Sasse posts huge Q for #NESEN

Ben Sasse 04As reported by, Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse has posted HUGE quarterly fundraising numbers for his Nebraska Senate campaign.

In his first race for public office, Ben Sasse has raised nearly $750,000 in just eight weeks of the first quarter of his nascent candidacy, according to records being filed with the Federal Election Commission

Sasse’s cash haul of nearly $750,000 from individual donors in his first quarter breaks Nebraska’s previous record of $526,000 from individual donors, set in 2007 by Johanns while he was sitting U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

The article goes on to state…

Shane Osborn, former state treasurer who has been running for the senate seat for six months, raised just $234,000 in his first quarter, according to FEC records.

Now we’re still getting our meaty-little paws on said reports, and requesting from all of the other candidates as well.
And FWIW, we’ve heard Sid Dinsdale will be posting solid numbers — but we’re not sure in comparison to whom.

In any case, we are going to make a wild guess that Sasse is impressing many donors, who may or may not be Nebraskans. And to that you can say — and other campaigns surely will — well that’s not Nebraska support. Which may be true. Except that is mainly because most Nebraskans have never heard of Sasse. If he can now buy himself some media to make that introduction, that will go a long way pumping that name ID.

We will update this as we get more info.


If you follow us on the Twitter, you saw last week where we mentioned some remarks from Governor Dave Heineman at a recent Douglas County GOP Central Committee meeting.

According to those present, the Gov said,

“We must elect a Nebraska Governor who is pro-death penalty.”

And then he said,

“We must elect a Nebraska Governor who is against giving benefits to illegal immigrants.”


We had mentioned in a recent post that the Governor made similar comments at a McCool Junnction GOP function ©.
Some commenters pooh-poohed our suggestion that those remarks — saying that the Gov’s remarks that  “we must defend against those who want to strike down Nebraska’s death penalty law” — were directed at any one GOP Nebraska Governor candidate.

Well, let us be more clear:
Governor Dave Heineman, with these remarks, is calling out State Auditor, and GOP Governor candidate, Mike Foley.
There is no other way to put it.

Now you can feel free to defend or knock Foley based on his stance on these or other positions, but let all politicos take note:
Governor Dave is taking a cut at Mike Foley. And he is swinging hard.
And he is making it clear.

Campaign engaged.

(Apologies for those who saw us write “Flood” where “Foley was meant. We had originally typed “Mike Farrell”, the guy from M*A*S*H. Too many Mike F’s…)


And since we were noting the Douglas County Republican Party, let’s just note one more time how the DCRP Chairman is outta-freaking-line with his latest antics.

DCRP Chair Bryan Baumgart went to The Facebook to say Senator Mike Johanns has,

“…brought more harm to Nebraskans than any other single Nebraskan, save for Ben Nelson.”

And what did Johanns do to bring on the wrath of the self-promoting Baumgart? He didn’t toe Senator Ted Cruz’s line to shut down the government.

Gee, then it’s practically like Johanns WROTE ObamaCare, yeah?

Look, we like, generally, what Ted Cruz has done lately. He almost single-handedly brought about more focus on ObamaCare than anyone has in a while. Of course you could also say that he has brought more focus on Ted Cruz, but whatever.

But we will be honest in that we don’t see what the plan is.
Shut down the government and then…what? The Senate will defund ObamaCare and the President will sign that?
Is there a belief that this will ever happen?
Hey, we would be pleased as punch if it DID happen, but does anyone really see that occurring?

And is there an alternative out there right now, politically? Does the GOP have something to say, “ObamaCare sucks! So do THIS!
If there is, we are not immediately familiar with it.

But really, those are all side-points to what we noted above.

Because here, we have the Chairman of the county party going around suggesting rebukes of their GOP Senator for not agreeing with them on STRATEGY.
That’s what this is about.
(Channeling Allen Iverson…)
We ain’t talkin’ ’bout policy.
We talkin’ ’bout STRATEGY.

And so now, if you don’t agree with Ted Cruz’s strategy, you’re Neville Chamberlain.
You want to wait and invade Normandy in June 1944 rather than right NOW, in June 1943?
They you’re PRO-NAZI!

Which rhetoric is only a few steps removed from the White House spokesperson who said the GOP are just like terrorists for wanting to get rid of ObamaCare.

Which points are all STILL away from the main point, mentioned above:
This ain’t Baumgart’s job.
The job of the GOP chair is to elect and support Republicans.
And if he can’t support them, he should keep his big mouth shut.
THAT’s the job description.
If he doesn’t like that, then we’re sure he could lobby to be chair of the RLCNE or whatever.
Or he could simply run for office himself.

Which we are sure where all of this is leading anyway…


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  1. fundraiser? says:

    Ben Sasse is Sasse’s fundraiser. He has a large national reach, has grabbed an issue and has clearly been working at this. I’m guessing most of his money is national and raised by him. Kudos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Money doesn’t buy Senate seats. Ask Senator Ricketts.

    The guy doesn’t answer his emails from would be constituents now, what’s to expect once he’s elected. To include him in the same sentence as Senator Cruz isn’t just a stretch, it’s a mega leap.

    Slick is ick.

  3. hesdeadjim says:

    Ben Sasse is a resident of Fremont, NE, father of two, President of Midland University, and candidate for U.S. Senate in the State of Nebraska.

    Gosh! Idiot!
    If you read this blog (i call it “the ‘street”) you would know that!

  4. Anony Who? says:

    Amen, Sweeper. Bryan Baumgart claims to be a Reagan Republican but has broken the 11th commandment all because he thinks that his 28 or 30 year old self knows more about political strategy that a sitting U.S. Senator, former Presidential appointee and Cabinet Member, and former Governor of our great state. I hope all others see through this personal self-promotion or intention to destroy the Republican Party in Omaha. He owes Senator and Mrs. Johanns an apology, or at should at least say these things to their faces. But, then again, he can’t handle the in-person, so resorts to social media to tear down our Republican elected officials. Shameful.

    Apologize, Bryan. Be a leader.

  5. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    That’s a big total for Sasse, though he seems to have done little except fundraise this quarter, so he needed to show some results. He’ll need to show some movement in the polls, though, or the money will dry up. Donor count and in-state versus out-of-state will be interesting. I’m also interested in hearing Sasse talk about something besides the ACA. Obviously that’s his comfort zone because of his work with HHS. Dinsdale has enough business connections that I’m sure he had low-hanging fruit. Osborn and McLeay spent a good deal of the quarter doing grassroots stuff. The truth is, however, that Osborn has such a huge advantage in name recognition that it would take any of the other three millions of dollars in media buys to get close to him.

  6. Mark F. says:

    Don’t forget about the other Mark F’s — like the ex-congressman perv from Florida who in 2006 essentially handed the House to Nancy P. and the Dems because of his inability to resist the boy pages serving in the House.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, I agree with you about Baumgart. He should consider resigning since it seems as if he is more than willing to not only pick sides but start fights as well. Hey Baumgart, did you learn nothing from the Fischer campaign about what clicks with Nebraskans? Un-f-ing believable.

    I love Ted Cruz, but I think he’s wrong about trying to defund Obamacare. I realize Obama cheated in the last election, but America did re-elect Obama and all that he stood for and now they must be made to face the consequences of their poor choices. Until people suffer from Obamacare and start marching in the streets, why should the GOP seek to take the heat off of Obama? Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The GOP fights the ACA because they know that Americans will love it once they’ve seen it actually working. They fear it. Fighting it will be the cause of the final demise of the grumpy old white man’s party.

  9. Anonymous says:

    At least Senator Cruz took a stand to point out what an insider’s game of politicians beholding to their own interests look like–the elite aristocracy. I’m sure there are lip bruises left on President Obama’s backside from where Senator McCain lips were pressed. Maybe defunding wasn’t the answer, but what Cruz did was far greater in staring down Harry Reid– the rest of the GOP needed to take notes on what steely guts look like. He was respectful, did no namecalling and belittled nobody to make his point.

    The person (#13) who compared him to Anthony Weiner had it wrong. Weiner made a spectacle of himself as being a dick by tweeting his dick a twitter, whereas Cruz gave America a glimpse of what a leader looks like when one dares to take stand to fight.

  10. Steve P. in Lincoln says:

    Anonymous above refers to the GOP as the “grumpy white man’s party” and that it’s on the verge of collapse. Idiot.

    What he/she fails to realize that when the “grumpy white man” — who pays the bulk of the nation’s bills — cashes in his chips and no longer goes along to get along, your nation is on the verge of collapse.

    Sorry, honey, but it’s true. We grumpy old white guys have to play by the rules as they’re given to us — but nothing says we have to keep playing the game.

  11. Baumgart's right says:

    All you need to know about the ObamaCare defunding vote:
    -Fischer voted with Cruz, Rubio & Paul
    -Joahnns voted with McCain, Graham and Murkowski
    That’s all I need to know!
    If party leadership is required to just nod at everyone with an R behind their name, then what’s the point? Tough times call for strong stands, and I’m glad to see Chairman Baumgart do just that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I find that you grumpy old white men actually believe you are living in an Ayn Rand novel. Atlas Shrugged is a fictional novel, get over it.

  13. Ouch says:

    Most GOP approaches I have seen boil down to “not Obamacare”. They differ in how to quash it. Yet Obama sold a need for government-involved-healthcare. He was elected and reelected on it. Americans want government-involved-healthcare. But they need something better than Obamacare which is hated by Democrat unions and GOP business owners alike.

    Don’t expect Republicans to invite Unions in for a sit down. Reagan’s big tent is closed to everyone who doesn’t agree 100% with each roughhewn plank in the platform. Being Republican today means being pushed hard by fellow Republicans and getting an ass full of splinters. You can see that locally.

    GOP leaders must have expected Obama to offer a more classic form of Socialized Medicine. Obamacare blindsided many with its Republican-like words such as “insurance” and “exchanges” and things that sound fiscally GOP-like to the average American who looks at politics as an form of entertainment. Add to this the sheer mass and complexity of it as a law and Obamacare is a ready-made smokescreen for itself. Republicans cannot get enough traction on it.

    Obamacare promises to be a great suppository. Take a deep breath. Its coming.

  14. East Coast Sass says:

    This 750K has New World Order written all over it. Everyone knows this is Harvard/Yale money. The East Coast can’t buy my vote. Take your dirty money somewhere else.

  15. Hey Sweeper, says:

    At least Baumgart attaches his real name to his social media post when he rips on someone. Too bad we can’t say the same for you. Also, since I am ignorant, please inform me of the other strategies on stopping Obamacare. You said you are having a strategy, not policy disagreement. So just what the hell is Johan’s or your strategy?

    P.S. Obamacare does suck! The alternative is called the free market, you clown.

  16. The Elephant remembers says:

    Mike Johanns won the Republican primary in 1998 with a good margin despite being in third place in fundraising. Who did Fahlsen support then?

  17. anonymous says:

    #26: Let’s see where Shane raised most of his money… I THINK that we will see a large portion coming from east coasters (mostly wall street types) on his FEC report.

    Those in glass houses….

  18. Hey Sweeper, says:

    “Grumpy white men” founded this country and conquered the world. Sure, they fought each other occasionally. However, it was white men that led man out of the dark ages and created Western Civilization as we know it. Their fatal mistake was allowing everyone else to vote. The demise of the “old white man’s party” will also be the collapse of civilization.

  19. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Here’s a thought. Why don’t we wait for the FEC reports? Then everyone can pitch all the stones they want. Anyway, it might be awhile, because I assume the FEC is a “non essential” government function that won’t operate during the shutdown due to start in 7 minutes.

  20. #27 @ 9:38 pm

    1) Interesting that you yell out, “At least he signed his name!!!!” Because that’s the whole point isn’t it? Baumgart is trading on his name — this case, the name being “Chairman, DCRP” — to voice his opinion. Except that’s not what he is supposed to be doing with that title, in that job. It’s a shame to the party and shame on him for trading on it.

