Ricketts cranks ’em out

Barrett-Ricketts 04On the heels of endorsements from former Governors Charlie Thone and Kay Orr, today Pete Ricketts was endorsed by former 3rd District Congressman Bill Barrett.

For those of you who did not yet have your driver’s license when Barrett was in Congress, he followed Virginia Smith, but came before Tom Osborne (who was a Congressman before he was an Athletic Director).

We can’t think of anything bad about Ricketts racking up these endorsements, but one cynical politico suggested that many younger Nebraskans may believe that Barrett, Orr & Thone is a fur trading company out of Billings, Montana. (36% of youngsters bought their Uggs from them.)

And then just to stick the knife in further, another politico passed this along to us:

Boy, has any other endorsement turned faster than a bottle of buttermilk left in your car trunk in August?

But again, Ricketts continues to put out releases and stay in the public eye. Not a bad thing.


CrimeStoppers has alerted us that there has been a rash of thefts in Greater Nebraska.

Someone is going around stealing town signs at a rapid pace.
It has gotten so bad, that some towns have taken to putting up security cams by their signs, and a few have captured the thief’s actions digitally:


If you have any information on this madman, please buy a Kindle at Amazon.com.


And hey, Tom Carlson!
We’re pretty sure that this hashtag is politically insensitive!

Carlson-Pawnee City

The preferred term is “Senior Associates”.


Over in the U.S. Senate race, Shane Osborn has been mixing it up a bit, talking trash about the Chinese and their airspace. Osborn has a little history with the ChiComs (we’re told) and is making some hay on that experience, this time via the Wall Street Journal video.

See it here:

Osborn handles himself well in the interview.


(Remember candidates: want to see YOUR videos up here? Make ’em and send ’em to us!)


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  1. DCRP Member -- says:

    I know Carlson has taken quite a bit of ribbing on this site and a lot of it has been good for a laugh. I do have to say, however, that both the candidates for Governor to speak at the last meeting (Ricketts and Carlson) really made a good impression. I was really impressed with Carlson’s background and he came across as thoughtful and far from being an “old” 71. Ronald Reagan got sworn in at 70 and then again at 74 as President, and that worked out OK. Ricketts comes across a likable and well informed. I have now heard all of the announced candidates for Governor on the GOP side speak, and the only one that left me with an unfavorable impression was Foley.

    On the Senate side, I think all four of them would be acceptable. McLeay and Osborn make the best impression and have the most concrete ideas. Dinsdale is obviously not a natural at this, but handles himself pretty well. However, after being unable to see much ideological difference between the candidates, I can say now with some certainty that Dinsdale is running well to the left of where I am. He made an off-handed comment to the effect that although he was pro-life he didn’t see any point in talking about that in a Senate campaign and then went on a pro-immigration riff.

    Maybe Sasse had suffered through a long day when he spoke, but he just seemed out of energy. I guess I don’t understand what having read the entire ACA has to do with things. I recall reading just the “Manager’s Amendment” to it, and it’s almost impossible to get any sense of the architecture of the bill just from a straight read-through. The other issue is that like almost every big bill passed now (Dodd-Frank for instance), the legislation is at most the skeleton. These laws give an absurd amount of authority to agencies to fill in the gaps. Now, to his credit, Sasse does speak about that. But based on the disastrous rollout, everyone knows what needs to happen, which is that the whole rotten mess needs to be repealed. I wonder when Sasse says this that he means to say that there are things in there that are worth saving. If that’s what he means he should say so. Anyway, I certainly don’t see any evidence that Sasse is more conservative than McLeay or Osborn. Sasse just comes across like a wonk, while McLeay and Osborn don’t.

  2. Another DCRP says:

    There is a lot of discussion of what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the constitution. Many feel we have deviated from the founding father’s intentions. It would be nice to get clarity on the intent and scope of the founding fathers by someone who was ACTUALLY at the constituional convention. For that reason I am voting for Tom Carlson!

  3. Interested Observer says:

    Most of the candidates for both Governor and the Senate have, in general, similar views on most issues. It’s going to be interesting to see how they each try to distinguish themselves as the better candidate.

    What would be good strategies for them? If any of you were their campaign managers, how would you suggest each market themselves uniquely?

