Who got blasted?

As a starter, here is the latest video from U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse talking about the latest ObamaCare plan tossed out by the POTUS:


The OWH had an exclusive , “ONLY in the Omaha World-Herald!story on Sunday from Washington, D.C. reporter Joe Morton!
What did the OWH nail? What was it that ONLY the OWH would be reporting it on Sunday morning?
Front page of the Midlands section? (Below the fold, but still…)

OK, are you ready? (It’s pretty intense).
Here it comes! (Might want to sit down!)
Lee Terry…
…has a website….
(yes! yes!)
where he said….
(oh my gawd!!!!)
…the same thing as another Member of Congress!!!!!!!!!

(OH. MY. FREAKIN… wait. What?)

Yes, Lee Terry’s website says that he is concerned about what Nebraskans says about tough economic times.
AND, this is the same thing that a Congresswoman from North Carolina said!
Do you get it?
The SAME thing!
Oh sure, some words are switched, but otherwise, the SAME verbage!

Apparently when the OWH gets scooped on a daily basis by “the blawgs”, (oooooh snap!) this is what passes for an exclusive by the OWH.
And not even to let it “sit” as a one day story, OWH columnist Matthew Hansen re-tweeted it, (apparently because of his outrage?).

But here’s the thing: Unfortunately, Terry took the gist down off of his website, and then noted that it was an oversight.
We say unfortunately, because what Terry should have said was “FUUUUUU**** YOU!”.
But Terry had used up his FUs during the shutdown, so instead he had to throw out some maxima mea culpas. Yeah yeah yeah.

And for those of you all hyped up by the “letter of the law” or whatever the dopes who are commenting on the OWH page think, note that it’s not as if the website is using another’s idea or concept or theory. The words used refer to generally hearing from constituents about higher taxes.

Well, if that ain’t front page of the Midlands section news we don’t know what is!

Of course, the most interesting aspect of this “scandal” is just how, exactly, the OWH came upon this. They were told about it from an unnamed Democrat who used to live in Nebraska — who refuses to be identified.

Well, that’s sort of random in an of itself. But think about this: How in the hell do you exactly figure this out? Have some sort of a program that compares all pablum on Congressional websites to each other? An insider who wrote it and/or knows what happened? Someone who randomly heard the Congresswoman say it then randomly read Terry’s site then put the two generic concepts together?

Now THERE’s the interesting part to know about.
But don’t look to find this sort of stuff from the OWH any time soon.
They’re too busy getting the really juicy scoops (more on those below!).

And of course, your main takeaway from this story:

(Congresswoman) Ellmers told The World-Herald. “(Terry’s) been a great defender of the small-business community.”


Anyone like this headline in today’s OWH?:

Heineman blasts Obama over ‘suggestion’ that Americans can keep insurance plans

Oh, but Heineman didn’t just “blast” the President.
The Governor also “attacked the President.”

How did he do it? Well, he quoted former Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson who said the President’s “plan” to let people keep their old insurance was merely a “suggestion”.

So, once again: Nelson “said that Obama’s announcement was merely a suggestion not a law.”

Nelson “said” it.
And when Heineman repeats what Nelson said, it’s an “attack” and a “blast”.

Got it Paul Hammel and the OWH.
Got it.


Nebraska Watchdog put up the interesting “scoop” from the Frei for Congress campaign that their pollster found that Lee Terry’s numbers against an imaginary GOP opponent were low.

Well, we’ve heard this before when the DCCC did the same thing for Pete Festersen during the shutdown.

Wait, the what?
The Shutdown.
What was that?

WHEN was that?

Ohhhhhh yeah.
That was that thing where the Republicans wanted to stop (or at least slow down) ObamaCare because it was a bad law that would wreck many people’s health care coverage.

How’d that ObamaCare thing end up anyway?
Ohh yeah.
It was so bad that Ben Nelson himself is now attacking and blasting the President about it (what hyperbole?).

So let us just be a leeeeetle more cognizant of WHEN these polls are taken — and not in the least by whom.


