Cleaning house and taking names

Ben Sasse did the rounds of the Washington DC focused talk shows the other day, appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and on a FOX something with the shoe designer from “Survivior”. (Yes, we get it, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is “conservative”. That doesn’t make her the right person to interview politicians on policy issues. But she is a pretty blonde, so FOX anchor!)

See the MSNBC interview here:

Sasse was pretty solid on MSNBC. He was never searching for an answer and slammed away at Joe Scarborough’s softballs and Mike Barnicle’s attempts at knuckleballs. It was actually enjoyable to watch him take the libs downtown on basic issues.

Again, this continues Sasse’s ride as the conservative media’s darling candidate. He also just received the endorsement of Red State’s Erick Erickson (who is trying to set up “Sasse vs Osborn” as “anti-Mitch McConnell vs pro-Mitch McConnell“). You can see why he is bowling over those types with his speaking abilty. As he gains more and more cash from this type of coverage, we’ll wait to see if and when that translates to a rise in his numbers in Nebraska.

Also remember that should Sasse overtake Sid Dinsdale, then challenge Shane Osborn, the long knives will come out. Sasse may be able to finesse some of his statements regarding ObamaCare (though rebuttal ads are tough). But Sasse will really have an interesting time retorting to the current situation of Midland University, and some of their basic numbers regarding the school’s financial status and even his salary.

This is the sort of thing that comes under the candidate’s “record” — the same that Osborn will have to live up to during his time in office and his personal business, the same that Dinsdale will have to live with with pretty much everything at Pinnacle and that McLeay may have to regarding clients.

Them’s the realities of a political candidate. It ain’t all debating Part B Medicare and Nebraska values. At some point we expect this race, and the Gov’s race, to get brutal.


And just because it’s there, here’s a video of Sasse’s son “cleaning house” in the nostril area while his father talks:

(Other candidates: if it’s up, we’ll probably link to it…)


Speaking of Bart McLeay, he was recently endorsed by former Senator Dave Karnes and former NE02 Rep. Jon Christensen. Not a bad cap feather for McLeay. Of course Karnes is also in McLeay’s law firm, Kutak Rock, so that doesn’t hurt.

The biggest disappointment however, was that this was a mustache-less Karnes that endorsed McLeay. Without the Magnum P.I. soup strainer, it just doesn’t seem to have that Karnes Karavan feel to it.

Karnes - before and after 01

We dunno. Maybe it’s us…


Over in the Gov’s race, Pete Ricketts announced that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be endorsing him. Walker famously beat down a recall against him, took on the unions and is now considered a Presidential candidate.

We never know how these endorsements really go, but getting something like this never hurts in the crowded primary.

Of course, minutes after we posted this on The Twitter, we were sent info from our “unnamed sources” noting that the Ricketts family contributed nearly half a million dollars to Walker’s campaign. Which ain’t for nothin.

Is that necessarily a bad thing? The Rickettseses contribute to lots of camps. And Walker certainly wants to get his name out and around, and doesn’t have a problem supporting a camp that could be successful. (Though by doing so, he can also ostracize supporters of the other campaigns.)

In any case, politics! Governor campaign style!


And with his State of the State, Governor Heineman proves he’s STILL the 800 pound gorilla in the state.


And Lee Terry’s camp announced they have $800K on hand going into the primary season. This is about double of what he had during the last go-round.

And as Joe Morton reports, the DCCC is getting more than a little frustrated with their inability to find a candidate. And Dave Domina apparently is going to run for Senate instead of the House.


We chuckled a bit at the recent story by liberal OWH reporter (sorry to be redundant) Matt Hansen regarding a Democrat holdout on the path of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

See, this guy (the holdout, not Hansen) is special because he isn’t about the money, man!
And let us all focus on the guy in the minority who doesn’t want to go through his land because…because…uh, what was that reason again?

Oh yeah, because of the Godless Tornado! Right. Got it.

Hansen even spells it out for you, money-grubbers:

“I bet Nebraskans who support the pipeline would think long and hard if they were offered a $77,000 check in return for that pipeline never being built.”

Ooh! Now that is a SOMETHING to think about!
What a cute proposition (that is meaningless).

