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@FauxPeliniHope you all had a happy turkey day!
We left you hanging a bit after our last post, teasing on the Gov’s race, so we will come back to that now.

But first…a little, brief football-politico talk from this past long weekend’s festivities…


After watching the Nebraska game on Friday, then seeing Coach Bo Pelini’s press conference afterwards, we thought the OWH’s Tom Shatel put it best when noting that Pelini basically set himself on fire during and after the game.

(And frankly, of all the off-the-wall things Pelini did — chewing out the sideline reporter, swinging the hat, swearing at press conference, essentially daring the AD to fire him — we felt the fake punt attempt was the most egregious. It made Pelini just seem to be saying, “F, it and F the team. Yeah I’m going for it here. What are YOU gonna do about it.”)

But whether Pelini should have kept his job or shouldn’t have, isn’t where we are going here.

We were most curious about the comments on the whole thing from…Tom Osborne.

Now we get that Osborne got asked what he thought, and if he said “no comment” or some such, it might be interpreted the wrong way. But that being said, it would have been preferable for Osborne to have said, “I support the difficult job that the new Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst has…”

But he then went beyond that and said Pelini should get to keep the job because he has had nine wins, and he had eight this season.

Uh, well, that’s nice. And what if Eichorst STILL plans on firing Pelini after the Bowl game? Or what if Pelini wins eight games next season? Or what about Pelini’s on and off-field behavior? Should that be a factor? Hey, maybe or maybe not, but Osborne seemed to sweep it under the rug. And further, Osborne even seemed to be taking a dig at Eichorst for letting Pelini hang out in the breeze for a while.

Dr. Tom would be advised to take a page out of George W. Bush’s book, and simply not comment on one’s predecessor, knowing how difficult the job is —  without having the former office-holder giving their two-cents on everything.


And holy cow if you missed the Iron Bowl, you missed one of the most exiting games ever played.


So, we never commented on the recent endorsements, and discussion of endorsements in the Nebraska Governor race.

Second District Congressman Lee Terry decided to step out and endorse Pete Ricketts in the crowded GOP primary. Lee and Pete have had a long and solid relationship, and as we understand it, Lee was essentially returning the favor of long support from Pete.

But…Lee has his own problems, namely a contested primary.

And an endorsement for Pete really doesn’t do THAT much for Ricketts. However, when there are five or six candidates for Governor, plenty of Terry’s supporters will be spread across those different candidates. And frankly all Lee did was piss off a bunch of people he needs to support HIM.

This is another item that probably isn’t THAT big of a deal, but it can be death by a thousand paper-cuts with this sort of stuff. The endorsement probably didn’t NEED to happen. And it is more of a net-loss for Lee than a net-gain for Pete.


And the OWH did an interesting piece on the continuing rift between Governor Dave Heineman and Auditor Mike Foley. (Cute how those sort of pieces can be written nowadays without naming any sources…)

But one thing that wasn’t really mentioned is who the Governor could support in the GOP primary if he chose to. So far, of the big boys we’ve seen Fortenberry supporting Foley, and Terry supporting Ricketts. But if Governor Dave stepped up and gave a preference, that could be a big deal and make a difference in this race.

Remember that he was already on record to support his Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy in a primary, so coming out in favor of another wouldn’t necessarily be a shocker. But it WOULD shake up the race.

And a race with 40-50% undecideds still out there, could mean that a Heineman endorsement (say of a Beau McCoy) could make a big difference.


And as long as we’re talking endorsements, we will just note that Charlie Janssen rung up a list of early endorsements that included state Senators Lautenbaugh, Schilz, Pirsch, Larson, Kintner, Price, and Hansen, Doug Kagan from Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom and Omaha Public Schools board member Justin Wayne.

We are sure that other candidates have other endorsements as well — we noted that Tom Carlson was endorsed by NAIFA — and at some point we will try to put together a list for you.

[Update that state Senator John Murante has not endorsed anyone for Governor.]


