Who wears the black hat?

**UPDATE at 1pm**

An update to the post on Bryan Slone below:

Slone has received the endorsements of Nebraska Regent, and former Congressman, Hal Daub as well as former Senator Dave Karnes.


I have known Bryan for 30 years. He was there with me when we helped pass President Reagan’s milestone tax reform in 1986. He is a dedicated conservative with a vision for Nebraska’s future. He is just the kind of leader we need to build on the success of Governor Heineman and make Nebraska a leader in innovation, economic growth, and quality of life for years to come. Mary and I will be working hard to help Bryan become our next governor.


My wife Kris and I are excited that Bryan has chosen to seek the Governor’s office and we endorse his candidacy wholeheartedly. We encourage all Nebraskans to get to know Bryan and Leslie, and once they do they will realize as we have over more than a decade of working together with Bryan that he is the right man for the job in 2014.


First, a quick SAB from the Heisman ceremony on Saturday. We were looking forward to seeing what Mike Rozier would be sporting — seeing as his recent “Heisman House” ad was a take off on his last ceremony outfit.

But instead it was Johnny Rodgers who stepped it up in the outfit department — and got us thinking of a Separated at Birth. So…

Johnny “The Jet” Rodgers and Harry Husker (from the old OWH Saturday prediction days)!

Johnny-Harry -SAB 01


As we were the first to report about a month ago, Bryan Sloan now has officially entered the Nebraska Governor race.

Here is video of Slone’s announcement in Gering:

The OWH notes that Slone worked on Governor Dave Heineman’s campaign years back, and also worked with Heineman in Hal Daub’s Congressional office way back when. But we would be a bit surprised to see an endorsement of Slone from Heineman. And we would also note that in the end, we think Heineman’s endorsement will be the one that may matter in the Gov’s race.

Here is Slone’s introductory video from his campaign website:

You may note that Slone references Governor Dave Heineman FOUR times, and has his photo with Hal Daub from the Capitol steps.

And btw, we forgive any former Daub staffers if they don’t recognize Slone today:

Bryan Slone - 80s and 10s

Yowza Mr. Kotter!


We learned at the end of last week that the Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate campaign has purchased TV ad time during the BCS Championship game on ESPN in January. To our knowledge this would be the first TV ad buy of 2014, and will certainly kick off the campaign season.


On that note, the National Review’s Jonathan Strong notes that Shane Osborn has yet to openly endorse Mitch McConnell as majority leader — after the tongue-lashing Ben Sasse received from McConnell went public. Strong seems to be implying that Osborn is trying to play both sides of the fence with the McConnell and DeMint supporters (even though DeMint’s SCF endorsed Sasse).

It is a fine line, though Strong notes that Sasse is also trying to position himself as a Washington “outsider” — even though he spent many years working there.


And then after Osborn came out against the Ryan-Murray budget plan — also knocked generally by both of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators — Sasse has yet to make his position known. And note that Sasse has been endorsed by Congressman Paul Ryan (he of Ryan-Murray).

Your head spinning yet?

What this means to us is that all of the endorsements and counter-endorsements aren’t going to stick with voters that much. Each candidate is going to have to go the extra yard to enunciate their positions and then differentiate themselves from the other candidates.

And that will be no small task.


And Jeff Fortenberry and Lee Terry both voted for the Ryan-Murray budget.

But Adrian Smith voted Nay.

So, of course Terry’s primary opponent jumped on the Nay bandwagon to say that “most Nebraskans” are against the budget deal.

Hmm. That’s an interesting way to put it.

Except that Terry is not running statewide. He’s running in the 2nd District. Are most 2nd Districters against it? Or how about just GOP 2nd Districters? It’s an interesting take, but our guess is that Terry will focus that vote as the more “sound” approach. (Though not having Fischer or Johanns’s backing on that doesn’t help.)

We will be interested to see if that vote comes back to haunt him in the primary. But it certainly shouldn’t hurt in the general.


Our best wishes again go out to Attorney General Jon Bruning who is recovering from his recent surgery for colon cancer. We also commend Bruning for not only his positive outlook and forthright statements about this, but also stepping up to recommend others to get checked for colon cancer. Hopefully Bruning’s public stance will even help save a few lives.


On that note, we also applaud Bruning for past strong stances against illegal online activity. While we take being on the internet for granted, many teens make connections and purchases that can be frighteningly dangerous.