Of course, as Hansen points out, the vast majority of landowners HAVE signed on with TransCanada. And why? Because they’re rubes? Because they don’t care if their land is chewed to bits by ravenous Canadian oil mounties? Because $77K is worth more to them than their child drowning in a tar sands vortex that has formed in their kitchen?

Uh no, Matt. It’s because they have taken a reasonable assessment of the offer and accepted it.
They’ve listened to experts who point out that this will be the safest and most advanced pipe ever built.

But would they have done so without the cash offer? Probably not. And, so what?

Tell us, Matt, did you write that article because it was the “right” thing to do, or because you got PAID, man???
How about this Matt: What if you got PAID to never write an article? How about that? Huh, huh?
Yeah. Think about it. Long and hard.


THANKFULLY, Democrat state Senator Jeremy Nordquist is making sure the shark fin scourge stays OUT of Nebraska.

We would look to make sure the rhino horn is also banned from local Hy-Vees, but… we’ll let Senator Jeremy handle that.


We promised we would link to the Live Unicameral Coverage that is being provided to you by Net Nebraska.
Be sure to bookmark for your legislative watching needs!


  1. Fort Street Fury says:

    Let’s be honest, the only reason Ricketts got the Terry endorsement was $$$, and the reason her is getting the walker endorsement is $$$$$$$$ (more dollard signs because more money, see?). The Terry endorsement… meh, whatever. Everybody except Terry himself thinks that was a dimwit move.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, McLeay got an endorsment from one of his law partners – – big stuff! He won’t be around long enough for anybody to care who is clients are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That MSNBC interview shows exactly why Sasse should be the next Senator. There have been a number of posts on here how Adrian Smith and Lee Terry don’t do anything and should be ousted, and I imagine the same will eventually hold true for Deb Fischer. I would contend a big reason they don’t do anything substantial is because leadership does not trust them to do something. Why? Because if they did something big, they would get interview requests from outlets other than Fox News and could get exposed – DC media will not play nice and love making GOPers look less than stellar. The way Sasse handled these questions was done beautifully and shows that he would have the capability to do something bigger than offering a recognition bill/speech for a constituent in the state.

  4. #3 – I have no animus for Sasse (in fact, I think he is a very viable candidate) but I’m having trouble following your reasoning. Lemme see, if a back-bencher does something outstanding he might get interviewed by MSNBC or WaPo (or some other hideous entity) and thereby expose his complete incompetence, so Boehner and McConnell never allow such lower life forms to distinguish themselves? Izzat about it?

    One is moved to observe – if anyone, prole or Congressional star, has a good idea, I would think leadership would jump on it like a rooster on a junebug – not squelch it because they were afraid that Rachel Maddow or her ilk would make them look bad. Good policy is good policy, no matter where it comes from. Seems a long and convoluted route to arrive at a reason for electing Sasse. I have heard Sasse speak (and answer questions) and I agree that he is articulate and coherent … but glibness alone doesn’t make the trains run on time.

  5. Bart Supporter says:

    Having Karnes and Christensen is a big deal for Bart. It’s funny that the Sasse campaign is trying to downplay these endorsements. I’m still trying to see if Sasse has any mayor endorsements from Nebraska. The only people I’m seeing are Washington Insiders and bloggers who are from the Beltway that support Dr. Sasse.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ed – exactly in a sense. When a president is in office and wants a big legislative thing passed, does he have Joe Blow introduce the legislation? Of course not. He has someone who’s high level do it who has been through the rigors of the DC media spotlight and can answer tough questions on his/her feet. Sasse showed he had that ability in the interview. I don’t think the other candidates in this race have that aspect to their game.

    #6 – I am not affiliated with the Sasse camp in any way, shape or form. So quit assuming. Go back and read the comments from the Smith vs Brewer post and the Festerson post – that is what I referred to and clearly mentioned in my post. I then only lumped in Fischer because she seems to be on the same trend as Smith and Terry.

  7. To Anon at 2:24 says:

    If you think Ben Sasse is going to be the Leadership’s go to guy, you are clearly mistaken. He is a joke there because of how hard he is pressing his media ties.

