Brewer vs Smith in #NE03

Tom Brewer 02The OWH is reporting that retired Colonel Tom Brewer will be moving from Murdock, Nebraska (in the 1st District) to Gordon, Nebraska in order to run for the Republican nomination for the state’s 3rd District Representative seat against Rep. Adrian Smith.

Brewer was recently quoted as saying, “Congressional leaders seem more interested in keeping their jobs than helping the people.” Brewer did not pin this comment directly on Congressman Smith, but one can only guess.

We are not aware of Brewer’s political background, but we are aware that Smith, a member of the House tax-law writing Ways and Means Committee, has been elected every two years since 2006.

Once we received word of Brewer’s semi-official toe-dip, we got this assessment from a Nebraska politico (not associated with Adrian Smith):

“Brewer is going to get smoked.”


Well, away we go.

By the way, Brewer’s Twitter feed (and we’re only assuming it’s really his Twitter feed — and not like a Faux Pelini), describes himself thusly:

Nebraska’s most battle-tested soldier, revered military leader, two-time Purple Heart recipient.

(Underlining ours.)

Well then.


Got this Christmas vid from Gov candidate Pete Ricketts:

A little unusual to see a money request in a Christmas greeting, but whatever, we suppose.

And kudos to the Ricketts clan for the minute and a half smile. That ain’t easy.

Next time we’d suggest to the producer that you film the candidate with a tight shot of just the candidate addressing the audience with his spiel, then turn his head (different camera angle) and THEN you see the whole family and they all say, “Merry Christmas”. That way you don’t force them to do the deer-in-the-headlights for umpteen minutes.

But maybe that’s just us.


ICYMI, Nebraska Watchdog reported the other day that Democrat Omaha attorney David Domina might now run for the House against Lee Terry.

This would seem to make more sense for Domina, since we are guessing he has figured he can’t win a statewide Senate campaign.

And while the House might be a better shot, we still believe that if the Dems really thought they could beat Terry, there would be a bunch of of them lining up — Festersen, Lathrop, White, Mello or any others — to take him on. The fact that they’re not is more telling than anything else. If they REALLY thought it was a win, they’d all be there.


And for you independents out there (hey, whatever happened to the Coffee Party?) there is apparently a new (I) for #NESEN: Todd Watson.

So there’s that…


Hey, we still have to do the 2013 Leavenworth Street Nebraska Politician of the Year (PotY).
Get your noms in now!


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  1. Ricky says:

    Oh okay this Brewer guy was in the military for years and just like Charlie Janssen that makes people want to vote for him? Oh Whoopee the guy got drafted.
    Why does “veteran” or “businessman” mean you should be elected to something?


    2013 L Street pol of the year huh I will have to think …

  2. Random Thoughts...Not by Jack Handy says:

    “Congressional leaders seem more interested in keeping their jobs than helping the people.”
    If Brewer truly believed this, then why is he not staying in the 1st District and running against Fortenberry.

    Doesn’t Ricketts seem to plastic? And halting when he speaks…and his family. Plastic as well.

    Maybe the democrats could get Ricky to run.

  3. PotY says:

    I think Ricky should be nominated for Politician of the Year. You try running around in those tight postal shorts and thigh-high black socks and see if you can form a rational thought. Go Ricky!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Adrian has done nothing. He’s the definition of an empty suit. He’s too busy hanging around with the Lindsey Graham, Barney Frank, Mark Foley washington crowd.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    1. Why doesn’t Brewer stay in the 1st and take on the squishy Fort? This makes no sense unless he personally hates Smith.

    2. POY is Ben Nelson. POLifetime is Ben Nelson. He singlehandedly assured no Democrat will go to Congress from Nebraska for the rest of my medically enhanced life.

    3. And speaking of medicine, only 4 more days until Obamacare-geddon! Or the “Affordable” snort, snort, guffaw Care Act for those race hustlers out there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    1) it makes sense if you’re from the third but have been sent to every corner of the world over the last 36 years and are now moving back to your hometown where your brother is the chief of police and your daughter goes to Chadron State.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Uh, no, it still doesn’t. The good Colonel already moved back to the 1st. He’s clearly moving only to run in the 3rd. I’m happy he’s moving well before the deadlines, but he’s still open to the same criticisms that Hillary Clinton and Bob Kerrey faced and Scott Brown will face should he move to New Hampshire and run for Senate there. (I listed that last one in the spirit of Kwanzaa). I think Fort is the easier candidate to take on. He can still drive to Chadron and visit his daughter and brother.

  8. Random Thoughts...Not by Jack Handy says:

    ITA with Mac….He’s moving into another district to run there. And I for one DID criticize Coach Osborne for that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Politician(s) of the Year?

