Bruning in for #NEGOV?!

Jon Bruning 402Leavenworth St. has received word that Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is now in the field polling, testing the waters for a run for Governor in 2014.

And the info we have received is that he is getting closer to, “Yes.”

The CW for Bruning, we are told, is that he is convinced that the votes from his 2012 Senate race transfer to a 2014 Governor race — and make him the winner.

If that was the case, one could certainly see how those numbers (Bruning carried 35% of the vote in the 2012 GOP Senate primary, where he came in 2nd to Deb Fisher) could carry him to a victory in the Spring of 2014. But is that an automatic?

With the crowded field, one thing that GOP voters may find is that they know the name “Jon Bruning” better than most, if not all, of the current candidates. And we will say that we see Bruning’s name in the news as much as, if not more than, any other statewide office holder

So, would all of Bruning’s 2012 votes transfer?

The rational answer is, of course not — voters have different choices than from the 2012 race. But Bruning could calculate enough of them would stick in a primary with Carlson, Foley, Janssen, McCoy and Ricketts. It is not the craziest word problem you’ve ever read, but again, it’s no “1+1=2” either. It’s probably more like calculus, mixed with a little chemistry along with something from drama class.

And we also know that Nebraska Dems think they’d have a good chance against Bruning, as they did last year.

It is already a wacky season.

Bruning’s entrance would make that wacky to the 6th degree.


Best line from the Husker Saturday afternoon, via @DannyMoe on the Twitter:
“Man, woman and child, does this leave us choking on our bile.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Since you brought up Bruning’s US Senate bid, take the next logical step and compare him to the other US Senate candidate in this gubernatorial race.

    Ricketts and Bruning both ran for Senate. Ricketts did well among Republicans and he stayed high road against Don Stenberg. Bruning didn’t make it out of the GOP primary.

    GOP voters may remember Ricketts kicking “Kickback” Nelson. They also remember Bruning kicking now GOP U. S. Senator Deb Fischer. Nelson’s Obamacare-Kickback is largely hated today by NE voters, which largely vindicates Ricketts’ warnings about Nelson. But Bruning had said Deb Fischer would be a bad Senator. Most Republicans probably like her voting so far. Interesting dynamics.

  2. To Demon Sheep says:

    Nebraska would be better off if neither one had spent a day in Nebraska. Well, OK, Pelini did a pretty good job as Solich’s DC for a year, so maybe that part wasn’t so bad.

  3. Ex Ameritrade Employees says:

    We remember when Ricketts kicked a lot of us to the curb. Unfortunately, he never gave any of us any warning. Some high road.

  4. To Ex says:

    Not a Ricketts supporter but that’s life in the private sector. The Ricketts family has created a lot of jobs here and kept their HQ here. So I thank them for that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Finally an interesting GOP Primary. Those cut and dried, freeze the other candidates out Primaries get a little boring. If Bruning gets into the Governors’ race it means the percentage of votes to come thru the Primary just got smaller. Now this is fun.

  6. Ghost of Doug McAullife says:

    Please, tell me more about how the 2006 campaign was really just Pete Ricketts selfless, personal, $14 million crusade to “warn” us simpletons about the evils of Ben Nelson. Yet somehow when all was said and done, Pete ended the campaign as one of the most detested men in Nebraska politics, largely because his so-called warnings were repetitively grating turkey hunt cartoons. Well played.

    Oh and does anyone remember the message of the turkey toons? It was that Nelson avoided paying taxes, probably not unlike the taxes Pete and his family avoided by building the new HQ on a “blighted” piece if land in Old Mill. Shocking.

    So, please, save us the Pete tried to warn us crap. We all knew Nelson was a bad actor, but when the genpop finds the alternative so unlikable and unqualified, we didn’t stand a chance. Frankly, Bruning’s candidacy achieved in 2012 what Ricketts family money could not in 06, it chased Nelson off the scene.

  7. Interested Observer says:

    Be careful that Bo doesn’t call you a “f—— fair-weather f—— “. Although, even Steve Sipple now said “If you’re a Nebraska fan, you’re right to expect more from Bo Pelini’s program.” and he’s been defending Pelini all along.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    Are politics and football equivalent in Nebraska?

    My husband told me yesterday afternoon that the Huskers will be moaning today. He said they lost a game they should not have lost. And now I find this article about Jon Bruning and his desire to move into the Governor’s mansion, together with your comments! Is Bruning also an example of the Peter Principle, Gerard?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bruning has already risen to his level of incompetence. Let’s not make the mistake of feeding his overblown ego any more than we already have.

  10. Mrs.B says:

    Dr. Sasse, here is a marketing idea for Midland. Besides marking up your product 100% and then marking it down 50% like you are already doing. Do some sort of discount on your University’s Founder’s Birthday. It gets a lot of people in the door.

  11. Gaius Gracchus says:

    TA, politics attracts it’s enthusiasts to a blog. Nebraska football creates the 3rd largest city in the state most Fall weekends, and has done so for decades. Would that politics was as important as football.

  12. Don't Quote Me says:

    “I love being attorney general,”…“I’m not running for governor. I’m doing my job. I love my job.” – Jon Bruning, January 2013.

  13. Ricky says:

    I thought Mr Bruning had enough humiliation in his loss to Ms Fischer. What an ego but if he runs for Governor maybe just maybe Nebraska can find out how Bruning got so rich by being the AG.

