Let the Gamesmanship begin!

First, GOP Senate candidate Sid Dinsdale has a new intro video up.
See it here:

Good piece for those who don’t know Dinsdale. We’ll be looking for more in the future about his business background, which would seem to set him apart from the other candidates.


Over in the Nebraska Governor race, the gamesmanship between the candidates has begun. GOP State Senator Beau McCoy sent out an invitation last week to the other candidates, proposing 12 debates before the primary.

McCoy let things sit for a week, then ribbed his opponents via the Twitter about not yet responding.

Then Jessica Moenning of the Pete Ricketts campaign decided to respond to the McCoy camp (and CC’d the media). She pointing out that they’d wait for invitations from the various groups who put on debates, as opposed to those “organized and facilitated by the McCoy campaign staff.


And then Jessica suggested that McCoy take part in the candidate forums that have occurred over the past few weeks. Of which we do not know why McCoy didn’t participate. But as McCoy peeps have pointed out, those aren’t the same as debates. There’s no give-and-take or cross examination between the candidates at a joint forum. (Unless Jim Fagan is there, threatening to “strip the chrome off your bumpers.”)

In any case, we expect to see lots more of these exchanges, especially since pretty much every politicla operative in Nebraska is currently employed.

Play nice kids.


Over at the Senate race, you probably saw that GOP candidate Ben Sasse received another endorsement — this time from the Club for Growth.

This is on the heels of Sasse getting the nod from the Senate Conservative Fund. Now if we’ve learned one thing about these endorsement, in terms of influence on voters, it’s that there isn’t much. As some Twitterers (NOT from the Sasse camp? Shocking…) have pointed out, endorsements from non-Nebraskans tend not to carry much weight.

Though, as Deb Fischer discovered, those groups can pour a healthy amount of cash into Nebraska, focusing ads on one candidate or another. And that will seep in no matter who it’s coming from. At this point we doubt that many Nebraskans know that much about Sasse. We have no doubt that they will have a pretty good handle on him relatively soon.

And Sasse is pretty much building his campaign on his knowledge of, and opposition to, ObamaCare. Also, a lot of that is being built on how “smart” Sasse is.

Don’t believe us? Here’s part of a recent fund raising email, with the subject line: “Take A Chance On Smart“. It goes on to say, “If we can have conservative, principled, family oriented, and yes​ – very smart candidate, shouldn’t we jump at the chance to support such a person​?

It’s an interesting tilt, that we aren’t sure is necessarily pointed toward Nebraskans.

And what sort of response should we get from the former pilot of billion dollar aircraft, Virginia Law graduate and giant law firm partner, and one of the top bankers in the region?

We are not sure any are layabout dullards in the race.


Oh and on the subject of endorsements, Democrat Gov candidate Chuck Hassebrook got the nod from Planned Parenthood.

So, uh, rock on there Chuck.
We suppose that could help you in the Dem primary…


And finally, Governor candidates, look out:
Tom Carlson may have just locked up the Youth vote.

Carlson - The Advocates 01

In case you were wondering, that is what you call a mimeograph of a newspaper article.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    To early sigs

    Exactly! Pete is so good at thinking on his feet and such a great debater, why should there be ANY debates? Pete is such a master of oration that all the other candidates such just drop out, especially because Pete has given so much money to so many senators and elected officials! Let Pete buy the seat! Let Pete buy the seat! Let Pete buy the seat!

  2. Ricky says:

    I think Mr Sasse will find out that the ship has sailed on opposing Obamacare as a top priority.
    That is not what most people are concerned about. It lives in the Tea Party brain only at this point.
    How boring it will be if in all these debates repealing Obamacare is the main topic. It’s over for goodness sakes.
    Also Mr Hassebrook has it right that Nebraskans are tired of big government Repubs (oh I forgot Senator’s Mello and Norquist are with them) telling women what they should do with their bodies.
    I notice Ms Dubas and Mr Foley have been silent on their opposition on women’s rights.
    Thank goodness Tony (No Relation) Fulton is out of power and has no ability to spread his far right thinking.
    I will bet right now that the Governorship of Nebraska will be held by a Democrat in 2015.

    ricky from omaha

  3. To Ricky from a woman says:

    Women should have a right to their bodies…but what right do they have to harm someone else’s body? That body, sometimes referred to as a clump of cells to desensitize others to its true nature, has a detetectable heartbeat at 18 days, and has a distinct set of DNA that will never be replicated.

