ANOTHER #NEGOV candidate?

Bryan Slone 02Leavenworth St. has learned that there may be another candidate for Nebraska Governor.

Bryan Slone of Omaha is the potential newcomer in the increasingly crowded GOP primary.

Slone is a tax partner and the Omaha office managing partner at Deloitte Tax LLP. He leads marketplace activities for the Deloitte U.S. Firms in Nebraska.

Slone was also the treasurer for Governor Dave Heineman’s successful campaign. Back in the 80’s, Slone was tax counsel for Congressman Hal Daub, while Daub was on the House Ways and Means tax writing committee.

Otherwise, Slone has not been particularly involved in party politics in the state. He is successful, and is a relatively high donor to charitable causes. We are not sure, however, how that would transfer to spending on a campaign.

But it’s our understanding that he doesn’t have Pete Ricketts money to spend on himself.

We should of course note that we have NOT confirmed Slone’s entry into the race.

But, you can note that and web addresses were both purchased last week by Redstone Communications of Omaha. And the word we have is that Ryan Horn of Redstone, who last managed Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s successful campaign, would be the one to lead the Slone camp.

Depending on how he can sell himself in Omaha, let alone statewide, Sloan would further slice up the Governor’s vote pie. A slim slice could be the winning piece in that campaign. And we mentioned last week about Jon Bruning getting in if he felt like a small percentage could do it. The more in could possibly push him in and make it even more exciting.

Watch this develop over the next few days.


You may have seen that FreedomWorks, a Tea Party-ish group, endorsed Shane Osborn for the GOP Nebraska U.S. Senate nomination. That was seen as somewhat of a coup for Osborn, only in the sense that the Senate Conservative Fund and Club for Growth had endorsed Ben Sasse last week.

FreedomWorks noted that Osborn will fight to get rid of ObamaCare and fix it with something else, which has sort of been Sasse’s bread and butter over the past few months.

But FreedomWorks also took a shot at the Sasse camp’s recent “he’s very smart” line of fundraising, saying:

“The Senate does not need more smart people with generally nice sounding ideas, it needs heroes. The time for giant voices and strong principles is now,” Osborn continued. “Shane Osborn has proven himself to be all these things and more. Nebraska and the country will be proud of the work Shane Osborn does in the Senate.”


We will first just say, as we have in the past, that while Sasse may have gone to Harvard and Yale, Osborn (not to mention Bart McLeay and Sid Dinsdale) is no dummy. The Navy doesn’t hand multi-million dollar aircraft with huge crews to dopes who can’t do math.

And that being said, we think it’s fine that Osborn would also tout his other skills, beyond his education.

But…really FreedomWorks? The Senate “does not need more smart people“?
Are we going down the Roman Hruska line to represent the mediocre?

Ok, ok. We know that it went on from there. But could they have put out a more ham-fisted release than to say we don’t need more smart people?

By the way, this is the same FreedomWorks who said to the NRSC back in 2012 when Dave Heineman was considering getting in the Senate race after Freedomworks had already endorsed Don Stenberg: “Don’t tell us who to vote for in the Nebraska Republican Senate primary. Stay out of our backyard!”

Yeah. The FreedomWorks out of Washington DC. telling Dave Heineman to stay out of their backyard.

Again, we don’t blame the Osborn campaign for this at all. They have no control over what the FreedomWorks press release writer is going to email.

But, if those two start to bash each other over the head a bit, it will be interesting to see if Dinsdale or McLeay can pull a Deb Fischer and slip in.

It’s getting less and less early.


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  1. In other news says:

    Tom Carlson has decided to take a new approach with his social media campaign. In an unorthodox move Carlson has decided to resurrect the telegraph. Sending out an SOS!

  2. Ricky says:

    How many more nobodies are going to declare for the GOP nomination for Nebraska’s governors race?
    McCoy and Carlson and Ricketts now this guy.
    By the way did you know Charlie Janssen loves guns and is a navy veteran? (Still waiting for somebody to ask him if he thinks reasonable gun laws would have stopped that shooting in the Naval Yard in DC.
    Somebody, namely the Omaha World Herald and Deena and the LJS and LWST and the Drudge reportand Fox news won’t ask.) I hope Hassebrook asks this question during debates.
    What a joke how many innocent people have to die for people like Janssen and Senator Kiltner of Sarpy will wake up?