    2) Strategy for getting rid of ObamaCare??? How about, “Electing a Republican in the White House and taking over the Senate”? (Oh, but that would entail registering voters and raising money for Republican candidates — and organizations like the county parties are MUCH too busy doing things like bashing Republicans to get into that morass.) Is there a quicker better strategy than that? If there is, we haven’t heard it.

    3) I’m perfectly open to having any debate on how to replace ObamaCare or what to replace it with. We’re not saying Cruz’s plan is necessarily wrong either — though I don’t see how it succeeds.
    As far as “what to replace it with”, I think “let’s just go back to the way it was!” is a loser appeal to the American people. Too many Republicans and Democrats have convinced the American people that the system needed fixing in SOME way. (Though the suggestion up above that Americans want “government-involved health care” is laughable. Though no-doubt there is a section that hears “free health care” and knows that they won’t ever really contribute.) Dr. Ben Carson has proposed a type of plan that would start with health care savings accounts at birth. I don’t know if that’s the answer or not, but I can’t remember the last time I heard a discussion on the point. In any case, I’ve never claimed to be an expert on the policy side of all that. We’re just viewing and commenting on the politics of it all. And I don’t really know what Johanns’s strategy is, (beyond electing Republicans to overturn it after the public gets a whiff of how craptastic it is). But I don’t see why Johanns has to follow JUST ANY strategy because someone declared it was a strategy. Pickett’s Charge was a strategy. But no one said they HAD to do it.

    But as long as we’re getting personal, sorry if this was verbose, had big words and complicated ideas. We understand if that’s asking too much of you.

    And thanks for reading.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    I think the Republicans should be forcing Obama to follow the freakin’ law and not illegally grant businesses a stay of execution. Obamacare will take this country down. The American people are still too stupid to see it. Now, they will see a government shutdown and know that the Republicans are behind it. Obama will get on TV with his jug ears and smug smile and tell people that the reason Obamacare is having so much trouble with signing up on-line, sky-rocketing premiums, and dropped coverage is because of the government shutdown that the Republicans begged for. And millions of people will nod their heads and go “That’s right.” The problem with Cruz is that he is in an echo chamber right now. By and large the American people are low-information voters. Cruz can’t grasp that. When Obama gets up there for the next 3 and a half years and says the big, bad Republicans are the reason our economy still stinks, people will buy it. Thank you very little, GOP.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Was going to leave a scathing comment on all of this but it falls on deaf ears, or the choir. Perhaps rearranging deck chairs is in order.

  23. Hey Sweeper, says:

    Thanks for the long response, but my point is that if Johann can’t stand with Cruz, then he should come up with a better idea. If he can’t do either, then he needs to go home.

    I guess it is a good thing he is hanging up his spurs, it looks like the North is going to take the day. Perhaps we could get all the old time party faithful like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Peter King, etc…to come together at the Appomattox Courthouse and surrender to Obama. Thanks for the long response.

    P.S. It was Baumgart that started the personal attacks, but you followed right in.

  24. Dwight Eisenhower's ghost says:

    My old party is disintegrating because they didn’t listen to me. They’ve allowed the military-industrial complex and its corporations to destroy what was once a great nation.

    Now America has been brought to its knees because we have a House of Representatives full of Republicans that would rather destroy America’s economy over an issue of ideological purity than open their eyes and see the real boogyman.

    Has anyone ever considered what it costs us to blow people up in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere around the Middle East? Consider the cost of the bomb, the JDAMS targeting system, the aircraft used to deliver it, the airbase or carrier needed to support the aircraft, the fuel, payroll, and every other expense it takes to maintain the world’s largest police force. Consider how infinitesimally small the threat some rag-headed goat herder actually is to our nation, and whether he merited such an expensive demise. Then tell me why you bitch about the few dollars “Obamacare” is going to cost you to keep an American child healthy.

    Get your priorities straight.

  25. RE: The Elephant Remembers

    I had friends running and/or in all 3 R camps in the 1998 gubernatorial race and was not involved in any of them.

    If you want to take shots at me, fine, but can you at least spell my name correctly?

  26. Ricky says:

    Nobody pays any attention to Dave Heineman anymore. Just ask the tax commission running around Nebraska ignoring the Gov’s advice on tax policy.
    The GOP House now has a ten percent approval rating, but Lee Terry gets elected over and over.
    What does that tell you about the voters in Ne dist 2? That they are stupid? Maybe they are over across Harrison street to the South.
    Bring on Warren’s grandson whomever you are to represent Omaha in the House!


  27. Drew says:

    You are really paying no attention to what has happened in the US Senate. Johanns voting record has become substantially more liberal over the last two years. Sen Reid has been more intransigent since Republican won the House. Conservatives are tired of the GOP establishment who keep putting up weak Republicans up for political office who fail to stand up to Democrats. The McCain/Romney strategy (filled with the likes of Dick Morris and Karl Rove) is a strategy that capitulates to Democrats and merely puts Democrats in power.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    Drew, I never thought Johanns was all that conservative to begin with, but we are arguing over tactics, not ideology. Back-biting from party officials is uncalled for. He’s no Ben Nelson. Surely Baumgart can see that.

  29. Maybe Not, But says:

    Maybe Johanns isn’t Ben Nelson, but his legacy when he leaves the Senate will be the same as Nelson’s. I just have to shake my head when I think of my votes and money that went to support Johanns. What a fool I was. At least I never voted or sent money to Nelson.

  30. Tonic & Tonic says:

    The legacy Johanns leaves is enshrined at NEGOPHQ and all of the other incredible thing he has done for the party. Your contributions will not amount to a Johanns fart for the party.

    Just stop. Every time people like you say/type stupid things like that about Senator Johanns and his legacy, the rest of us get dumber.

  31. NEGOP, what a legacy says:

    I really don’t think Johanns would be all too honored to have the Mike and Stephanie Johanns Center named after him. I mean, look at the office- no staff and the ED has absolutely zero political experience.–Doesn’t really scream VICTORY!

  32. Ricky says:

    Also I read that the Mayor appointed David Kramer and Brinker Hardline to some commission. How come the same people always get appointed to stuff?
    How about me I am retired sitting around not doing anything I could be on that commission. My councilman Thompson unluckily for me will probably appoint some other Repub.
    I’m serious why do people like Jim Vokal and Kramer and Dinker get propped up all the time? They don’t have any new ideas. (I am available if any big shots read Leavenworth Street. I think Mean Jean reads this, or at least she used to maybe now she is too busy. )
    And didn’t Kramer leak stuff from OPS to Sentator Loserback and the OWH about the OPS board?
    He shouldn’t get rewarded for that. Is it because he is active in the Repub party?
    So what it’s not a partisan position. Nothing will happen good with the old retreads coming back.
    Also if anybody knows how to get appointed to the MECA board let me know I would be good at that too.


  33. BB is Bad News. says:

    If you don’t know what’s going on in Douglas County, check out the “Douglas County Republican Party” group page on Facebook. Here you can see Bryan and his ineffective cronies call out Sen. Johanns – #NoBetterThanBen is what they say. Yet, if you read through the comments, you notice a pattern – they know nor care about process, procedure and reality – something that’s fairly important in government. Do go into detail – what happened with the votes? How many votes were there? What were the votes on, or for or against> I have not read ONE comment that actually explains the votes accurately. Why? Because BB and Circus does’t know – they’re playing off people’s emotions, trying to get them fired up and on their Circus Bandwagon.

    You see, this is politics. And it all comes down to power. For certain groups of people, it’s really not about principle. Or what’s best. It’s about power. And when people who know what they’re doing/talking about won’t follow you, you find people who don’t know, and manipulate their emotions avoid reason and logic, and make them feel special. BB & Circus – case in point.

    I wonder how Sen. Fischer and the other Republicans in our delegation feel about BB & Circus’ comments.

  34. Screaming at Johanns says:

    Joe Morton at the OWH quotes Johanns as saying that constituents were “screaming at him” for his wussy RINO vote. He had the option of listening to his constituents, but instead, chose to ignore them! What an insult to his Nebraska constituents! Thus his legacy.

  35. Interested Observer says:

    I just love the 27th “Marie Antoinette” Amendment that keeps Congress getting paid even during this shutdown.

    It seems that the Congressmen are all saying to the American public, “Let them eat cake”.

  36. Interested Observer says:

    Well, let’s see, I specifically mentioned Marie Antoinette and the “Let them eat cake” quote. I specifically mentioned that Congress is going to get paid during the shutdown.

    My analysis of my comments is that it is, at the very least, ironic that Congress gets paid during the shutdown while so many hundreds of thousands of other Federal employees are furloughed. Phrased another way, Congress gets paid while not doing their job, while most other Federal employees do NOT get paid while not doing their jobs.

    I was specifically referencing and condemning the inappropriate, aloof arrogance of Congress.

    To respectfully answer your question, yes, I do think the constitution should be followed. I also think that Congress should actually just do their job in the first place and I think that the shutdown option was a fatally flawed idea from the start.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and wonder if Boehner might be temporarily allowing the extreme right part of the House to have their way in all of this, rather than creating a bi-partisan resolution with the majority of the more moderate Republicans and many of the Democrats, as he’s done a few times already this year, specifically to give the most radical of the Republican right the enormous opportunity and all the publicity they could ever want, to alienate themselves from the vast majority of the American voters. He gave them what they wished for. Why? Did he do this just to protect and prolong his position or did he do this to allow the extremists to damage themselves? Is Boehner simply self-serving or is he actually as dumb as a fox? I don’t know and I guess we’ll see how this all plays out over the next several days.

    Ultimately, something has to give, so the question for me is, who will end up being the winners and and the losers?

  37. To: IO says:

    I think I liked it better when you wrote about ranching, Sandhills, and fences.

    My analysis of my own comment will follow as soon as I think about my own comment. Stay tuned.

  38. Macdaddy says:

    Connecticut (Obama by +18) enrolled 373 people in Obamacare today according to one of its Congressmen. With 373,000 uninsured, up from 344,000 uninsured last year, in just under 3 years from now, Connecticut will have signed up everyone who is uninsured in Connecticut today. In Louisiana, nobody signed on. At this rate, our sun will turn into a red giant before everybody in Louisiana is covered.

  39. Otra pregunta por favor says:

    You can always get your cousin/wife/mother to have her sister/aunt/sister-in-law to translate it. Rumor has it she passed the fourth grade!

  40. Anonymous says:

    This manufactured crisis will splatter all in congress and the President. However with that said the D’s will be slaughtered next year! (And they know it) the poster comment is Reid’s “…..why would we….” To a CNN reporter when asked about helping a child with cancer……finally an honest Liberal!

  41. Otra Pregunta says:

    Gracias. Here is another question.

    How much money did the taxpayers of Nebraska have to fork over to fund the first year of LB599?

    Answer: $5,815,699.58 was spent providing free health care to 1,966 illegals.

  42. TexasAnnie says:

    And here is another question:

    How much money did the taxpayers of Nebraska have to fork over to fund “job creation” over the next twenty-five years?

    Answer: Amounts in excess of $40K – $200K “per job!”

    Even the Pope thinks you should be providing free heath care to illegals (that are giving birth to American children). And unless things have changed radically in Nebraska since I lived there —NOT— y’all take your marching orders from the Catholic church. So maybe you should change your grip, Otra Prejunta.

  43. To: TexasAnnie says:

    But, But, But Annie, the new pope (notice that I don’t capitalize pope) also said recently that you don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven. So, given that, what in the hell can he know about providing free health care.

    And of course free health care for illegals or anyone else is not free. Someone has to pay for it, and it is the hard-working taxpaying legal citizens of Nebraska and all other states. And Texas.