  4. Ricky says:

    Okay you are on RWP. When you lose I won’t worry about your financial situation because I know the Nebraska Foundation gives you a sports car and a country club membership.
    Mr Foley is right not to stress the GOP’s war on women by speaking a lot about his anti-choice stance.
    But you know if he got in office he would willingly sign any legislation restricting women’s health care.
    Mr Hassebrook seems like a smart guy, and will get a lot of votes from Dist 3.
    So it’s a hundred dollar bet on the Governorship. Now I’ll go $25 bucks that says Lee Terry will NOT get elected to another term.


  5. Anonymous says:

    What a creative political ad piece! Corn and cows. I’ve never seen them used by any other candidiate to intro themselves though I do notice a good deal of shared BS.

    Don’t you people know? Jessica is in charge and is why she gets paid the real big bucks though her record seems to be one of losing strategy. How do you market a rich guy who doesn’t connect well with the little people?

  6. Ricky:

    LOL! I’m not an administrator or an assistant coach on the women’s bowling team, so no country club membership or car for me.

    I’ve had personal interactions with Hassebrook, when he was chair of the Board of Regents. I found him an arrogant little dictator who didn’t think the Regents should have to comply with open meetings laws. Jon Bruning disabused him on that point.

  7. 12 debates!? says:

    Who in their right mind is going to watch 12 debates!? That seems excessive. The only thing that’s going to do is decrease media attention on the debates. Which is probably a good strategy for mumbling McCoy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Beau McCoy has been elected once in no state-wide election. He is a College Republican on his first trip to Lincoln. He has a BA from Bellevue University and he refinishes bathrooms.

    Pete Ricketts was the NE GOP’s U S Senate nominee. He was the NE GOP’s National Committeeman. He has a MBA and he sit on the Board of Bellevue University. He honchoed Ameritrade through the dot com crisis and his family has mucho dinero. Yet, with half a dozen other Republicans running, Pete lets Jessica publically snark in response when Beau bangs on the bathroom wall of this gubernatorial race.

    McCoy, is a snotty hypocrite, right? He avoids attending candidate “forums” yet he then indignantly demands every GOP gubernatorial candidate debate him 12 times. McCoy is the kid who throws snowballs at the rich guys in the top hats. Pete sees himself as just another boxer in this contest. And that’s perhaps to his credit. But if Pete beats the crap out of the kid with the snowball, every voter suspect Pete has a million dollar horseshoe in his glove. He cannot run like Jessica wants.

    This is Ricketts’ race to lose. But he can do that by just letting Jessica bend over and piss on this ant. This isn’t about priciple but snarking. That’s what voters hate. That and a lack of self control. It looks like Ricketts can be taunted into reacting. He needs to rise above this level of campaigning but this childishness is Jessica’s bread an butter.

  9. Jim Lehrer says:

    I am fairly confident that Beau McCoy wants no part of a cross-examination from his fellow candidates.

    “Why do you not REQUIRE E-Verify from your subcontractors, Beau?”

    “Why do you want to raise taxes on farmers and ranchers, Beau?”

    “Why have none of your colleagues endorsed you, Beau?”

    “Why did you accept $860,000 from an out-of-state company to fund your campaign, Beau?”


  10. Sales Tip says:

    Catfight reference? That is more of a slam to Grisham than to Moenning. And here’s a free sales tip – the Wall Street Journal reports that women make 83% of consumer spending decisions. So maybe if you want to make more money off Amazon.com purchases – don’t be such a male chauvinist and suggest that a reasonable response is catty simply because it came from a woman.