  8. Raven says:

    My biggest fear used to be snakes, or burning alive, now it’s meeting my soul-mate and his last name is ‘Claws’ or ‘Bird’.

  9. Looks like the Unicam dems have gone full socialist. They’ve just introduced bills to raise the state minimum wage to $9, grant paid maternity leave, and increase the state EITC (welfare).

    Moar free stuff!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the unedited nose pick with the tongue slide to catch whatever goodies were left. That Hollywood consultant really gave Ben some good ole fashioned special effects to drive home his point he’s not an “insider” with his tiny tyke son bolstering the concept with some strong visuals of his own.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I never said he was going to be McConnell’s “go-to guy”. And he’s not a joke to “leadership”….if he was, McConnell wouldn’t be funneling money to Osborn’s campaign. McConnell doesn’t care for him because Sasse indirectly criticizes him by noting the GOP’s lack of leadership.

  12. Bob Loblaw says:

    I am in my mid 30s. I follow Nebraska politics. I barely know who Dave Karnes and Jon Christenson are. That’s like getting the endorsement of Bill Barrett. It may have mattered in 1997 but not in 2014.

  13. RWP:
    To be clear, the actual language of the proposed law states:

    (a) Seven dollars and twenty-five cents per hour through Dec 31, 2014
    (b) Seven dollars and sixty-five cents per hour on and after Jan 1, 2015, through Dec 31, 2015
    (c) Eight dollars and thirty-five cents per hour on and after Jan 1, 2016, through Dec 31, 2016
    (d) Nine dollars per hour on and after Jan 1, 2017.

    Having said that, the good news is that this bill is going NOwhere, even though it will likely be reported favorably out of the Business and Labor Committee which is all Dems except for Hansen (Ashford and Ernie claim to be “Independents”, but they are a reliable Dem vote).

  14. Interested Observer says:

    Bob Loblaw, I checked the Census website and did a little math and calculated that more than 55% of today’s Nebraska voters were 18 or more years of age when Dave Karnes ran for the Senate. It’s possible that his endorsement does mean something to the majority of today’s Nebraska voters, even if it doesn’t mean so much to you, since you’re in the minority here. I also understand that typically a higher percentage of older voters vote each time than what younger eligible voters do.

    Therefore, perhaps these 2 endorsements might be a pretty good thing to have. How could they hurt anything?

  15. Demon Steer says:

    I think a bigger endorsement would have been one from Meredith Christensen. She clearly left her mark on Nebraska politics.

  16. Wino says:

    @21 – hey man, say what you will about the candidates…

    …but leave wine and cheese out of it. 🙂

    More importantly, when do the latest fundraising numbers come out?

  17. Oh Crap! I better delete that tweet says:

    @osbornforsenate: Senate passed Omnibus is a short bus to nowhere.

    Really, Osborn camp? Really? Do you really think it is appropriate to mock children with special needs? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a Senator who is going to embarrass Nebraska like this. We need leaders. Not someone who is going to make fun of people with disabilities.

  18. Anon says:

    Sasse did a good job on MSNBC. He knows a lot about these issues. I’m not sure how much the Dean “endorsement” will help him though. His free ride is about over, though. Once these creatures of the big city media start to get enough elevation something in their record punctures the hot air balloon. Sasse has gotten people to pay attention to him, which is the classic mixed blessing.

  19. TexasAnnie says:

    I remember Jon Christensen. He divorced his first wife for cheating on him and went on to publicize that he was about to marry a virgin the second time around. It was very weird campaign sloganeering!

  20. @ Anon #26 says:

    Really? Okay, I’ll give Osborn credit for opposing the Omnibus — way to go out on a limb there. However, he opposed it by tweeting “Senate passed Omnibus is a short bus to nowhere.” He opposed it by using one of the most derogatory terms out there towards people with physical and mental handicaps. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t that kind of person representing me in the Senate. We need someone who treat people with respect and not someone who is going to embarrass Nebraska.

  21. You guys clearly hate the poor. I say raise the minimum wage to $200 an hour, so we can be the first state where everyone is in the 1%. And people should have paid maternity and paternity leave until their kids are 18. Why should you have to choose between earning a living and having milk and cookies with your kids when they come home from school?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Short omnibus. We’d laugh but better not. Only the non-American Kenyan half of Obama can get away with making fun of mentally retarded children.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sasse is a Republican Conservative darling of the media who is back in Nebraska to run for the U. S. Senate. The last one like that was Hagel.

