McCoy for #NEGOV on the radio; Sasse for #NESEN on Drudge

Republican Nebraska Governor candidate Beau McCoy has put his resources into getting an early start — going to the radio airwaves.
Hear his ad here:

McCoy is stressing his rural roots in this bio spot — and his overall campaign theme, “Family, Farms, Freedom”. We would note that this spot is going out WEST of Omaha — gunning for those 3rd District voters who often dominate the GOP primaries. (Update: Some Omaha stations as well.)

We’ll be interested to see how this ad campaign changes McCoy’s name ID in the crowded field, considering that he is otherwise a blank slate for many voters. But until Ricketts (or others) start spending, McCoy is the first out of the gate in the Fall 2013 ad wars.


And then on Thursday morning we were sent a Ben Sasse for Senate web spot. It is a five minute piece with Sasse giving views about Obamacare, among other issues.
See it here:

As we were perusing the Drudge Report during the day, we saw the various links about Obamacare going into effect soon, about Cruz’s efforts to defund, about Congress being subject to it and trying to get the Supreme Court under it.

And we saw the link with just the quote, “Could they be more out of touch?”

Sasse link on Drudge 01

We didn’t think much of it, except that, “Hey, Sasse said the same thing. Must be a GOP theme…”

Well, later in the day we clicked the link, and lo and behold, it IS the link to Sasse’s video.
As of 11:00 PM on Monday, it had over 12,000 clicks.

Now the question always gets to, “Yeah, but how many were Nebraskan clicks?”
Which may be true.

But still, for a relatively unknown Senate candidate, that kind of free pub ain’t bad.


And then there’s Jane.
Bitter Sweet Jane.

You remember Jane Kleeb, right?
Country gal. Known to wear a Future Farmers of America jacket around her Sand Hills set.

Well Jane went to Washington the other day and, Jane being Jane, got herself into a little kerfluffle with Congress.

Seems Jane doesn’t know the rules of how Congressional hearings go — she being just a Hastings School Board member and all.

Oh wait. You mean she’s actually a high paid political operative from Florida?
And she DOES know exactly what the rules are for a Congressional hearing?
Oh my! Well then…

So when she interrupted the other panel members when it wasn’t her turn, then she was out of line, yeah?

And when she decided that SHE should be the one asking questions of the Congressmen, SHE was out of line, yeah?

And when she was quizzed as to what her qualifications were for testifying about an oil pipeline in front of Congress, that was a VERY legitimate question, yeah?


We’ll let you see the 1:57 mark of this video (should be set there) to see what happened with the Congressman from someplace in Ohio began to quiz her.

If you miss it, you’d see when Jane decided to be a full on smartass and question whether said CongressMEAN — who was questioning her credentials — whether HE had ever worked on a farm.  And she got the answer that not only had he been, he IS a farmer (and something about a wheel rut and a mule, that we didn’t really follow).

Oh, and Jane. VERY smart looking leather jacket ensemble at the witness stand there.
Why, you may have just ridden in on your “Born To Be Wild” motorcycle there.
Not like those OTHER stuffed shirts at the table with their SUITS.

Course, we were just wondering whatever happened to that FFA jacket.
We thought THAT was your go-to look for federal hearings.
Not so much last week, huh?
Hopefully next time you won’t get schooled by Foghorn Leghorn.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah. Ben Sasse (R), Scott Kleeb (D)!
    When it comes to corporate welfare and regular welfare, what is the difference between the R’s and D’s?

  2. To Nebraska Voter says:

    Scott Kleeb didn’t hire an AD that threatened to kill his students. Still waiting to find out when Sasse knew about his AD’s issues.

  3. River Monster says:

    Sasse is an interesting dude. For all the accomplishments on his resume, I can’t really point out one success he’s actually had in his life. Including his time at Midland, because I think time will tell on that one. And in watching his video (I only made it to the 2 minute mark because it was boring),all I could think of is how he has profited from Obamacare. Yeah we get it Obamacare is bad for the country as he says, but sounds like its been pretty good for his bank account.

  4. Ricky says:

    Go Jane! The bully’s on Lee Terry’s subcommittee of whatever are typical of the people Terry hangs out with in DC. So out of touch as they pursue their war on women.
    Nobody pays attention to them anyway. And by the way Terry is getting desperate as his pet project the Keystone pipeline seems to be on the way to oblivion.
    It’s never going to happen.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The Sasse campaign has not participated in parades and is nowhere to be seen on the campaign trail. Twitter videos are nice, but a Drudge Report citation and a New York Times article get you exactly NOWHERE in getting votes in Nebraska. How many Nebraska voters are active in the political twitter world and read Drudge? Maybe 100, at least half of which work for other candidates. Sasse has to decide whether he is in or out. If he is in, he has to start campaigning like he is in.

  6. Tom Osborne on BO's open mic says:

    Dear BO
    Now let’s see BO I hired you and now everybody knows what a kook you are so let’s say I already counseled you on the tape where you said F— em all.
    Now when was that again we met? I kinda forgot my memories a little foggy these days.
    But let’s get the Herald and the Lincoln paper to run a picture of you and me together and that should solve everything.
    And no we don’t have to tell Harvey Perlman or the new AD anything we will just let them be surprised when the truth comes out.
    Let’s get together soon BO and work out the details on our story.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ricky says it is a “war on women” to expect that a self-avowed expert on the scientific impacts of oil have actually taken a class in chemistry. We may suppose ricky also finds it reasonable that Obama never took math after the 7th grade. Is ricky as ignorant as these clowns or just enjoy acting that way?

    By all means, keep it up, rickyretardo. With every word you utter those you support lose another vote.