    Justin Wayne and Scott Lautenbaugh for managing to pull off a heist of working in tandem to not only remove a board of its duly elected representatives by voice of we the people through elective process with finding an obscure glitch in the legal irony of a “swearing” in process. Single handedly they worked the media masterfully with help from their cohorts at Baird & Holms to stoke a crisis where Wayne amassed power and control over a new board of waifs while Launtenbaugh merely suffered the consequences of crying in his beer/scotch while smokin a Cuban. Hats off boys for showing us what a banana republic looks, feels and acts like. You did great.

  10. Somewhere in Middle America says:

    Technically, Brewer didn’t have to move. The relevant portion of the Constitution (Article I, section 2) states:

    U.S. Constitution › Article I

    SECTION 1.

    All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

    SECTION 2.

    The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states, and the electors in each state shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature.

    No person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen.

    It’s a little confusing the way it’s written, because it tells you what disqualifies a person from being elected. Written in the affirmative you have to be at least 25, been a citizen for 7 years and be an “inhabitant” of the state. There’s nothing in there about having to be an inhabitant of the district. And we have a good example of this — Tom Osborne. Osborne was living in Lincoln when he represented the 3rd District. This didn’t seem to bother anyone because he was born and raised in Hastings and, well, he’s Tom Osborne. Colonel Brewer, however, is no Tom Osborne.

  11. L Street 2013 Politician of the Year nom says:

    Nomination: Omaha City Council member Aimee Melton;

    The rookie spoke out oh the MECA board needs to diversify there are only white men on the board oh I think we need to expand MECA to seven members blah blah blah; right before she dutifully followed the will of the City Council master Ken Stinson and voted for Stinson’s hand picked business partner rich white guy Mr Noodle.
    Way to stand on your feet and hold the ground for women’s rights Melton. Not exactly.
    For that you get a nomination for Pol of the year 2013.


  12. Somewhere Else in Middle America says:

    Talk technically all you want, but voters in Nebraska’s Great Third prefer that politicians do NOT have to move in order to run for office…..a la Osborne and Scotty-boy Kleeb. Someone here called Smith an empty suit, but those of us in Nebraska’s Great Third know better. We will take Smith over Terry or Fort any day.

  13. I’m willing to cut the colonel some slack – he’s been doing extensive physical therapy at Madonna in Lincoln for two years – which kinda required him to live in the Lincoln area. Previous to that he was a high-ranking officer in the Nebraska National Guard – to be in that area (where Guard headquarters is located) made sense. He has owned a home in Gordon for several years. The guy is Third District through and through, not to mention being a genuine American hero – and the Lord knows we don’t have a lot of those. If he’s to be branded a carpetbagger, then we might as well criticize him for growing up on the Rez in SoDak – which he did, and then managed to rise above just about the crummiest environment a kid can experience.

    Several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, wounded several times, and always went back as soon as he could – until the last time which nearly cost him his life. Anybody who is wounded that many times is either really brave or really slow on his feet. Col Brewer has run in a couple dozen marathons so I doubt he is slow – I’m gonna go with courageous until proven otherwise..

    I have no particular brief against Adrian, but I suggest everyone out here in the 3rd take a hard look at this new guy. And no, being a soldier, even a highly decorated one, doesn’t guarantee an ability in politics, but his record tells me Brewer has got some game. He deserves better than snarky dismissal by political blog commenters.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    UW, I suggest the Colonel not ever read this blog. Sasse, native Nebraskan, has been regularly flamed by some commenters on this blog for moving back to Nebraska only 4 years ago. But then maybe it’s just the Senate candidates who hired a bunch of tools.

  15. Gutter Politics says:

    So I hear Col. Brewer’s campaign slogan is “If you can’t beat them, out them? Hiring Stenberg’s hitman was not a wise move.

  16. Debbie Gibson says:

    What’s this new Boy Band traveling all around Nebraska’s malls this Christmas. I was at the mall in Lincoln Christmas Eve and I saw a tour bus of the band called “Sasse” parked in the parking lot. I saw some preppy looking boys in matching shirts come out of the bus. Not as cute as Donnie, Jordan, and Danny, but I love their “outsider” image.