  24. if we're being honest here says:

    Shane himself didn’t tweet that and whomever did should be fired. Boneheaded mistakes like that can cost and election and I guarantee that the author of the tweet is not an integral cog in the campaign. Shane, take some advice and fire that dunce ASAP. It doesn’t matter if no damage is done this time, it’s only a matter of time before that twit does something worse. The last thing we need if for a moron to cost the senate bid and we end up with a RINO (Dinsdale), a Blowhard Liar (Sasse), or McLeay (I have no qualms with Bart).

  25. Raven says:

    Can’t wait for House of Cards to start. Reminds me of what Ben will be like when we’re in Washington DC. #RunningtheShow #Can’tWaitToParty #Being24HasBeenAwesomeSoFar #LotsofDrinks

  26. to the above says:

    Funny that you make fun of a supposed lack of maturity on Raven’s part by being immature yourself.
    She’s a good woman, you should stop.

  27. State Senator Ken Larsonbaugh says:

    I would like to take time to officially let you all know that I have been endorsed by the Nebraska Farm Bureau myself. I am honored to receive this distinguished endorsement from Ms. Kolterman and look forward to continuing to move Goat safety forward in the Unicameral.

  28. Zookeeper says:

    Not sure if 800 lb. gorilla is the best description for the Gov has he makes his choices as to how rides into the political sunset. More like a a 169 lb monkey running the halls flinging poop at anyone who has ever withheld a banana.

  29. Got a push poll last night says:

    Beating up Osborn on his military service and his divorce, asking if it made me more or less likely to vote for him. Also hit Sasse pretty darn hard for making a high salary while Midland was “on notice.”

    They DID have semi positive things to say about Dinsdale and Bart. Interesting play by one of these two guys. Here’s my theory based on the fact that part of Sid’s team was once on Shane’s team: everyone has assumed all the nastiness up to this point has been between Shane and Ben. But maybe not. Maybe the plan is for Sid to shake hands and looks like a nice guy, while his team fans the flames. Shane and Ben try to kill each other ala Bruning-Stenberg 2012 the next two months, then Sid writes a huge check and surges late ala Deb Fischer. Just musing…But it’s actually kinda brilliant if you think about it.

  30. This BS about Midland says:

    Sweeper, can we put this to bed, please? “But Sasse will really have an interesting time retorting to the current situation of Midland University, and some of their basic numbers regarding the school’s financial status and even his salary.”

    Every bit of info about Sasse and Mindland is based on 2009 and 2010 numbers. Yeah, no kidding, Midland was a wreck before Sasse got there. THAT’S WHY IT WAS GOING BANKRUPT. Even getting placed “on notice” was based on previous years before the turnaround had a chance to be reflected fully in the numbers. Whatever Dean Dennhardt, I mean, “Demon Sheep” says, Midland is an astonishing success story.

  31. Gaius Gracchus says:

    TBSaM, I remain curious about how Midland’s board’s management of Mr. Sasse. Discussion of Sasse’s performance by the many posters on LS reveal a perception that a college president runs such a place by fiat, with complete control of and responsibility for every success and failure. No doubt that at some colleges and universities, at one time or another, governance by fiat has happened. It may be happening now, but is it happening at Midland? Colleges can and do have sycophantic, crony boards. I have not heard of this happening at Midland, to the extent the board has become a rubber stamp for the incumbent president.

    As for sycophants, cronies and sycophantic, crony boards, we’ll I am thankful we don’t have these in business, political, non-profit, religious, sports or military organization’s – ;^)

  32. Different Anonymous says:

    Osborn’s apology didn’t blame a staffer (from the accounts I read,) so did he actually write the short bus tweet himself? sheesh

  33. RWP says:

    There should be a word for drunk tweeting. Twunking? Dreeting?

    Anyway, I rode the short bus for about 3 days, back in grade school. so I get to be horribly horribly offended. But inside, there’s a little boy crying. And he doesn’t even know why he’s crying, because he’s a bit challenged.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Bob Kerrey was responsible for his school. But now Sasse isn’t?