  14. Tiberius Gracchus says:

    If the Huskers continue to embarrass the fans, politics will finally be more important than football. But is it politics or money that keeps the head coach employed here? It is certainly not skill.

  15. The Dudd called Ben Sasse says:

    Nice to see Sassy concerned about people finding about his record at Midland. To be reprimanded for both academics and finances has to hurt.

  16. Manchurian Candidate Bruning says:

    S.S. is this a spoof?
    A late entrance into the #NEGov. race by Bruning (to avoid the negative ads), opens the door for Senator Lathrop to enter and win the Attorneys General race. Lathrop allies (Public Unions, Teachers, Trial Attorneys, and Greens) will pour money into his campaign and the GOP will have no one to stop him in an abbreviated campaign.

    Meanwhile, Dubas will tap the Kerry Op Research for the general. We will be drowned in a flood of stories (real life accounts) on how Bruning made his million$. The GOP will have their Ben Nelson embarrassment in nominating Jon Bruning.

    Is Bruning the Democratic Manchurian Candidate? He started as a Dem and now this decision gives life to Dems for winning NE Statewide Offices?

  17. Anonymous says:

    #8, you say “We all knew Nelson was a bad actor.” Who is “we”? Not the majority of Conservative Nebraskans who kept right on electing Nelson. You seem to suggest Nelson was a false Conservative and vulnerable. That’s not true.

    In 2007, National Journal rated Nelson to the right of eight GOP Senators. In 2012, after his Kickback, the ACU rated Nelson’s record as the most Conservative of any Democratic senator. And while Nelson may have seemed vulnerable to hopeful GOP wannabes, facts don’t support that. In 2000, after Stenberg won reelection as AG by nearly 70%, Democrat Nelson beat GOP Stenberg while George Bush took Nebraska by 62%. Nelson owned Conservative Nebraska in a GOP year when someone like Stenberg ought to have been able to ride powerful Bush coattails.

    We will soon find out what voters think of Ricketts. In 2006, GOP voters liked him better than GOP opponents. He didn’t hammer them, they hammered him. In the General, Ricketts hammered Nelson, I expect because throughout 2006 Nelson never polled below 54%. Ricketts could lose as a doormat or as a hammer. He chose to warn that Nelson would eventually fold on critical votes. Nelson passed Obamacare, so Ricketts was right. Nelson wasn’t a Liberal, he was a tool of his party’s Liberals. A fine point to be sure. And the real cost of Ricketts being right, is that Ricketts also is now remembered as having hammered Nelson hard. But who does that piss off? And would we think better of Ricketts had he spent a fortune to be Nelson’s doormat?

    Which do voters care more about, being right or being nice? Obama stays in power more on sweet hope than accomplishment, so who knows what voters will do?

  18. Interested voter says:

    I’m looking on Midland’s website. I can’t find anything dealing with Midland being sanctioned by its accreditation agency. Demon Sheep, you are full of it!

  19. Anonymous says:

    The governor’s field is extremely weak. As for Bruning’s Senate race compared to Ricketts? Ricketts was scorched earth from day one against Nelson and had no hotly contest prime race. What I remember is Daddy Ricketts money making a play at the end to sand bag Bruning. Fischer won with less than 15% of the GOP prime vote–hardly a mandate of love or like for still dull leadership now. Bruning needs to dump his coastal pros who could give a flyijng fig about him or what happens in Nebraska. He’s just a figure in their bank account. Bruning is not only viable, but in this race he’s got the experience and resume to win provided he doesn’t make the same mistakes in getting drawn into a pissing contest with a skunk.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Another factor in his favor is that Bruning is good on the campaign trail. He has been schmoozing a long time and can out-schmooze any of the candidates already in the race.

  21. Interested Observer says:

    We simply cannot allow ourselves to ignore the huge impact that Jim DeMint made with his huge contribution to Stenberg’s campaign in the 2012 Senate Primary. Without that outside influence, Stenberg would never have been able to mount his challenge of Bruning in quite the same way that he ultimately did.

    Only after DeMint had so critically wounded Bruning, could Daddy Ricketts thrust the fatal stab with his last weekend before the Primary, nearly half million dollar, blitz.

    It would appear that it really never was about suporting our current Senator in the Primary. It was only ever about defeating Jon Bruning . . . and they did.

  22. Dreaming says:

    The AG lost because he was a poor candidate. The truth about his million$ started to come out and republicans could not stomach how he converted political connections into ca$h.

    The Rickett’s money helped, but Nebraskans do not want to be embarrassed….again.

  23. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ 7:02 this morning:

    Those of us who happened to love a child in need of special education knew Nelson for the skunk he is even before he became a U.S. Senator. LB 742, 1995 said it all! Then, when some children with disability were being denied their public education altogether and the unicam refused it’s timely constitutional duty, the Neb. Dept. of Ed. tried to remedy the situation by means of clarifying rules and regs. NELSON REFUSED TO SIGN the remedied regs., although they had been certified by then Atty.Gen. Stenberg. I can’t ever think of Nebraska to this day without thinking about those disabled children denied their constitutional right to go to school, —for up to three years running! One child I met during that time died before Johanns (elected Governor) remediated the damage done by Nelson + the unicam. The horror of Nelson’s “conservative” Nebraska then was akin to Heineman’s “conservative” Nebraska much more recently at BSDC.

