Do the Dems have their man for #NESEN?

Jim Jenkins

The Democrats finally have a U.S. Senate candidate. His name is Jim Jenkins a former restaurateur who lives near Callaway, Nebraska (somewhere between Broken Bow and North Platte). Jenkins was a Democrat, but realizing that a Democrat can’t get elected statewide becoming “frustrated by the parties”, became an Independent, for the purposes of running for U.S. Senate.

So Jenkins now must gather 4,000 signatures in order to get his name on the ballot. From his restaurant biz, Jenkins apparently has the cash to put together a signature plan, but we will also not be surprised to see the Nebraska Democrat party lend him a hand. Both of the two “Independents” currently in the U.S. Senate caucus with the Democrats. We would assume that would be Jenkins plan as well.

Much like Pete Festersen, Jenkins (at least according to the OWH story) did not have anything to say about his stance on ObamaCare or any other federal issues — on which Senators are known to vote.

Sending out the Jenkins press release was “Consultant and Communications Director” Dan Parsons (“Dan Dan the PR Man”), formerly of Don Stenberg’s failed 2012 Republican U.S. Senate bid.


So did the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (the DCCC) sucker Pete Festersen into a run for Congress against Lee Terry?

Festersen had announced that he was not going to run for Congress because his daughters are too young and he could do a better job serving Omaha on the City Council.

But, right smack in the middle of the Government shutdown, when Congressional polling — for both parties, and for the President — were at their lowest, the DCCC goes into the field and pulls out a poll that says, “hey, unannounced Democrat could win in NE-02!”

Well how about that.

So the DCCC and Joe Biden then call up Pete Festersen on his wall mounted telephonic device until the attached vibrating bells cause the handheld “receiver” part of the “telephone” it to “ring off the hook”. And when Festersen finally grabs the dangling cord of said receiver and announces “Ahoy-hoy“, the DCCC whispers the sweet honey into his ear that HE could be a CONGRESSMAN!

Hmm. Polling, eh?
Shows Terry could lose, yeah?
Where have we heard THAT before?

Well, it could be the poll that showed Jim Esch could beat Terry.
Or the poll that showed, just weeks before the election, that Tom White would beat Terry.
Or the poll that showed Jon Ewing would beat Terry.

Yep, those polls can sure do magic.
Someone may want to advise Festersen that sometimes the magicians aren’t always on the up-and-up, and sometimes consider their audience to be…suckers.


The Senate Conservative Fund jumped into the Nebraska U.S. Senate race once again, this time endorsing Ben Sasse for the aforementioned 2016(whoops) 2014 race.

Sasse has come out recently, along with Shane Osborn, as being behind the Ted Cruz strategy of shutting down the government in order to stop ObamaCare. Both Sasse and Osborn said they would not have voted to restart the Government. Sid Dinsdale and Bart McLeay, both anti-ObamaCare as well, have questioned the Cruz strategy, and have said they would have voted the same as Senators Deb Fisher and Mike Johanns.

The SCF was last involved in Nebraska in 2012, when they heartily and vociferously endorsed Don Stenberg’s candidacy. Of course, the SCF’s strategy seemed to be more about tearing down Jon Bruning than it was building up Stenberg. Many credit the efforts of the SCF for  the eventual movement and victory of the Deb Fischer campaign (Fischer 41%, Bruning 35%, Stenberg 18%). The SCF then endorsed Fischer in the general.

The SCF’s endorsement will be an interesting note as Sasse and Osborn battle is out, apparently, for the official Tea Party endorsements. Without doing a lap with Ted Cruz on their shoulders, Dinsdale and McLeay will likely not get the full-throated support of the official Tea Party entities, though we have a hard time seeing any other reason for conservatives not to support either of them.


Oh, and hey, NE-01 Congressman Jeff Fortenberry has himself a Democrat opponent.
That would be Dennis Crawford, a plaintiff’s attorney and Nebraska Democrat Party insider.

Now YOU, Leavenworth Street reader, may be VERY familiar with Dennis.

Dennis, has been a frequent commenter here on Leavenworth Street. He has been very vocal about things like ObamaCare, and was often found defending Bob Kerrey and knocking Deb Fischer on these pages.