    He’s not in charge. It is not his fault. They made him do it. The dog ate his homework!

  35. Anonymous says:

    is not based on 2009 and 2010 data. Its bond rating is still “junk” as of late 2013, which most certainly is based on financial data from through that period. The Higher Learning Commission put Midland “on notice” (probation essentially) for lacking a “realistic financial plan” as of November 2012. Midland’s filed 990 forms with the IRS show Sasse taking large increases in compensation in a year when Midland ran a 6 million dollar deficit (on a budget of less than 40 million). Although Sasse claimed when the purchase of Dana was announced that there would be students there as early as 2015 Midland’s Higher Learning Commission state of affiliation lists no “additional locations” for Midland to operate, and the Commission’s rules would require Midland to get permission, which are about .0001% with Midland being (essentially) on probation. The HLC is simply not going to let Midland take on the carrying costs of a whole separate campus with its financial situation being so dire. So when Sasse assured the residents of Blair that they’d re-open Dana he knew or should have know that this was false. So “no” it isn’t going to bed and it shouldn’t go to be given that he continues to make the outlandinsh claim that he “turned around” Midland.

  36. Sasse Infatuation says:

    The most recent 3 installments on Leavenworth Street all headline Sasse. Why the infatuation with Sasse? Seems interesting that Leavenworth would be such a willing follower of the national RINO media. Anyone care to guess what the next installment will highlight about Sasse? If Robynn Tysver had written this many articles in a row about Sasse, there would be hell to pay.

  37. The twitter machine does not like Shane Osborn says:

    Has anyone gone to twitter lately and searched “shane osborn”? The last guy to embarrass this state was Ben Nelson with the “Cornhusker Kickback”. Do we really want to send another Senator to DC that is going to embarrass us again with “Short Bus” tweets, etc.?

    Also, why did Osborn cancel on Becka yesterday. I thought he was going on to apologize? At some point he is going to have to answer difficult questions from the media on this. He can’t hide forever.

  38. Watching my fave police drammer last night (Blue Bloods on CBS) and zip, zop, right in the middle is Sasse’s ‘move the capitol to Nebraska’ spot. Blue Bloods is one of the top rated shows currently and commercial time, even state-level commercial time, has got to be pricey to say the least. Tells me Sasse has got some MAJOR money behind him, spending that way this early. WTF?

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Sasse has to do something, UW, because single digit polls aren’t going to win you anything. The problem is he is showing up on shows nobody watches and getting endorsements from people nobody has heard of. He’s going to be the smartest, cleverest, most brilliant 4th place finisher ever.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    Here’s the real issue behind Osborn’s mentally-challenged Tweet: why do politicians insist on dabbling in social media? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever, have you people lost your minds? Are you really that stupid that you can’t figure out that getting on social media is like playing with a cobra? You are supposed to be a responsible adult. Leave the instant reactions to the hipster doofuses who rule the Internet. Geez!

  41. Interested Observer says:

    I’m amused by candidates who spend huge amounts of other peoples’ (donors) money trying to convince us voters that they are “fiscal conservatives” who will cut spending!

  42. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Off topic: I am stepping out of the conversation for a while. No crisis, just other things to do for a while. Till we meet again, I wish you fair winds and following seas. GG

  43. Anonymous says:

    #58: This is the most pressing issue in your life that keeps you up at nights? Granted, Mr. Osborn should have called in if only to douse the fires of over hype. So what? He didn’t. This is the standard by which we assess a Senate candidate? Big deal—he or his staff member/intern used a term without polling its sensitivity to proper norms and definition. It happens. I was about to call into Becka to learn myself what the fuss was given I honestly didn’t have a clue. I guess I’m so totally inept at social graces that I already should have known what to be offended about in my narrow minded life of no errors. I agree with MacDaddy in his description that it is like playing with a cobra for candidates when those whose lives are so empty of action that their day consists of tweeting their twitterings every time their stomach has a pending eruption of sorts. Short bus, long bus, any bus–check out what the guy did to make your life safer in his service to this country and what he did to save tax dollars while in service to this state. While you’re at it? Get a life that can focus on making a difference and run for office. It’s gotten to a fun gig.