Oh, and btw, we got this note from the Terry camp about that poll done by Scott Petersen of the Frei campaign:

It is my understanding this was an automated poll. If it was, then Nebraska law was violated….

First, any automated polls must be registered with the Nebraska Public Service Commission. A script must be submitted, and the first sentence of script must identify who was paying for the call.

Second, Chase Marketing must register with the Nebraska Public Service Commission as a vendor who provided these calls. They are not one of the vendors.

Hmm. Interesting, that.


We want to go, briefly, to last week’s back and forth between the FreedomWorks and Dick Armey and their countering endorsements of Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse, respectively.

After FreedomWorks endorsed Osborn, Armey, who has a spat with his former group, went off on Shane Osborn and defended Sasse.

And look, we don’t have a beef or favor or disfavor ANY of the candidates. What we’re not really into is pols from other places waltzing into Nebraska to knock another candidate. Supporting one or the other seems fine — though the effect of an endorsement is always suspect.

But when Armey slams Osborn, saying he is a “career politician”? (After four years in government?) And that Sasse is the “outsider”? (Sasse, who served in the freaking Bush Administration, is an “outsider”? If that’s the case, how does one get on the “inside”?)

And FreedomWorks original statement knocking Sasse for being (apparently) too smart was not any better.

If a Dick Armey has a problem with some of Osborn’s or another candidate’s stances, fine. And vice versa, etc. etc. But making the general critical statements doesn’t really fly.



From the Nebraska GOP Chairman, JL Spray:

Yesterday the NEGOP announced 6 primary debates for the spring of 2014. This will guarantee a minimum of three debates for both the Governor and U.S. Senate race. Each Congressional District will be the hosts of two debates; and this assures reasonable access to the media across the state and to our primary voters. We believe this is an opportunity for the Party to coordinate debates focused on the issues important to Nebraska, while giving our voters the chance to hear candidates positions as they prepare to vote on May 13, 2014. More specific details will be following in the upcoming weeks, but for now, we want you to know the dates, which are listed below:

January 29 – Senate debate – Gering Civic Center

February 19 – Governor debate – Papillion LaVista South High School

March 11 – Senate debate – University of Nebraska-Omaha Thompson Alumni Center

March 23 – Governor debate – One Box Convention Center in Broken Bow

April 7 – Senate Debate – Champions Club in Lincoln

April 23 – Governor debate – Johnny Carson Theatre in Norfolk


Further Addendum Tues afternoon:

Rep. Paul Ryan’s PAC endorses Ben Sasse for Senate:

Prosperity Action Inc., the leadership PAC of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, has reported it contributed $5,000 to the U.S. Senate campaign of Ben Sasse, R-Neb. 


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  1. And while we’re on the subject of plagiarism, I’d like to point out the above blog piece uses many words that also appeared in Jonah Goldberg’s column last Friday. Not just the usual ‘and’ and ‘the’, but big words like ‘government’. And both mention the Affordable Care Act.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Listen: Four score and fifteen months ago, this blogger brought forth on this website, a new blog, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…and then become dense as time goes on.

    So there ya go.


  3. Ricky says:

    First of all I am making a promise to Mr Street Sweeper to click through L Street ads next time I buy on Amazon. Because he allows me to comment all the time here.
    B. I did find it hard to get worked up about something on Terry’s web site put there by a flunky using standard boilerplate language. However, I was happy to see it in the paper because anything that hastens Mr Terry’s exit back to his nice house in Millard or Elkhorn or wherever is fine by me.
    Thirdly, I doubt Mr Sasse can ride his Obamacare-is-terrible stance all the way to Washington. Most people don’t have Obamacare as their number one issue. We are going to use it to get health insurance.
    D. Why would the GOP want somebody like Mr Sasse keep going on and on about health insurance? Nothing he could do in Washington would be a better option. My advice; Move on people.
    Fifthly, why does BO still have people in his corner? Can’t figure that out except they think it Osborne hired him he can not be fired.

    ricky from omaha

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Thanks for posting those dates of the debates. I’m busy on all those dates and I’m sure my DVR will be broken or full or not programmed to record them.

