Dinsdale (officially) in for #NESEN

Sid Dinsdale 001Sid Dinsdale will announce his U.S. Senate run on Monday at 10:00 am at Dinsdale Bros., Inc in Palmer, NE, then at 1:30 pm at Embassy Suites in Lincoln and finally at 3:30 pm at the Heartland Cafe in Elkhorn.

Dinsdale’s run had been rumored — then unofficially confirmed — for some time. Dinsdale himself has been chatting with people, asking what they would think of him running.

He will be the fourth entrant into the Senate race — Shane Osborn, Ben Sasse and Bart McLeay are also in as well. However, Dinsdale will have one advantage the others don’t: self-funding ability.

In the recent poll out, Dinsdale’s name was included among the other candidates.
He came in second to Shane Osborn’s 41% with 7%. Notably, he DID best both Sasse and McLeay by a few points. His name ID also came in higher than Sasse by 5 points and McLeay by 10 — though still 60 points below Osborn’s 80%.

However, he should have an advantage over the other two in spending some cash quickly to get his name ID up there. From there, anything can happen (and that goes with Sasse and McLeay as well) considering some 44% of those polled are still undecided.

As the 2012 race rings a bell for everyone, one thing that Osborn DOES have going for him are the relatively high favorables that we don’t think Jon Bruning or Don Stenberg entered with back then (though none of this is apples to apples).

We would just note that it is still early, and MY what an exciting time we’re in for!


Oh and hey, look at Kay Orr out there hosting a fundraiser for Ben Sasse…


Beau McCoy AP 002Governor candidate Beau McCoy went on a full-state rollout for his campaign this week.
McCoy is hitting 20 cities (and towns, we presume) across the state.

Among other issues, look for McCoy to push “Tax Modernization” — a committee on which he is serving in the legislature.


Interesting the other day at the Mike Foley for Governor rollout, Foley hammered the current state Health and Human Services Department saying that if elected he would take it apart “brick by brick”.


Who runs HHS now? Oh yeah, Governor Dave Heineman, the longest serving Governor in Nebraska history.

So what did said current Governor have to say the other night in McCool Junction (according to Tweets from Gov candidate Charlie Janssen)?

“There will be an attempt in the legislature to repeal the death penalty. We should not let that happen.”


“Immigration is a federal issue, but when the federal govt fails to act, it becomes a state issue. We have to address it.”

Now, interesting on both of those…

Mike Foley is anti-death penalty.
Mike Foley was pro-pre-natal care for illegal immigrants.

Interesting that the Governor would hit THOSE two topics (among many, we are sure) to bring up right after Foley pretty much takes a direct swipe at him.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out — particularly considering that Congressman Jeff Fortenberry has already stepped out with his endorsement of Foley.


And we really don’t want to make a big deal out of this…but… we here at Leavenworth Street like to look at ALL of the aspects of politics, and things that go into the minds of the voting public.

Think things like hair and mustaches and colors of signs don’t matter?
Think the voters only think about “issues” when they pull the lever?

Of course YOU, Leavenworth Street reader, know better.

So, we just sort of randomly noticed this about Foley:

Foley was elected to the legislature in 2000 and lived in Nebraska, we don’t know, X years before that. So he has lived in the state at least (probably) 20 years or more. So we’re not saying he’s not “Nebraskan”.


He is originally from upstate New York, and he stilllll has just a trace of that accent.
Note the following video.
We caught it on the word “dollars”, which comes out more like “dollahs”.

Though we also note that towards the end of the interview, the R in dollars gets more pronounced.

Now, we don’t know if this makes a difference to anyone.
And we don’t know if we’re just hearing things.
But in this crowded race, where every little item matters, we won’t be surprised to hear other candidates call themselves “lifelong Nebraskans” and whatnot, to try to get that edge.


And we here on Leavenworth Street are going on record:
Win or lose on Saturday, the black uniforms (for one game) look bad-ass.


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  1. Sasse's lady lunch says:

    Looks like Kay Orr has decided to go back to being irrelevant by supporting a candidate who is leaving Fremont for the third time in two months while campaigning for a STATE WIDE office. Mean while the other candidates dont have full time jobs and have actually seen Chimney Rock in person in their lives and not just a picture on their website

  2. Ricky says:

    Wasn’t Dinsdale one of the guys that paid a bunch of money to try to recall the great Jim Suttle?
    What a waste of money; he and Becka and Crabbity and the fat burger king guy and the slum lords still owe Omaha $350K for a recall election we did not want.
    And wasn’t it Dinsdale’s daddy that started that bank and Sid was just lucky enough to be born into that family?
    No way I am not voting for this guy. Anyway it doesn’t matter who is in the U S Senate that institution is broken, that is why no Democrat from Nebraska wants the job.