  17. Charlies Angels says:

    And yes they criticize everything. Good god agnes. Look, Pete Ricketts is at least a great businessman, Herbster trying to buy Beau (almost rhymes) people will figure this big farce out. Funny ain’t it how Herbster drops out citing his “biblical obligation” then works his arse off behind the scenes for McCoy-Neb, i was thin, then somebody bought me in. McCoy you will because everyone ever else has said I wish I never saw that guy. Mark it down in your book. Herby will not ever get a position in politics USA if any of us have anything to say about it. It ain’t over Charlie. You better post this……

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Bob, I don’t think Sasse moved here just to run for Senate. I could be wrong but that would be a really big gamble to take. Brewer is going to waste resources establishing why the people of the 3rd should vote for someone from the 1st rather than their Congressman with the 94% lifetime ACU rating. In the meantime, Fortenberry sits in the 1st with his 85% rating (and I can’t believe it’s that high) and Brewer moves out. I don’t think Brewer has any chance, but he’d attract a lot more support running on Fort’s right than Smith’s left.

    What’s done is done. Brewer can’t back out now, but it seems it wasn’t very well thought through. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings with that comment.

  19. L Street 2013 Politician of the Year nom says:

    Nomination; Governor Dave Heineman;

    Should be lame duck of the year however he should be considered for the great running of Health and Human Services Department and his appointment of that loser in Bellevue to the Legislature (for 6 hours), and for his tax cutting for the rich ideas shot down so quickly in the legislature then he whined for six months that the tax moderation committee ignored his advice.
    All those people running for Governor of Nebraska will avoid Heineman like the plague.

  20. Interested Observer says:

    I would hate to buy food at a grocery store that only offered one brand of generic white bread or one brand of generic cola or one brand of generic steak, even if most of the customers had been loyally and mindlessly buying those same old, stale items for the last several years. It just can’t hurt anything to have a little choice in the matter.

    Any election should give the voters a choice of the best available candidates and that same election should give those capable candidates a broad opportunity to present their credentials, their record, with specifics, and their vision of the future complete with their specific road map of how they would accomplish all of their goals. Otherwise, how would you know that you had the absolute best representative working for us, if we didn’t compare them periodically?

    An effective candidate, whether an incumbent or not, would impress me with actual specifics in their campaign and would greatly impress me if they completely avoided rather than relied exclusively on broad, generic, completely meaningless platitudes like “I’m a Nebraskan and Nebraska is wonderful” or the worst one, “I want to be a STRONG VOICE for Nebraska”. Let’s cut through the soft focus, “ride off into the sunset” shot and actually get serious, just once.

  21. At First, But Then says:

    Wow IO! At first I thought why you, being such a political smartypants, don’t run for office youownself?
    But then, upon further reflection, I determined that you running for office, or getting elected to any office, would be a really, really bad thing. Thanks for being just a smartypants and not a candidate.

  22. Right On! says:

    I agree with you IO.

    I intend to ask for a full explination from the next empty suit running for public office who thinks they deserve to be elected because they have “Nebraska values.” What values do the degenerate folks living in South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado or Wyoming lack that makes “Nebraska values” so damned unique?

  23. L Street 2013 Politician of the Year nom says:

    A nomination: Omaha School Board member Justin Wayne.
    The “up and coming” Democrat worked with the far right to dismantle the old OPS board. Wayne undermined all the other board members except the one gal he gave a job too.
    Then Wayne got 5 grand from the Tea Party Joe Ricketts, and endorsed Charlie Janssen for Governor.
    With “up and coming” Democrats like that, who needs the G O P?

  24. My nomination says:

    Ricky Fulton. Because he would prefer a high school educated tax cheat in charge of higher education. He also successfully predicted incorrectly ever election result. Rich Ketter would be my runner up. Rich is currently on holiday with a bunch of Suttle swag. Ricky and Rich also would prefer to fill the MECA board with people that are not residents.

  25. PotY says:

    Vote goes to Denny Crawford. He straight-faced believes he’ll beat Fort by running on issues such as the need to raise the minimum wage and support for Obamacare. Good luck with that one.

  26. L Street 2013 Politician of the Year nom says:

    Another nomination; Senator Scott Laugtenback;
    The fav of Governor Heineman with two appointments, the far right senator was on track with his getting charter schools on track in Nebraska except then; whoops a .234.
    Also escaped much scrutiny about a phony OPS late swearing in story when his partner in crime the Omaha World Herald refused to follow up on where that phoniness began. (probably Wayne and/or David Kramer researched it and leaked it to Lautenback who then went on right wing talk radio and blabbed it up. Of course when LB125 stupidly passed, that story faded asap).
    I still don’t get the horse racing bets on races already ran how dumb is that?