    Sweeper, Heineman “blasting” the President will accurately portray everyone else’s feelings next year when another 50-90 million Americans lose their health insurance and doctors and hospitals start going under because no one can pay their bills. ” Blasting” will be a mild description.

  5. Professor Sasse says:

    These videos by Ben Sasse are so self-indulgent and paternalistic in length and tone. First, a geography lesson- “Imperial, Nebraska – a cattle town near the Colorado border.” Then a lesson on the different types of government – monarchy vs democracy vs imperialism. Then a lesson on the powers of our American government, the three branches of government, and constitutional precedent. Then he brings it back around to the common man with coffee creamer and gym memberships.

  6. City of Blair says:

    Glad to see Ben Sasse just received $5000 from Paul Ryan’s PAC. We are just wondering what Ben Sasse has raised for the Dana College purchase so far?

  7. Lil Mac says:

    What politician isn’t self-indulgent? They all seek power to force their neighbors to behave, and to take money from their neighbors’ pockets, to then give it to causes that the politician personally likes, and then be paid for that and applauded for it by the neighbors the tyrannize. For pity’s sake, our US Constitution exists to protect us from everyone we elect. And yet voters here and everywhere keep thinking they can find a savior.

    Sasse is a snotty academic without RWP’s sense of humor. But Sasse can talk. Big deal. That same blab ability got Obama reelected and Obama is retarded. But that blab is the Senate’s job. You show up with 99 others and repeat pap already said and then you vote without taking responsibility for bad outcomes. Sasse wouldn’t vote like Al Franken. But none of these egotistical wannabes would.

    Debates? Who cares what they say? What have they already done? Pick one who hasn’t run his own stuff into the ground. Or one who has actually sweat or bled for this country or accomplished something of use to the rest of us. But always know that none of these bastards are running for office to help you be empowered. You are hiring a temporary tyrant to screw you. Pick one with a small schwantz so it hurts least.

  8. YouTube says:

    Still waiting for Ben Sasse’s video explaining why Midland was placed “On Notice” for Academic and Financial reasons by its accreditation agency

  9. Anonymous says:

    For all the money Sasse has raised, for all his journeys to coastal shores to book his “creativity” completely absent in all of Nebraska the state he longs to serve, it would seem simple for a guy abundant with knowledge such that he expounds–that he could find the proper lighting for these boring and dull videos. Never mind he’s talking an issue whose trainwreck has long left the station. We get it—Obamacare bad. Not hardly the only issue a Senator would address if elected.

    Sasse appears to be an extremely bright individual (no pun intended) who continues to get poor advice from those around him whose job it is to point out what sells to the market place as message and most importantly how to sell it in a favorable light (no pun intended). Looking as though you are passing a kidney stone does not increase your likeability. He needs to hire someone to hand him a clue and a light bulb moment which are one and the same. (pun intended).

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Ben is supporting his local economy. His FEC report shows an disbursement to the local funeral chapel for $1,000 for furniture. What kind of furniture do you buy at a funeral chapel?

  11. Anonymous says:

    He might be a perfectly fine candidate but this video makes Sasse sound like a snotty frat boy. The reference to Imperial’s location is really stupid and I’d love to see how that plays in the 3rd. Who is writing his stuff?

  12. City of Blair says:

    Still waiting on that fundraising report Ben. We know you are working hard to raise that money you promised our community

  13. Demon Sheep says:

    To City of Blair. Good Luck on that. He is looking for another job and is looking for a replacement at Midland. Sasse has never wanted to live here in Nebraska.