  8. Joe L says:

    Well McCoy is putting that Herberster money to good work. I’m sure Ricketts won’t let that go on for to long and will be out with radio ads to western Nebraska tiring to convicne them that he is one of them. Let the ad wars begin

  9. Anonymous says:

    If the media in this State didn’t fawn over the Kleebs so much we might actually learn all about the far more than $800K in govt funds that propelled Energy Pioneers and the fact that Scott had to have women on his board because the green money boondoggle meant more funds to women-owned businesses. No doubt they are silent partners who get their cut from Scott for staying out of his government-funded business. Someone might also inquire as to how the Kleebs, in an effort to get rural cred, were able to purchase farmland so soon after stumbling into Nebraska. Let’s see, it was AFTER Energy Pioneers started drawing in tax dollars that the Kleebs bought their own piece of rural life. Who bought it? Green tax money? Where’s the media? Hopefully Lee Terry will bring Scott Kleeb into a hearing in the future and quiz him as to the funding of his wildly successful Energy Pioneers. Is it the Solyndra of Nebraska? How did Scott, who only had a part-time job as a Hastings College prof and Jane, who blows through Dick Holland’s money like a tornado, manage to buy a farm in prime ag land only after Scott started the green business? Sure would be nice if we had anything resembling an investigative media in this State.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Was Jane the baby of her family? She sure acts like it. Spoiled, petulant, bratty and full of herself. How can any adults who oppose the pipeline work with her? When confronted with simple facts or observations she goes on the attack. She had to be combative with the Congressman and then run to the “sexist and inappropriate” defense when she refused to answer the questions. Great role modeling for her own kids.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Talk about SS spin and people buying it. If the tables were turned and a Dem congressman was speaking to a tea-party testifier, you’d all be raising hell. Congressman Johnson is a grade A a**h***! Wouldn’t give Jane a chance to answer questions other than with a simple yes or no. Belittled her competence on the issue because she didn’t have advanced degrees in sciences. Johnson rattled off a list of “experts” who did not see any environmental issues in an attempt to denigrate Jane’s testimony, though anyone could find quite a few more who believe the opposite. Even Lee Terry had to ask Johnson to let Jane answer the question before interrupting her.

    (And by the way, I’m no fan of Jane.)

  12. Ricky says:

    Exactly Anonymous above. It’s no wonder Mr Terry has had no committee chairs until this sub committee of whatever. That was amateur hour.
    And no wonder the approval rating for the GOP led House is about 7 per cent. Just look at the jerks that work there.


  13. Anonymous says:

    The next committee person did the right thing and apologized to Jane for Johnson’s treatment of her. (A**h*** Johnson had already left the room. Coward!) As the committee person said: Nobody deserves to be harangued in the manner that Jane was.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jane got testy because the Congressman was following the money and it got too close for comfort for her. No, we can’t have any scrutiny of a green boondoggle business that benefits her as an environmental activist. The last thing she and Scott want is anyone connecting the dots to Energy Pioneers and their own sudden influx of personal wealth. Interesting indeed. We will learn of all the green money raping of the federal coffers once its all said and done and these people have gone their merry way for years, living off huge government grants handed out by their friends at the top.

  15. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Jane brought that treatment on herself by acting like the love child of chimp/Nancy Grace relationship every time she is in D.C., especially appearing before Congress.
    She has no credentials, no real understanding of geology, and no conscience. Insane Jane simply can’t handle the fact that people question her lack of credibility. It gets under her skind and she loses it. (watch for her response to this post).

    Anybody else remember that time 2 years ago that she let most of her boldie buddies get arrested while protesting and she fled the scene like a real hero? Pro tip, Jane: Never run from your friends in a moment of need. I’ve been there, running is not the right thing to do.

  16. Gaius Grachus says:

    “Scott Kleeb didn’t [knowingly] hire an AD that threatened to kill his students. Still waiting to find out when Sasse knew about his AD’s issues.”

    Did Sasse [knowingly] hire “an AD that….” Sasse, as a chief executive, remains responsible for all things done and not done on his watch. That is part of the job. Does that make him personally responsible for each and every HR decision regarding each and every employee, including every conceivable part of an employee’s behavior on and off the job, related to work or not?

    You can make the case that, yes, he remains responsible for all things done and not done on his watch. I’d call that an ideal. How many supervisors, managers and employers posting here do the same and expect their peers to do the same? Let’s excoriate Dave Heineman for Rick Sheehy – or is there some reason we don’t do that?

  17. anonymous says:

    We’re still on that AD hiring/Sasse involvement?
    They hired a guy. He was qualified. He turned out to be a dirtbag.

    Any of you posters ever been divorced? Ever dated soemone that turned out to be an a–hole?
    He misjudged a man’s character, as mere mortals are prone to do.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Tonic: Yes and in the mean time Scott and Jane are laughing all the way to the bank for pulling one over on Nebraskans by riding the green wave. They are clever users though as they get a two-fer. Building up their credentials as rural landowners (farmers and ranchers as Jane likes to proclaim) by buying a farm (with what money??) which they will then turn over into a handy profit by selling once they are done with Nebraska and want to move back to their real home on the East Coast.

  19. Nebraska Voter says:

    Sasse does not come off as a Nebraskan. He carries himself as a pretentious snob. That will resonate real well with the voters.

  20. Jane goes to school says:

    How much money does Bold Nebraska contributor and major Berkshire Hathaway shareholder Dick Holland stand to make by delaying KXL if he can keep his Union Pacific contracts hauling Canadian tar sands? Sounds like his investment in Bold Nebraska has been a good one for him. What a boondoggle.

  21. More Cowbell says:

    The publisher of the York News Times pretty well hit the nail on the head with his editorial about the hearings. He kicks it off with, “Nebraska congressional representative Lee Terry is a political wet noodle who doesn’t have the political strength to whip his way out of a wet paper bag!” He then goes on to expose Terry for the fraud that he is.
    I’ll let you all Google it for yourselves.
    Seriously, I’m no fan of Jane Kleeb’s either, but if that clown from Ohio spoke to my sister the way he did to her, he’d be getting a double heaping helping of knuckle sandwich served with a side of steel toed boot up his ass. There is no excuse to talk to anyone, let alone a woman, in that manner. Sweeper, I’m ashamed of you for supporting such foul behavior.

  22. Curious George says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find that the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission lists both Jessica Moenning and Barry Rubin as lobbyists for Nebraskans for Jobs & Energy Independence and Ron Kaminski as its contact person?
    Politics sure makes for strange bedfellows.

  23. Curious George says:

    It’s really amusing that two members of Scott and Jane Kleeb’s old posse in the Nebraska Democratic Party, current NDP National Committeeman – Ron Kaminski and ex-NDP Executive Director – Barry Rubin, are outspoken advocates of the Keystone XL pipeline. It makes one wonder if the Kleebs still get together with them for beers after work.

