Who’s in, 8 years later?

Hey, January 17th was the EIGHT year anniversary of Leavenworth Street!

So, here is one of our first posts, a little Separated at Birth for ya that works again eight years later!

Pete Ricketts and Lex Luthor

2006 to 2014. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Thanks for reading all these years!


We are still searching to find things to talk about in the Governor’s race, but in general the candidates are marching around the third district, sitting down with eight to ten “folks” at a time and slurping a lot of caffeine. We have yet to see much pure politics to talk about.


Now you can Ripley’s Believe It or Not, but we are STILL hearing that a certain Attorney General is STILL polling about the Governor’s race, and is STILL thinking about getting in.

Think about it: There are one, two, three, four, five, SIX major candidates in the race. SIX! If you added a seventh candidate, whose name ID is arguably better than ANY of them, and has a pretty decent block of supporters, it would be a relatively small percentage that would put him over the top.

Also consider that if Attorney General Jon Bruning does not get in the Governor’s race, he is looking at, what, ten years before he could go after a major office again? That’s a long time to sit it out — and seethe that you blew a perfectly good opportunity to climb the ladder.

Now a big factor will be what sort of fund raising numbers Pete Ricketts puts up in the next three weeks or so. Numbers of donors and total cash will be a big influence to see where Pete really is at (along with some polling). And don’t think Joe Ricketts’s influence isn’t looming out there. Bruning would have to have a strong counter to that unlimited cash.

Also, consider that Bruning has promised to a LOT of people that he absolutely would NOT be running. That includes donors as well as other current Gov candidates with whom he has close ties (remember that current Charlie Janssen campaign manager Jordan McGrain ran the Bruning Senate campaign). It would be pretty difficult for Bruning to change course on all these people. It could be done, but it would have to be a deft maneuver.

Or, then again, this could be a lot of nothing and Bruning could conclude the same thing that he’s concluded before — that it just ain’t in the cards.

But how much more of a fun, crazy race would it be with him in?
Watch this space.


And look who has a brand new ad up this morning.
See the latest Ben Sasse for Senate spot here:

This one is short and sweet — so it’s likely you’ll see it on your television.
Good quick capitalizing on his recent cover story.


The Washington Examiner had an interesting story by Timothy Carney about the Nebraska Senate race — positioning it as the Mitch McConnell, “Establishment” versus the Jim DeMint, “Tea Party”.

Guess who they put on each side?
(And for those of you slapping on the the Dinsdale and McLeay stickers, the national politicos want you to sit down for a while.)

But before we nail down who’s who, note the set up that’s presented:

State Treasurer Shane Osborn is a conservative Republican who rails against Washington insiders and criticizes the Republican leadership for the recent budget deal, but whose pedigree shows strong ties to the Republican establishment.

Former Bush administration official Ben Sasse is also a conservative Republican who rails against Washington insiders and criticizes the Republican leadership for the recent budget deal, but whose pedigree shows strong ties to the Republican establishment.

OK, you go that? Both have strong conservative tendencies, but both are “establishment”.


South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund picked Ben Sasse first. And since then most Tea Party type groups have followed and also have chosen Sasse.

Because of this, the non-Jim DeMint and pro-Mitch McConnell forces have gone over to Osborn.

So, again, both candidates have the same positions they’ve always had, but the Big Boys in DC have chosen sides, mainly with their wallets.

And because of this, the article’s author decides, “The result: One conservative Nebraskan has become the insurgent candidate, and the other has become the establishment candidate.”

Uh, what?

Now unless we’re missing something and the author is being a bit tongue in cheek, does this make ANY sense?
Well, only unless he means that each is the Washington, D.C. version of said “insurgent” and “establishment”.
But does anyone in NEBRASKA think that?

In a season where no one can differentiate one conservative candidate from the other, we suppose people are stretching for something.

All we know is, the last time DC tried to make Nebraskans choose between candidate A or candidate B, Nebraska chose candidate C.
We don’t doubt that’s what McLeay and Dinsdale are counting on.


Speaking of McLeay, his camp has followed our suggestion and put out a video on his latest policy position.
See it here:

Not the worst spot we’ve ever seen (and possibly a gazillion times better than his first ad). Nice introduction of some of the cases he has worked on. Hand gestures are a bit awkward. But pretty non-threatening in a generic sort of way. (And holy smokes is that a RED barn! Reminds us of the old fast-food place that was on ….Dodge Street in Omaha? Anywho…)

Again, don’t look past McLeay, especially if the other candidates, and their surrogates, piss all over each other.


David Domina announced as the Democrat to run for U.S. Senate.
And he spelled out his priorities:

  • Keep ObamaCare.
  • Don’t talk about abortion.
  • More gun restrictions.
  • He’s not a Democrat and doesn’t want the President to campaign for him — except that he wants to be the Democrat candidate.
  • Oh, and he wants the Keystone XL, but only if it’s not built by the company who wants to build it and has spent all the money trying to get it built. Oh, and it can’t go over ANY of the Ogallala Aquifer — even though Nebraska’s chief aquifer scientist is cool with it, and even though routes going over more rivers and streams are actually more dangerous.