  14. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    To City of Blair. Good luck on that one. Even if the tooth fairy dropped $11 million on you, Midland would have to get approval from the Higher Learning Commission to use the Dana Campus as an “additional location.” That’s the same Higher Learning Commission that has Midland “on notice.” Here’s a hint, the HLC generally doesn’t approve universities that are “on notice” regarding their finances to open additional locations. Midland getting approval to open Dana is about as likely as a person with no income and no assets getting approved for a loan to buy a Lexus.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Who indeed is writing Sasse’s supercilious stuff? Obviously, Sasse writes it. He is a professor and professors profess to know a great deal. What they actually know is often amazingly narrow. With regard to whatever bit of constricted scholastics they focused on for their dissertation, they do know. But they can be quite stupid about everything else. No matter, they exist to profess. And so they profess, pontificate, and prattle on. And, I don’t wish to scare you but, that might be a step up from Law School. With Obama as example, one can literally get through an elite private High School, undergrad college and Law School without knowing how to do long division. Your Aunt Mary’s fat ass has more useful knowledge, common sense and integrity than most of these twits. And they are far more dangerous to America’s freedom and future than any enemy overseas.

  16. We need to end the War on Drugs says:

    It’s so lame that Libertarian Leaning Tea Party politicians like Trey Radel are pointlessly picked up for buying cocaine. Another example of the War on Drugs ruining the life of a great guy.

    Whatever he does on his own time is his problem, because his cocaine use doesn’t affect me. Drugs should be legal, and the Congressman should be able to purchase coke or marijuana if he likes it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lee endorses in competitive primaries? I didn’t think he did, and there’s no real reason needs to unless he needs Ricketts’ cash

  18. Anonymous says:

    RWP, the man was right. You have a good sense of humor. And sound reason. You don’t consider your expertise in X to qualify you to teach Y or Z. Of course, you have a political opinion and the skill to express it. That’s great. But you are not running for public office based on what you have accomplished in teaching or administrative academia. At that point, things become un-academic, as it matters to voters whether as a manager of other people’s money, who now seeks more power, you are or are not running your school into the ground. Running was Sasse’s choice.

    It is wonderful to teach. But throw your hat in the nasty ring of desiring power over others, which we expect from shyster lawyers, and then try to paint that as a noble act, and you may end up tarnishing your halo like Dr. Tom. For sake of playing politics, he ended up being whipped, and at not at his own game because his game was football. Power corrupts like an acid. One cannot be too long exposed without suffering damage. For a lawyer, it’s usually a step up. For an academic, many would intuitively say a step down.

  19. Anonymous says:

    At least if Bruning got in the race there would be a race. Right now, it doesn’t look as though anyone really has any fire in their belly.

  20. 32, it’s perfactly valid to be suspicious of policy wonks when they try to shoehorn the real world into their theories, rather than vice versa. But one has to be careful not to veer into anti-intellectualism. There is nothing wrong wth Sasse having a decent education and a background in public policy. i’ll wait to condemn him when he does try to throw his weight around.

    Somebody has to run for public office, and actually, i’m not at all sure lawyers are the best choice.

  21. Where is Ben Sasse? says:

    I am really looking forward to Dr. Sasse’s next video. I suggest that in this one, he cover how reducing the number of votes for cloture from 60 to 51 is VERY IMPORTANT because that means as a practical matter a simple majority of the Senate can confirm most of the President’s appointees. This is VERY IMPORTANT boys and girls because 60 take away 51 is NINE and that means that you need NINE fewer votes now. Then maybe we can get treated to a history of the super-majority needed for a cloture vote (which was 2/3 at least as recently as the 1960’s). Then maybe he can explain to us dimwits that Nebraska is a VERY SPECIAL state because it includes TWO timezones. Dr. Sasse is, for example, in Ogallala which is in the MOUNTAIN timezone, but the next day he’ll be in North Platte which is in the CENTRAL timezone which means that he will have to move his watch an HOUR ahead, so he’s sure that he’s on time, a feat that mere mortals like us could never accomplish. I just wish that Dr. Sasse had his own Youtube channel, because then I wouldn’t have to pay for Ambien anymore.

  22. I siad I wanted to see positive messages from the candidates. I’ve seen Sasse work very hard at telling us who he is and why he should be elected. All I’ve seen against him is snark. I have no idea if the snark comes from people associated with other campaigns, but it’s not hurting Sasse, it’s helping him, at least with me.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, these commenters running down Sasse with some truly bizarre lines of attack can’t be associated with one of the other campaigns because they surely aren’t that stupid. My guess is it’s a disgruntled, jealous neighbor (we’ve seen that before on LS) or a former Midland faculty member who got canned.