  44. Moreover, we don’t know how many people signed up on the Federal exchange, because they won’t release the information.

    I suspect the number may be zero. After trying for 2 days, I managed to get an account. I’ve not yet managed to log in with that account.

  45. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course, “To:”
    But do you really dare to denigrate the POPE? I hear he has supernatural powers.

    And Yep! We all have to pay for it. And some of us have to pay an unjust proportion.

    If we could just agree, just one election cycle, to work for tax equity (flat income tax rate= no exceptions/no excuses –or– no income tax), we could undermine the Wall St. power structure that keeps Obama and leading Republicans in place. Tell me something. Would you object to socialized health care & health insurance so stridently IF the tax structure was fair? If you would, tell me this: will you act to eradicate public health expenditures currently in place, since lacking universality they are inherently unfair?

    It’s the equity issue that matters to me. An issue that is black and white; It’s all or none with me.

    The Affordable Care Act is a settled issue. Shuttering the federal government, and with an apparent looming credit default, is such an unchartered water that I can’t imagine what next to expect of our “representatives” in Washington. But no matter what the Congress does or doesn’t do, I’m pretty sure the POPE’s influence in Nebraska does not wane.

  46. TexasAnnie says:

    My friend tried today and she got through.
    Like Nebraska, we have no state exchange here in Texas.
    So the federal website must work.

  47. Lil Mac says:

    Welcome to the 18th Government Shutdown. The 17 previous shutdowns happened during the terms of four GOP and two Democrat presidencies for a total of 111 days of shut down of non-essential federal services.

    Of those 111 days, government was shutdown 28 days for GOP presidents and 83 days for Democratic presidents. But before we assume it was thrifty Republican Congressmen holding wasteful Democratic presidents hostage, you should know that of those same 111 total days, 85 days were shut down by a Democrat controlled House of Representatives. And of those 85 days that Democratic Houses shut down government, only 28 days were against GOP Presidents but a whopping 57 days were against their own Democratic President.

    Think its about partisanship? Over half of all government shutdowns occurred during Carter’s Democratic administration while he had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. Each in turn seemed to relish shutting down government to punish the other or make a point. That arguably makes the usual bipartisan squabbling seem efficient by comparison. Go figure.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac, you’re equating apples with oranges. If you actually look at the details, most were under a day and often over the weekend. In one case Democrats pushed a shutdown because Republicans were ADDING to a simple CR to continue govt operations. Quite the opposite today when the crazy Rs want to decapitate Obama’s signature legislation among other things when they are simply asked to pay for items they’ve previously voted for.

    And by the way, this could end immediately if Boehner would just allow a vote. Most Dems and enough Rs would pass the debt limit increase bill to end the shutdown. Republicans are truly the crazy, spineless, hate America party!

  49. Macdaddy says:

    Boehner has had several votes to fund all of the government except for Obamacare which isn’t really working anyway, and several alternative bills to fund things like veterans’ benefits and life-saving treatments for really sick kids. Harry Reid refuses to allow the Senate to vote on them. Obama has threatened to veto them. Why do Obama and the Democrats hate sick kids? Why do they hate veterans, even going so far as to try to lock them out of a park? I didn’t support what Cruz was trying to do, but Obama and Reid are being especially mean and spiteful to the American people. Maybe Barry needs a visit from his own Monica. Reid is beyond help.

  50. Su Respuesta says:

    LB599 was inexpensive vs. the alternative of later paying the health care bill for 1,966 American citizens who received no care in utero.

    And the “crazy R’s” are not simply being asked to pay for what they already voted to approve… not 1 single R voted to approve Obamacare!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Su, Congress as a body voted for Obamacare. It was legally passed and declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. If Boehner would allow a vote, the majority would end the shutdown. But he’s allowing the minority to thwart the majority’s will. Not paying one’s obligations makes one a deadbeat which these Congressional Repubs are.

    Macdaddy, you must have flunked Civics 101. What a way to run a government! Let’s let the minority pick and choose what bills will be paid.

  52. To:Su Respuesta says:

    How many other types of law breakers do we reward with freedom and free health care? Illegal is illegal! How much longer can law-abiding, hard-working, taxpaying, legal citizens of Nebraska continue to coddle and make life easy for illegals who broke the law to enter our country?

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Hey idiot at 5:52, Congress picks and chooses what to fund and not fund all the time. Why, one might even say that it’s their Constitutional duty to do so given that the US Constitution says that’s their job.

  54. Macdaddy says:

    Su Repuesta, there is no literature that says that prenatal care saves money unless that care costs less than $500/patient. At $2900/patient, LB599 is nothing more than rewarding people who are already breaking the law as well as doctors and hospitals. It’s just a big government trope unsupported by facts.

  55. Jesus says:

    I am through with all of you! The get out of jail free card I gave you for just believing in Me is no longer valid. You act like jerks toward your fellow man and from now on I will crush you like a bug and send your worthless soul directly to Satan.

    Have a nice day.

  56. Anonymous says:

    MD, back to Civics 101. Congress voted for and funded these programs (i.e. National Parks, Air Traffic controllers). A minority does not have the right to stop the funding by threats (it’s like the loser who takes his ball and goes home). No better than hostage taking. If one doesn’t like the law, get it changed. So I’ll throw the IDIOT charge back to you. And add unfeeling S..B.

  57. Anonymous says:

    And to echo “Jesus”, I’m sure you are all good Christians (GH excluded) who go to church every Sunday so you can get to heaven. Somehow you think you can compartmentalize your faith so acting non-Christian outside church doors is completely acceptable.

  58. Ricky says:

    Where has Lee Terry been lately anyway? Haven’t heard much from my representative about the government shutdown. Is he still sticking to that “Harry Reid and Mr Obama won’t negotiate” garbage?
    That will never happen it would be a very bad precedent. When will Mr Terry and the Tea Party give up their hatred for Mr Obama?
    Obamacare is the law of the land and I am looking forward to Mr Terry and Deb Fischer getting egg on their faces when the GOP backs down.
    The Republicans are looking like fools and need a way out.

  59. There are no threats. The House, which originates money bills, has decided to attach some conditions on this one, as is their right, and as was forseen by the founders.

    Stop whining, Dems, and try to negotiate.

  60. Macdaddy says:

    And the Republicans have a majority in the House. I’m honored that Harry Reid posts on this blog. Maybe he’ll learn something about the Constitution.

  61. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, the party I support voted to fund life-saving care for children who are desperate to live. Harry Reid won’t even consider the bill and Obama has threatened to veto it. In the hostage-taking scenario, that’s like the cops shooting anybody who comes out of the bank, regardless if they are a teller or a robber. I’m pretty sure that’s something that Jesus wouldn’t do. Look, Obamacare is not ready for primetime. The Republicans tried to do Obama a favor and he wouldn’t go for it. Everybody knows that the Democrats are cheering for the shutdown to go on forever, so feel free to hang the heartless label on yourself. Obama had no problem illegally delaying Obamacare for his business buddies. Why won’t he do that for regular people? That’s why we are in this mess: Obama doesn’t give a crap about you.

  62. Bob Loblaw says:

    This is going to blow up right in Republicans faces. They look ridiculous. I saw a Republican member of congress on TV today telling a park ranger that “she should be ashamed of herself” for shutting down the WW2 memorial. Hey jackass shes is having to go to work without getting paid right now. Shes a low paid government employee doing what her bosses tell her to do. Do you think she made the decision whether or not to open the memorial?

    What about the prison guard at federal prison? Or FBI agents? Or customs? Or border patrol? These people all have bills to pay and are forced into coming into work (so no chance getting a side job for a few weeks to try and make some cash to pay the bills) but won’t be getting paid. So for this jackass congressman to yell at her so he could look good on TV was the last straw for me.

    I hate Obamacare & despise leftist ideas more than anyone but this tactic to try to defund it is completely wrong!! Let it be implemented now and the public will realize what a job killing economic tragedy it is. Then we can take back the senate & White House and solve the issues with healthcare. Right now we look like crybabies not getting what we want.

  63. Macdaddy says:

    And lastly, Jesus of 7:12 pm, your ignorance of the book you wrote and said was your word is shocking. So not funding Obamacare is the unforgivable sin now? See, I had a different take on the Book of Revelation. You seem kind of wishy-washy. Maybe I’ll just wait and you’ll change your mind again.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Checked around on some of the candidates’ websites and FB pages. Tom Carlson was asked, “do you belive in nullacation(sic)?” He replied, “I support the concept because, if I understand correctly, it strengthens the states position to govern themselves.”
    Never mind that nullification by the states has been deemed unconstitutional by the courts any number of times, so no Tom, you don’t understand correctly. Those that know him say he isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.
    This explains why Carlson wanted another four years tacked onto a state legislative term, eight years wasn’t enough to learn how to do the job. If he gets elected, how many years would it take for him to learn how to be a Governor?

  65. Macdaddy says:

    You didn’t write the Bible? Well, then, Hey-Zeus, I guess your threats of squashing me like a bug are as empty as your head.

  66. Lil Mac says:

    #80, I presented facts about government shutdowns. You responded, “If you actually look at the details most were under a day.” Okay, lets look at the details.

    During Carter’s term, and with a Democratic Congress, government was shut down 12 days, then 8 days, then 8 more days, then 18 days and finally 11 days. Moreover, of the entire 17 previous times that government has been shut down, only 4 times was it shut down for as little as one day, and all four happened to occur under Reagan. The rest of the government shut downs, 13 of them, were between 2 and 21 days long.

    You began your argument with a lazy lie that any child with access to the internet can easily disprove.

    Doesn’t that embarrass you? Moreover, what are you going to do about that? Because if pulling stuff out thin air is your usual source of information, your ability to persuade is going to remain as bad as your facts. Why else would you be here pushing for your Party if not to persuade us that your Party is better and wiser? You may actually have a valid point but no one will care what it is if you cloak it in a bunch of invented rubbish.

  67. MoveAside says:

    Americans voted for Obama-care when they reelected Obama. Dad is right, Republicans need to get out of the way and let Obama-care punish American voters. Its the only way they learn.

    Every time Obama takes a crap on voters, some Republican is there to catch the turd.

    Voters then turn around and go “Yuck, that Republican is holding a turd!”

  68. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac, you’re still comparing apples to oranges. The Washington Post did a good recap of past shutdowns. I’m not going to count the “shutdowns” before 1980 because they didn’t actually shutdown the government (as WaPo reports). Nothing changed unlike today. The only shutdown of any relevance after then was the 21 days one (longest one since 1980) during Clinton’s term. I’ve been around long enough to remember the impacts of all previous shutdowns, and only the Clinton one counts for anything. So who’s embarrassed now.

    The biggest problem I have with the Repubs is that they’ve thrown out our common mores on how government is run (i.e. everything filibustered; holding everyone hostage until demands are met; lack of civility). Sure, one can dig out instances of Dems “acting bad”, but these are far outnumbered on the R side.

  69. Lil Mac says:

    105/80, shutdowns in the past did not exempt more government functions than are exempted today during this shut down, which are all about non-critical functions and thus more like a brown out. In any case, the GOP House exempted itself from impacts like Obama exempted himself from Obamacare. None of this is particularly sensible or nice or even partisan, any more than you showing up here to call your fellow Americans “crazy, spineless, hate” filled. There are Republicans who spout the same at Democrats. None of you sound reasonable.

    I have relatives who are liberal Democratic officials and others who are conservative GOP officials. And some on both sides earned medals for valor. I don’t call any of them insane or spineless or hateful. But you do. That seems to be your aim. You don’t research much, and of course reading the WP is more like entertainment than research. You show up to stab people who disagree with you. Representative Democracy is about disagreeing in words and working it out. You sound like something vicious and there are too many like you.