The tragedy of steroid use among teens to get ahead in sports is scary in and of itself. But now teens are going online to make “legal” steroid purchases and counterfeit prescription drugs, oftentimes with dangerous or even deadly consequences. And Channel 7 featured a story last week on teens who purchased synthetic marijuana online — and ended up hospitalized. One would think this would be simple to prevent. But without steps taken by people like Bruning and other state and national pols, these types of crimes will only increase. We hope to see Bruning and others’ continued focus on this important issue.

If you have kids, you should make yourself aware of these things. They will be waaaay ahead of you on it otherwise and you may have no idea. You can learn more about protecting yourself and your family online, as well as learn other ways to support this type of project at Digital Citizens Alliance.


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  1. Interested Observer says:

    SS, it’s spelled Slone. He does have a large network of friends all across Nebraska from his involvement in many different civic projects, ranging from the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce to Western Nebraska Awareness Night.

  2. A little more research. DCA is Microsoft backed group, so naturally they’re going after Google and YouTube, but not Bing. You can buy steroids via a Bing search too; try it.

    DCA is an obvious astroturf group, and it’s trying to undo the legal principle set up by the Communications Decency act and the DMCA, which established that carriers and search engine operators are not responsible for the content whose access they may unintentionally enable.

    There’s a good piece by Marvin Ammori, dated October 6 2003, about DCA.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Odd how you name every political type and then some including Harry Husker except, Dan Frei, who is Lee Terry’s “primary opponent.” Details. What a bitch.

  4. What is Sasse Hiding? says:

    For a guy who has worked in the public sector and all of his paychecks should be in the public record, why has Sasse filled ANOTHER extension for his public financial disclosure? what could possibly be in there that he doesnt want the public to know about?

  5. @7 says:

    You mean details like Dan Frei openly supported Democrat Tom White in the 2010 election. So much for running to the right of Lee Terry. Details are a bitch.

  6. @Interested Observer says:

    @ the new Interested Observer AKA Ryan Horn: You may us well just use your real name. It has been pretty transparent as you have been trolling other blogs.

  7. Osborn... the out-of-state candidate?? says:

    NE Watchdog is reporting that: “A greater percentage of Osborn’s campaign cash has come from outside Nebraska than Sasse’s — just over half of Sasse’s money came from Nebraskans, compared to 30 percent for Osborn”

    Why is Sasse getting more support than Osborn in Nebraska and why is Osborn going out-of-state for all his campaign cash?

  8. Anonymostly says:

    Not buyin’ the whole “Ryan Horn is Interested Observer” unless you can show me that Ryan Horn grew up on a cattle ranch.

  9. To "Osborn...the out of state candidate" says:

    Let’s not forget that pesky little detail about that percentage for Sasse includes money donated for the general. Which Ben will be returning to those Nebraskans after May.

  10. Fort Street Fury says:

    I guess it makes some sense that U.S. Senate candidates like Osborn and Sasse are goetting $ from outside Nebraska. The real question is, why did one #NEGOV candidate receive over 3/4 of a million dollars from a single entity in KC, MO? THAT raises red flags.

  11. Two things:

    1) Please let us know — either via email or here in the comments — if you are experiencing any irregularities on LeavenworthSt.com. We have heard from a few people that they thought the site has been hacked. We have experienced zero problems using Chrome, Safari and IE, but it is possible there is a problem when using Firefox.

    2) Note the Update at the top of the post regarding new endorsements for Bryan Slone for #NEGOV.


  12. Osborn... the out-of-state candidate?? says:

    I get the whole primary vs. general… but Osborn has that problem too right? Doesn’t that make Osborn’s numbers even worse in Nebraska? I just don’t understand why Osborn can’t get Nebraskans to donate to his campaign and why he is re-lying on all of this out-of-state cash?

  13. The Whizzard says:

    The peeps at Team Ricketts HQ probably had to invest in a box or two of undergarments designed for incontinence today. Yet another Omaha candidate who immediately scores the endorsements of two pols (under the age of 80) right in Pete’s backyard.

    Ricketts can love on Don Walton all he wants about his overnights out west, but we know Ricketts has to do very well in Omaha to pull this off, and the golden Sloan candidacy just showered serious competition for Omaha all over Ricketts’ back lawn.

  14. To "Osborn...the out of state candidate" says:

    Because Sasse is relying on his family..it doesn’t hurt to have about 30 family members max out to your campaign…..

  15. Osborn... the out-of-state candidate?? says:

    Again, I just don’t understand. So everyone on here talks about how Sasse isn’t from Nebraska, but to have, as you say 30 family members donate, that shows to me that he has pretty strong Nebraska roots. This got me to do some research, and it looks like Sasse if a fifth-generation Nebraskan. Sounds like pretty solid roots to me.