  3. To Ricky says:

    Haha! Sure, that’s why no Dem has nutted up and joined the race. Because they don’t want to. (What an interesting fairy tale world you live in Ricky. Now get back to riding your little pony over that rainbow!)

  4. I’m not a ‘lifelong Nebraskan’. Nor are my wife and kids. If somebody starts promoting that as a requirement for state office, they just lost my support, and I suspect the support of a lot of other non-lifelong Nebraskans.

  5. Tonic & Tonic says:

    has anyone ever noticed that as soon as Ricky joins the convo, everythign typed immediately appeals to only the lowest common denominator?

    Ricky, get out of here.

    Everyone else: Before you press “submit” from now on, I want you to ask yourself, “am I adding something to the conversation?”

  6. Macdaddy. says:

    “No way I am not voting for this guy.”

    Ricky, Mr. Dinsdale thanks you for your support. (A couple exclamation points would fix that sentence right up for ya!)

  7. Festersen says:

    Dear Rich and Powerful People That Control MECA,

    Don’t worry I’ll run interference for you guys so you can have anybody on the board you wish.
    I’ll try to convince my fellow City Council members to change the agreement language to not exclude anybody if you want me to. And I’ll make a bunch of excuses for you too.
    Just remember you promised me a whole bunch of campaign contributions in four years when I run for Mayor of Omaha.
    Meanwhile, see you at the Red Sky Music Festival, and the Omaha Nighthawks games, and the Omaha Royals games at T D Ameritrade Park.

  8. To Fort Street Fury says:

    Winterer has done a wonderful job at HHS. Because of his leadership I have been able to continue playing Keno and shopping at Walmart at the taxpayers expense. Who cares if the money was meant for the poorest of poor to pay their energy bill. It won’t be too cold this winter.


    Gambling Walmart Patron

  9. Anonymous says:

    HHS is designed to fail, no getting around that. Too many people in an organization full of government workers, many who are awesome individuals, but working in a flawed system. Both the State and the Feds pour Many Millions into the programs and yet, whether under Gov’s Nelson or Heineman, the orbs fail. Just like public education in Omaha is failing, more money and government workers is not the answer. What ever the answer its not going to be “Discovered” using what hasn’t ever worked any where! There is NO single program that will cure/fix all the problems, so why do people expect there to be one? What could help is to stream line processes starting with the workforce promotion= less work with those in need.

    See if there are 500 employees working in the Omaha Child Services division, and there are ~2500 or so clients that should mean a ratio if 5 clients to every worker. BUT instead it is common place for a person on the ground to have 40+ clients! TOO MANY MANAGERS NOT WORKING DIRECTLY ON THE REASON THEY HAVE A JOB!!!!! Get a majority of those managers working cases. This is just like OPS, a whole bldg of administrators, really.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure, but I think I heard a bit of a muffled sound coming from McCoy like he was talking out of Heineman’s mouth or from the lips pressed ever so gently there upon his….Heinie. Then there was that sound of money coming from the new and improved feelmypain Ricketts. Charlie just seems to be doing OK trying to be himself making sounds like a governor to be.

  11. Interested Observer says:

    WOW, Herbster just gave McCoy $860,000 in campaign assets, $594,000 in cash and $$265,000 in campaign assets, such as the services of political consultants who had been paid upfront.

    That kinda changes a few things pretty fast.

  12. Game Changer says:

    IO, finally something I can agree with you about. This is a game changer!

    Beau McCoy is a great candidate and now he’ll have the resources to stage a strong Statewide campaign. This race just got really exciting.

  13. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Wow, I guess Herbster is running for governor after all – by proxy. Better to be a kingmaker than a king, eh? What do you get for that kind of donation, your own box at Memorial Stadium and lifetime tickets? That’d beat being Lt. Governor any day.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Mike Foley is anti-death penalty. Mike Foley was pro-pre-natal care for illegal immigrants.”

    Sweeper, you say this like its a fact.

    Can’t be true. Elephants crap better turds than that.