    Don’t blame the way you act on partisanship. We are here to disagree civilly. And that’s my point about Carter and his all-Democrat Congress. They were partisan within partisanship. There isn’t a godlike smarter party, just people working out disagreements on policy. And they all may be wrong. The really scary ones know they are right. Knowing for sure that one is right has spawned much misery on this earth.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, you falsely claimed that Baumgart posts as DCRP Chairman. This is not accurate information. He posts on the DCRP page on social media just like everyone else does. Every post I have seen comes from “Bryan Baumgart” alone. I have noticed you have a bad habit of picking and choosing specific phrases from posts in an attempt to make a point that fits your agenda. This is another good example. I went back and looked at the Baumgart’s statement you posted above. It was clearly in response to another poster talking about the good Johanns has done for the party in the past. Baumgart went on to credit Johanns for the positive things he has done for the party, but also stated that the negative should not just be ignored. He pointed out that Nelson helped pass the ACA and Johanns helped make sure it would be implemented and forced on to Nebraskans. This is where the idea that Johanns has caused more harm to Nebraskans than anyone else other than Nelson. If the ACA is as harmful as predicted, then he may just be right. I can’t think of any other action that has been taken by a Nebraskan that will have a more harmful impact on fellow Nebraskans than the ACA will.

  71. Anonymous2 says:

    Fine, LilMac. I’ll take your expertise over the Washington Post’s.

    First, you’re overgeneralizing my statements. I’m not categorizing every R as “crazy, spineless, hate filled”. Just the ones in Congress and those who blindly support them. I’m just sick and tired of your party driving this country into a hole. Started with Bush and his insane war followed by the financial crash. I’m not saying that Democrats were blameless, but the R’s led us into these messes.

  72. Anon says:

    LS. You’re a “political insider” and the best you can do on an alternate strategy to defeat Obamacare is to “hope Obamacare fails”, “hope the Democrats are blamed rather than the Republicans”, “hope a Republican is elected to POTUS”, “hope for an unrealistic number of Republicans to be elected to the US Senate”, “hope Republicans retain their seats in the House”, “hope that after three and half years of implementation somehow the law can be repealed and its effects reversed”? REALLY? This from the guy who titled an entire post on Obamacare: “Hope Is Not A Strategy”? You can’t be serious. Baumgart is right on. If Obamacare is allowed to be implemented, there will be no stopping it. You don’t have to be a political expert to comprehend that fact. Obviously.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Who is dividing the party? I just read Senator Johann’s statements about his fellow Republicans on Watchdog. He slams his colleagues and accuses them of holding a position they never held. Either he is attempting to save face by being purposefully misleading and throwing Senator Fischer and our three House Reps under the bus, or he hasn’t been listening. Or possibly it’s all just over his head. I read Baumgart’s post on the issue and he is right. No Republican supported a strategy of shutting down the government to defund the ACA. As Baumgart points out, the Republican strategy was just the opposite. They wanted to fund the government so it wouldn’t shut down while refusing to grant additional funds necessary to implement the ACA. The Democrats are out lying through their teeth and suggesting to the media that Republicans wanted to shut down the government to stop the ACA. Why is Senator Johanns echoing these misleading Democrat talking points in the media, particularly at such a critical time when his party needs to get the truth out. It’s come down to a battle of messages and Senator Johanns is out helping the Democrats. Kudos to Chairman Baumgart for standing up for Senator Fischer and Congressmen Terry, Smith and Fortenberry while Johanns is out there publicly ridiculing them and attaching false accusations to them. Kudos also to Chairman Baumgart for defending the wishes of the party members he represents. The strategy was supported and passed by the NEGOP and Johanns ignored their wishes.

  74. Re: 110 says:

    Obamacare was made ‘operational’ on Oct 1st. It’s been implemented. The exchanges aren’t running very well, but they’re effectively up. So you’re telling me all is lost and there will be no stopping Obamacare now?

    In reality, this is wrong and you’ve been fooled.

    The fight to help Americans isn’t over and we need to get to work on what can be done to save them from the effects of this law. It’s too bad that Baumgart is using the current disaster to stage a RLC takeover attempt of local politics. So yes, Bryan Baumgart is being called out. He’s been trying to fool others in this power grab.

  75. Really says:

    So Terry, Fischer,Fortrnberry are still keeping there pay checks coming when other federal employees are still working and not getting paid. Terry says he has a nice house and a kid in college he can give up his pay. They will make federal employee suffer with no pay so that they can play games. That is true leadership caring only for yourself and some party gimmicks

  76. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous October 4, 2013 at 2:47 PM, did the “defund Obamacare” plan ever actually have an honest chance of ever succeeding? Did Cruz and his bunch ever actually think that the Democrat Senate and the Democrat President would approve that plan?

    Senator Johanns is entirely correct in knowing that the plan was a bad idea, promoted by a small minority of mostly inexperienced newcomers to Congress, in the first place.

    Even if Cruz, et al, did not want the Government shutdown, it happened anyway, because they foolishly painted themselves into a corner. Their plan apparently does not have a “Plan B” escape option in it. So, since their defund plan is now proven to be fatally flawed, just how credible is their insight, their judgement and overall planning ability?

  77. Hmmmm says:

    Looks like in the end, Baumgart was right once again. LS has ridiculed the strategy for months claiming that it would be harmful to Republican’s chances to pick up seats in 2014. Looks like once again you eat crow. The Dems obviously needed the additional funding for successful implementation or they wouldn’t have so fervently opposed any funding bill that didn’t grant them the additional funds for implementation. In the end…they don’t have that additional funding. The Republicans are now in the driver’s seat. House Democrats are defecting left and right and joining Republicans in approving funding for popular/essential parts of government. Senate Democrats are being forced to go on record and vote against funding for our veterans, national guard and reserves, national parks and museums, research for lifesaving cures, etc. The media will only be able to hide the fact that the Republicans (with bipartisan support) have now attempted to fund all of these areas, but Senate Democrats keep voting against funding for these popular/essential government services. The Republicans are attempting to compromise and negotiate. How long will the media be able to help the Dems hide the fact that it is they who are refusing to compromise or negotiate. It is they who defunded our vets, guards, reserves, etc. If this isn’t a winning argument for the GOP in 2014, I don’t know what is. Each day the shutdown goes on, more and more truth comes out, more and more harmful votes are forced out of Senate Dems, and the heat keeps getting hotter and hotter for Reid and Obama to give in. If Republicans hold the line, eventually they should get a 1 year delay of Obamacare at the very least. The point is, you said it couldn’t be done but it is. Baumgart was right on refusing the Obamacare Exchanges here in Nebraska. You openly mocked him them, yet in the end Governor Heineman agreed with him and refused the exchanges helping to set up this opportunity which wouldn’t exist had we just gave in as you suggested. Fast forward a bit more. You claimed that the House would NEVER support such a strategy, but they have. And they have done so brilliantly. Baumgart was right that this strategy would not only work but would benefit Republicans heading into 2014. So far, he appears to be correct once again. Additional funding was denied and it is the Democrats on the hot seat. If you had your way, we would have just given in and we wouldn’t be in the position we are today, nor would we be in such a positive position heading into 2014. We all know your contempt for Baumgart and now we can see why. He has proven you wrong over and over again. While we won’t hold our breath for an apology from you, the next best thing is watching you squirm and try so desperately to twist the focus onto something that better fits your agenda. You supported throwing up the white flag and implementing the Obamacare Exchanges and now you support throwing up the white flag and granting the additional funding to implement Obamacare. In the end…it is YOUR Republican credentials that should be in question…not Baumgarts.

  78. To: 115 says:

    Put the glass down and step away from the computer! Go have dinner with your family, then come back after dinner without the drink.

  79. Anonymous says:

    115 must be one of the “geniuses” that concocted this plan that the bat-shit crazy GOP has put in motion. No one in their right minds believes a bit of what the dingbat writes, but he’s welcome to sell his tin foil hat ideas to Fox News. They eat that crap for breakfast.

  80. Anonymous says:

    When you compare any American who is voicing his political opinion to a Nazi Hitler who murdered millions, you drop into the sewer below the gutter. Even if Bumgarder and Hmmmjob are pricks, that doesn’t justify the comparison to genocidal killers.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Johanns, Kathy Campbell, and Sweeper versus Heineman, Fischer, Terry, Smith, Fortenberry, and Baumgart? That’s easy. Face it Sweeps, you’ve been on the wrong side far too often.

  82. Gary and Ace says:

    Trust us, Sweeper plays for the right team….That Baumgart however has caught our eye. We wonder what he is overcompensating for. Let it out Bryan.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Blah Blah Blah sez: [I]” I saw a Republican member of congress on TV today telling a park ranger that “she should be ashamed of herself” for shutting down the WW2 memorial. Hey jackass shes is having to go to work without getting paid right now. Shes a low paid government employee doing what her bosses tell her to do. Do you think she made the decision whether or not to open the memorial?”[/I]

    This begs so many questions:

    1. Why is she at work? Gov’t is shut down, so what’s she even doing there?

    2. What makes you think she’s not getting paid? You think those workers moved in those barricades for free? And that this park service ranger is just showing up, gratis, to patrol the barricades out of a sense of duty to make sure no WWII vets can get in and see a memorial that isn’t normally monitored anyway?

    3. Are you suggesting that Obama’s government is spending more to keep the memorial closed during a government shutdown than they would have spent if it were open?

    Man, that Obama fella sure is brilliant.

  84. Interested Observer says:

    Mindless, blind obedience to some new, upstart “Leader”, in the total absence of clear, logical, well informed, intelligent, critical analysis AND experience, is exactly what propelled one particular party to power 80 years ago. The factually incorrect, wild allegations in post #115 are very reminiscent of the need of some people to believe in their new “Leader” with his fantastic, unachievable promises, made with the poorest of strategies, guaranteed to fail. And fail, it has. The “strategy”, if you can call it that, required the Democrats in the Senate and the White House to cave in and they did not.

    I was simply mocking #115 with my reference to previous “Leaders”. I’ve personally visited many of the WWII Memorials and Cemeteries in Europe, spent the last few decades further researching that time to better understand how it all happened and I have personally seen the horrors of not calling out a false “Leader” in time to prevent unnecessary damage.

    Once again, perhaps my comments are simply far too subtle for some of the minds in here to ever actually grasp. In this specific discussion, Street Sweeper and are spot on correct.

  85. Anonymous says:

    IO, wiggle all you want. You aren’t subtle at all. You compared a fellow Nebraskan to Adolph Hitler. Then you wrote three paragraphs without apologizing for that. Instead, you try to justify yourself while shifting the topic. And you used our war dead to help you accomplish that shift. Shame on you. That is unethical. But you certainly aren’t to be compared to a murdering Gacy. Whoever wrote that owes you an apology, just as you owe your target an apology. You haven’t done that yet.

    There are bloggers here who carry scars from war. While your visitations to memorials and cemeteries are laudable, I am not sure what personal “horrors” you have seen beyond the visage in the bathroom mirror.

    Note how I hold you to account. I simply explain how your behavior seems to hoist yourself on your own petard, without comparing you to a murdering thug. And I am sure you are not one bit less pretty for the mild chide. Frankly, you are sometimes rather reasonable. Don’t lower yourself to the level of those who childishly vent while America suffers government that doesn’t seem to have anyone’s interests much in mind. So apologize for calling your fellow blogger a Nazi, take a deep breath, and get back to making useful sense on pertinent topics.

  86. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is shutting down open air parks, scenic turnouts, private businesses operating on public land, private businesses operating near public land, and even the ocean. It seems that the GOP wanted to shut down the government and Obama is trying to shut down the country. Face it people: Obama just isn’t that into you. Maybe it’s because so many people pledged to serve The Lightworker. Whatever the reason, Obama is not being a very good steward of this country.