    I also don’t understand how Osborn can keep sending out emails complaining about out-of-state dollars coming into Nebraska, when he himself is raising a larger portion of his money from out-of-state than Sasse. It sounds like typical political double-speak, or dare I say hypocrisy, to this political novice…

  16. To "Osborn...the out of state candidate" says:

    They’re both raising out of state dollars. Period. Ben isn’t doing well in the polls, so someone has to try and stir the pot. Political novice? Nah. You know the doublespeak just fine, and are using it yourself! 😉

  17. Anonymous says:

    To #10 from #7: Never said one word if Dan Frei was left, right, north, south, east or west of Lee Terry. That’s your strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch. I merely pointed out a name that was missing. Details again.

  18. Gary and Ace says:

    To the Whizzard. We are waiting for this Golden Sloan candidacy shower you speak of. This race will be interesting indeed.

  19. Osborn... the out-of-state candidate?? says:

    I get that they are both raising out-of-state dollars, but isn’t the point that Osborn is relying on these out-of-state dollars more than Sasse is, and then every chance Osborn gets he tries to act like the large majority of his funding isn’t coming from out-of-state? I think that hypocrisy is not what someone does if they are running a campaign on their leadership abilities. Leaders don’t try to have it both ways, like that…

  20. The Slone Ranger says:

    The only people at Slone’s announcement today were his family and the film crew he hired. What a grassroots uprising!

  21. Interested Observer says:

    To: @Interested Observer December 16, 2013 at 12:07 PM,

    I’m the same Interested Observer that I’ve been for almost 5 years now and I’m still a Conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area and I’ve never lied in here or on any other site.

    Sorry to honk your Horn theory.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Just because you say something over and over again, does not make it true. Capitalize it, put it in bold print, use all caps, or even say period. Hmm, how’d that work for Obama?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Internet censorship? The FCC won’t let someone curse on national TV but the govt thinks its okay to allow access to illegal drugs online!? These companies should be fined, punished, something for allowing these advertisements and access via their sites!

    It’s illegal to purchase drugs in-person from a drug dealer but its somehow “okay” if FedEx or the USPS is the one delivering the drugs to your doorstep? No.

    Props to AG Bruning and the Digital Citizens Alliance for working to prevent teens from buying drugs online. I wasn’t aware of this problem in Nebraska until I did a little more research as well. Sickening. More needs to be done in that arena if you ask me!

  24. Anonymous says:

    So, does the Democrat party have a bunch of typewriters in a back room somewhere with people assigned to come in and bang out letters to the editor on the topic du jour? The latest is a series of letters telling Jon Bruning that he should be thankful for having Obamacare now that he has a pre-existing condition with the colon cancer. Never let a crisis go to waste, right? Or never fail to exploit the personal problems of a well-known Republican.

  25. YoungVoter says:

    I have to wonder why Slone is getting in now. He months behind the others in raising money and meeting voters. I wonder if he was encourged to get in and promised lots of help with fundrasing. By those in the NEGOP that were not happy with the current field. Maybe they figured that with 6 people the primary winner could get by with 25% of the vote. And with his connections in the state he could capture this amount or aleast denie another Omaha businessman the 25% to 30% needed to win

  26. Ricky says:

    If true I did not know that Mr Osborn got more of his money out of state than Mr Sasse. I don’t know very much about Sasse except it seems like he moved back to Nebraska at the behest of rich groups who want him to be their tea party I Hate Obamacare candidate.
    Also from reading L Street seems Sasse’s claim to fame recently is that he runs Midland College, not exactly Harvard of the Midwest, and the college has it’s share of scandals.
    And apparently nobody in Nebraska seems to want him to represent us in the Senate. I certainly don’t.


  27. Funny thing … all the L-Street experts are yawping on Carlson and/or Sasse, yet these two are so far the only ones to establish any kind of campaign-style presence out here in the 3rd. Both have either already been here or are coming within the next day or so. Now I’ll admit I don’t get out much, but so far the only time any of the others have been here is maybe stopping for gas as they whiz down I-80 on their way to somewhere else … like maybe to shine the shoes of those much-hated out-of-state big bucks donors.
    Maybe Tom is getting a little long in the tooth, and maybe this Sasse dude ain’t much of a college ram-rod, but at least they show up out here … and you know what Woody Allen says about showing up ….

    I’m thinking they know what some a them river-bank pols don’t know …that those of us out here in the weeds do something that a lot of their eastern constituents don’t … we vote … not usually, not even often, but every … damn … time.