  24. Ed S aka Uncle Wiggily says:

    I dunno … I attended a Tom Carlson “Grip and Grin” the other night, and I found Carlson to be serious, knowledgeable, amiable and able to express himself clearly and succinctly. Also he is a 3rd District guy – I doubt the other candidates even know where the Third is. Carlson has had extensive leadership experience in both the public and private sectors, and knows the ag industry inside and out. The main knock I hear against him (both here and other places) is his age – he is 71 (soon to be 72), which to the snarky crowd apparently puts him somewhere back in the ancien regime, but to those of us who wear long pants, it means he is just hitting his stride. Hell, Reagan was elected POTUS when he was 75, and Churchill had his second run at British PM at 77.

    I’m not saying I will vote for Carlson, but I sure don’t see his age as a mitigating factor.

  25. Fort Street Fury says:

    Hey guy- if you DID see Carlson’s age as a mitigating factor, that would mean that you see his age as a factor to lessen consequence. You contradict yourself.

    A wise man once said: Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.

    P.s. If I do knock on Carlson, and trust me I do, it’s not because of his age. It’s because he’s a big government Republican who sees no harm in growing government.

  26. Carlsen is perhaps the best chess player ever. His defeat of Anand, himself a terrific player, was close to a humiliation. I just don’t think an early 20s Norwegian is necessarily the best governor of the state, even if he could probably give me a rook and still beat me in 20 moves.

  27. To: Fort Street Fury says:

    2 things: Carlson voted for LB599–to give illegals free health care on the backs of the taxes of legal citizens, A\ND, it was Carlson’s idea to bring up, once again, lengthening term limits. For the 4th time, Nebraska voters overwhelmingly voted against his idiotic idea.

    It is a wild guess as to what Carlson might try if he becomes governor. Drivers licenses for illegals? Free cars for illegals? Exempting illegals in Nebraska from drunk driving laws even if they cause the death of innocents? Another attempt to overthrow term limits?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m not with anyone’s campaign, therefore my “snark” is all my own. Mr. Sasse is a one note issue guy who has breezed into Nebraska after years of being a part of the DC culture. You can dress them up, but sometimes they still look and act the same. His message is stale and his approach is one of someone who doesn’t do well with communicating with the little people if or when he chooses to communicate with them. I speak from experience in this regard. Wonder how he’ll act when he has all that Senate power and sits in the big chair if this is what we get now?

    He runs to Hollywood to secure assistance in his campaign which means he doesn’t much support Nebraska’s economy while we most likely will be the ones subjected to the nonstop TV ads telling us how he feels our pain that Obamacare won’t cure.

    By contrast, Mr. Osborn has served his country and actually contributed to Nebraska’s eocnomy by saving tax dollars when he served as its treasurer. Word is he is out there meeting the people where they are at their events to learn their concerns. Mr. Sasse has a pitiful YouTube ad that gets traction on Drudge while we get another one note song and dance.

    “Snark?” Probably. But, when it is well earned, how does one resist?

  29. To MacDaddy says:

    And what a job he has dome for Midland. The institution is on financial and academic “notice” by accreditation. His signature hire “allegedly” threatened to kill students. His Bond rating is virtually junk and the only reason Midland isn’t defunct is was that Dana closed and gave him an influx of students.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    #55, You’ve really lost all perspective with your out and out hatred of Sasse. You are a broken record and it is really tiresome. Sasse has never been a real contender (polls have backed that up) so I can only surmise that your attacks on him are based on some personal slight, because they are truly bizarre in both the repetition and volume not to mention some of the lines of attack (He’s educated! He stepped foot outside of Nebraska!). I’d suggest therapy, but perhaps visiting a member of the clergy to learn to forgive would be more useful.

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah, Macdaddy. ‘Hatred’ is a strong accusation and over the top given all the snark you type here every day! Why can’t you ever disagree with other commenters without being disagreeable? You always, and I do mean always, resort to attacking the messenger rather than the message.