  87. Ricky says:

    Great! We have heard from Lee Terry! He wants everybody to know he has a nice house and a kid smart enough to get into college. (Whether or not the kid graduates is another matter since his mother didn’t like him reading too much).
    Terry claims he is working with the leadership to get the crisis resolved. Oh, okay right.
    And don’t forget Terry was one who signed a letter before hand urging the Speaker to tie Obamacare to the CR. Now he doesn’t care about the furloughed federal workers as long as he gets his paycheck.
    Good job by Joe Morton on the OWH story. Surprised, too, as Morton usually acts as PR spokesman for Terry. Now watch Morton will write a make-up story saying Terry cured cancer or saved somebody’s life. As Mr Tom Shi.ell did for BO even after BO told him and others to F.. em F.. em all.
    Come to think of it Terry is acting BO-like.


  88. DAVid says:

    I’m a disabled American veteran. I lost several buddies in combat. Trust me, we aren’t, and they weren’t the angels you’d all like to pretend we are. We’re sons of bitches just like the rest of you. We went in the military to make some money, to get an education, to have some fun. Some of us got hurt, some killed. So what? Big effen deal. Shit happens. Some of the people I served with deserved to get killed. They killed others without blinking twice, many of them people that didn’t deserve to die.
    But I’ll tell you all what. The government that starts messing with a bunch of combat trained assholes like us had better watch it’s six.
    It’s time for those fools in Washington to wake up and start doing their job. We did ours and we’re ready to do it again.

  89. Anonymous says:

    132. Speak for yourself, you who might be a veteran but at most spent a few years in wine country. If you say you are 100% combat-related service-connected, you will have jargon that fits. But true or not, anyone can say anything here. And here we have people who masquerade as things they aren’t. And nobody really cares, except for the fun of exposing frauds. It doesn’t take much effort to tell if one is telling the truth by the feel of their words.

    When you say you are a veteran and some who you served with “deserved to get killed” and you then speak of your enemy as having not deserved to die, that makes you a liar in any rational view.

    You once again in this blog you disingenuously try to shift the topic onto the backs of dead war vets. You got caught acting badly, you stormed out to sulk, then you got up at 2 AM like a mental case to blog some more nasty nonsense about veterans as if by performing more of your bad behavior you will somehow prove yourself justified to have behaved badly in the first place. Children do that.

    You were right about one thing. You called yourself an “asshole”. Congratulations on the epiphany.

  90. Please, Sweeper says:

    Please, Sweeper! For cryn’ out loud, this has degraded into “you’re an asshole, no you’re an asshole” diatribe of worthless slander. Too much “asshole” going on here. Put something new up, or close it down.

    Come on now people, move along, there’s nothing here.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of assholes.
    Now that Lee Terry got a lot of bad press for his “Damn straight,” I got mine and screw you comments, he’s decided to have his pay withheld during the government shutdown. Well, that is all good except that the House has already voted to pay all those people that are on furlough. Big whoop! So, really, Lee Terry is just making statements to the press to try and save his own worthless ass.
    Let’s kick this bum out in 2014. Surely we’ve got someone better than him that can run for his office.

  92. Outraged Veteran says:

    Here is what Benn Sasse said in the Fremont Tribune
    “After 9/11, I did try to figure out how I could help in the intelligence community,” Sasse said. “It was pretty clear that when we were hunting bin Laden, the federal government had a whole bunch of different agencies pursuing the guy and they didn’t know how to do intelligence sharing across different agencies. I definitely, proactively post 9/11 tried to figure out how to go and serve.’

    You could have enlisted Ben….like may other people did after 9/11! Shame on you!

  93. Anonymous says:

    And I could have prevented World War II. If they would have just sent me a telegram, called me, or come and knocked on my parents’ door. I had all the answers, but no one asked me!

  94. Ricky says:

    Rep Terry’s PR department prevailed on the congressman to backtrack on his I got a nice house I gotta pay for comment. So now Joe Morton writes Terry made a “full” apology and Terry will not take his paycheck. I bet that is not going over too good in the Terry household.
    The OWH’s Morton now has to do overtime coming up with complimentary stories on how Terry and Deb Fischer are really very compassionate individuals who only are looking out for “Liberty” and “freedom”.
    And Mr Buffett made comments to Bloomberg about how dumb it would be to default on the national debt. I think we know how this will end; Speaker Boner will make a compromise at the last minute and the country will be saved from financial ruin.
    But I don’t know if Rep Terry will be able to salvage his integrity. Senator Fischer has 5 more years before she has to face re-election and anyway nobody expects much from that dunderhead anyway.

    ricky from omaha

  95. Are you kidding me???? says:

    Wow… Sass’s comments are a slap in the face to veterans. Who is this guy & what planet has he been living on?

    I guess maybe he could have enlisted instead of talking about how much ‘help’ he
    Would have been.

  96. Nebraska Voter says:

    Ben Sasse should apologize for his remarks. Is this guy for real? Does he equate sitting behind a desk in DC as serving his country in a time of war?

  97. The Real Genius says:

    Ben Sasse was about 29 when 9/11 happened. He was in no position at that time to help in the hunt for Bin Laden unless he enlisted. He said in the Tribune story “I definitely, proactively post 9/11 tried to figure out how to go and serve.”, yet he did nothing! He used that special brain of his to “figure out” what he could do. Do in his arrogance he feels that was enough. Ben Sasse has always been about Ben Sasse. Read the entire tribune article. It reveals a lot about the man.

  98. Mr. President says:

    Sasse thinks he should be president of the United States and yet he can hardly handle being president of midland. Sex scandals, bad college financials and only 3 new students in this years freshman’s class.

    What a joke!

  99. Some Thoughts says:

    Every year I’m amazed that Rep. Terry is the best Republicans have to offer for that district, but every year he draws a weak opponent and manages to win again. If the Democrats weren’t so hopeless at finding a candidate, he wouldn’t be collecting the paycheck that pays for his nice house and his kid’s education. I can’t believe those of you who run the party or have the deep pockets aren’t ensuring that he faces a serious primary challenge. Wait until Buffett Grandson or some other enterprising D finally gets into this race. Terry’s “let them eat cake” comment is going to be played on TV so much you’ll start thinking it’s the station-identification. Maybe I shouldn’t assume Democrats are smart enough to take advantage. After all, they haven’t managed it yet.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska’s Democratic Party is still in the hands of fools that believe the path to success is led by attorneys from Lincoln and Omaha. They regurgitate the same old mantra of success being predicated upon providing training to the rural counties by a gaggle of city kids with fresh political science degrees, demanding strict compliance with the DNC’s Vote Builder computer program, and insisting that every “good” Democrat tithe a sufficient amount of cash to keep their dysfunctional office in Lincoln operating.
    They haven’t learned that politics in the rural areas of Nebraska require different tactics than those practiced in the cities. They still recommend that county chairs get out and knock on doors, even though their neighbors may be five to ten miles apart. They continue to exorcise anyone from their party that doesn’t kiss the robes of the party leaders, demanding fealty to party officers and the State Executive Committee. They have no bench thanks to decades of rule by Ben Nelson and his minions, no one was nurtured for a future in the party unless they swore undying fealty to the godfather, Ben. Then they put people with no history of success, such as Jim Rogers and Bud Pettigrew, in place to resist any form of grassroots organization.
    Rest assured that the people the NEGOP currently has in Congress, in all of the statewide offices, and in a majority of Legislative seats have nothing to fear from the NDP regardless of how ineffective, incompetent and blatantly arrogant they are. The NDP’s leadership is even more ineffective, incompetent, arrogant and corrupt than anything you’ve thrown at them. Nebraska’s voters know it, and vote according to what they know.

  101. The Dudd called Ben Sasse says:

    Nice going Dr. Sasse. Your attempt to state you served your country after 9/11 has blown up in your face. The only thing you have ever done is serve yourself. Love how you trash the Bush administration in the Fremont Tribune article and how much you disagreed with the President, yet you were more than willing to work for him in DC and pad your resume. A real person with convictions would have refused to work for someone they strongly disagreed with. Everyday you remind me more and more of Chuck Hagel.

  102. Bob Loblaw says:

    To 125:

    Yes there are lots of government workers who are going to miss paychecks that have to show up for work right now. Do you think that all the prison guards at Federal Prisons are not showing up? Do you think that the Border Patrol agents aren’t coming in? What about the US Marshals that protect federal courts and judges? They will all get back pay but until this shutdown is over they aren’t getting paid and are still required to show up. These aren’t guys making a $100K/year either. They are missing pay but the electric bill, rent, mortgage, car payments still have to be paid. So for the Congressman from texas too go off on the Park Ranger is ridiculous.

  103. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is blocking off wide spots in the road so no one may gaze upon Mount Rushmore and Ricky and Bob are complaining about what somebody said. I guess they are both more than happy to be slaves just as long as nobody says anything mean. Hey, Bob, the Park Ranger could have displayed an act of courage and disobeyed a petty and vindictive order. She could have shown some humanity and common sense. She can’t get fired. Instead, she was more than happy to stick it to some elderly vets who rid the world of Hitler. She was more than happy to serve Dear Leader rather than be a real person. Lastly, she could always quit and try to find a part-time job in the private sector if she didn’t like the heat from being one of Obama’s jack-booted thugs.

  104. Federal Paycheck says:

    Ben Sasse didn’t mind taking money from me while he disagreed with the Administrations policies on Medicare. Money before convictions, right Ben?

  105. Bob Loblaw says:

    Right Macdaddy she was in the wrong. Not some jackass congressman, who is still getting paid his $174,000/year salary looking for a photo op. You’re right the lowly park ranger should disobey what her bosses tell her to do and maybe have been fired. And you’re right these guys that are guarding all the inmates at Leavenworth, the guy in the FBI tracking down child molesters, the people at at the border protecting Americans safety, they should all just disobey orders from their superiors, or just quit since Obama is now in charge. I mean it isn’t as if any of these people actually do any work that is necessary and vital for America. They should be happy that we have such great congressman like Randy Neureburger to yell at them in front of the TV cameras and tell them they should be ashamed of themselves. These same congressmen that went along with Dear Leader Bush when he passed Mdicare Part D, eroded civil liberties, and took a surplus and turned it into a huge deficit. Where were these congressmens backbones then? Oh I forgot they didn’t have a spine to go against the party on issues then.

    The republicans are looking like fools right now. Do they really think that this tactic is going to work with the American people? We look like complete fools right now. Lee Terry is going to need a handiman jack to get his head out of his ass over the comments he just made. The republicans will end up paying for this in 2014 and have no one to blame but themselves.

  106. There are people protecting our borders? Who know? And isn’t that racist? Maybe we could have some of the Park Service volunteers currently barricading off War Memorials go down to Arizona and put up the barricades on the border instead.

    The NPS are throwing people out of their homes and businesses. I don’t care if they’re just following orders. That goes beyond simply doing your job.

  107. To: Bob Loblaw says:

    i beg your pardon!! The ONE looking like a fool right now is Obama. That guy doesn’t have a molecule of leadership ability or common sense. His arrogance and lack of love for this country is simply astounding.

  108. Bob Loblaw says:


    I have no love AT ALL for Obama. I think Obamacare is an atrocious mistake that will cost us billlions upon billions. But Republicans right now are hurting their chances to actually win elections and do something about Obamacare. Do you really think the tactic their doing is going to work? Do you really believe that the house will pass a bill defunding Obamacare, the Senate will pass it, and the guy who is the Obama in Obamacare will sign it into law? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you think seeing a Congressman on TV yelling at a park ranger will win people over to our side? If not for this government shutdown to keep the media busy do you know what the only thing that people would be talking about is…..they would be talking about the failure of the online exchanges and the ineptness in this administration and how the rollout of Obamacare has been a complete and total mess. But instead we distracted everybody from the truth by having the government shutdown. If the GOP would just sit back and let Obama fail and let the American people see the corruptness and stupidiity of the Obama administration they would start to see the tide turn on losing election after election. If they were not so damn stupid and quit snatching defeat from the jaws of victory maybe we could start to win the White House & Senate and begin repair all the damage that has been done to this country over the last decade.