  15. Hey 21 says:

    Sweeper doesn’t say it’s a fact, Foley’s voting record shows he opposes the death penalty.

    Sweeper doesn’t say it’s a fact, Foley said he supported 599 at his freakin announcement.

    It’s irrefutable.

  16. Blackbriar says:

    The McCoy camp is so proud of their windfall that they announced it at 5PM on the Friday before UCLA. They know this is a steaming pile of dung, but at least they have expensive shoes.

  17. Brilliant Staff says:

    What a brilliant staff. No one on Herberster’s staff was competent enough to call the NADC and find out the law before dumping over half a million dollars? If so, McCoy better return that quarter million dollar staff or donate it to someone else fast.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Talk about the seventh inning stretch linking Janssen’s tweets to legislation aimed at Foley. Nothing says really big snooze like a tweet from metro McCool Junction.

    1. Ernie Chambers tries to pass legislation to repeal the death penalty as regular as a laxative on steriods 2. The governor pointed out the obvious on immigration issues given he already said the sun rose in the east.

    If this was a Hieneman “hit” on Foley he makes a lousy marksman and hope he doesn’t hunt with Cheney for fear of what comes back.

    This bring me to Foley being from New York who says “dollars” absent a proper Nebraska twang of “r”. That issue really speaks to what keeps me awake at night after worrying about my stretched wallet. Whether or not Foley hits his consonants is a perfect attack ad for Licketts.

    Let’s make hair an issue. What’s going on w/ Beau’s? Did that Falls City guy throw in a stylist? Pete still doesn’t have any and it looks like a race to the finish for Charlie and Mike with curly brown vs. Uncurly grey.

    Where exactly can I vote in Nebraska to pull a lever?

  19. Winning Campaign says:

    No we don’t want the McCoy (Herbster Staff). We like winning to much. They can keep the rumor monger that works in the Unicameral too.

  20. History Major says:

    HHS is a mess primarily because Governor Ben Nelson thought creating a gigantic monstrosity that was impossible to hold accountable would save money. Classic. That whole mess needs to be undone to isolate the incompetence. Foley is the man for that job.

  21. To history major says:

    Partly agree however you can not blame Heiniman on this. On the bright side because of HHS leadership, Keno and Walmart sales are through the roof.

  22. Herbster's Accountant says:

    Crap you mean we could have done something better with our $800K than give it to some obscure state senator?
    When we prayed on that I guess Jesus was on a lunch break and didn’t notify us that was a possibility.
    But the money will not be wasted; it will go for TV commercials and print and postage and all that stuff.
    And for Bow Tie purchases and the like.
    Money grows on trees according to Mr Herbster anyway.

  23. Tip says:

    When looking to the skies to speak with Jesus make sure you look a bit higher and make sure his feet are not firmly planted on the roof.

  24. Dear Charlie says:

    I really don’t like Beau that much. I just have a quarter of a million dollars worth of dislike for you. You are welcome Nebraska.

  25. Switch Pahls says:

    Evidently council member Pahls sides with Festersen and the Dems on the council with a Democrat that falsified her mailing address. There are many qualified R’s and D’s that actually like to live in Omaha that can serve on MECA. Rich what are you thinking?

  26. @3:46 says:

    I agree wtf. If the law was vague and actually living in Douglas County didn’t matter, why switch your voter registration. Being a stakeholder is NOT being a resident. Festersen wants to change there rules after they are broken. I hope that milquetoast moron challenges Jean on 2017 so she can hang a 20 % win on him.

  27. to the above: says:

    What do you expect? McLeay’s campaign is being run by a 20 something who is pretty well enveloped in his own smug self importance. The only person on that campaign who has ever actually run anything is Bart himself. I like Bart, but his campaihn for U.S. Senate is I’ll fated.

  28. anon. says:

    Here’s my take on the Gov’s race:

    Ricketts: Pete is back and less self funded than before (he says). He’s not the most conservative candidate in the race, but doesn’t claim to be. His campaign has, thus far, looked liked a high dollar, glossy campaign. The favors he has done and cash he has dished out over the last 8 years may pay off.

    McCoy: We don’t know much about his campaign yet, but we know he was a Herbster supporter and Herbster is now the biggest supporter of any Nebraska candidate, ever, by giving his campaign a positively silly amount of assets. There is evidence that he was even being paid before. I’m curious why he didn’t think he was good enough before when a no-name was running but believes in himself now. He’s definitely a Republican. That’s as good a compliment as you can give.