    You’re correct Anonymous commenter that “conservative Nebraskans” kept right on electing Nelson. As such, the electorate was the ultimate cause of the embarrassing kickback: y’all got sprayed by the skunk you put in office. However, Nelson was neither right, nor nice…he was mostly electable because “conservative Nebraskans” foolishly trust the opinions of the Nebraska Right to Life!

    P.S. Will y’all be fooled by the skunk Bruning? He was in the unicam while those disabled children were being cheated of their public education!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why are y’all bother bout Nebraska politics when you hail from elsewhere. As for Bruning being a “skunk” in the unicam? I think he colored outside the lines in kindergarten, but I can’t be sure. Is there a priest anywhere for Jon to confess all of his sins?

  25. Conclave of Cardinals says:

    With the wishy-washy new Pope, what difference does it make? According to him, you don’t need to believe in God to get into heaven, so why worry about Jon?

  26. Anonymous says:

    “Wishy-washy?” It seems to me that the current Pope is the first one to lead his church the way Christ intended for it to be. Jon Boy would have had the favor of Francis’ predecessor, for all the wrong reasons.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Pope Francis would deal with Jon Bruning the same way he did with Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst from the diocese of Limburg.

  28. Thanks for Nothing says:

    Pete Ricketts was endorsed today by the two former governors who couldn’t beat Bob Kerrey and Ben Nelson. Get back to me when you’ve been endorsed by somebody who was relevant after the Internet was invented.

  29. Thanks for your Whining says:

    Well, # 38, Ms Sour Grapes, those two Governors sure as hell are GOP former NE Governors, and neither of them bothered to endorse your favorite candidate. So get back to us when your candidate has a former governor endorsing him. Otherwise, keep on whining. It gives us a good chuckle.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I love both governors, but what was their last public accomplishment? Launching democratic careers:

    Gov. Thone –> Bob Kerry
    Gov. Orr –> Ben Nelson

  31. Anonymous says:

    So the cosmos colluded to keep New Jesus from taking his earthly throne. You suggest no one has any ambition in Nebraska politics other than to keep the Magnificent Giant Melon Head out of power. What are you? His ego pimp?

  32. Gage endorsements says:

    Kay Orr, Charley Thone, Lydia Brasch. Doesnt Ricketts have anyone to endorse him besides Taylor Gage’s contacts? Pete, if i gave you a phone would you have anyone to call?

  33. To interested voter says:

    The letter from the accreditor is on the Higher Learning Commission’s site. Just go to the Higher Learning Commission’s site and search for “Midland.” You will see that “Turn Around Ben” has almost managed to corkscrew Midland right into its grave. Of course, he’s hoping this will be after he has safely returned to D.C.

    Of course, “Beltway Ben” is still a better choice than a successful banker, a successful lawyer or a guy who has been successful in business and actually cut government spending. I mean, why vote for someone who can represent Nebraska when you could have someone who can reconnect with old friend on the D.C. cocktail party circuit?

  34. Anon says:

    How come certain postings that include the word herbster or Conklin don’t get posted on here? I know several ppl have said what they wrote did not appear and they were not bad comments either.

  35. Anonymous says:

    How come certain persons are continually obsessed about Herbster? Its almost like she wasn’t able to get him to hire her so she could rake in as much as she could…..

  36. TheBardWasRight says:

    Pete Ricketts had these endorsements ready to go. Bruning could have too. Bruning could have popped up with Orr and Thone endorsements and then all this would be in flux. But he didn’t. And the idea that the vote is split by Jon’s past popularity is wishing thinking not proactive campaigning. They all have egos but it is the Jons and Dons who allow themselves to be dragged around by them.

    Its apparently a lawyer thing. Lawyers get paid when they lose. Businessmen lose when they lose.

    Leading a state in competition amid a sea of other states has more in common with corporations than court rooms. For the litigious nature of legal competition is to make your competitors lose, to actually take their assets. The nature of business competition is to increase the success of yourself so as to eclipse your competitor by you first grabbing up limited resources beyond both of you. Lawyers destroy. Businessmen build. And that may explains why Obama sucks so bad.

    Sure, the Joe Ricketts and Warren Buffetts have their R and D differences, but they both grasp what lawyers on both sides of the aisle cannot learn in law school, i.e. that good government must be based on success in outbuilding your competition by you seeing farther ahead. Regardless your policy leanings, you cannot litigate a state to success, you have to lead it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    That is a very convincing argument for purging both of our political parties’ leadership of attorneys. The NEGOP and the NDP have an overabundance of litigators at the helm.

    What do you call a dozen drowned lawyers at the bottom of the river?

    A good start.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I try not to get MYSELF into trouble. If I find someone else getting me into trouble, I call the police.
    What do we do when Nebraska’s top law enforcement officer breaks the law?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’m enjoying Demon Sheep’s continual bombardment of Ben Sasse almost — ALMOST — as much as I enjoyed Interested Observer’s continual bombardment of Deb Fischer. Any suggestions on where I can get a root canal with no anesthetic?

  40. To Anonymous #47 says:

    I’d guess people are obsessed with Charles Herbster because he travels with McCoy wherever he goes and Herbster’s company is single-handedly funding the McCoy campaign.

    Herbster’s level of involvement in the campaign is unprecedented and downright weird.

  41. whats a vice senator? says:

    Just to clarify candidate Sasse campaigns nationally and candidate Fahleson handles all the campaigning in state right?

