Why is Festersen in for #NE02?

Pete Festersen 03At 10:30 pm, on Saturday night, Democrat Pete Festersen announced he is going to run for the Democrat nomination (ha!) for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat.

(What do you think of Festersen’s chances of taking that nomination? We’ve been told constantly about how fragile Lee Terry’s hold is on that seat, so there MUST be more Democrats coming out of the woodwork to vie for that coveted Dem spot, yeah?)

But back to Festersen.

10:30 on a Saturday night for the big announcement, huh?

And this, of course, just a few weeks after he had given a definitive “No can do!” to a proposed run. He could do better on the City Council! His kids are too young!
So what changed his mind?

Well, let us look at his clearly well thought out and incisive announcement press release:…all three sentences of it.

“There’s widespread dissatisfaction with Congress and its inability to address our nation’s challenges.

Change is needed and we need people in Washington who can work together to get things done.

That’s been my track record in business and in public service and will be my approach to cutting spending, growing our economy, and protecting seniors.”

Yeah. That’s it.

So let us go back on ALL of that.

“There’s widespread dissatisfaction with Congress.” Yeah? Is that right? Because we remember just a few weeks…no months…no years…no decades…no centuries, when the citizens of the United States were just in L-U-V with Congress.
Why here’s a great political cartoon from 1856 which gives a fine representation of what the local paper thought of some Congressmen:

1860 political cartoon 01

By golly, maybe that Pete Festersen is ON to something!

So Festersen tells us that “Change!” is needed.
Well then. Must have been some long thought-out brain-storming in the e-smoke filled room to come up with THAT theme.
He tells us that he has a TRACK record for getting “Change” and yadda yadda yadda.

And we hear that none other than Mr. Change and Get Along himself, Vice-President Joe Biden (of the Camp David Bidens), called Festersen to convince him to run.

So…Festersen is frustrated by the stalemate Washington yeah?
And he had the #2 man in the WHOLE administration on the line, BEGGING him to run, yeah?

So apparently we MISSED what it was then that Festersen said to Joe Biden to convince him to negotiate with Congress to end the stalemate, right?
Because we read in Festersen’s bio what a a successful business and government dude he is, so he MUST have said SOMETHING to the Veep in that moment of opportunity on Friday night.
Right Pete?

Tell us, pleeze, that you took a call from the man just a heart-beat away from being the most POWERFUL man in Washington and Delaware combined, at this time of CRISIS in our country, and said SOMETHING to him about getting our Republic over this hump.

Or did Pete and Joe just jabber on about politics?

Though, of course, we’re sure that Vice President Biden and President Obama will otherwise consult regularly with a Freshman Member of Congress.


So let’s see.

Festersen has been in politics for umpteen years.
Worked for Mayor Mike Fahey.
On the City Council.
Must have his index and middle finger resting on the turned up wrist of Nebraska’s 2nd District!

So his position on THE issue of the day, Obamacare is…

“Festersen declined to talk about federal issues…”


Festersen used to work in the healthcare industry. He must be nominally aware of insurance companies and jobs leaving Nebraska because of the Obamacare disaster.
And nothing?

And by the way, if all it takes is a phone call from Joe Biden to get him to run for Congress, then we will just assume that he would be a solid water-carrier for Biden and his boss.
We can assume that he’ll be on board with Obamacare and whatever else the Dems have in store.

And of course, he would be a solid vote for a Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Of course we remember the last time the Democrats had the House of Representatives.

And they (and Senator Ben “Cornhusker Kickback” Nelson) gave us Obamacare.


But hey, the Dems are just pleased and punchy about Festersen.
Because Lee Terry had close races in 2008 and 2012!
Which…were…Presidential election years, we’re pretty sure…

So how about those OFF years, of 2010 and 2006, which are more likely better comparisons for 2014?
Well, in 2006, Terry beat his Democrat challenger by 10%.
And then four years later, in the next off-year election, Terry beat the formidable Democrat Tom White by 20%


Hey, we don’t think Terry is any more invincible than lots of other candidates. Just ask our current Senator Bob Kerrey and Governor Tom Osborne.
But we do know Terry will continue to work hard for his district and never take any election for granted.

But we are always just a little curious when some types get overly excited about a candidate.
But hey. Pete Festersen.
Rock on.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Congressman Terry will beat him. Any conservative tempted by Festerson needs to consider one thing–when push comes to shove, how would Festerson vote? We know–as a liberal Democrat, a guaranteed vote for Pelosi on all material matters. That is exactly what he has done on the council. Festerson would be tough to beat if he got in there given the nearly 50/50 R vs. D split in the district. Time to rally around Congressman Terry.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Remember, Obamacare was going to get more popular the more speeches Obama gave about it.

    BTW, did Festerson happen to notice that while he won his little district, handily I might add, overall, the liberal part of the 2nd district elected Jean Stothert. Handily in her case, too. But I’m sure that when the business mandates come on line next year we will be singing Obama’s praises.

  3. Anti Ginger Defamation League says:

     I have to take exception to your ginger bashing. You have clearly never taken a ginger sensitivity course. Your outrageous classification of McGill and Esch being full on Gingers is misguided at best. Clearly to the trained eye McGill is a full on extreme ginger while Esch has a mild to moderate case of the gingers. Now let’s take a moment to end other ginger non-truths so we can build a bridge of understanding.
    Gingers have no soul? A: That is actually dirty pigment challenged albinos
    Gingers smell like haggas? A: untrue
    Gingers can predict the future when their belly is rubbed? A: There is no proof to that however many gingers are quite good at scrabble
    Gingers left in the sun long enough will have a chemical reaction and spontaneously combust? A: partially true
    The underpinning of Agenda 21 is primarily to get Gingers in positions of power under the guise of enviromenatally sound construction and development policy? A: No comment
    Thanks again

  4. Anonymous says:

    A Democrat is urged to run for the Senate by the Vice President of the United States. A Republican is urged to run for Governor by GOD Himself.
    Ahhhhhh, Nebraska – The Good Life!

  5. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    So let me get this straight:

    Festersen first decides not to run in an off Presidential election year with a VERY unpopular President. The President’s barking dog Joe Biden (a very popular politician in Nebraska I assume) then calls and convinces Festersen to run and he changes his mind. His reason? He wants “change” in Washington but beyond changing personnel, does not say what he stands for.

    Haven’t we heard this song and dance before?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Festerson wants Change! in Washington, huh? Lemme see. Whose party currently controls the White House and the Senate? Which party has controlled the House for most of the last 50 years. So Festerson wants Change! He’s not making a strong argument for himself.

  7. Sonny says:

    After a faux pas by Terry, this is the thrust of his seeking office
    Festerson backed Julliette Mora after the city attorney said her residency was not valid then suggesting changing the rules of MECA members, after the state AG investigated and came to the same conclusion, crickets, then with Ashford and Pete a move to clarify the rules of MECA board, where if he would have waited, as Stothert did, he could have maybe made a better judgement?

  8. Pete says:

    Future Festersen campaign employee quote:

    “Lee may have won, but we dominated online.”

