#NE02 machinations

First, just because we noticed him sitting behind the bench during the Nebraska at Creighton game the other evening…

Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst, and Late Night with David Letterman announcer, Alan Kalter:

Eichorst - Kader SAB 01


Pete Festersen is out.

Well, we know that much. As others have noted, he was thinking about it, then wouldn’t pull the trigger because of his family, then he was in because his family told him to do it, and now he’s out because of his family.

So, we get it. Festersen is thinking about his family. And if there was something unexpected that came up, then we wish the best for Festersen. But if it wasn’t something “unexpected”, then we expect that the reality was…

1) The political landscape didn’t look so wide-open with a land schooner sailing him into Washington, because of a little something called, “ObamaCare”.
2) The money, which was supposed to rain from the heavens and saturate his campaign wasn’t as magical as he suspected and the low-hanging fruit was picked.

Look, we have heard it from plenty of people that they think this could be a tough election year for Congressman Lee Terry. However, most of that was pounded upon Terry after his “dang-straight” comments, which are getting more and more distant as time goes on. The ObamaCare debacle is leaving many Americans not just suspect of Democrat policies, but more so on the concept of the things Democrats think they can do.

President Obama and the Dems want to overhaul the way things “are”. And they thought that just because they could think of a concept, it could be implemented with a finger snap and a couple of speeches. And as Americans see more clearly how very difficult that stuff is, they have soured on everything else the Dems promise. (If we were to be realistic, we would suspect that something like a Federal “flat tax” could encounter some similar problems.)

So does this stuff affect a candidate like Festersen? We would have to think so. We doubt that Festersen had any interest in being a sacrificial lamb to Lee Terry, and we suspect it looked more and more that way to him.

Note that in one of the many national stories on Festersen’s drop-out — he is being characterized as another “Fail” of ObamaCare — The Hill specifically noted that Festersen “had struggled to raise funds in the early months of the race.”


So what’s next for the 2nd District Dems?

At this point they’re already positioning the next candidate as a lamb chop, with Dem state Senator Jeremy Nordquist saying, “I’m confident we will be able to give Lee Terry a challenge.”

A challenge! Well, if THAT doesn’t inspire Omaha Democrats, what will??

What do the Dems do? Well, there’s always a Steve Lathrop run.
And then in our Machiavellian brain, we are still convinced that it looked like Festersen was getting TOO close to a win so the Powers That Be forced him to drop out so that Baby Buffett will be able to win in a few years (or possibly 2014?). As we noted on the Twitter last month, take a look at the pic the OWH keeps using for Festersen and Terry:

Fest-Terry OWH 01

Gee, wonder who THEY wanted in that matchup?

And what of the NEGOP primary opponents against Terry? Well, we would note to Dan Frei that KETV kicking off their coverage saying, “Terry is once-again unopposed in his race for District Two“, doesn’t help his cause of getting noticed.

Who knows where all this goes. But we could see some eruptions in the coming weeks to shake things up.
Or it could all just go dormant once again.


Shane Osborn was endorsed by former Presidential candidate Steve Forbes this morning.

Forbes — known to be one of the nicer and more genuine of the candidates of yore — had this to say about Osborn:

“For me, Shane Osborn is the one true conservative in this race and we need him in the United States Senate,” Steve Forbes said. “He was at the forefront of government transparency and accountability as Nebraska State Treasurer and stood tall against Dodd-Frank and Obamacare. I can think of no greater infringement on liberty than Obamacare and Shane has always been opposed to its creation. Shane has a positive, Reaganesque platform to get America moving. Political courage seems to be in short supply in Washington and it is time we sent an American hero to the Senate to fight for Nebraskans every day.”

More on this and any of the other stuff as it happens.


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  1. Ricky says:

    I applaud Pete Festersen for making the decision to stay at home to take on Mayor Stothert in the next mayor’s race.
    Why be one of 400 congressmen with no power and not a chief executive of the city who does not have to worry about running every two years and constantly trying to raise money? It’s not like Ne District 2 expects anything from our Congressman. 7 terms of nothing and the district still stands.
    The G O P winning the mayorship of Omaha was a fluke. Looks like one and done for Stothert.
    Omaha’s mayor mentors Dave Heineman and Hal Daub are not looking too good right now; Heineman with the disastrous appointment of that Shannon guy in Bellevue and Daub’s inability to control the face of Nebraska to the nation; the wonderful Bo Pelini.
    Also I noted in the Erin Golden story in the OWH that the “up and coming” Democrat Justin Wayne decided not to run for Congress. Pulezz! Wayne is not popular among Dems and anyway is a closet Republican; friend of Janssen and Lastatbar. Who keeps propping up Wayne in politics? Joe Ricketts? Hardly a popular figure in Democratic circles. Nice going Erin Golden that was garbage.