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  1. Ricky says:

    Of those supporters of Charlie Janssen for Governor, the one that sticks out is Justin Wayne.
    Supposedly a Democrat, and from North Omaha, I wonder what his constituents and fellow OPS board members think of their guy supporting a right wing Republican who wants to disenfranchise the minorities with Voter ID, supports guns like crazy and with all the North Omaha shootings, a guy like Janssen who would support charter schools, leaving the public schools with even fewer resources; yep that was a crazy endorsement.
    But that happened at that fund raiser in the Old Market, maybe Wayne and Lautenback were a little confused with drink that night too. Wayne and the state senators got a little too cozy when they conspired to shrink the OPS board, which of course did nothing for the public schools.

    ricky from omaha

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    After reading the Robynn Tysver article provided (at OWH) I fail to understand what Foley has done to promote the feud with Heineman. Was Foley too Republican? Those same fools in the unicameral who side with the Governor concerning the secrecy of employee health records should be compared to the list of fools who voted for mandatory vaginal snooping concerning abortion!

    Is an employee’s health status a private matter, or not? Non-Republicans want to know…

  3. Oh Ricky says:

    Ricky you supported Suttle do how did they work out?

    Btw Terry endorsing Pete was dumb. Probably half of his hardest supporters/workers are working for other candidates and should be pissed. Good luck trying to call up those good folks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Take note that Pete has a Congressman’s endorsement, a congressman with many problems and waivering supporters.

    Foley has the Fort’s support. Nobody actually likes the Fort all that much, he just gets support by default.Nobody talks about how great he is, or how much he deserves each breath his greedy D.C. lungs inhale.

  5. Coach Pelini's White Cap says:

    Hooo Baby did we ever get away with one the other day! I thought for sure we were going down the river after Coach swung me in the refs face.
    Truthfully I was supposed to snag that refs eye a little bit but I pulled back.
    Coach and I live to fight another day! Watch our act in the bowl game! Nobody can stop us now!


  6. A state employee says:

    Yes, an employee’s health status should be a private matter. And please don’t give me the “we pay your salary” mantra..newsflash for you, I pay my own salary as well. People, regardless if they work for the private sector or government, should be entitled to keep their medical history and status private. Foley was offered the information with people’s names removed, that wasn’t good enough for him. Just because my employer is the State of Nebraska and it’s citizens, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the same privacy protections as others. I also don’t believe we should be “unionized”–heck the majority of employees don’t belong anyway.
    Foley probably wanted to know how many women were on birth control because he is against it, or how many men and women were being treated for STD’s and weren’t following his Judeo-Christian values.
    Either way, he didn’t need it. He was offered the information with names redacted.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, I looked and looked on amazon and couldn’t find that super awesome poster of Bo holding a kitten anywhere. I want that.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    I agree that Terry should not have endorsed anyone in the any of the primaries. It was egregious, outrageous, and atrocious. Well, not really, but it was an unforced error.

  9. Fort Street Fury says:

    Macdaddy couldn’t be more correct. He didn’t have to endorse Pete Ricketts. He has ticked off some of his best supporters.

    Here’s the trouble: I don’t want to vote for him in the primary anymore, but his primary challengers are dunces.

  10. Former Terry Supporter says:

    Street Sweeper hit the nail on the head regarding Terry’s endorsement of Ricketts. I’m one of those people who has supported Lee Terry strongly in the past, but this endorsement really bothered me because I’m not a Ricketts supporter. It appears to be a “payback” for campaign contributions. I’m not on the Dan Frei train by any means, but I’ll simply this primary out – I won’t be sending in money, knocking on doors, getting out yard signs or making phone calls for Lee Terry. Bad political move in my opinion.

  11. "No Comment" would have been better . . . says:

    Why Osborne would continue to meddle is beyond me. Yes he was asked– but he is now a part of this because of the way he answered. And he was wrong.

    Speaking of someone who should err on the side of “no comment”– Ricky, you are an idiot. While that would have made you fit right in on the old OPS board, you’d stick out like a sore thumb on the new one. And didn’t that bill to shrink the old “ship of fools” OPS board pass with like 47 votes? Wayne “conspired” with the whole Legislature to get that done? Can you “conspire” with everybody?

    And “voter ID” disenfranchises minorities? Where? How? Because they don’t drive too? Because you think they’re too stupid to bring an ID to the polls? Who’s the racist here, Ricky?

    And, finally, erring on the side of shorter comments, Texas Annie: “I fail to understand” would have sufficed.

  12. To 12 says:

    I know that Terry has had great, young, enthusastic workers in the past who now work for McCoy and Janssen who should be pissed off. Why not stay stay on the sidelines.

    It is nothing against Ricketts but Terry just spit in the face of all of those yougsters that have conitually hoisted them on his shoulders for victory.