    Later on, that “online domination” and $1.25 will buy that (former) campaign employee a jelly doughnut.

  9. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    I guess the Democrats are feeling their oats because they’re “winning” (read: “are hated slightly less”) the shutdown/ceiling issue. But by November of 2014 it’s (that is at least the current incarnation of it) will be forgotten. Terry’s latest gaffe (though some may follow) will likely be over. I believe that only one Democrat has run twice in a row against Terry. Esch did surprisingly well getting 45% of the vote in 2006 and probably would have won in 2008 but for the negative (not unfair) ads against him with the 2 DUI’s. Strategically this doesn’t make a lot of sense unless they think they have a very strong contender in 2016 when turnout will be high with a Presidential election and no incumbent.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nebraskans aren’t as stupid as you think, Somewhere. They’re going to remember exactly how damned stupid the GOP was and they will remember that Terry, Fortenberry, and Smith were very deeply involved in the blame. Sasse has already cast his lot with the Tea Bag Idiots and will by next year be scorned as as a pariah in the same league as Palin and Cruz. The Democrats will certainly be using every dime that the Buffets and Hollands give them to remind those that have short memories.
    After having blasted both of their feet off, the GOP will still be hobbling around on crutches a year from now. The humane thing will be to put them out of their, and our, misery.

  11. Interested Observer says:

    I just read an article that describes how Senator Susan Collins of Maine and several other women Senators came up with the plan that is now being negotiated that could re-open the federal government and avoid a credit default. It said, in part, “The Republican women involved in the compromise represented three of their party’s four female members. (Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska did not participate.)”

  12. Interested Observer says:

    Another sentence from that article states, “Together the three women started a bipartisan group whose negotiating framework formed the centerpiece of a tentative Senate deal nearing completion Monday to reopen the federal government and avert a disastrous default.”

  13. Hooray For Ricky! says:

    I’m sure Ricky is happy to see that his buddy “Ricky Lite” Dennis Crawford will run against Fortenberry. That should be entertaining.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    First Govt worker unions, and now the liberal media, realize Obamacare is a flop. It is ugly sausage
    But that’s not the big surprise. The big surprise is how House Republicans manage to come off looking worse than Obama.

    Congress and Obama exempted welfare (bums) from sequester years ago while targeting our military and disabled vets for starvation. Right then you knew that everyone running our government doesn’t have a clue what a nation needs to survive.

    Obama recently exempted the active military from shut down pay stoppages. However, on Nov. 1st, war vets with no arms or legs will find their funds stopped. The GOP House is proud to be seen as it having caused the shut down. Powerful veterans groups that are normally conservative are threatening to throttle the GOP House.

    But let us be clear. The armless, legless wounded were always lower on our government’s list than bums on welfare. So too were our active military defenders. It is as if most incumbents in public office have never read our Constitution or had to defend themselves. About 80% of them indeed haven’t.

    It turns out that Liberals prioritize spending as stupidly as Conservatives priorities saving. And most of us here who observe this bad sausage-making simply ignore the rat feces they feed us, while instead we argue the fine points of principle and policy, as if we get to choose between a quality Bratwurst over a Ballpark frank.

    That bad taste in your mouth is rat sh*t. So at a minimum, it is time to change the cooks.

  15. Anonymous says:

    What is so surprising about people that behave like petulant children coming off “looking worse than Obama?”
    Seriously, “… targeting our military and disabled vets for starvation,” has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve read here of late. The military-industrial complex and the fat capitalists that suck our treasury down to the marrow are doing just fine, thank you very much. If the grunts are suffering it is more due to the billion dollar bonuses the defense contractor CEOs get than any other thing. Don’t say Eisenhower didn’t warn you.

  16. The military-industrial complex and the fat capitalists that suck our treasury down to the marrow are doing just fine, thank you very much.

    Oh good, a commie. We haven’t had one of those in a while.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Gerard, for the sake of transparency, WORKS for the military-industrial complex. That is, when he’s not writing bullshit on political blogs on our dime no less. Typical hypocrite.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    How is trying to force Obama to make rational and reasonable decisions acting like a petulant child? Petulant children scream “I want it!” and don’t care when their parents say it costs too much or is bad for them. Petulant children don’t say “Spend less!” and “Don’t enact policies that will sink the economy!”

  19. Anonymous says:

    MD, if you knew one thing about Economics or had the ability to read or listen to what experts say (none on Faux News), you’d understand that the current Republican prescription for the economy (i.e. austerity through sequester) is “sinking the economy”. Macroecomic Advisors estimates that these policies have probably cut economic growth in half this year.

    All this idiocy, promulgated by writers on this blog and Republicans in Congress, is simply disgusting.

  20. Gerard, for the sake of transparency, WORKS for the military-industrial complex. That is, when he’s not writing bullshit on political blogs on our dime no less.

    I can’t simultaneously be working for the military industrial complex and be on your dime, can I, simpleton?

  21. Idiots like Krugman predicted austerity would ruin Ireland. It did not. He claimed it would ruin the UK. It did not. The UK’s annual GDP growth rate is approximately the same as ours, while we’re deficit spending out the wazoo, and running up the tab for our grandchildren.

    Hint; if your deficit is 4% of GDP, you’re not practicing austerity.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, “How is trying to force Obama to make rational and reasonable decisions acting like a petulant child?? Very simple, the GOP Caucus in the House is screaming, holding its breath, and if all the polls are right – don’t care that it is bad for them — and us. The American people indicated they wanted the ACA by re-electing President Obama. The retards that lost are willing to take our nation, and the global economy, down just because they lost and don’t like it.

    Gerard, “I can’t simultaneously be working for the military industrial complex and be on your dime, can I, simpleton?” Who in the hell do you think the military industrial complex gets its money FROM, Gerard? For a “smart” guy you sure are stupid.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Proffesor Harbison is always blogging when he should be working. Has for him being “smart” ask one of his students they’ll tell you how worthless. He reqlly is.

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 1:36, pray tell, what economic theory is Obama trying to follow? It isn’t Keynesian. It certainly isn’t supply-side nor even Krugmanian. It’s more a combination of cronyism, political patronage, and some weird Southern European brand of socialism that was rejected by all of Europe except Greece. Despite his earlier economic delusions, Obama did sign off on the sequester, so I hope you are also disgusted by his current “austerity” (lol) prescription.

  25. Oh look, the Chair of Chairs of the Nebraska Democrat Party is back at his anonymous libelous bullying again.

    Why don’t you go find the Dems a Senate candidate, Bud? Or alternatively, take Rosetta Stone English as a Foreign Language.

  26. Millward Brown Digital estimates that 36 K people signed up for insurance via healthcare.gov in the first two weeks. That’s less than 1% of the number who visited the site.

    The good news for Cubs fans is the Cubs are projected to win a World Series before all the people projected to sign up actually do sign up. The bad news for Cubs fans is you’ll all be dead by then, and probably all the sooner because Obama destroyed the US health care system.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hint; if your deficit is 4% of GDP, you’re not practicing austerity.

    It is if you are coming out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Stick to what you know, not what you think you know.