Well in any case, Domina gets to coast for the next four or five months before anyone bothers to learn his name.
So there’s that.


We will go ahead and beat the dead horse and bring up the Shane Osborn tweet “controversy”, only because we haven’t had given our $.02 yet.

Osborn Tweet 011614

(Yes, we immediately took a screenshot.)

A few things: We saw the tweet almost right after it was put up on a Thursday evening.
It was then taken down about 15-20 minutes later.

So, whomever is responsible for the tweets realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t appropriate.
But why did it go up in the first place?

Well, here is our view. The term “short bus” has almost been taken out of context these days. People who use the term, say it without really thinking about what is implied by the use of it. They say “short bus” to mean, “not well thought out” or even inferior — without thinking that the reference goes, really, to special needs kids who are on that awkward, not-full-sized, school bus.

This is sort of like how people used to say something was “gay”, yet really didn’t mean homosexual. You don’t hear people saying that now. Or, suppose someone said, “Colonel Brewer is really going off the reservation by supporting Jane Kleeb’s stance on the Keystone pipeline.” Immediately someone would be tweeting how insensitive they were, using a racist term, especially since Brewer is himself a Native American. And the person would be saying, “I only meant he’s not in line with the conservative position!” Too bad. Off to sensitivity training for you!

So the point is, Osborn’s (or the Osborn campaign’s) tweet was was pretty innocent. They were clearly going for the “omnibus” – “short bus” correlation — and suggestions that this wasn’t “clear” or evident in the tweet itself are equally stupid. If you didn’t catch the bus-bus play on words, then just stop reading things and stick to picture books.

But it WAS stupid by the campaign. That can’t be denied either. While innocuous, you have to catch that stuff before it goes out. Sit on your super-clever idea for five minutes before you actually click the “Tweet” button. You wouldn’t send out a press release without a few others going over it, and Tweets and Facebook posts and photos and whatever else need that same level of scrutiny. Frankly, more people are probably reading your tweets, than are reading that press release you spent an hour pouring over.

Treat the tweets accordingly.
Consider it a teachable moment for all.


There has been some talk about the financial position of Midlands University under Ben Sasse, and Nebraska Watchdog took a stab at getting to the bottom of those reports.

Deena Winter essentially concludes that most of the “bad” stuff on Midlands is due to the school’s financial position before Sasse took over as President. She doesn’t address some items, such as Sasse’s salary, but in general the conclusion is that reports that were issued in, say, 2012, are still looking back to pre-2009 information.

We are guessing that there are still issues that others may cherry-pick at, but the general shots at some of those reports should be put to rest.


First Senate debate coming:

Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. (MST) at the Gering Civic Center. 

For debate tickets visit the Nebraska Republican Party at 402-475-2122 or emailjill@negop.org.

Live radio coverage of the event will include:

KSDZ Radio, 95.5 Gordon and 99.5 Valentine
KNEB Radio, AM 960 – Scottsbluff
KRVN Radio, AM 880 – Lexington
KOLT Radio, AM 1320 and KHYY FM 106.9 – Scottsbluff/Gering
KICX Radio, FM 96.1 – McCook
KODY Radio, AM 1240 – North Platte

Live Internet stream:  kticradio.com West Point and bluffsbroadcasting.comScottsbluff/Gering

And like at a Gallagher concert, the first three rows ARE in the splash zone.
You’ve been warned.


  1. Resident of Blair says:

    Sasse has still not answered our questions here in Blair. There has been no update on the Dana acquisition. We also hear there has been no major donor to step forward to cover the $11 million dollar project. Sasse says he’s a million dollars in the Black, but he has been spending down the college endowment dramatically. If he can’t maintain Midland’s main campus, how can he acquire another one. We have also heard that since Midland is “on notice” they probably cannot get permission to open another campus.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Bruning got in now, this would not go well for him. The attacks would be substantial. Not to mention he would have hundreds of donors DEMANDING their donations back after he swore repeatedly that he was running for Attorney General, not Governor.

  3. Fort Street Fury says:

    The files of mud on bruning could fill a 3 terabite external hard drive, and everybody has a copy (or 5). I doubt his buds would hesitate to throw it out there (again).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Osborn meant a brief bus trip. And perhaps when we say “Sasse is in the black” we mean he is visiting the black part of town. Or perhaps not.

  5. actually says:

    The old saying “the short line” was a way of acknowledging the fastest way to a place… it would have been more appropriate for Osborn’s tweet to read as follows:

    Senate passed Omnibus is the short line to nowhere.

  6. Ricky says:

    I have not watched any Sasse or anybody other Republican ads and won’t if I can help it, but can’t the G O P come up with different approaches than Obamacare and big government bad, guns and lower taxes good?
    And it never ceases to amaze me how the Tea Partiers like Sasse can’t stand government but spend a ton of money and fight like hell to get inside.
    Robin T called Osborn the front runner today in the OWH by the way.
    Gonna be fun to see how much cash the super pacs drop down the toilet supporting Sasse.