  2. Macdaddy says:

    Too bad that there isn’t a website that runs on excuses. Obamacare would have had a much better roll-out.

    John Ewing was the perfect Democrat candidate for the NE2, and if he couldn’t get it done, well, Pete “The Weasel” Festerson had no chance. BTW, he looks like a goofball in that picture.

  3. FAC says:

    Only reason Justin Wayne gets his name in is because Republicans promote him. They know he has done nothing but burn bridges with Democrats while carrying water for the Omaha Chamber and Lautenbaugh. Heck, he even supports Republican Charlie Jansen for Governor – Not exactly the champion for minorities. Wayne for Congress means the African American community splits and there are hard feeling because Dems and big donors won’t support him.

  4. Not your best SAB by a long shot, Sweepster; still … if I stand back about twelve feet and squint a little ….
    BTW, thanks for blogrolling me … I appreciate it.

    No comment regarding Festersen, et al … Don’t know ’em from a load of hay … I’m a 3-D guy

  5. Rumor says:

    Ricky Fulton when you are done punching your clown to a Mayor Suttle glossy palm card come back to reality. OPS is much better with Wayne. Freddie Gray was terrible.

  6. hesdeadjim says:

    @ #4:To say that Janssen isn’t exactly a champion for minorities is complete b.s.. You have no backing for that statement. Wayne supports Janssen because Janssen is the best pick, and contrary to the extremist picture that dunces like you like to paint, Janssen gets all kinds of support from all kinds of people for his strong stances.

    I doubt we’ll see wayne run for congress… Lee Terry and the Gov endorsed him for OPS board… so did bob kerrey. Wayne as support from both sides of the aisle and it’s no wonder why. He’s a spectacularly smart man who understands how far left policies hurt his constituency. He also understands that leadership sometimes counts more than flexing policy knowledge.

  7. Ricky says:

    How does one become an “up and coming” Democrat? By having the OWH run story after story on you about how you saved somebody’s life and getting the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and Tea Party to support you?
    That is being an “up and coming” Democrat? By working with the far right to get charter schools started in Nebraska and forcing people just elected to the school board to have to run again? Supporting gun nut and voter ID enthusiast Charlie Janssen; that gets you to be an “up and coming” Democrat? What a bunch of nonsense.
    What is funny is that certain people (like Jim Vokal) get the love of a few rich individuals and their star gets elevated. Who makes these calls anyway?
    Anyway I hear the OPS contract with their legal partner expires at the end of this month and the “up and coming” OPS Board President Wayne is dragging his heals exploring a new contract.
    Maybe he is waiting for Republicans Lastatbar and David Kramer to tell him who to award the contract to.

    Ricky From Omaha

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, you need to back off poor little Justin. He’s a “spectacularly” smart man which is why he takes to blogging it so matter of factfully.

  9. Wayne Supporter says:

    Some Dems don’t like Justin Wayne because he has actually done something for North Omaha. He also doesn’t make excuses for kids getting results. No wonder why the poverty pimps are against him.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to see what NDP Chair, Vince Powers, has to say at this weekend’s State Central Committee meeting. One of his Executive Committee members recently sent out a blast email to all of its members pinning a number of wrongdoings on the guy, including calling him an out and out liar. The truth hurts.
    It makes one wonder if the message had anything to do with Dubas and Festersen’s pullouts.
    Oh well, Vince ran on a platform of “continuity” and he’s done a marvelous job of that so far.

  11. Hey, how’d y’all like Obama flirting and taking selfies with the MILFy Danish PM, with Michelle sitting 3 feet away looking like she’d just eaten elephant dung, all during what was supposedly a memorial service for Bammy’s bestest role model? There are some hilarious pictures on the web; hilarious, that is, if you forget this clown is supposedly representing us internationally.

    These people simply don’t know how to behave. It was Wellstone funeral redux, except instead of turning it into an election rally, Obama was trying to figure out if the Secret Service would help him give Michelle the slip so he could get some, ahem, breakfast Danish.

    “Helle, babe, play your cards right, and you could be part of the composite mistress in my third autobiography, “The Credulity of Dopes””

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Right Wing Professor goes out of his way, once again, to prove to all of us what a scumbucket he really is.As if we needed any more evidence.