  4. Anonymous says:

    IO –

    For the governor’s race, there are a couple obvious differences that each could play up: Carlson can tout he’s the only candidate from the 3rd district and has rural values; Foley can tout he has a history of reigning in spending; Ricketts can tout he’s a government outsider with a very successful business background; Janssen can tout he’s the only candidate with military service and will always look out for veterans; And McCoy can say he’s the only candidate to take another candidate’s campaign cash…I actually don’t know much about McCoy so not sure there.

    For the Senate race: Sasse can tout he’s the only one with an working experience in DC and would know the realities of how to get things done; McLeay can tout he is a political outsider looking to spark change in the Senate; Osborn can tout his military service and history of cutting spending; and Dinsdale can honestly say he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and will do whatever he’s told. He’s a nice guy but should seriously do us all a favor and bow out.

  5. To Anonymous says:

    Did you know that Nebraska has a Unicameral? Or you just enjoy taking cheap shots at Senator McCoy.

    McCoy is THE conservative leader in the Unicameral. Beau is the go-to-guy to pass legislation.

    I/O: all the governor candidates seem to have similar views. It would be nice to have a mechanism to separate the candidates; I am tired of canned consultant answers.

    I would like to see the candidates interact in multiple debates where we can see how the candidates respond in stressful situations. However, the Ricketts and Janssen camps are hiding their candidates from tough questions by playing the odds that their boy will catch the multiple softballs.

  6. Debates says:

    I actually like debates but please schedule them early as McCoy has a curfew and like to be in his Lighting McQueen Jammies by 8

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gutsy call by Commissioners Morgan and Borgeson to vote to give benefits to same-sex partners of county employees….especially when there’s still plenty of time for challengers file

  8. Anonymous at 5:20 says:

    Boy, the pressure of 4th place is really getting to the McCoy staffers. They now appear to be hallucinating. Beau McCoy is THE conservative? The go-to-guy? Then why is it that exactly zero conservative state senators have endorsed him? Carlson has endorsements, so does Janssen. Hell, even Ricketts has more endorsements from state senators than Beau does. What am I missing?

    Let’s be honest: Beau is only running for Governor because Charles Herbster gave him the money.

  9. Idiocracy says:

    Anonymous 5:20, Charlie Janssen went through basic training and was a navy diver in Operation Desert Storm. I don’t think a debate with Beau McCoy or Pete Ricketts is a more important test of his response in stressful situations. He passed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Shane Osborn is the only candidate running for senate with credibility on foreign policy.”

    Since when has turning over top secret information to the Chinese government been considered a credible foreign policy?

  11. Anon says:

    To anonymous #14: I guess you missed the part about the crew having destroyed the sensitive material on the harrowing landing, the fact that they got clearance at the beginning of the mission to land anywhere except North Korea, and the fact that the plane was a prop driven converted airliner of no technological significance. But you Sasse staffers keep celebrating that your boy actually thought about doing something after 9/11 while Osborn actually extended his tour and put his life on the line while Ben was ordering extra dry martinis at K St cocktail parties and pretending he was James Bond.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You are deep in the tank for someone other than Ricketts if you have heartburn about Bill Barrett endorsing him. Then you trot out a Senator Hagel ad from years ago endorsing Ricketts for Senate and leave it hang there as if the SECDEF is endorsing him today for Governor. Then you blame that on some unnamed source you apparently invented. Wasn’t it you who griped about the OWH not noting its sources?

    You want to play favorites, fine. But you moderate this so raise your game. You are better than this.

  13. Anonymous Too says:

    To To Anonymous;

    You about had me rolling on the floor laughing when you said, “Beau is the go-to-guy to pass legislation.”

    The only time Beau is the go-to-guy for anything is when Sen. Laughtenbaugh let’s him be the bar tender at the end of the day get togethers when the Legislature is in session.

  14. Lt. Cdr. Anon says:

    From all accounts, other than those you have made up, the crew of Osborn’s plane didn’t have time to destroy a lot of the sensitive documents on board nor most of the highly classified electronic equipment the P3 carried. The only true thing you wrote was that the P3 is a prop driven converted airliner, a Lockheed Electra to be precise.
    I flew missions on similarly configured aircraft and our orders in such circumstances was to bail out or ditch the plane. Under no circumstances were we to deliver our classified material and equipment to our greatest potential enemy. Aircrew was expendable.