  3. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    Sasse didn’t walk in the Bellevue Veteran’s day parade, though he did enter and have what appeared to be about 10 Midland kids walking for him. Baby steps. That’s progress. Maybe he’ll show up to something next time.

    Oh, but he didn’t show up at the Defend Nebraska event either, but he apparently specially ordered some shirts for the event. He had his “vice candidate” speak which was, well, awkward.

    Meanwhile, he got slammed in the Chronicle of Higher Education, which pointed out two obvious facts: 1) being a university president and running for Senate (without taking a leave from the former) are pretty much incompatible, and 2) it has been a “headache” (the Chronicle’s word) for Midland to make clear that it’s not actually using its resources to support Sasse, lest it risk its 501(c)(3) status. They also had some nice quotes from a university president who had run for such an office, but he actually took a leave from his job to do it. Oddly, the article claims that Midland will be naming an interim President at some point before the primary. Seems like the time to have done that would have been the day he announced.

    Meanwhile, while the other candidates in statewide campaigns were doing Veteran’s Day events, all the Sasse campaign could bother to do is to send an email. Touching.

    As awkwardly as Freedomworks’s swipe at Sasse might have been worded, they hit upon a core truth and one that is devastating to Sasse. He thinks he’s entitled to the Senate seat. As far as I can tell, none of the other three candidates think that. They all think they have to earn it.

  4. Demon Sheep says:

    I wonder if the Chronicle writer knew that midland was on Notice. Once again in this article Ben touts he is a “turnaround guy”.

  5. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper said “Depending on how he can sell himself in Omaha, let alone statewide. . .”.

    It is my understanding that this Bryan Slone is originally from Gering, Nebraska and has deep roots and a tremendous network of close connections out here in the 3rd District. That’s a huge, built in advantage that has to help.

  6. seriously Ricky??? says:


    You asked above if Janssen thinks that reasonable gun laws would have stopped the Navy Yard shooting. You are certainly aware that Washington DC had some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Permits are required to buy ANY guns; ALL firearms must be registered with the police; background checks, online training and testing are required for ALL gun owners; assault weapons are BANNED; magazines with over 10 rounds are PROHIBITED; concealed carry is ILLEGAL; open carry is ILLEGAL; automatic weapons are ILLEGAL; and non-residents are not even allowed to travel through the distric with weapons.

    All that considered, Ricky, please explain what you consider to be reasonable gun laws.

  7. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I think Ricky has a legitimate mental illness. Nobody in their right mind would subject themselves to public humiliation so often and so willingly.

    Get your head checked Ricky. I heard they have a fancy new scanner at Boys Town. Privately funded of course.

  8. To Ricky says:

    Ricky clearly has PPSD (post postal stress disorder) imagine if you had to wear daisy dukes everyday delivering “packages” to dudes. I feel for Ricky.

  9. Midland Student Section says:

    It was a real moral boost that our university president was standing with us cheering on our football team as we got crushed by Nebraska wesleyan and not up in Michigan fundraising for himself and watching another school play football this past saturday

  10. Anonymous says:

    The jackass certainly has the elephant trained. Now Bill “Pass my Cigar” Clinton is leading the GOP-Democrat combined fight to “fix” Obama care. That’s right, fix.

    Lest we forget, before there was Obama care, America did without any fascist government-coopting-business model for health care. But now we have it and Republicans want it “fixed”.

    The only that has been fixed is the elephant missing its balls.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    #17, it’s too late to fix Obamacare. Clinton was calling for Obama to keep his promise (ouch). Of course, that was a gratuitous Clintonian insult because those plans no longer exist and Slick Willie knows it. Change the law? Only if there is total repeal including the break-the-already-busted-bank Medicaid expansion. The Republicans shouldn’t lift a finger and they won’t. Demand #1 will be Obama, during prime-time, on TV, calling for a total repeal of his signature achievement. In the meantime, America will be lucky to still exist by the end of 2014 thanks to the coming tsunami of progressive genius. It’s going to get ugly.