  24. Curious George says:

    Mr. Kaminski, Business Manager for Local #1140 Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), testified before the same House of Representatives Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade that Ms. Kleeb did, but his testimony was of an entirely different nature. Mr. Kaminsky stated, “The Laborers strongly support the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which will move oil from deposits in Canada to existing refineries in Texas and Oklahoma. LIUNA has been involved with this project for more than four years now which, frankly, is entirely too long for what should have been a routine pipeline permitting process. This project will create millions of hours of work hours for the members of our unions, with good wages and benefits. These delays cost construction workers jobs during one of the worst economic periods in our Nation’s history.”
    Kaminski’s full statement can be found by simply Googling “Ron Kaminski” and “XL Pipeline.” You’ll find his comments on (Pete Ricketts’) Platte Institute’s website of a similar nature.

  25. Curious George says:

    Barry Rubin, Lobbyist for and Vice Chairman of Nebraskans for Jobs & Energy Independence, has consistently opposed Ms. Kleeb’s work for Bold Nebraska. He is on the record of the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality as stating, “Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence believes a large majority of Nebraskans wants their state to take an active roll in these all-of-the-above efforts, and therefore strongly supports the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.” Numerous press releases and transcripts from his testimony before state legislative bodies can also be found by Googling his name together with that of his organization.
    Our old friend, current NDP Chair of County Chairs – Bud Pettigrew, is reportedly working behind the scenes to achieve the ouster of Ron Kaminski from his NDP National Committeeman seat. One must wonder which side of the fence NDP Chair – Vince Powers will fall on. He may not even find the time for such matters as he is apparently quite busy seeking to mitigate the penalties that past NDP National Committeewoman – Brenda Council is facing over her felonious theft of campaign contributions.

  26. to to hesdeadjim says:

    Take it easy. Your post smells of a 20 something “consultant” left over from the Fischer campaign who thinks the ole’ carpetbagger attack will work again.

  27. Curious George says:

    Deb Fischer’s predecessor as Nebraska’s Senator – Ben Nelson has been a busy boy. Just as many frequenters of Leavenworth Street predicted, he is busy turning his time in politics into cold, hard cash. He is making around $1 million / year as CEO of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in Washington, D.C. He is also joining Republican Ag Secretary under George W. Bush – Ed Schafer at public affairs firm Agenda. And we Nebraska taxpayers get to further fill his pockets as he accepted a cushy little job at the UNO Department of Political Science as their “Politician-in-Residence.”
    To make an end run around the laws that are supposed to keep him from being able to lobby Congress for two years after he left the Senate, Old Ben has formed a partnership with his ex-Chief of Staff – Tim Becker and (there he is again) Barry Rubin. They formed Heartland Strategies Group, based in Omaha, to allow Rubin to be Ben Nelson’s marionette on K Street.

  28. TexasAnnie says:

    So I googled ‘Heartland Strategy Group’ but didn’t learn who the players are. You have to use Facebook which I don’t do. Are you sure of your info, Curious George?

  29. to to to Hesdeadjim says:

    Sasse is a Carpetbagger. He won’t even send his kids to the local schools. The guy has spent 3 out of the last 20 years here in Nebraska and now he wants to go back East as a US Senator for the next 30 years. Sorry, we let Hagel fool us, we won’t let Dr. Sasse do it to us again.

  30. hesdeadjim says:

    I don’t blame Sasse for sending his kids to a private school. He is the president of a private school, he attended private school, and he has probably noticed that public schools are observably worse than private schools. Every good conservative knows that private schools do it better. You know that saying “smoke if ya got ’em”? That applies to schools as well.

    You are correct, though in your claim that he (sasse) has not spent much time in Nebraska in the last 20 years.

  31. Ed S says:

    McCoy’s add clearly states (more than once) his campaign motto of “Faith, Family, Farms and Freedom”, yet your post removes the first “F”. Maybe it was an unintentional deletion, or maybe there is some kind of L Street policy about separation of church and blog … or maybe you just don’t give a damn.

    Just sayin’

  32. Ed S.
    Really the last.
    Because when we were writing the post, we went to and took the motto from there — not even noticing the other F term used.
    Someone pointed it out to us afterwards, but we figured if McCoy isn’t using it on his website, we weren’t going to bother changing it in our post.
    And now we’ve taken more time to respond to you than it would have take to change the post itself.
    So there ya go.
    Carry on.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The issue on the congressional “exemption” from the ACA is a little more complicated than Sasse would have you believe. Federal employees, like most employees of a large organization, get health care coverage. It’s not as if the ACA terminates coverage for all employees and forces them into the exchanges. In fact, as of 2015 employers with 50 or more employees will be required to provide insurance. (Here’s a riddle — given that the federal government obviously has more than 50 employees, will the Act require the federal government to give coverage.) So Sasse is really basically scoring debating points. None of this is to suggest that I like the ACA. I think it’s a terrible law and I still believe that it’s unconstitutional. Eight of 9 Supreme Court Justices held that Congress DIDN’T have power under Article I’s taxation clause impose the individual mandate. Five of 9 Supreme Court Justices ruled that Congress DIDN’T have power under the Commerce Clause to impose the individual mandates. The ruling was essentially a function of the way the Supreme Court counts votes.

  34. Hypocrite Osborn says:

    It’s such a joke and hypocritical that the Osborn full time bloggers on his behalf like to continuously criticize Sasse spending too much time at his full time job at Midland U. and not on the Senate campaign trail. That’s really funny because the Omaha World-Herald found it factually relevant enough during Osborn’s state treasurer term to report the conflict of interest in him keeping his private sector financial services job at Silverstone, the large amount of time he was spending there and not at his state treasurer’s job, which is the one NE taxpayers elected him and paid him to do more than full time.

  35. hesdeadjim says:

    It’s clearly not Osborn people criticizing Sasse. Osborn staff is down, he may have fans on here doing some bashing but I think the majority of what you see here is the nit wits from Bart’s campaign thinking they’ll secure the #2 spot.