  15. Yet another DCRP member says:

    The only person in the Governor’s race with any actual Statewide campaign experience AND experience with the State’s various Departments is Mike Foley who is a rock solid social conservative while being tough on those in charge of the financials. Does anyone else in that race have any actual Public experience at all dealing with the State’s departments other than observing from the peanut gallery of the Legislative Chamber?

    BTW, has anyone seen the DCRP financial statements lately?

  16. Desperation says:

    It looks like the Sasse staffers are panicking over the new poll numbers. Keep trying to trash Shane guys. You attempts to attack his decorated service record will only drive your numbers lower.

  17. To Lt. Cdr. says:

    Thanks for the laugh. I love it when people start off with “from all accounts” because what inevitably follows is nobody’s account.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Osborn showed unusual political acumen by getting out of the way and letting Nebraska media and voters fawn over the new Sasse baby in the electoral bathwater.

    Oh my goodness, Benny Sasse is soooo cute! And he’s smart too! He even says so. He says he’s smarter than everyone else running, smarter than the GOP Senate leadership, smarter than Nebraska voters. Wait a second, what’s he doing with his university? Oops, Ben crapped in his bathwater. Wow, that kid really stinks.

    And so too go the polls. Out goes the bathwater and Sasse with it. But what do Sasse people say stinks? Shane Osborn’s Distinguished Flying Cross.

    There is precedent for attacking a POW pilot in political races. Sasse people saw that work for the black Obama who dumped on the politically retarded McCain. Of course, most Nebraska voters didn’t buy that then or now. Sasse is thus appealing to the X number Nebraska voters who like egotistical academics who dump on vets. That doesn’t sound very “smart”.

  19. To #7 says:

    “and Dinsdale can honestly say he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and will do whatever he’s told. He’s a nice guy but should seriously do us all a favor and bow out.”

    Geez, what’s your beef with Dinsdale? Doesn’t know what he’s talking about? He’s the only guy in the race with the credentials needed to get something done. The fact that Dinsdale already HAD his career should be a breath of fresh air. He’s definitely not looking to be there long as he’s already in his 60’s I believe?

    He’s a small town guy who’s got an awfully wide range of knowledge when it comes to this state and what we stand for. While Sasse and Osborne are rubbing shoulders with those DC folks Dinsdale is out shaking hands with the voters.

    Bow out? Get real…he’ll probably win the thing.

  20. Hesdeadjim says:

    A small town guy?

    Let’s call a spade, a spade.

    Sid lives in Omaha. He is an omaha guy. Sid inherited a a nice bank from his nice father and now he runs a very nice bank. Sid has lots and lots of money, and no political OR legislative experience outside of writing generous checks to candidates. Sid is only politically relevant because of generous contributions over the years (seeing some ricketts parallels here, but I digress).

    You say he is the only guy in the race with the credentials to get the job done… PLEASE, PLEASE ELABORATE. I don’t think paying lawyers to ink deals for your bank counts as credentials, but points there for getting the job done!

  21. To #8 and #24 says:

    8 – Nebraska having a unicameral has absolutely zilch to do with my comment…not sure how that is even relevant to the argument. You say that Janssen and Ricketts are “hiding”, yet at a GOP event in October McCoy was the only candidate running for either the Governorship or Senate that was a no show.

    24 – I have no beef with Dinsdale. He’s a nice and humble guy. But shouldn’t a person who is sent to represent 1.5 million people know important issues with some decent detail? He doesn’t have that going for him at all. When I listend to him speak I thought to myself he should be running for a school board, not US Senate. Then 30 seconds later he said the only position he’s ever run for was a school board, and it went to someone else. A person could make a reasonable argument on why the other three candidates should be elected. But I fail to see an argument as to why Dinsdale should/would be elected over McLeay, Osborn, or Sasse. And that’s why I say he should bow out…

  22. Lt. Cdr. Anon says:

    It is unfortunate that the military all too often decorates officers that foul up, only to then allow them to “resign” their commissions. Face it, the armed services is a “good old boys” club that will do anything it can to keep up the appearances that their officers are all beyond reproach. It is a long standing tradition. John McCain is a primary example of that dysfunctional management practice. Ask any of his contemporaries what they thought of that spoiled, hot-dogging, son-of-an-admiral, and you’ll get a lot different picture of him than his campaign staff has painted for public consumption.
    Osborn left the service because he had no further chances for advancement. After he fubared his mission his career in the Navy was over.