  7. @ Ricky says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how candidates like Sasse can spend their whole career in government and then come back to Nebraska and rail about government.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bruning has had his baggage unpacked, sorted, examined and then re-examined like an obsessed of perverts drooling for a fix. By comparison to the others? His resume of accomplishments is long and successful. Odd how that works. You can’t stand a guy who shows a consistent record of doing his job and doing it well to believe the rest of the guber field are saints in waiting.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If Bruning has done polling that shows he can win and does enter the crowded field, is he that naive to think daddy Joe Ricketts is not going to spend whatever it takes to knock out him out to make sure that little Petey is the next governor? In the 2012 US Senate primary daddy Joe spent a lot of money to make sure Bruning was not the next US Senator and little Petey was not in that race. Remember that TV ad, Anybody But Bruning?

  10. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all will get the Governor you deserve (the one you elect!).

    But will you elect the U.S. Senator from Nebraska that I deserve?
    Texas sent Ted Cruz…who will Nebraska send up for the ‘established insurgency’ we’ve got going on in DC?

  11. The Governor You Deserve says:

    TA: You are so brilliant, so smart, so wise. Have you ever run for an elected office? You should, you really should. Please though, just make sure it is in Texas.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, please, please jump into the Governor’s race Jon Bruning! We want to see your dreams of climbing to the top crushed to death once and for all. All of those other candidates can’t wait to lift the edge of the carpet and show us how much dust you have put under it. The sooner that happens the better off all Nebraskans will be.

  13. Republican Guns says:

    Let’s see Mark Christensen wants teachers to carry guns. Kintner wants to make sure the feds don’t undermine the states laws against guns.
    Charlie Janssen loves guns so much he tweets about them every day and wants his children to have guns at a young age. (Saw a picture on twitter with his daughter holding a gun I think).
    Mean Jean the Mayor wanted everybody to know she applied for a concealed carry permit.
    Why do the G O P love guns so much I don’t get that. One would think with all the gun deaths across America (leading the world – by far), the Repubs would show some restraint.
    But Nooooooooo!
    I’ll never understand.

    ricky from omaha

  14. Anonymous says:

    Always nice to know that to win a race you have to go back to Daddy’s pockets. Kind of like Daddy did when he milked tax payers for help to build his training camp in Arizona for his losing ball club. Of course Pete’s Dad will belly up the dough to buy a governor’s chair, his son needs something to do on weekends.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Happy belated birthday wishes, LS. It has been a lot of fun getting on here and mixing it up over the years. Thanks for doing this Sweeper.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Sweeper!! Thank you for volunteering your time over the last 8 years! Looking forward to many more years!

  17. Chuck dat Sasse says:

    We get it. Mitch McConnell is the “GOP establishment” and a “Washington Insider”. But what is Ben Sasse?

    “Former Bush administration official Ben Sasse is also a conservative Republican who rails against Washington insiders and criticizes the Republican leadership for the recent budget deal, but whose pedigree shows strong ties to the Republican establishment. “

    That cannot describe a Nebraska State Treasurer like Osborn. But it has a creepy familiarity to someone else who ran for the U. S. Senate from Nebraska back in 1996.

    Do you remember Chuck “Obama is by best friend” Hagel? Remember how he was the darling of the GOP? Remember how happy you were to vote for Hagel as a Republican?

    Hagel was a decorated warrior like Osborn. After that, however, the Hagel similarity all turns toward Sasse.

    Hagel, like Sasse, was a DC insider who worked for GOP federal administrations. Like Sasse, Hagel returned to Nebraska to work a few years and then run for the U. S. Senate so he could return to the beltway. Like Sasse, Hagel called himself the outsider against “GOP establishment” when he was in fact a Washington insider himself. And, like Sasse, Hagel took Mitch McConnell’s money and support but later when it suited them personally and politically, they each gave McConnell their middle finger.

    Ben Nelson arguably didn’t hurt Nebraska as much as Chuck Hagel has gut-stabbed Nebraska Republicans.

    Its 1996 all over again. The same Republicans who loved Hagel then love Sasse now. How did that work out for ya?

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Justin Bieber is Canadian; Chuck Hagel is Sec. of Defense. Y’all can do better than these arguments!

    Between published reports concerning Sasse and Osborn, you have no distinction. Big money politics has y’all in a tizzy and that’s the point. So you’ll have to reveal the true characters of these men for yourselves and among yourselves. Certainly I don’t take for “truth” what is being written about them either nationally, or here at Leavenworth St. It may be that NEITHER would suit YOU once elected… As for me, I deserve Ted Cruz (one of my actual Senators) and I think you do too. We Texans gave him to ‘ya. Are you gonna return the favor?

  19. He was out before he was in, then out again says:

    So, if you worked in Washington and then campaign as an outsider, you are the outsider and the other guy who worked in Nebraska and was elected by Nebraskans, is the Washington insider….(head explodes)….

  20. Ricky's Got A Gun says:

    “One would think with all the gun deaths across America (leading the world – by far), the Repubs would show some restraint.”