One can move their mouse over to the “Search Leavenworth Street” section of this website to do a quick review of some of Dennis’s work. We, of course, have it all in our archives and may bring some of it out as the campaign rolls along.

Vocal fella, that Dennis.


And we always get updates via our Google updater about the various Governor candidates.
Janssen and McCoy and Carlson (be sure to catch the latest Carlson video on the YouTubes) and Ricketts and even Hassebrook and Dubas are out pounding the pavement, kissing hands and shaking babies.

But we honestly do not see that much movement from the Mike Foley camp.
Except that we DO see Foley in the news still.
And it always seems to be based on a beef that he has with the Governor or one of the agencies under the Gov’s purview.

Now we’re not saying that Foley and Heineman are ALWAYS locking horns.
It is just that we are not sure why Foley would want to continually pick fights with the popular Governor, politics-wise.

Just an observation.


Oh and hey Jane Kleeb and the Boldies:
Looky-loo who is the latest Keystone XL Pipeline supporter!

Heard-a him?


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  1. Ricky says:

    Too bad the Dems do not have a serious candidate for Senate, allowing people like Sasse to race to the bottom to see how conservative they can be.
    Sasse says it was Mr Obama that shut down the government, and seems determined to go down the same road that so damaged the GOP, fighting the same (lost) battle of Obamacare. Sasse must really think the Republican voters in Nebraska are stupid.
    The state loses out when people like Sasse just want to fight Mr Obama on everything, and not come up with new ideas like how to provide jobs.
    And look at how much money Sasse has raised. No wonder other countries look at the US government and are losing faith in America.

    ricky from omaha

  2. Obamacare a lost battle? says:

    Seems like the only ones who are losing the battle for Obamacare are the ones trying to sign up on the website.

  3. Jobs says:

    Ricky, how very liberal of you. It’s not government’s role to provide jobs…it should be government’s role to get out of the way of the private sector and let THEM create the jobs. Better loosen up those postal shorts a little.

  4. Well, Obama did shut it down says:

    When I hear Ben Nelson and Ricky talk about how the GOP shut ‘er down, ponder this. Considering the GOP offered to open everything if the President would delay the mandate one year and he said no but, at the same time, the President failed to enforce the mandate on business (it’s in the law), failed to enforce aspects of the small business exchange for employee choice (it’s in the law), failed to mandate that the IRS do full and robust checking for premium subsidies (it’s in the law) failed to enforce that a Native American be a part of the tribe he/she claims to be from and instead rely on their attestation (it’s in the law) and have failed to connect to Medicaid systems across the nation (it’s in the law) and the website is a failure by any stretch (it’s in the law) ask yourselves this Ricky and Ben why indeed the President failed to negotiate with the GOP on issues that he, as the enforcer of the law, he has failed to enforce . Why indeed not delay the individual mandate?

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Slick Willie, the pater familias of the Democrat party, The One’s Lord and Savior of the 2012 election, is for Keystone? Ouch! Jane should put some ice on that.

  6. 2016? says:

    Is Sweeper breaking the news that Sasse is running for president in 2016? Or that he’s locked up the SCF primary endorsement in case he runs against Fischer in a second try for Senate?

  7. Anonymostly says:

    OK, it’s not like I particularly like the typical, dishonest liberal. But I really despise liberals in the media who are as dishonest as they come. There was a segment on the local news last night about cuts to food stamps (Oh? So sad) taking place due to funding from the Stimulus ending. (Aside: Wow, that’s some kind of Stimulus, huh? 4 1/2 years and the money ain’t all spent yet? And they said it wasn’t just a slush fund for liberal causes. But I digress.)

    Anyway, I read a story on a report just released that showed that since Obama was elected, the U.S. has spent roughly 4 Trillion Dollars on means-tested social welfare programs. So, that’s like Food Stamps or Federal Housing. That’s not like Social Security or Medicare, which aren’t means tested. It’s just government handouts to the poor. Giveaways.

    Libs are vexed about cuts in Food Stamp programs but neglect to mention (at least the reporters on the news last night failed to mention) that there are about 15 Federal programs that provide food assistance. So, I did some math. 3.7 trillion in Fed spending plus another 200 Billion in State spending equals roughly 4 trillion.