  28. Really? says:

    “It is if you are coming out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Stick to what you know, not what you think you know.”

    Same could be said for diving head first into Obamacare right now…

  29. I have a couple of good friends who are experts on database access from website front ends, and they say the ObamaCare front end is so awful, the database may already be compromised. They strongly advise against anyone giving these imbeciles a SSN.

    On the bright side, if you’re shopping on healthcare.gov, you probably don’t have much for an identity thief to take.

  30. Anonymous says:

    You don’t know crap about economics. We’re 4 years after the bottom of the recession. We should be booming right now.

    I’ll assume you know crap about Chemistry but not much else. We’re not “booming” because we the government spent too little in stimulating the economy to hasten a quicker recovery. it was also a very deep hole. But you don’t have to believe me. There are a large majority of competent economists that will back me up. (And a few ideologue quacks that may not.) I’ll take their word over an incompetent Chemistry professor that knows way less than he thinks.

  31. BWAHAHA! We spent a trillion dollars on stimulating the economy, just in the stimulus, and because nominally post-stimulus spending never returned to near the baseline, probably closer to $3 tn total. Deficits were $1.4 tn in FY 2009; $1.2 tn in 2010; $1.3 tn in 2011; and $1.1 tn in 2012. What would you propose; that we have doubled these, and run a $10 tn deficit over the four year period?

    It’s not quantum mechanics or anything difficult, sport, it’s arithmetic. As for economics, its predictive value is close to zero.

    The UK did austerity instead of stimulus, and yet currently has close to the same rate of GDP growth. Explain that, oh second coming of John Maynard Keynes.

  32. Anonymostly says:

    Hey Sweeper, when are you coming out with an update to announce that Dennis the Leavenworth Street Menace has announced he’s going to run for Congress (be this cycle’s sacrificial lamb on behalf of the Democrats) against Jeff Fortenberry?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Gerard pretends to understand economics but hasn’t a clue where the money that funds his chemo/military research originates. Evidently he’s never heard of grants.

  34. Ricky says:

    One would really have to have their head up their butt to support Mr Terry in 2014. If making America look like a third world country and ruining the economy and bragging about your nice house in the process is not reason enough to send Mr Terry packing then the NE district 2 Repubs are as clueless as Michelle Bachmann.
    7 terms for Mr Terry is way more than he deserved anyway, and to re-elect him after this debacle would make us look just as bad as the GOP led House looks now.
    Please readers of L St don’t put Terry back just because he has an “R” after his name. Wake up dunderheads.

    ricky from omaha

  35. Anonymous says:

    (Reuters) – Britain’s economy grew at its fastest pace in three years in the second quarter, probably helped by a one-off tax change, but business investment fell, raising some questions about the recovery’s prospects.

    2012 U.S. GDP growth rate: 2.2%
    2012 UK GDP growth rate: 0.3%
    0.3 < 2.2

    That's Gerard's math lesson for today.

    He's the most dishonest person on this site, and that's saying something. It's very easy to prove anything when you cherry pick the data. I only waste time responding to prove GH's credibility is approaching zero.

  36. Anonymous says:

    We need NPPD to harness all of Gerard’s hot air. He alone produces more of it than the Unicameral when it is in session.

  37. anonymous says:

    Why does a conservative like Sen. Lautenbaugh insist on the state intervening with OPS (again) when every good conservative knows that local control is better control? Frankly, I think the learning community (which to this point has proven useless) is better suited for the type of regulation/benchmark that Lautenbaugh seeks. In fact, yes. I’ll double down on that. Why doesn’t he task his friend Justin Wayne with implementing the benchmarks?

  38. @50: 2012 is not ‘currently’. Maybe you need a new calendar. Or a dictionary.

    Price Waterhouse Cooper projects 1.6% growth for the US in 2013 (that’s this year, not last year); 1.3% for the UK.

  39. Gerard pretends to understand economics but hasn’t a clue where the money that funds his chemo/military research originates.

    My chemo-military research? BWAHAHAHA!

    Stop lying about me, asshole.

  40. Anonymous says:

    #53, read the context.in italics. probably helped by a one-off tax change Meaning that this blip up in GDP will not be sustained, especially with business investment falling. So the question for Gerard is, are you really so dense in subjects outside your competency (i.e. Chemistry), or are you just acting dense because you don’t want to admit you’re wrong? By the way, UK GDP 2013 Q1 is 0.3%, Q2 is 0.7%.

  41. Spewing insults won’t help you, 55, particularly since they’re so poorly backed up by numbers, which you don’t understand anyway. Those are not annualized numbers. The UK posts GDP growth by quarter compared with the previous quarter.

    I suggest you look at the OECD numbers for the second quarter. The numbers are 0.6% UK, 0.4% US. The first quarter numbers were 0.3% for both.

    Google “Quarterly National Accounts – GDP Growth – Second Quarter 2013, OECD”

  42. Anonymous says:

    Gerard spews insults every chance he gets. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it. He’s a typical maladjusted schoolyard bully that deserves to have one of his victims’ older brothers give him a debilitating wedgie.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Obamacare still stands. The GOP is enjoying a record setting low esteem from American citizens. Gerard is getting spanked on Leavenworth Street. It is a good day indeed.
    I can’t wait for the 2014 elections to see whether Nebraska’s voters will have finally come to their senses or if they’ll still be fighting to do what isn’t in their own best interests.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry Harbison. You are “winning” the same way Charlie Sheen did. In your dreams.

    Shouldn’t you be working?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Posting anonymously on political blogs indicates a healthy sense of self preservation. Posting under your real name only indicates that you are a blowhard and an egomaniac. Hell, even Sweeper knows that!

  46. ObamaCare still stands? LOL! It’s a complete disaster. Maybe you should read a newspaper.

    In case you haven’t been following, I just posted and sourced the most widely respected numbers on GDP growth to prove my case. And they do prove my case. So far, just crickets in response. Chirp, chirp, chirp.

    Note that when we reduced deficit spending by just 40%, this year, our pathetic, credit-driven ‘recovery’, pretty limp at its peak, went completely flaccid. Note to all you L-street economist wannabes; you can always increase your apparent personal wealth using a credit card…until the bill arrives.

    Now back to discovering the origin of life.

  47. Anonymous says:

    GH, I’ve played this game with you before. You’re good at it, pulling up numbers which aren’t what you say they are. The Commerce Department data released in August showed annualized GDP for 2013 Q2 at 2.5%, which would be 0.625% for the quarter. And you’ve pretty much agreed with me as to the effect of “austerity” in post #65.

    Your OECD data shows a spike in the UK data for the Q2. It’s an outlier, probably brought about by the on-off tax change I mentioned earlier. Over the last 2 years, and before we started our own austerity program with the sequester, the UK had quarters with negative GDP, something that never happened in the US. Your argument is solely based on predictions and an outlying data point.