    1. That’s probably bogus. Do you have the facts to back that up?

    2. It’s probably so high because of your Democrat controlled Urban Utopias like Detroit and Chicago.

    Expects racism charge from Ricky for mentioning Detroit in 3…2…1…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Arm everyone, starting with the unborn. Arm cougars! Since Mayor Stothert has a CC Permit, real cougars – Nebraska’s mountain lions – should be armed too. Pacifists should be armed; those that won’t use live rounds will be allowed to hurl their firearms. Small household pets and livestock, yup, arm them to the proverbial teeth. Give ’em HUD and full sensor fusion to make those backyard and barnyard romps safe and exciting. Guns, guns, guns make everyone free, white and 21.

  22. @ Chuck dat Sasse says:

    Since you like the Washington Examiner so much… let’s pull out some quotes from the rest of the story:

    “Looking at their records and their rhetoric, you wouldn’t be able to tell which is the candidate of the Tea Party and which is the candidate of K Street and the GOP establishment. But their donor lists make it crystal clear.”

    “A few dozen corporate lobbyists are hosting a Feb. 4 fundraiser for Osborn at the National Republican Senatorial Committee headquarters. The host list is a roster of the GOP establishment.”

    “Wayne Berman and Charlie Black headline Osborn’s D.C. fundraiser. The two K Streeters are pillars of the GOP establishment.”

    “So is Billy Piper, who was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s chief of staff from 2002 to 2010. Today, he’s a lobbyist at the K Street firm Fierce, Isakowitz and Blalock. Also on the host list are Piper’s boss Kirk Blalock and colleague Kate Hull.

    When you check out Piper, Blalock and Hull’s lobbying resumes, you see why the K Street wing can’t find peace with the conservative base. Blalock’s firm pocketed about $1.5 million lobbying for government-sponsored enterprise Fannie Mae from 2002 until the company collapsed into federal conservatorship in 2008. Federal filings show Blalock lobbying for Fannie on “GSE Reform,” which means he lobbied (successfully) against Republican efforts to rein in Fannie’s unsustainable inflation of the housing bubble.

    Blalock lobbied for Obama’s stimulus on behalf of the windmill lobby, the American Wind Energy Association. Blalock and his firm also lobbied for wind-energy subsidies and federal rules forcing utilities to buy wind-generated power.”

    “Why, then, is K Street so solidly on Osborn’s side?

    ‘I want a guy who can work within the system and get half a loaf,’ Siracuse tells me. ‘If I can get half a loaf on the conservative side, that’s better than what we’re getting now.'”

    The line that sticks out to me here is “I want a guy who can work within the system and get half a loaf”. Really? What this line really says is — we (the DC insider establishment) are funding Osborn’s campaign and we expect him to vote the way we want them. Last I heard Osborn only raised 30% of his money in Nebraska and had to go outside Nebraska for the other 70%. No wonder the lobbyists and DC establishment are backing Osborn — they want to buy a guy who is a reliable vote K Street vote — and not a necessarily a reliable conservative Nebraska vote.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    Nebraska’s Congressional delegation should not support the Ryan Amnesty plan or any other plan that increases the number of workers competing with the 20 million Americans currently out of work or under-employed. This is not a hard concept to grasp.

  24. TexasAnnie says:

    But which of your candidates & current Nebraska delegates will grasp this concept? Which will choose the piecemeal path to legal status for immigrants a la Paul Ryan, the Chamber of Commerce, and as ushered in by John Boehner to the delight of President Obama?

    Here’s another concept that’s not too hard to grasp: ASK THEM. And when they sidestep the question, ask again, and again ad naseum… (And try to record them!)

  25. Anonymous says:

    OK–have it Sasse peeps. Step up. Tell me in three why Ben Sasse is “The Outsider.” Turning around Midlands doesn’t count as one. Clever slogan for branding purpose, but what makes it fact?

  26. Agreed says:

    As someone who has never worked in D.C., or for the federal government (not counting an unpaid summer internship in a Nebraska federal office), and as someone who knows nobody of consequence in Washington (sorry friends, your lower level staff jobs aren’t of much consequence), and as someone who has never lobbied, I am a Washington outsider.

    Ben Sasse on the other hand… Knows everybody in D.C. (and is quick to slander Shane Osborn to all of them) and was a high ranking administration official.

    Ben Sasse is far from a Washington outsider. He is clearly a member of the socs (so-shez) and drives a mustang and wears a madras

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sasse is a DC “insider” in a way. But having a working knowledge of what goes on inside of DC is different than being best buddies with those who are in DC. I’m not affiliated with the Sasse camp in any form, but it seems very odd to me that someone with a fairly long history of working in DC is being shunned by the establishment. Normally, such a person would be embraced. But for whatever reason, the establishment has gotten behind the Osborn camp and the lobbying community has followed suit. So either the establishment doesn’t like Sasse personally, he’s burned the wrong bridges (McConnell), they think he’s an idiot (not likely), or maybe they don’t want someone who might step out on their own – a la Ted Cruz. But any way you try to spin it, the funding numbers don’t lie.