    Sasse/Fahleson 2014… and 2016 when Fahleson primary’s Fort

  42. Anonymous says:

    So, I’m thinking this catastrophe known as Obamacare will ensure that Nebraska’s Congressional delegation remains 100% Republican for the rest of my lifetime. And I’m under 50. It’s funny how bad this program has turned out to be. I expected it to be bad but even I didn’t foresee what a complete disaster it is. It’s so bad it’s even poisoning young Democrats on the idea of being Democrats.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely right, Anonymous #55, we’ll all be better off when we’ll be working in the Koch Brothers’ gulags for pennies a day, 18 hour workdays, and our children can be sold to other corporations.

  44. So, passed thanks to the Nebraska Democrat Party’s blue eyed boy from McCook, ObamaCare is currently collapsing, bringing down a large chunk of the budget and the insurance industry with it, and we have some drooling Nebraska Democrat idiot gibbering conspiracy theories about the Koch brothers. The Koch Brothers aren’t forcing you to buy anything you don’t want, moron.

  45. To # 57 says:

    I too heard that Brandon Peterson will be challenging Lee Terry in the primary. Rumor has it that Vernon J will be running his campaign. Do you know what his platform will be or the issue he takes with Terry’s voting record?

  46. @ 8:45 says:

    He will probably run against the pipeline, shortening pheasant season, burning down home schools, expanding gambling, decriminalizing peeping toms, mandating tummy tucks, and building unicycle lanes on the highways.

  47. Another rumor says:

    Is it true that Young Republican Matt Pinkerton was awarded the highly coveted Most Likely to Live in Mom’s basement at Comic Con?

  48. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous October 29, 2013 at 8:33 PM
    Do only stop by here between visits to the porn sites, Gerard?

    You know things are going well for your side when the libs show up throwing round house punches hoping they connect with something, anything at all, before their faces hit the canvas.

    The One’s signature legislative accomplishment has turned out to be such a nasty turd that even committed libs like Chris Matthews have given up trying to shine it.

    What’s truly funny is that the Republicans offered them a get-out-of-jail-free card that would have delayed implementation by a year and the Democrats refused. Republicans gave them enough rope to tie a noose with and the Democrats have willingly obliged and fastened the business end of the noose snugly around their own necks.

  49. Pasties says:

    Is Pinkerton still involved with the YRs because I saw him DJing at the Spearmint Rhino? I don’t think they’re going to want that stigma attached with them.

  50. Demon Sheep says:

    To Anonymous: Just tell me what true fact I have posted you did not enjoy. You will enjoy my posts more if you don’t drink the “Jonestown Kool-aid” they serve up at Midland.

  51. Pat with Gambling with the Good Life says:

    I saw the rumor Peterson. Don’t even think about running on that platform or I will destroy you. I’m going to make your life a living hell!

  52. Young Republicans says:

    At least we have people come to our meetings. Last young democrat meeting only had Gutter from PCU and a tumbleweed.

  53. says:

    Well Nebraska had your Governor and federal office holders not fought against my boss Mr Obama and went so far as to shut down the government to try to stop my website, maybe I would be working better right now.
    If Whinyman had not fought expanded medicare and set up your own website, I wouldn’t be so overcrowded with people wanting insurance, and more people would be covered.
    If Governor Whineyman and Sarah Palin…er I mean Deb Fischer didn’t hate that a black man was in the White House the citizens of Nebraska would be better off.
    But, you get what you pay for.
    BTW, I heard if you log onto me at 3 in the morning I work just fine.

  54. Macdaddy says:

    Nice try Obama stooge, but the website was paid for and in development long before the government shutdown and why would the brilliant Obama need Republican help setting up a website anyway? What does Deb Fischer know about writing code? Oh, and here’s the real kicker, so please pay attention: the states that set up their own websites? Yeah, nobody is signing up on those either. So go drink Kool-Aid somewhere else. Obamacare was designed to be a failure, but Obama is so incompetent that he couldn’t even get the timing right. So own it. Quit being a pansy coward, stand up, be a man, and own your failure.

  55. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    the states that set up their own websites? Yeah, nobody is signing up on those either.
    Macdaddy making up s..t again! Kentucky’s exchange is one example of state exchanges signing up quite a few people successfully. Go back to yelling at the kids to get off your lawn.

  56. says:

    Here in cyberland it’s pretty frustrating to see people like Lee Terry put his career on the line just to thwart me and the Great President Obama.
    We here in the Cloud think it’s just because Barack is a black man that people try so hard to bring him and our new health care law down.
    What is so wrong about wanting to bring health care to America? I can see from my screen that a lot of people want to access me but Deb Fischer and Whineyman don’t want me to succeed.
    It’s pretty sad I wish I was in Germany or some other country serious about the health of their citizens.

  57. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    Medicaid is effectively insurance. With the advantage of no insurance company skimming off the top while providing nothing in return.

  58. To Hysterical Delusional says:

    Medicaid is effectively insurance. With the advantage of no insurance company skimming off the top while providing nothing in return.

    You mean Medicaid i s effiectively insurance. With the advantage of the user skimming from other tax payers while providing nothing in return.

  59. Macdaddy says:

    RWP has it right. Kentucky is averaging 1000 sign ups a day which means that in just under 2 years, all of the uninsured today will be signed up. They have not said how many of those 1000 signed up for Medicaid, but if Maryland is any guide, over 95% of them will be Medicaid signups. Which means that very, very, very few people have been able to sign up. I realize this is too complicated for the geniuses who brought us healthcare dot gov, but do try to keep up. As for your feeble attempts at racist trolling…yawn. Obama owns this. The One is The Failure of the new Millenium.