  36. To the idiot above says:

    Shane cut spending in his office and did a great job as Treasurer. Funny how faux conservatives that support Sasse can’t handle the fact Shane is a hard worker and a self-made man. I would love to know more about how Sasse is getting paid at Midland and how he can raise money for himsef and the school at the same time. Big conflict of interest!

  37. Sasse is gonna show the money not Osborn says:

    I may not have a PhD like Sasse but clearly understood every word of his Obamacare video. The video is a great way to educate and generate support in state and out of state for Sasse on such a hot button issue. Word on the street is that Sasse is raising a lot of money not Osborn. Yeah, I guess you’re right Dr. Sasse is smart.

  38. Curious Too says:

    Texas Annie, you must not have looked very hard because it is in the very first link that pops up on Google when I searched for it. It was a LinkedIn link. Try adding Ben Nelson’s name to your search.
    Nelson’s role in such a company isn’t surprising, but Jessica Moenning, Barry Rubin, Ron Kaminski, Ben Nelson and Pete Ricketts all in bed together does seem a bit odd, doesn’t it?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Jessica is in bed with the highest bidder. Just wonder when someone is going to complain that her steadfast “help” is rarely to never listed with the NADC, yet there she always is in the shadows cheering her clients on to defeat.

  40. Fort Street Fury says:

    TO #50

    You know what they say about rumors. You heard about Shane’s 1st quarter. He (Shane) is going to post stratospheric numbers.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I think Beau’s first up website flag was “Faith, Family, Farms”. Now it is Family, Farms, Freedom so maybe that faith tagline wasn’t working. Sounds like he needs some better advisors.

  42. Midland Grad says:

    Don’t be fooled by Dr. Sasse. He should be ashamed of himself by putting his election first over his duties to Midland. We need 11 million dollars for his spending plans and he goes to DC to raise money for himself. At the end of the day he is trying to leave his current job for his own selfish reasons.

  43. Osborn's House of Cards says:

    TO #Fort Street Fiasco

    The Osborn campaign is a house of cards this quarter and thru the primary. Oooohhhh…stratospheric now that is a PhD term. Fact check Osborn for the first time has real competition with the fundraising in Nebraska and DC this quarter. Sasse has been doing what counts right now actually raising money. Fewer donors are now willing to commit to Osborn who has been propped up all summer to be the sure thing and smart donors know polls right now are meaningless, despite what the Osborn biceps and beer bloggers may post. Remember that sure thing Jon Bruning? Osborn is just another Jon Bruning without the aviator wings. He is Bruning’s protege, good buddy and past campaign leaders, ouch.

  44. To House of Barbs says:

    Shane is not another Brunning. Shane has very low negatives and very high positives. Sasse on the otherhand has low name ID and those that do know him have a negative opinion of him. Shane won’t need to spend a fortune to win this primary. Ask Deb how much you need.

  45. Jiang Zemin says:

    I never had the opportunity to thank Shane Osborn for the gifts he dropped on us at our airbase on Hainan Island. THANKS SHANE! We are making good use of all the classified materials you brought to us rather than sending them to the bottom of the sea.

  46. Ricky says:

    I too wonder how Barry Rubin and Ron Kaminski can hold their noses long enough to side with Lee Terry and the conservative dunderheads.
    Rubin used to be a Democrat right? Shows you what some people will do for money.
    And Kaminski has sold out Nebraska for a few part time jobs.
    Thanks a lot fools.

    ricky from omaha

  47. More Cowbell says:

    I wonder if Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) questioned Ron Kaminski on who funds Nebraskans for Jobs & Energy Independence? Shouldn’t the provenance of its funding be at least as suspect as Jane Kleeb’s? Hell, we know who Jane’s sugar daddy is. The question remains: who do Kaminski, Rubin and Moenning get on their knees for?

  48. We know Jane’s founding sugar daddy. We don’t know her recent contributors.

    If you question other people’s funding, it’s surely pretty hypocritical not to divulge your own. As for the line that her husband’s company is not a conflict of interest for her, I wish UNL would let my wife and me away with that one! Last year, being a member of our executive committee, she could have voted on my pay raise!

  49. Osborn is Bruning Junior says:

    To Fort Street Fiasco
    Got it right the first time, more like Fiasco due to the irrational post. Favorable or unfavorable poll ratings this early always change closer to the primary when voters make decisions. Lots of undecideds. Comparing Osborn to the Fischer senate primary win is bogus. Fischer was never the front runner or second in with name ID or money, Bruning and Stenberg were due their statewide office holding. Voters got to know the real Bruning & favorables dropped. The House of Cards parallels of Bruning and Osborn, Bruning Junior, are many. Osborn had no record and baggage during his 2006 treasurer race or strong opponents. This is a different race and far from finished.

  50. People just listen says:

    Folks, even Herbsters conklin people in nebraska think little of him, and what does that say for him or his chosen/bought and paid for candidates. Listen people,please listen. Let him make his moves through his surrogates or himself, he is an idiot. He will screw it up as he always has.

  51. Anonymous says:

    when his actual record at HHS comes out it may not look so good. All those state exchanges he rails against? Yeah, well, that may be a recently adopted position. Sasse may carry northern Virginia and the Maryland collar counties. Oh, wait, you mean they don’t get a vote in the Nebraska primary? Darn.

  52. Earth to Fahleson... says:

    Get out of the elite echo chamber you and Sasse live in. No matter how many lawyers you convince out of state and no matter how many DC folks Sasse thinks he has, they still can’t vote in our primary.

    You were a good and decent man but you have gone off the deep end on this one my friend.

    Unless your time as state chairman was only an act I am ashamed you are willing to support someone who will sell our their values like beltway Ben.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Good teachers take no sasse from snotty little kids who think they are more than they are. Such egotism even in a bright child calls for the starch being electorally ironed out of their britches and that is coming.

  54. Anonymous says:

    “Voters get to know the real Bruning and favorables dropped.” That’s debatable. More like a pissing contest between two attorneys took place because Stenberg had nothing to lose except being a loser again. Plus, the oh so silent cattle rancher now senator sure is quiet while her colleague Ted Cruz managed to take a strong stand. When Pellini got sandbagged by a two year old tape it was disgusting, but when Daddy Ricketts sandbags Bruning to get the then silent now silent some more Deb catapulted into a place beyond her measure? It’s just good politics and Bruning deserved his just desserts delivered by the fat cat behind the curtain.