  48. Even after the revised numbers, US GDP growth still doesn’t match the UK’s growth, which was also raised on revision to 2.9% annualized. As for the speculations about why the UK has been doing better, since economists’ predictions don’t work, their post facto rationalizations are of equal value. A more pertinent fact (as opposed to speculation) is that home prices in the UK are now above what they were before the recession. OECD predicts 3.7% annualized Q3-2013 growth and 3.2% annualized Q4-2013 growth for the UK versus 2.5% and 2.7% US, which suggests it’s not just a one-off.

    No, I don’t agree with you about austerity. We didn’t need Keynes to tell us that borrowing money to buy stuff gets you more stuff. Just doing that doesn’t work, because you have to pay the money back, with interest. Keynes thesis was that borrowing stuff to buy stuff is accompanied by a multiplier. The problem is that the multiplier is far more difficult to calculate, and really depends on how you spend the money. Spending money giving loans to the companies of campaign contributors, which shortly later go bankrupt, resulting in all the stuff you bought being sold at fire-sale prices, does not do the job. Tearing up roads and putting in new ones does not do the job. We are not borrowing to build manufacturing equipment. We are borrowing to pay entitlements, which are being spent on Chinese-manufactured iPhones.

    US GDP growth was dropping before the sequester. Q4 2012 had zero growth. And remember, we raised taxes in January. The sequester didn’t start until March.

  49. Interested Observer says:

    It might be interesting to see how our Nebraska Congressional Delegation votes on the bill tonight. I don’t necessarily expect all 5 to vote the same way.

  50. Interested Observer says:

    Eighteen Republicans vote against the Senate deal to reopen the government — including all three major potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates: Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

    The others were Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Cornyn (Tex.), Mike Crapo (Idaho), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Dean Heller (Nev.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mike Lee (Utah), Jim Risch (Idaho), Pat Roberts (Kan.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Jeff Sessions (Ala.), Richard Shelby (Ala.), Pat Toomey (Pa.) and David Vitter (La.).

  51. Anonymous says:

    “Cluck cluck cluck.”
    Quite possibly the most intelligent dialogue you’ll ever hear from the overinflated ego of the RWP.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Now Gerard envisions himself as a rooster! As I implied before … too many hours playing Angry Birds, not enough time working for UNL on the taxpayers’ dimes.

  53. Nah, 80, you really didn’t understand that post, so why did you reply? Oh yeah, because you got used to being called stupid in first grade, and so didn’t mind.

    I know you like to think of UNL professors as some sort of communal slaves, but we work until 9:24 comparatively rarely. I haven’t done that since Sunday last.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Who mentioned what you were doing NOW, Mr. Harbison? You’ve been on here all day long. Don’t you have some papers to grade or something?

  55. Some more stats on austerity. The UK announced this morning that an all time record number of citizens are employed, and the labor force participation rate (as a percentage of population) is at a post-2008 high. Meanwhile, as most economically literate people know, the US civilian labor force participation rate has been dropping throughout our so-called recovery, and is now 63.2%, as opposed to 65.8% when Obama took office. The UK rate rose from 70.7% to 71.5% over the same period.

    You have to be careful comparing the numbers directly, because the UK classifies anyone over 64 as being out of the labor force, but the trends are clear. The stimulus was nothing more than a snort of coke (a metaphor Obama could appreciate); we bartered our long term economic prospects for a short term boost.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    “Obamacare still stands.” You’re right. Now open your wallet and start forking over the money. Oh, and BTW, the doctor won’t see you now.

    One more thing: were you able to coordinate your schedules at McDonald’s and Burger King? I sure hope so. Twenty-nine hours a week makes for a lousy paycheck, don’t it?

  57. Young voter says:

    Well it seems the republicans forced a shutdown for nothing. Not a single thing they were after was achieved. To me it does not seem like this was a very well planned idea. 144 republicans vote against reopening the goverment. It took all the democrats and 87 republicans to reopen. Fischer,Terry, Fortenberry and Smith all did about faces and voted to reopen the goverment after they voted shut it down. Does not sound like much leadership to me.

    To #90 really flirting on myspace. Who uses Myspace anymore.

  58. Anonymous says:

    ” Twenty-nine hours a week makes for a lousy paycheck, don’t it?”
    You said it as if you took pride in the fact that your Republican cronies so cheerily take advantage of America’s working class by enslaving them into low paying, government subsidized labor that provides little chance of ever escaping to something better.
    The United States is fast becoming a nation of wage slaves. The Walton family alone sucks in as much of America’s wealth as the lower 42% of Americans make. And you sound proud of that fact, Macdaddy. I hope you get a really painful case of gout, compounded by excruciating hemorrhoids and blistering boils. Hopefully no doctor with any human compassion will see you, realizing that you were only receiving your just comeuppance.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you 91, for wishing illness on any other person. There is such a thing as karma. Think of those whom you love the most in your life and imagine someone wishing on them what you wish upon others. And why? Because they differ with you on which public policy our incumbents will screw up anyway. You need to grow up and see how horrible you act, like a child pulling wings off flies. Good for SS calling you on it.

  60. Midland Supporter says:

    I’m tired of people trashing President Sasse. He single handedly saved Midland and balanced the books. It was nothing short of a miracle that we landed him as president. Ben Sasse will do for the nation what he did for Midland.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Surgeons agree that the easiest people to operate on are Politicians. “There’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine, plus the head and arse are interchangeable.”

  62. Anonymous says:

    So you think Congress behaves badly today? Take a another look at the above lithograph.

    In 1856, Democratic House Rep. Preston Brooks snuck up behind GOP U. S. Senator Charles Sumner who was busy writing at his desk in the Senate chamber. Before Sumner could rise to defend himself, the Democratic Congressman beat in Sumner’s skull with a gold headed cane. Sumner fell in a pool of blood, rolled under the desk, which was then ripped from the floor as the Democrat continued to strike the unarmed Republican who, blinded by his own blood, managed to stagger up the aisle where he collapsed into unconsciousness. There Brooks continued to beat the motionless Sumner until the Democrat’s cane broke in two, at which point he left the chamber. Several other Senators tried to help Sumner but were held off at gunpoint by a pistol wielding Democratic Rep. Lawrence Keitt who shouted, “Let them be!” in the hope of letting Brooks murder the helpless Senator. Two years later, in 1858, the same Democrat Rep. Keitt attempted to choke to death Republican Rep. Galusha Grow, later House Speaker Grow, on the House floor.

    The cane wielding Brooks claimed he “meant no disrespect to the Senate of the United States” by trying to beat Sumner to death in the floor of the Senate. The House refused to expel Brooks.

    However, Brooks was denounced by Republican Rep. Anson Burlingame, whom Brooks immediately challenged to a duel to the death, apparently unaware that the Republican was a crack shot. The Republican agreed to the duel and showed up. The Democrat agreed but didn’t show up.

    See, things haven’t changed that much.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Are you trying to make a point, #98, by attaching party labels to each person in your story? Maybe the point is that you’re ignorant of history. In the mid-19th century, the Republican party was more like today’s Democrats and vice-versa. Just read the party platforms of the day.