  27. Lee "Nice House" Terry pol of the year nom says:

    By standing with the Tea Party, Rep Lee Terry (Dist 2 Ne), shut down the government to defund Obamacare but still kept his paycheck because he has a nice house and has to pay a mortgage on and has kids in school although they might not be too bright since Terry’s wife tries to get books banned from the suburban school they attend.
    (Kudos to Joe Morton for this quote).
    Terry in a recent OWH article says the do nothing Congress is not a label he accepts because the house passes all kinds of legislation but the Senate won’t pass their bills.
    Hello! Terry’s House passes partisan bills like defunding Obamacare 43 times they KNOW will not go anywhere. That is not good government that is gridlock.
    Terry could be beat easily on his record of 7 terms if the Dems would get off their butt and nominate somebody good.


  28. YoungVoter says:

    Living in Omaha I don’t know much about Congress Smith. But my question is what has congressman Smith done for the 3rd distric or for the state of Nebraska. I have heard about things Fortberry has done and the few things Terry has done. But nothing about Smith. Also #33 not sure what pot you are tiring to stir but you should aleast no your facts before you stir. It’s GLADD not GLAD

  29. Anonymous says:

    Agree with MacDaddy on the Brewer thing. Sounds like the Fort people might have pressured Brewer to jump to the 3rd. It makes no sense. Fort has the least conservative record of the three Congressmen and he is never challenged by any legit Tea Party or conservative. What are they afraid of? On top of that, Club for Growth has to be in anybody’s corner against Fort. Just observing here.

  30. Older voter In The Third says:

    Young Voter, since you live in Omaha, I am not surprised that you don’t know much about Smith. Newspapers, TV, and radio in Omaha don’t say much about anything or anyone outside of Omaha or Lincoln. It would be like me saying that I live in the 3rd and my question would be what has Lee Terry or Fortenberry ever done? We in the 3rd–who actually know something about Smith–believe he is doing a lot for his constituents.

    And for IO, perhaps my post didn’t add much to the discussion. But then neither did all of your posts concerning Deb Fischer’s fenceposts that you talked about so much when she was running. I guess it could be a compliment to you that I learned from the best.

  31. Tonic & Tonic says:

    Ricky, by all means say what you want about Lee Terry, but you can’t fault the guy for taking a paycheck during the shutdown. He was, after all, WORKING. He went to work every day, and often didn’t stop working until late at night. Not receiving a wage for his work would be slavery and we don’t take kindly to slavery ’round these parts.

    Furthermore, let’s not forget that all of those federal employees who were furloughed, yea they were paid back wages FOR WORK THAT THEY DID NOT DO. They quite literally got free paid vacation, and most employees did not miss a single paycheck. I’m not bitter… too busy being a producer in the private sector supporting gov’t employees who’s productive value is negligible.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Tonic & Tonic many Federal Workers did the same that Terry did. they had to work while not getting paid. You know the border patrol, FBI, Federal Prison guards. They showed up every day yet didn’t get paid. If they had expenses that needed to be reimbursed they didn’t get those. I guess you’re right it was akin to slavery. But they fortunately did get paid back pay for work THAT THEY DID DO!!

    All Caps are fun Tonic.

  33. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To the idiot above:
    Those workers did not miss a paycheck, and reimbursements come at the same time as paychecks. You seem kind of sensitive about the issue… do you happen to be a government employee (leach)? Gosh I hope you’re not on the computer I paid for.

  34. Yea, Right! says:

    To Older voter in The Third;

    I also am an older voter in the Third. I can’t think of a single thing Adrian Smith has done since he went to Washington. Can you provide some details?

    Adrian has never worked a 40 hour week in his life. There’s some question as to his ever having held a real job. Adrian doesn’t have a clue what people who work for a living want or need. He’s typical of all that’s wrong in Washington D.C.

  35. Anonymous says:

    There are 435 members of Congress…to think one person will make a difference on what takes placed or what gets passed in the House without help is debatable, at best. So I think a more pertinent question for 3rd district voters is “What has Adrian Smith done wrong?”…

  36. Older Voter in the Third says:

    The difference is, Yea, Right, is that Adrian had the guts to run for the Nebraska State legislature, and you didn’t. Adrian had the guts to run for Congress from the 3rd, and you didn’t. And he wins with 70 to 85% of the vote. If he is such a slacker, as you say, then he should be easy for anyone to beat, even you. Give it a shot. I will send a dollar for your campaign fund.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Tonic & Tonic I am not a government employee. never have been. Probably never will be. I am a private business owner who agrees that the federal government is bloated and there are many worthless employees. But I’m not so stupid as you to think that they’re all worthless. But I’m glad that you think that FBI Agents, Federal Prison Guards, Border Patrol Agents, US Marshals, APHIS inspectors are all leaches. Thats good to know. See I can think for myself beyond stupid talking points and have my own thoughts. I’m as conservative as they come yet I think that the shutdown accomplished absolutely nothing for the GOP and took the focus off of the disaster that was the healthcare rollout for three weeks.