    Four trillion divided by 5 years equals 800 billion per year in government giveaways to the poor. If we took that 800 billion dollars and just wrote a check to each of the 50 million poorest people in America (about 15% of the population) we could write a check for $16,000 per year to every man, woman and child in that bottom 15%. That’s $48,000 for a family of four. Per year.

    Now, according to this report, the Brits have capped government assistance at roughly $42,000 per family. Those heartless Brits, stickin’ it to the little guy. We have no such cap. And, as liberals are wont to tell us, our society is judged by how we treat those least among us. So, we score pretty well there, I guess.

    But Dennis Crawford, newly announced Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress, was quoted in the paper, some in this country aren’t paying their fair share. My question is, Dennis, are you talking about the people who sit back and collect a bunch of government benefits without kicking anything into the kitty? Are those the people who aren’t paying their fair share?

    I’ll patiently wait for Dennis’s reply.

  8. City of Blair says:

    Hey did Ben Sasse raise any of the $11 million dollars he promised to raise for the Dana purchase? We see he raised 800 grand for himself. Where are the numbers Dr. Sasse?

  9. Ezra Klein, that well known wingnut, reported today that is basically down, and that’s the way the insurance companies want it, because the applications that are trickling through are largely garbage. Deena Winter reported yesterday BCBS Nebraska are hiring temps to process applications by hand, because they’ve got to recontact the applicants one-by-one and reverify everything. The companies have told Obama that if they will simply choke off processing rather than process defective applications and have Obama throw them under the bus in January. They know he will try to do that, because it’s what he does.

    So, the GOP offered a one-year, orderly suspension, and got ripped for it. Now we have a chaotic shutdown, and Obama desperately seeking someone to blame. And because he’s done that so often, everybody’s standing well clear.

    This might work out very well for Ted Cruz.

  10. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, did you remember that about 2 years ago Jim Jenkins announced that he was going to run as an Independent for the US Senate when Ben Nelson retired. Then a few days later, Jenkins announced that he decided to NOT run for the Senate.

    Jenkins has indicated that he was going to run for several offices over the last several, from Governor to the House. He just doesn’t seem to ever actually run, though.

  11. To Ricky says:

    So Ben Gray now in trouble with OHA. Not a banner couple of years for the Grays. Thank god we have Democrats to stop the evil GOP corruption

  12. Fact Check says:

    Sweeper falsely states: “the Ted Cruz strategy of shutting down the government in order to stop ObamaCare.” Spoken like a true Democrat. The Cruz strategy was to fund the government so that it wouldn’t shut down. It was the Democrats that refused that funding which caused the government to shut down. Sweeper then states: “Sid Dinsdale and Bart McLeay, both anti-ObamaCare as well, have questioned the Cruz strategy, and have said they would have voted the same as Senators Deb Fisher and Mike Johanns.” This is a bit misleading. First, Deb Fischer was one of the first senators to sign on to the Cruz plan pledging to the defund strategy. Secondly, it’s worth acknowledging McLeay also supported Cruz’s strategy, even signing the defunding pledge along with Sasse and Osborn. McLeay stated he would have ended up pushing a different approach in the end, delay rather than defund. Dindsdale is the only candidate who questioned the Cruz strategy, but he also favors raising the debt ceiling claiming it is necessary to avoid default. (However, most are aware the feds are raking in record levels of revenue and have plenty to cover our debt obligations and avoid default.)

    But hey, who needs facts when they get in the way of your agenda huh Sweeps? This blog always has been biased and dedicated to attacking the candidates not on your payroll (or formerly on it). Loyalty is a good thing, just don’t pretend to be unbiased and for god sakes…maybe stick to the facts.

  13. Spike says:

    FC 22,

    R U braindead or is it the weather making U nuts by calling SS a Dem??? Better watch out or he’ll come after U w a GUN!! BTW; Raphael Cruz is another major WACKO & anyone that believes the CRAP he’s spews out his hole is in the same boat!! Guess that that means YOU!!

  14. To To City of Blair says:

    Ben Sasse has cash. Unfortunately for Blair, its in his campaign account. Good luck opening that campus in the next five years. Ben Sasse plans on being out of here next November and back in DC

  15. Hesdeadjim says:

    Well we certainly know who the other NESEN campaigns fear. Shane and Bart’s people are trying to tear Sasse apart, mostly with lies about Midland. Midland is not facing accreditation issues, Midland is doing just fine. Not in the middle of a miracle by any means, but definitely fine.