  28. Republican Guns says:

    Mayor Jean and the Police Chief need to have more press conferences. Maybe that will curtail the gun violence. Seems that is what they are best at.
    So the Mayor touts her gun love, and her chief of staff gets an okay from the city county building people to carry in city hall.
    Governor candidates fall all over themselves pronouncing their love for guns, and even Dem Hassebrook claims mountain lion “hunts” are great.
    The NRA rules congress, and then people wonder why gun violence is rampant.
    So I ask you L Street readers, would their be more gun deaths if NOBODY had a gun or more gun deaths if EVERYBODY had a gun?
    The solution to Omaha’s gun violence is obvious; look how Mayor Bloomberg of NYC put in harsh gun use penalties and see how gun violence went way down there.
    But Mean Jean and the Repubs must not really want to end the shootings here.

    Ricky From Omaha

  29. Drew says:

    I am stunned at how far SS and posters here are willing to attack Sasse on peripheral matters and supposed ball-and-chain connection to DC when Sasse rebuilt Midlands U. Even the attempts to distort what he said in the past about Obamacare is laughable. But I will let it go…

    Just tell me what is the upshot on Osborn. That he was state treasurer like Don Stenberg?
    That he has a military record like John McCain?
    When you get really down to it, you have one poll with Osborn ahead of everyone else, and use that for your full justification for backing him all the way without second guessing yourself.

  30. No Drew says:

    The issue isn’t Sasse or Osborne’s record (yet). The issue is that Sasse is attempting to position himself as an outsider, yet, he was a former insider in D.C. which is the very place he is campaigning against. It just seems odd.

  31. Anonymous says:

    #37. Stunned? You sound drunk.

    You make an oblique point of Sasse avoiding, neglecting and basically giving the middle finger to military service. Is he physically damaged or just happy to let others do his fighting for him? Is that a quality high in your estimation?

    Sasse is not asking to be Secretary of Education. He wants to hold Senatorial oversight power OVER OUR MILITARY. That’s the job, per constitution.

    I’d not mention this but you brought it up when you mentioned McCain’s military record and State Treasurer Stenberg. Yes, their service was like Osborn’s service. And your point is what? That it is bad? Or are you saying Sasse’s relative lack is good?

    Sasse didn’t serve in uniform but he could have. Sasse hasn’t been elected by Nebraska voters like Osborn was. Sasse could have run years ago in NE for NE public office but he didn’t. If you want to try to make Sasse look better, for a Senate job, you are going about it the wrong way.

  32. TexasAnnie says:

    Sooo, Anonymous at 11:44 above, are you saying that Sasse IS the best candidate for the U.S. Senate, given his DC experience?

    I’m not sure what point you were making in response to Drew about military service. It’s not clear to me that Drew was even making any judgement about military service. However your rhetoric about letting others do the fighting for [us] is off base and prompts my objection. Make no mistake, when the military takes up arms, they are not fighting for me! Unless we’re talking about DEFENSE, no war we’ve ever fought was for me… It’s all been about the military-industrial-complex and for a will to power. Thus, perhaps senatorial candidates who did not go to war are the better choice.

  33. Whenever the progs descend on L Street in force I know someone is doing something right. Stothert sucks. Sasse – ack! Osborne -pooey. Guns – argh!

    Not sure what is going on out there in the politi-verse, but whatever it is, it’s got the lefties in a tizzy – and that’s a very, very good thing.

    Take a deep seat and a short rein boys – Powder River!

  34. Bob Loblaw says:

    Fort street fury & other Bruning bashers,

    I’m no Bruning supporter, don’t think he should get in for Gov, and I think he’d probably lose if he did. Now saying all that I question why everyone says that there is so much dirt on him. He’s been elected numerous times, was in a very tough primary in 2012, and no “bombshell” that everybody always alludes to comes out. If there was so much dirt on him wouldn’t Stenberg have brought it up? Wouldn’t the Dems have brought it up in a general election? I think that there is nothing there and Jon is apparently a formidable candidate for whatever office he chooses.

  35. To Omaha ITK says:

    How many yeas has Sasse lived in NE in the past 23 years? The answer is 4.

    How many did he live in DC? The answer is 8.

    So Sasse is a DC outsider?

  36. Columbus Voter says:

    Ben Sasse is a liar. He has lived outside of Nebraska almost all of his adult life and a good chunk of that in DC and he calls himself an “Outsider”

  37. Macdaddy says:

    How many years has Sasse lived in Nebraska in the last 41 years? 22. That’s over half his life. It sounds a little different that way, doesn’t it? Especially when he spent his formative years here. You guys need to come up with a better argument against him. That one is pretty weak.

  38. @45 "Columbus Voter" says:

    Mike Johanns was born in Iowa, spent 38 years as a Democrat, and lived in DC while he served in the Bush Administration. Are you going to attack Johanns the same way you are attacking Sasse?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Johanns was elected by Lincoln voters several times and then elected as Nebraska Governor. Osborn ran and was elected in Nebraska as Treasurer. Sasse has never run for office in Nebraska, let alone serve in office in Nebraska or any other state. His service was all inside the beltway.

    Sasse leaving Nebraska to be a beltway appointee isn’t bad, unless Sasse purposefully makes a point of the exact opposite, and try to frame his non-beltway opponent as a beltway insider compared to the real beltway insider Sasse.