  55. Osborn The Hypocrite Part II says:

    Looks like the hyper sensitive Osborn and his surrogate beer and biceps and new recruits private law school educated JD surrogate bloggers are frantic that their summer vacation is over. He is not the self proclaimed pulled up by the boot straps only runs in Nebraska public education circles as his spin doctors claim. You do not need a Phd, JD or a private school education to discover the truth. Go to What they have never bragged blogged about is the majority of his donors are from east coast securities execs their spouses and attorneys not Nebraska businesses and voters. Playing the east coast elitist card against his competition – hypocrite again and more evidence on that website in October.

  56. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Osborn earned his big lead by actually campaigning in the way that the citizens of Nebraska are used to, which is getting out and shaking hands, going to county fairs, walking in parades and all the rest. Sasse didn’t do any of that, Dinsdale wasn’t in the race yet, and McLeay did some, but doesn’t have the organization that Osborn has.

    The three candidates other than Osborn are certainly not going to stay under 20% in name recognition and in the single digits of support. Sasse may well raise more money than Osborn this quarter but it’s likely dry up if he doesn’t start to get some movement in the polls. Dinsdale getting into the race complicates things for Sasse because he probably needs to make it a two-man race, which would require him to get around Dinsdale and “draft” Osborn and try to catch him on the final lap. Aside from Osborn’s huge lead in the poll, the other interesting numbers were that Sasse was actually behind Dinsdale (who had not yet announced) and the only candidate who wasn’t upside down on his negatives was Osborn.

    Sasse is running a campaign that’s more akin to a big state campaign where the whole game is money and nobody expects any personal interaction with the candidates. But in the 2012 GOP primary there were fewer than 200,000 votes cast, and Fischer won with just under 80,000 votes. It will be interesting to see whether Sasse’s approach works. It will be interesting to see whether Dinsdale can get any traction emphasizing things like the fact that his bank was started by his father in Palmer, Nebraska.

    I don’t see any meaningful parallels to the 2012 primary, other than the likely number of voters. Bruning was a victim of his hubris. Fischer got wind in her sails when the polls showed that she had caught Stenburg and thus became the alternative to Bruning. None of the four GOP candidates have anything like the visible negatives that Bruning had.

  57. Osborn House of Cards Part II says:

    Sounds like that premature poll is not going to do what it was intended for – Show a “stratospheric” fundraising first place finish for Osborn. That next report online October 15 will show others have doubts. He is not a sure thing, has real competition and has not locked down Nebraska voters and donors. Except for the handfuls of east coast really green money he and his surrogates don’t disclose themselves but spin on others as being elitist and out of touch – what a phony. Remember how he hid his intentions from the voters to keep his full time high paying Silverstone job if elected treasurer so he could continue to bank money? For four years he kept that private sector job, reports were he wasn’t in Lincoln much and still collected $85,000/year on the hard working Nebraska taxpayers backs. Constitutionally nothing could be done about it but members of the legislature, sec of state and governor thought it was dishonest and the law should be changed. He is not self made. He is a selfish opportunist just made on the backs of Nebraska taxpayers. Just six degrees of separation between Osborn and his mentor Jon Bruning. Those are not Nebraska values. The House of Cards is starting to lean.

  58. River Monster says:

    I love it. Team Sasse channeling Obama. “Hey Osborn, you didn’t build that.”

    Lets go through his record at state treasurer: 12% budget cut. More unclaimed property given back in his term than the entire history of the program. Most efficient treasury management division in the country (won the award). Reworked the states college savings plan to save money for the participants. Used technology, increased efficiency, and cut staff while maintaining services. Left office after one term to go into private business and has been successful in his private ventures.

  59. To House says:

    House, well, at some point the other candidates are actually going to have to put themselves out there and actually campaign, because (you might want to ask Pete Ricketts about this) in Nebraska no amount of money in TV ads will substitute for actually reaching the voters. As far as “double dipping” goes, Dr. Sasse is currently pulling in at least $208,403 (this is the 2011 figure from Midlands University’s 990 filing) from a tiny, tuition-dependent institution that needs to raise $11 million to fund its purchase (ill advised) of the Dana campus. So while he’s doing all of this fundraising for his Senate campaign, who’s minding the store? And more to the point, given that his salary comes from an institution whose lifeblood is the hard-earned tuition money of the families entrusting their sons and daughters to his university, shouldn’t his first priority be raising money to fund the physical infrastructure of his university or, perhaps, scholarships for students who need help with the tuition?

    House, you’ve got some mighty big windows there and you might want to put down those stones.

  60. NSA says:

    $200 K is a low salary for president of a 4 year college.

    You think someone who works a full time job can’t campaign in his spare time? Where were you when Kerrey was fundraising for New School in NY while allegedly resident in Nebraska?

  61. I mean, I don’t think we’d want to elect someone who was unemployed. So if you actually have a job (which is good) you can’t run for office? Or you could be Osborn, who has two jobs, but seems to find time.

  62. Swipe at Ricketts? says:

    Okay, you do not support Ricketts, but please don’t call him unemployed.

    I am sure that he does some sort of work at Drakon LLC.

  63. To House says:

    Actually $200K is quite high for a school like Midland with a very small endowment and a small student body. And no, I don’t think you could ethically campaign for Senate with a job like that without taking a leave of absence. Osborn and McLeay are both full time candidates and taken leaves from their other employment. And hey NSA, if you want to make Cosmic Bob the model of how to do things, good on you. But Kerry ceased to be President of the New School at the end of 2010, so don’t let the facts hit you on the way out.

  64. To Gerard says:

    How many of those 519 are continuing to draw pay checks from their universities while out running for the Senate and concentrating their efforts on fundraising for their own campaign? My guess is one: Ben Sasse.

  65. F This says:

    It’s FRIDAY! Rock that bow tie people. Grab some French Fries and Fosters and Fornicate Freely and Frequently with Foreigners, or maybe just listen to some Foreigner. Either way, have a Beau F’n Day!

  66. If in fact Sasse is neglecting his duties, something you haven’t shown, I can see why Midland’s Board of Trustees might be concerned. ( I can see also why they might think it’s very much in their interest to have an ex-President in the Senate). What I can’t see is why it’s the remotest business of yours.