    Janssen: The only thing people can throw at him is that he is VERY CONSERVATIVE. Probably the most conservative entrant, and I’m not so sure that is a bad thing in a state that just elected Deb Fischer, and where Democrat Omaha just elected the conservative Jean Stothert. He has serious business chops that voters will love, and is the biggest supporter of gun rights in the state. These things, in conjunction with his strong, Heineman aligned, stance on immigration make him a very serious contender. And let’s not forget he has a major head start on the rest of the field.

    Carlson: Who?

    Foley: Definitely a wild card. He has won statewide, but it’s unclear if he’ll give a solid enough handshake to enough people west of Lincoln and north of Omaha to win this thing. Name ID is high, but isn’t that kind of how people win the office of Auditor? If Foley can raise enough cash to execute a well orchestrated campaign, he may just be the one to beat.

  29. @7:49 says:

    Why is this even debatable. She lied (perhaps advised) to put an address down that is not her home. She did not put that south address down anywhere else but she thought she needed to based on law. And the race card? Really? It is good to see that a former cop Gerhnadt encourages breaking the law.

  30. To Anon 47 says:

    Come on, you know Janssen is the most accomplished businessman in the race. Started a company on his own that now employs hundreds around the country. Nobody handed it to him, though there’s a lot of that gong around these days.

  31. to the above: says:

    Charlie did in fact start his business. That is clear and without question.
    ICYMI: According to Inc. Magazine, they’re one of the fastest growing companies in the country with employees in all fifty states. That is the very definition of serious business chops.

  32. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To the moron #47

    He started his campaign several months before everyone else and got in an entire summer of campaigning every day. That is his head start.

  33. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    To Sasse fan: I’m not sure you’re in a position to pick on Bart. Your guy has been doing something for nearly a year (not sure I would call it campaigning, but I don’t have another word for it) and your guy is also behind Dinsdale in name recognition and support.

  34. Ricky says:

    I am for any Senate candidate that will defund Obamacare and put a fence along the entire US – Mexican border and ensure Obama won’t take away our guns and protect our liberty and do away with the ObamaPhone and find out for sure Obama’s birth certificate is real and outlaw abortion and do away with regulation like Texas does so business can flourish and won’t let the UN send blue helmet forces to police America and prohibit the teaching of so called evolution in schools.


  35. Yikes says:

    McCoys ‘deal’ is the sum of everything that is wrong in politics without technically being illegal (for now)

    I don’t think Nebraskans will stand for it.

    I remain interested to see how McCoy plans to account for his ‘payments’ before herbster dropped

  36. Anonymous says:

    Janssen did NOT found his company (he has stated so himself), and while he has the title of president, he really doesn’t run the thing.



    Yeah… pretty damn sure he owns, runs and started the company. Also, I am pretty sure he does not hire illegal immigrants like some other small business owners in this race… I can hear the shredders @ the McCoy residence from here.

  38. More Cowbell! says:

    No Democrat from Nebraska wants the U.S. Senate job? I guess you’re right Ricky. According to the Omaha World Herald that old New Yorker, Bob Kerrey, is selling the house in Omaha that he bought to legitimize his run for the office. By the way, where is Ben Nelson planting his roots these days?
    Now that Nebraska’s Democrats are finally free from the Kerrey/Nelson cartel, all they need to do is flush out all the crap they left behind in the NDP hierarchy. Maybe then they can actually get a federal or statewide candidate elected to office in the next twenty years or so.

  39. Captain Obvious says:

    Beau McCoy has sold his soul and has no prayer of winning this race. He has the lowest name ID of any candidate in the race and has now accepted $600K from an out-of-state company. His Republican opponents will rightly savage him, not to mention the Democrats. No NEBRASKA business will take this guy seriously now. For a guy running a race on integrity, his is in shockingly low supply. He’s finished.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    If Foley is anti- death penalty and pro-illegal immigrant, he has an uphill battle to get the nomination. Why would we try to save money in one area to just hand it over to thieves in another area? Is he that idiotic that he didn’t notice Marco Rubio’s sailor dive into the kiddie pool of immigration reform? My take is that it will come down to Janssen and Ricketts. Janssen has to, has to, has to take a page out of Reagan’s happy warrior playbook and connect at an emotional level with people. Rickets has to overcome his previous campaign that flamed out and did so using some pretty ridiculous ads. He should expect his previous mud-slinging to feature prominently in ads against him.