  60. Anonymostly says:

    “Hysterical Delusional Affirmation” October 30, 2013 at 1:07 PM
    Medicaid is effectively insurance. With the advantage of no insurance company skimming off the top while providing nothing in return.

    Here is a perfect illustration of the kind of idiotic liberal thinking that brings us disastrous federal interventions like Obamacare.

    Insurance companies skim off the top and provide nothing in return. Well, except for that whole “hedging against risk” thing. But, y’know, who needs that?

  61. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, idiot posting as “” and “Hysterical Delusional Affirmation,” did you know that Medicaid contracts with private insurance companies like Coventry Healthcare to handle things like paying bills and handling third-party recoveries?

    If Medicaid is so good at crap like that, y’know, paying the bills like insurance without skimming off the top, why do they find it necessary to contract with private, third-party administrators like Coventry? Hmmmm?

  62. says:

    What we up here in cyberspace, me and the lucky state exchange websites, those that can handle the people that want to get in, don’t understand is why the American Earthlings call it “government run” health care. It’s actually bringing a group of insurance companies together to compete in the marketplace. The idea is actually a Republican idea, but since our boss the great Mr Obama suggested it, people like Whineyman and “Nice House Dang Straight” Terry think there is something wrong with the idea.
    Now I would like to be left in piece and do my job, but the clueless GOP will do anything to throw roadblocks in the first black President’s way.
    Me and the others here in the Cloud, including Steve Jobs, wish the Repubs would move on to creating jobs and leave this law alone.

  63. Anonymous says:

    It’s probably not fair to liberals in general to assume they are all as stupid as and Mr Hysterical. But it is instructive to see that there are people apparently smart enough to turn on a computer who think the only reason anyone could possibly not like Obamacare is because they’re racists who oppose Obama just because he’s black.

  64. Anonymostly says:

    Um,, who runs the website?

    I notice it’s not “”

    Can’t imagine why anyone would think that a system in which the government dictates what an insurance plan has to contain and mandates that everyone have it or else pay fines to the government would be “government run healthcare.” Really, they should be calling it “government impeded healthcare” Or “government botched healthcare.” Or “government run into the ground healthcare.”

  65. Gaius Gracchus says:

    So what does a replacement for the Affordable Care Act look like? If the AFA is repealed, is all if it repealed or are some parts worth keeping?

  66. Macdaddy says:

    Did an all-hands-on-deck call go out from OFA? The Obama trolls are swarming like flies all over the Internet. Guys, you’ve lost Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and Chris Matthews. Your heroes. It’s too late. Let me give you a tip: you actually have to work hard and see things through to the end. That time has passed, though. Blogging won’t save you. And health care dot gov since you’re dead and up in Heaven with Steve Jobs, you’ll be happy to know that you can still sign up for Obamacare on Kentucky’s website.

    Any other lies and misconceptions I can correct for you?

  67. Macdaddy says:

    Gaius, it’s probably too late. Obamacare has locked the coming disaster in place. In the meantime, unless Obama has a brain transplant, the Republicans don’t have the votes to move anything through. The Democrat party has become the party of Death. Come drink some hemlock.

  68. Anonymous says:

    “Medicaid is effectively insurance. With the advantage of no insurance company skimming off the top while providing nothing in return.”

    What? You cannot possibly be serious. Tell that to the woman I met with yesterday who got T-boned in a car crash last week and spent the next 4 days in the hospital racking up about $100,000.00 in medical expense that her health insurance carrier will now step forward and pay.

    Oh, and they pay it at a discount. See, as an added advantage of having insurance, your insurance company leverages the number of people it covers in order to secure discounted health care rates for its insureds from the medical providers who take care of them.

    So, STFU.

  69. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    #98, all the insurance company does is shift around money, and take their cut off the top. Where do you think the insurance company got the money to pay the crash victim? (Hint: from premiums paid by others that were also insured.) Sometime what passes for intelligent thought on this blog….

    By the way. Medicare also gets discounts. I’d much rather have the government handle medical payments as efficiently as they handle Social Security administration than keep it in the insurers’ hands.

  70. Anonymous says:

    OK, I thought I was dealing with a dumbass. And then “Hysterical etc.” posted this: “#98, all the insurance company does is shift around money, and take their cut off the top. Where do you think the insurance company got the money to pay the crash victim? (Hint: from premiums paid by others that were also insured.)”

    Thanks for trying to move the goal posts. You claimed insurance skims money off the top and provides NOTHING in return. That is blatantly untrue and I provided two very clear illustrations of what insurance provides: First, they limit your exposure to risk. You pay relatively small amounts per month so that, if the unthinkable happens, you’ll have insurance to cover the catastrophic bills. If all insurance did was pay for regular, ordinary healthcare, no one would buy it.

    My insurance (in part because of the changes mandated by Obamacare) costs me $12,000 in annual premium contributions and doesn’t kick in until I’ve covered a $3,000 deductible. That means I have to pay the first $15,000.00 every year before my insurance pays anything. Yet, I see the doctor maybe once every other year for a pain here or a sinus infection there. I’m not paying for insurance in order to cover those things. I’m paying for insurance just in case the pain here or the sinus infection there is actually cancer that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat.