  11. Ricky says:

    Is anyone following the latest Stothert – fire fighters union tussle?
    First of all the Mayor is just aghast that the union won’t cow-tow to her hand picked lap dog new fire chief. Second of all nobody thought a deal with the last fire chief or this yes maam fire chief had anything to do with the union contract she negotiated.
    Thirdly the Mayor goes to the press and threatens lay offs if the union doesn’t give in. Mean Jean gives a deadline at noon. Well that comes and goes then she says the union said okay to my requests. Oh yea but in 2016 I can lay off anybody I want. What a lie.
    Meanwhile she takes to facebook in her usual style and lays out these assumptions and those that reply in the negative are censored but those that praise her are not deleted.
    Then I see the Mayor wants everybody to go to her new Mayor web site where she no-doubt has the ability to also censor the comments. This is worse than the old Soviet Union or East Germany.
    Anyway, the present is like the past; the union can sue and go to the CIR like they usually do and win.

  12. Anonymous says:

    No Ricky, some of us are sick of Omaha politics. We got enough of that last Spring. We have now moved on to the big guns: U.S. Senate and Governor. Try to keep up. Bwaasaaa!

  13. Ed S aka Uncle Wiggily says:

    Still tryin’ to get my head around RWP drivin’ out to the country club in his sports car …

    Oh, and Sweeper – CFG endorsement may not mean much in initial voter influence, but it durn sure DOES mean biiiiiiig bucks … and (as you point out) that will doubtless translate to influence (read “votes”) on down the pike.

  14. Midland Student says:

    Has Beltway Ben actually showed up to work recently or should I just count on another tuition increase from all this spending and debt he is racking up? He seems to care more about his friends in DC than us.

  15. Ben is so smart says:

    That he thinks he’s allowed two stands on every issue, instead of just one. Oh, say, when he called Medicare Part D an “enormous success” and the “answer” to health care reform (in a U.S. News & World Report editorial in December in 2009) and now lately he broods about the angst it caused him to have another entitlement that we couldn’t afford. Oh, say, like one that costs about $700 billion a decade and, oh, the “filling in” of the doughnut hole in Part D (completely predictable by the way) became one of the central cogs of Obamacare. You know, the Obamacare that only Ben is smart enough to figure out how to repeal. Psst — it requires taking back the Senate and the White House and holding the House. So rock on there smart boy. We definitely need your brains on the K St. cocktail party circuit.

  16. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Dinsdale’s video is good. He should have said, however, that his business is Pinnacle Bank. There’s nothing wrong with being a banker, particularly in a Republican primary. The “two terms” pledge is sort of silly too if you do the math on his age. He comes across as a decent guy though, if maybe a little naive about what a freshman Senator who won’t be there long can actually accomplish.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wise strategies are never easy to see at a glance.

    This video will be seen by all Nebraska voters, who don’t know Dinsdale yet. First impressions either trigger your warning alarms or they don’t. Bankers repossess homes and throw widows onto the street. Powerful people aren’t harmless. If you start by advertising Dinsdale as a banker, sure Republicans might not care but good luck reversing that first impression among the non-GOP voting majority later on. You cannot paint the evil banker to look like a folksy nice guy. But you can swing that the other way around to some good effect.

    All voters make up their minds emotionally at first glance and then only later cherry pick “truths” to help justify their first impression. Facts, issues, etc. all have to work rather hard to overcome our first visceral impressions. If that first impression is he’s a banker, we are forced to decide if he’s a threat or not. This intro ad makes Dinsdale seem a harmless rube, maybe a nice guy. That sinks in. So later when voters discover he’s a banker, and have the choice of feeling he’s either a greedy money grubber or a wise fiscal manager of other people’s dollars, in the absence of anything showing him to be a bad guy, they will try to back up their first impression. This is a brilliant ad, as much for what it doesn’t say as for what it does say.

    Romney was a good fiscal manager but his own people said he didn’t appear human. Dinsdale is smart enough to be a banker but also smart enough to read human nature. Whether or not he wins this time around, this ad says he knows what he’s doing as a campaigner. But no, that isn’t easily apparent. If it was, it would be crappy political strategy.

  18. I had no idea Fremont had a beltway, though it’s a good thing; traffic downtown occasionally backs up 5 or 6 cars deep. And you know at least one of those cars is driven by an illegal alien.

    Wiggily; I love sports cars. I just don’t see the point of country clubs. But sports cars and country clubs have one thing in common; they’re a hundred times better when someone else is paying for them.