  13. Husker Coach/Chaplin Ron Brown says:

    “Gather round young people! time for another sermon from the official Pastor and running backs coach of the Mighty Cornhuskers! For as Romans 8:31 says IF GOD IS FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?!
    Stand Stand! I say boys against those in social media that would speak out against the Great BO Pelini and our team! Circle the wagons Christians against those that criticize Coach for getting penalties and using F… Bombs all the time. BO is doing Gods work! We need to stand against the fans and those reporters that would dare to question us!
    Like Apostle Paul says “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.”
    Kenny Bell is right: We will follow BO to the gates of Hell and fight Satan and twitter and facebook!
    Boys! And that Nun is right in her letters to the Editor; BO is a good Catholic and the Pope loves him! It’s God’s will that the team fumbles and drops balls and loses games all the time.
    So I call upon you as we get ready for the bowl game: ignore those that would question our righteousness and speak out against those who question whether I should be able to preach the Gospel to a captive bunch of young people, and ignore those people who think Pelini is out of line and embarrasses Nebraska. It’s God’s will what we are doing”

  14. Endorsements says:

    I see Sheriff Dunning and several dozen other law enforcement officials are supporting Shane Osborn. That is an impressive list.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Breaking news … Jon Bruning has been diagnosed with colon cancer. My thoughts are with him and his family. Hopefully this was caught early. Say what you will about his political ambition, he’s a bright guy, a family man, and has always been a stand-up guy from what I could see.

  16. Jeez, Bruning is only 44. That’s bad news. Unless he had a family history of it, he wouldn’t be scheduled for a routine colonoscopy until he turned 50. And if it’s symptomatic, it’s progressed past stage 1 and probably past stage 2.

  17. Tonic & Tonic says:

    @ Gerard: even if that’s true, it is in poor taste to point out how bad off Burning is.

    @10:57 the Nebraska Sheriffs endorsed Charlie Janssen as well. I guess law enforcement (outside of Omaha police) leans pretty hard right. WONDERFUL!

  18. @26. Why, thank you for pointing out my poor taste. I was operated on for colon cancer myself just last year. I do get to make informed comments about it. If you don’t like them, don’t read them.

    I didn’t say he’s necessarily badly off. I said he was probably too young for the cancer to be detected in a routine screening, and that means it advanced further than you’d like. I obviously have as much if not more sympathy with him than most people here.

  19. Looks like Jon was lucky. He went to the doctor for acid reflux, which probably wasn’t caused by the cancer, but because of family history, they did a colonoscopy anyway, and found the polyp. If his lymph nodes are clear they probably caught it in time, and he’ll have a 5 year survival chance of >90%.

    So now I’m pointing out he may well have a good prognosis, is that bad taste also?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Bruning is lucky it was caught early and he says he will keep running for AG. It is a tough surgery but after a month he will be back in the game full time with a story of survival to tell. Best wishes to the AG.

  21. Endorsement Watch says:

    Tom Carlson has endorsements from basically every moderate Republican state senator over the age of 60, including Al Davis, Les Seiler, John Wightman, John Nelson, John Harms, and Jerry Johnson. Margo Carlson and the rest of the wives are bests and thats where the power lies.

    Charlie Janssen has endorsements from the conservative caucus of the legislature, Lautenbaugh, Larson, Schilz, Kintner, Bloomfield, Pirsch and the senator formerly known as Scott Price.

    Pete Ricketts has endorsements from Lydia Brasch, Mark Christensen, and Bob Krist. An interesting crew, to say the least.

    Beau McCoy has no endorsements. He is literally the most disliked senator in the Unicameral.

  22. Divine Intervention says:

    Not only was Tom Carlson recruited personally by Jesus Christ to run for Governor, yesterday he posted on his website and Facebook that he had been endorsed by former Senator Bob Kremer. It failed to mention that Kremer had actually passed away in October. (it’s been taken down)

    Hopefully if he can sew up that Ronald Reagan endorsement by the end of the primary he might not come in 5th place.

  23. Tonic & Tonic says:

    I can’t believe Jerry Johnson endorsed Carlson. I thought Johnson was a conservative. He certainly ran as a die hard conservative and painted his candidate as a left leaning moderate.

  24. Conservatives for truth says:

    Jerry Johnson sure ran as a conservative, and then after the election he kept running, and ran right to the middle. I feel betrayed, and I am sure many others do to. What a let down.

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