  23. To: Yet Another DCRP Member says:

    Mike Foley a rock solid social conservative? Conservative? Mike Foley was one of the lead supporters of LB599 which ended up giving $6million dollars of taxpayer money to fund FREE healthcare for illegals. Conservative? Baloney!

  24. Tonic & Tonic says:

    If by “term” you mean “which state senator served the shortest term in jail for wire fraud?”

    The answer is Brenda Council.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    I just heard McCoy on KFAB and he sounded conservative to me . He wasn’t afraid to make a case for rolling back extending benefits to same sex couples. He also said he was going to try to keep Ashford’s proposed revisiting of same sex “marriage” off the ballot next Fall.

    Foley’s willingness to make Nebraska a sanctuary state is a big problem. Perhaps the Foley supporters here could delineate his stance on illegal immigration: taxpayer money for prenatal care, yes, in state tuition?, amnesty?

  26. Ricky says:

    Update on the conflict of interest with Regent Tim Clare of Lincoln sitting on the board of the BOPelini Foundation; conflict ended because Clare resigned from Pelni Foundation Board today.
    Wow L Street does have some clout!

    ricky from omaha

    PS Now can L Street get Pelini to resign?

  27. Macdaddy says:

    LCDR anon, are you sure those orders were in force when Osborn was flying? Also, you do realize that bailing out or ditching the plane doesn’t keep anything from the Chinese, right? They can just go get the plane from the bottom of the ocean and then when they’ve finished that, maybe they’ll pluck any survivors out of the ocean. It would be a futile gesture. There are emergency destruction procedures that don’t necessarily involve actual destruction of the equipment since it’s the software that’s important and so I doubt blowing up the plane and perhaps committing suicide is part of the SOP anymore.

  28. Lt. Cdr. Anon says:

    Macdaddy, if it ain’t it oughta be.
    Bailing out of the plane over the American fleet runs risks. But it isn’t the same as hand delivering America’s secrets to the ChiComs on their own turf. Evidently we still valued our classified information back when I was flying. Today? Not so much.

  29. Lt. Cdr. Anon says:

    And Macdaddy, have you ever seen what happens to a four engine turbo-prop after it screws the pooch in the pond? There isn’t that much left to strain out of the drink. China already owns WalMart, it doesn’t need to own the Pentagon too.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The correct acronymic title for a U. S. Navy Lieutenant Commander is LCDR. Naval ranks contain no lower case letters of periods. To a sailor, that’s like misspelling “Navy”.


  31. Lt. Cdr. Anon says:

    Oh boy, the spelling police are out in force tonight. You abbreviate it your way, fool, I’ll abbreviate it mine. The correct acronym for your garbage is BS.

  32. ADM Anon says:

    To: LCDR Anon
    Putting your rank before an anonymous name is bogus and rediculous. You have no credibility and barely have any idea what you are talking about. You have brought disgrace to the entire Anon command. Therefore, effective immediate as of receipt of this letter, I am reducing you in rank to Seaman Anon.
    Admiral Anon
    Suprem Commander Fleet Anon Forces
    P.S. Go back to watching N.C.I.S.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Why all the Sid bashing? For years I have thought Sid Dillion was a great businessman. He is a great guy to buy a car from, and will make a great Senator.

  34. WTF says:

    Does the Gov even have a clue? He appoints someone who had a $16,000.00 fine by the NADC? For crying out loud who is the moron in charge of appointments? Krist, Lambert, mad now this Dumass with a Public record. Come on Gov give your political glasses a break and appoint someone who has at least not broken a law. What a dip $hit!

  35. Grand Poobah says:

    At least the Lt. Cdr. knows how to spell. What in the world does “rediculous” mean? Does it infer diculousing yet another time? Perhaps you meant “ridiculous.”Being blessed with a two digit IQ does have its drawbacks doesn’t it, Suprem (sic) ADM Anon?
    Ben Sasse’s athletic supporter is smarter than some of you Osborn freaks. Admit it, you’re the same geniuses that have brought us Bo “F**K You” Pelini.