  12. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    Well Gerard, here’s the lede to the story: “Benjamin E. Sasse is just the sort of guy you’d expect to run for high office someday, but the Midland University president’s decision to do so now invites all sorts of headaches for his campus.” So maybe you don’t consider that a slam, but I do. Further, I am reliably informed that the Chronicle was unaware at the time of the writing that Midland has been put “on notice” by the HLC (in November 2012 — well into the good Dr. Sasse’s tenure) for lacking a realistic financial plan and reliable student learning assessment metrics, but that this unfortunate oversight on the Chronicle’s part has been called to its attention, and perhaps more scrutiny of Dr. Sasse’s claims that he “turned around” Midland is forthcoming. Conveniently, Dr. Sasse is to be replaced by an “interim” president this spring. I would rate the chances of Dr. Sasse returning to his presidential office at about .0001%, not because he’ll be elected to the Senate (he won’t) but he will have wrung whatever political advantage he could gain out of being Midland president at that point. Moreover, he will have left the people of Blair with his fanciful promise that he would reopen the Dana campus before his promised date of 2015 or 2016, hoping that they will blame someone else. No, by then, Dr. Sasse will have returned to his home in D.C. to a cushy job in a think tank or a lobbying firm. The problem with always thinking you’re the smartest person in the room is that sometimes you’re not.

  13. Demon Sheep says:

    Ben Sasse likes to tout he is a “turnaround guy”. My issue is what has he turned around? Midland is now looking for a replacement for Dr. Sasse? Is he going somewhere? Or has Midland’s Board figured out he is using them for a paycheck?

  14. Cedrick Diggory says:

    I hearby announce my bid more governor. Moaning Mertle will run the campaign while the ginger geniuses Weasley clan will run my ground game.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Republicans seem unable to let any Obama inflicted wound fester on the national body without dabbing it with stinging astringent so often that the American people blame their pain on Republicans. With Clinton to the rescue, his wife will be the next President. Which is worse, bad Democrats or stupid Republicans?

  16. @Demon sheep number 16 says:

    How could Sasse have been spotted in Midland yesterday when he was sitting in Johanns DC office?
    Its only his 9th trip to DC since he announced, for comparison he has spoken at 2 forums (the 2 in which the vice senator was not allowed to speak on his behalf), Been to 13 towns around the state (via plane), and walked in 0 parades

  17. Fun with math says:

    Carlson’s age minus minus McCoy squared= 8 take away the amount of GOP and Dem candidates = zero….which is still < the chance of McCoy or Carlson winning

  18. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    Well Gerard, I’m glad you’re not my press secretary. I suppose that today’s post by Aaron Blake in the Washington Post’s blog about Sasse’s absurd attempts to explain away his 2009 editorial calling Part D “a policymaker’s dream” isn’t a slam either. I particularly liked the part where the Club for Growth got caught with its pants down for endorsing Sasse even though they called Part D an “abomination” when it was passed.

    Referring to the endorsement policy of the Club and the SCF the Post wrote:

    “And according to much of the coverage of their actions — and the groups involved — it’s all about conservative purity.

    But in some cases, including Sasse’s, ‘purity’ is elusive.”

    Anything that gets name right counts as good press, eh?

  19. Anonymous says:

    How many of Janssen’s senator endorsements are just his and campaign vendor Matt Butler (who has crowned himself the senator from LD4)’s drinking buddies?

  20. 3:13

    I think I’ve made it clear I’m not interested in negative campaigning against Republican candidates. Sasse obviously has a strong policy background; go play your gotcha games with someone else.

    And, by the way, care to disclose who you work for? If it’s Osborn, he just lost any chance of my future support. If you’re a Dem, the fact you’re going after Sasse is telling.

  21. Ricky says:

    STILL waiting for Mr Street Sweeper or Deena or JoAnne of the Lincoln Star or anybody from the OWH (the big Ne daily re-tweets the gun loving Senator) or SOMEBODY to ask Charlie (I want to do to Nebraska what me and Kris Kobach did for Fremont) Janssen how he can advocate for guns while people get gunned down on a daily basis including at the Naval Shipyard in DC.
    Do your job media that is what you are supposed to do not just run pictures of old people with funny hats in front of flags supporting Janssen.
    Fremont will have another vote on the anti-hispanic law Janssen and Kobach implemented. The pragmatists in Dodge county are aware what harm this law has caused the town.
    So vote for Janssen GOP so the state can waste money in court.