  16. Demon Sheep says:

    Midland was put on “NOTICE” by its accrediting agency last year due to to financial and academic issues. Anyone in higher education fears this designation because failure to cure the defects can cause an institution its ability to have access to federal student aid (the college death penalty). Once again, there is NO MIRACLE at MIDLAND! Don’t let Sasse surrogates pull the wool over your eyes. They don’t want you to know about Ben’s failures.

  17. Demon Sheep says:

    “On November1, 2012, the Higher Learning Commission placed Midland University
    on Notice.

    The Commission’s Board of Trustees took this action because of concerns related to the University’s finances and planning and its processes for assessment and utilization of student learning outcomes.”

    You can find this buried on the Midland website!!! Straight from the Higher Learning Commission.

  18. In the Know says:

    So basically Midland can’t prove whether these kids learned anything after blowing over 100k over 4 years? How did Dr. Sasse earn his double digit raises with results like this?

  19. Ricky says:

    The countries new health care system is not a website but a totally different way of giving the citizens better health care coverage. The old way was way expensive and not even very effective. Other countries with a single payer system have people that live longer and with cheaper health care.
    Mr Obama was addressing a big problem. But instead of helping implement the big change people like Ted Cruz and the Tea Party and Ben Sasse fight it every step of the way.
    If Amazon or Travelocity had people like Deb Fischer or loony people like Michelle Bachmann willing to shut down the government to stop them I doubt those companies would be successful.
    But Obamacare is here to stay. Only die hards in the GOP think their strategy was the way to go. Only fools like Lee Terry would think Mr Obama would negotiate over his big achievement at this point. If the GOP wanted to stop the health care law for some reason, they should win more elections.
    And Sasse is not helping Nebraska by re-fighting a losing battle. If the GOP were smart they would tell him where to go and elect somebody with some new ideas to supply jobs to our citizens with decent wages. Surprise me Nebraska Republicans and refute the direction these candidates for Senate want to travel.
    But I am not holding my breath.

    ricky from omaha

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, I swear you get dumber as the days go on. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Obamacare is a disaster and it’s not just a disaster because the website won’t let the 61 million uninsured Americans sign up for insurance. It’s also a disaster because it’s based on faulty economics and lies. Amazon and Travelocity are private companies. If their products suck, nobody will buy them, they will go out of business, and life goes on. Obama has forced 16 million people off of their insurance (in addition to the 45 million who never had insurance) and he won’t let them back on. They have nowhere to go now. There’s no Expedia, no Walmart, no Craigslist, no ebay to give them what they need. This is now a matter of not only possible financial ruin but also literally life and death. Obama has shut the only door to health insurance for tens of millions of Americans. This is a real problem. I’d get into the lies Obama told about how this would save money and bend the cost curve downward, but this post is long enough.

  21. To Demon Sheep says:

    How dare you go after Dr. Sasse on his record of achievement at Midland. We are proud of him and your lies about Midland will be proven false. Midland has no financial or accreditation issues.

  22. Midland says:

    How can Ben Sasse screw over many young people of Nebraska and then go forth and claim he is the best to lead them forward. He can’t even protect them from sexual predators! I feel bad for anyone hitching their wagon to that mess.

    He cant hide it past May. Any job this guy has had he has had to leave under ‘unusual circumstances’ to the next. It will catch up with him.

  23. Sassy! says:

    Ben Sasse is more dangerous to the people of Nebraska than Ben Nelson was. At least Ben pretended to be a conservative for years and we got ‘some’ good votes from him. Sasse will sell is votes to the highest bidder (Or Bureaucrat) as far as that goes…

    Guy is a fake and needs to go back to the east coast where he belongs. I have seen fundraising emails from those out east ‘begging him to be sent back’ – What does that tell you!

    Get real. McLeay is the only ‘real’ guy in this race. I hope Candidate false-on is being paid good money to back this joke of a candidate. (In fact we may be on to something… )

  24. Cowboy Hat says:

    Remember that it was Cowboy Hat Jim Jenkins who was a strong supporter of the “all hat and no cattle” Scott Kleeb.