  36. TexasAnnie says:

    Hey y’all: I read your Governor’s letter of yesterday concerning a proposed expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. He says he will continue to oppose the expansion of Medicaid in Nebraska because “[t]he reality is that expanding Medicaid means less funding for state aid to education…”

    Did y’all know that if your tax base were not so eroded (—>more of your tax base has been granted away to special interests than that being collected—>) you could afford BOTH education and health care in Nebraska? Think of it! IF everyone, including those ‘persons’ that are corporations, had to pay their taxes, y’all could have everything you need and at a lower tax rate to boot!!! Why doesn’t your Governor ever threaten “[t]he reality is that expanding Medicaid means less funding for corporate welfare?”

  37. Bo supporter says:

    Grand poo,
    Leave Pelini out of it! This is a political website, not sports. Also, I don’t appreciate you making fun of intellectually challenged people. Perhaps some people have problems spelling, typing, etc… Or maybe they are drunk. (Big Deal) However, you are just a mean cruel person. I hope you feel good about yourself and the rest of your co-workers on the Sasse campaign.

    P.S. I look forward to your correction of my use of punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc…

  38. To: WTF says:

    I am a long-time supporter of the Governor, and still will be, but the latest appointment makes me wonder if he is paying any attention at all!!!! First, the Lt. Governor who left in disgrace, this appointment to the state legislature, and the continuing fraud and abuse going on at DHHS. I wish we had someone who takes the job of Governor seriously.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Ricketts will be getting endorsements from all of the saints one by one and possibly God Himself so that the voters much like lemmings to the sea can just follow that a guy with a shallow resume (except for attachment to Daddy’s apron strings) is ready to step in the big shoes of running a state. Who needs experience when you can buy your way….I mean earn…. your way into office. Oh yeah, Pete will feel our pain because he relates to we the peasants so well.

    I heard the end of the KFAB interview of Beau McCoy not knowing who it was. I wondered who the guy was that sounded like an honor student of the school of empty platitudes.

  40. NE GOP Member says:

    I can’t believe Ben Sasse brought an RV to the meeting that has printed on it he is a “Washington Outsider” This is the guy that worked in DC for years. Once again, Ben is trying to reinvent himself.

  41. To NE GOP Member says:

    I saw Sasse speak today. He was horrible. I saw his new party bus as well. He doesn’t play well with us in the 3rd District.

  42. Dinsdale Supporter says:

    You are right about Sasse, he is not a good speaker. No one cares if his dad worked at Midland. The ego of this man.

  43. Disgruntled customer says:

    I bought a car from him and the windshield washer fluid ran out in a week. His business is a sham just like his candidacy.

  44. To: McCoy Party Bus says:

    At least Senator McCoy was employing people and creating jobs, which is a lot more than Mike Foley or Tom Carlson can say. In a state with low unemployment day laborers can be hard to find. So what if they guy hires immigrants on occasion, grow up and find a real issue.

  45. Dcrp AND tea party member says:

    Anyone who doesn’t read mark Levin’s new book the liberty amendments is politically impotent. I recommend it in the most high regard.

  46. GOP insider says:

    I have several friends that are big money donors and I just came back from a Christmas Party with some of them. The word is many of the “old money” donors are asking Johanns to reconsider running for a second term. Not sure where Johanns is on this issue, but I heard his health is improving and that he is at least being polite by entertaining the idea. Apparently a bunch of the D.C./Beltway establishment is not impressed with any of the candidates in the race so far, and many of the establishment are afraid Nebraska will send them another Tea Party goofball disgrace that further weakens the GOP.

  47. Fighting Progressive says:

    Are you cavemen, tea partying clowns finally realizing your governor is imploding? Perhaps some of you will wake up and stop foaming at the mouth to elect another brainless clone of him. However, I won’t hold my breath.