  22. @8:43,
    We take down comments (we write “posts”, these, in the comments section, are “comments”) that don’t follow the rules of the comments section. One of those rules is, generally, not allowing jack-assed comments that have no truth to them. When we see a stream of the same comments (such as yours), on the same topic (such as the one you harp on), from the same person (you), that’s what is known in the blogging comment trade as a “red flag”. We take those down on a regular basis.
    And when they continue, even after the commenter has been warned, said commenter gets banned.

    Note: You’re not funny, you don’t have point, and you’re starting to piss me off.

    And thanks for reading.

    P.S. Ricky, you’re idiotic quest on the gun issue has been destroyed by many other commenters, so there’s no need for us to bother with it or you. But apparently you need to be reminded.
    But thanks for the occasional comedy relief.

  23. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    Gerard, if you keep trying you might say something lucid. I’m a GOP voter. If I were a Dem, I’d be interested in states where the Dems actually have a chance. I don’t work for anybody running for office, not that it’s any of your business. I just don’t like phonies.

  24. TexasAnnie says:

    Gerard we understand why you are not “interested in negative campaigning against Republican candidates” given that you CLAIM FOR YOURSELF the Republican ideology. But aren’t you, at the very least, disappointed when your candidates WIN and then don’t act like Republicans?

    Or am I mistaken in my belief that TRUE Republicans will abide the party platform?

  25. Interested Observer says:

    Also Annie, as is quoted so many times and rightfully so, above the north door of the Nebraska State Capital is the saying “THE SALVATION OF THE STATE IS THE WATCHFULLNESS IN THE CITIZEN”.


  26. Anonymous says:

    What’s this hot wind we feel blowing out of Texas? Mendacity?

    Isn’t this the same “don’t tax me unfairly” woman who unfortunately has a needy child she demands taxpayers support? That situation is pitiable but not very politically pliable.

    Unless you like being seen as a massively hypocritical person, maybe you should narrow your advocacy to either a demand for tax fairness or for the money you want to rip out of your neighbor’s wallets for your own purposes. You cannot have it both ways.

  27. youngvoter says:

    With Bryan Slone entering the race. You could have someone win the Republican primary with as little as 20% of the vote. To me it does not give them a strong standing going into the general election. It’s going to be a interestng and expensive race.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Looking ahead to fall of 2014, I see a Republican media strategy: We tried to delay implementing this legislative trainwreck, Lord knows we tried, but those doggone Democrats steadfastly refused to negotiate on a delay. Wouldn’t even talk to us. And the only way to get this mess fixed is a Supermajority of Republicans in the Senate and to make sure Republicans have a solid majority in the house.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If Matt Butler wins Pirsch’s seat, Northstar Campaigns is going to stop working on legislative or state office races, right? Or will he sell his interest in it off?

  30. What, exactly, is the ‘Republican ideology’?

    I’m not interested in trashing the eventual nominee of the party, since I am likely to vote for that nominee. I would rather candidates persuade me why they should be elected, than tell me why their fellow Republican should not. That seems to be simple enough that even a Texan should be able to understand it.

  31. anonymous says:

    Why in the world are people (presumably other Republicans who just dont like his business partner) badmouthing Matt Butler after everything he has done for candidates and the party? He’s as solid of an R as it gets, he’s smart, God knows he has the time on his hands to be a state senator, and he’ll be an ally for the next Governor.

    Not everything is anonymous

  32. Anonymous says:

    To Anon @ 12:37-

    I’ve never even applied to work there, but what does that have to do with anything? I could be asking how ethical is it that his company is hired by a couple state officer candidates and multiple other legislative candidates while Matt himself is running, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on it.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    100,000 signed up for Obamacare and 5 million lost insurance. At this rate we will all be uninsured, even the people on Medicaid since that is going bankrupt in 2026 if you believe the Polyannas that are the Medicare trustees. Obama is currently trying to save this mess for implosion after the 2014 elections by illegally delaying (yet again) his law. The Republican strategy is simple: allow the consequences of voting for Democrats to go through. Sounds lazy, right? Well, it’s not nearly as lazy as the Democrats thinking demographics are going to save them instead of actually governing. In the meantime, America should start getting ready for the Obama death toll. 5 million people just got tossed into the victim pool.

  34. Macdaddy:

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to go into rehab for a serious schadenfreude habit after ObamaCare finally collapses.