  41. Switch Pahls says:

    I want to apologize for Ms. Mora not meeting with Mayor Stothert. I told her to go meet the mayor and she showed up at Mayor Sanders office in Bellevue. It’s hard for her to determine where she lives.

  42. Anonymous says:

    My question for you: If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch and how much did Herbster pay for them?

  43. hesdeadjim says:

    It has come to my attention that the city of Omaha will be paying TWO fire chiefs until Nov. 8th. THen McDonnel will have a sweet pension.

    I do not fault Jean Stothert for his pension, fat as it may be. That whole thing was negotiated long ago.

    I DO fault Jean for paying TWO fire chiefs. Her vindictive personality is getting in the way of running a city. I generally like her, but paying two fire chiefs is just silly.

    a republican

  44. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why we need to wait for Mora to resign. She’s in the position illegally, isn’t she? Kick her off the MECA board.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    Mrs Mora’s residence is wherever she files her taxes from. If that isn’t correct, and she committed tax fraud, well then she can be Treasury Secretary for Obama! To heck with this penny-ante MECA crap.

  46. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Actually “residence” in contexts like this means “domicile.” A person can only have one domicile, which means that you ACTUALLY reside there and plan to do so for the indefinite future. Kratz was absolutely right to say that there’s no realistic chance that Mora actually moved to Omaha to live in that tiny place and left behind her big house in Bellevue. It’s absolutely ridiculous for her to play the race card here. Fahey and David Sokol has a big dust up over whether Sokol was qualified, as he was listing Wyoming as his home state for tax purposes. If Ms. Mora’s Democratic patrons had the slightest bit of sense, they’d tell her to get off and tiptoe away quietly before she gets prosecuted. Good heavens it’s not like they can’t find anyone else to serve on the MECA Board. Between this and the obvious conflict of interest that she has with her business interests in providing services to MECA, this deal has stunk from the beginning and it’s smelling worse every day.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    Somewhere, Ms Mora is sticking up for her principles and those of Democrats everywhere: the law is whatever we say it is, especially if our interpretation increases our power. She’s just standing for truth, justice, and the Democrat narrative! You must be raaaaaaacist!

  48. "Pro Business" Sid -- says:

    I’m all for reducing government regulation, except that time I left the bankers association in a hissy fit because they wouldn’t support the Obamacare of banking — Dodd-Frank.

  49. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    You’re right, I am bigoted. I’m bigoted against people who ignore the rule of law, all the way from our President down to Ms. Mora.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Sid ducks every question except to say that Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling. Oh, and he won’t seek a third term (which would end when he’s 84). Yee hah. What an exciting candidate.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Pretty clear now that the McCoy-Herbster story to the World-Herald about the campaign cash is a complete fabrication. McCoy pretty much lied to the paper. That man has no integrity.

  52. MECA Spokesperson says:

    F— U Omaha Taxpayers F— all of you! (Stole that from the RWP).
    Go ahead watchdog and Gale and Kratz knock yourselves out!
    We rule Omaha and you know it! The city council prez is in our pocket and MORA will remain on the board!
    Why do you think the rich guys set up MECA in this way? So we can operate the way we see fit and we can not be bothered by the unwashed masses.
    We will take in the millions from the Bluejay beer guzzling fans and the CWS and do with it as we wish!
    We will privatize the profits and socialize the losses (like Red Sky), and you will like it F—-g taxpayers!
    Do you think Ms Mora is the only board member to have business dealings with us? Think again.
    And have a nice day.

  53. Fact finder says:

    To Anon. 49 and Anon . 57– you are wrong. Charlie Janssen started RTG. This is fairly well-known, and knowable. He is by any measure a successful businessman– and a self-made one at that. That is his record– it speaks volumes.

  54. Poor Herbster says:

    It appears that Carlos Castillo and Bow McCoy took advantage of Charles W Herbster while he was in an emotional state about his wife’s serious medical condition. Telling him he couldn’t have his money back- shame on them. They should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of someone who cares so deeply about the future of this great state and just isn’t familiar with our laws. They should give him his money back so he can take care of his wife and pay for her mounting and continuing medical bills. Our prayers are with Judy and the Herbster family.

  55. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Poor herbster my rear end! I feel no pain for someone naive enough not to examine the rules for themself.I also feel no pain for an outsider trying to take over my beloved state.

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