    There’s lots of reasons folks support or reject candidates and lots of those reasons have little to do with the candidates’ attributes. You, for example, do not support Democrats and your seeming ‘hatred’ of Democrats is so extreme that when your native son Bob Kerrey, a tax-paying Nebraska citizen, tried to run his campaign there two years ago you tirelessly rejected him as a ‘carpetbagger.’
    Is Sasse’s Nebraska citizenship that different? Think about it (in view of the legal qualification) devoid of your seeming hatred? Is the out-of-state support Sasse garners okay, while that which Kerrey brought with him reprehensible? Has Sasse’s four years in Nebraska erased his beltway perspective? My guess is that Sasse would just be more of the same wobbly ideology that Republicans are noted for. Perhaps y’all need a Ted Cruz in the senatorial race! Ted’s radical, it’s true. But at least folks who voted for him knew what they were getting…

  32. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the input IO.
    By the way, have you decided on your candidates of choice, or are you still observerving.
    I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for your endorsements.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the wrong use of the verb “breeze” in describing how Sasse came to Nebraska. I meant to say…skipped and landed with a thud.

  34. Cornhuckster says:

    I am watching the Nebraska game and here comes an “Al Jazeera America” ad, brought to you by the people who love to saw off Americans’ heads.

    It almost made me forget how much Bo Pelini looks like Joe Camel.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    TA,I never once used the term carpetbagger for Kerrey because I think he did was much worse than that. As for his shady deals that paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars directly that seemed like an inducement to get him to run for office, nothing of the sort has been alleged for Sasse. Instead people nitpick as to him having only come here 4 years ago. That and the rest of the incessant harping about Midland has been every bit as obsessive as IO was (is?) about Deb Fischer. That feud stemmed from a personal vendetta. That’s what this seems like to me. So far the criticisms have been pretty weak. Stating them 50 more times won’t make them any stronger.

    I sure hope the above wasn’t too snarky for you. I know how touchy you Texans get.

  36. Demon Sheep says:

    Ben Sasse has told the press he is a “turnaround guy” and qualified to be a US Senator by virtue of his handling of Midland’s affairs. Therefore his record will be the subject of his candidacy….and not his version!

  37. Anonymous says:

    It means you focus on spelling rather than substance. That happens a lot these days.

    We have a president who, per the published requirements of his schools at Punahoe, Occidental, Columbia (BA) and Harvard Law, required of him one algebra course in 7th grade. He said exactly that, that his 8th grade daughter is smarter than him in math and yet no one believed him. However, when he said Romney cannot add, in the face Romney’s fiscal brilliance admitted by Democrats at Harvard, voters believed Obama. People don’t focus on substance. They don’t want substance. They want to embrace a human god they can worship who will save us.

    In Sasse’s case, he has a history and that history is all and only what he can be judged by. Same for every other candidate. Those who don’t like that, who say Sasse should be judged not by what he has done to Midland but by what he promises he will do to America, they have their heads way up inside the dark place where they see nothing useful.

  38. Demon Sheep says:

    The big question is whether another University would hire Dr. Sasse to turn them around? If you believe that based on his record the answer is no, why would you allow him to help run this country?

  39. To Demon Sheep says:

    You nailed it right on the head. No university will hire a rookie president that has his school in trouble with accreditation and has no record of raising any appreciable funds. (well accept for raising funds for himself) Midland also has one of the worst bond ratings in the country. No wonder why he is bailing out of Midland.

  40. Turnstile says:

    Let us not forget that Ben Nelson, in order to sashay around federal ethics rules that prohibit former senators from lobbying until two years, and their former staffers one year, after leaving Congress, set up a revolving door called Heartland Strategy Group, LLC. Nelson’s ex COS, Tim Becker, and ex-NDP Executive Director, Barry Rubin, stepped in to serve as sock puppets to allow Good Ol’ Ben to keep sucking at the marrow in D.C.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting to her if Matt Butler will sell his stake in Northstar if he wins his race…but nice to see his companies clients endorses him recently

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