    Obama can’t do what he claims he’s going to. An insurance company can’t simply reissue an insurance plan it already cancelled. You need an actuarial analysis to set the price. You need the state insurance commision to approve it (and several states have already said they won’t approve reissued plans). This takes months, many months. It is just one more empty, lying promise, a transparent attempt to deflect the blame for the slow motion ObamaCare disaster onto, someone, anyone, except the Democrats responsible.

    Charles Cooke calls this the biggest domestic policy disaster of the last century. IMO that’s only slightly hyperbolic.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Colonel Tom Brewer USA Army RET. . Will be running in the 3rd district primary against Adrian Smith for the Republican nomination. He will run to beat a do nothing Congressman who is owned by Club for Growth.. Finally the 3rd district will have a Congressman they can be proud of.

  36. Fort Street Fury says:

    I’m just amazed that Smith has managed to keep his seat this long. The guy hasn’t even taken his one shot at fame. Keystone XL should be Adrian Smith’s calling card! The ENTIRE debate about KXL is focused on a section in his own district. I’m all about replacing adrian smith, as long as the replacement is further right.

  37. Demon Sheep says:

    Guess who said this statement?

    “Republicans are not repealing this bill, Republicans are also not going to be able to defund this bill and Republicans are not really going to be able to void any of the significant regulations in this bill. They lack the votes to do any of those things,”

  38. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ 8:58am:
    Of course I can have it both ways. You do.
    But your interpretation of what I have written here at Leavenworth St. is flawed.
    I want public programs either for all, or none. That’s fair. The disabled generally get screwed now.
    I want a flat income tax, or, abolishment of the income tax at the federal level altogether.
    Texas has no state income tax. That’s fair.
    I want y’all to admit that your state income tax policy is grossly unfair, insofar as it was designed to tax imported workers inequitably in exchange for corporate “tax incentives.” That’s using people as a means to an end, not an end of themselves. Check your ethics book on this axiom…

  39. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer: Not if you claim the Republican ideology.
    But my comment to Gerard was actually in remembrance of his nagging me about being a Libertarian now because I was back when…

  40. TexasAnnie says:

    Yes, Interested Observer, I remember that quote from your Capitol facade very well.
    It was often quoted during committee hearings.

  41. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who like to make fun of war veterans. I don’t know if Brewer is running for office or not. But if he does, maybe you should know what kind of man you are making fun of.

    Col. Thomas Brewer was severely wounded in Afghanistan in 2011 by an RPG. He already had a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for being shot six times in the infamous 2003 Bone Yard battle, where he left a dozen enemy dead and led his outnumbered men to victory. He had been Cobra pilot through Desert Storm, he later was an Abrams tank commander, and Brewer led an amphibious force into Katrina stricken New Orleans. He is Lakota Sioux who grew up on Pine Ridge reservation.

    A few details on the Bone Yard. Shot in his left arm, Brewer, a left-handed shooter, had to shoot with his right hand but then shrapnel hit his right eye, making shooting with the alternate eye and arm difficult. He was struck repeatedly, shot in the leg, through a lung, shattered ribs. When two enemy rushed him he shot them both dead. A half hour later, running out of ammunition he picked up two enemy AK-47s and poured fire into the enemy.

  42. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    Good news. I’ve found Ben Sasse. Or at least the trail is getting warmer. He was in Fremont as recently as 2010 referring to the ACA saying: “Republicans are not repealing this bill. Republicans are not going to be able to defund this bill and Republicans are not going to be able to void any of the significant regulations in this bill.” While stating that the ACA won’t necessarily address the crisis of uninsured Americans, he called it “an important first step” in thinking about healthcare coverage. “Sasse Speaks at Health Care Summit,” Fremont Tribune, Nov. 6, 2010. Clearly this is the kind of leadership that Nebraskans need from the self-proclaimed “Anti-Obamacare Candidate.”

  43. About ten years ago we elected a first rate football coach to Congress. In retrospect, he wasn’t much of a congressman. Now we’re supposed to elect a first rate warrior to Congress, presumably on the same theory that if you’re good at one thing, you must be good at something entirely different.

    Need more evidence of that.

  44. Sasse says:

    Ben is good at flip flopping on his ideals? Will that make him a good senator? I feel like we just got rid of a Nebraska senator that liked to flip flop on the ideas of healthcare. We don’t need a repeat.