  19. Where is Ben Sasse says:

    Just came back from the Bellevue Veterans Day parade. I saw Shane Osborn flanked by Veteran riders, Sid Dinsdale, and Bart McClay. I didn’t see Ben Sasse and vice candidate Mark Fahleson at the parade. I heard that Ben Sasse is in Michigan watching the Husker Game. I wonder which one of his DC money people paid for him to go. So far, Ben Sasse hasn’t been to a single parade this year. He must think he is to good and smart to have any contact with the common folks.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sasse also doesn’t answer his emails sent by those first interested in his neophyte campaign. THAT speaks volumes. If he doesn’t have the manners or interest when he’s a nothing, why would he have any when he’s a big shot Senator? First clue. He was promoted by an attorney.

  21. To where is Ben Sasse -- says:

    I’m told that Ben heard that it would be a little chilly and there might be a breeze, so he didn’t want to risk getting his hair mussed. The good thing about D.C. cocktail parties is that they’re inside, so you can figure on your hair looking as good coming out as it does coming in. It’s all about priorities.

  22. hesdeadjim says:

    Funny the very people berading sasse for being a “d.c. guy” are the ppl who take EVERY CHANCE POSSIBLE to let you know that they know someone in D.C..

  23. To hesdeadjim says:

    You and I must know different people, because I don’t see a post in this thread where someone clams to know someone in D.C. I find it somewhat hilarious when I get forwarded emails from D.C. law firms and lobbyists (and no I’m saying I know them, but I can look up their addresses) about how they need to contribute so that they “can bring their friend Ben back to D.C.” as if he were lost on the Great Plains without a map or a compass. Sasse is a fraud. He claims to have “turned Midland around” when he’s run deficits and has Midland “on notice” that its going to lose its accreditation. He says he opposed Medicare Part D when in fact he wrote an editorial in 2009 calling an “enormous success.” He says he’s going to reopen the Dana campus in Blair in 2015 — conveniently after he plans to be in the Senate, and just as soon as he gets around to raising $11M for Midland (of course that Senate race needs to take precedence) and he has no hope of getting his accreditor’s approval to do so. He says that people should vote for him because he’s the “smartest” guy in the field when the other guys in the race have advanced degrees in trivial fields like mathematics, another is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and another has run a successful bank for years. Ben Sasse has exactly one constituent and it’s Ben Sasse. If the Nebraska voters are stupid enough to put him in the Senate, they’ll get what they deserve.

  24. Anon says:

    The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association had a great event on Friday night. We had McLeay, Dinsdale, Osborn, McCoy, Ricketts, and Jansen speak. Sen. Fischer spoke as well. Unfortunately, Mr. Sasse was unavailable, so Mark Fahleson had to speak on his behalf.

    As for speaking ability, Ricketts was the most polished, but he arrived late and spoke long. Jansen did the best job of engaging the crowd and was, overall, the best of the three gubernatorial candidates there. McCoy was pretty bad to be frank. The Senatorial candidates were all good, except for Dinsdale who didn’t tailor his talk to the event at all. I’d say McLeay did the best with Osborn as a close second.

    Dan Frei came and was pleasant to speak with before the event, but he wasn’t given time at the podium. Rep. Terry declined the invitation.

  25. Nebrascorn says:

    Veterans’ Day. Honoring those who saved America so it could be wrecked by those we elect.

    As the US Navy christens its newest aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford CVN-78, we also note Nebraska beat Michigan. Ford is the only US President born in Nebraska. But he ended up on two championship Michigan football teams. Nebraska has a problem keeping talent in the state.

    A decorated Lieutenant Commander, naming a carrier after him actually makes sense. But he was also, in true Nebraska fashion, a truly bizarre political anomaly.

    Ford never ran for President or for Vice President. He had Pelosi’s job. Imagine Nancy being appointed to replace a resigned Biden and then appointed to replace a resigned Obama. That was Jerry Ford.

    The Cornhusker football bug may have missed Jerry but he added to Nebraska’s long list of political craziness by giving this voting Republic its first President who never ran for the job.

    Nebraska… where normal bad politics meets a clinical need for thorazine.