  25. Miracle at Midland says:

    The only reason Midland is still open is that Dana closed. Dana left a hole that Midland could quickly fill and absorb their students. Otherwise Midland is an overpriced, mediocre, small school. Sasse or anyone else Midland would have hired would have gotten a bump when Dan closed.

  26. Hey, I'm Bruce from Obamacare says:

    Sure, with your old plan, you could go to the doctor where you wanted, when you wanted. But why do that when you can have so much fun hanging out on your computer all day watching the government Healthcare website crash?

  27. Hey, I'm Bruce from Obamacare says:

    Sure, you had health coverage until your small employer dropped the insurance coverage they used to have and sent you over to the Healthcare Exchanges where your deductible tripled. By why have care that’s affordable when you can have the Affordable Care Act?

  28. Hey, I'm Bruce from Obamacare says:

    Sure, before Obamacare you could get an insurance plan tailored to meet your needs. But why do that when you can get a more expensive plan under the Affordable Care Act and pay for Sandra Fluke’s contraceptives?

  29. Hey, I'm Bruce from Obamacare says:

    If you like things like bad wireless reception, waiting in line at the DMV and getting a root canal, you’re going to love this new Obamacare. It’s like all of those things. Times ten!

  30. Ambulanace Driver says:

    I do not understand how Dennis Crawford will be able to chase me everywhere I go and campaign for congress at the same time. I guess that is why he says he is going to be running a “social media” campaign. Someone should remind him that it is illegal to text and drive at the same time.

  31. youngvoter says:

    I think the biggest thing that got Festersen into the race. Was that the poll show that Lee terry has about only 23% support among Independent votes. It will be the Independent voter that will decide the election in the 2nd. If Chip Maxwell runs against Terry. It will require Terry to spend lots of time and money. That could go into his general election. I’m not going to write Terry off yet. But I would do not write off Festersen either

  32. Macdaddy says:

    OK, McLeay people, I appreciate you finally saying who you work for, but the attacks on Sasse are now pretty boring. I’m not sure why you think Sasse is such a threat to your candidate if he’s a lightweight underachiever. You need to start with differences in policy and then feed in the digs at his current job in order to not become so tiresome that it starts hurting your own guy.

  33. Breaking News says:

    Spencer Zimmerman just announced he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for US Senate. In his opening statements he pledged to fight the zombie apocalypse if it should ever arise. Also, he said he has been saving silver for a werewolf invasion. I don’t know about you, but I for one can really get behind his platform. He’s already constructed a replica of the Mad Max car.

  34. Anonymous says:

    How can you come here and say the Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t arrived yet. Don’t you watch C-SPAN? And the very next blogger came here and mentioned Zombie Don as if he was just a boring guy. Of course he’s boring. He’s a zombie.

  35. Fremont Voter says:

    I’m very concerned about what is going on at Midland. If Mr. Sasse is raising money for himself, who is raising money for the school?

  36. young voter says:

    I’m sure I will not be very popular with what I’m about to say. I keep seeing all of these post about Ben Sasse not raising money for Midlands and raising for himeself. I really feel it’s done of our business. Midlands is a private university not a public one. So whatever Mr Sasse is doing on the fundraising end for the school is the business of the board of Midlands. He does not have to answer to any of us. I can bet that they have a fulltime person who’s job it is to raise money for the school. Since most universites do.

  37. Anonymous says:

    If you are going to kick a candidate, take off your fuzzy slippers and put on steel toed boots. The fact that Sasse is raising money for his campaign, which he cannot do while also doing his real job, is exactly what every other candidate and incumbent does. Yet you hammer him for that, while you ignore the fact that the college he runs has a rotten safety record and other real problems? Sasse has little else to claim but that he runs this college. If he runs it in a half-assed way, voters conclude he would also run our government in a half-assed way.

  38. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, we await your SAB of Jim Jenkins. I am thinking they may have picked him because he looks a little like Herbie Husker. That’s good in a Nebraska campaign, right?

  39. Fort Street Fury says:

    Just say an interesting info graphic from Ricketts, it said:

    The reason I’m running for Governor, frankly, is because I love Nebraska. We live the American dream here.

