Dubas out of the #NEGOV race

The rumors swirling around the Capitol have been confirmed.

Democrat state Senator Annette Dubas has dropped out of the Nebraska Governor’s race, greasing the skids for the Democratic nomination for Chuck Hassebrook.
(You know, unless Bob Kerrey tells Chuck he wants the job.)

So much for that exciting primary the Dems were so proud of themselves for.

More updates coming to this post and LOTS more this morning.


  1. Shocked says:

    Never heard any of those rumors and I am shocked!!! The dems actually had a chance with Dubas, but Hassebrook is too far left to ever win a statewide race.

  2. Not Shocked says:

    Did Chuck force her out like Kerrey forced Chuck out? It is simply amazing to watch vicious Dems destroy each other’s political ambitions. No wonder the Dems have a hard time finding people to run on their ticket.

  3. Ricky says:

    It is the old more-time-for-my-family excuse. I wonder what the real reason might be?
    Dubas is as qualified as Charlie I am a navy veteran and love guns Janssen or Chuck from Lyons or Beau my fellow Christian gave me $800 K McCoy.
    So I wonder what is the real reason she got in but dropped out before she even knew if she could win?
    Mr Street Sweeper look into that for us. Thanks


  4. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Anybody on the Dem ballot will go down as an “also ran” in the general and wouldn’t even make a footnote in the state’s history anyway.

  5. Ay Caramba! says:

    Way to stay classy. When someone puts family first they are ridiculed. No wonder no respects or wants to enter politics. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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