  38. Senator Brad Ashford Terry pol of the year nom says:

    Nomination for L Street Politician of the year Senator Ashford of Omaha.
    Switched from Republican to independent but crashed and burned in his Mayor of Omaha run when he carried the water in the Legislature for the failed tax cuts Heineman wanted for the rich.
    Nobody in the Democratic party backed Ashford after that.

    By the way there is a runaway winner for 2013 Politician of the year in Nebraska and I’ll tell you tomorrow.


  39. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To anon at 3:31
    Maybe we got off on the wrong foot here… We have similar feelings about the shutdown, it could have been a good deal for R’s, had we not caved and gained nothing whatsoever. We’re probably eye to eye on most issues, but you won’t catch me shedding any tears for federal employees who were given paid vacation that didn’t count against their earned vacay. As for prison guards and federal agents: most of them worked through the shutdown and didn’t miss a paycheck. Not one. As far as our argument, I have given good reason why one should not feel bad for federal employees and you have not presented a rational thought to the contrary.

  40. Yea, Right! says:

    Again, to Older voter in the Third;

    Now that you mention it, Adrian didn’t do much when he was in the Legislature either. As far as I can tell all he managed to do there is pick up a reputation for being a worthless back-bencher who wasn’t very bright. Out of state money pushed him to a win in the Republican primary that first put him in Congress.There were four other candidates in that race, and any one of them would probably have been a better choice than Adrian.

    The only thing you seem to be able to come up with that qualifies Adrian to hold his seat is that he’s the incumbent and a career politician. Those are the two best arguements that I can think of to support term limits.

    I don’t know that much about Col. Brewer. I’m willing to take a good look at his positions on the issues. It won’t take much on his part to convince me that it’s time to put Adrian out to pasture or see if he can find a real job. He’s been so unproductive in Congress there’s about a zero percent chance he’ll even get a chance to become a lobbyist.

  41. Older Voter in the Third says:

    Yea, Right! Adrian won the congressional seat in the first place by whupping Scott Kleeb’s ass. And you seem to forget that Scott Kleeb, the carpetbagger, was funded by lots and lots of out-of-state east coast money.

    Please, please give money and support to Brewer—I challenge you! But I warn you that if you feel comfortable flushing 100 dollar bills, you will love the investment in Brewer’s campaign.

    There are lots of great people in the mighty Third, and some whiners. Your claim to fame seems to be with the later group. I would recommend that you sit down and have a whine session with Kleeb…..he will be able to show you the scars of that campaign that put Adrian in the House of Representatives.

    An incumbent, career politician, and a back-bencher doesn’t continue to win massive landslides every time he runs.

  42. Interested Observer says:

    to Anonymous, At First, But Then, Older voter In The Third or whatever name you decide to use next, I got an appropriate line from “The Philadelphia Story” recently, “Still justice with her shining sword, eh daughter?”.

    Perhaps there will come a time when you will be able to move on, as I have.

  43. Blood is on her hands!!!! says:

    I nominate Jane Flemming Kleeb as a murderer of the environment. Did anybody see the carnage of the BNSF (aka Warren’s Railroad) train wreck in North Dakota? All of the oil that could have been transported safely by pipeline was put on Buffett Railcars instead. We need Keystone now!!!!

  44. Yea, Right! says:

    Older voter in the Third; Do you take some sort of chemical that induces those delusions? Scott Kleeb was an unknown carpet bagging Democrat when Adrian beat him in one of the most Republican Congressional Districts in the country. It’s evidence of Adrian’s weakness that a carpet bagging Democrat could even run a competitive race in the Third District of Nebraska that required George W. Bush to make a stop in the state to keep the seat in Republican hands.

    The problems we have in Washington are the result of a bunch of back-bencher, incumbent career politicians who keep winning elections by big margins.

    Back to my original question. What has Adrian done since he got elected. Getting re-elected, even in a landslide isn’t an answer to the question. And my not running for office, or anyone else’s, isn’t an excuse for his lack of productive service to the voters of the Third District.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    Adrian Smith has a 94% lifetime ACU rating. That means he has voted the right way a very good percentage of the time. What else would you like him to do besides vote? You want him to write bills? Why? Too many are written every Congress. Congress should write fewer and they should all begin with: “Funding for _____ Program is hereby rescinded.” Maybe you wish he’d run for Speaker of the House. I agree that he should. He’d be a more reliable conservative than Boehner but that’s just wishful thinking on our parts that he even has a chance to win the Speakership. Smith is a reliable conservative vote and that’s an accomplishment in itself. A big thank you to the voters of the 3rd for electing him.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Amen on holding Obama and Bold Nebraska responsible for holding up the safer way to transport oil. Combine it with the horrific wreck in Canada earlier this year and that’s an easy safety standard a pipeline has to beat.