    Second, I benefit because my insurance plan has negotiated great deals on my behalf with all of my medical care providers so that I get a significant discount when I do need treatment compared to what I’d have to pay without insurance. The business model of spreading risk among hundreds if not thousands of people allows the insurance company to work these deals and it’s also what allows the insurance company to even be able to insure against catastrophic risks. If they didn’t spread the risk out among many hundreds or thousands of people, your rates would be even higher.

    So, when you say, “Sometime what passes for intelligent thought on this blog….” you must be talking about yourself.

  71. Interested Observer says:

    Several years ago when Hillary Clinton first proposed her ” Hillarycare”, lots of people were nervous that it would have “the efficiency of the post office” and “the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service”.

    It looks like that’s what we’re still ending up with.

  72. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    You’re right, GH.

    The Government Accountability Office, which oversees the Social Security Administration, says that budget constraints and huge backlogs of people applying for disability have delayed the reviews of income information that alert the agency to remove beneficiaries who no longer qualify. As a result, the Social Security Administration has made $1.3 billion in overpayments in just two years, according to a recent GAO audit.

    By the way, this overpayment is less than 1% of all disability payments, and since SS paid out $1.3 trillion in 2013, this is .05% of all SS payments over two years. GH (should) know better than to throw out big numbers out of context with the whole. I’m not excusing this, but it’s another result brought to you by the right-wing mantra of “starving the government”.

  73. I’m surprised you didn’t express it as a fraction of all the money there has ever been in the entire universe. It’s fair to express it as a function of the (massively abused) SSDI program, but dragging in regular SS makes no sense.

    This was just one source of waste and inefficiency in a program that has grown massively in recent years.

  74. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    Wow, #101, you must not have read (or comprehended) my entire post. If one believes everyone should have access to health care (I know, 99% here don’t subscribe to this), then why would we need insurance companies, that are only required to pay out 80% of premiums collected? Medicare for all would be much more efficient. Much simpler, as premiums would just go to the government. Don’t have to provide ANY personal info to an insurance company. If administrative expenses were similar to Social Security (1% of combined expenditures), this would be 19% less than we have with private insurance. Medicare does negotiate large discounts with health care providers.

    I could go on, but you obviously believe in socialism for large insurance companies, so it’s pointless to waste my time.

  75. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    Ok, GH, DI is about 20% of total SS expenditures (2012). Adjusting to this smaller number results in 0.25% in overpayment. I’d rather it were zero, but let’s be realistic. Do you believe the fraud and waste rate in the private sector is that much better? It really sounds like the Repubs in Congress refuse to properly fund SSA.

  76. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    Aarrgh… losing IQ points reading the responses today. I’m advocating Medicare for all which is what we’d have when insurance companies are removed from the loop.

  77. Anonymostly says:

    So, now we’ve moved to single-payer. And the hysterical, delusional liberal thinks this would be more efficient? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That’s rich.

    “Socialism for insurance companies”? How stupid are you really? Do you have any clue what socialism is? Any clue? What we had before this catastrophe called “Obamacare” (or “government ruined healthcare”) was more of a free market approach.

    Before Obamacare, when government was only minimally involved, I was free to contract or not contract with any insurance company I chose that was doing business within the state. What part of that was “socialized”? If I paid my premiums, they paid my claims (after copays and deductibles.) I still get the same deal with my car insurance. Please. Explain. This is socialized how?

    What a moron. If you’re losing IQ points reading the responses today, it’s a shame because you had precious few to begin with and you must be down in amoeba range now.

  78. Fraud and waste in the private sector is the private sector’s problem. As long as I’m not being defrauded, its impact on me is minimal.

    Fraud and waste in the public sector is my problem.

  79. Sure. Medicare is more efficient than BCBS, just as the post office runs rings around Fed Ex.

    It’s amazing someone could fail to have learned the principal economic lesson of the last 100 years, which is that governments are inherently less efficient than the private sector.

  80. Macdaddy says:

    At least the liberals on this blog admit to their end game. Obama hasn’t mentioned single payer in several years. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t manage the decline slowly enough and ended up shoving granny and everybody else off the cliff. It’s going to get ugly thanks to the incompetence and malfeasance of Obama and the Democrats. People are going to get hurt and the liberals are going to find out that they are in the same boat as the rest of us. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Obama lied, people died.

  81. says:

    Just taking a break from signing up all these people for Obamacare to remind Leavenworth St readers our country had a big problem with our healthcare system before the great Barack Hussein Obama became President of these United States. Prices were through the roof, many people were not covered and used the ER, people could be dropped whenever, etc. The law was a step in the right direction and me and the other state exchanges up here in the Cloud are trying to make things better.
    Also we have warm fuzzies in our heart for Nebraskan Ben Nelson, who provided the clinching vote to get us up and running. We appreciate it, and chat between ourselves at the electrical charge station about what a great thing Nelly did.
    But we are surprised about how much the GOP hates Obamacare, and how people like Larry the Doofus Cable Guy can support Ted Cruz and the Tea Party and be against health insurance.
    What a dope is Larry the whatever and his buddy Sen Bill Kilnter are.
    Anyway, get out there Nebraskans and send me an email.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Hey,, can you tell us how many people have signed up? Because Kathleen Sebelius won’t say. Assuming she knows. Which she probably doesn’t. Do you know?