    Really, Pete? Are you sure you aren’t running for governor because you wanted to be relevant, and the people in Chicago didn’t want you to run for federal office? Are you sure you aren’t running for governor because you want to check another box on the bucket list?
    Just asking….

  40. Anonymous says:

    Wow! That’s the most creative and never heard before slogan of a reason I’ve ever, ever heard. He should love Nebraska especially since it gives his family tax breaks.

  41. Nebraska Voter says:

    To Young Voter.

    Dr. Sasse has made as one of his qualifications to be a US Senator is that he is this great turn around artist and Midland is a his Crowning Achievement. I think his record at Midland is fair game.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Midlands College in Fremont is a far cry from DC. Not sure what you reference in turning around. He benefited greatly when Dana College closed and its volume of students were looking for a place to land just down the road.

  43. I was there says:

    Midland allowed those dana students to finish their year at no cost, and honored any athletic scholarships. Do some research.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    You guys are bashing Sasse’s record at Midlands with a rating from a website that only came into existence 4 years ago and which doesn’t disclose how they came to the grades they did or anything else about themselves for that matter and fundraising numbers that you have no idea what they are. Good grief. The guy was in government. He’s made decisions and written position papers but you chose to take potshots based on a paragraph on a website and nothing. Makes me wonder if you a) agree with Sasse’s positions and have to resort to innuendo or b) can’t read past a website level. Go do some real research. This penny ante stuff won’t fly. Did Deb Fischer teach you nothing?

  45. Demon Sheep says:

    To Macdaddy. You clearly have not read Fitch’s Bond rating that was given Midland. B is not a good rating of your bonds. B is really an F in the financial sector.

  46. Interested Observer says:

    I got a form letter from my accountant a while back reminding me of my obligations under the new Obamacare that requires employers to issue a notification to employees of coverage options available for health insurance through the market place. It says that I must notify current employees and new employees within 14 days of the new employee’s start date. Employers who do not notify employees may be subject to penalties.

    So, here I was, just minding my own business, not bothering anybody and now all of a sudden, I’m “subject to penalties” if I don’t fully comply? That sucks.

  47. Anonymous says:

    You are surprised? What did you expect from government governing everyone’s healthcare? They are lawyer-politicians who exist to forcibly take OPM and dole it out like dog biscuits they use to train us to sit up and beg. They hit you with a rolled up newspaper if you disobey.

    Nancy and Harry slapped together a lump that was passed unread. Of course it doesn’t work. And neither Obama nor Congress care if it works or kills people. They exempted themselves from it.

    Republicans in power focus on a bad website and hope Obamacare helps the GOP gain seats. Democrats in power fear it is going to harm Democrat chances in 2014 elections and want to delay not kill it. None of the care if it hurts you. Welcome to the gulag.

  48. Macdaddy says:

    Demon Sheep you clearly have not read any of the numerous op-eds and position papers Sasse has published. As it is, we can see you clearly hate the guy. What happens when he beats your guy and wins the nomination? What are you going to do then? Take your ball and go home? Vote for the Democrat? Eat crow and vote for Sasse? It’s one thing to provide a service and point out areas the Democrats might use in the general and make sure the candidate is ready for those attacks, it’s another to keep harping on it when it’s really a weak attack. The better attacks are based on statements he’s made or positions he’s taken in print. The general public are more likely to respond to those. But dinging the guy for not being able to turn around a clearly failing teeny tiny obscure college in rural Nebraska in the middle of an economic downturn when the cheaper public schools are excellent values? The only real judgement issue is whether he should have bothered in the first place.

    BTW, demon sheep didn’t work in California and it certainly won’t work here.

  49. Anonymous says:

    “Dinging the guy for not being able to turn around a clearly failing teeny tiny obscure college in rural Nebraska in the middle of an economic downturn…” You are not making sense. We ding Obama everyday for not being able to turn around this great big country. So you are saying we need to listen to what these guys say, rather than notice what they have actually done that has failed? Who cares if some hate or love Sasse, but you are demanding logic. So be more logical. He’s only done one thing and he couldn’t fix it. If you think that’s a weak attack then you are the payrole or in love.

  50. Omaha Voter says:

    Sasse smells of Chuck Hagel. I don’t care how many position papers he writes. He is a DC guy and loves being in DC. He moved back here because the Dems owned DC after the 2008 election.