  47. Bob Loblaw says:

    The third is one of the most reliably deep red districts in the country. Electing a conservative is easy. Adrian getting reelected from a district with such majority GOP registrations is no big accomplishment. What we should expect is a dynamic conservative LEADER out here. Someone who is out front and can articulate and explain why conservatism is best for the country. Someone who rallies others to his side. Someone who is on the House floor fighting for us. Someone who is introducing and getting passed legislation rolling back liberal programs and policies that are hurting America. Adrian is not that guy. He has zero charisma, is no intellectual, and has never introduced or wrote any significant legislation ever. A conservative will always get elected here. What we need is the best conservative possible. I dont think Smith is that guy. Is Brewer? I dont know that either. But, a primary fight is always good for the party. Especially when there will be no competition on the D side.

  48. Agree with Bob says:

    I see it that way too Bob. Adrian’s a nice guy but thats no reason to keep electing him. I have to think we have our own Paul Ryan somewhere out here in the 3rd.

  49. TexasAnnie says:

    I agree also. Adrian is a dud. Years ago, while I was watching the Unicam, Adrian told me that I should go to church when I approached him about getting disabled children enrolled into the public school district within which they lived. By failing to act, Adrian, along with his 48 colleagues, demonstrated a profound contempt for the Nebraska Constitution and federal law.

    Nebraska Values a la Adrian Smith:
    Cheating disabled children of their constitutionally guaranteed public education!

    Adrian Smith is a big voice for corporate welfare though.

  50. TexasAnnie says:

    I approached Adrian and virtually ALL of the sitting legislators. It was the proper action to take. You will understand IF you read your Nebraska Constitution. (Article VIl, Section 1 in conjunction with Article lll, Section 30!) Adrian did, indeed, have a task to perform concerning school enrollment.

    The real question is, and probably the one you should have “doubted,” WHY did Adrian believe church was the proper place for a resolution???

  51. Interested Observer says:

    At least Virginia Smith worked hard . . . trying to convince us that she was working hard FOR us. Her reports of working hard to try to save the Valentine Weather Station are legendary. Her outreach to her constituents probably remains as the best of the last 60 years. Most of today’s Congress could still learn a lot from her efforts and PR. She was in constant contact with specific leaders throughout the 3rd and worked a room better than any I’ve seen before or since.

    Her single greatest talent was her remarkable ability to remember names and specific events and details. When she’d hold a meet and greet, she would include the names of several attendees in her remarks, to make those people feel like they were some of her closest friends. She was a master at making people feel included.

    AND she was able to accomplish all of this outreach at “home” while actually piling legislative accomplishments upon more legislative accomplishments in DC. She continues to be the Gold Standard as our 3rd District Representative.

  52. Ricky says:

    2013 Politician of the Year in Nebraska is Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.
    She broke the glass ceiling and is the first woman Mayor of Omaha.
    And she beat the odds in a Democratic city as a member of the Republican Party.
    Congrats to her and Mean Jean is the 2013 Pol of the year in my humble opinion.
    Omaha is a great city and she probably will not screw it up that much.

    ricky from omaha

  53. Wait... and 2013 Politician of the Year says:

    Isn’t Brewer a chairman of Osborn’s campaign for senate? If so, it has to make you wonder if Osborn recruited him to run against Smith. Hmmm…

    If that is the case, I would like to nominate Shane Osborn as the 2013 Politician of the Year for not only recruiting someone to run against Adrian Smith, but convincing them to pick up and move from their established home in the 1st district to take on one Nebraska’s most popular and conservative members of congress here in the 3rd.

  54. Fort Street Fury says:

    2013 LST POTY is most definitely Mayor Jean Stothert. Resounding victories in the primary and general. She was very effective at deflecting attacks from her opponents (both warranted and not false) and she won as a Republican in city with a democrat lean.

    Good Job Jean

  55. Omaha Native says:

    2013 POTY has to be Rick Sheehy. His actions and departure from the Governors race will have long lasting effects on who governs this state, perhaps for the next decade.

  56. Hey #86 aka Vice Candidiate Fahleson says:

    Once again you fail to realize that this place is not as anonymous as it seems. I would have to imagine you are the only person from Rembolt posting right now.