  67. Gov Daves fundraising lists says:

    Does the fact that Shanes finance director Dean Dennhardt just sent a fundraising email to the Govs fundraising list indicate that Gov Dave has endorsed Shane? Or did Dean scoop the Govs upcoming endorsement by a couple days by using his resources? Or is Dean as we all guest unethical and not capable of separating between his two masters?

  68. To Gerard says:

    Uh, Gerard, it sort of is my business, because if Midland is essentially giving an in kind contribution to the Sasse campaign, then that needs to be reported. And if Sasse is prioritizing his interests over those of the students to whom he has a fiduciary duty that’s an issue too. But if none of that potentially bothers you, you go right ahead being unbothered.

  69. So if someone is not doing their job to your satisfaction, regardless of the fact you don’t have a clue about whether they’re doing their job or not, and also running for office, you think they should report it?


    If it’s an issue for the students, the students might well have standing to sue. Why don’t you try suing, and see what happens?

    Talk about a busybody.

    Yes indeed, I spend most of my life not being bothered by things that are none of my business. It’s a state called sanity.

  70. interesting email from Dave errr Dean says:

    Dear Friends,

    I have had the privilege of getting to know you during my more than eight years working for Governor Heineman. It’s been a wonderful experience. I know the strength he draws from his friends and it means a great deal to me that you continue to be such a big part of his life.

    As a new election cycle begins, I have added to my duties and am also helping my friend Shane Osborn in his campaign for the United States Senate.

    Shane shares some of the same qualities as our Governor. He is a man of service and sacrifice, having spent nine years as a Naval Aviator – both before and after 9/11 – and working to make state government more efficient and accountable to Nebraska taxpayers as State Treasurer.

    He is also hardworking, and he cares that Nebraskans have an opportunity to get to know him before he asks for their vote.

    Our Nation faces incredible challenges. Shane wants to serve in the U.S. Senate because that’s where the problems lie, and I believe he can make a difference.

    But to do that he needs your help.

    Raising money for the Governor, Senator Johanns, Congressmen Fortenberry and Terry, and others, you have always been so kind to give when I’ve asked. You’ve given, because you understand how important it is to have the right person representing us.

    That’s why I’m asking you to support Shane.

    Your contribution of $25, $35, $50, or whatever you can afford will help as we near the end of September and the close of a reporting period.

    I am proud to call Shane my friend. Can I count on you to help me help Shane?

    If so, please donate today.

    I am grateful for your help. Thank you for your continued support of strong public servants in Nebraska.


    Dean Dennhardt
    Finance Director
    Osborn for U.S. Senate

  71. Cut Dean and Shane some slack says:

    Since last quarter they only raised 42% of their money from Nebraska, he needed to find a way to get Shane some traction with Nebraska donors.

    Btw $95,000 from New York, didnt we prove in 2012 we dont want a Sen thats backed by big New York money and interests?

  72. More Cowbell says:

    Gerard wrote, “Yes indeed, I spend most of my life not being bothered by things that are none of my business. It’s a state called sanity.”
    Since he is persistently present here on LS, and is constantly perturbed by all manner of things that don’t concern him, what can we deduce about the Right Wing Professor’s state of mind?

  73. To Cut Some Slack says:

    Funny, I saw a solicitation from a friend of Ben Sasse’s saying that they wanted to help bring Ben back to DC. I thought he never left

  74. Johanns Rebuke says:

    making its way around…

    Resolution of Rebuke of United States Senator Mike Johanns

    WHEREAS, Senator Mike Johanns abdicated Republican principles in helping Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) secure votes necessary to end cloture and fund the Patient and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare in House Bill H.J.Res.59; and

    WHEREAS, the Nebraska Republican Party passed a resolution during the August 10, 2013 meeting of its Central Committee urging “all members of its Congressional Delegation to support a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire federal government with the exception that the Continuing Resolution prohibits the expenditure of even one penny, discretionary or mandatory, for Obamacare.”; and

    WHEREAS, Nebraska Representatives Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, and Adrian Smith respected the wishes of their constituents in voting in favor of House Bill H.J. Res.59 which provides funding for the entire federal government while prohibiting funding for Obamacare; and

    WHEREAS, Senator Deb Fischer respected the wishes of her constituents in opposing cloture which allowed Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) to fund the Patient and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare in House Bill H.J.Res.59; and

    WHEREAS, an overwhelming number of the American people, including the vast majority of Nebraskans, oppose Obamacare and support the repeal of Obamacare root and branch; and

    WHEREAS, Congress was successful in cutting a special deal for Senators, Representatives and all of their staff members, holding them all harmless from Obamacare’s enormous premium increases that the rest of us back home will have to bear; and

    WHEREAS, the Nebraska Republican Party Platform states that “[w]e favor a tax policy that enhances the ability of American families to purchase the healthcare of their choice;” and

    WHEREAS, Senator Mike Johanns ignored the wishes of his constituents and the platform of the Nebraska Republican Party in voting to end cloture and allow Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) to fund the Patient and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare in House Bill H.J.Res.59;

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Senator Mike Johanns do the following: cease ignoring the wishes of the constituents that he represents and voting in opposition to principles of the Republican Party.

    FURTHERMORE, the conduct of Senator Johanns, is unbecoming a Member of the United States Senate, caused injury to the constituents he represents, and is hereby strongly rebuked and condemned by members of the Nebraska Republican Party.

  75. Eagle in the Cottonwood says:

    It appears that Johann’s legacy in the Senate will be the same as Ben Nelson’s. One has to wonder if Johanns will find a way to make millions lobbying for ObamaCare the same way Ben Nelson has since he “left” the Senate.

  76. Osborn Misrepresenting Governor Heineman says:

    Post 97 101 & 106
    Completely shocked at that false email by the Osborn camp. I have not seen any media reports that the Gov has or will endorse him. Very clear they are running scared of a Titanic sinking from their next FEC donor report to sink to this low level. Osborn and the moonlighting finance dir have mislead and taken advantage of the Gov’s donor supporters while disrespecting Governor Heineman. Lying and begging for money to his faithful supporters by falsely giving the impression that the Gov has or will endorse him and comparing his character to the Gov. I am speechless and suspect that the donor lists and the language used did not get the Gov’s approval. The Nebraska voters, the Gov’s supporters and Governor Heineman deserve to know the truth. Call the Gov’s office on Monday 402-471-2244.