  13. Osborne's Massive Ego says:

    “It isn’t just a matter of wins and losses; it’s how you do it. If you lose by a field goal and play well, that’s a little bit different than getting blown out three or four times. I tried to make sure that they completely understood. It isn’t all about winning and losing. Believe me, I understand that. If you lose a fairly large number of games by a significant margin and you have fairly good players, which I think we do, then I think there are some systemic issues. I think the players were treated well. But there was something wrong evidently,”
    –Tom Osborne said when firing Bill Callahan.

  14. I watched the Patriots on Sunday. The Patsies have some serious holes this year, and badly blew a couple of coverages. The secondary in general was a bit of a disaster. After every blown coverage, Belichick quietly and expressionlessly took some notes. The Pats made adjustments, and eventually won 34-31 after have gone down by two touchdowns.

    Pelini would have been running up and down the sideline yelling at his own players, the officials, the other coaches.

    Belichick has coached 3 superbowl winners and been assistant coach for two more. Pelini has never won a conference championship.

  15. Anonymous says:

    What’s amazing is that when Foley comes out with his press conference where he blows the fly off the wall, none of his opponents challenge how long the great and powerful Ozlike auditor knew about the fly or even the wall. Funny, but when OFD was up to its eyeballs in questionable paperwork—Foley dismissed it as being too big of a bookkeeping mess for him to really figure out–course that was before he threw his hat into the governor’s race. So—he takes a walk on a major metro union who can’t keep their books straight, but goes to the wall over one woman out in western Nebraska, a guy in the pen and a dead guy getting peanuts. Ah yes. Priorities.

  16. Lee Terry's Mess says:

    I agree with sweeper. Most of the folks that have had to drag him across the finish line as of late are not helping Ricketts. They are helping other camps. Very Dumb move on his part. I will be also sitting this primary out of CD2.

    Not that Lee wasn’t already making huge mistakes by hiring this new ‘wonderboy’ of a campaign manager. Word is, no one wanted to work for terry and this looser of a CM is the best they could get…

    If Lee had any decency at all he would retire on top and let a legitimate (Not Dan) candidate go on to beat festerson.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Has Ricketts apologized yet to Mayor Stothert for repeatedly telling that lie about her not really being prolife to GOP insiders during the mayoral primary AND the general election? Mayor Stothert is absolutely prolife. Nobody should trust Ricketts. While Ricketts claimed to support her for the general election (after his poor Danny Welch came in last for the primary) at the same time he was stabbing her in the back by still spreading that prolife lie. Mayor Stothert will NOT be endorsing Ricketts!

  18. RIcky says:

    Well that should settle that; Super Regent Hawks and Tom Osborne said Pelini should be kept on; end of story.
    Never mind Howard Hawks was probably the guy that bought out the contracts of Pederson and Callahan and installed T O.
    Well under the Athletic Directorship of Osborne and the leadership of Hawks the Husker athletic program went 6 years without any conference championships except bowling. Osborne extended both Doc Sadler’s contract and now BO’s which is probably the reason he is still coach.
    And look at how the state is split on Pelini and the amount of division and disappointment about how Pelini acts. T O and Hawks brought all that on.
    So I think the best thing for the UNL athletic program and image is for people to ignore the advice of Super Regent Hawks and the egotistical Osborne from here on out.


  19. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, the only thing the NFL and the NCAA have in common is atrocious officiating. Belichick can let his star QB curse out the lousy refs and avoid the fines. Also, his job is secure. Pelini does not have that option and is in a much more precarious position. Having said that, the problem with letting the refs get under your skin is that you’ll blow up at calls that really weren’t that bad. That play will be pass interference 99 times out of 100. If Pelini is coaching the Huskers next year, he’ll have an even bigger target on his back.

    The officiating has got to get better, though. It just gets worse and worse and it’s not just Husker games.

  20. Conflict Of Interest says:

    Ricky, if you really want to do something worthwhile, check into Pat Clare’s involvement in all of this mess…on the Board of Regents, yet is on the Board of Directors of the Pelini Foundation?