    You know the above comment is not true just like most of the other filth you try to spread. Why don’t you go back to DC with your pretty boy Ben and spread more rumors there…

    At least then you are doing it in person.

  57. Up in Omaha says:

    I actually think Lautenbaugh should be considered. Today’s idea to sell MUD is very outside the box and a great idea. We now also have a OPS that has vision and is transparent. He was also successful in not forcing attorneys to pay dues to go to contrary political purposes.

  58. Hey folkies: will do our best to get the new post up before midnight!
    (Oh and you still have a few more hours to sign up for your FREE trial of Amazon Prime!)
    Happy New Year and drive safely!

  59. Hesdeadjim says:

    Lautenbaugh should be considered! He has overcome as much adversity as anyone and still managed to push his agenda. He handled his DUI as well as can be expected, and maintains a positive public image. In all, I still agree with #87, jean takes is hands down.

  60. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting to note that so far, no one has mentioned the Nebraska politician who currently stands as number six in the line of Presidential succession and who has done a pretty good job in spite of the spite to which he was subjected before, during and after his confirmation as Secretary of Defense.

  61. Hesdeadjim says:

    IO, that’s because Chuck Hagel is the worst kind of politician. That kind of scum transcends political party. He’s the sort that gives our lot a bad name.

  62. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Random New Years Eve thoughts. One is to be wary of “leader” as adjective. If we’ve had leader since George C. Marshall please point that person out to me. Another is recent polls pointing out that acceptance of evolution has dropped among self-identified Republicans since 2009. Now such skepticism doesn’t automatically make scientists out of everyone who accepts evolution and/or self-identifies as something other than Republican. It does make me wonder how to get more STEM-literate people into politics.

  63. Adrians not the enemy says:

    Ive lived in 1st 2nd and 3rd districts at some point over the last 5 years. Ive ben amazed at the contrasts between the voters, the county GOPs and their criticisms (and lack thereof) from our reps. Fortenberry, unarguably the most liberal voting record, seems to generally get a pass and is spoken very little of. Conservatives in Omaha are very critical of Terry even though his voting record is leaps and bounds better than Forts. Smith, who is FAR more conservative on voting record, is bashed the hardest by 3rd conservatives, who for somw reason dont seem to grasp the concept that there are 434 other Reps in the house. What is it that 3rd expects out of their rep when one persons voice is so drowned out by the loud voices of 434 others? How many “leaders” can exist in that huge body? Isnt it enough that Smith consistently votes conservative and rarely slips away from that? What do you really want the Rep of 3rd district to do, and are you really willing to roll the dice and gamble on someone else when hes delivered at least 90% for conservatives?

  64. Pete says:

    Here’s a fun fact: In England, the conservative party has RINOS except they don’t call them RINOS. They call the wets. Don’t ask where the term came from because I have no idea.

    Happy New Year

  65. TexasAnnie says:

    Voting for “liberals” because they vote the party line, and conversely voting for “conservatives” who will consistently vote as told IS THE PROBLEM! It’s why we have economic injustice and corporate welfare run amuck.

    But I do agree, 11:15pm commenter, that Adrian is only one of 435, and at that only one-half a total body of 535 decision-makers, and as such has a very little voice. If he were a man of conviction we would undoubtedly notice him more so than as now.

  66. Interested Observer says:

    “Adrians not the enemy” just asked, “What is it that 3rd expects out of their rep when one persons voice is so drowned out by the loud voices of 434 others?”

    As I so clearly pointed out yesterday, we want to be acknowledged between elections with a Virginia Smith type of constituent outreach and with Virginia Smith type of actual accomplishments. She was also only one person in a body of the same 435 desks then, too, but she actually got specific things done and then she did a tremendous job of telling all of us about what she just got done.

    One time the IRS decided that anybody in agriculture who used a pickup for both business and personal use had to start carrying a log book to log the number of miles of each to help breakdown the amount of legitimately deductible miles. There was a huge uproar against this new rule and Virginia was able to get the IRS to back down and rescind that rule. Then she made sure to tell all of us about how she got that done. I have no idea how that would show up on her “Conservative” score card. There are specific issues that do come up that impact us that have nothing to do with an ACU rating. So using that as the only test of an office holder is inadequate.

    And Happy New Year!

  67. Interested Observer says:

    A lot of us out here in the 3rd District own livestock and add new replacements every year. Some young heifers grow into good, solid, consistently producing cows and some don’t. The cows that don’t take care of their calves or don’t rebreed or develop bad dispositions get culled. It’s just that simple and many of us tend to apply that same “some make it and some don’t” attitude to our elected officials, as well. That’s how you are able to make sure you have the best cows and bulls in the herd and have the best people in office. Getting elected once is NOT a lifetime appointment.