    Nobody says Osborn was avoiding Nebraska while in the military. Nobody says it was wrong for Sasse to serve as an appointee in DC, any more than it was for Johanns to be Secretary of Agriculture in DC. Sasse served a GOP administration as an appointee. So too did Hagel. So too did Johanns. But by so serving in the beltway, that makes all of them beltway insiders moreso than those who didn’t work inside the beltway.

    Sasse takes a disturbingly Obama-like willing approach to bold deception.

    Sasse’s years in Washington define him as the beltway insider compared to Osborn, if such rational, academic distinctions be made. Yet Sasse touts himself the rational academic, so he cannot plead ignorance of the larger than life lies he inflates. And why Sasse does this is profoundly disturbing.

    Such an obvious lie, that Sasse purposefully creates and inflates, is oblivious to all but the most ignorant votes. That is one helluva target audience –the most ignorant– for a megalomaniac who actually told reporters that he is “smarter” than everyone else.

    Selling a big lie because a bigger the lie is easier it is swallowed, isn’t new. But it also isn’t ethical.

  40. Dinsdale Supporter says:

    What really concerns me about Sasse is that he says he is a “Washington Outsider” which is clearly not true. Furthermore his record at Midland is troubling. Ben should spend a few more years here in Nebraska

  41. To the Osborn and Dinsdale campaign staffers who are up early this morning... says:

    To the Osborn Campaign staffer who said: “Johanns was elected by Lincoln voters several times and then elected as Nebraska Governor. Osborn ran and was elected in Nebraska as Treasurer. Sasse has never run for office…”

    Thank you for making the point that Sasse is an outsider. I think it is accurate to say that he is an “outsider” given the fact that he hasn’t run for office before. He may have served in the Bush Administration (like Johanns), but he is an outsider for the reason you point out… “Sasse has never run for office…”

    To the Dinsdale Campaign staffer who said: “What really concerns me about Sasse is that he says he is a “Washington Outsider” which is clearly not true.”

    All I have heard Sasse say is that he is a “Conservative outsider who will change Washington.” I haven’t heard him say he is a “Washington Outsider” like you claim. Seems to me the fact that Sasse is 1) very conservative (probably the most conservative in the NE Senate race; and 2) that he has never run for office before, that Sasse is being accurate when he says he is a “Conservative outsider.”

    Oh and one more thing to the Dinsdale Campaign Staffer — maybe you should read Deena’s piece over at NE Watchdog. Looks like Sasse is doing exactly what he was hired to do over at Midland.

  42. BO Pelini's IRS Problem says:

    Friday the Nebraska Board of Regents had their regular meeting. Hal Daub is my representative on that board. I contacted Hal about what I thought were improprieties within the BO Pelini Foundation.
    Those improprieties include Regent Clare resigning from that foundation, and the fact that, according to the foundations web site, no money at all was given away in 2013. A couple years ago, Pelini commandeered the Big Red Breakfasts in Omaha, so as to take those profits and put them in his foundation. I thought that fact should mean that people that attend those events and others should know what happened with the money they paid to attend.
    I also contacted the Regents and got an email from their secretary that my comments were distributed to the Regents at last Fridays meeting.
    Are the Regents or the IRS looking into the foundation? I hope so. Considering Pelini thinks he can act anyway he wants and can get away with anything, perhaps he thinks he can get his way with the foundation as well.
    And I thank L Street for this opportunity to ask questions about the Pelini Foundation, as the OWH and the LJS don’t seem to care much. (I also emailed Steve Sipple, Pelini’s spokesperson and booster to see what he thought, but I did not hear back from him.)
    Maybe the IRS can solve Nebraska’s Pelini problem.

    Ricky From Omaha

  43. Interested says:

    To: To the Osborn and Dinsdale campaign staffers commenter.
    WTF is a “Conservative Outsider that will change Washington”??? Does it mean he is not a mainstream conservative? What is he “Oustide” from? Politics??? The guy has been involved in politics for years. You don’s work in congress and get appointed to agencies without being political. Once again DC Sasse is trying to reinvent himself.

  44. Anonymous says:

    In a speech on NSA reforms, Obama called for an end to spying on leaders of friendly countries.

    They aren’t Americans and they obviously spy on our WH. And they are our friends only until they bomb Pearl Harbor or cheer terrorists who blow up our skyscrapers. right?

    Meanwhile, Obama spies on American citizens, on individuals, and his appointees have in fact used that collected data to hunt down and “punish” the “enemy” that Obama said in a speech are Americans who run against him politically. None have been punished.

    At what point are we allowed to impeach the White half of this dangerous asshole?

  45. Drew says:

    Oh common on people!
    There are many just attacking without providing any visible defense of Osborn. So for those who keep saying Osborn is good as gold……..

    Just because someone is a vet, does not make them a conservative or even consistent. Examples: Bob Kerrey, Chuck Hagel, Collin Powell, John McCain. Furthermore, the person who won the last Senate race is not a veteran: Deb Fischer.
    So Osborn is a veteran and?

    On to my next point. Yep, Osborn is State Treasurer. So was Don Stenburg and it was not enough to help him win a race for the US Senate. So why should I be impressed with Osborn being at State Treasurer? Even Stenburg brought more to the table having been State Attorney General.