  77. Anonymous says:

    You are speechless? While you are giving a speech? So you are actually a liar.

    Maybe you are right or wrong in your assertions but to be “shocked” by political candidates makes you sound like a sissy or an idiot. What does your indignation mean if Osborn wins? You sandwich faux indignation between slices of outrage and that makes anything you say easy to reject. That isn’t what you had in mind, right?

    You are so shocked, SHOCKED to find politics going on in this political race!

  78. Johanns Fortenberry & Terry donor lists says:

    Hey, I got the impression that the Osborn campaign email also went to Johanns Fortenberry and Terry donors too. I doubt they are all endorsing him and gave their approval. I am just as shocked as the other reader because I have never seen this kind of political stunt before.

  79. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    I don’t see anything in the email that states or even implies that Governor Dave has made or will make an endorsement of any kind. I have gotten emails from at least two (maybe three) of the Senate candidates as they try to raise money before the end of the quarter. It was posted on this blog months ago that Dean was Shane’s fundraiser. As I’ve said, the race will tighten up, because really only Osborn and McLeay have done much campaigning in the ordinary sense of that word. Dinsdale is just getting started. Sasse seems to have put all of his energy into raising money so it’s a reasonable bet that he’ll post the biggest total this quarter. The fundraising totals will be mildly interesting this quarter, but the totals and the polls will get a lot more interesting. Even if Sasse and McLeay show good totals this quarter, they will have to spend a lot of money to get to Osborn’s 80% name recognition (none of the other three were over 20%).

  80. Anonymous says:

    So Janssen is running a grassroots campaign and begging for $5000? Yikes, shouldn’t have spent money on beer coozies and iPhone cases…

  81. Ricky says:

    When is somebody in the media going to ask Charlie Dirty Harry Janssen whether or not he thinks sensible gun restrictions would have stopped the mass murder in the Navy Yard in DC?
    After all he is a combat veteran and was in the Navy don’t you know?
    And he loves guns. So I would love to hear what he thinks about a nut with a gun killing a bunch of Navy people?
    Does he get a pass on commenting on that terrible incident?


  82. anonymous says:

    I mean, Pete has all the money he needs and so does Bleau McCoy (because of a Missouri pyramid tycoon’s il advised donation of $860K). There you have it. Janssen has to raise money to run his campaign. You caught him! His campaign costs money too!

  83. @70 says:

    You must be another Herbster hater, well join the crowd and get in line. He is so fake overall it defies belief. He just keeps leaving people on his trail to? Somewhere his weird past ego/personality abuse need takes him? I applaud people for taking his money, he thinks it buys him friends. Fundamental question: why do the people who know him best and longest not like or want him doing this?

  84. Ricky:

    None of the gun restrictions most Democrats call ‘sensible’ limit access to shotguns. Even the UK does not ban shotguns.

    And while I abhor the massacre, I think the nutcase mostly killed civilians.

  85. Sasse idiots says:

    OMG!!….Shane Osborne is soliciting Republican donors….how dare he!!!! At lease he isn’t asking Midland Donors for Senate donations like Sasse is. Hey Ben where are you on the Dan campus fundraising. Is that why you were in DC recently, raising money for your employer.

  86. anonymous says:

    To the above:

    How are you sure it is Sasse people typing trash?

    McLeay has a rowdy young (and dumb) bunch working for him.

    Just a voter, seriously

  87. Who is This McLeay Guy says:

    Listen up youngsters, we can all sit around and throw insults at each other and the candidates until the cows come home (wearing more cowbells no doubt). And we can all spend the next weeks and months debating if Sasse is going to quit his job and stop “living” in DC, or if Sid Dinsdale will take this seriously or if it just another possible ribbon for the wall, or if Osborn can keep his early lead. But I have news for you. While we are all on here slinging the mud, and no doubt half of you are campaign workers who should have better use for your time, there is a guy named Bart McLeay hitting the streets of small town Nebraska, apparently literally one door at a time, and he is taking this thing to heart. Have you met the guy and did you even know who he was before this? Yeah, me neither, until recently.

    But guess what, seems word on the street (literally those small town streets) is that to meet him is to like him. Seems that he is smart and yet personable. I finally met him a few weeks back and, against all odds of me cheering for an attorney running for office, this McLeay guy made a good impression. I get the feeling he actually wants this for the right reasons, and beyond that, I think he may have what it takes. Still not sure who I am going to vote for with so many horses in the race and much vetting to do, but every time I think about the senate race, this McLeay guy comes to mind and a hint of hope comes with it. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, that’s the kind of thing that wins races.

    I know all the other candidates by name and they know me, so I mean this with all due respect, the days of big time political antics winning races is over, at least in this state, and this McLeay guy is working towards proving that, so take note.

  88. Anonymous says:

    124, you are obviously a McLeay worker of some sort. Nice try ass wipe. Throwing insults means little in campaign season, we agree. Yet when turds like you plop yourself into the toilet bowl, it’s too much to expect others not to press flush. Give up lying. You aren’t very good at it.

    When you say “this McLeay guy made a good impression” on you, that reminds us that Obama made a good impression too; the same Obama who has zero grasp of math and science and is limited to word skills so flawed he relies on a teleprompter like halfwits rely on a diaper. However, the most telling flaw in your blab is your folksy faux “I get the feeling” garbage. You say you know everyone running and they all know you and yet you just casually walked down happy politic lane until you stumbled across the refreshing McLeay. This silly saccharine approach seems convincing to you because you are myopic. Any word baby you squirt out must be cute and brilliant. As noted above, you aren’t very good at lying. The fact that you try and fail at it suggests you lack in both ethical aim and clandestine execution.

    You speak of due respect. Have some for those here who see you oozing crap in such large puddles that you slog through it. Your folksy approach is painfully thin and obvious to all but you. And that suggests you aren’t equipped for the sort of underhanded persuasive politicking you attempt here. And that in turn reflects badly on McLeay. A more honest effort on your part will pay off better than if you continue to appear stupidly dishonest on his behalf. You aren’t helping him or yourself by trying to play this at a level beyond your skill set. But, by all means, ignore this good advice and continue to think yourself a convincing operative and thus remain an aid and comfort to McLeay’s opponents.