  45. The Tea Party... says:

    Did anyone even bother to get look into this Sasse guy? That goes for
    you as well Mark F. You fought against Nelson and ObamaCare only to
    Push this guy on us?

    Maybe Mark F should be running. At least he has some consistency on the issue…

  46. Anonymous says:

    84. A great many combat veterans have sadly but quietly concluded, with some justification, that they respect those whom they have killed in battle, our enemy, as having been better human beings than Americans like you and the few other blabby asses who aren’t worth one drop of the blood shed to keep you out of chains.

    If fate were just, you’d all have been in Tacloban. But fate isn’t just. Decent good people were there. Fate left you safe here, ridiculing those who bled for your freedom.

    Those of us who have borne the battle just cannot bleed enough to make some American voters grateful or un-stupid. We will have to content ourselves with knowing that the insufferable ass you are here today is the same insufferable ass you are in the presence of those you love, and that they too sadly but quietly perhaps wish you’d been in Tacloban. Life is short. Grow up.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:07, my unsolicited advice is to not take to heart what people say on the Internet about your candidate. Most things that get posted here are just a fart in the wind. Just keep in mind the words of President Abraham Lincoln: Anybody can put anything on the Internet.

  48. @9:07 I Completly agree says:

    As a former member of the military I concur with what you are saying and that is why I’ll be supporting Col. Brewer.


    Captain Kangaroo

  49. Col. Brewer Fan says:

    I support Brewer. I think he has the perfect ingredients to “spice” things up in Washington. That is why this ole’ boy from Kentucky will be supporting Brewer. As a Colonel I have never been chicken of a challenge of going against an incumbent. Fort might have a leg up but if I take Brewer under my wing, he has chance.


    Colonel Sanders

  50. @Col. Brewer Fan says:

    I hope you enjoy writing, what you think are hilarious, comments on this blog. When you do, just remember it’s because of people like Col. Brewer that you have the right to speak your opinion.

  51. Private Benjamin says:

    I no the hardships of an outsider looking in. As the only female of my battalion I knew everyday was an uphill battle. Colonel Brewer has every right to get in this race and lose by 70% as does Sloane.

  52. General Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    Col. Brewer served under me in the Rebel Alliance. We defeated The Empire and brought justice to the galaxy. Soon he will bring justice to the 3rd district!

  53. Anonymous says:

    About the only thing that can hurt Smith is if someone does to Smith what someone did to Kerrey and Suttle. They slandered opponents who were mothers. Voters dumped the slanderers and elected the mothers. Apple pie, mom, and wounded war vets are fuses you just don’t light. Brewer was unknown last week but he’s all over this blog now. And the slander is laid at Smith’s feet, whether he likes it or not.

  54. Anonymous says:

    @95, first of all, if it’s written, it’s libel, not slander.
    Second, there’s no libel anywhere above.
    But it’s cute that you think that people making jokes about fictional characters equates to libel.

  55. Anonymous says:

    To the idiot that’s laughing at his own Col. Brewer jokes,
    Please replace the box of Kleenex when you are finished. There’s a tube of BenGay in the bathroom to help you with your wrist.

  56. says:

    Just a note to my fans at Leavenworth Street to let you know everything is going pretty smoothly now up here in the cloud.
    We have guys in dorm rooms at NYU working as we speak.
    What I am impressed about is how long the Repubs can keep this up about how they want to defund me or dismantle me or whatever. Too bad there is NOTHING they can do about me. Obamacare is here to stay.
    And we up here near the bit shop wonder why the GOP loves insurance companies more than the citizens, but we realize that the Repubs are desperate; if they did not fight to the death to kill this law, people would realize it’s a pretty good deal and the nations first black President would have a feather in his cap.
    While we wish Congress would get off this train and try to fix other stuff, like immigration reform, we have a good laugh knowing there is NOTHING they can do to stop health care reform.

  57. Interested Observer says:

    I wonder if the White House and the Senate noticed that the Upton Bill, which passed with 39 Democrats joining all but 4 Republicans in the House, had 60.56% of the House votes. I kinda think that makes that particular vote veto proof, doesn’t it?

  58. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, you are fooling no one anymore with your stoopid healthcaredotgov comments. Let me ask you this, though, why does Obama love insurance companies so much that he’s giving them an extra trillion dollars by forcing everyone to buy insurance? Your guy is an idiot and the rest of us are going to have to pay for his monumental stupidity.