    Even George Norris got voted out of office after 5 terms in the House and 5 terms in the Senate.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Well, if your New Year’s resolution is like Colonel Brewer’s to go tilt at windmills, then you guys are on your way to mucho success. The do-nothing smear had no effect on Lee Terry’s electoral chances and it will have zero effect on Smith’s chances. I completely expect IO to not like Smith because of some perceived personal slight such as Smith not working his name into a speech, but you guys are delusional if you think the rest of your neighbors are that petty. I wasn’t trying to be insulting, just brutally honest and so now my resolutions are batting 1000! Happy New Year!

  69. Interested Observer says:

    Actually Macdaddy, you’re completely wrong. I do like Adrian and have campaigned and voted for him each time he’s run for Congress. I’ve supported him at events and have contacted him to express support for a few specific issues as they came up.

    I didn’t even mention him on this post over the last few days, until now. All I said was that Virginia Smith was an expert at constituent outreach. How in the freaking hell do you twist that around to fully expecting me to not like Smith?

  70. TexasAnnie says:

    I never met Virginia Smith. Was she related to Adrian?

    A google search indicates Virginia was in the House of Representatives beginning in 1975.

    That was the year P.L. 94-142 was passed. Soon it will be four decades since passage yet the Congress has yet to fully fund it’s promise. Adrian has a role to play in this regard, given his “churchiness” and pro-life agenda. Will he act? NO! He IS NOT a man of conviction!!!

  71. Moving To Run says:

    Brewer has lived in Murdock for 20 years, which is in the 1st district, but is moving to the 3rd district so he can try to get elected as the Congressman from the 3rd district? Hmmmm. If he wins, then essentially, the 1st district will have 2 Congressmen, and the 3rd district will have none. This morning’s Omaha paper said that Brewer is “setting up residency’ in Gordon instead of being honest and saying that he is leaving Murdock and moving to Gordon. Or is he really moving? Perhaps people in the 3rd should watch for the moving trucks to arrive soon. Voters in the 3rd district will always elect a resident over a non-resident to represent them in the House of Representatives.

  72. Bob Loblaw says:

    Moving to Run: Do you remember a guy by the name of Tom Osborne who won the third in a landslide? If I’m not mistaken he lived his whole life in the 1st. So, no, they don’t always elect a resident over a non-resident.

  73. But Bob, But Bob says:

    But Bob, please remember also what the 3rd District voters did to Tom when he wanted to become our Governor. You would think with all of those landslides that the mighty 3rd would have come through for Tom as Governor. They didn’t.

  74. Bob Loblaw says:

    True on Osborne for Governor. But the original statement was about 3rd district representative.

    To me I don’t think the carpet bagger issue will work on Brewer. He has some pretty deep roots in the Panhandle. He’s probably spent more nights sleeping in Afghanistan and Iraq than he has in Cass County. Now after rehabbing at Madonna and retiring from the Military he’s moving back home. But we’ll see what the voters think. If I was Smith I wouldn’t try using that line of attack on him. May backfire on him. Smith needs to convince people why we should send him back to Washington. What does he offer, besides incumbency, that Brewer doesn’t. That’s the campaign I want to see.

  75. But Bob, But Bob says:

    Smith doesn’t need to use ANY “line of attack” on Brewer. All Smith has to do is stay positive like he always does, and let Brewer make his own trouble.

  76. Another 3rd District Voter says:

    Being a highly decorated COLONEL in the freaking United States Army means that Col. Brewer has far more experience with leadership and organizational skills than some dumb ass with a few storage rentals in Gering.

  77. Anonymous says:

    The Republians in the 3rd District, which far outnumber Democrats out here, would vote for a steaming cow pie so long as it had an ‘R’ after its name on the ballot. Adrian has been elected and re-elected only because the Republican Party in this state hasn’t seen the need to replace him, he’s a good toady and does as he’s ordered.
    The people of the 3rd District, and Nebraska, deserve better. I think Col. Brewer might be just what we need, but let’s see what he’s got to offer first.

  78. Anonymous says:

    All of you Brewer bashers had better hustle your ugly butts out to the driveway and take those damned yellow “Support Our Troops” ribbons off of your Cadillacs so that you won’t be seen as hypocrites. I’d imagine you’re the same ones that think a combat veteran could actually live anywhere in the 3rd District. Those of us that have served know better.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Right on! All the NEGOP cares about is that the 3rd CD provide them with a nice big rubber stamp. Adrian does just fine voting the way Club For Growth tells him to. After all, they bought him.

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