    Still, we beat Michigan. And always we owe our vets a deep debt of thanks. Huzzah.

  26. Taft's nemesis says:

    The one positive thing Tom Carlson has going for him is he was very instrumental in establishing the Bull Moose party with Teddy Roosevelt. That’s a pretty big feather in his Homburg hat.

  27. Carlson Update says:

    The latest from the Carlson camp is that Tom Carlson is planning to introduce a bill to do away with term limits in Nebraska, and to double the $6 million spent on providing free medical care to illegals in it’s first year to 12 million next year under LB599 he voted for. Now there’s a platform you can hitch your wagon to!

  28. Nebrascorn says:

    When Ford became President he had in fact never run for that job. After he was President, and after he pardoned Nixon, begun the clemency process for draft dodgers, and started the process of giving Panama ultimately to Noriega, Ford only “reluctantly agreed” to be a candidate for the Presidential office he already occupied. One might argue that is not running as much it was walking. But you are right. He tried, sort of, and it turned out bad. We ended up with Mr. Peanut after Jerry fired the only guy who could add and replaced him with a guy who sold adult diapers with all the personality of a wet diaper. These are idiots compared to other idiots.

  29. Hey Deleted at 6:40 pm.
    You know who you are.
    Your comments have been a broken record (skipping CD, hacked mpeg) and I’m not into it.
    Give that line of commenting again and you’ll be banned.

  30. NFOA Event Attendee says:

    Super job done by NFOA crew on Friday. Nicely attended event, good flow overall and simple execution without any pomp. Sue Hagar did great helping them get organized and raise money to play in this election cycle.

    As for the candidates playing in this election cycle, don’t. It’s not a game. The candidates who spoke could have taken it a little more seriously, prepared their comments better, stayed on message and been more engaging. Although the audience was a friendlier sort, the performances aren’t going to cut it later in this election cycle. Not one candidate there seemed to have a pro 2nd amendment agenda ready to discuss or if they did they didn’t share it. We’re not going to win playing defense all the time, it’s time to put the game plan together and be ready to make our (your) case.

  31. Johnny Unitas says:

    Question for the McCoy camp, will one of the topics be about flattops? If so, will there be a follow up question about the correlation between flattops and hiring illegal aliens?

  32. Bias says:

    I guess Chris Scott is now the political leader in Nebraska. SS has a habit of allowing personal and unsubstantiated attacks on some of the candidates.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The ageism remarks against Tom Carlson are immature. Other campaigns ought to rein in their kids. Having brats work for you is not becoming.

  34. 9:21,
    I’ll say this: First, lighten up. They’re jokes.
    We made the Carlson joke in the post b/c #1, it was funny.
    And #2, it was funny. That’s it.
    And if it makes you feel better, the seasoned populace is known for voting just a tad more than the kiddos who frequent the weblogs.
    That’s all and good night (whoa! 9:30? It’s waaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime!).

  35. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To the above:
    I hear ya cluckin’, big chicken. Tom is part of the “greatest generation”. Making fun of his age is unnecessary.

    Know what else is unnecessary? Using the taxes that I bust ass to pay, to pay for benefits for illegal immigrants. Being a big government Republican is childish. Carlson should get off my lawn and go play B-I-N-G-O with Annette Dubas and the dems. He has no chance of winning a Republican primary, but a Democrat primary win is attainable in this state with his ideology.


  36. Phileas Fogg says:

    Tom is visiting every county in the state to bring his enlightened vision to us all. There is a huge rally planned for Arthur County organized by the local Baptists after receiving word from God Almighty His-self that Carlson’s campaign was the most important thing to happen since His son was resurrected.

  37. Anonymous says:

    SS: Wasn’t referring to your chuckle as much as the ones after making reference to his age. If jokes about a candidate’s age are appropriate then I expect to see a slew of them about McCoy still being in puberty.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I was personally at one of the candidate forums recently and what I can tell you is that Dinsdale should drop out of the race before I even complete this sentence. He’s a nice guy, but he doesn’t know any substative issues at all…I appreciated his humbleness, but he just didn’t match up with the other Senate candidates. He should be running for a school board or something.

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