  64. Shame you shut that down, Sweeper. I was very entertained at one of our Progressive, Reality-Based Posters doing the medieval cursing thang on Macdaddy. “May you be infested with festering, suppurating pustules, and all manner of parasitic worms, and may your nether regions become infected with leprous patches”

    The veneer of reason on these primitive souls is so thin. A little provocation, and it’s time for the Spanish Inquisition (cue Cardinal Fang).

  65. Macdaddy says:

    91, why are you mad at me? Obama wrote those regulations, not me. He said anybody over 30 hours a week was full-time (something that isn’t true even in France). Why aren’t you mad at him for not seeing the obvious work-around by owners and managers to keep costs down? You’re pissy because you think this was a bug. It wasn’t. It was a feature to ultimately bring about Obama’s real goal: universal government healthcare. This was all Obama’s doing and you should be happy to serve The One’s agenda by getting 2 jobs to make up for the lost revenue. Hey, be thankful that because of smart business owners, they found a way to stay in business and give you a job.

    The rest of your post is just hilarious and shows you have no grasp of reality. Are you going to visit a witch doctor and get a voodoo doll of me? You’ll need to know what I look like for that: Tom Selleck probably comes closest. Of course, since I look like Tom Selleck, the doctors will treat me just fine.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, if the government made 40 hours a week the requirement to be considered full time, all of your Republican capitalist pals would only hire people for 39 hours a week. If it were 70 hours a week, they’d only employ them for 69. A company can hire employees and treat them right, or it can decide to pay the big bosses huge bonuses and screw the workers. We know which you would chose to do.

  67. Macdaddy says:

    105, Business owners don’t have to do whatever is right in your eyes, they only have to do what is legal. They legally are avoiding a huge business cost that Obama tried to put on them. If Obama had wanted to, he would have figured out how to still make them pay that cost. They would have gone out of business and you would have no job, but hey, the business owners would be on welfare just like you then. Happy, comrade?

    There were 45 million uninsured non-elderly people in this country before Obamacare. Because of the Obamacare requirements, 16 million people just lost their insurance and will have to sign up on-line now. That’s 61 million uninsured now, a number that won’t go down anytime soon because of Obama’s incompetence. This is what you get when you hire a community organizer to run something serious. Own it, liberal. You did build that.

  68. @105 If you want to regulate the fiendish eeevil capitalists, you have to be smarter than them. In this case, ‘smarter’ would be not to use a hard cut off, but to scale the requirement in gradually as a function of hours worked. Of course, that will be even more of a regulatory burden, and reduce business productivity still further, but who cares about that, eh?

  69. IO:

    Not every activity has the primary function of teaching or learning. But I learned nothing, because I already knew establishment Republicans have no commitment to fiscal sanity or limited government. OK, I was a little surprised by the $3 bn kickback to McConnell in the bill, but only that he was so obvious about it.

  70. Anonymous says:

    100, you seem to be amazingly ignorant about party labels and race for someone pointing fingers at others.

    Which party do you think owns America’s Black voters today? And have those Black voters been better off with Democrats? Better off with a Democratic “Black” President? Have you seen this Democratic run government’s statistics on Black American incarceration rates, unemployment, violent crime, victimization by other Blacks, and drop out rates?

    The Democratic Party has always been about owning blacks, from Jefferson to today. After slavery ended, the Democratic Party created Jim Crow laws. And then when Civil Rights was advanced by Truman and Eisenhower for Equal Opportunity, Liberal Democrats managed to twist that into a patronizing, debilitating, socially weakening, racist Affirmative Action that cripples by addicting Black voters to a bizarrely impossible idea that they deserve to be pitied and respected at the same time. It certainly has not helped Blacks but to become much other than Democratic Party vote slaves.

    The Democratic Party is what it was, bunch of rich white guys who use black Americans like toilet paper. But, by all means, deem yourself to be above that. But in fact, Democrats have always felt they were helping the Black skins they owned. Black Americans are still Democratic Party property.

  71. Ricky says:

    Mr Lee Terry’s conclusion, that shutting down the government to defund Obamacare was a good idea, came after a summer of town hall meetings in his district. Blame some of those he listened to at those meetings for the disastrous outcome for the GOP and the country.
    I don’t know who it was Terry was listening to, but perhaps it was Doug Kagan of that crazy tax group, Birther Bryan Baumgart, Jim Vokal and Pete Ricketts of the Koch funded institute that nobody pays any attention to, or it could have been Senator Loserbaugh and Justin Wayne, or gun loving Navy veteran Charlie Janssen, or Tony No Relation Fulton, or maybe Mean Jean and her boss Hal Daub, whomever it was, they deserved some blame.
    The Republican party image was damaged, it benefits the Democrats, but it harmed the country more. So stand up BBB and the others and make your claim as Lee Terry’s advisors.

    ricky from omaha

  72. Anonymous says:

    #109, your rant is completely a fabrication of your fevered mind and has no basis in reality. Turn off your right-wing media.

  73. Anonymous says:

    ” ‘Twenty-nine hours a week makes for a lousy paycheck, don’t it?’
    You said it as if you took pride in the fact that your Republican cronies so cheerily take advantage of America’s working class by enslaving them into low paying, government subsidized labor that provides little chance of ever escaping to something better.
    The United States is fast becoming a nation of wage slaves. The Walton family alone sucks in as much of America’s wealth as the lower 42% of Americans make.”

    Really? Do we have to have this discussion again? It never ceases to amaze me that knee-jerk liberals continue to think that wealth creation is a zero sum game and that every dollar possessed by a Walton is a dollar unavailable for the poor. Facepalm.

  74. Anonymous says:

    And some people are so naive as to believe that their beliefs are reality. Just look at the statistics over the last several decades. The very wealthy becoming much richer while middle class income is stagnating. Cutting tax rates on the wealthy does not necessarily result in wealth creation but it does result in wealth transfer, which is a zero sum game. The uber-rich want you to keep believing in the mantra that the more they keep, the wealthier we’ll all become. That’s a plantation mentality.

  75. Anonymostly says:

    Sweeper, this is the talk of NEBRASKA politics but still no update on occasional Leavenworth Street poster Dennis declaring his candidacy to challenge Jeff Fortenberry for Congress in the First CD. I think this is momentous news. When was the last time a Leavenworth Street poster declared his candidacy for a major national office?

    And to think we knew him back when he was just a petty annoyance posting as “Dennis” on this very blog.

  76. Anonymostly says:

    P.S. on the Dennis Crawford guy declaring for Congress: Funny that the Fortenberry campaign might be able to use the LS archives to do their opposition research on his presumptive general election foe.

    Hey, Dennis, how do you feel about the Keystone XL pipeline?

    And, Dennis, haven’t you made your feelings quite known about Obamacare? Seem to recall an exchange with you here wherein you guaranteed this sh!t sandwich known as Obamacare would be a wonderful, deficit neutral blessing for the American people. How do you feel about Obamacare now, Dennis?

  77. Anonymostly says:

    “And some people are so naive as to believe that their beliefs are reality. Just look at the statistics over the last several decades. The very wealthy becoming much richer while middle class income is stagnating. Cutting tax rates on the wealthy does not necessarily result in wealth creation but it does result in wealth transfer, which is a zero sum game. The uber-rich want you to keep believing in the mantra that the more they keep, the wealthier we’ll all become. That’s a plantation mentality.”