  48. anonymous says:

    I think it speaks volumes that McCoy’s people all address him as “Senator McCoy” or even worse “the senator”. They are nothing if not totally absorbed by Beau’s self-importance.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Democrat Progressive at 70. You say you don’t like the GOP governor. You also say you think Nebraskans will elect another GOP governor. You seem convinced you have no political impact. In that case, go ahead and hold your breath. About 10 minutes should do it.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Jeez Jessica, you keep spreading the lies about Beau hiring illegals hours after you get a resolution passed in the NEGOP state central committee denouncing candidates who go negative?

    Actually…surprised you’re restraining your normal self this time

  51. Bob Krist supports Gwen Howard says:

    He was seen at the Gwen Howard kickoff announcement for MUD. Why doesn’t this fool switch parties? He is no more a Republican than Brad Ashford.

    Go away, Krist.

  52. Fighting progressive says:

    At 72. Haha, that is funny about the breath holding. Perhaps you could convince everyone that disagrees with you in life to committ suicide. While it is true I think the next Governor will most certainly be a Republican, can you honestly say you think the Governor is currently doing a good job? His appointment to Senator was a joke. I have to ask myself, “is this really happening or is this a SNL skit?” What went wrong? Does he even care? Is self-governance a game he plays? Please explain. Perhaps Scott Price resigned because he was tired of dealing with incompetence and wanted to highlight it to the citizens.

  53. Anonymous says:

    @ Fighting progressive and Texasannie, go find another website where you belong. Governor Heineman is the greatest Governor in Nebraska’s history. He has lead this state flawlessly through good times and bad. Our state came out of the “great recession” with no debt and the lowest unemployment. He has made Nebraska a shinning beacon for the rest of the Nation and World. I am sure he had a good reason for appointing a person with a criminal record. Let’s not rush to judgement before all the facts are in. Perhaps his appointment will force this Shannon guy to now pay his debt to the state. If so, it looks like Heineman just made another 16K for the state without raising taxes. Take that as a free lesson liberals!

  54. Socrates says:

    Anonymous idiot #78,
    If you observe the masthead of this blog you will note that it states, “the talk of Nebraska politics.” It does NOT say, “the talk of Nebraska politics that is only pleasing to the idiot posting as Anonymous on December 8, 2013 at 3:38 PM.”
    If you can’t handle the truth, or you can’t handle having someone disagree with you, I’d suggest you continue to leave your idiot box dialed to Fox News and not bother coming here anymore.

  55. Macdaddy says:

    I only used the LCDR because it’s easier to type than the other way. I wasn’t trying to be the grammar police.

    OK, Foley people, is your guy for amnesty or what? Does he support the current Obama policy of not enforcing the law for certain sympathetic illegal immigrant groups? How much more taxpayer money is he prepared to bestow on those who are breaking the law, because I’ve got a whole list of tear-jerker situations that he will face as Governor. Does he support big business’ attempt to keep our unemployed citizens without hope of getting an entry level job? Is he ok with artificially suppressing wages by exploiting people who are willing to do anything to get out of whatever hell-hole they came from? How is he going to pay for the increased social services that inevitably come with increasing numbers of poor people? I applaud him for going through the government with a fine-tooth comb, but if he’s doing that in order to blow it on people who have no right to that money, then no thanks.

  56. Bob Krist supports Gwen Howard says:

    Because he supports Howard and truly wants to get his clocked cleaned in the 2014 race for Legislature.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Slander is a defaming untruth. A statement is not slander if it is true.

    Socrates made a living off of those like you whom he could intellectually wheedle. He in fact had sex with boys, as was all the rage those days. Anyone knowing that today and not caring about it has it to deal with it today.

    We should add that Socrates was a self-promoting teacher who went out of his way to denigrate democracy. He sided with the Spartan backed thirty tyrants and spoke glowingly of the enemy of his own city state. He was a traitor who criticized democracy, preferring tyranny.

    As for his “I am not wise” shtick, he was crafty enough to let everyone else swallow that melodrama as if it was intensely significant, and that has never ceased to sucker the suckers into calling him “wise” for sake of his ancient bit of Hollywood fluff.

    For perspective, Osborne was a great coach. But he turned out to be sort of a dud when he dabbled in politics. Socrates was a great philosopher. But Socrates moved beyond teaching to become an avid critic of his own democracy in favor of the enemy tyrants who sought to crush it. So he too was a dud. But whereas Osborne’s Pelini fetish has only screwed Nebraska football, Socrates really did screw pubescent boys. And you can’t find anyone today from straights to gays to consanguine adult couples who endorse that.