  51. Macdaddy says:

    Obama isn’t trying to turn the country around. He’s trying to remake the country into something else or do you not listen to what he says?

  52. Sasse is conservative? says:

    Let’s see, Forbes in August of 2013 gave Midland a “D” for its financial, the lowest grade given. In fact out of the 925 universities and colleges they ranked, Midland was the 25th worst. Before anyone claims that this is a function of running a small school in this region, Doane (in Crete) got an A- and St. Mary’s in Omaha got a b. Sasse has hiked tuition by over 16% in four years (roughly double the rate of inflation) but has run deficits in 3 of his 4 years as President. Midlands was put “on notice” by its accreditor (the Higher Learning Commission) that it lacks a “realistic” financial plan, and also that it has insufficient systems to assess student learning. If you don’t believe me, go to Midland’s website and hit the “Higher Learning Commission” logo and you can read the letter. This came in November of 2012 (over 3 years into Sasse’s tenure as President) and Midland is “on notice” until at least November of 2014. If Midland loses its accreditation (and it might, given what’s in that letter) that will be the end of Midland (just ask Dana College). Conveniently, if Sasse gets his way, that will be precisely when he’s elected to the Senate, making it all someone else’s problem. Under Sasse, Midland’s bond rating has declined to “highly speculative” per Fitch (a polite term for “junk”).

    Osborn cut government spending as Treasurer and has been successful in business.

    Dinsdale runs a successful bank.

    McLeay manages a large group in a highly profitable law firm.

    Sasse talks a great game about being conservative, but his record shows that his instinct is to take on more debt and load it on the backs of middle class families. That’s essentially the strategy of the Democrats. His line during the debt ceiling debate about we should “cut up the credit card” is pretty funny in light of his record.

  53. Demon sheep says:

    To Sasse is Conservative: I see you are looking into the false MIRACLE at MIDLAND as well

    Here are a few other points in comment to I was there

    Ben Sasse did no favors for the Dana kids.Most of the areas colleges were trying to get the Dana Students. He took their money because he was hemorrhaging financially and had plenty of spare capacity at Midland. Athletic Scholarships at Midland are a joke!!! They give these kids a partial scholarships because the tuition is jacked up real high. Going to Midland is like buying a mattress at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Double the price, then give 50% off retail. Ben Sasse at Midland, according to government statistics spent $5.5 million on athletic scholarships and operations in 2011-12 and got back $9.5 million in tuition and fees paid by athletes. In fact one of the concerns from a bond rater said this “MU continues to honor relatively high tuition subsidies/discounts (61.9% in 2011, down to 54.5% in 2012) for transfer students from Dana College (Dana) (which closed down in 2010) but overall discounting will diminish as these students graduate. Discounts are expected to normalize to around 50%, a level Fitch still considers quite high.”

  54. Anonymous says:

    Dinsdale had an incompetent fool for a branch president in Gage County who acted as a “trust” officer who systematically destroyed two estates with neglect. Dinsdale had the power to either ask him to step away or make ammends. Neither happened. Instead? A Gage County judge awarded the successful banker’s fool fees for a job well done and services rendered–never mind the property destroyed. Power is all with what you do with it once you have it. I woudn’t trust ole Sid with knowing how to use it prudently with my toad.

  55. Mrs. B says:

    Don’t give Ben Sasse that much credit Demon Sheep. Our credit rating is gold. Sell Cheap and Tell the Truth is my saying. Ben Sasse does neither.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    Wait. Is Sasse trying to bleed middle class kids or giving out too much financial aid? Which is it?

    You guys are really reaching with this. People will see Sasse as trying to save a small Nebraska college and perhaps failing, but he did try. He’s been there a whopping 4 years. People will give him a the benefit of the doubt. Look, if you guys think he’s a failure, why are you spending so much ink on him? In all serious, I never considered the guy until you started coming up with these ridiculous attacks and kept avoiding the issues. But then I started wondering why he had somebody running scared.

  57. Demon Sheep says:

    To Macdaddy

    Ben Sasse and his supporters made Midland an issue. The smug Ivy Leaguer tried to pass himself off as this “turn around” expert. I’m sorry Ben Sasse is not ready for the Senate or to run anything that has a budget of a few million dollars.

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