    And that, my friends, is why we call them “libtards.”

  78. hesdeadjim says:

    So, according to NE watchdog, whose source includes FEC reports:

    Shane Osborn raised a little under $101K from Nebraskans.
    Ben Sasse raised over $400,000 from Nebraskans. Yes, Ben Sasse not only raised almost 2.5 times more than Osborn, he raised more from Nebraskans than Osborn did all together. That is a very impressive number indeed!

    Bart McLeay raised a tidy sum as well, as is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

    Ben Sasse is turning heads as people start to realize that we need Ben Sasse and we need his thorough knowledge of policy and the intricacies of DHHS. Ben Sasse will make all of the right votes AND play a major roll in shaping policy. That what Nebraska deserves! We deserve a Senator who will shape policy instead of chill on the sidelines and take a dive when it most counts. Other candidates, we can’t count on for much other than voting with leadership and hiring friends as staff.

  79. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, libtard at 12:19, define “last several decades.”

    Thanks in advance for answering. And then I’ll have some follow-ups.

  80. Anonymostly says:

    “Bart McLeay raised a tidy sum as well …”

    From whom?

    You mentioned “Nebraskans” for both Sasse and Osborn. You didn’t say where McLeay got his.

  81. Do the libs believe their own hype? says:

    Any reasonably honest and intelligent person knew the stimulus wasn’t going to stimulate. A bunch of money in the hands of government bureaucrats isn’t going to be allocated efficiently. It’ll just get thrown around. Wasted. And spent on things like political correctness manuals for all employees of Omaha Public Schools. Like I said, wasted. So, there’s a trillion dollars down the drain.

    Then, along came Obamacare and another bunch of empty promises. And any reasonably honest and intelligent person should have known we’d been sold a bill of goods. I liked my plan but I don’t get to keep it. The cost of compliance is huge. These plans are shockingly expensive. But Obamacare has done NOTHING to improve the delivery of healthcare or to “bend the cost curve downward” which was another of Obama’s promises.

    Total failure. But even liberals had to see this coming. Didn’t they?

  82. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so I’m watching a segment on PBS that basically extols the virtues of the Affordable Care Act and they’re talking about this wonderful provision within the Act that requires insurers to cover 100% of the cost of lung cancer screenings for long time smokers. And the line in the story that makes me laugh is the reporter asking rhetorically, “For the average person who hears that it is now the law that their insurance company has to pay for preventive services, isn’t that something that most people are going to say is a good thing and they’re going to want as part of their health benefits?”

    Um. Yeah. Because the insurance carrier is just going to throw that in there for free and isn’t going to jack up your premiums for cost plus 15% to pay for it. /sarcasm

  83. Anonymous says:

    And if more long time smokers get cancer detected while still easily treatable instead of waiting, health care costs will go down far more than the cost of the tests. Obamacare’s far from perfect. but this is one of many attempts to bend the health cost curve down.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Too bad a public option’s not available. That would eliminate the expensive, unnecessary middleman know as the insurance industry.

  85. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 5:12, once the government sinks its talons firmly into your healthcare, you’ll long for the days when the insurance industry was that expensive, unnecessary middleman you despise.

    You’ll miss the insurance industry.

    The insurance industry is motivated by profit. That means they have to be efficient in order to make money. Government doesn’t care about making money. They can be as inefficient as they choose.

    The insurance industry needs to be competitive. Otherwise you’ll take your business elsewhere. Government doesn’t have to compete. They have you by the short hairs. When government is the only game in town, you’re not going anywhere else. And they know it. They don’t have to please you in order to keep your business. So, pleasing you falls very low on their list of priorities.

    There are places you can go and see what single-payer would look like. It ain’t pretty.

  86. Anonymostly says:

    5:10, the point is that it’s NOT FREE! You’re still paying for it. They make it sound like it’s free but it’s not. The insurance carriers cover the cost of the “free” treatment by charging higher premiums. So, you’re still paying for it.

    And how about people just not smoke? That way we don’t have to cover the “free” lung cancer screenings for chronic smokers. Capital idea!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe you buffoons that hate everything the “government” does. You do realize that the government is you, me, and every other American in this country don’t you? Why do you hate yourselves so much?

  88. Bob Loblaw says:

    No. The government is not you & me anymore. The government has grown now beyond a collective of people who enforce the rights in the constitution. The government is now lifetime bureaucrats who no longer care about how their rules affect the farmer living in Saunders County Nebraska, the small businessman in Lincoln, or the physician teying to practice medicine in Scottsbluff. The government is a people who eavesdrop on our phone calls, look at our internet history, and intercept our e-mails all to protect is from “terrorism”. The government is a group of people, led by our president, who decide who is good and bad without due process and put names on kill lists and kill a teenage American citizen. That isnt the government the way this country was founded on. This is beyond what our founders established.

  89. One more time; most screening does not reduce medical costs. Most preventive care does not reduce medical costs. This does not mean screening and preventive care are bad things. Screening caught an early stage adenocarcinoma in my intestines last year. It probably saved my life. But the surgery, treatment for postsurgical infection, follow up monitoring, histology, etc etc. we’re blisteringly expensive. Had it gone to stage 4 and been untreatable, two weeks in Madonna and an off-patent morphine drip would have been all I needed. Catching it early cost a lot of money.

    And 128; most of the insurance industry is not-for-profit, in Nebraska in particular.

  90. Lil Mac says:

    Sorry to hear that, RWP. But thanks for this particular personal example. Because while its impact is persuasive on an emotional level, what you say about healthcare cost is true on a factual level. That is Persuasion at its best– you wrap solid truth in human example of real suffering that one cannot ignore without being a total wanker. That, as opposed to our susceptibility to Propaganda, which is no more than wrapping the same human emotion-evoking story of suffering around a lie. That’s Obamacare. Even many Democrats decry it as unworkable. But people are invested in winning arguments on all sides, and not in elucidating truth or advancing the condition. To be sure, we all suffer and die. But not everyone learns from suffering so as to live to grasp and express truth. Your illness is pitiable, regardless whether you learn from it or not. What is laudable is that you are right about the costs of healthcare. I know that sounds cold, but reason and logic aren’t sanguine. To be heatedly emotional is to be a chimp. To reason out and say truth in the dry clear cold air is to be downright civilizing. And that’s never easy for the human beasties we all are.

  91. Anonymous says:

    All Ben Sasse needs is a cowboy hat, a pawn shop rodeo belt buckle, and a pair of Tony Lamas and we’d have ourselves another Scott Kleeb.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Too many compare feces to urine and declare the other guy’s pick unpalatable. Don’t swallow any of it from any politician. Good people don’t seek power over their neighbors.