  109. Thanks for giving us the GOP establishment view, Bob. None of us have TV or radio, and none of us have heard Peter King say the same thing over and over and over again. So thanks for posting it here over and over and over again.

    If you’re wrong, you can be sure you’ll be reminded of it over and over and over again. So stay tuned!

  110. Bob Loblaw says:

    Youre right Gerard it is the establishment view. Peter King, Mike Johanns, the Chamber of Commerce all think the same. And I’m sorry that you’re sick of hearing it over and over and over. Because I’m sick of Republicans shooting themselves in the foot over, and over, and over. We need a coherent strategy and know what is politically realistic instead of having some pipe dream about what we can accomplish with a Dem Senate & White House.

  111. Macdaddy says:

    Every last government worker will be made whole when this is over, presumably even getting paid for not working. Since they are smart enough to get a well-paying government job, hopefully they listened to every financial planner under the sun and put away enough cash and credit to cover 3-6 months of living expenses. I was not in favor of a government shutdown, but I am truly taken aback at the immature and petty way Obama has handled this. He’s trying to send a message not just to Congress but to the American people as well: cross me and pay. Unless you are an Islamist dictator who hates the US.

  112. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, Bob, I do agree with your point that we should be talking about the s*** sandwich that is Obamacare and not a gov’t shutdown, but what’s done is done. Giving in without concessions will just prove your point and my point that this was a bad idea. It’s time to make lemonade.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Why does Obamacare have to be tied to a bill that funds our government? Why does ANY bill have to have a bunch of non-related crap attached to it? John Boehner should put up a clear resolution and let it stand on its own two legs, then sit down and start discussing changes to the ACA that everyone agrees needs to be made. For the GOP to take an “all or nothing” approach to this is cutting their own nut sack.

  114. Beltway Ben says:

    I started my campaign today in Fremont with one message. “GET MY FAMILY AND I BACK TO DC” It’s been hard for me to stay here in Nebraska. The last time I lived here was 22 years ago before I moved back. Nebraska’s voters deserve my intellect.

  115. Anonymostly says:

    So, the Dems in this thread advocating that the Repubs throw in the towel on their opposition to Obamacare keep saying stupid shi, er, stuff, like “It’s the law of the land.”

    Does that mean that once something’s been voted for by a majority of Congress and then signed into law by the President is immutable and can never be changed?

    But, what if …

    … they induced us to pass it by promising things about it that didn’t turn out to even remotely be true?

    … they’ve made executive changes to it that weren’t in the original bill?

    .,, they’ve passed out exemptions to the law to their political buddies so that they’re friends who don’t like it don’t have to follow it?

    Do Democrats believe it’s wrong to oppose a law that’s been passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President? Do Democrats believe it’s wrong to try to change such a law?

    Or does it depend on whose ox is being gored?

  116. Bob Loblaw says:

    I dont advocate throwing in the towel in the least. But at least try a tactic that has a chance of succeeding. The best way to get rid of Obamacare is to have a Republican senate, house, and president. Otherwise it ain’t happening. I see no reason to believe the tactic of shutting down the government will bring us any closer to that goal. It will only harm the GOP woth the voters we need to overtake the Senate in 2014 & 16.

  117. Anonymous says:

    What do you think, Anonymostly, that just because the ACA is law (and it is) that it can never be changed? Do you think the only thing possible is to rescind it in its entirety?
    Let’s let them pass a clean resolution to fund our government then sit down and start negotiating with them over those parts of the law that we don’t like. Is it that difficult for you to understand?

  118. Interested Observer says:

    There was an interesting article a few days ago in the New York Times, titled “A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning” that explained in detail how Ed Meese helped bring together 3 dozen different Conservative groups to plan how to get rid of Obamacare. Their efforts soon focused on the defund strategy and they’ve spent the last 9 months convincing members of Congress of what to do, what to say and how to do things.

    An important part of the strategy is how a minority of the most ultra-right Republicans should call out the majority of the Republicans and bully them into submission. They’ve had help from the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Heritage Action and other groups to strong arm Republicans by other Republicans.

    They article is well worth reading to see just how we’ve evolved from civil debate to the boot jack thug, strong arm, bully approach of today.

  119. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is throwing disabled elderly people out of their houses (good thing they own an ice cream store they can sleep in) and is closing grocery stores on military bases, but the golf course at Andrews’ stays open so Obama can golf and Camp David stays open even though Obama hasn’t stepped foot there in years. Oh, and oil and gas wells keep pumping away on federal land. But pulling off the road to take a picture of beautiful scenery? It’s forbidden!

  120. Macdaddy says:

    I love the laziness of the “law of the land” argument. You know what was law of the land? Prohibition. It was even in the Constitution and yet I was legally able to buy alcohol yesterday. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to buy health insurance. Sure hope I don’t get sick in the meantime. Obama’s incompetence is killing people.

  121. Anonymous says:

    I am so confused. A white soldier gets murdered by a black man near Ft. Lewis, WA who had made an anti-white comment that instigated the confrontation, but the media is now quick to say that it wasn’t a racially motivated attack even though the attacker hasn’t given a statement. However, white-hispanic George Zimmerman was racially motivated in killing Trayvon Martin who was bashing Zimmerman’s skull into the concrete even though Zimmerman, the Zimmerman jury, and Trayvon’s parents deny race was a factor. Do they teach mind reading in journalism schools?

  122. Macdaddy says:

    IO, if a politician can’t hold up under pressure, who should you be mad at? The person who correctly saw an opportunity or the milquetoast office holder? Are you mad at the constituents who exercised their constitutional right to have their elected officials represent them? This is just politics and it has been ever thus. The newspapers kept the arm-twisting quiet when it was Democrats in charge. Apparently your definition of a good Republican is one who does whatever the Democrats want.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, where did you dig up that bullshit about Camp David? You need to get a bidet so that you can clear your mind from time to time.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Andrews Air Force base and Camp David are military installations that are the go to places for all of Congress and the administration in the case of a national emergency. What would you have us do, Macdaddy, close them?

  125. Macdaddy says:

    Maybe you should go to the Zoolander Center for Kids Who Want to Read Good and Do Other Stuff Good, Too. I said the golf course at Andrews, not the whole base. And Camp David is not the emergency hideaway for Congress and the President. Why not? Well, for one, the Russians know where it is. So maybe Obama can explain why military families have to travel farther and spend more for bread and milk for their children, but he still gets to tee it up for free.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Just making an observation, Macdaddy. Apparently you’re uncomfortable with the paradox. Sorry to interrupt your non-topical discussion on the government shut down with a brief observation about race and the media.

  127. Interested Observer says:

    MacDaddy, did you even read the entire article that I referenced? If you actually had, you would realize was I was saying. I was specifically pointing out the influence of the super-rich and their ultra-right causes. I pointed out how a somewhat radical minority of Congressional Republicans have bullied the more sane and rational Republican members.

    Just as the super-rich have been pulling the strings of the certain Republican Congress men and women, so too have those certain Republicans been pulling the strings of the rest of both Houses.

    And just how do you presume to put words in my mouth or read my mind by stating that my “definition of a good Republican is one who does whatever the Democrats want.”? I would appreciate you not trying to do that again. I am the same good, actual conservative Republican that I have always been. I have NOT been swayed by the latest new great thing nor have I ever been used, like some mindless puppet, by some newcomer to the Party, who thinks they know more than everybody who has been carrying water for all these years.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Many of those that use the golf course at Camp David are military higher ups such as those in Sarpy County that help you get Republicans elected. If you have a problem with it, ask THEM why they need to have a place like that available to them, that they frequently fly to, in the first place.

  129. Anonymous says:

    IO, no one can put words into your mouth that are more revealing than those you put there. You speak of “the super-rich and their ultra-right causes”. Who talks like that?

  130. Interested Observer says:

    I just learned that the Koch brothers’ father, Fred, was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society in 1958. Most people have never been a member of the JBS, so many of those people talk like that.

  131. Anonymostly says:

    ” I am the same good, actual conservative Republican that I have always been. I have NOT been swayed by … some newcomer to the Party, who thinks they know more than everybody who has been carrying water for all these years.
    I get it. So, you’re one of those “establishment Republicans” people always complain about.

  132. Anonymostly says:

    So, during this government shutdown, did the Interior Department and the U.S. Forest Service send armed guards out to the Federal grazing lands to make sure no ranchers with grazing permits could avail themselves of feeding their cattle government grass while the government is shut down?

  133. Anonymostly@5:43 says:

    But what about the fences? Who is checking the fences right now? IO? Anyone? Without the feds checking the leased pasture land, some ranchers might be taking advantage to move their fences. IO? Anyone? Please, we need to get this taken care of right now!

  134. Anonymostly says:

    I just read about how armed National Park Service Rangers at Yellowstone forced tourists to stay inside their lodge and wouldn’t allow them to take pictures of buffalo roaming in the park. I can’t imagine that being true, it sounds so absurd. But it certainly is consistent with the whole park service shutting down the WWII Memorial.

    But it begs a question and that question is if the parks have to be actively shut down and guarded during the government shut down, why are government websites still up and running? Like the rollout for Obamacare. Why is that up and sort of running?

    I just googled a question and the CDC website came up. Clicked on it and, sure enough, the CDC website is still up. Which means the servers are still turned on. Hmmmmm. Shut down the parks but leave up the Obamacare enrollment website.

    Oooookaaay. Someone’s acting like a petulant little child. Someone named Barack, that is.

  135. From what I read, it was much worse than that. There are highways through Yellowstone, and the NPS can’t prevent people using them,but they told them (the bus was full of older tourists) they couldn’t look at buffalo, or otherwise ‘recreate’. Then, when they pulled up at the park lodge, the Park Service put barricades around Old Faithful to try to block the view (seems futile, but…) Finally, on the way out of the park, they wouldn’t let them pull over to use a rest room at one of the concessions.

    Fascists, and I use the word advisedly.

  136. Lil Mac says:

    Essential government functions remain operating. That is good enough for most. And for some, it is better than good, indeed is it what our Constitution had in mind when it created limited government, that it actually be limited to essential functions. Of course governmentalists disagree.

    If park rangers are trying to throw a lid over Mother Nature that is because they want to prove that each tree needs its own paid ranger to hold it up. Yet with each passing day that thousands of non-essential federal employees remain furloughed, average Americans may well wonder, “If these federal workers aren’t essential to running government today, why were we paying them last week?”

  137. anonymous says:

    You can’t be serious Bob (164). “The best way to get rid of Obamacare is to have a Republican senate, house, and president.” You think?! Unfortunately we don’t have a Republican senate or president right now, and after waiting three and half years hoping for that change in fortune it will be far too late to rid ourselves of this train wreck. The damage will have already been done and will be permanant. As you said, “at least try a tactic that has a chance of succeeding.”

    In an earlier post you wrote, “Do you really believe that the house will pass a bill defunding Obamacare, the Senate will pass it, and the guy who is the Obama in Obamacare will sign it into law?” This statement shows that you clearly don’t understand the strategy at all. No bill has to be passed to defund Obamacare. The key is not to pass a bill that DOES provide the necessary additional funding. And that is where we are. If you can’t see the pressure being turned up on Reid and Obama each and every day that passes then you aren’t looking. As they repeatedly vote against funding for veterans, reserves, cancer research, etc. while ordering our veterans arrested for visiting their own memorials, whose chances are really being harmed in 2016?