    Socrates was a pedophile and a tyrant loving democracy hater. Pick whichever floats your raft. And then go back and reread “Socrates” here, because he calls everyone who disagrees with him an “idiot”. So much for philosophical argument.

  58. Really? says:

    “Beau McCoy is THE conservative” If this is true, then why have all the other Conservative State Senators endorsed Charlie Janssen? And if it’s true, then why is it that I haven’t seen McCoy at any of the conservative issue-based events I’ve attended (which is most of them). I haven’t seen him at the fundraisers for the other conservative State Senators. Maybe the Governor likes him, but it seems to me he’s just the guy that sits in the corner and votes the right way but doesn’t help support the issues publicly. I want a Governor who won’t be scared of standing up and saying NO and be able to logically articulate the reason.

  59. Seriously? says:

    You need to take your nose out of the box scores. I happened upon the McCoy’s twitter account and his stance on protecting marriage is a pretty bold stance. Many many arrows shot at him for his advocacy of tradition marriage.

    I have not seen other candidates supporting marriage (except for the boiler plate statement on their web page).

  60. Anonymous says:

    While McCoy may not like it, picking “traditional marriage” as his issue on why people should vote for him is probably not wise. A growing majority of people (even Republicans – yes, really!) are supporting gay marriage these days. Get with the times people!

  61. Allie says:

    As we go in to 2014 I can’t understand why any candidate would consider gay marriage one of their primary topics. Don’t we have more important issues facing our state and country?- Perhaps the economy, jobs, our massive debt to China, infrastructure, the list could go on and on. McCoy claims to be a conservative – his campaign even said he is “THE” conservative in the race- yet he wants to create more laws that limit individual freedoms (gay marriage and abortion) and give more control to the government. Frankly, as a conservative, I could care less what two consenting adults do in their own home, or what medical procedures a woman and her doctor decide upon.

    It’s time for the amateurs to leave the race. The only reason McCoy is still around is because he’s been bought and paid for.

  62. To Really? says:

    By the number of anti-Beau comments, it sure seems like Jessica is spending Pete’s money wisely. But it’s okay, she’s just jealous that Beau is actually legislating, not just repeating the same platitudes like Petey.

  63. bye bye says:

    Petey F out of the race with Terry before he even started…wait…out after he was out then back in then out again. I get confusded.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Seriously who would want to trot out this Hagel lovefest for Ricketts video after his traitor turn on Bush 43, the republican party and Senator Deb Fischer? He turned is back on the conservative Nebraska voters who helped him get elected to ink his deal to be Obama’s Defense Secretary. Why would anyone TRUST him? Only Obama loving Chris Matthews, Ricketts, Jessica Moenning and their pals would “get thrills up their legs” for this video.

  65. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Hey now, Pete Ricketts is the kind of solid conservative that the honorable Chuck Hagel wants to see down in Lincoln.

  66. Elian Gonzales for McCoy says:

    As I reflect on a U.S. life that never was I often think if pro immigrant McCoy was in charge perhaps I would not have been ripped out of my loving family’s arms.

  67. Anonymous says:

    That’s right #97 and #98. Ricketts and crew are proudly wearing their badge of Hagel honor. It seems that either their undying Hagel loyalty or slobbering infatuation has only stamped Ricketts as what he truly is a moderate Rep.

  68. Oldies but Goodies says:

    Street must be an old (or current) DJ. The Hagel video brings back campaign memories. I had forgotten that Jessica fashioned Pete to be a Chucky Jr.

    Let’s hope that Pete has lost his appetite for dirty campaiging. I hated that STUPID Turkey Farmer Nelson commercial.

  69. Macdaddy says:

    Uh, Allie, you do know that marriage is regulated at the state level, right? I’d say the Governor should concern himself with that issue. Also, McCoy is trying to protect the laws already on the books in Nebraska, not create new ones. He’s also trying to prevent state entities from doing an end run around the Nebraska constitution and give away millions of taxpayers’ dollars. I think he can do that and still worry about our massive debt to China, seeing how Nebraska doesn’t owe China anything. Why don’t you do like most liberals and attempt to claim victory to cut off debate? Oh, that’s right. It’s because the reality in Nebraska is a lot different than you want it to be.