  89. Who is This McLeay Guy says:

    Dear “Anonymous” 125,

    I am at a loss. Your long negative attack on my comments makes you sound like another campaign worker trying to use this blog for gain. I don’t have anything negative to say about other candidates, and as much as you want to believe otherwise, I have no connection to the campaign. Your statements make it sound like the only people who would ever say something kind or nice about a candidate would be the people who work for them. Do you ever wonder why the average, generally non-political person like myself doesn’t get super involved in politics or campaigns? It is this kind of aggressive behavior that comes out if anyone says something of value or doesn’t join the bashing party. I feel for the candidates, all of them.

    Yes, I like McLeay, don’t know him well, but like what I have heard and seen so far and just wanted to share. That is nothing against the other candidates. So, I truly apologize to all on here if my words are not politically sharp or cutting enough. I also genuinely apologize if you feel I am not politically savvy enough to participate. Maybe you are right, I don’t know. I simply wrote what I was feeling. I thought being part of the conversation would be a good experience.

    If it helps, please know you have done what you set out to. You made me feel awkward about participating in forums like this and given me hesitation to take part in anything like this again. Did you ever stop long enough to think that maybe I am just someone who is just getting the courage to start getting involved in this kind of thing? I know all the candidates but not because of political connections, I am just active in the community.

    It is obviously much more rough behind the scenes than us average “folksy” people will ever understand. I won’t be back because I am not sure what the point would be. If I slam everyone out there I guess I would fit in, but then I wouldn’t like myself much because that just isn’t who I am. Sorry if that sounds too sugary for you, it’s just who I am.

    Best wishes to all those involved in campaigns, (even you “Anonymous”), it can’t be easy as is evident here.

  90. Anonymous is an Idiot says:

    Hey “McLeay Guy 124”, don’t let this “anonymous” moron push you out of having a voice. Read the previous posts by “anonymous”, they attack pretty much everyone on here. He/She obviously is out of work and has nothing better to do with their time. Probably some poor sap that bought into the lie that Obama was going to buy everyone houses and computers and is just bitter. Yeah how’s that working out for ya “Anonymous’?

    We need “folksy” people to get involved and get things back on track. Some of us are jaded, and it sucks, but don’t let that get you down.

  91. Anonymous says:

    128. You oaf, “Anonymous” isn’t one person. It is the default for everyone who does not post a name. You don’t post a name either. You just shift pseudonyms and call others “idiot” while you act like everyone anonymous is one person, proving you are foolish plus mean spirited, a deadly combination of nasty and stupid with a folksy façade that when presented on behalf of McLeay loses him votes.

    Keep this up and McLeay will hire you full time just to put you in a back room where you cannot do more damage to his campaign.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, a lot of us do use anonymous. The only tell for certain anonymous posts being the same person are the repeated use of words like “turd” and “liar”. Those do seem to connect….so can we now just move on?

  93. Anonymous says:

    That’s the trouble with campaigns these days. It’s left to kids minding the store for those who wish to be thought of and elected as leaders. How many times in the past has some candidate had to play clean up to some intern or whatever who has little class, less sense and leaves a mess? Where’s the manager to train the kids so they know how to play with respect for those they represent? What’s the word I’m looking for….ah yes…..professional and adul instead of tweets and twits.

  94. Macdaddy says:

    Yay! The Republicans are here to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Obamacare is unworkable and all the GOP had to do is let it collapse under its own weight. But, no, they insist on sharing in the blame for inflicting pain on the American people. They can’t even let Obama take the credit for that. Sigh. The Stupid Party, indeed.

  95. Anonymous says:

    How did a law molded by the U.S. Congress become known as “Obamacare?” Shouldn’t it have been named something like “Congresscare” instead?

  96. Congresscare? says:

    Except that Congress doesn’t care—they don’t have to come under Obamacare like the rest of us American fools. So what the hell do they care?

    Answer: They don’t. And America takes one more step toward Obama’s goal of socialism, and no one seems to give a rat’s ass.

  97. ITK says:

    Jane is an idiot — you study each member of the committee and know at least their background so you don’t make a complete a$$ of yourself. Oh wait, she is used to making herself look stupid…..this was typical Jane Klubb at her finest. DOH! She had no idea when she made that comment what his response was going to be and the look on her face was priceless.

    He was born and raised on the cotton and tobacco farms of east-central North Carolina. His family had an old farming style, using mules until he was 13. He also represents the most rural part of the state, Southeast Ohio which is also the poorest part of the state and home to many farms and the area which is known for the Rome Beauty apple (Rome Township, Ohio).

    Jane just showed her incompetence and ignorance.

  98. Anonymous says:

    ITK: Amen. The reason so many Nebraskans are fed up with Jane is because she is a poser, wanna-be but because she is well-funded by Holland, et al, she has the bucks to get noticed in the willing media. This aggravates the situation because otherwise she would just be a pesky mosquito but once the media gives her credence she can throw her weight around. If she was really the operator that she thinks she is she would have researched the backgrounds of the committee members. What a moron. Then she has the audacity to make it all about herself once again by demanding an apology from Lee Terry for her treatment by the committee members. She brought it on herself for being an insufferable, immature brat.

  99. Cannot vote for Q says:

    BMQ=equals Herbster selection.
    That what you want? Listen folks, they will try and put out a good solid Nebraska yes and no and this and that story and all about ag and god family business over the next little time of what they think their money is for, dah dah dah. Search Herbster Conklin BACKDOOR employee response to see how he really is. Rest assured all that resides out front is NOT true Do not follow Darth Herbster. Good name for him now on, the dark side. Charlie, I’m your father. Or, your father in law? Yep you did not treat my daughter right. Ask him people, ask him. Get it right. Yep that’s it!

  100. @140 says:

    well you sound pissed and that’s ok but did you mean herbster conklin glassdoor i think so, just a search expert; i guess the rest of your burst was talk to his family, by now it appears that a number of us get it about him, or are starting to get it – he cannot get it up so he tries via another candidate

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