the 3rd candidate in the race started early, visted all 93 counties, Went to as many parades, rodeoes, county fairs, fishfries as possiable. When Christensen/Breslow were running slick expensive tv ads tiring to conserative each other. The other candidate talked about and focused on the issues that Nebraska voters cared about. Primary day the 3rd candidate won by a big margin.

  20. How dare you Gaius! says:

    Geary is a veteran and fought bravely to defend our country in the war of 1812. He is the only candidate to one punch Bruce Lee and Donkey punch Lee’s wife in the same day. His autobiography “Kemp in a Cornfield” was on the New York Times best seller list for five weeks. Geary’s debute “Crane kicks for the Cross” was a triple platinum album on Christian radio.

    Geary was kicked out of the Wiggles for using obscene gestures and blowing rails off his drums during a concert.

  21. ricky says:

    I’ll wait to see but Mr Ricketts at least doesn’t come across as a gun nut/immigrant bashing/voter suppression guy like Janssen.
    And he doesn’t appear to be like Mr Foley and his sidekick No Relation Fulton with the pushing the religiosity on Nebraska where abortion must be outlawed. Why do white men always want to tell women what to do with their bodies anyway? Nebraskans are happy with Roe V Wade leave us alone please.
    But with a daddy like Joe Ricketts who gives money to Deb Fischer and Justin Wayne probably he will be just as far right as those other loonies.
    I hope Chuck Hassebrook is the next governor of Nebraska


  22. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sweeper, if you’re going to remove responses to your article please be consistent. You allow some people to write terrible things about others, but you protect your favorites, like Nellis? WTF?

  23. Hardy Haar Harr says:

    Ricky – so pro-lifers are religious loonies? This country was founded on the right to life, which cannot be taken away by the government that exists to protect inalienable rights. A government can be measured only by how it protects its most vulnerable. It’s pro-lifers who want to restore this country to the values it was founded on. You sell Nebraskans short by claiming we support Roe v Wade… let’s get rid of that unconstitutional ruling which benefits no one but the abortion industry and allow states to vote. Nebraskans would see through the lie that abortion is anything other than death, and vote to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

  24. It's the elegals, stupid says:

    Don’t forget about my campaign and one word platform.

    Economy? The elegals r stealing r jobs
    Guns? Need more guns to protect us from the elegals
    Education? Stop educatin elegals
    Abortion? Need less anchor babies
    Family values? Elegals! Elegals! Elegals!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Slick videos are great for the producers and media broker, Jessica is already milking Rickett’s $$$.

    Shinny head shots are NOT a good look for politicians who shave their head! Just look at those whore win and their hair. Looks, being photogenic and congruent with what you are advertising, matter.

  26. Omaha Politico says:

    Just read a story in today’s OWH about Lydia Brasch and Annette Dubas trying to raise our electric rates by purchasing overpriced wind energy. How can Nebraska be competitive for jobs when liberals like these two are trying to raise the cost of power for businesses and Nebraska families.

  27. Emily's List says:

    After reading Walton’s article today, it appears that the only way that Ricketts will be able to beat Foley is by attacking him for being too pro-life.

  28. Anonymous says:

    That’s right…. I’m betting fiscal issues keep more people awake at night than whether one guy is more pro life than the other guy.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Tom Carlson’s use of the American Flag in his advertising is a direct violation of U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Paragraph 176 (i): “The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever…”
    Really, the guy should know better, but he’s the one that wanted us to extend the term limits for the Legislature on the basis that eight years weren’t enough to learn how to do the job. Since the term limits of the office of Governor is the same eight years, I’d imagine he won’t have time to learn how to do that either. It would be better to chose someone that at least thinks they have the stuff to fulfill the office from day one.
    Carlson isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.

  30. To: Planned Parenthood says:

    Just how damned difficult is it to use Google and do a little research before you stick your foot in your mouth? Some of you idiots are too damned lazy to actually seek the truth, it is far easier to just present, without question, what the voices in your head tell you.

    Here are the current members of the board of the Planned Parenthood for the Heartland:
    Dr. Robert Shaw – Chairperson, Katie Brander – Vice Chairperson, Jason Lehman – 2nd Vice Chair/Governance Chair, Patrice Sayre – Treasurer, Jill Nelson – Secretary, Ann Distelhorst – Executive Member, Loree Miles – Past Chairperson, Caroline Abbott, Renaisa Anthony, Joy Corning, Lee Lee Doyle, Sheila Drevyanko, Michelle Ginsburg Duhl, Linnea Fletcher, Gregory Gray, Barb Jacobson, David Kroll, Michelle Lange, Dianne Lerud-Chubb, Robby Marvin, Doug Mcleese, Susan McGillick, Gary McVey, Cheryl Morton, Marketa Oliver, Amy Reasner, Ron Rosenblatt, Aaron Saylor, Kathleen Glasgow Sparks, Katherine Tachau, Katie Weitz White, Roberta Wilhelm.

    If you can read, and I doubt it, you’ll see that Pete Ricketts’ wife is nowhere to be found. Why don’t you just go back to playing Angry Birds or looking at porn?

  31. Anonymous says:

    The list referred to earlier was one from when he ran in 2006 so IF she was on some PP board it wouldn’t show up now, now would it? Was referring to something that was going around in 2006 and said if it didn’t catch on to damage Ricketts’ campaign then, why would it now? I realize some here are trying to insinuate that there is some current tie which your post clearly dispelled. Carry on.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Do you people even know what Planned Parenthood does? What it really does?
    All you know is that it has something to do with abortions, and that is all you can see. No wonder this country is going to hell in a hurry. You fools are incapable of focusing on more than one or two things at a time, and your GOP rustlers herd you right into whatever direction they choose.

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