  21. RIcky says:

    Hmmm thanks Conflict of Interest at 6:50 PM. Did not know that Regent Clare is on the board of the Pelini Foundation. I always wondered what that foundation did exactly. I do know BO took over the Big Red Breakfast and kept those profits for his foundation; like he needed more money.
    And I have never heard anybody say they were the beneficiary of the Pelini Foundation money. I wonder what happens to that money?
    Probably the Pelini Foundation needs a good audit.
    (I just looked on their website and it lists a bunch of charities – in 2012 – that they gave to. Like the Git R Done foundation of the Tea Party’s Larry the Not funny Guy).
    Probably Perlman and Eichorst wanted BO gone, but Hawks and maybe Clare refused to cough up the money to buy out his contract.
    With all the money involved with the ridiculous contract Pelini has and the extension Osborne gave him, maybe too many people have much to lose if Pelini gets the ax he deserves.

    ricky from omaha

  22. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Ricky, sometimes I wonder if you are trying to be an idiot or if all of those years in the sun took a toll on you. QUICK! Run to the SSA office and get disability back pay for that fried but of meaty mass between your ears!

    Better yet, stay inside until someone can give you a ride. We don’t need heroes, we need survivors.

  23. To Ricky says:

    So are you saing that since Larry the Cable Guy may be a tea party patriot, that his charity is not worthy? Tell that to the vets and kids of the charities he supports.

  24. Healthcare.gov MEMO TO BEN STASSE! says:

    Wow things are a lot better up here in the cloud; people are even taking off their air vents and relaxing a little. The glitches are mostly gone, and we see a stream of steady and happy customers signing up for health insurance! Blessed be Allah and our Great President!
    Anyway the reason I post to L Street:
    Ben Sasse, If the only thing you want to be in the Senate is to eliminate Obamacare then drop out now because the law is here to stay. If you have not heard the “War on Obamacare” is over and your side lost. So my message for you is to tell the out of state donors, the only people who know who you are and support you, to save their money because the people do not want the repeal of Obamacare,
    That is not the peoples top issue at all, and if you are a one note candidate, and you seem to be, then stop wasting those out of state donors money.
    Just a word of advice I know you won’t accept, but get back to me 6 months and a million dollars from now.
    Okay break time over have to get back to fighting off G O P hackers.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Comment #13: Oh Great Scott! Is that you again?

    Ricky is always called an “idiot” when he takes exception to how cleverly the OPS Board was removed at the beginning of 2013 in its bananalike republic way. The bill flew through the legislature with breakneck speed to give credence to getting it passed before anyone had time to read it. Where have we heard that one before? Never mind a board of duly elected representatives were denied their civil right to serve their full terms. I wonder how many of those “47 votes” of state reps would have sat quiet and complacent to being tossed out with such coup tactics. Never mind the voters who voted for those OPS board members. They also must be horridly stupid and such a nuisance when you have bullies with media connections who want their way.

    Face it, the heavy handed tactics of one state senator threatening his over used filibuster kept the kids at bay while another heavy handed senator shoveled the BS of a pending crisis. We were all going to die and go straight to hell if nothing was done ASAP. It remains that somehow, some way the information of the improper swearing in was leaked out of an executive session to sources on the outside ready to run with it. As for “conspiring” with everybody? It takes only one leaking tank of toxic gas to pollute the air for others to breathe in order to justify their stupor.

  26. Rich Ketter says:

    I applaud the new OPS board. You would have to be an idiot not to. Remember the old days when Freddie Gray would be on the news everyday, the board was in shambles. OPS board was the punch line to every joke, they wanted to keep the principal at Nathan Hale.

    Fast forward to now. Student athletes are being held to a higher standard, achievement scores are up, legal costs are down.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well Mr. Ketter nice that you can clap, but Ms. Gray, who had resigned prior to the coup, was not the entire OPS Board despite your thundering applause of one. Good luck at understanding hype and spin.

  28. Freddie's Revenge says:

    Freddie resigned before the “coup”, but most of the unwanted attention that the OPS Board got was because of her.

  29. Huh says:

    Freddie Gray was not the entire board? Don’t tell her that. She loved making decisions/ keeping information by herself. Btw how are those back taxes coming? Perhaps Her buddy Brenda could lend her some of her casino winnings er I mean campaign funds.

  30. Ricky says:

    I realize that the Omaha Public Schools has all it’s problems solved now that it has a smaller, Omaha Chamber of Commerce – approved board, but I still have some questions about how all that went down. I don’t think the “out-state” state senators even knew what they were voting on and it was rushed through.
    Everything is cured in OPS now; however there is this little pending matter of a harassment lawsuit filed by a teacher and secretary at the Field Club Elementary School. Both are black, and charge harassment by the white principal. (OPS was supposed to file a response to the complaint by the end of last month).
    So my question is, which attorney is going to work on behalf of OPS? I am confused; did the district hire an outside attorney firm, does David Kramer do their lawyer work now? Is Kramer going to be the guy fighting the lawsuit for OPS?
    As far as the phony late swearing in story, I had assumed it was Justin Wayne leaking stuff to Sen Lautnebck, but Wayne denies that. So my suspicion falls now on Kramer, who is also a right wing member of the Republican party, who no doubt would have loved to see charter schools in Nebraska, which was the aim of the Right in their conspiracy against OPS.
    So I am looking at the news to see an update on this lawsuit, but still am confused about Mr and Mrs Kramer, and their work for OPS.

    ricky from omaha

  31. Fort Street Fury says:

    Kramer, Right Wing? Are you Joking?