  59. Gering Nebraska says:

    PLEASE! Don’t let anyone do anything that could cost A-Drone his seat in Congress. We’re doing quite well now that the position of village idiot is vacant most of the time. Things could get even better if Congress just started working full time.

    Keep A-Drone in D.C.

    We don’t want him back.

  60. A ⅔ majority is needed to override a veto. Article 1, section 7

    I seem to remember getting abuse from Independent Observer about not having been born in the United States. And indeed, that is true. It’s just a shame that being native born does not imbue one with an innate knowledge of the Constitution. One must also read the document.

  61. Macdaddy says:

    The defense is really coming along. The offense dealt them crap hands one after another and they stepped up and kept the game close. A loss is a loss, but the D should be proud of their effort.

  62. Anonymous says:

    To become a naturalized US citizen, you must swear a binding oath to “defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. It is an oath most born Americans never swear. It means what it says. You are sworn to defend America against Americans born here who mean to do America harm. Of course, judging who exactly is a domestic enemy may be, like a citizens’ arrest, an iffy legal proposition. Yet should some burly former Irishman wish to chastise via fisticuffs a few members of the “I hate America” Leftist ilk, we have a few nominees. And its pints afterwards.

  63. Anon says:

    Wasn’t Col. Brewer at the Defending Nebraska event? I believe he was sitting with the Osborn group and Osborn introduced Brewer when he had his turn at the podium. I just thought at the time Brewer was there as a “prop” (no offense intended) to remind the crowd of Osborn’s service without Osborn having to flaunt it directly. Now I’m wondering if there is more coordination between the two.

  64. Oh, I think I know domestic enemies when I see them; it’s just that force is a defense of last resort. I saw too much violence against domestic enemies in my former life. We are not at that stage, and may we never reach it (again).

  65. Anonymous says:

    Annie, GH grew up amidst the violence of British occupiers and IRA combatants. He has just wished that we never see such terror in our midst. You should be thanking him, as do I.

  66. Shameful says:

    I just got a very discouraging call from the International Federation of Robotics and they stated Brandon Peterson’s robotics team is building humanoids to displace American workers and to suppress wages. Now instead of focusing on securing our borders we need to double down on our efforts close down all robot making factories

  67. No, TA, I was actually born female. But at the age of 19 I decided it’s better to be an ugly guy than an ugly woman, so I had the surgery.

    Mind you, it was a sad departure from Kantian ethics; if everyone applied the same maxim, we’d have a population that was 90% men. And it meant giving up my hopes of an Olympic medal in women’s weightlifting.

  68. Gaius Gracchus says:

    I’d like to announce my candidacy for Governor. I have 2,100+ years of political experience. My head is detatched from my body, and my cranium is filled with lead.

    I admit I committed suicide; it was that or die at the hands of Roman Senators who were trying to kill me with clubs made from the benches in Senate. I am well experienced in the worst politics has to offer, including the unintended consequences of my well intentioned reforms. Yes change is necessary, yet one must be wary of it too. Certainly the articulate Mr. Obama is learning this to everyone’s cost. I too was an orator & rhetor, but my lack of foresight and tact were signs of my mortal hubris. Worse things followed for Rome, losing our Republic in favor of an Imperium. I plead with the gods to relieve you of that fate.

    If elected Governor I promise you nothing but a small, wary government that pays it’s way in cash. As for your lives an necessities, dear Citizens, obtain them as you will. Treat your fellows with true charity, knowing the Fates may take your livelihood and your life at their whim. Who will care for your widow and orphans then? Care for your fellows is no burden but a solemn responsibility – your responsibility, not the State.

    May the gods make you personally generous, politically wary, and conscious of your brief life. Farewell!

  69. OWH Facebook Headline says:

    Omaha World-Herald
    Omaha police found five boys — two are 14, two are 15 and one is 17 — inside Omaha City Councilman Garry Gernandt’s house, a police spokeswoman said.

    Nice editing OWH!!!!

  70. Gaius Gracchus says:

    @127, to paraphrase a favorite writer of mine, “Hello, young, Master Macdaddy.” I thank you for your kinds, realistic words. Alas, politics is a younger man’s game. I shall watch this contest from afar. I fancy myself an augur, but you are far better. I will read your posts with delight.

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