  28. To Ed says:

    Osborn has lapped Sasse 4 or 5 times in the number of appearances in the 3rd. I will state that Ben has Ben has been to DC more than all of the other candidates

  29. central nebraska farmer says:

    Had the opportunity to sit at the same table with Shane Osborn along with 6 other people. Very unimpressive! He talked to one person at the table and chose not to engage anyone else. It seems to me if your running for office you need to ask for people’s support and not assume everyone knows your great. Pete Ricketts on the other hand made a very good impression, I was skeptical but came away impressed . Keep up the good work team Ricketts!

  30. Interested Observer says:

    I wonder if any of the candidates for Governor will portray themselves as the “Goldilocks” candidate, not too young not too old, not too rich not too parsimonious, not too radical not too moderate, not too arrogant not too timid?

  31. grand island pig farmer says:

    I was skeptical but I invitited ole Tom Carlson to the homestead. when his model A ford pulled up I was greeted with a warm handshake. Carlson talked about expanding plumbing to rural areas, Tom talked about his experience on the battlefield (Spanish-American War). Tom was also passionate about the new deal and was against the 21st amendment

  32. In the Know says:

    Don’t buy the Ricketts/Osborn fake fight. The Sasse people must be nervous with the new poll numbers that are out. Sasse is still in single digits.

  33. Fort Street Fury says:

    Osborn is so far ahead, and so clearly the winner in May, I wonder how in the heck other #NESEN candidates even make fundraising calls. How does someone ask for a $2600 check in good faith when they know they are behind by 30? I laugh every time I see Beltway Ben’s fanboys wearing those stupid trap shooting shirts in public. How does Ben Sasse attempt to appeal to sportsmen? I doubt he has ever held a shotgun, let alone actually eaten anything he recently killed. Meanwhile you have a governor candidate hunting with the whitetails ED and posting pics all over

  34. Drew says:

    Note, in all fairness to Ben Sasse, he was also endorsed by Club for Growth which opposes the Ryan Murray plan. In addition, Sasse may be the very reason Mitch McConnel opposes the plan. Remember what happen when Sasse took on Mitch with a video?

  35. Captain Obvious Calling Uncle Wiggily says:

    Uncle Wiggily doesn’t have Facebook.

    If he did, it would be hard for him not to notice that candidates named Osborn, McLeay, Janssen, and Ricketts have been basically camped out in the Third for months. The idea that Sasse has established any notable presence out West is delusional, and the polling reflects that. At least Carlson has a bunch of photos with population signs.

  36. Hesdeadjim says:

    ahh yes the mythical and magical 3rd congressional district, known for being the most important district ever. Because 1st district guys don’t consistently win statewide by solid margins, with their 1st district votes elevating them above the competition… Oh wait.

  37. IO 🙂

    Actually, I live about 3 miles from the edge of the world. If I miss my turnoff, I could go plummeting into oblivion.

    Incidentally, speaking of river rats, pull up Lincoln on Google Maps. If you get the scale right, you’ll notice the Platte River flows parallel to Rosa Parks and dumps into Salt Creek just south of downtown. I’m thinking this is going to be a problem sometime in March.

  38. Interested Observer says:

    LOL Poor Rosa!

    To “Hesdeadjim”, the other day Don Walton said in the Journal-Star in an article about Pete Ricketts, “Voters in the 3rd District typically cast about 40 percent of the vote in a statewide Republican primary race. That total could climb as high as 44 percent when measured in terms of likely primary voters.”

    It does appear to me that those of us out here, as a whole, are a little bit more conservative than some of the people in Omaha or Lincoln. But that’s just my opinion . . .

  39. central nebraska rancher says:

    Growin up on the ranch we never learned to capitalize nebraska, couldn’t afford educate. When Osborn come out here me wasn’t too impressed. He was one of them types that had all his teeth still and thought he was better than everybody cuz it. Pete Ricketts on the other hand impressed the socks right off me. What an outstanding young man. Purt near a genius.

    Carlson was confusing. I had mixed feelins. He was talkin about expandin electricity out this way. Seems like a bad idea havin them wires running everywhere. Not sure I will vote for him. However, we did agree that water was a good thing and needed for life. Nice feller I guess.

  40. Patriot says:

    Don’t vote for any attorneys or bankers. It is one thing to study the law, but it is completely different when a small group makes the law so complicated that only a select few have access to the courts and then charge extreme fees for the citizens to access justice. They are glorified criminals. Boycott Slone!

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