    For the record? I don’t work for Shane Osborn’s campaign and am not a relative, but I certainly vote.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    #65, the sad part is that some stupid slip can resonate with the voters. We have an electorate where words mean everything and actions mean nothing.

  45. @Macdaddy and #65 says:

    You are missing the point. Yes, Shane served the country honorably in the Navy. But with a Senator we are looking for more than someone who will serve — we are looking for someone who will REPRESENT Nebraska in the U.S. Senate. I for one, don’t want someone to represent me in the U.S. Senate if they are going to embarrass Nebraskans — and the Osborn “short bus” tweet proved that Osborn looks to be someone who doesn’t think before he speaks and therefore, would have the propensity to do just that — embarrass Nebraska.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Blacks are measurably worse off under Obama but vote for him anyway because they judge that character by the color of his skin.

    Hey, didn’t MLK say something about that?

  47. Macdaddy says:

    Happy Martin Luther the King, Jr. Day, everybody.

    On this 20th day in the Glorious Era of Obamacare, we have learned that of the 2.2 million alleged enrollees, only 11% did not previously have insurance. So in 3 months, 242,000 people came off the previously uninsured rolls. In 56 years, we will have enrolled everyone who was uninsured at the end of 2013. Of course since 3280 people have died as a result of Obamacare’s deficiencies, that will knock a year or two off that goal. Unfortunately anywhere from 50-90 million people are scheduled to lose their insurance this year. Suckers!

  48. To Anonymous above. says:

    You think a staffer making a bad comment will win this race for Sasse??? Shane apologized for his campaign immediately. Sasse has huge problems at Midland he is trying to sweep under the rug. The problem is people in Fremont and Blair are talking. Sasse has credibility problems that will sink his campaign

  49. Anonymous says:

    Reread what I wrote. It was sarcasm from the party of “one” meaning not too many are in a hissy fit about Osborn’s comments except maybe……ah…

  50. Anon says:

    Sasse is complete New World Order. Be aware and stay away! Total D.C. Insider. Sickening. He is a fraud. Everything about him is fake.

  51. Conservative says:

    Short buses piss me off. If you are gonna build a bus, build it big. This is America! We build things big, because that is what we do. We didn’t become the biggest, baddest, toughest, number 1 country in the world by building short buses, short buildings, or anything else short.

  52. Davy Jones says:

    Putting mentally challenged people on a short bus is wrong. It is just another horrible way which we label people that are different. You might as well paint on the side of the vehicle “retards on board.” There is no reason special needs people can’t ride on a normal size bus. They should be integrated with other children. This is a form of grotesque discrimination that still continues in this country. It is akin to segregation in the south. On this MLK day we should examine our souls and conscience and vow to end this tragedy.

  53. Winston Smith says:

    Obama just told America’s kids that marijuana is no worse than booze or tobacco. We can imagine parents cringing, pot advocates applauding, and GOP leaders once again jumping to wrong conclusions.

    GOP leaders, many who smoked pot in college and aren’t teetotalers today, do not have a clue what most Americans want. Polls suggest average Americans today dislike Republicans even more than they dislike Democrats. GOP leaders constantly misread voters and underestimate Obama, who after all beat a GOP war hero while America was at war, and then beat a GOP fiscal genius after Obama presided over four years of economic misery. Obama doesn’t misread voters.

    Obama doesn’t care if pot is legalized or not. He wants a successor Democrat continuing what Obama started. If an issue helps that aim, Obama is for that issue.

    Obama sees pot legalization as a way to energize young voters and cripple the GOP. Pot is hot. States want to tax it. Individuals want the freedom to use it. Obama will frame the issue as a modern Prohibition enforced by a GOP that behaves like cranky old temperance ladies forcing sobriety, who inadvertently empower criminal cartels, and who hypocritically take GOP donations from distilleries and tobacco companies. The arguments have enough truth to gain traction.

    Republicans can deflate this instantly and turn it to powerful GOP advantage, making them the champions of freedom against big brother. But only if they steal the issue from the Democrats. That is unlikely. When Gayness went from outlawed to preferred treatment, the GOP did nothing but look silly harrumphing about it.