    By no means am I calling him left of center, but seriously Ricky you have got to stop pulling the Al Sharpton move- calling every Republican with whom you disagree “right wing”. You lose the last shred of credibility you have. Kramer is not right wing, but don’t take my word for it. Ask him.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    Apparently to Anon 10:30, wasting another year or two or several of a child’s life does not constitute a crisis. It’s good to know that for him and Ricky, maintaining the status quo was way more important than legally changing an irrevocably broken school system. Are all the problems solved like Ricky claims? Of course not, but Lautenbaugh delivered more Hope and Change for the children in OPS last year than Obama has delivered in his 5 pitiful years as President.

  33. Ricky says:

    Update on the BoPelini foundation. I checked and from what I can tell Nebraska does not have a law that requires an audit of 501 c 3 organizations like the Pelini foundation.
    I emailed Sec of State Gales office for more info but have not heard back yet.
    Also I emailed Regent Clare and asked him for more information on what money the foundation he sits on as board member has given out and also asked him if he thinks it is a conflict of interest with he being Regent and a board member. No reply. (I cc’d Hal Daub my Regent and Bob Whitehouse ; no reply).
    For all we know by looking at the Pelini foundation web site they took in thousands but did not give out any. Maybe they did but have not updated the information (for the entire year).
    You CAN see a picture of Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Direct TV guy yukking it up at a Pelini event. And the information shows in 2012 the Pelini foundation gave money to Larry the Not Funny Tea Party Direct TV guys not for profit.
    So because we have no information about what goes on there and how much money they have and since Clare refuses to respond to my email, I guess we can just conjecture that something funny might be going on?

    ricky from omaha

  34. Interested Observer says:

    Obviously, that’s the ONLY freakin’ conjecture possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How exactly is any of this any of your business in the first place?

  35. Ricky Council says:

    Thank goodness my sister got a slap on the wrist. 63k of gambling money and probation? I sure love Democrats sense of fairness.

  36. Ms. Manners says:

    Having given Bo Pelini a great big, wet kiss on that potty mouth of his, Mr. Eichorst has just drop kicked “Nebraska Nice” in the nuts. From here on out, being a Husker fan will mean being nothing but a thug and a hooligan.
    Thank you for nothing Mr. Eichorst.
    And thank you for nothing as well Dr. Tom Osborne. We thought we knew you.

  37. Lee Harvey Osborne says:

    Osborne has his arm up inside Coach Pelini’s butt and works him like a hand puppet. All you Osborne lovers out there who want to smell Dr. Tom’s fingers, by all means, enjoy.

    Nebraskans loved Nelson and Hagel who serve that which most Nebraskans despise. Similarly, Nebraskans love Tom Osborne who has all but assassinated Nebraska football. There isn’t a more stupid electorate/fan-base on earth.

    When Pelini said Nebraskans should go “f**k” themselves, they beat him to it.

  38. I saw a comment the other day on some other blog (can’t remember which one – sorry) that I commend to all of you teeth-gnashers and garment-renders who are struggling with Pelini-itis –

    “In the final analysis, it’s still just a bunch of college kids in tight pants playing a game.”

    Kinda puts it in perspective.

  39. Ms. Manners says:

    Yes, Ed, but it is a game that sucks the life blood out of our state’s fair citizenry. If our residents invested as much time, energy, and money to improving this state so that it would attract smarter, more productive people and businesses here, as it does to bowing to the altar of everything Husker, our state could be “number one” in a way that really matters.
    Now all of the teeth-gnashers and garment-renders can lament about how the Kingdom of Herbie Husker is one of the only things we have going for us, so please don’t take it away. Crybabies!

  40. To Ricky says:

    Let us know if you hear anything back from any of the Regents. I’ve heard they’re getting tired of all the e-mails and have sent back somewhat nasty replies.

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