  46. Herman says:

    We have a group of well qualified candidates to replace Mike Johanns in the Senate. That’s a good thing.

    I’m growing concerned, though, about one of the camp’s sincerity. The latest instance touches on religion. Ben Sasse has allegedly been targeting conservative Lutheran congregations and church leaders. No problem here – in fact, it’s a reasonable strategy. This is Nebraska, and there are a lot of Lutherans. Taking a page from successful pols like Foley, Fortenberry, and Fulton, reaching out to those within one’s own faith tradition seems a naturally advantageous thing to do.

    But it begs the question: what exactly is Sasse’s religion? He announced his candidacy in front of the Lutheran grade school he attended in Fremont. He’s president of a Lutheran university. But it’s not a big secret in Fremont that Ben attends a new Presbyterian Church in town. One that is hyper-Calvinist. Hardcore Calvinism, for example, says Christ came to earth to save only those fortunate souls preordained for heaven (presumably devotees of Calvinism primary among them) and everyone else . . . no such luck. Its adherents typically don’t suffer from self-esteem problems. And that’s fine, but it’s a wildly divergent worldview from the “aw shucks, pretty much everybody else is better than me anyway” way of Lutheranism.

    Which leads to my problem. If we’re not inclined to shoot straight on where we go to church, what else might be open to embellishment? Is, for instance, Obamacare a “good first step” in fixing America’s broken health care system or is its survival the “death of America as we know it?”

  47. Sasse's record says:

    Well maybe the free ride that Sasse has gotten from the national media and his DC buddies may finally be coming to an end. Jazz Shaw of Hot Air finally decided that it might be worth looking at the good doctor’s record and turned up some fascinating stuff. I think the most interesting is this quote about Obamacare: “Is it hopeless? Of course not. Some of the business opportunities amid the disruptions, for instance, are going to be huge and fascinating.” Yes, millions losing coverage is just a “disruption” to be parlayed into “business opportunities.” Oh and then there’s a nice job of tracing his connection to Mike Leavitt (a $2,300 donor to Sasse) who is now persona non grata among Sasse’s friends because Leavitt, Romneycare and the exchanges. It’s nice that at least one person in the national or local media is willing to do some homework.

  48. A Conservative Nebraska Lutheran says:

    This conservative Nebraska Lutheran will never, never vote for Sasse. He is a liberal wolf in sheep’s clothing, and is a Scott Kleeb clone. Yale has a special division where they teach people like Sasse and Kleeb how go back to their home states to get elected to national office. It failed with Kleeb and it will fail with Sasse.

  49. Interested Observer says:

    So, if the Osborn and Sasse supporters keep it up, who will be the 3rd place candidate to sweep into victory at the end like 2 years ago?

  50. Daddy Mac says:

    59 & 60: It is really creepy how you always post double comments a few minutes apart pretending they are from different users. Seek help.

  51. Drew says:

    Jazz Shaw of Hotair is re-hashing statements and taking them out of context. The only reason people keep attacking Sasse is because he has a much longer resume and more experience. Go look up Shane’s resume. There is nothing for him to run on.

  52. To Drew 2 says:

    What context would you like provided? I’ve read all of the articles and all of the op-eds in their entirety. The truth is that Sasse went from thinking any sort of change was better than none to a full out Obamacare opponent. He analogized the exchanges to “Travelocity,” a phrase he learned from Leavitt It’s OK to let your thinking evolve, which is quite evidently happened. I think the resumes of all four of the major candidates are fine. What is it about Sasse’s resume that’s so appealing? That he worked in Washington? Isn’t that the sort of “Establishment” candidate he attempts to label his opponents in that almost-too-weird-to-be-real five minute video that he released? To IO, Sasse had better hope that he’s the third place candidate to get swept to victory, because I have yet to see a published poll that has him ahead of Dinsdale.

  53. Sid raised big bucks says:

    Sweeper tweeted Sid Dinsdale’s fundraising numbers from last quarter. $684K raised. Nothing to sneeze at and certainly not something to ignore. There is the K Street candidate in Shane, the Senate Conservative Fund candidate who goes against the Senate Leader in Sasse, and the Nebraska candidate in Sid. Now Shane and Ben you can resume fighting.

  54. Drew says:

    #65 Sasse spent much type debating against Obamacare. When you look at the timeline as to what came about and the context what was being argued. For example, remember the talk about a public option for healthcare? So he outlines what is in Obamacare explain what were the better parts compared to the absolute worse parts. At the same time, Sasse has stated there are no cost containments and the whole thing is a disaster. He wants Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare with free market ideas. Keep this in mind, many can find one or two things right about Obamacare, but just as a broken clock is right twice a day, it is still a piece of junk.

    To #66 Go to Wikipedia and look up Ben Sasse. His resume is quite large. Very little of it has to do with working for the Federal government.

  55. @ big bucks Sid says:

    I saw that too. Good job for Sid. However, I do wonder how much of what Sid raised came from Pinnacle employees or their spouses? Also, if you do the math — it still looks like Sasse has raised more in-state than Sid, which is interesting.