  93. Anonymous says:

    That’s one way to approach rising energy costs. We are already wired into the matrix so why not get another wire up the kazoo powering a LED flashlight? Or perhaps a bit of firefly genome spliced into our pre-inseminated progeny so they come out glowing in the dark. Better yet, splice in some Black Angus and we can finally get over that last taboo and enjoy our soylent green like we were meant to. Surely overpopulation of that one species that currently infests the earth demands so small a sacrifice, on your part not mine.

  94. Spike says:

    Ola SS,

    Why’d you delete my post? It offered some good advise to all the brain dead GOPERS!

    # 1 was to find someone that’s not a Welfare Queen to take Terry out in the primary!

    # 2 was, that all that’s wrong w the ACA were concessions to the GOP agenda!

    And here’s a new one, Raphael Cruz is the biggest JERK that you idiots have sucked since Palin!

  95. Macdaddy says:

    Spike! Take your meds! Try to get a 6 month supply this time because who knows what will happen with your insurance January 1.

  96. Hesdeadjim says:

    Nice to see that deb Fischer wrote a letter to let the Senators in charge of the farm bill know that she would like some more handouts for their lost cattle. God forbid, cattle ranchers (who have never had it so good as they do right now) should have to accept consequences to taking risks. Very few industries are as good at getting the government to take care of them in times of need yet they find a way around paying taxes commensurate with their profits and land value.

    With corn, bean, and beef prices so high, you won’t find me feeling bad for the poor ranchers and farmers any time real soon. Especially when they’ve found a way to weasel ethanol into all auto gas (thanks Obama)!

  97. Spike says:

    A bit on Ben Sasse, Jordans fair haired boy for US Senate.

    To Kayla
    July 9, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Kayla, Ben Sasse made the decision to keep a sexual predator a secret from the student body and public for 7 months.

    Remember; “The Truth Burns Clean!”
    Remember also, Joe Paterno & the heads that rolled at PS!! Why is this being buried & who is doing the burying???

  98. Anonymous says:

    Is Chip Maxwell running for congress or not?

    Particularly since he has a radio show, and is going on rival stations to “chat”.

  99. Macdaddy says:

    135 years. That’s the length of time it will take to sign up every Nebraskan who is uninsured today, at the current rate of successful bureaucracy-diving. What’s the over-under on getting young, healthy Nebraskans to sign up?

  100. Hesdeadjim says:


    The new regulation coming into effect that mandates all automotive gasoline contain ethanol is a product of that dimwit in the Whitehouse.

    Ethanol is not “sustainable”. Ethanol is not efficient. The only benefit from ethanol is that it burns a little cooler and cleaner than regular unleaded. That benefit is negated by all of the hydrocarbons spewed by coal fired powerplants that have to produce comparatively more energy to power the ethanol plants. It is an enrgy-negative process.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Hesdeadjim, the real ones you should be blaming are all the welfare farmers in Nebraska that pushed to have the distilled product of their subsidized corn maintained by a government subsidized market. It’s easy to blame Obama when you are probably one of those ag welfare babies that needs to suckle at the government’s teat to pay for your vacations in Hawaii, season Husker tickets, and a new Ford F350 every year. God knows we can’t blame YOU.
    Did you get your welfare check (subsidy) in the mail yet?

  102. Nest Sweeper says:

    Are farmers and ranchers subsidized but urban workers aren’t? Do you turn down your particular group subsidies or your individual entitlements and uses you gain from government? Maybe you don’t take your tax deductions. Maybe you live off the grid. Maybe you think that being a NE taxpaying urbanite makes you have more in common with New York urbanites who live within that distant different state and governmental society? Do you benefit there or here?

    We are all addicted to government largess. Since cave days we all trade freedom for security, seeking access to community stuff in exchange for the freedom and risk of collecting what we need by ourselves. And the head caveman always doles out the supplies based on his own reasons for his own benefit. Government has its own selfish reasons for what it addicts us to.

    Don’t blame farmers for ethanol subsidies. They would rather feed people than cars. They react to choices made by lawyers we elect to public office who bow to trends, whims and public sentiment that says ethanol fuel helps the world stay clean and cool. You can applaud that or decry its stupidity, but government subsidizes what it wants to subsidize to sculpt human behavior of all under its jurisdiction. You want to bitch about government subsidies, bitch at government.

    But here’s the thing about criticizing Nebraska ranchers and farmers (or them criticizing Nebraska urbanites). Nebraska, rural or urban, is your nest. Don’t poop in your nest.

  103. Hesdeadjim says:

    Lol, I am the farthest thing from an agent baby. Nice try, though. I’m for food supply security, but I cringe every time I think about the subsidies farmers get to grow corn and in some cases, grow nothing at all. Its also a tad sickening that while ag land is worth all kinds of money right now, but they get property tax relief. My home (believe it or not) is worth more than ever right now. Property taxes keep going up. The cherry on top of their sundae is the property tax relief.

  104. Hesdeadjim says:

    After further consideration,

    I have decided to become a rancher. Worst case scenario, my cattle are killed in a storm and the government pays for them.

    Maybe I can become a farmer. I’ll get paid not to grow corn on some land, get a subsidy for growing on other land, federal regulations will artificially inflate the price of my crop, and if my yield is less than 2/3 of last year’s crop, I can file with my federal crop insurance and get a big. fat. check.

  105. Interested Observer says:

    Do you have any idea how much you need to invest to “become a rancher” or “become a farmer”? If you have enough millions of dollars to do either, I applaud you. But be advised, there are far greater returns for your millions than in agriculture.

    But if you do decide to “become a rancher”, realize that an average Sandhill ranch is around 10,000 acres and runs around 500 cows. A ranch sold just south of Valentine about a month ago for $775 per acre. Cows are selling for around $1,500 today. So, you’ll need around $9 million to get your average place up and running.

    By the way, your Cherry County real estate tax will be at least $35,000 on that ranch, until the County Assessor updates the valuation to reflect new, higher prices. The good news for you is that at least you, more than likely, won’t owe any federal or state income tax.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sweeper! If there was ever any doubt about your claims that Gov. Heineman is taking shots at Mike Foley, do you suppose the report in today’s Journal-Star involving HHS will put those doubts to rest?

  107. Anonymous says:

    165, do you follow this blog? Or Nebraska politics in general? Sweeper has been pointing out for weeks the subtle jabs that the Governor has been taking at the State Auditor who is now running for Governor. And now, the GoGovernor’s. HHS Dept sends a letter out to its employees apologizing for the auditor prying into their privacy by reviewing their disciplinary records. And someone leaks the letter to the press, a letter that was clearly intended to make the Auditor look bad.

    Try a little harder to keep up, please.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Good grief, my typing is getting as bad as the Democrats’ Chair of Chairs. Obviously, that should have been “Governor” rather than “GoGovernor.”

  109. Anonymous says:

    To 166: It was sarcasm. Thanks for the lecture, Mom. Now, if only I could find my Connect the Dots work sheet I’ll be ready for first grade and the discovery if the pain in the neck bone is located to the funny as a crutch bone.