    You are right about one thing though. Republicans need to quit shooting themselves in the foot. Lee Terry can’t be out making elitist statements and Mike Johanns can’t be out making the Democrat’s talking points for them by suggesting Republicans wanted the shutdown. They need to be highlighting the bi-partisan funding bills for our vets and soldiers and national parks that keep getting rejected by Reid and Obama.

  138. Macdaddy says:

    IO, I couldn’t care less if super-rich ultra-right wing people are trying to influence the government. Super-rich ultra left-wing people and unions have been doing that for decades. That’s called politics. Now if you want to call moderate Republicans weak and spineless, you’d be correct, but your squabble is with them, not with citizens trying to get the government to do what they want. The Koch brothers are citizens. Tea Partiers are citizens. Why would you deny them their First Amendment rights? What you are insinuating is that there is some nefarious dark force that is making “sane and rational Republicans” do bad things, i.e., support the Tea Party agenda. You sound exactly like Bill Moyers. I agree that the GOP should not have gone down this course, but it’s done, so grow a pair and see what shakes out. Right now, Obama just can’t help himself. He can’t even learn from the master of the shutdown himself, Slick Willie. This gamble just might pay off.

  139. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 3:04, if you think military higher-ups are conservative, you obviously never met a flag officer. Obama got re-elected. By now, they are all card-carrying members of the ACLU.

  140. Macdaddy says:

    IO, I don’t need to read the article. It sounds like a rehash of a thousand other articles designed to marginalize citizens trying to exercise their First Amendment rights and spook squishy “Republicans” such as John McCain and you.

  141. Lil Mac says:

    The count in the last election of retired Admirals/Generals was 387 for Romney, 6 for Obama.

    No surprise really. The “I Hate The Military” draft dodging crowd found a home in the DNC and a lot of veterans and military retires aren’t comfortable there, no matter how liberal they are, The DNC is not run by Capt Harry Truman anymore. Yet all who served in uniform and went in harm’s way did good for America.

  142. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy’s response just reminded me of the old joke, ” What’s the biggest problem in the country, ignorance or apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care.”

    Speaking of old jokes, I just read that the approval rating of Congress is now down to 5%. So, obviously, America just needs to “grow a pair and see what shakes out”. I see someone stayed awake for the first 10 minutes of Poli-Sci 101.

  143. Macdaddy says:

    IO, did you need me to read that article so I could explain the big words to you? It’s not even worth the 0.13 seconds it would take to Google it.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Love it when people condemn Congressional action by citing the body’s approval rating. People don’t tend to like Congress but they do tend to like their own guy. And when Congress gets bad ratings, it’s probably just as much Pelosi hate as it is Boehner hate.

  145. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, we ARE on the same side here. I voluntarily offer a truce with you so that we can both focus on helping to solve this shutdown problem instead of using our time quibbling with each other. OK?

  146. Bob Loblaw says:

    Anonymous 191:

    If you think that this shutdown will actually end by Obamacare not being funded then you are just not intelligent. I’m sorry, it ain’t gonna happen. Harry Reid & Obama are never going to let that happen. They’ve dug in their heels on this. This shutdown will only hurt the brand of the GOP more in voters eyes. This shutdown is not going to win the hearts & minds of swing voters that we need to take back the Senate. Politically it is a losing situation.

    Now you and I may see how Obama is being vindictive, petty, & stupid in what he has chosen to fund/open and what he has chosen to shut down. But to the average low informed American it is coming across as the mean, nasty Republicans that are causing this. And unfotunately these are the people we need to win elections. Optics matter. Impressions matter. The liberal media will do everything they can to spin this as a positive for Obama. It sucks, but that is the world we live in. We have to be that much smarter, slicker, better messaged then the other side. We can’t give them any ammunition to paint us in an unfavorable light. We are losing the “hearts & minds” right now. End the shutdown.

  147. Vincent says:

    Sorry, Rob, the GOP “masterpiece” is nearly completed. About all it needs now is some lipstick on that pig. We’re going to throw away America because the leadership of both parties are incapable of being sociable with one another. The best thing John Boehner could do is call Obama’s bluff and pass a clear resolution to fund the government. Then the Democrats would have to actually sit down and discuss ACA, immigration, tax reform, and all the rest. You know they really don’t want to. But why is that we’re being just as stupid and stubborn? The national perception is fast putting the blame in our camp and if we don’t do something different than we have been, we’ll be the ones that lose the most.

  148. Anonymous2 says:

    Actually the well informed American is also seeing Republicans as the cause of the shutdown. Too many low informed Americans think it’s everyone’s fault thanks to the false-equivalence meme that the lazy media keeps propagating.

  149. Anonymous says:

    The GOP is losing the hearts and minds of voters who reelected Obama? What world do you live in? The only way a Republican can please voters today is to hang a sign on his neck saying “GOP” and then blow his own brains out of TV.

    Voters think with their hearts because they have lost their minds. We are past the time when reason works. American voters need to be punished by their own choices.

    Voters have descended into an adolescent twilight and are beyond being schmoozed or convinced. They need to be shocked into adulthood. The need to be inside Obama’s bus as it plunges off the cliff. For no matter what the GOP does, it will be hated as all parents are for grounding their idiot teenagers.

  150. Bob Loblaw says:

    Anonymous 204:

    You said that “American voters need to be punished by their own choices”. I agree with this. But by distracting everyone with this shutdown we have taken the pressure off of the complete disaster that is the insurance exchanges. If the House would have passed a clean CR & not shutdown the government Obama would have been completely on the defensive the past week about the rollout. Instead we’ve given the media a distraction to focus on. If the GOP would have just sat back and said “Ok. You wanted government run healthcare. Here’s your first taste. Rates are going up. Your coverage that you had is discontinued. And by the way it’s next to impossible to sign up. Oh and by the way, this is just how bad we’ve screwed up the signups. Imagine the complete cluster F*&K it will be when we get involved in it even more.” If we would have sat back 7 let that happen, then in 2014 republicans would have been elected left & right. But instead we’ve taken the focus off of all that and are now arguing instead over who gets to see Old Faithful?!! WTF are we doing. Talk about taking your eye off the prize. Obama loves this. We’ve distracted the American media from how government is incompetent and are now saying that we need government back because it’s too important to us. Our party leadership are complete fools.

  151. Anonymous2 says:

    #204 is a great example of article I’ve read. Right-wing congressmen only read right-wing blogs and actually think their strategy is working. Get out of your bubble!

  152. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is going to have bigger problems than whether or not to ditch Obamacare. The IRS scandal just made it inside the White House. It’s getting closer, Mr. President.

  153. Cooper says:

    The shutdown is obviously going to come to an end soon now that IO and Macdaddy are going to focus on solving this problem. Why couldn’t you two just sit down and talk this through weeks ago?

  154. Macdaddy says:

    LOL, Cooper. Actually, I’m not sure I want the shutdown to end. People are getting a good look at Obama with his mask off and he ain’t pretty.

  155. Beltway Ben says:

    I’m so committed to my duties as a college president, I spent the day working on getting my next job. 20k a month to go to DC and campaign ain’t too shabby!

  156. To Beltway Ben says:

    How was Columbus today? How much money did you raise for Midland while flying around the state today? Does the Midland Board support your candidacy? How can you have students pay your salary while you are campaigning for yourself?

  157. Macdaddy says:

    And in other news, nobody signed up for Obamacare in the President’s home state of Hawaii and it’s been over a week. Surely there are some uninsured people in Hawaii. It’s a shame that Obama’s incompetence is killing them.

  158. Anonymous says:

    I know Macdaddy told me to troll elsewhere, but as long as we’re off topic and all, permit me to ask a question. But first, some background. So, Ben Nelson votes for cloture on Obamacare, which assured its passage, right? Then, he voted against the actual bill, right? Had some concerns about the abortion language as I recall. Then, just before he decided not to run for reelection, when the NDP was running all kinds of pro-Nelson ads, he made a comment about Obamacare being flawed but that it needed to be passed so that we could fix it later. Anyone remember that? Because Obama says he won’t negotiate on this flawed program that Democrats insist is now the immutable law of the land.

  159. Macdaddy says:

    5 Iowans successfully signed up for Obamacare in the first 10 days. Let’s say it took a week. At this rate, in only 73,200 more weeks, all Iowans without health insurance today will have signed up or have died. The odds are way better that they would have died first.

  160. Anonymous says:

    Dad, that’s Obamacare proving itself unworkable. But no one notices that because Republicans have shut down government. That’s the official Press mantra, right? And the GOP coopts to it. The media is liberal, the people reelected the Democrat, and yet every time Obama pushes on the gas Republicans yell “stop” and throw themselves under his bus. That apparently impresses the same Republicans who believed Americans would care more about Bill’s blowjobs than the real Whitewater crime for which he and Hillary were legally culpable thus politically vulnerable.

    Republicans still act against what pisses off Republicans while ignoring what most Americans dislike. The GOP feels itself principled. The American majority sees a blind and deaf elephant.

    Gallup Sep 5-8 2013, says Americans identify themselves 22% Republican, 45% Independent, and 31% Democrat, with “leaners” at 41% GOP and 47% Democrat. That doesn’t signal principle or policy. It says voters don’t like Republicans. They don’t like them when they try to protect Americans from Obama. They don’t like them when they sit by and let Obama drive Americans off the cliff. Thus for the elephant, it is either conservation of energy or run around yelling. Maybe Americans won’t learn from their broken bones, and maybe America won’t survive being educated by hard knocks. But noisy elephants have zero impact at this point, other than to distract voters from what they dislike about Obamacare.

  161. Anonymous says:

    “Macdaddy” definition: Someone with too much time on their hands.

    Actually the Urban Dictionary definition is: a pimp who has reached the zenith of his profession/ trade. which actually fits considering the pimping he does for the right-wing end of the Republican party. By the way, the latest Gallup poll shows the Republican party has a 28% favorability rating. That about the percentage of crazies in the USA.

  162. Nebraska Delegation says:

    Still waiting to hear from Ben Sasse how to stop Obamacare??? Is his plan like Nixon’s secret plan to win the Vietnam War?

  163. LOL says:

    So the Republicans keep changing there mind on how to end the shutdown, Tie it to Obamacare, Then tax cuts, keystone, Then entitlement reform and now you have Tony Perkins and others saying they should demand tougher restrictions on abortion. It seems the Republicans are like Sybil each day a new personality emereges

  164. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Macdaddys aren’t the ones that do the work, but they get all the money and drive the fancy cars. Typical of what Republicans think is proper.

  165. Macdaddy says:

    Hey, pimpin’ ain’t easy. Let me know when you get tired of Obama being your pimp. We can create a spot for you in the organization. In the meantime, get back to work trying to get the Obamacare website up and running.

  166. Anonymous says:

    I work in I.T., and there is nothing unusual about the website issues. Demand was far higher than expected (surprised?) Now they could have started with more servers (wasting tax payer money), but they are adding more to meet demand. In any case, coverage doesn’t start until 2014. Plenty of time to get things fixed.

    The great thing about this is that it gives Macdaddy something to write about, followed by witty knock downs directed back at him.

  167. Those a-holes says:

    Those total a-holes. I’m beyond outraged by the park service effing with people and pretending that when the government “shuts down” that they turn off Old Faithful geyser and you can’t watch it or “recreate” at a National Park or Monument.

    Really? Gov’t shut down means they’ve shut down picture taking in Yellowstone? Because why? See, I just booked an Amtrak trip from Lincoln to Chicago, leaving early tomorrow morning and arriving in Chicago Friday afternoon and the Amtrak representative assures me the trains are still running.

    Wow. How does that happen? You can drive your car through Yellowstone but you can’t get out of your car and take pictures because the government is shut down, afterall. Yet, Amtrak can pick me up in Lincoln tomorrow morning and deliver me to Chicago tomorrow afternoon.