    Also, you say prices were “through the roof.” Can you explain how or any other part of Obamacare bends the cost curve downward like Pres Obama promised? (It’s hard to stifle a laugh when using “promise” and “Obama” in the same sentence, by the way. Is GITMO shut down yet? But I digress.)

    Oh, and, did you know that people are paying more for insurance under than they paid for better coverage under their private health plans? Like a lot more. And millions of people have been dropped from their insurance plans because those plans were found not to be in compliance with requirements of Obamacare to cover extra services that they didn’t want or need. So now Obamacare is causing some people to become uninsured. Wasn’t the whole point of passing the law to make sure everyone had health insurance?

    Oh, sure, those millions of people whose individual policies have been cancelled can now find new coverage on the exchange but those new plans through have deductibles so high that the average person will never incur enough medical expense to have the coverage kick in. Which means people will have insurance, technically, but they won’t be able to afford to use it.

    And did you know that there aren’t any subsidies to cover your deductibles? That’s just money you have to eat.

    And is it true that the democrats are now moving to delay the implementation of coverage deadlines because of all the snafus with Wasn’t that what the Republicans were asking for during the government shutdown? A delay in Obamacare? And the shutdown lasted so long because the democrats refused to negotiate on any Obamacare delays? But now they’re going to delay it anyway. Hmmm. How about that?

    Why didn’t they just agree with the Republicans to delay Obamacare to begin with and avoid the government shutdown? Since that’s basically what they’re angling for anyway and since they had to know that wasn’t ready for prime time and all. They did know you weren’t ready for prime time didn’t they? I mean, surely someone tested you beforehand to make sure you worked. Right?


  83. To Secret Plan says:

    I’m going as Ben Sasse for Halloween. I’m going to pretend I am a knowledgeable college president and not trick or treat anywhere near Blair so they don’t ask me how much I have raised to buy Dana.

  84. says:

    As important as I and my fellow web site exchanges are, the truth is Obamacare is not a web site, but a law that changes the way we do business in this country. Don’t tell anybody but you can get health insurance by calling or using the Post Office now thanks to this wonderful new law.
    And if the politicians were not obstructing Obamacare, but helping it work like the Dems did for W Bush’s plan B medicare law, we would be farther along than we are now.
    But talk among us up here, Ted Kennedy and the like, is, we have a little chuckle about the American Earthlings, because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the repubs can do about repealing Obamacare!
    There is nothing Ben Sasse or any dumb ass Republican can do about it. NOTHING! They can’t stop it!
    There is nothing they can do about it! Maybe if the GOP gained control of the Senate and the Presidency in 2016, which is doubtful because America doesn’t really like Nice House Dang Straight Terry’s party very much, they could stop it, but that would not be a good idea because Obamacare is actually a good idea.
    If it was not for Mr Barack Hussein Obama was not a black man that the righty’s hate, they would accept the law.
    Back to work now! The internet never sleeps.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Assuming English isn’t for you a newly learned language, you really shouldn’t show up here so obviously drunk. After all, those of your ilk have a reputation as pseudo-intellectuals to uphold.

  86. Macdaddy says:

    Cyber-idiot, calling the number connects you with somebody who then uses the website to enroll you…only the website doesn’t work. Ouch. Enrolling by paper takes weeks. Also ouch.

    Now, you are correct that Obamacare is more than just a website, so let’s look at that. Your business model is inherently flawed. It is based on trying to get people to buy what they don’t need for more than they are willing to pay, while the coercion used is not enough to make up for those you decline to sign up. It’s called a death spiral in the insurance biz, otherwise known as going out of business. Delaying any part of the law at this point will accelerate the death spiral. Keeping the law as written only delays the death spiral. But, hey, thanks for wrecking the health care system in America. We heartless Republicans probably couldn’t have imagined a better system for hurting poor people than what Obama got passed. It’s a good thing you live in cyberspace. The Geek Squad will be more accessible than healthcare soon.

  87. Anonymostly says:

    It’s kind of funny seeing a liberal on here pretending to be a website. Up in the “cloud.” With Ted Kennedy. It’s reflective of about how out-of-touch with reality most liberals are.

    Hey, “” is Kennedy as drunk in the “cloud” as he was on earth? Don’t let him offer to take you for a drive.

  88. And if the politicians were not obstructing Obamacare, but helping it work like the Dems did for W Bush’s plan B medicare law, we would be farther along than we are now.

    Medicare D, twit. And the main Dem objection to it was that it wasn’t spendthrift enough.

  89. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation" says:

    governments are inherently less efficient than the private sector.

    Sounds more like dogma or anecdotal than the conclusion from reasoned research.

  90. Anonymous says:

    From the New York Times this morning in an article about democrats challenging republican incumbents around the country for House of Representatives: “All but Mr. Crawford of Lincoln are viewed as credible contenders in next November’s election.”

    Ouch. That one had to hurt a bit.

  91. Macdaddy says:

    Maybe you guys should quit posting on blogs and start writing code if you want to prove GH wrong. Obama had one job to do. One. And he couldn’t do it. So quit trying to change the subject. Obamacare is a failure right out of the gate and it will get worse from here. So far, more Americans have lost their insurance because of Obamacare than have been able to sign up for it. Obama has left tens of millions of Americans at risk of financial ruin, physical harm, and death, and you guys try to change the subject. I repeat, fanning out across the Internet and trying to spin this s*** sandwich isn’t going to make it any better. Obama is over.