    Oh, and to the Dinsdale camp… don’t be too cute by half. We all know you are just as guilty as the Sasse and Osborn camps at dishing out dirt behind closed doors on other candidates. Who do you think is peddling a lot of the mud to reporters? We hear the majority of it is actually coming from Camp Dinsdale…

  56. So What? says:

    So Sid raised big bucks. He will need to spend that to counter his support of Dodd-Frank and his weak pro-life credentials.

  57. To Drew #68 says:

    Drew, if you were running for public office in Nebraska, would you put a lot in your resume about working for the government….even if you had spent years working in government? The only thing a “large” resume means to me is that you are a good resume writer.

  58. To Drew says:

    Funny how Sasse minimized his 8 years in DC. We in the Tea Party are figuring out what Ben Sasse is all about. The Leavitt connection is very troubling

  59. Anonymous says:

    I see where Foley is thanking and blessing those who showed up for the Pro Life Rally yesterday. I have to wonder given his divisive tactics of scorched earth what exactly this guy views as being “pro” of life other than a fetus. He certainly has little use for those he scorns under the pretense of saving tax dollars which translated is a method where he manipulates the press for free media. He uses others for his gain. Being in support or a “pro” of life means treating others as you wish to be treated. I have to wonder how those such as Kerry Winterer and his staff feel after Foley makes another run at humiliating them rather than treating them with respect which is due all forms of life. For that fact? WWJD? Would Jesus give the kind of audits I hear are indicative of Foley?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Heroes enjoy being applauded long after their action. Professors like being respected for knowledge they don’t possess beyond the confines of their studies. Businessmen want to be viewed as more than just the money they have accumulated.

    When they seek power to force you to obey them, be skeptical.

  61. Anonymous says:

    #66 Sasse has a large resume? Better read that wikipedia bio again. Sasse was a full time graduate student until 2004, and his private sector business experience consists of just one year at Boston Consulting Group when he was 22 years old.

  62. At #73 says:

    Perhaps it was too much coffee for you this morning, but you post is all over the place. Kerry Winterer is responsible—he is the guy in charge–and he is the guy the Governor should fire for all of the recent screw-ups and massive amounts of wasted taxpayer money at DHHS. Remember the story about DHHS sending money to help with heating costs to dead people? If there was ever a part of state government that needs an aggressive auditor like Foley, it is Kerry Winterer’s DHHS. If Kerry were in the private sector, he would have been fired a long time a go.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I don’t drink coffee. It causes irrational postings that miss the point namely, you don’t run to the media to congratulate yourself of the great job you’re doing—you do your job in trying to solve the problem with a solution. Mr. Winterer was in the private sector and was successful. He’s probably open to solutions. Here again, if you set yourself out to be distributing blessings, you had better be sure you are faultless in your own endeavors in how you deal with all people.

  64. A real Cornhusker Kickback Protester says:

    Where was Ben Sasse when people like me were protesting the Cornhusker Kickback with Shane Osborn? Osborn was at every event and activism opportunity. Sasse wasnt there.

  65. Things to consider says:

    Ricketts was able to secure the endorsement of well liked conservative Scott Walker. Tom Carlson needs a walker. Preferably with new tennis balls

  66. Tonic & Tonic says:

    To the idiot above:
    You could probably get Ricky to endorse Ricketts for governor if ricketts stroked him to the tune of a half million as well.

  67. To Drew 2 says:

    You do a fine job of pointing out the things that you like that Sasse said and ignore things like Obamacare “is an important first step,” Medicate Part D is a “policymaker’s dream,” his obvious connection to Leavitt and the exchanges and his scolding of those who dared to think that Obamacare could be stopped when he said “Republicans aren’t stopping this bill.” That’s not context — that’s selective reading.

  68. Drew to #82 says:

    Opposing Obamacare is not enough. You need to understand what precipitated it. Ben Sasse thoroughly outlined it a quote in 2009:

    “Because even though incumbents (of both parties) are shockingly unwilling or unable to
    tell the American people the truth, the simple fact is that the trust fund for the Medicare program for
    seniors is already on the verge of bankruptcy

    and the gigantic Baby Boom demographic doesn’t even begin retiring until next year. The unfunded obligations in the program are five times larger than the structural fiscal problems in Social Security and three times larger than the entire national debt

    and we are on track to move from four to only 2.5 workers per retiree over the next generation. “

  69. Pund Hit says:

    Janssen is taking shots at Ricketts. Sasse is taking shots at Osborn. Osborn is taking shots at Obama’s state of the onion bunion and Ricketts is mostly quiet. And that’s just from today.

    In this game you learn more about what’s really going on by looking at what motivates the shooters than any transitory effect on those shot with these BB guns.

    Dumping on a guy for having money as if poverty is a plus? Criticizing one’s military service and the other’s academic degrees, as if cowardice and stupidity are preferable? A gaggle of candidates all running to get inside the beltway by vying to see which one most sincerely doesn’t want to get inside the beltway?

    Its all fluff except the fear. That’s real. So look to the shooters. They don’t waste ammo shooting unless they fear they need to. Your assessment doesn’t matter. If candidate X feels he needs to stab a guy to slow him down, that speaks volumes more than all the words he spews.

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