    Oh, and websites that require actual energy (as opposed to Yellowstone, which just exists) are still up and running just fine. I’d post a link, but you know how Sweeper is about links. Suffice it to say that you could go to the U.S. Government web portal and find up-and-running websites for basically every Federal government department. Everything from Amtrak through the Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor.

    We’ll have the registration portal for Obamacare up and running (such as it is) but we’re going to deny Americans access to Parks and Monuments that have simply existed, free and open, since time immemorial. Those bastards. (And they’re Obama’s bastards, by the way. Can’t blame Republicans for this crap.)

  168. Macdaddy says:

    2014 is in 2.5 months. IT people the world over have said it isn’t the server demand. You think it’s going to be fixed by January 1? Do you try to blow that kind of smoke up your employer’s a$$? Besides what government project has ever come in on time or under budget? We’ll be talking about these same problems a year from now. You’ll be churning out “witty” retorts and people will be dying from lack of healthcare coverage thanks to Obama’s outright poor leadership and incompetence. But keep making those jokes. Laughter is not only the best medicine, under Obamacare it’s the only medicine available.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, we read your comments so that we will all be well versed in blowing smoke up asses. You da MAN!
    By the way, people were dying just fine from lack of healthcare coverage long before Obama came on the scene. So long as there are people like you that want to keep the less fortunate in their place, things will continue that way.

  170. 50,000 nationally have registered. That sounds like a lot, but 50,000 in 10 days is 900,000 in six months. Nowhere near what you need. And between now and Feb. 15, enrollments are going to drop off, because the initial publicity is over. Meanwhile, Iowa has 5 and Hawaii has 0. They won’;t tell us if any Nebraskans have made it through.

    Handing it all over to a completely incompetent gummint isn’t a way of providing healthcare. It’s just a short cut for y’all to pretend you did something significant. Changing the world requires actual work, not just forcing a bill through Congress.


  171. Anonymous says:

    They didn’t want to burden you with having to pay for it, Gerard. It is funny that you have no problem with the poor getting treated in the emergency room, which raises your own insurance rates, but hate the fact that if we ALL have to buy insurance, you’d be paying less. Typical CONservative.

  172. Anonymous says:

    Not taking care of our own citizens means that those who have their backs against the wall will come for you in the dark of night, kill you, and steal everything you have because they are desperate. You can continue to pretend that you are good, Christian, patriotic Americans until that day comes.

  173. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To anon 229

    Website demand should not have been greater than expected. Why? BEACAUSE IT WAS THEIR G.D. JKB TO ACCURATELY PROJECT DEMAND!

  174. Anonymous says:

    Gerard, maybe they just won’t like working for slave wages, with no benefits, and no chance of ever getting ahead. Remember, the Republican Party has been appealing to low intelligence people for decades. Convincing them to support all the things that go against their own best interests has made a lot of not very bright people support exactly what the wealthy wanted, a cheap labor supply. The problem is, one of these days the proletariat will wake up, and they’re the same lame brains that are convinced that their guns are the answer to all their problems.

  175. Anonymous says:

    246. The “care” that government “gives” citizens out of working people’s wallets functions exactly like any support on an unburdened limb; it weakens the already weak bone to the point of fracture. Keeping calcium from leeching is the result of a painful therapy called standing on your own two feet. It hurts to watch weak limbs stand and bear. It is more comfortable to watch them sit in a nice wheelchair doing nothing. So says the true American party of universal comfort.

    The physical corollary is that one third of all Americans are obese. A Harvard/Oxford study of homeless BMI found higher obesity with only 1.6% of indigent street beggars underweight. The world population is 17 million metric tons overweight with the USA leading the way, yet leftist researches call it a “paradox” the poorest are fattest and suggest “obesity is the new malnourishment of the poor”. Damn those donors and taxpayers for feeding bums too much.

    It is a deadly socio-political blindness to think that people, who lack the will to stop stuffing HoHo’s into their gaping maws, will somehow become and remain strong contributing citizens if only government can give them enough crutches from your wallet to make them expend less energy. Americans literally eat the hand that feeds them.

    So Gerard is correct. And your yellowed Marxist thinking epitomizes the problem. Who says “proletariat” these days, eh comrade? To be sure, your view is shared by most of our leaders, academia, media, and voters but they don’t employ ancient Soviet speak.

    What we survive, contrary to the entire modern left, strengthens us. And that includes us here listing to the likes of you. Thanks for the workout. Punching at your soft bag of a brain makes us more fit. I only got up to get a snack.

  176. TexasAnnie says:

    …and snacking at 3:37am will get YOU fat, too!

    The Affordable Care Act, like tax policy, must encompass everyone to be made fair.

    What is fair? Y’all don’t seem to have a clue. So let me advise you: What is fair is at once both egalitarian and equitable. Basic health care should be made available to everyone at everyone’s expense. Before the ACA, all we who have health care insurance could do was pay our premiums (and then do battle with insurance agents when our coverage was denied) not only for our own health care, but for the care of the uninsured as well. Did y’all think those ‘charity’ emergency room cases were examples of institutional charity? NO! I have been underwriting that cost year after year, as I have been paying my ever-increasing insurance premiums. Haven’t you?

    Like our screwed tax policy (which currently consists of more exemptions and subsidies than monies being collected) health care and health care expense is out of sync. I’m not saying anything about having any faith, but I’m still hoping the ACA will bring fairness to the health care industry. If it does not, we’re no worse off than before the ACA. ‘Cause at the very least, we’ll have all those fines being paid into the IRS come tax time in 2015!

    All the chatter about system overload and sign-up rates expressed in the comments above, are of course, illogical. Whether or not Hawaii has anyone signed up yet is irrelevant to the number achievable over a six-month enrollment period…

  177. Anonymous says:

    TexasAnnie, thank you for explaining to all of us the obvious joke. There’s no way we’d guess on our own that following a long discussion of obesity the author’s snacking might be a punch line. Thank you for re-punching that punch line for us. It makes it so much funnier in the lukewarm rehash.

    People who explain jokes are the life of every party. (That’s a joke.)

    And then, with all the seriousness you can muster, you say the rest of us here at this party don’t have a clue and that you are going to “advise” us. Now THAT is truly funny. And we expect you don’t have a clue as to why.

  178. Anonymous says:

    To the powers that be at Leavenworth Street….really, nothing new to post for 12 days???? To end the downward spiral that the comments are in, can you PLEASE try to dig up SOMETHING new to blog about??? ANYTHING???

    TO #254 …yep Gaius, Leavenworth is like a bad Soap Opera….you can be away for days, weeks or months, and when you tune back in, nothing has changed…same old time sucking drama….

  179. Yesyesyes.
    A new post is coming soon.
    We were on track with one earlier in the week, but then had issues arise.
    And I’m SURE that whatever new post goes up, all of you will be 100% on target with your comments on the subjects of the post. Right???

  180. Anonymous says:

    GH, you’re very funny too! By the way, the government contracted a private company to develop the site. So direct your ire at the private sector.

  181. Anonymous says:

    GH, you’re smarter than that (I think). Really? Just couldn’t make their way to an emergency room, eh?

    Yeah, they could. After they were so sick that no treatment could cure them. Duh!

  182. Anonymous says:

    Website demand should not have been greater than expected. Why?

    T&T, you’ve obviously never worked in I.T. Funny how y’all set standards higher for the government than you would be personally be expected to meet. How many days has the site been running?

  183. Tonic & Tonic says:

    to #260

    I hold myself and my work to the highest standard, because I receive performance based bonuses.
    Projecting website use/demand is not that cosmic. They (supposedly) already knew how many people are uninsured. They knew when these people must all be insured. They knew when the website would make its premier. Just a little nonlinear regression gets you where you need to be.

    Finally, one more time, I would like to point out that it was their EFFING JOB! I have no respect for someone that doesn’t do their job. In the private sector we “get” it. We are promised incentives. We reach the goal, and a good employer actually comes through on said incentives.

  184. Anonymous says:

    T&T, as I said before, a PRIVATE company developed the site. Maybe you can blame the government for picking a bad company. Knowing the number of uninsured tells one nothing of the number inclined to sign up, and how quickly they would sign up. It becomes a best guess-timate, and at that point nonlinear regression isn’t going to determine where you need to be as far as capacity is concerned.

    I’m in the private sector, and have no performance incentives. I still hold myself and my work to the highest standard just because that’s my makeup and how things should be, not because of a bonus.

  185. Anonymous says:

    We PAY the government. They work for us. And you think its good that government tries punish us into us doing what government says? Get a grip on your freedom nads.

  186. Actually, the big problem is the front end of was developed by one company of Obama contributors. The back end was outsourced to a Canadian company (there are no American web development companies, you see). And the two ends don’t talk very well.

    You can get pure crap from the private sector, if you don’t really know what you want, are constantly interfering with the development process, channel work to political contributors, and divide it up in awkward ways.

  187. Anonymous says:

    constantly interfering with the development process, channel work to political contributors, and divide it up in awkward ways

    So you have evidence of this, or are you just making s–t up?

  188. TexasAnnie says:

    Gerard /Gaius:

    I’ve already told you that I quit paying my Libertarian Party dues when Bob Barr happened to the national party in 2008. Although the Texas Party is generally on track, they have not taken a strong, public stand on women’s procreative rights and thus, I do not surrender dues here in Texas either.
    It is you, Gerard, WHO is laughing at your own idiocy every time you set up the strawman of calling me a Libertarian and then denouncing me for not abiding the party line…

    I never was a greedy SOB; I have always sought economic & social justice; and I still admire the Libertarian school of thought I sought out before. Problem is: We can’t get to Libertarianism from where we are and the Dems & Repubs won’t budge! There’s just too many people like YOU out there voting to maintain our status injustice.

  189. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Gerard and Gaius are two different people, thanks.

    For my part, I am a dues paying member of the national Libertarian Party.

  190. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is the one who said uninsured people are a problem and their lack of insurance is killing them. Obama also said he was going to fix the problem. Obama did not want any advice from other people, so he now owns the problem. As of October 1st, anybody who dies from lack of insurance is on Obama’s head. The buck stops with him. If he was too lazy, stupid, or incompetent to make sure his signature program worked, that’s his problem. He owns it. You guys want to misdirect the conversation and declare victory, but there’s this little thing called follow-through, and results. Right now, The One is an abject failure.

  191. Anonymous says:

    lazy, stupid, or incompetent

    That describes Macdaddy who can’t even take the time to use Google to discover that insurance coverage doesn’t begin until next year, not October 1.

    You really need to get back on your meds and stop wasting our time on this site.

  192. Anonymous says:

    Poor people are fat because they can’t afford decent, healthy meals. The eat the cheapest crap they can find, not Ho Hos, those are expensive. Cheap food is fattening. But knowing that would require you to actually do something than reverse the digestive process and bless us with your output.

  193. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Anon @ 7:43 PM – Gerard, like many people in and out of the Academe, works his ass off, for low pay and no thanks.

    As for you, dear Anon, somebody pays you. Be grateful. And let me be the first to say STFU and get back to whatever passes for your work.

  194. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 6:55, you’re wasting your own time responding to me. Obama is a failure. He’s killing people with his incompetence. He wanted this job but just can’t do the job. I know you’ll try to help him out by trying to deflect blame elsewhere, but he will be responsible for the wholesale destruction of our medical system. Why don’t you just face facts? Obama doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

  195. Anonymous says:

    Facts? You consider your delusions facts. Really should get some help.

    Gaius, university faculty pay is not at all shabby. And university professors I knew only had to teach two classes a semester.

  196. Anonymous says:

    Hell, GayAss, ahem, excuse me, Gerard, doesn’t even teach that much. He spends all day doing research — into Angry Birds.

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