    The DNC knows exactly what it wants, i.e. bigger government intruding more on individuals. For those who trust government to be more humane than human beings that is as good as it gets. The GOP however seems less certain what it wants, as it has its own favorite wasteful mini-intrusions on individual freedoms. Yet if the GOP won’t steal this thunder of Individual Freedom from Democrats and run with it, what will the GOP do, what can the GOP do, other than lose?

  54. TexasAnnie says:

    Davy Jones:
    Yes, inclusion is important. But sometimes the big busses are too big to go where needed. OPS learned this lesson the hard way…

    Winston Smith:
    Gayness as “preferred treatment?” In Nebraska???

  55. Macdaddy says:

    I agree with Winston. People might as well be baked when the meltdown comes. What else will they have to do? Sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Good to see the Democrats haven’t grown up. Of course Winston, being high keeps you from seeing that being able to smoke marijuana is a mini-freedom. The maxi-intrusions are being actively pursued by the Democrats. And BTW, how is government regulation of the pot business not a mini-intrusion of its own? Mind. Blown. Don’t bogart the log, dude.

  56. Endorsements says:

    Tom Carlson is finally starting to get endorsments here is the list

    Life Alert
    Civil War Veterans Association
    Adult Depends
    Betty White
    rotary dial telephone enthusiasts
    Mr. Green Jeans
    Peter Botkin

  57. Lamentations says:

    Dear Post No. 71: Please read Nebraska Watchdog and the dubunking of the trash Dinsdale and others are spreading about Midland.

  58. Hesdeadjim says:

    Word Has it Tom Carlson actually has the social media edge in the gubernatorial race! He just created an account on the latest and great social media craze, “Xanga”. His MySpace is fully updated as well as his Google+ accounts hash-tag NE, GOV#.

  59. To Lamentations says:

    I don’t think Sasse is out of the woods yet. I can guarantee you you don’t get put “On Notice” 3 years after a site visit. As far as Midlands Bond rating, its crap. A “B” is horrible. All “Stable” means its not likely to drop further at this time. Its still the equivalent of a 500 credit score. Oh and Sasse says he is in the “Black”. He uses DC math. If you spend down your reserves 1.5 million and have the Bank forgive over a million in debt and have a million left over, your solvent!!!!

  60. Macdaddy says:

    Actually, if you have money left over after meeting your obligations, you are solvent. And hey, if the bank agrees to eat a million bucks, that’s their problem, not Sasse’s.

  61. Daddy Mac says:

    No post about Domina’s announcement today? Makes me wonder if Street Sweeper is taking a snow day with the DC folks.

  62. Not to worry DM.
    New post coming tomorrow with LOTS to talk about (though Domina ain’t exactly on the top of the list).
    Had to rest today from too many Wragge Bombers from the night before…

  63. A fossilized relic from the past struggles out of the primeval ooze to announce he’ll be running on a minor party ticket, assuming he manages to live through November?

    Domina used to call Bob Kerrey ‘the whippersnapper’, and George Norris ‘young George’. He remembers when Nebraska stretched to the Canadian Border (54 40 or fight!). He’s worried about the solvency of the Second Bank of the United States (or was that Commonwealth Savings?). He once impeached a guy, but can’t quite remember his name.

  64. Demon Steer says:

    To MacDaddy

    He spent down the endowment 1.5 million. That means Sasse losses 50 cents for every dollar he says he is in the black. He is DC Sasse!

  65. Lil Mac says:

    MD, government taxing once-outlawed intoxicating products is indeed an imposition of government power. But that isn’t new. The pyramids were built by people paid in beer by government that then taxed those they paid. Our own freedom to drink alcohol was once denied to Americans, with the result being criminality and costs rising from Prohibition. Yet the Repeal which allowed us to drink beer didn’t come without that beer being taxed.

    Taxation is how government fuels its power. But it perhaps most fuels its tyranny by its selective outlawing and subsidizing of human behaviors. Achieving freedom from government telling you what to do is hard enough. Good luck getting freedom from government taxing you. A government that wants to empower itself is often less dangerous than a government that wants to fix people.

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