  92. "Hysterical Delusional Affirmation2" says:

    GH, the Scandinavian countries employ 30% of their workforce in the public sector, with the OECD average of 15%, and are running very efficiently. Your example demonstrates the evils of monopolies (government or private industry) not whether government is less efficient than the private sector.

    Macdaddy, you appear to suffer from ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome). Get some rest!

  93. LetErRip says:

    Voters squeal when in pain. Quit trying to explain to them why Obamacare hurts. Everything you can say about it now was said before and was promptly ignored by the majority who voted for their now impacted Obamacare. Delaying Obamacare’s inevitable rectum-ripping excretion only increases the chance of necrosis and the probability that the entire system will break down. Americans will scream and Democrat in turn will scream. Put in earplugs and let them learn.

  94. Try the United Kingdom, which nationalized the coal and steel industries, railways, and health care after World War 2. The result for coal and steel, under union pressure, the government refused to modernize the industries to reflect diminishing coal reserves and modern steelmaking practices. Ultimately, after losing huge amounts of taxpayer money, both coal and steel industries folded.

    British railways were notoriously awful, and eventually had to be privatized. And the National Heath Service is beset by scandals, has caused literally thousands of unnecessary deaths, limits access to modern life-saving treatments, and has a reputation for bureaucratic inefficiency. But it is cheap, which is just as well, because the UK simply can’t afford to spend any more on it.

    Norway has a massive oil boom, which is what allows them to afford their bloated and intrusive government. Sweden has actually reduced the size of its government since 1990, because they realized their governmental sector was too large. It’s also a highly homogeneous country with a strong protestant work ethic. I will say though that a good friend and committed socialist moved to Sweden, largely for ideological reasons, and left in disgust about 10 years later, mostly because of the way his family was treated by their healthcare system. It spends huge amounts of money on research, yet hasn’t won a Nobel prize in 30 years (which pisses the Swedes off). And despite the massive spending, there are no Swedish Apples or Googles or even Nokias.

  95. I'm from the Government and I'm here to help. says:

    So, I saw an article about remote places on earth and that lead me to an interesting article about “uncontacted tribes,” distinct societies of people who live their lives completely isolated from the outside world.

    And this lead me to a website advocating on behalf of “uncontacted tribes,” which urged that uncontacted tribes be allowed to remain uncontacted. They provided the example of what happens when governments believe too strongly in their ability to “help” people.

    There’s this tribe in the Andaman islands on the eastern edge of the Bay of Bengal. And they got along fine by themselves for many thousands of years. Entirely self sufficient, they were. Until the Indian government decided they needed to build a road to get to the other side of the island. And, in the process, they made contact with this previously uncontacted tribe.

    As would any self-respecting government, the Indian government felt they should “help” the Andamanese. Give them stuff. Medical care, clothing, that kind of thing. The result was that the Andamanese lost their self-sufficiency. Instead of foraging for food the way they had for literally millennia, they would now hang out on the roadside of the new road begging. For food, for clothing, what have you.

    Why hunt and gather when people driving along that road will just stop and give you stuff in exchange for taking your picture?

    This is how government “helps” people. Sometimes “help” is not compassionate. Sometimes the compassionate thing to do is to tell people to get off their butts and go do it themselves. Or just stay out of their business and quit thinking that just because you’re an educated government official that you know more what people want, need and should have than they do.

  96. Anonymous says:

    But Gerard, that’s just anecdotal.

    And, by the way, 9/11 was an inside job and we never really landed on the moon. Government is efficient when run by liberals, Islam is the religion of peace, and it’s OK to indiscriminately kill people with drone strikes but our nation has lost its moral compass if we water board terrorists.

  97. President Barack Hussein Obama says:

    Hello everyone. I’m going around the country, posting on various websites, because I want to introduce you to the signature legislative accomplishment of my Presidency: The Helium Stewardship Act of 2013.

    Not many people know how important Helium is. It’s one of our elements. It’s on the periodic chart. It’s been one of the top 10 elements ever since the periodic table began ranking them. And it does more than just float trial balloons and make our voices sound funny when we inhale it.

    Helium is a big deal. Let me be perfectly clear. We need to steward Helium. So, I am proud to introduce everyone to my signature legislative accomplishment of my Presidency. Stewarding Helium. In 2013.

    Thank you.

    P.S. And just kind of nevermind about that other thing that people said was my signature thing. It’s Helium. That’s my deal. Helium. Not that other “H” word.

  98. Adios Amigos says:

    So, let’s get this straight. Shane Osborn’s poll shows that his support has declined, and that 2/3 of Nebraska Republican Primary voters still prefer someone else, all coupled with a weak fundraising quarter, loss of key staff and conservative endorsements.

  99. Anonymous says:

    I notice we have democrats on here pretending to be government websites, but none of them want to respond to the New York Times concluding that the guy they have running to challenge Jeff Fortenberry in NE1 is the only Democrat challenger looking to unseat an incumbent Republican in the house who isn’t a “credible” candidate. Are you guys just going to leave that out there unchallenged?

  100. Ricky says:

    Ha ha that was fun! Thank you Mr Street Sweeper for letting me be for awhile!
    And my point stands: there is nothing, nothing at all Ben Sasse or Lee Nice House Damn Straight Terry or Ted Cruz can do to stop Obamacare.
    Admit it! The repubs can not do anything about it! Get off it and go back to work!
    It is here to stay and that is a good thing.

    ricky aka

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