  110. Gone Fol-Fishing says:

    Anonymous at 8:41 am (164): Sounds like President Obama and Mike Foley have a lot in common. Both have identified an opportunity to use the power of their office to intimidate their political enemies for political gain. President Obama utilizing his IRS lieutenants (Douglas Shulman and Lois Learner) to suppress the Tea Party. Mike Foley leveraging his Auditor title to threaten and intimidate HHS employees.

    In an era where our privacy is diminishing, these two ‘leaders’ expedite its evaporation.

    Thanks Mike!

  111. Anonymous says:

    Privacy is an overvalued privilege that has no further use in modern society. This goes for governments as well.
    Our government spies on its citizens and believes it has the right to spy on every person in the world, including foreign government leaders. It follows, then, that it is our right to hack into our representatives’ phones, email systems, mailboxes and filing cabinets and reveal anything and everything they would keep secret from us. True freedom is a world without secrets.
    Now, you might ask, why I posted as “Anonymous?” Sweeper, and every other poster on LS, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Okay, Mr. Sarcastic. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you were stupid. That joke stopped being funny way before the 500th time and contributes nothing to the conversation. It isn’t clever or witty and only makes you look unimaginative and lame.

  113. Anonymous says:


    Good grief. Figure it out people.

  114. Gone Fol-Fishing says:

    Sounds like a police-state setting a wide net to capture the innocent to me.

    Looks like I will never work for the great State of Nebraska.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Hey 172! Thanks again Mom. Can I have my supper now? I’d say your highly informed posting to clear the deck for your client by smearing his opponent wasn’t very “imaginative” either, but thanks for the crackers.

  116. To #176 says:

    I am glad that you do not want the best and brightest working for the State of Nebraska. HHS has problems and we need the best and brightest to work on these problems. Sadly, Auditor Foley (and you) are convicting HHS employees BEFORE they are even accused (the article states that he is hunting for ‘disciplined’ employees, but the article also implies that personnel files from non-disciplined employees were handed over).

    The state needs the best and brightest to fix HHS problems but the Auditor, in order to score political points, drives the people can fix the problems out of state government (who enjoys working under a cloud of suspicion).

  117. Anonymostly says:

    Who made this spat about the personnel files public? I’m not sure I understood from the article in the paper. Did Foley go to the press complaining about the letter or was he asked for his comment? I got the impression from the article that the letter hadn’t gone out yet, but was planned when it was leaked to the press. Am I reading that right? If so, who leaked the letter?

  118. Demon Sheep says:

    US News reported that Midland University had a 39% graduation rate in 2012. I think the Oklahoma Basketball Team had a higher graduation rate…lol There is no MIRACLE at MIDLAND under Ben Sasse.

  119. Demon Sheep says:

    According to American School Search

    “Safety Evaluation
    Based on our analysis of the government data, Midland University is a relatively dangerous place to be enrolled at. American School Search gives this school grade “D” on safety.

    From our perception of the data, there are some problems with forcible sex offenses and aggravated assaults.”

    I guess a Grade of D is acceptable for Ben Sasse.


  120. Demon Sheep says:

    Unlike Ben Sasse, I will speak only the truth. The man has only lived in Nebraska 4 years of his entire adult life and he plays up his resume so he can return to DC. He is so much like Chuck Hagel, but worse. The man is pulling the wool over Nebraskans eyes.

  121. Press Person says:

    I looked at Midland’s graduation rate. Is there a correlation between Midland’s poor graduation rate and that it accepts 98% of the people that apply?

  122. To Press Person says:

    That’s probably the same acceptance rate at ITT, Vatterlot, The Omaha School of Massage and Joseph’s College of Beauty. Way to go Dr. Sasse!

  123. Peptic Skeptic says:

    I was skeptical too. So I looked it up. American School Search shows, for example, Midland College, TX, with an “A” in safety. But it also shows Midland University in Fremont NE with a “D”. Of the two Midlands, Sasse’s appears unsafe. He knows it has this rating and yet he runs for the job of ensuring the safety of all Americans as part of their top deliberative body.

    If one fundamental thing should come before any candidates’ party, policies and principles, it is that he not have screwed up the job he already has. Unless Sasse is hiding a Nobel prize or Medal of Honor, his selling point is that he runs an unsafe university.

    But who knows what voters care about? Obama was hired by his wife in Chicago and he literally never was in charge of anything or anyone until voters put him in charge of the USA. Voters have continued to bend over backwards to try to like him even while Democrats have problems swallowing Obamacare. And look at how much NE voters who once loved and promoted Nelson and Hagel now despise them. So maybe an unsafe university is no problem. Sasse has a nice smile. Voters will like that. Forget safety, go with the best teeth whitener.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Not just taking anyone’s word for it on all the Sasse bashing. US News ranks Midland in its top tier of midwestern regional colleges, tied with Chadron State. The graduation rate is the 4-year rate, which is simply a measure of the percentage of students who complete degrees in 4 years. Implying that everyone else drops out is simply dishonest. Midland has a very good freshman retention rate so its not like they hemorrhage students until just a few are left to graduate. I don’t know about the safety rating but come on. It’s Fremont. People can still leave their doors unlocked in Fremont. So its not like the ship is sinking. The hyperbole is getting ridiculous and sounds like a rival just taking potshots with whatever information they can find.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Who leaked to the press? Probably someone who wants to be governor with a good little minion who does his bidding. The kind who just happens to get a front page spread in the OWH on the day that he announces. Odd, how much stuff is leaked to the press by sheer……coincidence.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Hastings College, which ranks #15 on US News’ list of best Midwestern regional colleges has a 4-year graduation rate of 47%. So is Hastings College a bad school considering fewer than half their students graduate in 4 years?

  127. Anonymous says:

    Well, according to U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of Midland University, they have the same basic safety and security services and features as Nebraska Wesleyan has: 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols; lighted pathways; 24-hour emergency phones; controlled dorm access through security cards; etc. Sounds like a really dangerous place. If there’s a zombie apocalypse or something.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Demon Sheep is a political hack liar. Midland’s graduation rate of 39% is the 4-year graduation rate, not the overall graduation rate as Demon claimed. For context, the University of Nebraska’s 4-year graduation rate is only 29%. Not quite the horrible picture the liar Demon is trying to paint.

  129. To Anoymous above says:

    The kids at Midland pay over $35,000 for a second tier education. They should graduate in 4 years. Maybe Ben Sasse should raise some money for the college so the kids can be done in 4 years. A 98% acceptance rate is horrible for a private school.

  130. Anonymostly says:

    Those poor kids at Midland. Someone needs to report this story to law enforcement right away about how those poor Midland students were forced to attend that school at gunpoint and pay $35,000 per year to go there.

    Oh, wait. You mean no one forced them to go? Oh.

    So, To Anonymous Above, we should care about the second tier education forced upon Midland Students because why now? Because there isn’t another college or university for at least 20 miles in any direction?

  131. To Anonymostly says:

    I think its pathetic that Sasse says he is this big turnaround expert and the university now has accreditation issues.

  132. Macdaddy says:

    Not sure where you’re getting that 98% acceptance rate. That American School Search website (which popped up all if 4 years ago) said it was 54%. BTW, I thought you liberals liked people being accepted.

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