  70. Macdaddy says:

    Ricketts should address the Hagel endorsement. He can either be magnanimous (Hagel and I have many differences of opinion, blah, blah, blah), or toss some elbows (I’d like to criticize Secretary Hagel, but given the fact that Nebraska benefits greatly from StratCom and Hagel has been kind of unpredictable the last few years, I’ll hold my tongue).

  71. Anonymous says:

    That is lazy and hypocritical. Did you not see a “Senator” Hagel in that video endorsing for a Senate race years ago?

    For Christ’s sake, YOU VOTED FOR HAGEL. Street Sweeper voted for Hagel. Every Republican here from that era voted for Hagel, unless you want to admit to having voted for Ben Nelson.

    Ronald Reagan appointed Hagel to be VA undersecretary. Cong. John Y appointed Hagel his Chief of Staff. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott endorsed Hagel for the US Senate in 1996 and came out and campaigned for Hagel. And George Bush was flirting with Hagel on his short list for Vice President in 2000. But before you crap on all of thsse Republicans for their previous support of Hagel, or on Ricketts for him being endorse years ago by Hagel, you’d better first slit your own wrist because you actually voted to send Hagel to the U. S. Senate. If not for your vote years ago, he’d never had been chosen by Obama.

    You want to piss on somebody for Hagel being in power? You are the Nebraska Republican, go piss on yourself.

  72. Macdaddy says:

    In 2005, Hagel was comparing Iraq to Vietnam and starting to undermine our efforts there. That was before he endorsed Ricketts and Pete either ignored it or secretly agreed with him. Granted, Hagel saved his worst behavior for after the 2006 election, but it probably would not have been hard for candidate Ricketts to find out how Hagel felt about any number of issues. If Ricketts refuses to address this issue, he runs the risk of coming across as an Establishment RINO. That might be unfair but there are no 2 people more radioactive in Nebraska politics than Hagel and Nelson and in the primary, Hagel is the H bomb.

    You have to admit, 105, that the Hagel of 2002 acted a lot different than the Hagel of 2005 and later.

  73. Interested Observer says:

    What is the breakdown in Nebraska Republicans between “Establishment RINO’s'” and “TEA Party” types? Where would Kay Orr, Charlie Thone, Chuck Hagel and Bill Barret be? For that matter, where would Virginia Smith, John Y. McCollister, Doug Bereuter, Mike Johanns and Dave Heineman be included?

  74. To: Interested Observer says:

    Please do not include Virginia Smith’s name in any post mentioning Chuck Hagel. Virginia was a solid, hard-working, and honest representative who served the great 3rd District with distinction, intelligence, and grace.

  75. Allie says:

    Thanks for the government 101 lesson. I never would have known that Nebraska was not indebted to China if you hadn’t told me. You say that McCoy is just trying to protect the laws on the books, not create news. Kind of like in 2009/10 when he tried to change the laws concerning Nebraska’s electoral votes simply because one election didn’t go his way?

    I don’t want a governor who is most concerned about “protecting” marriage. I want a governor who understands economic development, who will do what it takes to bring business to Nebraska, who will govern responsibly and not place undue burdens on the taxpayer.

    And finally, I am not attempting to cut off debate or trying to change Nebraska. Nor for that matter am I a liberal. No, I probably won’t score a 10 out of 10 on the Republican Party litmus test and maybe that does mean I’m not Republican enough for some. Bottom line, I want a conservative candidate for Gov, Senate, Congress, President who can actually win election, not just pander the base talking about the horrors of gay marriage and abortion.

  76. Interested Observer says:

    “To: Interested Observer” just said,

    ” Please do not include Virginia Smith’s name in any post mentioning Chuck Hagel.”

    You do realize, don’t you, that you just did?

  77. Anonymous says:

    At 113: Yes, you are not Republican enough for me. Just what do you consider “conservative?”

    P. S. I think both Virginia Smith and Chuck Hagel lived in Nebraska.

  78. Interested Observer says:

    On what are you basing your opinion that I’m “not Republican enough” for you, beyond your general contempt for me in the first place?

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